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humanransome-note · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Havent drawn in a hot second (the one on the right, the left is a Picrew i edited to look even more like i intended), and now im back, not for long though, there’s shit i should be doing, but i can write an essay on my phone at 3am, thats how i write all my fic
anyway, here’s Mary. an OC named after the only part of the name my mother gave me that i look back on fondly, even with all the stuffed sheep i had as a child
she belongs to the Inferno girl verse(?) that my beetlejuice discord made, yes like Dante’s Inferno, the offhand joke brothel that became one of the most iconic bits of the movie despite being on screen for less than a minute (but then again Beetlejuice is on screen for barely 20 so...)
HOWEVER, unlike all the other OC’s like Niphera (my other inferno oc) (and all these lovely ladies) Mary works in Deceased Resources
meaning she had a “bit of an accident” where else would all that scaring come from?
the sensible voice in my head, wishing they were someone else’s common sense: Hey maybe you should talk to someone about your issues surrounding your identity, and not just as trans person, but also as a mixed race person who looks neither white or light-skinned (most people guess cuban or chinese. I mean great-great grandad on my father’s side was chinese but that’s not here or there)
and maybe you should also talk about your reluctance to enjoy feminine things due to never allowing yourself to enjoy them when you were younger. cause all of that stems from the emotional abuse you suffered for not meeting your family’s expected standard of femininity and it was easier and less traumatic to refuse all feminine things as apposed to “giving them an inch” cause they would take the mile
Me: OC make brain go BRRRRR! 
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snowe-zolynn-rogers · 21 minutes ago
Pairings: Bumblebee (Blake x Yang)
Word Count: 1,314 Words
Summary: The fight with Adam Taurus and the Leviathan.
Warnings: Fighting Mention, Violence Mention, Death Mention, Weapon Mention, Injury Mention, Gun Mention, Blood Mention, Stabbing Mention, Character Death, Amputation Mention, let me know if I should tag anything else.
Shadows Are Made Of Light: Chapter 6
"You couldn't win two-on-one at Haven. At Beacon even. What makes you think adding one more can make you win now?" Adam asked with that stupid snobby, derisive tone.
"I don't have a choice. I have people who actually care about me and I promised I'd never leave them again! So I'm not dying now." Blake announced.
"You know, she made a promise to me once. That she'd always be at my side. Huh, and look how well she's kept it."
"Did she make that promise to you or to the person you were pretending to be?" Yang spat.
"So I just wasn't good enough for you?" Adam asked Blake directly.
"You know it's so much more than that."
"I now you've made your choice, and I've made mine." Adam grabbed Wilt and Yang loaded her gauntlets, Blake got into the best stance for fighting that she could, and Mercury got Caduceus ready. It was easy until Blake was hanging onto a ledge.
"Moment of truth, Yang. Do you think you're faster than your were at Beacon?" Adam taunted. Mercury saw the way she shook when he said that. "Me neither." Adam scoffed. So he did what anyone with metal legs does, kicks the stupid nigh-functionless-besides-balance right leg up and took the hit that would hit her and stopped it for her.
"I don't take kindly to people who hurt my friends." Mercury growled, forcing Adam's hand to the ground as Yang grabbed the blade from between his foot and Adam's hand while Adam brought out a pistol, shoving it to Mercury's side and pulling the trigger.
At first he didn't feel the pain but then it set in as the blood poured from the wound the bullet left. Yang grabbed the pistol in his hand, punching Adam away and into rubble in the ground with her fiery aura as it broke.
"I may not be faster, but I'm smarter." Yang snapped, throwing the red blade off the cliff, making Adam cry out and run to get it only for Blake to punch him as she launched herself back onto the ground.
Adam, Blake, and Yang spotted the blade he tripped over while Mercury swung Caduceus, the blade of which locked Adam into place for them while the girls stabbed the ends of Gambol Shroud into him.
"Oh." Was all he said before the girls pulled the blades out and Mercury took Caduceus from his back. Adam stumbled his way to the edge before falling to his knees, soon falling over and Mercury heard a sickening crunch that was no doubt his head hitting something. Then the hit to the water.
Blake collapsed crying and holding her missing hand. Yang supported her and Mercury knelt before her for support as the two girls dragged him to hug them.
