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#edgar allan poe
seitosokusha · 2 hours ago
“No. It’s your roommates,” Poe said. “If I hire you, they will come and visit and I fear for my storefront.”
Atsushi’s roommates?
“What’s wrong with his roommates?” Kunikida asked. Something a supervillain like Black Cat was afraid of? Was Atsushi in a bad spot? Did Poet need to intervene?  
Atsushi blinked. “Yes, what’s wrong with Chuuya and Dazai?”
Kunikida froze. He must have heard wrong. Atsushi did not say his roommates were King and Demon. The strongest superhero and the deadliest supervillain in all of Yokohama were his roommates?!
Wait. King and Demon were roommates?!
Oh god. This felt like some sick cosmic joke.
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anomazione · 6 hours ago
La maschera della Covid 19
La maschera della Covid 19
Ogni volta che leggo la notizia di persone che si ammassano tra di loro a festeggiare gaie chissà che cosa, regolarmente prive di mascherine, mi viene in mente La maschera della Morte Rossa, di Edgar Allan Poe. Così ho pensato di paragonare alcuni brani del racconto, alternandoli a brani tratti da articoli di quotidiani. Così, per divertimento. Prima, per chi non abbia letto il racconto di Poe,…
Tumblr media
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entheognosis · 8 hours ago
The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?
Edgar Allan Poe
Tumblr media
illustration by Marko Popadić
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mariaseq22 · 10 hours ago
Above the closed and fringèd lid,
‘Neath which thy slumb’ring soul lies hid,
Oh, lady dear, hast thou no fear?
Why and what art thou dreaming here?
 - Edgar Allan Poe
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moderndaypoeboy · 19 hours ago
Will we just sit and stare?
This room extend for miles
When we're standing wall to wall
Thoughtful glances between glasses
Still the silence trumps it all
Will we just sit and stare?
Not the sands of time
Nor ocean tides
Have eroded the light in your eyes
Will we just sit and stare?
Clenched jaw of desire
Smoke rises from the pire
But the cold wind of indecision
Keeps us distant
Until we're frozen solid
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poeshoe · 22 hours ago
Hey can we have more Poe smut? Doesn’t matter write what you wanna write!
HI! so I have two other Poe smut requests in my inbox and I was just going to combined this with one but I decided... y’know what... Liver loves analyzing poe and ive done one for him and his mental health, him as a boyfriend, him as a yandere and how people mischaracterize him  SO why not do an analysis with him and sex!!! This leans towards f!reader but I do believe he’d be the same way no matter what his s/o identified as... minus the wanting to get you pregnant bc not everyone can get pregnant.
warnings: smut 18+ only, multiple kinks (breeding, humiliation, overstim, pegging, and orgasm denial.)  
BSD Edgar Allan Poe and Sex!
Sex with Poe is an experience. Going based on how I analyzed him as a boyfriend his utter devotion bleeds into the love making. First things first, Poe is a sub that man barely has a dom bone in his body. This doesn't mean he can't be dominant but he’ll do a lot of things that will kill the mood lol. Onto the hcs!
Poe loves to worship his s/o.
Kissing every inch of your body
Whispering all his love to you in wax poetics 
Won’t stop unless you tell him too or your orgasmed multiple times, this leads to him not even realizing he’s over stimulating you
slow, deep thrusts 
only intimate positions like missionary, spooning, you sitting in his lap. 
Lots of gazing into each other’s eyes
Oiling you up while he fucks you
Overstimulation- Jerk him off till he cums and then keep going he’ll be whiny and words of his fidelity to you will tumble out of his mouth like a waterfall. He literally won’t shut up but it’s cute.
Orgasm denial- Now for the complete opposite, Poe also likes when he has to beg for it. In his mind it emphasizes that he’s yours and that you have complete control over him. 
Cockwarming- This one is a little more sappy as Poe just loves to be close to you. While he writes, you're watching a movie or even early in the morning when you’re too tired to move for actual love making. 
Breeding kink- What can he say? Cream pies are sexy to him and he secretly hopes it will get you pregnant lol.
Pegging- When he wants you he wants all of you. Plus it makes him feel super submissive and again he’s giving you his whole body. He whimpers a lot and cums more when your fuck him.
