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#Four People and A Shoelace
pilferingapples · a month ago
I remember in a post you once mentioned that Jehan Prouvaire and Bahorel are based on Victor Hugo's fellow Romantic friends. I think you said it was Nerval that he based Prouvaire on, and I have to ask...for Bahorel, is he based on Gautier? His fighting at La Bataille d'Hernani and his red doublet can't help but remind me of him, but I could be completely wrong.
Thank you for the ask, Nonny!
Bahorel is pretty openly a nod to Petrus Borel (the name itself is a bit more of an obvious nod in French pronunciation than in English); like Gerard, he was one of the big organizers in the Hernani showdown--and also like Gerard, died in the 1850s.  
Like Bahorel, Borel was a peasant’s son, and had a reputation for being extremely down to fight; politically, Gautier called him “the only true republican among us”.  As Philothee O’Neddy would point out, that was an exaggeration--but O’Neddy called Borel the Montagnard to his own more moderate “Girondin” republicanism, so the “extremely republican” association is still there.  And the scarlet waistcoats are very much there too; he was painted in one ( for a gallery showing; only the account of the painting seems to survive) and , apparently, arrested for wearing one(...he was arrested a lot, though...) and generally wore a lot of very openly political Fashion Statements. Unlike his fictionalized counterpart, Borel was never a law student (he was practically everything else at some point!); but very much like his fictional counterpart, he hated lawyers so much XD
(As for Gautier, he was avowedly apolitical; of his famous doublet, he said “In order to avoid wearing the infamous red of ‘93, I had admitted the slightest admixture of purple in the dye, for I was very desirous not to be suspected of any political intention. I was not an admirer of Saint-Just and Robespierre, as were some of my comrades...”  (It’s worth noting here that being ‘political’ at the time had a somewhat narrower meaning,and Gautier did a lot that would be considered political activism now, but at the time and in his own context, everyone including himself saw him as apolitical.)  If it weren’t for his noted in faith in art and Romanticism itself, it would be easier to link his general social/political outlook to Grantaire than anything, if that didn’t almost feel like slander against his personality :P  Hugo writing him into a red-hot revolutionary would have been hilarious-- and also almost certainly somewhat dangerous.  Gautier was still alive, still living in NIII’s  France, and there’s reasons Gautier was very anxious to not be suspected  of political intention. )
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pilferingapples · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
that article pointed out that Gautier's doublet was a Van Dyck " Self Portrait With Sunflower Reference"  and I was like " heck yeah time for Color Ref"  and did an image search and I
I’m feeling very sarcastic about life right now 
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pilferingapples · 3 months ago
wrsdthsdgklhf I’m cracking up  
In describing Borel as a figure straight out of a Velasquez painting, Gautier talks about the very figure [galbe] of his body (2011, 73; 1902, 37). Rather than taking on meaning through the application of a particular garment, Borel’s elegant body invoked the garment and its Baroque meaning all on its own... His body was capable even of changing the meaning of a conventional garment...  ( Fashioning Romanticism: the Petit Cénacle and the art of dress Catherine Talley, clipped out some quotes in French from Gautier’s HoR) 
she’s Not Wrong about that description and that’s why I’m giggling 
“ babe your body is a whole artistic movement” 
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aflamethatneverdies · 3 months ago
The most striking thing about the ostentatious garments of the Petit Cénacle, then, is that they were aggressively not in fashion. In telling his “legend of the red waistcoat”, Gautier recounts his tailor’s dismayed reaction to his description of the garment he wanted made: “On a dit que nous savions beaucoup de mots, mais nous n’en connaissons pas, il faut l’avouer, qui puissent exprimer suffisamment l’air ahuri de notre tailleur lorsque nous lui exposâmes ce plan de gilet. […] Il nous crut fou, mais […] il se contenta d’objecter d’une voix timide: ‘Mais, monsieur, ce n’est pas la mode’” (2011, 131) (“I have been told that I possess a very full vocabulary, but I cannot find words to express the amazed look of my tailor when I described the kind of waistcoat I wanted. […] He thought me crazy, but […] he merely objected in a timid voice: – ‘But that is not the fashion, sir,’” [1902, 132]).
