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#a really messy shirt
bumbleklee · 3 hours ago
I recently found your blog and I love your writing^~^ May I pls request a making out headcanon (slight nsfw or full nsfw, up to you) with Zhongli and Diluc?
ive been shaking in my little boots ever since i got this request (¬‿¬ ) hope u enjoy anon
before reading: kinda spiiiiicy but not too bad lol, mostly kisses (kith kith kith) 
he’s a respectable man and as much as he wants to do nothing but kiss you aggressively all day, he knows he can’t
his favorite thing to do was lazily make out with you in the morning
he’ll maneuver your body on top of him and let you kiss him until you’ve decided you want to get up for the day
Zhongli sighed softly as you kissed him, pressing your lips together naturally. The sun poked through the drawn curtains and Zhongli’s hair sprawled out on the pillow beneath his head. You were on top of him like usual, your legs on either side of his hips while your chest pressed flush against his. 
“Good morning,” Zhongli breathed, his fingers finding solace in your tangled bed-head. Your hands curled around Zhongli’s jaw, allowing the perfect angle to slide your tongue into his mouth. Your kisses were messy and desperate, as if trying to make up for the lack of them during your slumber. 
Your hands traveled behind Zhongli’s face and they tanged in his hair. The silky smooth strands fell through your fingers like butter. You continued to berate Zhongli’s lips for a while longer, your tongue exploring every crevice of his mouth. Your teeth bumped against his before the kiss resumed softer. You brushed your lips against his once more before you pulled back, admiring the red-faced Archon below you. 
similar to zhongli, he isn’t one to ravage your body as much as he wants to
he won’t really initiate anything, either, leaving anything more than a peck on the lips to you
you really didn’t have a problem with that
You liked to tease Diluc, especially when he was supposed to be working. When you’re sure the maids have gone for the day, you strike. Your arms linger around Diluc’s shoulders and he knows what you want. 
You swing your body around so you’re straddling his lap, your arms still around his shoulders. Your kisses started innocent, like always, and slowly built up to hungry bites at Diluc’s lips. His work was long forgotten about and Diluc just hoped that no one was around. 
He parts your lips with his own, needing to taste you. His hands slide down your back and settle on your hips, fingers bending and digging into your skin. Your hands grasp his hairtie and pull down, releasing his vibrant curls around his head. You waste no time taking handfuls of his hair like you know how he likes. 
Diluc pulls your head to the side so he can linger love bites along your jaw and down your neck. You gasp with each bite, groaning when his tongue sticks out to soothe the mark. His lips always trail back up, catching yours again. He holds you still and you alternate whose in control. Your hands began to slide under his shirt and Diluc knows his work isn’t going to get done that night. 
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askpiedpiper · 7 hours ago
Just realized. Reo doesn’t need to study. He just needs to read the book once to memorize everything. After that, he just needs to create an index. I wonder about his quirk. Does Database function in a different area of the brain to his memory? Like could he memorize an index of keywords to recall as normal memory, then match that to his database to access information? What happens if aizawa erases his quirk? Would he just lose access to his database, or would his brain shut down until the quirk is released?
[so there’s not as much of a distinction between Reo’s ‘normal’ memory and his ‘quirk’ memory. Just like normal brains everything’s got its own lobes where things are stored, but there’s still a lot of overlap between these lobes, so Reo’s quirk memory is really similar. Obviously we know that everything Reo reads he remembers and with how our world is that’s a lot, that’s every social media post, that any videos with subtitles, post-it notes, billboards, textbooks, and obviously that’s a lot of information, so similarly to how our brains work that information isn’t always present in our conscious minds, but Reo can recall it whenever he needs and just like we sometimes we need something to jog our memory, Reo uses keywords to jog those memories.
Some memories, however, can be jogged by random environmental factors. Like that stranger you passed today with blue hair, or that one shirt you saw that you really liked, small things that you don’t necessarily mean recall when you’re laying in bed. For Reo however, stuff like that can get messy because of his quirk and can overwhelm him at times if he’s not careful. So in this way, just like most other parts of our brain, there’s definitely some overlap. On a day to day basis Reo can actually be pretty forgetful of normal, everyday stuff like doing the dishes or texting someone back or the homework that was supposed to be due yesterday.
For the Aizawa question I figure that while it won’t incapacitate Reo, it would affect him more than the average person might be affected since Erasure would essentially be deleting a large majority of Reo’s memories and shutting down a large section of his brain’s usual functionality, it would certainly cause some severe mental whiplash and there’s no telling how suddenly getting all of that information back would affect Reo. So while it would only be restricting access to Reo’s ‘database’, because of the overlap between the functionality of the different lobes in his brain, he would definitely be negatively affected.]
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wildingrose · 8 hours ago
dark alley help
Tumblr media
Word count: 1.1k
》 smoking, fingering, public sex
- ✿ -                                                                  
The darkness wrapped the empty city, only a glow being casted by the streetlamps. You anxiously walked back in your usual route home but not because you were scared. 
No. Not at all. 
You made a bad decision by reading some erotic stories in the library and now you were feeling an unpleasant pool in your panties. It was an internal battle between your desire to stay clean or let out a messy release and you preferred the latter a whole lot more. 
But you needed a helping hand with that.
You came across the dark alley that you would always avoid, unaware of the creeps that could be lurking in there. But the unavoidable bubbling in your core helped you make a bold decision.
Take it and see if anyone came into view to help you with your trouble.
The route would have been completely dark if it weren't for a few flickering lights attached to the brick old walls. And the more you sauntered in slowly, because you were trying to find one damn person, the more your nose picked up on a smell.
Smell of cigarette burning.
Your breath hitched as hope filled in you.
From a distance, you saw a dark figure leaning against a wall, his lean fingers grasping the cigarette of interest. He let out a puff, a faint fog dissipating into the thin air. Just as he was about to take another drag, his eyes met yours, locking them into an intense stare.
You shifted on your feet, timidly dragging them to where he stood.
Please help me, mister, you thought.
He cocked his head to the side, watching you intently with a curious twinkle in his eyes. He eyed your outfit, lust filling in them when landing on your bare legs as your black flowy miniskirt did little to calm his awakening member.
What is a doll like her doing here? Taeyong thought.
You pushed a loose strand of hair behind your ear and walked up to him confidently, making him arch an eyebrow at you.
The last thing Taeyong thought was going to happen in the alley was for a hot chick to come up to him, and that too bravely given his intimidating features.
Letting out a cough, you cleared your throat from the nerve-wrack. "Um, hi," you squeaked.
He smirked darkly. "Hi there."
You hesitated for a moment before quickly letting out, "I need your help. Please," you whispered the last word.
He dropped his cigarette on the ground, crushing it with his leather boots. "My help? Sure thing, doll. What is it?" Taeyong was beyond amused for you to go to him for help.
Your tongue ran along your lips, wetting it to prepare your next words. "I'm in desperate need of a release. Can you help me cum please?"
Taeyong blinked at you, not expecting such dirty request from you, especially to a complete stranger in the middle of the night. He pushed himself off the wall and moved closer to you.
When he didn't see a pinch of hesitation in your eyes, he grasped your chin and pulled you to meet his lips urgently. You sighed into them and clutched onto his shirt, the taste of smoke adding onto your arousal. An arm wrapped around your waist, holding you in place while his other hand released its hold on your chin to feel the smooth skin of your cheeks, slowly moving downward for his fingers to dance along your jawline. You shuddered, unknowingly grinding your hips into his.
