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#aaron burr
azurerxses · 12 hours ago
soo i got another request to continue the burrdosia mafia x spy trope, and since i'm still rather salty abt my previous work being deleted, here's a part 2 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
dedicated to chris ☆
"I know who you are," Theodosia said, raising a brow and leaned onto the palm of her hand. She hadn't pulled her other out of his yet, and she didn't notice.
Aaron wasn't Washington's Right Hand for no reason, he was good at what he did. Manipulating people into working for the Mafia, then blackmailing them so they can't leave or report them to the police. And if some are feeling brave... well, Aaron was always granted the honors.
Aaron cocked a brow, his smile only growing in the slightest as he took a seat next to this woman, letting go of her hand. He noticed her glass was empty, tapping his fingers on the table for the bartender. "Yo, Esme? How 'bout a whiskey for me and a wine for the lady?"
"Actually," Theodosia trailed his jawline with a finger, catching him slightly off-guard as she looked back at the bartender with a sweet smile. "I'd like a glass of rum, if that's not a problem."
Esme looked between the two with a raised brow, then smiled and nodded, "Sure thing, Miss. That stuff's in the back so it'll take a while-" They threw their towel down and went out back.
Theodosia looked at Aaron, their eyes meeting once or twice and she felt a certain rush when they locked gazes. She cleared her throat, "So, Aaron. What do you do?"
"I do believe it's unfair for you to know my name," He scooted his chair a little closer to her, his arm going around her shoulders which caused Theodosia to tense up in the slightest. This not getting past Aaron, of course, but he wouldn't mention it. "And I don't know yours?" He whispered in her ear, then pulled away with a small smirk.
See, the funny thing about Aaron Burr was that he didn't really care for many women. He respected them, definitely, even sat down with Washington to talk about how hiring more female mafia members would benefit them significantly. He never really had an attachment to them, though there was the occasional hookup here and there.
But this woman.. he wanted her the moment he saw her. She was beautiful, the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen. And if it had to be by hell or high water, he was going to make her his. One way or another. He just had to wait for it.
Theodosia shivered slightly at his husky voice, gently pushing him away and chuckled under her breath. "Mm, you'll get my name when I think you can have my name, Burr. And you still haven't answered my question, which makes me think that it's either something really embarrassing," She poked his cheek, "Or extremely dangerous."
Damn, she was good. Too good to be just some random woman, Aaron noted with a soft chuckle in response. “Well, it’s definitely dangerous, doll,” He hummed, brushing a curl behind her ear and leaned in to whisper, “You seem smart enough to understand that, hm?”
Theodosia gasped softly at the feeling of his warm breath on her ear, shivers down her spine. She cleared her throat and looked at him, her eyes glancing at his lips for a split second before she pushed him away slowly. “Call me doll again, and you just might see how dangerous I can be.” 
Whether she was warning him about the fact she could stab him in about three seconds and not smudge her lipstick in the process because of her hidden dagger in her girdle, or the fact that she was on birth control, was up to Aaron’s interpretation fully and wholeheartedly.
Burr’s eyebrows raised as a light tint of pink dusted his face, and instead of some witty comeback or dauting teasing, he was rendered speechless from how hard she flustered him. Not only did she have looks, but she had the mind, he could tell. He cleared his throat, “Yes, ma’am.”
Theodosia gave him a sweet smile, turning her head when she caught the bartender coming back with their drinks. She nodded at them, taking her glass of rum and started drinking. Aaron blinked, nearly didn’t recognize the fact the drinks had arrived. He took his vodka, took a swig and set it down with a grunt.
The spy knew that Aaron had a thing for her, it was clear as day. Especially since he hadn’t said a word since they got their drinks. Even Esme noticed.
“Burr? You good there, bro?” They asked while cleaning some glasses. Aaron cleared his throat and huffed through his nose, recollecting himself in a flash and gave a grin. “Never better.”
