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knowltonsrangers · 9 hours ago
AKA: when they realized they loved you.
Benjamin Tallmadge:
Ben exists in the present, and in his own fantasy world. He’s a dreamer, and always has stars in his eyes as he thinks of new things to add to his beaten up journal. Things come and go, ideas float around and swim in his mind before they’re scrapped and used for spare parts. But it wasn’t until you started appearing in these happy mindless thoughts of his, that he took a second to evaluate what he was getting himself into. Usually, the planes don’t overlap. You’ve created a bridge from his existing reality into his life, and he can’t help himself when he stares at you lovingly. He really does love you, the moment his blue eyes lock onto you, saying aloud that you are perfect.
Caleb Brewster:
When the room finally ceases spinning, he can stop and gather his thoughts. So much is always constantly happening around him, and he needs a moment to breathe, and take deep intakes of air that have him nearly toppling over. He’s stressed, he’s overworked, but still he continues, in fear of what comes when he doesn’t obey the rules. He realizes he’s absolutely in love with you when you remind him to breathe, remind him to take all the time he needs to cool down, and help him when he’s gotten himself into a blurry mess that he can’t clean up alone. Now, the room only stops spinning when he sees you, and his eyes light up like you’ve never seen before.
Ensign Baker:
It’s hard for people to get a good read of him, because he appears instinctively intimidating but he’s quite literally the opposite. More often then not, he finds it’s hard to share eye contact with you because he thinks that you’re so beautiful and he’s not worth the half a mind. But when you agreed to his proposal of maybe taking your friendship to another level, he swore that was the moment he fell in love. You accepted him for who he was, and didn’t bat an eye when someone needed help. You’re perfect, an absolute gem, and Ensign sees you for who you are, just as you see him for who he is. Fingers intertwined on that red string of fate.
Robert Townsend:
Easily enough, when you asked him ‘can I read some of your works?’. Unable to concoct a sentence, he simply stared at you blankly, to which you hastily followed up with: ‘but only if it’s okay with you, of course!’ He had never even thought of allowing anyone to see or read what he writes, because no ones ever asked. He’ll feel a bit bad for making it seem like he didn’t trust you, but it really was him taking those moments to realize that you actually wanted to. It wasn’t a pity offer or something, you genuinely wanted to, and that not only confused him, but made his heart thrum loudly in his chest. He’ll keep that moment to himself, but he knows it as the day he quite literally fell in love with you.
Marquis de Lafayette:
Gilbert was always a yes man. Anything anyone needed at any time he was always there, a pillar to lean on and an absolutely fantastic listener. However, in his times of trouble, he found when it came time to return the favor, people were hesitant to cough it up. You, on the other hand, went way out of your way to be that rock for him. A check up every week or so, outside of seeing him regularly, just a simple: ‘how’s everything going?’. It made his heart swell, because he knew you actually cared, and never sought him out just to complain. You were an amazing person who always returns the favor, and for that, he came to the conclusion he would love you forever.
George Washington:
‘You are doing enough.’ Four words got him. Four words that you said to him at the kitchen table one random Wednesday night, where he’d hunched over in his seat to rub at his temples to get the ache away from his head. Convinced for so long in any scenario, that he should have done this, not that, or maybe gone this direction instead of the other way, you carefully shoved all those doubts aside with four words. It got him enough that he finally let those stressed filled shoulders to drop, letting the anxiety and tension building up go. He definitely felt something in his chest tighten when you said those words, and he often thinks that that was the exact moment he realized he loved you.
Paul Revere:
Often asking him what he’d like. What would Paul Revere like? That’s a loaded question-but you simplify it into the easiest term possible, and he suddenly finds himself stupefied. What would he like to do? Well? His jaw opens up and closes, and then opens and closes again. Feeling this type of way is foreign to him, so when you catch him a couple weeks later and ask the same question with different context, he just about loses it. In his mind, he declares this as the moment the connection is made between his brain and his heart, where he decides he’ll go down on your ship forever. What does Paul Revere want? That’s a horribly loaded question with the simplest answer in the book. You.