"We need to get back." Yang told them, leading them to run back to the group on the cliffs after they gathered Gambol Shroud, tying Blake's right arm to her chest in a sling to keep it safe and padding the tourniquet to wrap her wrist with extra dressing just in case.
"Yang! Blake! Mercury! Are you guys okay?" Ruby asked, Mercury stopping to huff air into his surely blood-filling lungs.
"What happened?" Blake asked before a giant Grimm roared in the distance.
"Was that a giant Grimm?" Yang asked.
"Yes, and we just ruined the only thing capable of stopping it." Weiss told her.
"Onto the airship." Qrow instructed them.
"God, you're bleeding too? It feels like you and Blake wanna get my clothes stained." Yang joked as she took off his jacket.
"Careful. That's Chrome's bear. If you lose it on me, I'll have to kill you." He slurred with blood loss.
"Nora, don't lose this." Yang told Nora, making sure there wasn't blood on it. Thankfully, there wasn't. Then Yang put pressure on the stupid bullet wound.
"I'm so sorry." Blake was still crying.
"Don't be. This isn't on you." Yang told her.
"But-" Blake tried.
"You're safe, that's all that matters." Ruby assured her. Blake let Ruby drag her into a hug as Yang finished putting Mercury through the worst throbbing pressure in that particular area of his body yet and let up on him.
"I suppose I have to be the bad guy and say it. Getting the Lamp to Atlas is still out top priority. And right now we have the perfect opportunity to head straight for it. We may not get another chance like this." Maria told them.
"No way!" Yang announced.
"We can't leave, not like this." Weiss agreed.
"It's like you said. A huntress is supposed to protect others to the bitter end." Blake told her.
"We need to head for the Leviathan. Jaune, can you and Ren be ready to mask our ship?" Ruby asked.
"I think we can manage." Ren told her.
"You got a plan?" Jaune asked.
"I've got one." Ruby smiled.
"Eyes up, everybody, it's back." Qrow alerted them to the Leviathan Grimm coming up from the water and the hard-light shields went up and it took out a shield with ease.
"It tore straight through." Everyone stared in horror at the radio playing the play-by play as the Atlas military planned to just evacuate everyone. Mercury and Ruby looked at each other, silver eyes meeting silver eyes for the first time. A tiny light shone between them.
"No, wait!" Ruby exclaimed and ran, grabbing the radio. "We can stop it!" She told air control as Mercury got up, grunting at the pain in his middle but bearing through it.
"Who is this? Identify yourself!" They insisted.
"I'm a Huntress. My team and I are heading to the Leviathan and can weaken it for you to attack.
"We can?" Jaune asked.
"Me and Mercury can." Ruby announced and eyes turned between her and him.
"Ruby, when I said trial by fire-" Maria started.
"I did it at Beacon."
"I did it at Brunswick."
"You both really think you can do it now?" Weiss asked.
"We don't have a choice." Mercury announced.
"Manta 5-1, your ship is currently flagged as hostile. You will receive no support, over." Air control told them.
"Fine, we'll do it alone if we have to." Ruby informed air control. "We can hit it while it's stopped at the next barrier." Then she put the radio back. "Ren, you're up." Ruby told him. Both Silver Eyed Warriors took deep breaths.
"We're too late, pull up!" Qrow insisted. Maria pulling up shook Ren from concentration and he and Jaune landed amongst the weapons in the back.
"It's on the move again. We need to stop it!" Blake told them.
"What do we do?" Yang asked Ruby.
"Weiss, we need you to summon something that can fly. Everyone else distract it." Ruby told her. Mercury very much didn't enjoy flying on a giant Queen Lancer but he'd deal with it.
"You can do this." Mercury assured her.
"So can you." Ruby assured right back a him. Deep breath. Mercury held onto Ruby's hand, they'd squeeze when they were about to open their eyes so that the light from their eyes would be doubled and would be more effective.
Finding the headspace was hard through muddled feelings of pain and ache but, eventually, he found it. A memory of Chrome, one where he was first teaching her to walk and, afterward, she called him 'Dad' for the first time. He smiled thinking of it but he heard something off so the mindset wasn't working.
The Grimm roared, forcing him to open his eyes with the Grimm only yards from them. Breath so incredibly close they could feel it.
"What?" Ruby was stunned.
"No, no, no, no!" Ruby looked around and down to the Lamp on her hip.