As the night progressed, Theodosia knew that if she wanted answers, she’d have to lure him out of the bar. Either that, or force him out. She presumed it’d be easier to use her charm since it was already working so well. The spy leaned in, her hand going on his thigh, “Let’s get out of here.”
Aaron’s eyebrows shot up when she put her hand on his thigh and he nearly choked on his drink. Theodosia couldn't help her giggle, slowly getting up to drag him to his feet after tipping Esme and led him outside the bar.
Naturally, the two men Aaron came in with were a bit concerned and Thomas opted to follow them. He stayed a good ways behind the two as Theodosia held his arm and led him to an alley behind the bar.
Aaron was thinking he had gotten through to her until she punched him in the face, gut, and chest swiftly and in quick succession. Aaron groaned and coughed up a little bit of blood, yelped when Theodosia grabbed him by his collar and held her knife at his neck, a sickly sweet smile on her face.
"You and I are gonna have a long, long talk about a certain Hamilton. You're gonna follow me to my car, without complaint or resistance, or else we'll see how far I can shove this knife down your throat until we get to your common sense. Got it?"
And it was then and there that Aaron Burr fell in love with this woman, despite the fact that she not only had a knife to his neck, but that he still didn't know her name. And at this rate, he figured it'd be a while until he got that bit of info.
It didn't matter. He was a master at playing the waiting game, the long game. He could wait.
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skyetheesorceress · a day ago
Aaron burr, Sir be like:
Hamilton and Burr: *walk into the bar*
Laurens, checking Hamilton out: You see that man walking over there? That's the 'I want John' walk.
Hercules: ...
Lafayette: ...
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Aaron Burr is the impostor.
Ofc he is
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always-theocean · a day ago
 Mineshaft | music by Dessa | Hamilton
The most belated Festivids post, oops.
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fiction-fun · a day ago
So I wrote this it's....well it's a thing. It's not done it has more to come eventually but I can't make it work right now so take this.
Fandom: Hamilton
Pairings: Oc/Lafayette/Alexander/Hercules/Thomas/John/Aaron
Words: 2826
Warnings: this is poly. I did my best. Implied stuff but nothing mentioned.
“Let me down!” I called wiggling again.
“Non!” Lafayette said laughing.
I sighed and finally relented, burying my face in their hair.
“You know I can walk, right?” I asked softly after a few minutes.
They tilted their head back to look up at me, causing me to lean back a bit to allow the movement. I saw the smile steal across their face and I couldn’t help but smile back.
“I know, chaton, but please?” they asked, softly.
I nodded and leaned down nuzzling my nose against theirs.
“Fine, minou, anything to make you happy.” I said softly before pressing a gentle kiss to their lips.
I pulled back a second later, seeing the bright smile overtake them.
“Merci, mon amour.” they said softly.
I smiled gently and we started walking again.
“Damn it, Alex why can’t you just sit still for once!” we paused and Lafayette turned us around to face where Thomas’ voice came from.
“When have you ever known me to sit still, Tommy?” Alex asked him and I laughed softly.
Walking towards us was Thomas with Alex parked on his shoulders, much like how Lafayette held me, except Alex was leaning around looking at different things.
“Morning you two!” I called, waving.
Lafayette lifted a hand in a wave for a second before returning it to its place on my leg.
“Mornin’.” Thomas grumbled stopping by us.
I reached over and grabbed Alex's hands carefully so as to not unbalance him, and carefully placed his hands in Thomas’ hair.
“Sit still and do what you love to do, play with his hair!” I said even as I unconsciously dropped one of my hands into Lafayette’s hair.
Alex smiled at that which told all of us, he was just looking for an excuse.
“What is it carry your significant other on your shoulders day?” John’s voice carried to us from where Herc was walking towards us, John perched on his shoulders.
Lafayette’s laugh carried through the school yard.
“Yes, it is, at least for us.” Thomas said with a smile.
We stood talking for a few minutes, before one of the teachers came over and made a disapproving noise.