He let out a deep growl as his member hardened, and abandoned your jawline to grope the round flesh on your chest. Your lips parted, making him push his tongue inside your mouth to explore for a bit before pulling back.
His lips reconnected on a different part of your body, your neck, and you couldn't take it any longer. "P-please," you whimpered.
Taeyong's fingers trailed down the curves, rubbing circles on your bare thighs before lifting your skirt a bit and pushed your panties aside to feel the wetness.
He sucked in a breath and watched your brows scrunch up from relief that someone was at last helping you. "Damn doll, you really need me, huh?" He collected your juices onto his fingers, bringing it up for you to see and you shivered when he placed it inside his mouth, licking it up with a hum while maintaining eye contact with you.
He wasted no time after and finally pushed a finger inside you, making you throw your head onto his broad shoulder. Your beautiful moans drove him crazy and he began curling his finger inside you, hitting the right spots and it drove you insane.
"F-feels so so good," you cried out. "Need more p-please." He pushed a second one in and soon began thrusting his fingers at a brutal speed, only taking a few seconds before your insides tightened and you released yourself completely onto his fingers. When done, he withdrew from your heat and brought his fingers to his lips, humming as he licked them clean of your sweetness.
You panted, coming down from your high. "Thank you," you whispered.
A smug smile grew on Taeyong's face. "Of course, doll."
But you didn't want that to be the end. Not when you looked down at his poking member against his jeans. You boldly palmed his hard erection and a loud growl escaped from him.
"Do you want that, doll?"
You nodded eagerly, and he lost every ounce of self control after.
Taeyong pushed you to the wall, guiding your legs around his waist. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his aching cock. You sucked in a breath when he lined himself up to your entrance, collecting your essence to coat himself before slowly pushing in. You clung onto his back as he sunk in, releasing an "oh" when fully seated. He gave you a moment to adjust to his size before pulling back slightly and jammed into you, making you cry out of pleasure. He repeated the action at an incredible speed, making you lose your entire mind and not think about anything except for the pleasure he gave you as another wave built up. Your desperate need to satisfy your sexual desire made it easy for him to smoothly slide in and out as you clawed onto his back, growling when feeling your walls clench tightly around his pulsing member.
It didn't take long until both of you released, him shooting inside you as you met your second orgasm of the night.
He rested his forehead against yours, both of your breaths mixing as you two calmed your racing hearts down.
With his cock still buried in you, he asked, "Think you can handle another one, doll?"
Tumblr media
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introloves · 10 hours ago
— guard dog! bokuto + bunny! reader + owner! meian + rough sex + messy sex + meian... gets cucked + possessive bokuto + mentions of heats + term ‘bunnycunt’ used + hybrids + creampie + dumbification + heavy overstimulation + knotting + praise + acts of aggression + sloppy kissing + f! reader
— word count; 2.8k
Tumblr media
the moment bokuto sees your meek disposition, see’s the way you flinch and crouch at anything higher than eye level to you- he knows he has to protect you. his tail wags fiercely behind him, thumping harshly into the wall, the rhythmic noise only further has you sink behind meian’s towering form, hands twisting into the fabric of his shirt, nose twitching at the sight of such a big dog. 
he seems kind enough- but the way he’s practically drooling down his neck at the sight of you has you step back against meian’s back- and he just chuckles, reassures you that he’s just excited.
the dog's nose is stuck up in the air to smell you, muscled chest puffed out to inhale every note coming from your shaking body. his own hands trembling with excitement- begging meian to let him greet you properly.
he’ll be good, he promises. 
meian only looks down at you, eyebrow quirking up to see if you're okay with it, and with a small, shy nod- meian’s hand pats your head. 
the moment there’s give to his leash- he’s on you. 
it's easy for him to get lost in your softness, thick hands- rough from years of guarding and protecting, touch you with eagerness and a gentle urgency… or so he thinks. the thick leather collar around his neck is instantly tugged back the moment bokuto goes for your ears, meian grumbling out a stiff- sit, and he does. because if there’s anything that bokuto isn't, it's a bad dog. 
eyes still pinned to your body, sending meian a questioning glance as to why he’s been called back, but all the tall man has to do is quirk and eyebrow up and glance down at bokuto’s crotch. 
he didn't even notice it, cock heavy and twitching between his legs, dark patch of precum already soiling the material of his bottoms, and bo has the decency to blush, hang his head at the excitement that’s overcome him.
meian thinks he’s put himself in over his head with bringing you home, but all is amended quickly when on the way to your new room- you stick your nose out and sniff at bokuto, hand gently placed on the pups strong shoulder, whispering out a; 
“nice dog.” 
it sends bokuto into a flurry of wagging his tail, hips moving to join in the force that overcomes him at the gentle praise you’ve brought him, cock heavy and jolting as well. it makes you giggle and bo nearly cums. 
it's a constant struggle on meian’s part, trying to keep the two of you apart- he sees that you've taken a liking to the pup and he can't blame you- bokuto is so nice to you, brings you flowers from outside, his tattered toys, and even lets you hold his leash. but there’s still a certain heavy handedness that comes from bokuto when he tries to touch you and so you’re never by yourself when you're around bokuto. 
not until the pangs of heat finally hit you, triggered by being around two healthy, virile males that he lets bokuto off the leash around you. 
there’s still an air of uncertainty when he’s un-clipped, watching your curled form, arms wrapped around your tummy with the overwhelming pangs running down your whole body. 
he looks back at meian to really make sure it okay to approach you, and he cant say no- he tried taking care of you himself, but gentle hands simply pushed him away and called out for your puppy. 
so with a soft smile, he went and fetched bokuto. 
he keeps a watchful eye, cooing at the way you respond to rough hands touching you- body arching up with every pass of shaky and uncoordinated fingers digging into every swell of your form.
bokuto is dizzy, already panting, lightheaded with the need to take in every shift of scent, he whines with the soft puffs of air tumbling free from between your lips. 
he leans down, passing a heavy tongue right over your parted mouth, seemingly waking you up from the haze your lust addled brain has put you in. keening, lifting up and off your bed to search for more of him. 
pride is the only thing that comes close to the way he feels thanks to your movements, tail wagging in a wild swing, cock already heavy- swelling when he hears you call out his name,
it’s so sweet and whiny, laced with pain and desperation that makes his mind finally snap into action- leaning down once more to finally kiss you. all sloppy, wet- teeth bumping into your own, huffs but it makes you feel so good. just his overwhelming presence, the smell of him, his rough hands running up and down your feverish skin makes you feel so good.
he can barely form words over the way his brain struggles to keep up with desperation laced actions- hands hooking under your knees to open you up, to fit both thighs on either side of his hips, a slow growl reverberating from the middle of his chest with the warmth and scent of your perfect little bunny cunt opening up just for him. 
he can see the way him just doing that has your eyes blink away that dumb look to your face, squirming hard at the first touch of his throbbing cock against the skin of your inner thigh. 
there’s nothing on his mind other than the overwhelming need to protect you and to breed you, softly nuzzling his wet nose to your neck when you whine out once more, hands coming up to curl into his shirt- tugging with desperation. 