Humiliation- Poe’s dirty little secret but he loves when you tell him he’s pathetic or not good enough, it just makes him work harder to prove himself. Though this one stems more from the trauma of losing the competition so.. Don’t just spring it on him.
Things he wouldn’t want to do:
Come on you, it’s way too degrading.
Hit or choke you, willing to lightly grasp your throat though.
Raunchy dirty talk like “tell me you want this cock” please he’ll actually cry.
The obvious no scat or piss but he doesn’t even want to spit on you. 
Actual public sex.. He’ll write a special book for that. 
Talking about Poe being rough: 
Poe’s very eccentric, so I don’t doubt he has his moments. His roughness would be calling you a minx or a vamp (he will not call you a whore or slut). It’s also getting lost in the moment and keeps going even after you’ve came because it just feels so good.. Obviously only stopping if you tell him to. Poe being rough also consists a lot of clamping his hand over your mouth and fucking you over the kitchen counter, telling you not to make one noise or he’ll stop. Doggy style is not a position he likes but the rare times he’s feeling more assertive it’s not out of the question. Just really really channel Poe from when we first met him in the anime!! 
Poe will clean you up himself unless you specifically ask him not too. Then he’ll proceed to cuddle you for a bit before taking you to go get fast food because, who doesn’t love to snack after getting railed? When you get home he’ll probably put a horror movie on and snuggle you for the rest of the night, giving you constant reminders that he’s thankful for you.
A VERY little scenario: 
Moans tumbled out of Poe’s mouth as you could see the small tears that threatened to fall in the corner of his eyes. You had been going at it for hours, sucking, jerking and teasing him. His thighs were beginning to shake as the black cock ring helped to delay his orgasm. You hummed around the tip of his cock, paying special attention to the slit with your tongue. Pulling off his dick you brought your hand to pump him fast and hard. Poe’s cries were loud now as his hips twitched.
“P-Please.. Oh god!” He barely got it out.
“You wanna come baby?” You didn’t let up. 
His head moved in frantic movements as he nodded. You chuckled at him before taking the cock ring off and tossing it to the side. Letting go of his cock you looked at him with a smile while massaging his thighs.
“You can come but don’t you wanna fuck me first?”  
He moved faster than you’d ever see him, grabbing you so you were positioned over his erection. You held onto the headboard to steady yourself, ready for him to fuck you. There would be no way he’d make it past the first couple of thrusts but Poe would never pass up an opportunity to come inside you. Together you both let out a moan, knowing the night wasn’t even close to being over. 
If you have any questions or are like how did she think of that, feel free to shoot me an ask id be happy to answer / explain! 
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classicrockbi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
can someone listen to these albums and tell me whether stay hungry actually sounds a bit like tales of mystery and imagination or am i making that up
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hananinthewoods · a day ago
A Dream Within a Dream -Edgar Allan Poe
Tumblr media
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themoonofleo · a day ago
She'd laughed and if he could have bottled the sound and gotten drunk on it every night, he would have. It terrified him.
Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows
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plutonians · a day ago
Don’t trust love
Severed faith-saving face
won’t fall again-I’ll just pretend
bubbling brain-mental break
Mess in head-have to mend
Optic rain-Nervous pace
Nauseous fret-ethanol sweat
Hands on face-bitter taste
Nails break skin-digging in
Grinding teeth- silent seethe
No relief-no release
-Julia Woods
Tumblr media
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nyx-achlys · a day ago
Tumblr media
My most prized possessions! 💕 📚 😊
The complete tales written by Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft
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themoonofleo · a day ago
Writing my favorite quotes and analyzing them with my real-life situations when I have a bunch of assignments to complete, classes to attend, books to read, chores to finish.
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neottolemo · a day ago
Dall’alto della montagna Helseggen nelle isole Lofoten, un vecchio marinaio invita uno straniero a guardare giù verso il mare, verso l’abisso del Maelstrom, il vortice creato dalle correnti marine, luogo mitico delle saghe norvegesi. “Una muraglia d’acqua liscia lucida e nera, che girava vortiginosamente su se stessa con un moto rotatorio, dando ai venti la sua voce spaventosa, metà urlo, metà…
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