The tailor’s reaction anticipates that of the audience at the premiere of Hernani, who were appalled and irritated by the poor taste (that is, the failure to conform to fashion) of Petit Cénacle dress. It was not only the conservative dressers, the staid gentlemen, who objected to the young Romantics’ clothing; the dandies, too, showed their disdain for the Petit Cénacle dress that distinguished itself not through Brumellian subtlety and restraint but through a wild rejection of the dominant fashion.
Petit Cénacle dress did function as a kind of anti-fashion, demonstrating its mastery of the contemporary idiom by countering male fashion point by point and rejecting the specific social meanings it used dress to transmit. But Petit Cénacle dress was also over-determined, invoking a multiform Romanticism in order to counter the broader bourgeois marginalization of aesthetics. Extending the Romantic project to include sartorial form meant questioning the very set of values that called for the creation of an autonomous aesthetic sphere to begin with, challenging the opposition between art and reality that bourgeois culture attempted to enforce, even in its sartorial codes. -Fashioning Romanticism: the Petit Cénacle and the art of dress, Catherine Talley
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pilferingapples · 5 months ago
Oh  Oh heck 
looking around for info on Romantics, as I do from time to time, I found one of O’Neddy’s poems from Feu et Flamme , Nécropolis ; I’m not going to past over the whole thing bc it’s long, but this bit: 
Sous la tombe muette oh ! comme on dort tranquille ! Sans changer de posture, on peut, dans cet asile, Des replis du linceul débarrassant sa main, L’unir aux doigts poudreux du squelette voisin.
seemed Relevant to LM studies. bc loosely translated , it reads as: 
“Under the silent tomb, oh! how tranquil one sleeps in this asylum! Without changing position, one can, folds of the shroud falling from the hand, Unite it with the powdery fingers of the neighboring skeleton!”
- which of course syncs nicely with this little bit in LM: 
 “ Oh! would that we were lying side by side in the same grave, hand in hand, and from time to time, in the darkness, gently caressing a finger,—that would suffice for my eternity! “ ( A Heart Under a Stone, aka Marius leaves Cosette a love letter) 
I’m definitely not accusing Hugo of “stealing” the idea, or even copying it-- Love in The Tomb was such a common idea for the Gothic Romantic crowd, that would be silly-- it’s just neat to see such a close image in a much-earlier Romantic poem from one of Hugo’s friends.  (the entire poem, and a much better translation, can be found here!)  ..OK, I gotta include the epigram O’Neddy starts the poem with, because it’s from Petrus Borel:
Sur la terre on est mal : sous la terre on est bien.
the Dramaaaaaaa 
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pilferingapples · 8 months ago
adfsghklhf O’Neddy :
People of imagination who are reading me, reawaken all the poetic memories of readings that you have made in the blue library. Recall all that you have seen there of passes of arms, tourneys, jousts and carousels, and have the kindness to imagine that all the merits scattered in those different acts of fin warfare are assembled and concentrated in the one that is unfolding at the feet of my heroine.  That kindness of your part will spare both of us a task: me the the labor of a description, and you the the tedium of reading it, or at least the simple tedium of skipping over a few lines.  (Philothee O’Neddy, The Enchanted Ring, trans. Brian Stableford
 (Stableford notes that the bibliothèque bleue  was the name given to a series of pamphlets with blue paper covers, in publication from the 17th to early 19th century; among other stories, it had digests of medieval romances, and translated the poetic ones into prose, popularizing them.) 
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pilferingapples · 8 months ago
It has been observed that the ideal of amour is far more inaccessible to the brushes of human expression than the ideal of dolor; and that impotence is no less the share of geniuses of the first order than secondary minds. Dante and Milton, so sublime with force and color  when they paint the terrors and the tortures of the Inferno, show themselves to be feeble and dull when they try to paint the splendors and delights of paradise. (O’Neddy, The Enchanted Ring)
“...look we all tapped out of the Paradiso verses, right? it wasn’t just me?”