“bunny.” bokuto huffs, letting you know to settle down, something that should be shameful given who he is, but it placates you. 
meian can do nothing but stare, sitting his towering figure down onto a chair, his own cock throbbing painfully at the sight of bokuto curling his massive body down- nearly coughing out in surprise with the gentle reprimand that tumbles from the dog’s lips, he chuckles, in disbelief. the urge to palm at his cock, to relieve some of the tension building up, but decides against it- he needs to keep a watchful eye over his pup and bunny, making sure that bokuto plays nice. 
for the most part, he is- its all heavy petting on his end, letting himself feel every curve, dip, every line tracing your pretty body, he’s making up for the moments he wished he could do this earlier on, the restrain of a leash tugging him back still playing in his mind, he lets a lowly growl out- mind lost in the moment and you respond with eagerness. 
it drives him mad, sees the way your thighs shake with need, pretty little bunnycunt wetting itself over for him, knowing you’ll need the arousal in order to take his knot. 
there’s no more patience left, chipped away every second, knowing in the back of his mind that he should be slow with you- you're a pretty bunny, you were brought here to be spoiled- to be cared for tenderly, but he can't help it any longer. 
he’s okay for seconds more, but a final whine, high and pretty from you makes him snap. suddenly he reaches down between the two of you, knocking knees out of the way in order to grab at the pretty underwear you wear, disappearing in shreds with a sharp tug.
his large hands cupping and soothing over where it tugged against your skin, hiccuping out an apology before its swallowed back at the sight of him grabbing his fat, leaky cock. 
“bo! bo!” his name chanted over and over like a prayer, mind running a million miles per hour- sucking in a frantic breath once he finally brings a wet and sticky head to you. 
he keens, tail wagging wildly behind him- starting to pant at the way your pussy feels along the swollen ridge of his cock, eyes rolling to the back of his head when your twitching clit meets his slit with every pass, traveling the head down until it finally catches against your hole. 
his brain feels like it's leaking out of his ears when your tight cunt finally relaxes enough so that he can pop his head inside. his eyes are frantic, hips jolting- giving you weak thrusts to ease his cock down. watching your face go slack in pleasure, watching the way your nose twitches with every inch slowly sinking inside. 
“good-” bokuto pants, high and eager- licking at his lips with the drool already starting to form, “bunny- good.” 
meian thinks the way his dumb dog is trying so very hard to soothe you through his cock stretching you out is adorable. sitting back- legs open while his eyes wander down to see bokuto's cock fight to fit inside, nearly obstructed by fat balls already twitching, squeezing up in his body with what he knows is driven by eagerness. 
it’s so very tempting to fuck his fist at the image- and deep down he wishes to be the one sinking inside your undoubtedly tight cunt, but the twisted face of pleasure you're giving bokuto satisfies him for now, watching with interest each dribble of arousal coming down onto your ass- slick sounds forming while you're nearly split in half, but you just keen and whine, wanting more and more. 
bokuto’s hands turn rough the more he sinks in, so very close to press the plane of his stomach onto you. a shiver of pleasure running down his whole body, bated breath held when it finally happens. watching you to see your reaction, pleased with the way you open up even more, clinging onto large shoulders, wet lips pressed onto the muscle of his neck. 
there’s a shift in attitude that comes near immediately from him, suddenly realizing the situation, sunken balls deep inside your precious little cunt, one he’d only lusted over like the dog he is- swinging his hips down onto you over and over, not given you much time to adjust to his cock, whole body jiggling thanks to the force of him taking you like this. 
for a second meian thinks to pull him off of you, but the second he's stood up- reaching for the thick collar adorning bokuto’s neck, he visibly tenses. face tilting away from your gaze for a moment to peel his lips back on his teeth, fangs bared, body curling down around you even more, daring him to take another step towards your precious body. hips still messily pumping in and out of you while he shows the first ever act of aggression to him. 
it makes meian take a step back, eyebrows shot up in pure shock- glancing down to check on you and only met with a face slack with pleasure, ears twitching back with every rushed snap of bo’s hips slamming down into you, gurgling out sounds of ecstasy. 
you're more than fine beneath the dogs heavy weight, fingers digging into every bulging muscle made available to you, squealing out high and messy noises of pleasure- pussy squelching, meeting the cushion of heavy balls slapping down onto your ass, thighs twitching more and more, legs nearly thumping down onto the bed thanks to his near viscous thrusts.
the involuntary reacts brought onto your body thanks to every jack hammered plunged inside gummy walls has bokouto’s tail wagging behind him in large swings, lips hanging open to openly drool down his chin, smeared down upon your neck when his heavy tongue tingles for a taste of your skin. 
it’s messy and hot- he can’t control himself now, every bit of sanity he’s struggling hard to keep in reigns slipping the closer he smells you get, pure swirling excitement picking up a fevered shake of his marred shoulders, all thanks to the pinching hurt your nails put him under to keep him close. 
there’s no stop to his movements, no hint of tiredness- barrelling through exhaustion to keep his hips fast. 
ears pinned back onto his head tilt forward in attention when your cries turn even sweeter, gasping out air in between them while your body seizes. 
you're cumming, pretty eyes close momentarily to squeeze tears clinging onto your eyelashes, looking up at him with a dazed look. pussy fighting every single unending thrust, but he pushes past the squeeze, hands reaching down to pick those pretty thighs up- bending you despite the way your muscles have contracted, squirming, hips tilting left and right before he has a hold on you- pushing knees up to your chest, gasps and screams tumbling forth without a care. 
usual soft, meek voice turning into a free wail thanks to the cock he’s dug inside of you- molding your cunt into the shape of him. 
tears roll down your face, blinking back every single one to watch him- golden eyes wide while he takes in every movement, pure instinct driving him to push even harder on your legs- squeezing all air from your lungs in a yelp while that swollen cunt of yours wets itself in sweet cum. 
once the dizzy spell passes, and you blink back stars- you whimper, shivering, feeling small under him like this, legs dangling limp in his hold. 
bokuto cannot describe the way his cock seems to swell in pure arousal with the the hot cum leaked down onto him, knowing it's yours, knowing he’s the one who made his precious bunny feel good-
that thought follows him when his hips snap down onto you once more, chanting out, 
“mine- mine- mine.” while he gives way to his own pleasure. 
of course there wouldn't be a moment of reprise, it was dumb to think anything as delicious and coveted like your body would ever bring him satisfaction with just one orgasm, he wants more. 
“take more- it’s okay- take more.” bokuto gasps, leaning his chest forward against weak little pushes your shaky hands give him. he’s so so close- he’s close and sorry for the rawness your precious bunnycunt must feel, but the slick he’s pulled with each orgasm should help. 
he knows that if you pull through the crazed humping of his cock- your heat will break. 
small tremors run down your body even so, weak little orgasms you gift him suck his cock back in, and he finally cums. 
frantic pumps follow until his cock swells at the base, sloppy mouth reaching down to kiss you, all clashing teeth, spit meeting your own drooling lips- whining out your pretty name against the panting, losing his mind as his cock creams the inside of your cunt over and over.
it’s too much, and he’s sorry- crying out soft words, nose pressed to your check when you sob right back. 
a mess of heated bodies meeting together, all in response to the sweet calling of your body. begging to be bred just right, to be bred until it sticks, and bokuto of course answered. once more, his touches turn sweet, shakily palming away any rolling drops of sweat from your face- urging you to look at him despite rolling eyes. 
deep down you know the pain will pass, his cum still stretching you out until you’ve gone cross eyed is for your own good, hanging on to consciousness with every lap of his tongue to your cheeks and lips- sticky with sweat and torturous heat that’s finally breaking the second your body realizes it's being bred- finally feeling like you can breathe despite his weight pinning you down. 