"Jinn!" Ruby screamed as Mercury grabbed her to protect her, shielding her with his own body.
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theeraofintoners · 25 minutes ago
Memories of Lovers ~ Sage - My Death Next To You
Tumblr media
A Three Way Marriage To The Death
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fatalistyc · 25 minutes ago
@handpickedriot ha preguntado: Harumi pressed a palm to Hanzo's cheek, cradling it like a lifeline. "Come back to me," she whispered, knowing well it was not an easy thing to ask of either of them, but needing him to promise anyway. Harumi kissed him tenderly, then, adding, "I need you in my life."
For his heart has taken a lighter rhythm to move, one that spread less blood to the rest of his body, so does the pain with every breath and the ice, the ice has caused this. The world hides now behind a blurry veil, every image he sees is painted with spots of crimson and dark shapes, what is left now is the ability to sense, not even his ears can capture every sounds from the world outside of his body. Calloused hands take the effort to travel directly to the something, no, someone that stares with dark eyes at him, can hear her, can touch her face for once, the hair that adorns her, is she hurt too? “... are you... okay... Harumi?” Manages to say with his trembling voice, doesn’t care about his own state now, he can only think of her safety.
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itsdappleagain · 34 minutes ago
"Yes, red is the color of blood." She affirmed quietly, her voice like the black velvet of a night sky. "But is red not also the color of love, of passion?"
The deputy did not answer, her face thrown into red light by the firelight, by the musical tone of the words around her. The outlaw watched her in a way that was almost gentle, not pausing long in wait of an answer that would not come. 
"Should we not then believe that there is no love without, first, a little blood?"
This got a reaction out of the deputy where there had been none for the entire night. Her slight form straightened a little, her dark eyes met with the outlaw’s.
“There you are wrong.”
The deputy shifted slightly, out of the fire’s dull glow. 
“The blood comes after.”
So I’m working on a story maybe
Here’s a lil scene
Constructive criticism welcome
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dragon-spaghetti · 41 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This ask wouldn't leave my brain so uh here you go @rockmilkshake and the anon that inspired this aJSJSJD
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rt-lots · 41 minutes ago
Tumblr media
some pvz plant ocs.. they all have context around them but it would take a while to explain. art isnt recent
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egotistikill · 42 minutes ago
Tumblr media
𝚏𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚕𝚊𝚌𝚝  𝚊𝚜𝚔𝚎𝚍  :  𝚍𝚘𝚎𝚜  𝚐𝚑𝚘𝚜𝚝𝚏𝚊𝚌𝚎  𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎  𝚊𝚗𝚢  𝚏𝚊𝚟𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚎  𝚟𝚒𝚌𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚜  /  𝚔𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚜  𝚒𝚗  𝚙𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚒𝚌𝚞𝚕𝚊𝚛 ?   𝚠𝚑𝚘  /  𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝  𝚊𝚛𝚎  𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 ?
Tumblr media
danny doesn’t remember the identities of all 72 victims, however, that’s not because he’s not able to.   some victims were merely killed to satisfy the urge.   they weren’t special  -  not like some.   there is a selection of those victims that he remembers every detail about  -  identity, hair and eye colour, even down to scars and birthmarks.   it’d be out of that collection, were he to have favourites.   although it’s worth noting that he doesn’t look back on every kill in a positive light.   despite it being a positive experience, he’s incredibly criticabrl of his work  -  similar to how he separates the worse articles from the better, he equally keeps kills he’s content with separate from those he’s critical of.   
always subconsciously striving to overcome and improve his skills, while he won’t admit to hating some of his work, he does.   hence why there’s no articles or information within the media regarding his kill count.   because some he’d rather allow to fade or remain undiscovered.   an example being a kill that turned messier than intended  -  either they fought back unexpectedly or he didn’t achieve the exactness he’d desired.   baring in mind danny isn’t just killing for the sake of killing.   he’s good at it, believes he’s significantly skilled and that his level of it can be considered a form of art over mere murder.   