Doctor Joseph Warren:
Telling him what a kind heart he has. Easily enough, he’s a man of doubts in between times of trouble. He has to be brave and he has to be precise because he just has to be. When he can’t figure something out, he turns to his friends, and when they can’t satisfy his question, he needs gratification. He needs an answer or it’ll eat him alive. Because of this, he always feels that his heart is in the wrong place. Is he doing the right things? Will it all work out? What is going to happen— ‘you have such a kind heart, Joseph,’ the sentence physically shut him up, snapping his jaw shut in surprise. In times of doubt, he seeks you out instead, the loving twinkle in his eyes never fading.
[a/n: hi! The semesters wrapping up, and while I’m finding it hard to get back into my groove of writing, I hope that this is okay for now! Ly 💕]
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quillsink · a day ago
Yeah yeah yeah you could be sad but you could also imagine Benjamin Tallmadge looking at you and saying “madam” and then looking down a bit and nodding his head respectfully and then looking back up and offering a handshake.
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nataliazapatero · a day ago
We Just Won A Victory, Then This Hanging Happened (Benlivia)
‘Twas was a heavy rainy day later that evening when Colonel Bradford and Sargent Hickey were sent to the gallows to be hanged. They had won the Battle of Monmouth hours earlier against the British.
 “Now we know that you’ve received upwards of 100 pounds from Mr. Mathews, the so-called mayor of New York.” they were inside a wood house in camp with Ben interrogating the two assassins, Caleb off to the side; ready to jump in at any given moment, Olivia keeping one eye on her two childhood friends and the other eye at the traitors, and General Washington’s hiding in the shadows; watching it all go down.
“And Governor Tryon. Your pulse beats high in the Torie’s game, gentlemen.” Caleb chimes in. “Now, tell me, who else in this camp is under British pay?” the Major asked, getting the task back at hand.
 Bradford indirectly answers the question, “So there are others.” Ben concludes. 
 The drums keep bringing Ben back from the flashbacks from the moments before. 
 Caleb is the executioner, he wears a full black uniform, complete with a black mask that covers his face. He quickly adjusts the rope and moves on to Bradford, who was talking to Worthington.
 “The offer is that you hang for counterfeiting, not for treason,” Ben says to Bradford. Hickey intervenes saying that he wants to be hanged for the latter, “To mutiny against you traitors in an act of honor,” was his explanation. The head of intelligence slaps him and explains that his family would be safe if he would be hanged as a forger, if it was for the attempt on Washington’s life, then he can’t-” We aren’t going to hang. You’re going to trade us-” 
 Olivia speaks of the first time, interrupting him, “And why is that?” she scoffed at Bradford, “If you think that we are bluffing, then you are wrong.” The man looked at the Madame General in the eye, “-For Culper,” finishing his sentence.
 The last name alias of Abraham Woodhull hung in the air. Dread filled Ben’s stomach. “Where did you hear that name?” Caleb asked. When Bradford didn’t answer, he settled for violence, harshly pulling the former Colonel by the braid, “Where did you hear that name?!” Olivia didn’t intervene, despite the fact that it was technically her job to keep the two in line.
 Washington stepped out of the shadows, suggesting that Hickey must have overheard it when he was standing guard outside his tent. “The first man to tell me the real name of our Agent Culper will be traded to safety on Saturday. The other man will hang tomorrow,” was the million-dollar question.
 But neither man answered, “They don’t know.” Washington concluded. “A hanging then, I’ll inform everyone,” Olivia told the room, “Since the two of you didn’t answer, tomorrow turned into today.” She pointed at the traitors.
 “The accused...Colonel William Bradford and Sergeant Thomas Hickey having being found guilty on the charge of attempting to pass counterfeit bills-
 “-My aim was to kill Washington, Putman, and other-” Hickey didn’t get to finish his sentence because he was pushed off by Caleb, along with Bradford. His head was quickly decapitated. Bradford’s head was, thankfully not severed, but he struggled against the rope around his neck. 
