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pathoftheranger · an hour ago
Rewatching 1x02, I just noticed that Ian came home from scamming the dairy guy with V and asked Fiona if there was pizza left, to which she said that he needed to get actual breakfast food. So, he took out a carton of eggs, only it wasn’t for him. He had cereal and just made eggs for Carl, which I didn’t catch before.
Happy Sunday, everyone. It’s Ian Gallagher loving hours.
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myboymilkovich · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tami Tamietti In Every Episode
10x08 | Debbie Might Be A Prostitute
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udontfuckangie · 2 hours ago
Veronica Fisher has never done a wrong thing in her life. She is a strong POC. She runs a business. She mothers not only her children but these stupid Gallagher kids too. She deals with the king of himbos pretty much 24/7. She’s fucking gorgeous and oozes confidence. SHE is the one we should all stan and have fan accounts for.
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bazgallaghermilkovich · 2 hours ago
Do the rant: I dare you
Okay so them sleeping together in that van, with every part of Mickey fitting in perfectly against Ian is so fucking heartbreakingly beautiful, because they had missed each other so much, they'd craved each other so much, that they needed this-
They needed all parts of them touching, Mickey needed to be held by Ian because Ian's what kept me held together in the joint and Ian needed to hold Mickey, smell Mickey, because it's real, Mickey's here, Mickey's back in my arms again and I never want to let him go.
And they held hands because it anchored both of them, because we're back on the same side of glass again, and because this could be the one of the last times we ever intertwine hands again.
And they held on to each other so, so tight because this could be one of the last times they ever would, and fuck, if they aren't gonna make every single touch count.
And after, when Mickey's alone in the backseat of their fucking car in Mexico, and Ian's alone in his bed hearing his family continue to party; they close their eyes and hopelessly wish they were back in that van again
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recklessluke · 2 hours ago
mourning the end of shamless a lil more tonight
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thompsonconnors · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don’t you want a better life? No.
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jenatte · 3 hours ago
After receiving the news of Frank's death, the whole family sits in the kitchen. All thinking what to do with the news and how it will effect the young Gallaghers - Liam and Franny.
Soon enough, to lighten the mood one of them will say "Hey remember the time Frank.." The sentence itself is innocent enough, but it opens the box of pandora for all of them. Remembering the good and bad memories that turned into somehow hilarious ones.
They remember the Saint Francis and the bets they did on his next injury to collect money. They remember the time they had to dig Monica's grave. They remember Frank throwing them a racoon from upstairs. And all the Gallagher parties they had fun.
Lip remembers the day he graduated from high school and how they spent a day together. It was fun.
Ian remembers the day Frank walked in on Mickey and him at Kash&Grab. Making that awful pun. The family groans at that while Mickey mutters a "Shoulda let me kill him man"
Debbie remembers the time she followed Frank to that cult. And how she ended up giving birth in the kitchen table. (Mickey and Tami glare at the table in horror.)
Carl remembers the time Frank convinced him he had cancer. Lip and Ian have an epiphany, figuring out why he was that emotional and bald.
Liam remembers the scams mostly. He wasn't old enough to have bad memories about Frank. He remembers how he managed to fool Frank into coming to Ian and Mick's wedding and score a honeymoon car for them. How happy Frank looked for them.
Franny remembers the day she spent with Grandpa Frank. How he got a tattoo for her and how she helped tricking a lady at a store. How he said it's okay to be a boy.
The whole family laughs at the memories. Tami a bit traumatized, Mickey wondering what he married into. They decide to throw a little Gallagher party, while Kev and V are still there to send off Frank in the best way they know.
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pimpmickey · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
she’s the prettiest girl at the party, and she can prove it with a solid right hook.
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thesquidkid · 4 hours ago
It's Sunday. No episode. So instead I watched an hour long video of their love story.
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I head canon that Mickey had a boyfriend in Mexico.That’s what’s Ian jealous of the most lmao
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I can never get over the nine inches. NINE. that’s so insane mickey my boy are you okay??? 💀💀💀
ikr i am equal parts horrified, worried, and jealous
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Jealous Ian is my kink😌wish the show could show us more😔
i mean, fanfic is there for all of us ❤️
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Micks ass should be worshipped and satisfied not ABUSED😒
amen but canon don't care about us like that :/
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mickeys-ripped-jeans · 4 hours ago
I love Mickey’s approach to apartment selection and design and that he seems to use one simple test: what blow jobs will this get me?
Does it have a pool for underwater blowies? Is this chair the right height for my husband to have the best access?
Edited to add: The place also must have a lot of rooms to fuck in, of course
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so true about the unlubricated anal sex bestie. those writers don’t deserve rights 😒😒
like... they skip prep AND lube??? AND THEN GO AND TELL US 9 INCHES HELLOOOO???
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The writer who wrote “promise ring 🤡 ” also wrote 11x03 and 11x07,he’s responsible for the Mickey doesn’t like rimming and Jonas brother shit.I believe he’s fetishizing Mickey bc he only gave Mickey very detailed sexual sl,and doesn’t write other characters like that,not even Ian,but this’s only my personal opinion🤷🏼‍♀️
idk enough to speculate about motives of someone i don't know but damn those sl were weird af
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