“good?” he asks, huffed and worried, and all you can do is respond with a twitch of your nose, giggling out thanks to the sound of his apologetic tone. 
“good, good boy.” you respond, sweet and pretty. the single praise makes him feel like he could do it all over, vibrating with excitement, absolutely keening with the praise you’ve seemingly blessed him with.
with a big smile and energetic twitches of his ears- he reaches back down, once more stealing breath from your lungs with sloppy kisses. bathing you in his scent, already drenched thanks to the heavy cum he’s plugged you up with, but claiming your mouth in a thanks. 
“pretty bunny.” bokuto hums, slowly easing the pressure you’ve gone under- blinking free those base thoughts to look back at meian, meeting a heavy, lidded- lusty gaze. 
bokuto tries not to linger on the feeling of overwhelming pride blooming in his chest, knowing you’re his- knowing its wrong of him to take claim on your body so possessively when you're technically meian’s, but instead of lingering on the thought, he looks back down at you and sees the way you’re looking at him, knowing really and truly that you’ve given yourself to him.
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kimgot-77 · 12 hours ago
Do you have to go pt2
Tumblr media
Mature content ahead* SMUT, fluff , light angst at the very end
summary: Jaebum was finally home for a day and his muscles were clearly in pain. You give him an oil message which leads to many other things. Somehow you still end up disappointed in the end.
You woke up feeling steady breathing on your neck and muscular arms holding your waist. You nearly forgot that jaebum had a day off today; It felt good to wake up together after such a while. You yawned and turned around facing jaebum and you noticed how ethereal he looked. His messy black hair rested on his forehead and he had a slight stubble. You loved this look on him. It made him look more like your boyfriend and not the idol that thousands of girls die over.
You laid there for a moment just looking at him so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t even realise that jaebum was now wide awake looking back at you with a smirk on his face. ”I know im sexy but  are you really planning to just stare at me the whole day today or...” You both begin laughing as you playfully hit his chest. After a moment jaebum pulls you close again and snuggles close to you, his nose against your back ready to go back to sleep. ”Oh no dont think your going to sleep again its already 12″ you say while moving away from him and removing the covers from both your bodies.
He groans instantly hugging himself “Its so cold can we not just stay in bed today?” You wanted to go on a whole rant about how he was never home and this was probably gonna be the only day for a few weeks you were gonna get together, and that you didn’t wanna waste it all just sleeping. But you knew if you said this it would turn into something much more serious. There was no point arguing with jaebum over something like this especially when you missed spending time with him so much. 
“Im gonna go shower and then you can go when im done and then we can head out somewhere” You wait for a response and all you hear is a mumble from jaebum saying something along the lines of ‘so bossy’ whilst wrapping himself in a blanket again with his eyes closed. You sigh whilst  heading to the bathroom and have a quick shower followed by your skincare routine. You expected to have to come and have to wake up jaebum again but he was sitting and using his phone at the edge of the bed. He got up wordlessly and headed for the bathroom once you had entered the bedroom. You put on one on jaebums loose shirts with shorts and headed downstairs to make some breakfast. 
After a while when you headed back upstairs to call jaebum for breakfast you saw him sitting on the bed holding his shoulder with a frown on his face. It was clear that he was in pain but he never liked to admit it in front of you. You walk towards him and as soon as he realises that your coming he lets go of his shoulder and heads for the wardrobe only in his towel. ”Wait, dont get dressed yet” you say while reaching for something in the drawer. “Why? do you want me to seduce you?” he says with a sexy expression followed by a laugh from the both of you .Now holding a bottle of message oil, you ushered him towards the bed. ”I’m gonna give you a message” his expression falls when he realises you saw him earlier sulking on the bed. 
“No its fine its gonna go back to normal soon anyways” he says whilst adjusting his towel which was about to drop. “Shush lay down on your stomach on the bed right now” you say while pouting and crossing his arms. He coos while looking at you and steps closer to you pressing a gentle kiss on your pouting lips. ”Okay okay you can give me a message” he says while laying down on the bed the towel still covering his lower half. You take a seat at the bottom of his back where you could see the two dimples. You apply the oil to your hands before messaging jaebums shoulders with as such strength as you could get. You went to his back after his shoulder and you felt satisfied hearing his groans. You seat yourself on his thighs messaging his lower back and eventually you were done with his back. 
“Okay turn around now” you say while getting up from his legs. He turns around and his towel lightly slips and you could see his dick , and for some reason he was half hard. A light blush covered your cheeks as you fixed the towel so it was covering him properly. When you looked up at jaebum ,he was smiling and he had a weird look in his eyes you couldn’t really understand .”So are you not gonna give me a message anymore because you saw-”.You cut him off straight away by taking a seat on his lower stomach and putting more message oil on your hands and this clearly shut him up You made sure not to make any eye contact with him as you rubbed your hands together and then began messaging his shoulders. Jaebum tilted his head back and squeezed his eyes shut biting his lips to prevent any sound coming out.
He had been tired and his muscles had been aching for a while now so when you gave him a message it felt too good. You continued to focus on the task at hand and before you realised it you were sitting directly on top of jaebums dick which was merely covered by the towel. You continued messaging him until you heard a really loud moan followed by “you’ve messaged me enough”, He quickly gets you of him and switches your positions so he was now straddling you. By now his towel was nowhere to be seen and he was exposed in front on you. You gulp while looking up at jaebum and you can see hunger in his eyes. He leans down and kisses you and his tongue enters your mouth straight away. He continues to kiss you and you push him away as you run out of breath.  
He looks at you also completely out of breath and straight away reaches for the hem of his shirt that you were wearing. You put your arms up so he could remove the shirt and his eyes fall straight away to your breasts. You had not worn a bra since you were at home and now you were glad you didn’t. He pushes you back down so your back touches the bed and begins to kiss down your neck. He continues to kiss down until he reaches to your breast. He fondles one of your breast with one hand while he marks the other. You let out a moan and you could feel that you were becoming restless. ”I cant wait any longer” you say completely blissed out looking at jaebum with hooded eyes. 
“Then ride me” 
He lays down and waits till you remove your shorts and panties and straddle him. His hands immediately reach to your hips squeezes them as you lean down to kiss him. He could feel your wet heat on his dick and the fast heart beat of your clit. It was driving him crazy. He pulled away from the kiss and tapped your thighs motioning for you to lift them up a bit. You held onto his shoulders and closed your eyes as he aligned his dick with your entrance. After a second you slipped down on his cock letting out incoherent sounds and jaebum tilted his head back and squeezed his eyes shut in relief.
It had been such a while since you had been intimate with jaebum and at this point you were both very needy. You stayed seated on him as he waited for you to adjust. It was definitely not the first time you and jaebum were having sex but since it had been a while it took you some time to adjust to his size. You felt jaebum move underneath you so you opened your eyes. You could see his hooded eyes and the way he was biting his lips and it was making you feel even needier then you felt before. You began to move and each time you moved you could feel jaebums dick drag against your walls. It felt heavenly. You slowed down your pace now getting tired and as soon as jaebum noticed this he began to thrust up into your heat. You leaned your head on his shoulder as he kept moving himself in and out of you as fast as he could.