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pilferingapples · 8 months ago
Oh, it is with my forehead in the dust that I protest my reverence, my respect and my veneration for (marriage)! On approaching its region I am subject to the sacred terror to which people were subject in antiquity as they approached the vicinity of the lair of Trophonius! ...Marriage! but every thinker, every reasoner, ought to adhere to it! Marriage, God’s truth, is the vertebral column of the social body.  It is more than a holy thing, it is a necessary thing, and it has an importance equal to the law of recruitment to military discipline, to the magistracy, to the gendarmerie, to the National Guard. -- Philothée O’Neddy, The Enchanted Ring, a Romance of Chivalry (1841)
 ..I was not expecting this story to subvert its entire form halfway through? at least not so blatantly?? I really thought we were just gonna surf along on undercurrents of Commentary but no, “I know writers who use subtext and they’re all cowards” is really just the banner for the whole crew huh 
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pilferingapples · 9 months ago
..okay I gotta scream into the void
Gautier’s original formulation of Art for Art’s Sake in the preface of Mlle de Maupin and the way he carried it out in his life is in no way an argument against interpreting and analyzing art for its craft, theme, or intention, but a protest against the combined pressures of conservative censorship and “progressive”  moral demands that art be Socially Uplifting; the argument is explicitly that art has a right to exist  and doesn’t need some greater justification of “ usefulness”  or moral purity or immediate apparent social relevance, it’s good in itself and it has a right to be shocking, transgressive, “ useless” or just plain bad ; it’s not above critique but it should be above banning 
he was a writer and a critic and intensely fannish, he loved talking about craft and intent and meaning, Art for Art’s Sake isn’t “ shut up and don’t think about it”,  it’s “ art gets to Exist” , from a writer who was working in a censoriffic setting with a lot of social pressure to write towards political agendas
things get messy around Gautier’s Opinions on Things a lot bc he’s always regarded as Apolitical but again he was a writer and artist , he had BIG feelings about writers and artists getting censored and banned; he didn’t see that as particularly Political for multiple reasons and the fact that Free Speech is very political in our current model doesn’t change that 
this isn’t even about a single particular take I just gotta have feelings about this right now apparently!! 
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pilferingapples · 9 months ago
Someone else talking about La Morte Amoreuse/ Clarimonde! Although weirdly briefly?  Most of the video is a quick surface intro on  Gautier that’s ...very surface (as she says, it’s really hard to find stuff on him if you don’t know where to look)  and inadvertently entertaining to me at points for reasons the vidmaker can’t be expected to know ( any time people talk about Gautier’s Wild Dark edginess I can’t help feeling a certain “ Bubbles is HARDCORE!!” mood)  (also lol at “ he had three mistresses”  which ..yes, in the same way I’ve had three birthdays) (fighting my urge to go and gush about Gautier on the comments to the vid so I’m doing that here apparently!) , but it’s a fun and fairly quick little review from someone who isn’t already entirely soaking in French Romanticism  (or at least wasn’t when the vid was posted a year ago!).
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pilferingapples · 11 months ago
WHOOOO I got my copy of The Enchanted Ring!:D 
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pilferingapples · a year ago
... enfin elle ouvrit, et trois ou quatre chats, de grosseur et de pelage différents, allèrent prendre place sans façon dans le lit, à côté du passionné Rodolphe ; car, après les femmes, les bêtes étaient ce qu’il aimait le mieux. Il les aimait comme une vieille fille, comme une dévote dont son confesseur même ne veut plus, et je puis assurer qu’il mettait un chat infiniment au-dessus d’un homme, et immédiatement au-dessous d’une femme. Albert avait essayé en vain de supplanter, dans l’affection de Rodolphe, Tom, son gros matou tigré : il n’avait pu obtenir que la seconde place.