“Ce n’est pas parce que tu es sans amour que nous devons l’être.” I muttered as Lafayette, slowly let me down.
That set off laughter with the others, with John quietly translating for Herc. After a few seconds we all sighed and leaned against someone. I ended up leaned against Thomas, John with Alex and Herc with Laf.
“So, are we moving today?” John asked softly a few seconds later as we all started walking towards the school.
We all shrugged at that.
“Well it depends on how he is today.” Hercules said softly.
John nodded at that. With that we all walked inside.
“Alright sound off.” I said turning to the guys.
“English, first thing.” Alex said Herc nodding with him.
I laughed
“Herc keep him from making this English teacher question all of their decisions.” I said laughing even as Alex put on a fake offended look.
“Science, we have a test.” John said next.
Lafayette groaned softly and dropped their head back.
“I knew I forgot something.” they said softly leaning back against our group of lockers.
We all laughed a bit; this wasn’t the first nor would it be the last time this happened.
“I’ve got Math first.” Thomas said and you could see how he felt about that on his face.
“History. Should be fun.” I said turning and organizing my stuff into my locker.
Johns arm landed over my shoulder.
“Make sure to text us how our boy is.” He said.
I sighed and closed my locker.
“I will, I hope he’s alright. He didn’t come to our study session last night.” I muttered.
Thomas, Laf, Herc and Alex all looked at each other.
“Well, all we can do is hope.” Herc said trying to sound reassuring.
I nodded, and smiled around. With that the bell rang and we all exchanged soft kisses before heading off to class. I slid into my seat in history, seeing the seat next to me empty. I bit my lip and pulled out my phone.
“He’s not here.” I sent into our group chat.
“What do you mean he’s not here? He’s always here! If he’s not here….” Alex’s quick messages funneled in next.
“ALEX BREATH! What do you mean he’s not there? Do you mean he’s not there yet?” Hercs messages came next.
“I don’t know but he always beats me to class and he’s not here yet.” I sent quickly.
“Just asked James, he said he didn’t see him this morning. That’s not good.” Thomas’ message came and a cold sensation gripped my stomach.
“Does anyone have his number? Thomas, have James text him, maybe it’s not what we think. Maybe he just over slept.” John’s hopeful message came through.
“John, he doesn’t oversleep.” Laf’s message came next.
“Morning, Kaley.” I jumped at the sudden voice, before relaxing in my seat.
“Aaron, merci mon dieu! I was worried I beat you here.” I said trying to play it off.
Aaron laughed at that soft, and muted, I looked at him seeing him shaking his head.
“He’s here.” I sent quickly, barely watching for the relieved and questioning messages from the others before locking my phone.
“I was just running late this morning. That’s all, no need to raise the panic.” He said smiling softly.
I bit my lip and looked down.
“You can’t blame us for being worried, Aaron.” I said softly.
Aaron watched me for a few seconds before turning and pulling out his textbook.
“I still don’t understand why. I mean yes, we’re all friends but, you all act like when one of the others is missing. Antsy and panicked.” Aaron said his confusion showing through.
I smiled softly and shook my head tucking my hair behind my ear.
“Aaron, if only you knew.” I sighed softly.
He looked at me confused, but the teacher called class to order.
“I think he’s ok? He’s definitely in a curious mood.” I sent into the chat when the teacher wasn’t looking.
I took notes as the teacher talked, even as I felt Aaron’s eyes on me. The end of class didn’t come soon enough and I slid my book into my bag.
“Kaley, what did you mean?” Aaron asked.
I bit my lip, and looked away as I straightened up.
“Uh…look, just…. have lunch with us ok?” I said finally.
Aaron raised an eyebrow offering me a small smile.
“Don’t I usually? But seriously…” Aaron said still wanting an answer.
His voice trailed off when my hand slid down his arm.
“Just please, wait for lunch ok?” I asked softly.
Aaron nodded and I turned with a smile.
“Have fun with Alex in math!” I called rushing from the room as I heard the echoing groan, but it sounded fond.