 Gasps rang everywhere, but a heart-wrenching scream caused Ben to look at his left. Olivia Hamilton. He quickly hugged her and held the Madam General tightly. The Head of Intelligence heard Worthington yell at Caleb and could hear them fighting, but he paid no mind. He then looked at Washington, who signaled an officer to shoot Bradford, ending his life.
 The Major could feel the younger Hamilton and the Marquis’ gaze at him like they wanted to burn a hole in his skull with their eyes. The former wanted to protect his twin sister at all costs, even though it’s supposed to be the other way around. Olivia had expressed this one too many times, about Alexander fighting with the new recruits when they looked at her the wrong way. Ben knew that Lafayette harbored a romantic love for Olivia, he too had one, but it was not one-sided. He knew that the two had to make their relationship a secret because the young aristocrat had a wife in France, it would cause a huge scandal that could cause the American-French alliance to dissipate. Because of this, Ben was determined to make his love for Olivia, a platonic one.
 The Major put the elder Hamilton down on his cot and quickly stripped her down to her smallclothes. He looked at the knife wound Olivia had gotten when someone tried to assassinate their Commander in Chief during the discussion of the Battle of Monmouth. Olivia had quickly pulled Washington out of the assassin’s way and took the knife meant for him. General Arnold knocked him out and Henry Key was hanged the next day.
 “You are not sleeping on the floor, Benji.” Olivia said, loud and clear, “That is a direct order from your General.” With burning cheeks, Ben laid down next to the woman he had first loved.
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The Big List of American Revolution/Colonial Era Recommendations
This is a list put together by me, Patroclus. It is a list of books, shows, etc. about the American Revolution and life during the Colonial Era. I think this may be most helpful to those just getting started in the Amrev community, but I think everyone can find something new here! (I know I definitely did 😅)
Shoutout to @ms-march @betseys-bosom @tallmadgeandtea and @henryshybitchclinton for helping! This list wouldn’t be complete without you guys! (If you ever want to make an addition, just DM me! I’m always happy to add more!)
•1776-This book is a narrative of the year 1776 in the American Revolution. I think it would be a good read for those unfamiliar with the Revolution that wish to learn more.
•George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved The American Revolution-If you like Turn or are interested in historical espionage, this is a great book to start with. This book focuses on the Culper Spy Ring that gave Washington about British movements in New York.
•Founding Mothers-The stories of the brave women who fought the revolution just as valiantly as the men. Drawing upon information from personal correspondence and private journals, we learn about the struggles and triumphs of women such as Abigail Adams, Mercy Otis Warren, Deborah Read Franklin, Eliza Pinckney, Martha Washington, and more
•Valley Forge-The story of the winter at Valley Forge and how it transformed the Continental army.
•American Rebels-A book on the intertwined lives of the Hancock, Quincy, and Adams families, and the role each member played in sparking the flames of revolution.
•1774: The Long Year of Revolution-A book tracing the critical year of 1774 and the changes that took place from the Boston Tea Party to the First Continental Congress to the Battles of Lexington and Concord.
•Washington’s Secret War-The story of George Washington and the secondary war he faced during December of 1777; the one upon his reputation as a general and patriot.
•Revolutionary Mothers-A book illustrating the vital role women took during the war. Women of the Revolution were most active at home, but Berkin shows that women also fought and helped on the front lines, as in the story of Margaret Corbin.
•General Washington’s Commando-A book about Benjamin Tallmadge, his role in the Revolution, and the vital role he played as a spy master for General Washington.
Primary Sources
•A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier-The memoir of Joseph Plumb Martin. Martin joined the continental army at age 15. This documents his life as a common soldier, and is considered one of the most important primary historical sources for the Revolution.
•Memoir of Benjamin Tallmadge-Colonel Benjamin Tallmadges account of his experiences during the Revolutionary War. This edition sheds more light on his espionage activities than what was given in his original memoirs.
•Letters From an American Farmer-A series of letters written by French American writer J. Hector St. John de Crèvecœur. These letters describe certain provincial situations, manners, customs not generally known, and convey some idea of the late and present circumstances of the British colonies in North America.
British Perspective
•The Men Who Lost America-An account of the Revolution told from the perspective of the British war leaders.
