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leorios-gf · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
dewy and his imaginary friend
- TW: slight blood
this is my OC dewy there will be more of him to come :P
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mischievous-tree · an hour ago
With Open Arms
"Honey, you have no idea what I can do at places like this." "What is it, then, that you can do?" "I can make pretty little boys like you scream and beg me to destroy them and when I am done they will thank me for my work and smile as they whither beneath my gaze." "Sounds creepy, interesting, fascinating. How do you do that?" "Naïve little boy. You'd walk into any knife with open arms and widened eyes as long as it's my hand closing down around the handle. I could tell you to go. Scream warnings at your face until my throat is hoarse and hit you before the chest to try to make you turn, but you'd walk into my blade willingly, like a moth to the flame." "You blade is quite wooing, your dark nature too fascinating." "I am of excessive beauty indeed, not pompous like those tiny mortals wrapped in golden-laced fabric und painted in colours of peacocks and gardens, but beautiful like the glitter in a jaguars eye before it rips you limb to limb, beautiful like a butterfly dancing through the air on burning wings, beautiful like the ocean. There are days when the waves of old can be restful and kind, but the sea sees nights where it knows neither laws nor mercy, and like the beauty of a wave reaching its highest point, just seconds from crashing down on you, my beauty will bring you only pain. Run away little boy, run while you may think you still can, and scream my name into the void at night, praying you do not get an answer." "I... I cannot run from such beauty, I am too fascinated by it, chained to it. I'm not strong enough to run, and I wouldn't be if i wanted to. I'm a magnet attracted by your knife, a moth attracted by the light, life attracted by death. I will welcome the wave crashing down on me, the cold refreshment before I fall." "You would let me rip you apart just to see the blood rich rubin glitter, let me make you into a piece of art, seeing with your dying breath the beauty I can twist your bones into? You would welcome the pain, the sharp sting, the agony that follows, only to have my hands roaming over your skin be the thing to doom you? You would make yourself a sacrifice just to see the way the light catches in rivers of your tears?" "It... it would be an honor to be extincted by something so perfect, wouldn't it be? And for a short moment, nothing compared to my life and what could follow, I will reach your beauty - a dying artwork yet still living. The perfect moment, the infinite beauty of the things that elapse." "Then you're a fool. Trading your life for a moment of bliss like so many before you, but then again, there are no atheists in the trenches, not a wise man on the battlefield, and no man not worthy of the title fool finding his way into my pretty little domicile." "Why am I here then? What led me to you, offering my eyes such beauty, and then denies my disappearing in a dual way? What instance offered my this chance just to see it get destroyed by you? And yet I am standing here, can't go farther nor nearer, waiting for the gorgeous art that you will not make of me?" "Your choice ahs been stripped away from you the second you laid your eyes on the curve of my lashed, the glint in my eyes and the way my hands drive through the air as if guided by an artform older than time itself. You cannot rip your eyes from me any more than you could rip the part of your mind that loves your mother out of your head. I could gently ask of you to go on your knees and ram your head into the floor until your teeth crack and you'd give me a smile as you bend your leg, but I couldn't let you leave if I screamed to you and the old gods and the firmament to banish you from this cursed place. You are here because you can't for the life of you not be." "I'll have some fun then, it seems, beautiful creature. What are you going to do to me? Shall I stand here forever, waiting for roots to grow from me and becoming the dirt I once have been? Or shall I serve you happily. I am chained to you, thus I can't go. Whatever will I do?" "I have nurtured pretty little boys like you until there were roots piercing their feet and
wrapping around their bones, have kept them breathing and crying under my skillful hands until flowers in the colours of the sun kissing the sea grew out of their eyes and skull and their mouths were tear-filled ponds for fairies riding on frogs to rest their feet, vines and ranks that blossom in ways the words to describe have long since been muttered for the last time by beings that would make both of us go mad in horror. I have made pretty little boys like you blossom and grow into divine shapes, but that is not your fate. You are not here to die, nor are you here to live for me." "What is my purpose then?" "You are here because there is a want, a need in your stomach that might as well be barbed wire clutching its arms around you like the mother you left for me. You are here, because there is a whisper in your head that might as well be a banshee screeching in your