I laughed as I rushed down the hall, towards the English room.
“Where’s the fire?” Thomas called from behind me.
I spun around and rushed over to him, wrapping my arms around him with a sigh, the slightly hysterical laughter finally stopped as his arms wrapped around me.
“He’s ok.” I said softly.
I felt Thomas relax a bit as he led us down the hallway again.
“That’s good, Him and Alex have a class together next right?” He asked softly as we walked into the room.
“Yeah, he did the thing that John does when he and Alex have a class together.” I said smiling gently.
Thomas laughed and tugged me to our seats in the back, ignoring the glares we got.
“The fond sigh? That’s a good sign. Anything else happen?” Thomas asked shooting a glare over my shoulder.
I smiled and patted his hand.
“Yeah, he said something about why we were always worried when he was late. And I may have said something about ‘if only he knew' so that happened. He kept asking what I meant and I freaked and instead of answering I told him to have lunch with us.” I said with soft groan.
Thomas shook his head pulling his phone out.
“I’m telling them, maybe today is finally the day.” He said softly.
I nodded and sat back, Thomas slipping his phone away just as the teacher started talking. I sighed and crossed something out.
“Somethin’ wrong darlin’?” Thomas asked when I groaned softly.
I sat back and stretched a bit.
“English isn’t easy.” I said finally, rolling my eyes.
Thomas gave me a gentle smile and reached over taking my hand for a second.
“I don’t suppose it is. But you’ve got it.” He said reassuringly.
I nodded and smiled softly grabbing my pen back up.
“Hopefully we have today.” I said softly, Thomas nodded.
I sighed and looked back at the board. That class went quickly and I sighed, Thomas looked over at me.
“That’s right you don’t have a class with any of us until after lunch now, don’t you?” Thomas asked as he wrapped his arm around me again.
I sighed and leaned into him.
“Yeah, unfortunately.” I said softly.
He leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of my head as we walked from the room. We met up with Lafayette, who was headed towards English, they gave each of us a soft kiss before moving on smiling happily.
“They gotta be more on time.” Thomas says looking over his shoulder.
I laughed and shook my head.
“You realize, they do that on purpose right? So, they run into us.” I said giggling.
Thomas looked down at me, shaking his head.
“Yeah well one of these days, they’re gonna get in trouble. Here you are.” He said smiling.
I laughed again and leaned up as he leaned down, kissing softly.
“I’ll see you guys at lunch.” I said as I stepped into the room.
Seeing Thomas wave before moving off down the hall. I sighed and looked around the room before taking a seat at an open lab table. I grabbed my lab book out and got ready. The teacher called the class to order and I sighed in relief at having no one sit with me. The class went quickly enough and I stood quickly moving from the room before my bag was even zipped, I swung it up over my shoulder and practically ran down the hallways. I turned down the language hall, knowing Alex had Spanish last period.
“Honey!” I heard and sighed in relief.
“Alex!” I ran over to him and he wrapped his arms around me.
“Science that bad again?” he asked, pressing a kiss to my cheek.
I shook my head and snuggled into his side.
“No, just didn’t want to give anyone a chance.” I said softly as we walked down the hall.
Alex nodded as we walked into the cafeteria.
“Well, I only had minor issues today.” Alex said with a sigh.
I squeezed him tighter as we got inline, pulling apart slowly.
“Bonjour, mes amours.” And a hand on the small of both of our backs was the only warning we got before soft kisses were pressed to both of us.
I sighed and leaned back slightly, seeing Alex doing the same. Both of us able to relax finally. We got our lunch and walked down to the main Cafeteria looking around for a few seconds.
“There! Looks like Herc and Aaron beat us.” Alex said nodding towards the table.
Laf and I looked and nodded starting over.
“Hey!” John called from behind us.
We turned seeing him and Thomas coming up behind us, lunches in hand. We all met up and walked over to the table.
“Hey!” Herc called a bright smile stealing over his face as we all sat down.
