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#fnaf william afton
corpserabbitan hour ago
it'd be funny if pre-silver eyes novel afton's original name with the fnaf 1-4 games in mind was william schmidt lmao
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toyfredddy4 hours ago
Tumblr media
i think its very funny that toy freddy of all animatronics is the biggest threat in 50/20. king. therefore william is terrified of him. this is canon now
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aftonspogchamp5 hours ago
It's almost 5am and I do not know why but I just got the most intense compulsion to send you specifically this particular image of William from the silver eyes
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Thank you for your time
you鈥檙e doing community, thank you. this picture is now living rent free in my head <3
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aftonspogchamp5 hours ago
william was either a really angsty teenager or a wallflower because he was afraid of standing out
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aftonspogchamp16 hours ago
officer: sir, did you kill these children?
william, on 5 cups of coffee and 4 redbull: AND I鈥橪L DO IT AGAIN BOP BOP
officer, sighing and pulling out the handcuffs: that鈥檚 what i thought
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darlingor18 hours ago
The fact that William tortured people by running around stealthily and staring at them until they鈥檙e uncomfortable is so funny.
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corpserabbit22 hours ago
is this william afton from the hit indie franchise, five nights at freddy's?
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sp0okyprince23 hours ago
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1977 William because the man wasn鈥檛 a walking corpse (literally or metaphorically) at some point
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