due to his complicated delusions that he’s got free rein and that, rather than his work being illegal and immoral which is why law enforcement seek his arrest and capture, they want to restrain his freedom and envy him and he is only able to recognize that getting caught will mean they’ll try and stop him.   meaning he believes this is his purpose and therefore everything must be perfect.   some kills aren’t perfect, and that often leads to total repression of the kill.   it doesn’t reduce the count in his mind, but specific kills he won’t talk about or even think about because they suggest his work is capable of being imperfect.   as for favourites, there are a few that he enjoys reliving more than others but favourites isn’t the right word.   it’s black and white, either everything is perfect or nothing.   nothing can outshine anything else, but they can inspire positive memories more so than others.   
we know from canon information that ghost face’s kills vary tremendously.  from how many kills in one go, to their brutality, to different locations, both anatomically and destination-wise.   every kill isn’t a butchering of the chest or gutting like the stereotypes.   you’ve got him stabbing a young man in the eye at a party, the messy brutal torso stabbings of two victims in one go as seen in the picture linked, the pre-ghost face murder that remains unsolved where he took his victim’s femoral bone and crafted it into a knife hilt, you have the carving of the ghost face into a victim’s torso as seen here, there’s his mori which is two stabs to the back and one in the side, his trailer kill which is a single stab to the back of the neck and then there’s his idle animation which is a series of fast stabs followed by an isolated one showing he’s also capable of wrist action / quick and seemingly in-passing stabbing.   there’s also a photo of lacerated scalps on his wall, meaning similar to the carving of his face into a victim’s torso, he also carves into other areas of the body.   
it’s unlikely he has specific victims he thinks about more than others, but he definitely thinks of specific kills.   if anything, it’d be certain behaviours of victims, rather than them as a person.   victims who exhibit signs of vulnerability and weakness, but also who he has a satisfactory time breaking, in the time leading up to the kill.   his most invigorating memories are from philly.   it’s where he formed his highest kill count.   
one of his more untame statement kills was the savage murder of a janitor cleaning the stairwells of a popular newspaper building.   he’d intricately carved the ghost face into his victim’s face, a despicable and gruesome scene which was then dragged to the roof of the multi-storey office and thrown to the street below  -  it was a busy evening and there were many witnesses, screaming in horror as some looked up to spot the shrouded figure with its haunting, white mask.   they stated there was a bright flash and then he was gone, the photo stored among the rest for safe-keeping.   unsurprisingly, the journalists had a field day with it.   little did they know it was a blatant slap in the face of facts, that ghostface did in fact have a connection with a newspaper company  -  the kill just occurred in front of the wrong one.
regarding special kills, there’s typically a lot of thought and energy put into the context of their death.  ghost face kills are also almost always conducted with a primary goal in mind.   shock factor, intrigue and headline potential.   what makes for a better read ?   victim found dead with a few cuts and bruises, or victim found dead with clasped hands cut off and positioned neatly on the table with the words ghost face lacerated into their knuckles.
@finalact​  /  random asks​  /  do not reblog.
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enrapturedobsessions · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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000nebula · an hour ago
A little bit of blood [Yandere! Oikawa X Reader]
;; dark content, mentions of a dead body, blood, gaslighting and manipulation. Please don’t read this if you’re not comfortable with these themes! I also rewrote this because I felt like I could do a little better than last time.
Tumblr media
Death. Its stench resembles one of rotting fruit. Revolting and stomach-churning.
A pool of fresh blood swarms the strangers cracked skull, the puddle seeping closer and closer to your toes until you're jerked backwards. Confining yourself into a little corner by nobody but rather natural instinct. This had been the second time this odour had plagued the air; the first a mere accident but the second caused by him— no, by you. 
The first time, the atmosphere was thick and tense, the realisation a murder had gone down and the killer being not far away had you swallow hard before throwing up violently. The second time - now - the air had filled with a different reek — sin and incredible guilt. 
This man whose name you didn't even know lays lifelessly by your feet, his soulless eyes wide from the blow. Nobody would have guessed that he'd come home from a weeks business trip to two runaways that had rudely barged into his property. That his first breath inside would be his last. Hell, neither you nor Oikawa had tried to even explain yourselves. That man — likely had a family, a child or two. Was he a father? A husband? An uncle—?
"Babe," Your lover’s voice cuts through the tension like a knife. "you’re overthinking. I know you are. But getting rid of... this shouldn’t worry you. It’s not that big of a deal." He whispers softly, now rubbing circles into your back before pulling you into a tight embrace. At his touch, you freeze not feeling any warmth but rather feigned sympathy; it was painfully obvious behind that smile. That superficial smile. With the way your face smushed against his torso, you'd also noticed that he didn't smell like that the fresh jasmine-scented cologne anymore. No, there was something far stronger. In fact, the metallic scent was so overwhelming you had to physically resist— shoving him off you.