I took the seat on the other side of Herc, John took the one next to me, Alex took the other side of Aaron and Thomas and Laf took the last two seats. I looked at the others who looked at me, and I elbowed John. Who jumped, and shot me a look.
“What?” he asked.
I rolled my eyes reaching over I stole a carrot, before giving him a look, flicking my eyes over to Aaron.
“Oooh. Wait when did we decide I was doing this?” he asked confused.
Aaron looked confused, even as Herc leaned around me to look at John.
“Alex would end up rambling, Thomas would be direct but he would end up slipping up and using more Southern slang then any of us can understand, sorry love.” Herc said turning and smiling at Thomas.
Thomas shrugged and slipped some of his cooked broccoli onto Laf’s plate, doing the same to Alex.
“You aren’t wrong.” He said smiling gently.
Alex pulled a face at the broccoli but ate it, while Laf just smiled.
“Anyways, Ley and Laf would both get so nervous they would slip back into French.” Herc continued, looking at us softly.
I shrugged and nodded; it was a fair statement. Laf just rubbed the back of their neck laughing softly.
“I could do it…. but….my words fail me when I look at him, just like with you all. You’re the best bet.” Herc said nodding, sitting back a light blush covering his cheeks.
Aaron still looked confused, I turned to John.
“What’s that reference? You’re our only hope!” I said giggling.
John smiled and rolled his eyes nodding. He turned to look at Aaron, taking a deep breath.
“Ok, so everything Herc said is accurate and we all know what went on in history this morning.” John started gaining Aaron’s attention.
Aaron nodded, slowly unsurely, and John offered him a small smile. The rest of us sat waiting, watching with baited breath. John paused for a second, biting his lip, before taking another breath.
“Ok, truth time Aaron. We…. we want you to join us.” John said finally, all in one go.
We all turned to look at Aaron, waiting for his response. Aaron’s eyes went wide and he looked confused.
“Y-you, what?” he asked voice shaking slightly.
Laf’s hand reached up and landed on their own shoulder their fingers working nervously, Alex shifting worriedly, my own hands coming up locking together on top of the table even as my fingers moved nervously. Thomas’ eyes locked on the table, and Herc bit his lip. John took another breath and locked eyes with Aaron.
“We want you to join us, darlin'.” He said firmly.
Aaron looked around finally realizing we were all in various states of nervous.
“That’s what you meant.” He said softly.
I nodded knowing it was directed at me. He took a breath, and I looked up seeing his eyes flicking between us all.
“I…I don’t know…. what to say.” He said finally.
“It’s ok, you don’t have to…we just…wanted you to know…that’s all! You deserved to know…” Alex's nervous rambling was cut off suddenly.
That drew all of our eyes, we looked up seeing Aaron had grabbed Alex and drew him into a kiss.
“Shut up, for just a second. I mean to accept but my brain stopped.” He said finally.
Time seemed to pause at his words.
“W-wait, seriously?” Alex asked voicing all of our thoughts.
Aaron nodded.
“Yeah, I am.” He said nodding.
Like that we could all breath, I let out a shaky laugh, hearing it echoed from the other side of the table, glancing up seeing Laf's head tilted down and shaking as they let out relieved laughter. Aaron looked at us, his eyes widening slightly.
“Wait, you thought I’d turn you guys down?” he asked surprise in his tone.
Herc let out a small breath, turning to him.
“We've been trying to ask for…. a year now?” Herc said looking around at us.
We all nodded, causing Aaron’s eyes to widen more.
“We just…uh…get to nervous.” Laf said softly still not looking up.
Thomas’ arm wrapped around their shoulders and tugged them close.
“We were afraid every time you’d turn us down.” Thomas said as softly, still not looking up either.
Alex nodded minutely, speechless for once.
“Every time we tried…something…hmm…. happened.” I said softly looking away and tucking hair behind my ear.
John tugged me into his side, softly before looking at Aaron.