•Those Damned Rebels-A report of the war from the British perspective created by using firsthand accounts, journals, letters from British officers in the field, and reports from colonial governors.
•George Washington’s Opponents-Essays written by historians on figures such as Nathaniel Greene, Benedict Arnold, Marquis de Lafayette, and more for the American side. On the British side, Thomas Gage, Sir William Howe, Charles Lord Cornwallis, and several others.
•The Green Dragoon-A (free!) book on the lives of Banastre Tarleton and Mary Robinson.
•Cornwallis: The American Adventure-A (free!) book on the life of Charles Cornwallis.
•The Howe Brothers and the American Revolution-As the title suggests, this is a (free!) book about the Howe brothers during the American Revolution.
•Portrait of a General-A (free!) book about Sir Henry Clinton.
•The Traitor and the Spy-A (free!) book on John Andre and Benedict Arnold and their role in the war.
•John Burgoyne-A (free!) book on John Burgoyne.
•Mischianza-(Free!) book on the triumph felt upon leaving America unconquered.
•Townsends-The YouTube channel for Jas Townsend and Son. Videos focused on the colonial period, living history, historical recipes and more. Very well made and well informed videos + interviews with experts.
•Spies, Espionage, And Secret Writing In 1770’s-An interview from the Townsends channel with expert Brian Allison on some of the spy techniques used in the Revolution. If you like Turn, I definitely recommend this video.
•Colonial Williamsburg-The official YouTube for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. They have many videos on many different topics of Colonial life/Amrev with people practiced in their field.
•Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello-The official Monticello YouTube. This information of course focuses on Jefferson’s life and the lives of everyone living at Monticello during his life.
•George Washington’s Mount Vernon-The official Mount Vernon YouTube channel. Focuses on how the estate operated and the lives of Washington, his family, and the enslaved people living on the property.
•Victoria and Albert Museum-Official YouTube of V&A Museum. Explore historical and contemporary art and design from many of the worlds richest cultures.
•JamestownRediscovery-YouTube channel for Historic Jamestowne, the first permanent English settlement in America.
Period Clothing:
•James Townsend and Son-This is the store that is owned by the Townsend YouTube channel. They have a great selection for not just clothes, fabrics, and sewing patterns, but many other period appropriate items you may need. They do customizations and have great customer service.
•Prior Attire-This is a small business based in the UK that makes good quality period clothing. They also do bespoke orders. They make clothes for many different periods, not just the colonial era.
•Pinsent Tailoring-A tailor based in the UK that makes bespoke period clothing that’s crafted with much historical accuracy. Zack (the owner) will make clothes ranging from the mid 1600’s to the 1920’s, but his area of expertise is with Georgian and Regency period clothing.
•American Duchess-A company that produces historical shoes and reproductions.
•LBCC-An Etsy store that sells historical apothecary items including cosmetics, hair care, beauty care, and more.
•Wm Booth, Draper-Sells fabrics (linen, hemp, wool, etc.), 18th and 19th century sewing patterns, books, and more.
•Burnley and Trowbridge-Provides reproduction textiles, notions, sewing tools, and accessories.
•Samson Historical-Provides historical reproductions of clothing, accessories, home goods and more.
•Penny River-Garments and accessories based off of paintings and research. Garments are machine sewn with hand finishing to give them the proper historical look. Fully hand sewn items can be made upon request.
•Sign of the Gray Horse-Reproduction and historically inspired jewelry.
•Fikars Finest-Clothes ranging from the French and Indian War to the 1800’s. Made to be historically accurate and durable. Does make custom orders.
•Erins Creative Designs-Vintage and historical clothing, and cute and functional accessories.
•Yosa-Makes historical embroidered accessories (and masks!!).
•Brigade of the American Revolution-A non-profit living history association recreating the life and times of the common soldier during the Revolution. Elements of all armies are represented (Continental, Militia, British, Loyalist, German, French, Spanish, and Native American forces along with women, children, and other civilian roles.) The Brigade hosts military encampments, tactical exercises, social activities and more.