”Im gonna-” you couldnt finish your sentence because of the knot you were feeling at the bottom of your stomach .He didn’t respond to what you said but instead moved his hand down to your clit to help your release. You let out even louder moans at the feeling of his fingers circling around your clit fast and mercilessly. And before you knew it you were coming with a loud moan followed by jaebums name. You were so blissed out that you didnt even realise jaebum had pulled out and you were now laying with your back on the bed. He inserted his cock back inside you and you wrapped your legs around his waist as he pounded into you harder and faster. You felt so sensitive after just coming but you wanted jaebum to finish to. You opened your eyes to see the look on his face he always had before he was about to cum.
You watched as he sped up hitting even deeper spots inside you as he grunted. With a last powerful thrust that nearly made you scream he came inside you. You could feel his warm juices fill you up and you groaned at the feeling. He laid down and pulled you on top on him his now half softened dick still inside you. You both stayed there wordlessly for a few moments in bliss. Just as you were laying there you heard jaebums phone ring. You both just ignored it pretending you couldn’t hear it because you both were so sleepy. After it rang the second time jaebum pulled out and you let out a small groan at the feeling of all his cum seeping out of you. He picked up his phone and it was his manager. “You guys have an interview today in like 30 minutes and all the other boys are here. i dont know why your still not here i messaged you early in the morning.” Jaebum didnt make any eye contact with you as his manager spoke. He answered back calmly “Ill be there in 20 ill get dressed from home no need to get an outfit for me” 
After that you blanked out not really hearing the rest of the conversation. You watched jaebum as he cut the phone and looked at you. You were sat on the bed completely naked and your body was littered with love bites. You had tears in your eyes which you were not aware about and to jaebum you looked like a lost puppy. He came closer to you kissing you on the lips quickly and putting the covers up so your body was covered.”Im so sorry i have to go now i promise ill be home soon.” You hummed with a small smile and that clearly reassured him that you were not upset as he straight away headed to the shower. You sat there alone in bed lost in your own thoughts and in less then 5 minutes jaebum was out the shower and getting dressed. 
You watched him as you sat feeling like shit. You still had his cum dripping down your thighs and onto the bedsheets. Your body was covered in marks and your hair was a mess. With a final goodbye jaebum was out the door and you were completely alone. Again. You knew jaebum wasn’t gonna be home soon. You were right.
 Before you knew it you both were in the same routine where you would barely see each other. It was starting to take a toll on you and for the first time in your relationship you felt like a decision had to be made. You couldn’t live like this any longer. 
Okay but IM SO SORRY IF THE SMUT WAS BAD. It was a struggle to write.
 Im thinking of doing a part 3 ?????
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oversharingempath · 14 hours ago
Have you ever seen the movie Hard Day’s Night? i want to say my best friend in high school and i watched it together at some point, but i can’t totally remember Are you a perfectionist? yes and i hate it Do you look like your mom? i don’t think so but other people seem to see it When was the last time you overslept? today. i wanted to get up at like 8 but i slept until 10 Are you happy with your life at the moment? it’s okay. i’m feeling a little more positive about it these days
If you could would you change something about yourself? yeah, i’d definitely change some things What would you do if you could do anything without failing? hmm... i’d start my own business on the side What time do you wake up in the morning? it depends on the day but i’m trying to start waking up in the mornings now Do you use your phone as an alarm? yes Do you like to travel? i do but sadly i never get to travel very far What country do you live in? usa What is your native language? english When was the last time you got really angry? really angry? hmm... i really don’t remember. it’s rare for me to get REALLY angry. i’ll get annoyed or irritated or even a little angry about things a couple times a week Do you have a younger brother or sister? i have younger brothers  If so do/did they really get on your nerves? my youngest brother definitely did. he was born when i was in the peak of adolescence so i got very annoyed with him often Have you ever felt like life was out of your control? yes Does trusting others scare you? it does to an extent Name something that happened to you that was completely unexpected. i was told i had a stroke a few weeks ago now If you could meet any famous person (dead or alive) who would you meet? jeez, i don’t know. i’ve met a lot of the famous people i really look up to Do you have any piercings? yeah, i have a lot Do you judge people that have multiple piercings? nope Do you dress up on Halloween? not anymore What is your favourite vegetable? cauliflower. i’m actually planning to make cauliflower mash with my fish tonight! Do you like the snow? i love it Do you watch the Olympics? nope What did you have for breakfast this morning? i had a whole wheat bagel with egg whites and cheese and a banana Do you like orange juice? yes, i love it, but it gives me heartburn always Have you read the Bible? some of it  Do you think it’s cruel to keep an animal in a cage while you’re away? yes except when you’re crate training a puppy. even then, it needs to be for a reasonable amount of time. you can’t just cage up your animal and leave for hours and hours at a time Is there anything you’re obsessed with? i was feeling pretty obsessed with supernatural but i got kind of distracted by my health stuff and that kind of tapered off Do you have a pet gecko? no but i wish Are you scared of reptiles? not at all, i think they’re super cool Is your car messy? a little bit  Do you think the world will end in 2012? it didn’t but i did believe it for a time Have you ever seen the show 16 and Pregnant? yeah, i used to follow the original series but then they changed it and i kind of grew out of shows like that Have you ever played a Nintendo Wii? yes Do you buy expensive clothes? rarely. i get most of my clothes from target Do you play guitar? nope Does death scare you? yeah, i’m afraid of the pain my death would cause to my loved ones mostly What are your current goals? finish my bachelor’s degree in the fall (yay!), apply for grad school, lose more weight Do you consider yourself a strong person? yeah Do you resent anyone? yeah, there are a few people in my family i resent right now Do you drink alcohol often? not at all Do you have more girl or guy friends? i just have people friends. gender is irrelevant What colour shirt are you wearing? olive green Do you use your charm or intellect most? intellect Do you like cinnamon on your apple pie? i like it added in while it’s being baked but i wouldn’t put extra on top Do you clap or cheer when at a concert? cheer Do you ever make out shapes in the clouds? i used to when i was younger  What’s your favourite kind of cocktail? margaritas are my jam Do you drink coffee? What brand? i do. i like the dunkin decaf k-cups for home but otherwise, i just order whatever the coffee shop i’m at has Do you prefer coins or notes/bills? bills Do you use a comb or brush? brush Cottage or Shepherd’s pie? i’ve never had cottage pie, so i guess shepherd’s pie Do you eat the crust of your sandwiches? yeah When you’re sick, do you actually still feel hungry or have an appetite? it depends on what i’m sick with When you were younger, did you ever do that exclamation point that looked like an upside down triangle and had a really big dot? lmao yeah You’re locked in a room with the person you last dated, any problems? seriously dated? no, we’re best friends. dated casually? it’d be awkward but i’d survive What kind of relationship do you have with the last person you kissed? we don’t talk anymore Could you see yourself marrying someone in your life right now? no Do you think things will change for you in the next few months? i hope so Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years? i doubt it. marriage isn’t something i’m like itching to do Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do? yeah Do you prefer ily or i love you? i love you Who was the FIRST person to text you today? to text me? hmm... i can’t remember if it was my friend meri or nick Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning? whoever texted me first lmao. i had texts from both of them this morning but i didn’t look at the times they were sent Are there things in your life that you’ll never be able to get over? nah, i don’t think so. i’m pretty good at moving on these days Name one person you wish you could fix things with? i really don’t feel like there’s anyone like that in my life currently Do you know how it feels to be cheated on? yeah Did you go out or stay in last night? i stayed in because i had work  Have you ever fallen asleep while texting/replying to someone? yep Where did your last hug take place? at my mom’s apartment