“We wanted you to be ok, and in a decent mood first. We also wanted all of us to be ok too. But the times that happened at the same time were rare. We’ll explain eventually but…yeah.” John said nodding finally.
Aaron’s eyes got wider as each of us spoke up. I risked a glance at him and saw him looking around at us all, like he was surprised at what we had to say. I saw him unconsciously pull Alex close, even as Herc tugged him close too.
“You don’t have to ever worry about talking to me about anything.” Aaron said finally.
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Aaron Burr may be the antagonist, but he speaks words of wisdom in the context of spending time with your extended family.
"Talk less... smile more... don't let them know what you're against or what you're for".
Unfortunately, I rarely listen, and neither does my dad, so now we don't talk to half my extended family
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ohohohohrileyy · a day ago
So I was humming "Your obedient servant" cause that's like my favorite song and at the beginning, ole Burr says "How does Hamilton, an arrogant immigrant, orphan Bastard, whoreson Somehow endorse Thomas Jefferson, his enemy A man he's despised since the beginning Just to keep me from winning?" and then a few verses later, Hamilton says "Even if I said what you think I said, You would need to cite a more specific grievance Here's an itemized list of thirty years of disagreements"
Which leads me to the question of exactly how many disagreements did Hamilton have with Jefferson? I mean Burr was his friend before so he would probably have fewer disagreements with him than Jefferson.
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lindirs-archives · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More Fantasy AU doodles lmao
- Lams but it's Alex trying to impress his merman bf by carrying him bridal style but couldn't comprehend just how heavy a human fish is
- Lafayette, Laurens, and Hercules about to fuck shit up (Alex made the little bubble on Laurens' gills so that he could breathe on land)
- Alex passive aggressively insults Burr by calling every animal he encounters as 'Aaron Burr, sir'
New additions! Vampire Laf, werewolf Herc, and gryphon KGIII! (Ft. fairy Seabury)
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finally. I'm FREE
a collab with amazing @Enni_ART (twi)
this animatic's been fun to work on since the idea's been twirling in my head for a looong time
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Hamilton: C’mon guys, trust me! When have I ever done something stupid?
Jefferson: Literally all the time.
Angelica: We keep a list.
Burr: Madison alphabetized it.
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Hamilton: Why are you like this ??
Burr: I used too much "No More Tears" shampoo as a kid and I haven't felt a single emotion since.
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Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir?
Tumblr media
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slipperystaircase · 3 days ago
Chapter 2
(The Hamilton / In The Heights fic) (I don’t have a title for it yet)
Chapter 1
Thomas woke up, and immediately lifted his head up, hitting the back of the seat. "Ow.." he said as he felt his forehead. He likely bruised it from falling asleep on his steering wheel like that. Thomas turned the ignition, hearing his car rumble as it started. Thomas checked the digital clock on the radio, '9:53', it read. Thomas groaned. 'Only 7 minutes to get to work..' he thought as he shifted out of park. 'I barely even know where I am..’ he drove out of the empty parking lot into the road, looking for a familiar place. Thomas Found his way back to the city, glad when he found the 7/11 near his work. He drove into the parking lot of the building and got out of his car, not caring that he was in the clothes he wore to work yesterday.
(Thomas's POV:)
I was so sore as I walked into the building. 'I can never sleep in my car again.' I thought as he opened the door to my office. 'I really should find a place to stay..' but my thoughts were interrupted by seeing a man in my office turn to me.