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mollafer · 3 days ago
Yesterday, I commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army and will be serving as a Military Intelligence Officer. I joined for my love of country and love of my favorite historical figure, the first military intelligence officer in American history, Benjamin Tallmadge. I hope that today I have made him proud. God bless America.
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ladytp-annex · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A moodboard and a headcanon: ‘Youth of Setauket’ before the events of ‘Turn’… Part 2 
Caleb had started looking for adventures ever since he first learned to walk, and he took every opportunity he could to take his uncle’s small boat out on the waves – returning with his head filled with even more dreams of faraway seas and shores.
Ben was the bookworm of the group; attentive to his studies and helping his father with his sermons. Nonetheless, whenever he heard Caleb throwing pebbles into his window, the quill was forgotten as the boys rushed headlong into their next venture.
Ben and Caleb’s relationship had no beginning, as it just always… was. Since either one of them could remember, the other had been there, in good and bad, through childish plays and adolescent turbulences. And as it had no beginning, it wasn’t going to have an end either.
(Part 1 here)
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crazychlo08 · 4 days ago
I like how I’ve lowkey turned people into ben tallmadge simps from my blog ✨
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crazychlo08 · 4 days ago
simping hours, sorry for the spam 😴
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I mentioned possibly doing this once, but I’m making a master list of book, show, historical costuming, etc. recommendations for the American Revolution. I think it will mostly be a great place for new people to start. If you guys have anything you want on the list, just comment, ask, or DM me!
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culper-spymaster · 5 days ago
BoB:S2-Ch15:...Once is an Accident, Twice is a Coincidence...
Tumblr media
“I am Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Hamilton. You will tell me your name, and then---” his voice cut off upon seeing the blood soaked, beaten, battered and impaled 12 year old boy playing with a puppy. “What the hell happened to you?”
It took Levi a moment to realize Hamilton was speaking to him…he was slightly distracted. Looking up, the red haired officer was looking straight at him, and so were all the British soldiers. Levi glanced down at his impaled, extremely painful side, then up at the officer with a raised eyebrow.
“I was just in a fucking battle. What the fuck do you think happen? We sat down for a cup of tea?”
Summary: After being injured in battle, Levi is reunited with someone he thought he would never see again.
A massive thanks to @tallmadgeandtea​ and @ms-march​ for always reading my stuff and putting up with all Levi’s crap.
Check out the chapter HERE! And check out the entire SERIES HERE!
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fuck-you-im-relevant · 5 days ago
At first I was like, "Unnn, Seth Numrich in a revolutionary war outfit" as a JOKE. But bro.... I don't think its a joke anymore!?!?
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tallmadgeandtea · 6 days ago
The amount of folk songs written about Dragoons... they said Ben Tallmadge fic writer rights!
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quillsink · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And We Could Be Enough, Chapter I
Just for a moment, he could be Ben from Setauket, the fierce but sensitive boy that loved all things.
Could let go of the parts of himself that grew up too fast: the over-eager Yale graduate, drunken debater, young school teacher, the Damon to Pythias. Here, with Caleb he could just be Ben.
The Ben that loved his family, his friends, his brother .
After this, he decided, the boy no longer existed, and from the blood, death, grief, and war arose Lieutenant Benjamin Tallmadge.
Benjamin Tallmadge moodboard for @kellerthet
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kellerthet · 6 days ago
Why don't we still have a TV show about Ben and Nathan during their time at Yale? Just imagine: they get into all sorts of funny and sad stories, quote Cato and the works of antiquity, sit under a big old oak tree and think about their future, hoping for the happiness. A dark academia drama (gay drama), but with a drop of all that revolutionary stuff.
W h y ?
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nataliazapatero · 6 days ago
Olivia and Alexander Reunion
Olivia POV/1st Person
I walked to the edge of the camp looking for a somewhat high-ranking soldier to take me to the commander of the Continental Army.
“Halt! Who goes there?” a blue coat announced loud and clear. Bingo. I was wearing a simple light blue dress with a cloak, the hood covering my face.
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” he questioned in a commanding voice. “Hello, my name is Olivia Hamilton and I need to see General George Washington,” I answered him.
