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aiden-png · a day ago
Soft fluff of Red asking Vio what he's reading/researching and Vio goes on a rant. Red probably doesn't understand fully, but has this fond smile on his face as he see's how passionate he is.
omggg Red asking Vio to explain something or tell him about the research just so he can make heart eyes at Vio bc nerdy rambling is adorable. doesn’t bother him that he doesn’t understand the intricacies of dark magic, he just likes seeing Vio passionate about something he loves!
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winged-kuribeau · 2 days ago
“No body ever mentioned a punch...”
Super Danganronpa GX Starters
Jaden frowned at that. “You’re right! No one ever mentioned a punch before... what made you say that Bastion?”
The equationist hesitated for a moment, a breath hitched in his throat as he struggled to answer. His mind buzzing with calculations on how to answer.
“Bastion... did you murder Hassleberry!?” Syrus asked shocked. “ANSWER ME!!”
“Don’t be ridiculous!!” Bastion retorted, “I must’ve gotten my facts mixed up!”
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winged-kuribeau · 2 days ago
Jaden,Syrus,Chumley and Bastion would all of you team up with different duelists from different timelines/different dimensions?
Jaden thought about it. “I mean it would be really cool to team up with Yugi in his prime!! Or even a duelist from the future!! That would be so cool!!”
Syrus blushed “b-but what if I get paired up with a really strong or famous duelist and I let them down...”
Chumley shrugged “I know I’m not a great duelist but if the opportunity did come by I’m not going to turn it down!”
Bastion mused on it for a moment “it would be very intriguing and enlightening to as Jaden said “team up with Yugi in his prime” but I’m fascinated with the concept of different dimensions that you put forward. To think that would be possible...”
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tallwife · 6 days ago
anyway. *slides across table* im bored send me movie recs
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i-finally-watched-it · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Booksmart (2019)
dir. Olivia Wilde
On the eve of their high school graduation, two academic superstars and best friends realize they should have worked less and played more. Determined not to fall short of their peers, the girls try to cram four years of fun into one night. (via IMDb)
Highlight/s: 💖Beanie Feldstein💖Diana Silvers💖Jessica Williams💖etc. So many beautiful women in this film tbh I can't deal 💀; The school principal enthusiastically connecting Molly's phone audio to his car speakers to listen to "their music" unaware that the girls are actually watching porn, their scramble to turn it off, and the principal thinking it was a Cardi B track - I fucking choked; THE DOLLS FSKASFJSKAHSK; Omnipresent Billie Lourd lmaooo & smiley Skyler Gisondo 😄; The central relationship, Molly & Amy's friendship, doesn't get drowned out by some boring annoying hetero romance - in fact the main romantic subplot from the start is Amy, an out lesbian, trying to find the courage to speak to her crush before it's too late and *SPOILERS* she actually gets a happy ending eventually!; Molly & Amy's graduation ceremony entrance 😂; Ponytail balaclavas sjkghskfjk
Lowlight/s: There was something about the ten or so minutes after Molly & Amy dancing in the street that annoyed me.. I almost turned it off tbh. I can't put my finger on exactly what it was though bc there were a few moments in there that did make me laugh, so I might come back to this once I figure it out lol. Maybe I was just in the wrong headspace initially idk.
Will I watch it again? I think so, yes.
Rating: 👍🏻
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And maybe kissing her would taste like strawberries and chlorine, and maybe her lipstick would streak glitter gold across your lips, and maybe she'd finally pull away, still wet from the pool with hair like bedraggled seaweed, to laugh at the way your eyeshadow smears violet bruises down your cheekbones only to pull you back gasping for more like a drowning woman.
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winged-kuribeau · 8 days ago
Bastion Misawa has appeared! What to do?
Tumblr media
Do "it"
Feed them
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winged-kuribeau · 8 days ago
“I don’t recall asking for your opinion on the matter.” // @Bastion? from Chazz
“Well you’re getting my opinion anyway” bastion said, moving beside Chazz as they watched Jaden practice his ballet.
“If you do have feelings for Jaden like I suspect then you need to do something about them...” he turned and smirked “otherwise I’ll confess my feelings to him first”
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winged-kuribeau · 9 days ago
New Verses Added
For Jaden:
My New Reason to Fight: Jaden is a parent, whether he is a father or mother, biological or adopted, it doesn't matter. Jaden's daughter Kasumi/Aurora is the most important thing in his life right now and he will do anything to protect her
Lamia Duelist: Jaden is a Lamia who disguises himself as a human to fit in at Duel Academy. He has a charm that allows him to hypnotise others and combats dark magic. Basically it's like the fanfic Lamia duelist but without the Smut
For Bastion: I Activate My Trap Card: Bastion played the trap card during his duel against Chazz and did not join the Society of Light. Instead of proving himself worthy of joining, he's going to prove that he is someone Sartorius should be afraid of
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pats-auf-deutsch · 9 days ago
Hey guys, I started a Bookstagram account and it would mean the world to me If you could give me a follow! @wordsmaderight_
Some of my fave books:
-red, white and royal blue
-all the Percy Jackson books
-The Shadow Of The Wind
-Anxious People
-the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo
And my fave TV shows are Gilmore Girls and Bones
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winged-kuribeau · 13 days ago
@kuro-thunder from here
“The upstart from the Slifer Rank? Please tell me you’re joking.” Bastion flinched at that.
He had heard about the guy but had never considered him much of an idol duelist. While his dueling was good his performance was very unpolished. His vocals rough and his choreography flimsy. And Chazz of all people saw something in him?
“That’s all well and good but what brings you here? Decided to try and get into the Ra Rank because Obelisk wouldn’t take you back?”
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winged-kuribeau · 13 days ago
Jaden was the first to take notice of what was going on. Kind of hard not to when there was a giant monster attacking the city. But that sure as heck wasn’t a Zetsuborg. Still, he knew he needed to help!
“Bastion! Let’s go!”
The duo took to the streets before skidding to a hold before a wounded young girl, there was no doubt about it. She was a Precure. But not one like them it seemed.
“Hey are you ok!?” Jaden knelt down and helped them up.
“Take it easy...” Bastion said gently.
“Don’t worry! We’re here to help” Jaden held up his princess key. “We’re Precure too!”
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