skull, a whisper that this is the only way. The blood and the flesh and the minds I make into art need to be broken down to dust before I can weave them into the old gods themselves, but all beauty I could find in your shards doesn't stay hidden in your blood or bones or flesh or mind. You yearn for this, but like a moth can only stand aflame for seconds before it falls apart by the love for the fire it apes, you can never become the fire, become the dance so beautiful it kills." "What is it that is special about me? What makes me inflammable, so that my ashes shan't be formed into art?" "There is nothing of value to be found in your ashes, no bone curved in a way to make gods weep with bliss upon seeing it. There are no secret shining marbles hidden in your head, to be found by tearing it apart, there is no shine to your skin that would make the world stop and hold its breath. I told you, I told you to run, I told you that there is nothing but pain found for you here, and I meant it. You are worthless to me, sweetheart. You are not the one to be taken apart under my hands and dying with bliss on their mind. You're a toy for me to throw away at best, something to keep my occupied between the rushes of artists blood filling my veins and making me create. You'll perish with nothing to be, nothing to be seen as, nothing to prove, just a stupid child that didn't run when it was told to." "You think you can just do that? Do you really think there is nothing more than a pretty face not pure enough to become art in front of you? I came here honestly and with a wish laying on my lips - a wish that's been blown away by you as if it was nothing, and yet it was just a tiny, silly wish, and not a destiny given to me, was it? You did not grant my wish, but that does not give you the position of ruling over me, possessing me." "A pretty little child that may even be pretty enough to toy with on a day the stars are not in the right position to shine over my work, a stupid little kid with stupid little dreams looks me in the eyes and tells me it believes that I am powerless over it. I could make you scratch out your eyes and laugh about it with but a small, gentle suggestion if i wanted to, yet here you stand, thinking you have a right to what I do." "Do I not? It is my right to be possessed by me, and by me, it is my right to go. But rules seem to be a little different up here, don't they? Your rules may be different to mine, yet rules live from being broken, rejected, questions, and I challenge your rules, shadow." "Then walk away from me. Come on, try it, don't be shy." . . . "... yet your beauty is irresistible... ... yet your mastery is undeniable... ... yet your art is untouchable... ... I-I have to leave, I h-h-ha-have t-to go. I... I will go. Now." "Tell yourself that often enough, and maybe you will almost believe to have ever actually left this place." "Tsk... monster... Another beautiful night up here. We will see each other again after all the dreams are over - or never." "Dream about old stones and older paths, dream about seeing the skies part and leaving this place, dream about walking out of my grip and seeing your family again, dream about whatever
pretty puny things you had when you still were a real person, but know that at any time I could decide that you have dreamt enough and that now is the time to play until I can feel your bones under my tongue. Know that anything you choose to believe is freedom you will know only at my mervy. You're lost, little child, because you couldn't run when you were told to."
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pleasechokemekeith · an hour ago
I am so tempted to know if I can rip a mole off my skin. Like does it go away forever then? Or another grows in its place? Or maybe its a back column embedded in my skin so even if I remove the head that spot is still back?
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 hours ago
My cats caught an illness that made their leg muscles start to fall off the bone, but then they got all better. I was really rich and also very lonely.
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floralflowerpower · 4 hours ago
So I have a semi messed up headcanon about clockwork.
Okay so what if he has a glass eye. Like the eye with the scar over it.
Tumblr media
What if the Observants forcefully removed it and that's what Clockwork means when he says that they can shroud his vision or prevent him from seeing certain things in the future.
What if one eye can only see the past and the other the future. I think the observants took the eye that sees the future.
The glass eye could be magically linked to his original one but the observants can cut the feed so to speak whenever they want.
But the thing is the observants forgot that when significant things change in the future sometimes it effects the past.
So clockwork often has to use the changing events to try and put things together. Context clues if you will.
That's why he can know so much but still be flawed in his assumptions.
Also given the observants have a whole eyeball theme going on.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's really not that big of a jump in logic or symbolism tbh.
They would probably have a way to not only preserve the eye but use it too.