“Why do you need to see his Excellency?” he asked, now cautious and suspicious. “Please, sir, it is urgent. I can only say it to his presence and no one more.” I pleaded.
“Miss Hamilton, I have been expecting you,” a man said with the same uniform, but with a blue sash and grey potato hair. Seriously what is up with that? He is the only one with potato hair. I looked around and the entire army with their guns out, but thankfully not pointed towards me.
Their expressions however are mixed with shock, confusion, and apprehension. I looked to the right of Potato Hair Man and saw someone that looks almost exactly like me. Vibrant red hair, violet-blue eyes, a little bump on the nose, cream skin with peach blush covering the freckles on each cheek, nose, and ear, and looks about 5’7 frame.
The only difference between us is that I was a few centimeters taller than him, while he had coily curls, I had more soft curls, my hair was longer than his and braided into a plait hanging on my right shoulder, while he was tied into a ponytail with a blue ribbon and a single curl that rested on the side of his face.
I took off the hood to show my face, violet-blue met violet-blue.
“Via?” he said in a small voice.
“Xander?” I said in the same tone.
We ran towards each other, not believing that our half was right in front of us. I trapped him in a hug that a mother does to her child. After our own died due to Yellow Fever, I had to take care of him all by myself. He still smelled of mint, ink, and parchment, now accompanied by coffee.
I flicked his forehead, “Ow! Via what was that for?!” he yelled at me, clearly in pain. “Where have you been! I received a letter back in ‘72 that the ship you were in sank and you died! I am your older sister and I demand you to tell me what happened.” I ignored his retort saying I was only older by 30 seconds.
He huffed and stomped his foot on the ground like the child he is, “Fine, I will tell you later.” I examined his face again, not liking the fact that his face was a few shades lighter than mine and the dark circles under his eyes.
“And pray tell, brother dearest,” I said in a cold, chilling voice. He knew that whenever I use this tone, he was done for, “Why is your face paler than usual and why does it look like you haven’t slept in days?”
He fidgeted under my stare and after a while, I got impatient, “Alexander George Hamilton!” said 22-year old stood up straighter at the commanding voice. “All right! I haven’t slept in weeks and not eat a lot in order to do the paperwork for His Excellency!”
I was furious, but also confused. “Hold on, the man who has the potato-like hair is George Washington?” Snorts and muffled laughter were heard from the soldiers, clearly not wanting to anger him. Speaking of him, I ran to him at a fast speed and flipped him over my shoulder. Lucky for him, we were on grass not pavement, and I dragged him by the leg to a nearby tent. I glared at any soldier who was in my way.
In the distance, I heard someone speak. “Should we…” trailed a man with blonde hair and a ridiculous helmet. “No, you should not, because once you make my sister angry, you are done for. But do not worry, she would just yell at him. I hope.” he added the last sentence in a hushed tone, but everyone heard.
Once we were inside, I did exactly what my brother said, yell at him. Once I was satisfied, we got out of the tent, and into the General’s office.
“I believe that you wanted to speak to me, Miss Hamilton?” he asked in a calm, but wary tone. “Yes, I want to be a spy and only you and your most trusted advisors can only know about this. I have already thought of a cover name; Denise Melody. Her background information is that her father and brothers are sick and in order to make money, she needs to become a maid. I will somehow turn my red locks black and speak with a Dutch accent. I will board a ship to England and be hired by the King. There I will write you letters about what I have learned.” He looked intrigued about my plan and asked for more details about it. In the end, he agreed.
But now, I need to force my younger, very stubborn brother to take more care of himself.
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kellerthet · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Benjamin Tallmadge — violet
/watchfulness, dignity, faithfulness/
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kellerthet · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
«𝐁𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧 𝐓𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐠𝐞
was an American military officer, spymaster, and politician.
He is best known for his service as an officer in the Continental Army during the
𝐀𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐖𝐚𝐫»
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kellerthet · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
«Neither of you ever have a chance to meet 𝐂𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐇𝐚𝐥𝐞? Benjamin's 𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐝 𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞 from Yale. As a friend 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐤𝐧𝐞𝐰 𝐡𝐢𝐦 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧 𝐦𝐨𝐬𝐭»
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