"N-not that big of a deal? Do you hear yourself right now?! Oh my god... he... he's really dead, Oikawa... there's no bringing him back. This isn't real, it's a dream— a nightmare, a nightmare!" You recite, over and over again like a prayer. Desperately, you lift your face showing him those tears that had stained your bruised, bloodshot eyes. Oikawa doesn't look pleased but definitely intrigued by the sudden outburst. Almost pitifully, he watches you fall to your knees, blood-soaked hands clasping around his knees. "Oikawa... Oikawa... d...did we really do that?"
[S/C] skin so warm from crying, a little flushed and your gorgeous eyes wide with dilated pupils... quite the sight— he'd admit, sobbing uncontrollably in his arms clinging for your sins. 'You're even more beautiful when you cry' he marks but doesn't dare voice it. 
That's it...
At the mention of his name, he smiles sweetly, peering down at your helpless state. "Well... I believe you're the one who took the swing, I didn't touch him at all, therefore, any autopsy conducted would indeed show evidence of you." He notes so casually as if there isn't a decomposing body right near him. Your arms tighten around his legs and burrow your head deeper into the fabric. Tooru pauses then smiles once more before kneeling down to your level. His pale cold hand lifts your face, smearing a crimson bead across your skin with his fingertip and those dark eyes of his study your expression intensely.
Now, from noticing the terror that had plagued your heart, something was becoming obvious.
Ever since you'd observed your aunt's world, you'd realised that was the type of world you wanted to avoid. To live a life where guilt and pills weren't the driving source... but Oikawa? That man wanted a life where you were at his mercy, dependant on him and so afraid of his absence you'd rather be dead than live without him! And honestly, he was close to that goal. Very.
Guilt for him was nothing compared to the future he craved with his sweet flower.
Oikawa didn’t almost have you. He utterly had you where he wanted. 
"Aw, please don't cry [Name]-chan, it hurts me to see you like this. I need you to be strong for me." Cradling your shaky body to his chest like a child, his murmurs continue. "We need to leave this place. Now. To get out once and for all. I'm almost too certain the neighbours heard. Oh but don't worry sweetheart, your Tooru will make sure not a single hand touches your own. Except mine of course. Nothing will hurt you, okay? So please be my strong, brave princess for a little longer."
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nitromegaprayer · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ghosttcryptids · an hour ago
Tumblr media
This man is a bastard but I love him
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theviolencedistrict · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
robin sacramente // 25 // gnc trans man // he/him // american // stranger aligned
often described as "angelic" and "pure", robin is a soothing young man who has lived in london from a young age and has a love for nature.
robin moved to the uk with his mother for work as a child, where through a strange friendship between her and a certain mary keay, he would meet his best friend and eventual lover, gerard keay. the two have been inseparable since, leaning on one another through their mutual family trauma and forming an unbreakable bond. other than his penchant for gardening and being in nature, gerard helped to foster and grow robin's fascination with the paranormal and dangerous - though often kept him at arm's length for fear of danger, especially as time went on.
any time not spent with gerard is spent alone, for robin is a loner at heart. he is most often seen wearing a mixture of innocent and lacey white dresses along with gothic accessories, and is drawn to abandoned places. he is an avid urban explorer, and through conducting his explorations mostly alone, he has caused a stir within several online communities as being mistaken for a ghost spotted by other people within these places. he rather enjoys the title though, and feels most at home in the haunting. sunshine through the trees is wonderful, but damp fog over a field of flowers is even better.
though internalized heavily, robin has a problem with feeling human. diagnosed with fluctuating cotard's delusion, he has a significantly hard time feeling like a living person - instead hollow and unreal inside. he suffers from chronic nightmares, and coupled with his natural sickliness, he tends to keep awake for days until hallucinations and total exhaustion pull him into fitful sleeps. it is notable that he is only able to rest peacefully when in the presence of gerard keay.
these nightmares most often include being a doll, cracking and chipping apart to reveal empty insides - along with being marionetted by an unseen, laughing force.
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