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soliskage · 6 hours ago
hcs ; battle injuries. ( hashirama )
besides his powers, what made hashirama so terrifying was his resilience in battle. he could heal so quickly, && so he just would get injured && injured && keep going && going. a lot of the fear he inspired was how unkillable he appeared. when his moves were not elegant ( which they often were, as there was a majesty to his tremendous power ), it was a brutal display of a man without inhibitions. often, tobirama was forced to drag his brother along after hashirama left carnage in his wake, hashirama would be near death a lot of the time, but he was always better by the time he was needed next. 
people who see hashirama in battle without knowing him at his core are often bewildered by his more good natured side 
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liu-n-sully · 7 hours ago
So um, I’m pretty boss and I have no life besides work and sleep. Not gonna lie, it’s been a bad year for me and my family, so this is how I relieve stress.
Would anyone like to do a roleplay with me? Most of my reps are 16+, because or blood and trauma, but I can do nsfw 18+ stuff, but we do need to set ground rules for that in private.
I can play as really any character, and even give you head cannons if you want to go down that rout.
I can give you my discord in my dms after we talk everything through!
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loser101 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
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waytoomanylighters · 8 hours ago
Realizing it might be wise to do this so that I can take the mess out of my description or whatchamacallit.
Hi, hello there. My name's Vivian, tho idrc as long as it's clear that you're talking to me and it's (vaguely) respectful of me and my identities.
My pronouns are he/him, and anyone being an ass about that will be blocked. Please do not use other pronouns, all others make me really uncomfortable, so I will confront you if you mess em up.
Hello, I'm a minor. I don't usually get creeps here, but I will block a bitch so maybe just don't.
I'm okay, I'm not a malicious person, but I will block you if you're caught being an asshole on my page.
We support Black Lives Matter, All Cops Are Bastardized, defund the police, LGBT+ rights, trans rights (yes, it's its own category rn), landback, a woman's right to choose, and pretty much anything that says everyone should have equal rights are protections.
On that note, I don't foresee it but any centre-to-right wing fucknuts can just block me now. I won't talk to y'all, block me or I'll block you. If you ship, support, or in any way entertain/ justify pedophiles or pedophilia, don't interact or just block me now.
I'm a witch. If that's an issue with you, leave. Block me, or I'll block you, or you could just not interact at all. Any of these are fine.
I'm a pansexual transmasc Polyamourus femmeboy. Please fuck off if that's going to be an issue.
I'm a poet, an artist, a dad friend, and one willing to give advice. If you need to talk I'm here, all I ask of y'all is that you ask where my mental health is before dumping on me.
I have trauma, undiagnosed ADHD, very likely autism, and very likely social/ general anxiety. Mentions of blood, detailed/realistic blood isn't welcome here. Also, mentions of being rejected by a family after coming out are not welcome. These are all triggers and I will block you for my own sake.
I think that's it, if I think of anything else I'll add. But yeah, have a good day, y'all.
Ps: you're doing amazing. Idk if anyone has told you this today, but you're enough, and you're doing amazing rn. Even if you can't see it yet.
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peachy-sheepy · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Well well, look who’s inside again”
Lore! //throws drawing into the sky//
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aldudonk · 8 hours ago
i heard something about a lesbian undead cleric 👀
uhh if you're a player in the direlight campaign do not read under the read more unless you're the dm in which case. ya know. hi josh
warning it accidentally got long and rambly Whoops
SOOOO okay my girl my undead lesbian where do weee begin
here's a picture I've just finished of her because I wanted to test out a solid line style and i went too far AND I JUST REALIZED I FORGOT TO SHADE THE GOLD ON HERRRRRR
Tumblr media
so her name is! Adr Irithyl! She's a Shadar-Kai (bodied) twilight cleric who worships the Raven Queen (who in the world is called Selyn). Before dying and her subsequent revival, Adr was one of many nuns who served to help souls pass on to Selyn, so that the Raven Queen could collect them and sort them. Adr specialized in children (which ALWAYS sounds weird), helping them with a soothing darkness that followed her wherever she walked. She would sit beside them, listening to children tell stories, letting them talk and talk until their lives would end, and she'd usher the spirits back. Specifically twilight, she used the dark as a blanket, blinding the children to what was to happen.
But, one of the children she was around ended up getting her ill. She was only ~150-200 when she passed, refusing to let the others heal her at risk of getting them sick. The only one she allowed was her closest "friend" among those in her specific order, telling her "I do not want my life to go to waste. Use my body as a sign that death is to be welcomed, and not feared, and that reversing it isn't the answer."