...Mariette apporta le déjeuner. Albert s’attabla auprès du lit, et toutes les têtes de chats, comme des girouettes dans le même rhumb de vent, se tournèrent simultanément du même côté. Albert mangea comme une meute de dogues, Rodolphe un peu moins, car il était inquiet du sort de sa pièce de vers, et il distribua presque toute sa viande à ses parasites fourrés.
We Now Interrupt This Story To Talk About How Great Cats Are, Sucks to Be Anything Else In This Story Because Now It’s About Cats and Their Tiny Pawses
(..from a short -ish story by Gautier, as if that wasn’t obvious:P) 
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pilferingapples · a year ago
just started reading The Cross of Berny , an epistolary novel written as a collaborative experiment between Delphine Gay-Girardin, Jules Sandeau, Mery, and Theophile Gautier, with them each writing the letters of a single character in reply to one or more of the others , wondering if I can tell which one is Gautier (the only one of the four I’ve read enough to really try) without checking the guide
Letter One:  Hello I am a woman and an absolute Romantic and I am going to Cause Problems on Purpose because the world needs. DRAMA. 
Letter Two: Woe! There is a great drama and mystery around the woman I love! Friend, I know you will laugh at me, but pity me in my romantic distress and give me your counsel!
Letter Three: buddy I am ABSOLUTELY laughing at you, but I applaud her sense of drama. My only counsel is that you should come be gay with me and the lads in this incredibly scenic landscape, which I shall now describe at length for five pages. 
it’s subtle but. I think I have A Guess. 
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pilferingapples · a year ago
Song of the Young France
friends ,Shoelace Fandom, I am in raptures;  stay with me through this long intro because I am here to share some Hot Takes on The Youths of 184-- :
My usual researchy wanderings have led me to Tait's Edinburgh Magazine, 1843 edition.   I know nothing about the magazine in general,except that it seems to be a collection of essays, poetry and fiction, and a lot of it at once. It's not important.   What IS important is that this edition has a short story titled " Young Scotland, Or, An Evening At Treport"  claiming to be written by a " Bon Gaultier" --probably a spoof of the " Bon Theo"  title that Gautier had already been given by his own contemporaries (btw this is absolutely not by him, it's in English and also he would never, ever, even in English, have rhymed " La Marseillaise"  with " gaze"  and " raise", actually I think you could probably have murdered him by pronouncing it that way in his presence , BUT ANYWAY:  
This truly fantastic story is just a reactionary snuffing and snorting at various countries'  Youth Movements, both artistic and political. It mocks " Young England" , "Young Ireland" , " Young Germany"  and, of course, " Young France" , via the main character, a conservative Scottish author who poses as a representative of " Young Scotland" .  the Young France crowd is particularly distinguished by being given names of actual French writers-- Soulie and Paul de Kock-- while the rest are just assigned descriptions.  It's all entertainingly overwrought, in the way that MILLENNIALS ARE KILLING THE INDUSTRY articles often are. 
But the True Glory comes when the various Young Nation groups start singing the Song of Their People.  Friends , I give you...The Chanson of the Jeunes France , As Apparently Invented By An English Speaker Who Maybe Met a French Person Once :
The kings and queens are met-- ah, bah! The kings and queens-- ah, ca ira! They do not shrink--they cannot hear 
The voice that whispers in their ear The knell of doom, the words of fear,  Which makes the hearts of prince and peer Most commonly feel rather queer--  Young France is near! Young France is near! Chorus:  Fraternité! Egalité! Indivisibilité! 
The kings and queens are met-- ah, bah! The kings and queens-- ah, ca ira!
What though the brave Fieschi's cold And Girardin beneath the mould  And young Napoleon bought and sold,  Our knives are sharp, our hearts are bold, And still we'll thunder, as of old,  Despite their foreign arms and gold, Fraternité! Egalité!Indivisibilité!
The kings and queens are met-- ah, bah! The kings and queens-- ah, ca ira! Let tyrants toil and plot in vain,  They shall not forge for us again  The fetters and the clanking chain  While France hath sons to raise the strain  With accents hoarse and loud refrain A bas Philippe! a bas la Reine! 