Do you have any alcohol bottles in your room? nope Have you ever turned to smoking or drinking to solve a problem? yep, both, but i don’t do either anymore What’s bothering you right now? my back is a little stiff and my legs hurt from my run yesterday Ever been so drunk someone else had to carry you? no What are your plans for tomorrow? i’m working all day but i’ll probably go for a walk or bike ride in the morning What are you listening to right now? some lo-fi playlist Was yesterday better than today? hmm, i’d say they’re both feeling about the same Do you drink more apple or orange juice? neither, they both give me heartburn What time did you go to sleep last night? i probably drifted off around 1:45 or 2. i had a lot of trouble falling asleep last night for some reason Do you like waking up to new texts in the morning? yeah Are you nice to people you dislike? if i have to be in a social situation with them, yes, i’m polite. otherwise, i don’t interact at all Was this summer a good one? last year it was alright but i hope this year will be better Do you have any plans for the weekend? i’ll be having tea with a friend on thursday, which is the start of my weekend. otherwise, no How well do you know the last female you texted? (Who?) we’ve known each other for two years but she’s my boss, so it’s not like we just talk about life and all that very often Have you had any beer this week? nope If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you? yeah Do you want a girl or a boy as your first born? i don’t want kids What’s something you need to get done? nothing! hooray! i’m officially done with school for the semester and i have no pressing work things going on What were you doing before this survey? doing another survey and working Have you ever gotten burnt by a cigarette? yeah Do you wear your seat belt in the car? always What color are your sheets? maroon How many kids do you plan on having? none Are you a patient person? i try to be Do you get mad when people smoke around you? no as long as they don’t like blow it in my face Is there someone you can talk to about anything? yeah Do you know anyone named Matt? a couple people actually Honestly, have you ever eaten raw cookie dough? yeah but i won’t do it again after i got sick from eating it Have you consumed alcohol in the past 24 hours? nope When will your next kiss be? no idea Do you think relationships are hard? yeah, and that’s how it’s supposed to be to an extent. anything that’s too easy doesn’t help you grow as a person Do you think they are ever really worth it? definitely When were you last outside? i went to check the mail an hour ago
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pipiripi · 14 hours ago
send some dirty thoughts please please please, especially seungmin ones, I didn't wrote about him yet.
I personally cannot stop thinking about Channie with an ageplay kink and mommy kink, so it's the time to share it.
[01.30am] Stressed boy.
drabble, sub!chan, dom!reader(f), ageplay, (???)nursing kink(???), mdlb & thigh riding(m, clothed)
english is not my native language so if you notice any mistakes, sorry!
requests are: open!¡
You were watching TV, the time passed and your boyfriend didn't return yet from work. You focused on the clock of your phone, it was already 1 am, when you saw that, you almost killed him from the distance, he had been in the studio since early morning, so you ended up calling him for making sure he's alright and telling him it was already time to come home.
Chan didn't reply, as usual, most of the times he kept his phone in silence for avoiding any distractions, but that still made you worry even more, deciding to put on a jacket and drive to the studio, you also worked at JYP so you had access to the building.
Already in the building, you went straight to his studio, knocking the door multiple times and finally being greeted by a really stressed Chan.
"You know what time it is?" you said, scowling your face "It's not time for babies to be awake and you must rest" going into the room and closing the door behind you.
With your words he started to finally feel the tiredness and to feel vulnerable, he had bags under his eyes, looking paler than the usual and his fluffy hair all messy because of many times he pulled it.
"I'm sorry Y/N, you know how immersed I get when I work, I don't mean to make you worry..." he sat on the small couch, you took your jacket off and went with him, placing his head on your thighs and playing with his curls.
"I know baby, don't worry about it, but I told you million times that you can't keep having this inhuman schedules, you overwork yourself too much, you also need to rest babh boy" he pouted at your words, being slightly scolded "Oh don't pout Channie, I'm just saying this because I worry for you my baby" you said, making him accommodate and sit again for looking into is eyes "You are pretty stressed baby boy, let mommy help you with it" and you finally kissed him.
It was a slow caring kiss, in between it you felt how Chan was fidgeting with his hands, feeling to shy to place them were he wanted, you knew him too well and took his hands, placing them in your chest.
Leaving the kiss and staring at your blushed boyfriend you said "Baby boy wants to touch here?" and he nodded kinda ashamed, but actually he wanted more.
"Wan' suckies mommy..." his cheeks were about to explode and his dick started to grow under the cloths, feeling smaller than usual.
Your boyfriend has always loved to be babied, feeling at your mercy and getting into an almost non-verbal state when you two shared intimate moments because his mind was all fuzzy, you loved, he looked so adorable like that, and the cutest part is that when he was in that state of mind, he always wanted to suck on your boobs like a big baby, almost pretending that milk was leaking from your nipples.
“Come on baby, all for you prince” he raised your shirt and lowered your bra, freeing one of your boobs and starting to suck your sensitive nipples, he looked so peaceful like that, clearly enjoying it and feeling less stressed, with his red cheeks and your hand caressing his hair.
After a few minutes, you felt how the boy squirmed and started to move his hips, he was so hard and sensitive, that made you smile “Channie baby, sit properly on my thigh and kiss mommy” you said, helping the boy to sit up and straddle your soft thigh, pressing his bulge against it .
He was only making a few noises, you knew it was hard to the boy to talk in this circumstances, you just stared at the already scruffy looking boy and kissed him, this time way rougher and placing your hands on his hips for making him to rub his still clothed erection on your thigh.
Sweet high pitched noises left from the kiss, your baby humping your thigh desperately with erratic movements, you having to help him because he sometimes stops moving, all fault of the amount of pleasure he was feeling, being so sentient.
He suddenly separated from your mouth, babbling and attempting to say something, mind too fuzzy for it and feeling frustrated “C-cum-mmies agh!” he managed to say but still struggling, you just shushed him “It’s okay baby boy, you can cum Channie”.
He humped harder, moaning and with his eyes rolling back. A really high scream left from his mouth, making a disaster on his jeans and on your leg, heavy breathing and body collapsing on you.
You hugged him and left kisses on his head “What a good boy, I’m also glad this studio is sound proof” and you both giggled at it.
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bi-in-space · 18 hours ago
clexa raising madi
oneshot ab clexa raising 16 y.o madi, and then gay shenanigans bc madi griffin is pansexual as all hell and i refuse to argue :)
clarke unlocked the door to her and lexa’s house, expecting to be met with the sounds of mario cart, or two teenagers laughing, or even madi’s annoyed muttering as she did her homework.
instead the house was oddly silent.
clarke fished her phone from her pocket-madi hadn’t said she was going to anyone’s house...
as the blonde put her bag down on the counter, she saw her daughters lunch box washed and put away.
she has been home.
clarke bit her lip, listening hard, and heard faint shuffling in madi’s room.
was she asleep?
the blonde made her way up to the high schoolers room, and knocked on her door.
“madi? you in there?”
there was almost a minute of silence before madi pulled the door open, holding her math notebook.
“hey mom! erm..alex came over to study-is that okay?”
alex gave a small wave, sitting on madi’s bed, clakre had known the girl since her and madi were in preschool.
“yeah, of course. want to stay for dinner? lex-madi’s mum will be home soon.”
“that’d be awesome, thank you dr. griffin.”
