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#My One Night
kkaebsongtypoan hour ago
[3:15am] "Hyuck... you brought me birds..?" You gasped as Donghyuck's minecraft character crouched in front of you with two blue parrots on his shoulders. He sat them down in front of you and hopped up and down.
"Mhm!" He smiled happily as you pressed shift, crouching to look at the birds better.
"I'm going to cry- I love them so much..." You mumbled, feeling yourself get emotional as the memory of your last minecraft parrot, Edgar, filled your mind. Jisung hopped over to where you were with Donghyuck and shifted to look at the birds as well.
"We still need to make Edgar's memorial!" He said, turning his attention to you and jumping up and down. You smiled sadly.
"I need to finish the community house first..." You sighed.
"Oh right, do you need resources? I can collect things for you!" Jisung hopped up and down in excitement. You giggled and looked at the large build.
"Aha, thank you Ji. Can you collect sand and make glass for me?" You asked, before crouching down to look at the new parrots again.
"For sure, I'll be back right away!" Jisung said, hopping off to the desert to collect as much sad he could. You shook your head slightly and smiled at the parrots before asking Hyuck to take them into the house.
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unus annus m.l
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hyunubear2 hours ago
What's your favourite kdrama? My favourites are he is psychometric and w two worlds (I literally love Lee jong suk please I have watched all of his dramas and I've fallen for him djsjjsjs) I switched to anime during the pandemic cause the episodes are shorter and that's easier for me to watch because I have a short attention span! Do you watch anime? Do you have any favourites? - 鉂わ笍anomnom
oooohhh... I think my two fave kdramas are Children of nobody and Watcher!!! I could talk about both of them for hours ldkjsflkdjfs聽 I haven;t seen the first one u mentioned but I LOVE W!!! and lee jongsuk~~~ I can鈥檛 for his next drama since he鈥檚 discharged from the military recently!!!聽
yeah that makes sense!!! it鈥檚 hard to follow long episodes during these times! I gravitated towards rewatched stuff I鈥檝e already seen! I have watched a few animes I got into anime before I got into kpop. my fave has to be Yuri on ice <333333 I love it so muchhhh I watched it like 20 times both Japanese and English dub!!!
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soluna-estrella2 hours ago
#Friday night I ft my partner until like 530am bc we were having such good convos#and then he asked me about my plans to be a teacher bc he said he knows I want to be a stay at home mom#and he said those don鈥檛 align and you want to open a museum#seems like you should figure out what you want before school starts#then he tells me he doesn鈥檛 want his wife to work and he wants her to know that since he wants to make a lot a year#he won鈥檛 be home often so he needs her to understand that and be ok w it#and that he鈥檚 working on getting to that point so he needs me to understand that he will do what it takes to get there#and I said yes I support that and understand#but he said I need to take business and art classes if I wanna work on my museum for an income before kids#or take child development classes to ensure I鈥檓 a good stay at home mom and know what I鈥檓 doing#and I was like why are we having this conversation#like are you trying to do all this w me??#his answer was pretty much yes#so now I gotta figure out what I really want to do bc he obviously wants me to be the best at either and wants to know what he should expect#which I get and understand but I鈥檓 like damn you really wanna do this w me? lmao#I鈥檓 telling you healthy relationships are so fucking weird when it鈥檚 your first one#and I know he is very logical and reasonable and head over heart#so if he had his mind set on me then I need to figure out what I want#opening a museum is going to be hard and what if it fails#I know his getting to the income he wants may be like 5 years away let鈥檚 say#so for 5 years I just study and learn how to be a mom who will raise healthy and smart kids?#it鈥檚 a lot#like a lot more went into this convo#and I think I need to talk to him again about it bc I鈥檓 obviously freaking out#like who says 鈥渉ey can you start studying on how to raise my kids bc I want them to be successful#????????
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ragingbisexualzemo4 hours ago
not that I鈥檇 say no to being punished tho
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televinita4 hours ago
April 30: wow I鈥檓 starting to feel some painful twinges in left hand. Maybe working overtime is not compatible w/ computer time after work, will try to stay off at home until project ends.
May 3: *promptly trips, falls on outstretched left hand, sprains wrist w/ underlying hairline fracture*
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duckjinnie9 hours ago
The fact that Joon, Jin, and Yoongi have moon related songs/nicknames and that Hobi has a sun related nickname makes me unbelievably happy
hyungline are celestial bodies and thats that
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