(chorus)   The kings and queens are met-- ah, bah! The kings and queens-- ah, ca ira!
They walk through Treport undismayed And yet, ere now, in Freedom's aid,  Machines infernal have been made! The powder's dry-- the train is laid--  And up they go, midst fire and shade Like corks from bottled lemonade! (Chorus)  The kings and queens are met-- ah, bah! The kings and queens-- ah, ca ira! Poor idle despots, go your ways!  Ye cannot meet Young France's gaze;  Yet shall you hear with sore amaze,  The war-chant of the Marseillaise,  On one of these delicious days  And thousand throats the cry shall raise ,  Fraternité! Egalité! Indivisibilité!
The kings and queens are met-- ah, bah! The kings and queens-- ah, ca ira! Soon on the streets the bold Poissarde Shall o'er them mount resistless guard  The voice of Soulie, (peerless bard!) In tuneful accents shall be heard Proclaiming their deserved reward (chorus) The kings and queens are met-- ah, bah! The kings and queens-- ah, ca ira! Still o'er our heads the lantern swings,  The guillotine still gaily rings,  With several other playful things  Somewhat disliked by queens and kings! The Gallic cock still flaps his wings;  And still the bird of Freedom sings  Fraternité! Egalité! Indivisibilité!
The kings and queens are met-- ah, bah! The kings and queens-- ah, ca ira! A bas Philippe! A bas Guizot! A bas with Angleterre also, And every other foreign foe;  And every man and King we know ,  That would resist their overthrow! The throne, the altar, down must go  To the infernal shades below  Then let Young France her trumpet blow!  Avances, Messieurs, chantes haut!
Fraternité! Egalité! Indivisibilité! 
Tumblr media
(it is noted in the story that this song terrifies the Young England guys and all the respectable patrons , and also that the Young France guys are  BEARDED. The horror  )
Anyway, the point of this story is pretty much just to mock the silly youthful idealism of wanting artistic freedom and a representative government; it’s full of what a monarchist of the day apparently thought constituted some Sick Burns on “reformers” and worth checking out if you’re into this sort of thing! 
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pilferingapples · a year ago
Did the ask send for the Character game? If not, Gautier for the Shoelace Fandom and Prouvaire for Les Mis? :D
:D I’m answering someone else for Prouvaire but!! Gautier!:D
First impressionOkay , listen: the first sort-of-in-depth thing about him I read was Starkie talking about him. My first impression was WRONG and that is all I am gonna say, you know how it is. 
Impression now:
How does an actual adult human have the same emotional energy as a particularly cuddly cat ?? I’d normally feel a little weird about thinking a real person who actually lived was adorable  except that apparently everyone who knew him also thought so?? He’s like the bookstore cat of French Romanticism, and also everyone’s Best First Person Source, thank you Theo for writing things down,like a writer,  please yell at all your friends about this :P  
Favorite moment
oh geez there are actually a ton but I’m gonna go with the bit in his Spanish trip where he has to walk along an entire hallway  without getting pats holding his friend’s hand and thus by the time he reaches the end he is existentially sure that he is alone in the world  and also will  never be fed, ever again, woe ; it’s just so purely him? 
(close second though is him showing up George Sand’s place and promptly announcing it’s Time For Naps and the two Great Minds there just sacking out for the afternoon. Who says artists aren’t Practical XD) 
Idea for a story
it’s so easy to put him in the middle of stories? it’s like he’s built to be the Audience POV Character. I really just want some good adaptations of the things he wrote about!!..also, I am not the one to write it, but he deserves  slash fiction about him and his friends. Blah blah historical figures aren’t fictional blah, he set us up for every tropey fic about them and I feel like we’ve Failed them by not having Theo/etc fic all over AO3 XD
Unpopular opinion
 I feel like there is weirdly little attention given to his role in the Romanticist/artistic community? And it’s what he put so much of his heart into-- his life’s work at least as much as his own poetry. There are artists and writers who can be evaluated fairly individually, but Gautier was always and intentionally a Romantic among Romantics , and I would love to see more discussion of that both in his life and in his work! 
