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#I’m looking at you
sunforgrace · an hour ago
you know I do think I have some wires crossed of the dean coded variety because my reflexive reaction to romantic attention is to feel the heat rise to my ears as my heart starts pounding and deal with that by making a weird little smirky face, not-seriously muttering something like “shut up” and finding a physical outlet through bro patting on the back or lightly play punching the side of the arm. all this to say dean “sleeping in the bathtub” supernatural dean of sobsicles cinematic universe fame my beloved I sympathize with you I empathize with you. dean’s weird reactions to dealing with his feelings don’t make sense to YOU. I get it though
#I get. flustered#but how are you supposed to handle it??#sure it’s all cute and dreamy in fic when it’s happening to not you and simply a character who maybe you project onto but are just#dissacoiated from enough and who you believe to be deserving of this even as they don’t#but how are you supposed to handle shit like that in real life? you don’t#the answer is you become a bit of an incoherent mess with weird. funny feelings#in MY defense can you blame me if it’s in response to stuff like ‘I fall in love with you all over again’ or staring just too long into#eyes it’s FLUSTERING. I’m sleeping in the bathtub. I’m sleeping in the bathtub#and also the panic of like. you’re staring at me. I’m staring at you. are we going to kiss. oh my god are we going to make out. I want to#make out with you REALLY badly but also the tension right now is making my heart feel like it’s going to burst out of its chest so quick#say something stupid to diffuse the tension! chandler bing looking ass#like it really IS like this sobsicles dean excerpt:#‘Yes great you're a wonderful person who has a grasp on consent. Awesome. Thing is I do want you to but I'm just gonna keep pulling#away if you give me the chance to and I don't want to do that so...don't give me the chance to. Like I said I'm a mess.#If you just do it and keep doing it I'm going to eventually give in#and that's exactly where I wanna be right now.’#like yeah. some authors just get it...sleepin in the bathtub#(and of course I’m pretty sure like. the base foundation layer under all of that is because I DONT think I deserve it and I do think I’m#physically repulsive and if I can’t be sexy what do I have going for me the answer is really nothing at all so. I’m screwed when they find#this out - [which I’m certain they will]- which I understand isn’t exactly. rational but still we don’t have TIME to unpack all that soooo)#(anyways that’s just a general thing I’ve felt all my life. in basically every avenue not just romance. imposter syndrome and insecurity is#very fun!)
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kermitlesbian · 2 hours ago
i told this girl "i struggle with dating because everyone seems to want a white blonde girl with blue eyes" and she said "yeah" and proceeded to spend the rest of the date going on about this white girl she has feelings for
#leo.txt#lol i love how everyone just thinks nothing they say ever affects my feelings at all and that i'm not a real person that they could ever be#interested in for real. like they think i'm funny and waste my time bc once they get to know me they decide i'm not what they what#and the funny part is the girl she's in love with is a friend of my and we hooked up bc i felt comfortable with the fact#that she didn't make me feel like she expected smth i'm not#and its all platonic like we enjoy each other's company but just aren't looking to date each other but we bonded bc this girl who had a#crush on both of us didn't have any boundaries with us#and then kinda made us feel bad and even tho she's a woc#she obsessed over blonde girls with blue eyes and it just confused me bc i didn't reciprocate so why keep making me uncomfortable and#pursuing me or making other ppl think that even though i'm not your type????#i hate being a woc sometimes you just have to sit there while being reminded you are never going to be someone's type#or considered a real love interest to them even to other woc#but the girl i went on a date with today when i mentioned that that girl liked us and liked whitegirl types#she was like yeah i can see why she liked that girl#and just managed to keep going back to talking about her and how bad her feelings for her were#like guess i'll just kms or w/e#and i literally almost lost a friendship too bc a friend of mine fell for that same girl and i tried to warn her that she wasn't looking for#a relationship#and that sucked too bc we started out on a few dates but it didn't work out bc she was too hung up on her ex to move on#i'm just realizing now the girls i hang out with that everyone i like ends up falling for are just my white friends..#it's hell. it's actual fucking hell.
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angxlsgrxce · 4 hours ago
this ao3 user is not responsible for the bookmarks they made when they were younger
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bumblingbee1 · 7 hours ago
*sees the RE8 simp posts on my dashboard*
Feeling cute, might go on a bonking spree later idk... /j
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aki-galaxy · 8 hours ago
I'm not the best person, but at the very least I haven't been blocked by a mutual before
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eprcntiss · 8 hours ago
right which one of you is beta’ing aubrey’s fic because :/ she’s taunting me with it and i’m done :/ i want it now please
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cryptidtiddies · 10 hours ago
two collared but unaccompanied dogs just showed up in our yard like they were very specifically looking for something or someone so I went out there to ask if they needed help in their travels and the bigger one turned to me with a too human look in his eyes that said "worry not about us, my friend, this journey is not for you" and then they both trotted off down the street so I just went back into my house and tried not to lose my mind
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arcaneyouth · 11 hours ago
we all know having 1 mental illness makes you so likely to have like 15 other mental illnesses, but today i have realized it’s the same with physical illness! you get one, you get them all or you’re constantly at risk for getting them all! yayyy!!
#vent post#negative#ok to reblog#if anybody wants to reblog just to yell in solidarity either for the mental illness or physical illness i am so ok with that#hi! i am chronically ill. i have cystic fibrosis. the basic rundown explanation for that is#my nose pancreas and lungs are all kinda fucked up#if there were any merciful god in the world that would be the end of it cause that already sucks#but i'm also at risk for bone disease teeth problems diabetes higher risk of mental illness (i already have like 4-5 of those so yeah)#heart problems other lung problems and i think like kidney bladder problems has been brought up before that's fun#and the meds i'm on put at me at risk for cataracts#i've been lucky with most of these but my luck is gonna run out at some point :)#fully expecting to eventually end up having diabetes too cause now my dad has it.#and apparently my back is ever so slightly not curved right but that hasn't caused issues. Yet.#or maybe it has and we just don't know it. cause my back got so fucked up i needed surgery a couple years ago. we still don't know how#it's also easier for me to get sick so you can imagine i've been having a GREAT time during this pandemic#WHY does my BODY have so many PROBLEMS and POTENTIAL PROBLEMS#not looking forward to getting old. my body is already pretty fucked what's it gonna be like when normal people's bodies get fucked#made this post cause i've potentially got more bone problems who knows lmao#also if anybody's wondering i'm doing fine i'm on really good meds and i got the covid vaccine a while ago#it's just frustrating as ffffuck#5/10
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softsakusa · 11 hours ago
not now baby, mummy's writing a thesis on the mischaracterisation in haikyuu.
Tumblr media
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ishepretty · 14 hours ago
best sports clichè that will never get old:
the sexual tension between an established champion who is basically a living legend and the young lad destined to be his heir and end his supremacy
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treeni · 15 hours ago
Do you ever see your mutual posting online and are like !!!!!!!!! YOU! FRIEND! :D
And you wanna talk to them, but technically you're supposed to be doing stuff and any conversation with them would take much longer than you have time for?
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doemons-blog · 16 hours ago
no one told me thee biblical cain was on psych and I absolutely did not recognise him until I saw the credits and now I feel like I'm having an out of body experience every time I look at his face
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yoongistics · 17 hours ago
how is it that users with a hobi-related URL are just the most talented people ever
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