 "Hey! I was wondering where you were." Burr said with a slight smile. "You look beat." He added after he got a good look at me. "Burr.." I said in relief. 'Maybe he'd let me stay with him!' I figured. "You alright, Thomas?" He asked. I sighed. "No, actually.. I slept in my car last night." "Oof.." Burr remarked. "I know. Jemmy and I got in a huge fight and now I don't have a place to stay." I looked down. "Hm." Burr hummed. "I'd let you stay with me, but not even I would sleep on my couch or my floor, it's probably worse than you're car to be honest." He looked at me, as if he were waiting for me to say something. Just then, it seemed Burr had an idea. "You know.. you could ask Hamilton." 'Hamilton. I hadn't even thought about that.. But would that be the right choice? Would he even care?' I asked himself these questions, getting worried as I went on. I was pulled from my mind when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "I'm sure he'd help you, Thomas. The sour lemon drop does have a hidden sweet center (please tell me at least one person gets this reference)." I sighed, 'Maybe Burr was right.' I thought. ‘But what if he's wrong? God, what am I gonna do?’ Burr pat my shoulder with a smile, "Good luck, Thomas." And with that, he walked out. I sighed. ‘I guess I should try my luck with Hamilton..’
I knocked on the little gremlin's door. 'Maybe I should stop calling him that if I want something out of him.' "Come in." I heard his small voice call. He may yell a lot, but his voice can be very small, too. As I walked in, Hamilton didn't even look up at me before saying, "What do you need, Thomas?" 'What a fucking demon. How does he know it's me when he didn't even look at me?!' 
"I- I have a question.." 'God, why are you stuttering Thomas?!' Hamilton looked up at me eagerly- like when a dog is all peaceful and suddenly there's a small noise and their head and ears perk up. "What is it?" He asked. "Uhm.." I started, unsure of how to ask this question. "I was actually.. looking for a place to stay?" I said- well, more like asked. I saw Hamilton's eyes soften. "Hm." He commented, pouting his lips in wonder, as if he was taking it in or trying to figure something out. I sighed, "I hate admitting this to you, because you were right all along, James and I were dating." "HA! I knew it!" Hamilton stood up and pointed at me as he said that. I gave him a pleading look, and he seemed to recognize it. Hamilton sat back down. "We got in a huge fight.. and now I'm out of a place to sleep. So I was hoping for some help.." Hamilton sat there, looking like he was thinking hard about something. "Please," I added. "I have no where else to turn.." I said, looking away. I never thought I'd say that to the gremlin. He sighed, "I'll see what I can do." He looked defeat, for a reason unknown to me. "Thank you." I said, genuinely grateful.
(Hamilton's POV:)
As Thomas walked out, I couldn't help but pity him. How bad could that fight have been for him to not have a place to stay anymore? Maybe it'll be just for a night or two until they patch things up. Maybe Thomas never had been in a relationship fight and doesn't know how to patch things up. Maybe James will be the one to fix it all. I dunno. But, I do know that if I'm supposed to get Thomas a place to stay, I'll need a convincing call. I reached for my phone, dialing a number. It took a damn minute before he picked up, but finally, everything was in it’s place.
or just say anything in my inbox it's open :)
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Hamilton Incorrect Quotes #3
Angelica: I think you're still suffering the effects of your party last night. Peggy: All I drank was Redbull! Angelica: How many? Peggy: Eighteen.
Burr: You’ve got to learn to love yourself. Lafayette: But don't you hate yourself. Burr: Yeah, but this is about you. Stay focused.
Burr: Isn’t a bit dangerous? Mulligan: Burr, please. We’ve in a lot of unexpected predicaments before and we always escape unhurt. Burr: ... Mulligan: Okay, we sometimes escape unhurt. Burr: ... Mulligan: Alright, we escaped unhurt once... Then we hurt ourselves in the way home.
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If a the word dorito implies that it is a smaller version of the legendary snack Doro because ito in Spanish means small, then a burrito would mean small burr, this implies that a burrito is nothing but a smaller Burr, the 3rd vice president of the Unites States. According to the Rules Of Ito, Aaron Burr is only just a gigantic burrito and a burrito is just a smaller Aaron Burr, in this essay I will
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thatwouldbee-enough · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
There is SO MUCH going on here
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i'm an intj and a jefferson/burr kinnie.
Ah so you'd be a rtjk (real thomas jefferson kinnie) and rabk (real aaron burr kinnie)! Congrats I hate you
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