And then she died, peacefully, after an agonizing couple weeks of struggling with an illness foreign to her body. She's from the Shadowfell, she's not used to the Material Plane. She passed, and so too did 500 years. Empires rose and empires fell. People lived and she was remembered by her Sisters.
Until she wakes up, 500 years in the future, her body a stitched up, mangled mess, surrounded by corpses of other clerics like her, with no recollection of who she even was. She lays there for over a week, just... Noticing. "I should be starving by now. I should be dehydrated by now. Breathing hurts. I can't sleep."
When she finally moves, she just... Keeps seeing the bodies. Pieces of the bodies, sometimes just skin, sometimes their entire limbs. One of her arms was too long. One had a hand with only three fingers. The stitches on her body hurt, and she was covered with arcane markings she couldn't wash off. Memories would... Sometimes hit her, the strongest being this one woman flashing a smile and offering her...
She could never remember the word. it was warmed bread with some spread on it, but the specifics, she couldn't remember. It frustrated her. It frustrated her so much she went to destroy the entire ruins and kill herself.
When she found a note, on the altar where she had been. It was in a language she couldn't read. And... It called to her. As if it would be an answer to who did this. So, rather than kill herself and return to Selyn, she lead the nunnery, left her sisters, with the strange feeling that she wasn't entirely alone, that no matter where she went, bits of those ripped apart to form her would follow, everywhere she went.
Eventually, she found a town, where a person named Henris eventually befriended her, and she stopped her quest for revenge to work as a researcher in a school of Clerichood, which is where the party will meet her!
The Lesbianism:tm: will be something she realizes throughout the story, as she recalls memories of her "dear friend." They were very much in love, but their devotion and dedication (and Adr being... Scared of that aspect of her) meant that they never grew closer than friends. But without those obligations, without that... Goal? Adr doesn't feel that same "moral" obligation to remain celibate and pure and focused on her prayers. In fact, she can barely even remember the prayers she used to say, relying on an old prayer book found on a body of her sisters.
Originally, Adr had been a soft and kind woman who would give up everything to help others, but now? With the knowledge that, surely, in the eyes of her goddess she's an abomination (a theme among my elf clerics actually, undead clerics who think their gods see them as a monster that sends them hardships to get them killed), she doesn't care. She doesn't care about being soft and nice. She doesn't care about pacifism. She doesn't want to hurt people, but if she saw the man that brought her back and to get him, she'd have to kill one of her party members?
At the moment, I don't think I can say she'd wait.
She's not meant to be some overly grimdark, "oh boo-hoo" character, she literally talks like Miette the cat, regularly tries to eat food that she physically can't since she lacks a stomach, is going to be calling one of the characters "Sea salt" because they're a sea elf (granted they deserve it SMH Cancel Sea salt the Bloodhunter 2021 /j), but... She has that part of her. The fact that she never asked to be alive. The fact that she views death as a mercy. The fact that once her goal is complete, she will kill herself without any hesitation for fear of growing too attached to life.
and yeah im going to give her the comphet I struggled with for years because IT'S MY CHARACTER AND I CAN PROJECT THE STRUGGLES
but all the negative aside she does still adore kids and wears a raven mask (see above) to hide her face so that kids don't think she's scary, she'll give kids rides on her shoulders because she's over 7 feet tall, she'll sit with you all night if you have a bad dream (UNLESS YOU'RE SRIGRALT FUCK YOU SRIGRALT /J), she'll even grant you dark vision if you need it because even if the dark is peaceful to her, it isn't that way for everybody.
But, I haven't even played her yet! I'm switching out my genasi monk for her, and I'm. really excited. Adr is so much more interesting to me because while I made my genasi a really femme woman, I can do! So Much more with Adr! AND I just love playing cleric, like. Hitting inflict wounds on the final boss? MWAH that was a magical moment with my other cleric, and since we don't have dedicated support... I'm not complaining about pulling her out ;)
ANYWAYS thank you for asking me abt her Morgan i have thunked about her a lot, expect an ask abt your githzerai cleric soon because dnd characters are <3
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