“alex, you’ve known me for over a decade-clarke is fine.”
alex blushed as madi closed the door, and clarke went back downstairs.
as she got into the living room she realized something-the books on the bed were closed...
and madi’s hair was messy, as opposed to how she normally kept it neat.
not to mention both girls’ shirts were creased.
“oh shit!”
“well hello to you as well.”
clarke looked up, surprised at her realization and that she hadn’t heard lexa come in.
“hi babe, and that wasn’t your hello.”
lexa smiled and gave her a kiss, “than what was it for?”
clarke dropped her voice slightly, “i’m about 84% sure madi and alex were just kissing.”
lexa raised her eyebrows as her wife recounted the scenario.
“well.....that’s something.”
clarke nodded, “what do we do?”
lexa shrugged, hugging clarke from behind as the latter began pulling out things to start dinner.
“let’s let her tell us when she’s ready, and pray we don’t walk in on anything.”
“that sounds like a good idea..”
lexa smiled and kissed clarke again, before helping her with dinner.
two weeks later
“valentine’s day card, kiddo? you haven’t made a personalized one since second grade.”
madi’s head shot up from the kitchen table, where she was intently scribbling on a purple card.
“oh! it’s just for one person, not a class-that’d be to confusing with a high school.
lexa nodded slowly, “alright. i’m not one for art, but from here it looks good.”
madi smiled, “thanks mum.”
lexa smiled and kissed the top of madi’s head before going into clarke’s study.
“she is making a personalized valentine’s day card.”
“yep.” lexa took a bite of her apple, “it’s purple.”
“we have raised a gay disaster, that’s perfect.”
lexa smiled again, “technically we don’t know yet.”
clarke rolled her eyes, “touché, love.”
the next day, when clarke got home, it was silent again, she smiled to herself and simply taped a note to madi’s door saying she was home.
“you two have the patience of a god.” raven muttered as she took a sip of her drink.
“says you, took you long enough to wait for octavia!”
raven choked on her drink.
clakre rolled her eyes at her friend, raven had asked them if madi had a girlfriend-noting how much time she and alex spent together.
one week skip
“i hate you, i hate you, i hate you.” lexa was speaking more to the pillow than her wife, as clarke and madi burst out laughing, “it’s not that bad!”
“mum, it’s just the hunger games!”
“hunger games my ass. the only god part of it is that katniss is freaking amazing.”
clarke rolled her eyes as madi laughed, “and she’s hot.”
lexa choked on her popcorn as madi slapped a hand over her mouth.
“i didn’t-i..”
clarke slid off the couch to were madi was sitting, “hey-it’s okay..”
madi muttered something about homework and quickly went upstairs, leaving the two confused as ‘catching fire’ continued to play.
“she knows we’re gay, right?”
lexa didn’t respond, biting her lip, “something’s going on clarke.....”
clarke nodded, “i know..i just don’t know what.”
“i’ll clean this up, you go talk to her okay?”
clarke nodded again, and kissed lexa before heading upstairs.
madi’s door was locked, and clarke sighed, “madi? you in there?”
clarke got no response, but she could see madi’s shadow from under the door.
“i can see your shadow, kiddo....”
she can hear madi’s quiet tears.
“hey....look-it’s okay, madi. we love you, so-so much kiddo. nothing’s going to ever change that. just..don’t kill anyone, or get pregnant-okay. sorry. we love you, madi. a lot.”
she can see the shadow move closer to the door.
“it hurts me when your sad, kiddo.....”
there’s no response, but clarke can feel lexa’s hand on her shoulder, gently pulling her up and into their room.
“she’ll be okay.”
it sounded more of lexa trying to tell herself than clarke.
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concerningwolves · 20 hours ago
Hi! I hope you are doing well 💕 I’m writing a deaf character and I really wanna do it right so I’ve investigated a lot and your blog has been really helpful! So I wanted to ask- My character is supposed to be a guard (Like Royalty™️ and shit™️) so I would Like to know How she could fight and in general any tips you think could be useful for this character
Writing a Deaf Bodyguard (& Deaf characters in action scenarios)
• TREAT YOUR d/DEAF CHARACTER AS HUMAN. (Or dragon. Or orc. Or... whatever species they might be.) Point is, don't become so afraid of misrepresenting deafness that you put the character on a ridiculously high pedestal. The fact of the matter is, one day they will likely meet an adversary who beats them. It might be because they don't hear something vital, or it might be because fights are messy, chaotic and brutal, and nobody can win all the time. They're allowed to struggle and ask for help. They're allowed to fail sometimes. They can screw up! They can lose a few fights! Everyone does these things; you don't need to cut out flaws just because the character is deaf.
There's also a strong narrative reason for doing this: you need action scenes/stories to have believable tension and conflict. These things drive the plot and keep readers hooked! If your d/Deaf character never seems to be at threat and powers through all fights, all you're doing is a) singling them out as 'Other', and b) weakening your narrative.
• DON'T WRITE THEM AS A BURDEN. You seem to have this one in the bag already, Anon, but I think it bears saying anyway. Yes, your character may fail and need help, but their deafness doesn't make them inherently weak or a liability.
The line between this point and the previous one may seem fine, but it boils down to this: are you consistently highlighting the fact that your character is deaf and using that as an excuse to belittle, side-line or otherwise diminish their value? Or are you saying 'this character is deaf. they may need accommodations and face certain obstacles a hearing person doesn't, but they're no better or worse than anyone else for their deafness'? If the latter, you're doing fine. (And really, anything is better than the former...)
• LET THEM HAVE SUPPORT AND ACCOMMODATIONS. There aren't accessibility accommodations on the fighting field, true – and certain adversaries will no doubt take advantage of that. But that doesn't mean your character's employers wouldn't give them accommodations or provide support. In this bodyguard scenario in particular, employers are going to do everything they can to help the bodyguard do her job. They don't want the person under protection to die, after all!
In a more general sense, just having other people in the characters' group look out for them and respect their needs is massively important. (This one is particularly true for survival and apocalypse narratives, where deaf and disabled people are usually presented as a burden). Maybe your bodyguard or fighter works as part of a team who help them with deafness-related obstacles. A support network doesn't negate your character's deafness – it just shows them getting the support they need.
As for accessibility aids, these will vary depending on the worldbuilding. Research assistive devices and aids for the deaf that are available in our world, and adapt them to fit your storyworld. Or, use your imagination and invent some cool James Bond-esque spy gadgets that would put Q to shame.
Some aids I imagine would be very useful are:
proximity sensors (so people can't sneak up on them). Maybe a watch with a sonar-type display?
sound detectors, such as flashing bracelets that light up to indicate different noises
vibrating jewellery/tie pins/shirt cuffs etc that alert the wearer to certain “danger sounds”, like a gunshot or an unsheathing blade
discrete hearing aids that won't get pulled out in a fight (if your character uses HAs)
That’s by no means a comprehensive list though, and obviously other factors like technology, available materials and magic/Sc-Fi elements will give you more to work with.
This is where you'd need to research on your own more, but I do have two starter tips.
1) Research the accommodations made for and the stories of d/Deaf professional fighters (boxers, martial arts fighters, wrestlers etc). Take note of what difficulties they face, what their trainers and sports officials to do accommodate them, and how they overcome obstacles. Here's an article about Reece Cattermole, the UK's first Deaf registered boxer since the 1970s.
2) Your character will fight like anyone else; the difference is in how they rely on their senses. Hearing people can tell when someone is coming by footsteps, breathing, and other noises. Naturally, your deaf character will have learned how to use their other senses to compensate for the lack of hearing, but be careful how you write that. It's frustratingly common to see a sensory disabled character written with inexplicably enhanced senses, i.e., "character is blind but their hearing is SO GOOD they can basically use echolocation to see. It's like they're not even blind!". In settings where powers exist, this isn't so bad, but for non-powered characters it's... not good.
Think about Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender. Toph is a really good example of a disabled character in an action setting who isn't defined by her disability, but doesn't have it erased, either. She's blind and an earthbender, which means she can bend/has an affinity with earth. She can therefore sense vibrations through the earth and navigate like that, but she still can't see, and the narrative doesn't forget it. That's the sort of middle ground you ought to find.
Good luck with your writing, Nonny!
Also, if any d/Deaf people following me have experience with martials arts and fighting, your input would be very welcome! (*^▽^*)
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aricazorel · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 35: Grace
The Fade forces Cullen to confront the one thing from Kinloch Hold that he hasn’t. Without realizing how much that has affected him, it is the Commander’s youngest sister who helps him see the truth of things.
Available here on AO3
~ ~ ~
Excerpt from chapter 35
“I didn't think you'd be here this morning,” a chipper young voice said.
He glanced at the herb garden to see Rosalie smiling at him, a basket resting against her hip. “I know the Commander of the Inquisition must keep early hours but inspecting my herbs was not something I expected to find.”
Cullen blinked at his younger sister. She wore her golden hair in a messy bun, dressed in a linen shirt and breaches. “I—I did not mean to intrude…I needed to clear my head and I rode Ajax here...I saw these–“
“Did the ones that you planted in Skyhold workout well? I was afraid the different climate might not be conducive to their growth.”
“Um yes,” Cullen replied dumbly as he saw the tools in her basket. “There is magic within Skyhold that–“
“What?” He cut himself off noticing his sisters amused grin.
“Oh nothing except you look as if you can't believe I'm not seven anymore,” Rosalie quipped as she turned to head to the garden.
Cullen stood still for a moment, looking from her to the Crystal Grace. “You sent them?”
She nodded as she knelt down in front of some Embrium flowers. “I thought you could use a reminder of home. Plus you mentioned the color of Anyssa’s eyes a time or two in your letters and how they reminded you of Mama's flowers.”
“Rosalie, I never meant to leave you and our family to fight the Blight and civil war alone,” Cullen said. “I thought joining the Templars was the right thing to do.”
She shrugged. “I was seven. You wanted to do it. You answered every question I ever had about it. I know my Big Brother was going to protect people. Maybe at the time it was the right thing.”
He watched as she began cutting a few of the blooms and dropped them in her basket. “But I didn't write after –“
“Maker’s mercy, Cullen! I was 14—nearly 15 when the Blight came upon us, when we lost Mama and Papa. Our home. I saw what the civil war did to families and Ferelden. We had to move across Ferelden to South Reach and start over. I know I am the youngest but that doesn't mean I don't have some understanding of what was going on.”
“But I could have come back!”
“And abandon your duty? That's not the Cullen I know. I didn't understand some things then, but I do now,” Rosalie said pointedly as she glared up at her brother. “You had cause to leave the Order in Kirkwall. And now my Big Brother is Commander of the biggest army Thedas has ever seen. If you had come back, there was no guarantee it would have changed anything. And if you had stayed, you might not have met Anyssa. That would have been something to regret. Not everything else you are worried about.”
Cullen regarded his sister with wonder as she went back to cutting the herbs in her garden. No longer a 7-year-old full of questions. Now a woman with experience and some wisdom her older brother would do well to follow. He found himself smiling, realizing how proud of her he was.
“You can either stand there and grin like an idiot or you can get down here and help me,” Rosalie admonished with a hint of humor in her tone. Just like their mother …
“Forgive me,” he replied as he knelt down beside her. “I was admiring the woman my sister has grown into during my absence. She certainly is more intelligent than I am apparently.”
Rosalie chuckled. “You overthink things, Cullen. Just try being for once. It's really not that hard.”
Cullen paused in his actions. “Did my little sister just mock me?”
She shrugged. “I am not sure. Did I?”
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straponz · a day ago
as i whisper in your ear, i wanna fucking tear you apart.
dom!reader x dom!rosaria 🍒
it's my first time posting something, don't be too mean 🖤
minors dni 🔞 gender neutral, alcohol mention, public sex, semi-clothed grinding, praise, u have a dick/stap & improper use of the church LOL
Tumblr media
in the mood to visit rosaria in the afternoon after she's done for the day with her nun duties, poor girl being so pent up and tired that she straddles your thighs as soon as you enter the empty backroom.
only taking off her black panties and letting her rub her cunt against you, with the darkening skylight softly shining through the small window, basking her already pale figure in light blue hues as she unashamedly uses your leg to pleasuring herself on the holy grounds.
"come on, give me more..." she moans in your ear, demanding you to do something and taking you out of the trance of her wet pussy making a patch on your pants. she wraps her arms around your shoulder and presses her clothed breasts to your, also still fully clothed, chest.
you just chuckle, keeping your hands loose on her exposed waist. "you know what i like, don't you, rosaria?"
"ugh. really? fine, i will do it myself." rosaria groans in exasperation. she knows exactly what you want, but she isn't the type to beg, no matter how much you titter her to the edge. "aw, such a brat..." it's funny, neither of you seem compatible with each other, but you can't help but be into her. and she into you, it seems, with how her kisses on your neck seem to get deeper as your hands wander across her body.
rosaria finds you insufferable all the same though, and likewise, you think she's too... cold. it doesn't matter in the end, the sex is good enough that neither of you cares about each other's personalities. having someone to vent to and to get drunk with every now and then is fun, too.
but it becomes strikingly clear once again why you keep coming back when you feel rosaria lets out a whimper and tenses up in your lap.
sharp nails scratching your back over your shirt, thick thighs clenching around yours and the softests most gorgeous moans in your ears. "there we go... so pretty for me. did you have fun?" you ask helping her come down from her high, caressing her plump ass and keeping her close as she basks in the afterglow.
"of course i did... you didn't do anything." rosaria huffs, with her pretty messy wine-red hair and slurring words as she leans back, still keeping a tight grip on your biceps so she doesn't fall too far back.
you hum at her response, not giving her anything except your usual grin, nor like she would care if you showed a reaction. "let me take you to my place and fuck you real deep, then? i was going to offer you some alcohol and my face as a seat before you jumped on me..."
"don't get sassy. like you're not the exhibitionist here. hard as a rock, too." she sneers and you let out a small moan when she rubs you through your pants.
ah, who cares about being careful. she's right, anyways.
laughing quietly, you grab her hips, lift her up and place her on the table in front of you two. "you know me so well, rosaria-" "thank barbateos. finally, something exciting."
as disrespectful to the gods as ever. that chatty drunkard bard would be proud of both of you.
"oh, i will give you more than 'something exciting'. be good and start fingering yourself, yeah? you get really tight after your first orgasm..." you say, teasing her a little and grabbing her legs to plop them up on the wooden table, exposing her glistening cunt to the cold afternoon air. her legs are smooth and taunt with muscles from all that training with her spear.
"you get on your knees and make me loose, then." she challenges, still keeping her voice monotone but she's got a red face and her hurried breathing is making her breasts move faster. she's getting excited...
oh, tonight is going to be a long night.
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