Favorite relationship
oof so many?? he’s great with everyone..ah, let’s say Gerard, I’m a sucker for a good Childhood-to-Lifelong-Friendship :D And they both actively save each others’ lives in so many ways? it’s all awfully Emotional ;__; 
Favorite headcanon
...I am beginning  to develop narratives that involve filling in some historical gaps and probably headcanons will emerge, but really, he told us so much right out it gets hard to think of a soundbite-level thing?
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pilferingapples · a year ago
Shoelace Fandom!!! Shoelace Fandom!!! Aaa okay, Nerval or Borel? Or if you want, Feuilly for Les Mis? :D
 He Just oh wow Many Lots , thank you for the distraction!
First impression: I’m certain it was just reading someone mention on a post that he was something of an inspiration for Bahorel’s character.  I thought “ oh, I love Bahorel, that’s so funny , I should look into that.”  
Impression now-  WELL GEE HE SURE AS HECK WAS I FRIGGING GUESS , who gave this fictional character a gateway into existing in real life?? how was this an actual person?? ..also, following on that: how did this apparently somehow For Real Actual Person who was, by the account of pretty much everyone who even saw him across a crowded theater just once, one of the loudest, most noticeable, most standout people in a movement full of incredibly noticeable people managed to just do a History Fade?? if it weren’t a few minor historical artifacts I’d be half convinced he was a persona the Young Romantics made up as a symbol and group pseudonym for their most controversial work!  
Favorite moment: ...the guy is nothing but Alarming Stories By Friends but I think him demolition-ing his own construction project because someone wanted it to look Neoclassical  is surely one of the best, even if it is apocryphal (and I don’t know that it is even!! we all know he would! ) 
Idea for a story: ...what could I even make up about him as a person/character that people don’t already say he actually diduh Sentaii AU? Sentai AU. The Jeunes France as a whole are so prime for it , anyway- they even color coded themselves! how often are historical groups that convenient for us, really XD
Unpopular opinion: definitely not uncommon in our tiny cenacle , but I think his role in the Romanticist /weirdo artist community is still underestimated--extremely so, even. but if I get into that more, this will get WAY too long for a three character ask game..!XD
Favorite relationship:  ...dang it I really  want to know more about him and Gerard , they seem to have been incredibly close for a while in a very particular way (and no I do not mean just  ‘ probably they were sleeping together’ , that’s almost a given in this group, but they seem to have had a particular...I don’t know, Understanding Of Mutual Strangeness? , that really stands out between two people who were, yes,both notably Unusual but in very different ways)
Favorite headcanon- I appreciate how we all seem to have accepted that Petrus Borel Never Dies, he will Forever Appear Bearing Illegal Literature In Times of Social Disorder.  It’s What He’d Want. 
First impression-  this one I actually heard about outside of LM fandom “ the guy with the lobster” .  Well. 
Impression now-- oh geez I’m super emotional about him, BUT:  I think he’s been unfairly treated by even a lot of his post-death fans in being reduced to a Tragic Figure?  Reading his own actual work, and even his personal letters, he’s strikingly funny, self-aware, and aggressively engaged with the world in a way I often find missing from writers considered to be more “ realistic” .  I admire the hell out of how he managed to write out so much of his own vision of the world and stay so curious and involved in life while dealing with severe untreatable mental health issues and  the nightmareverse that was the first-half-of-19C France.  
Favorite moment-  LET’S GO TO OLYMPUS , it’s just one God Mountain, how far can it be?? 
Idea for a story- ..listen if I could work out how I want a Magnus Archives AU to resolve--- ! but I can’t! but I keep thinking about it!! 
Unpopular opinion-  I really do not like the way he gets talked about as a Helpless Tragic Figure? He managed to have a full, independent life, travel, write, work with some of the most famous people of his day, and was a central figure in his own community,while dealing not only with the problem of his mental illness but the really terrifying situation of how people in the 19th century treated people with mental illness. I get exhausted dealing with ableism now, he was out there looking people in the eye who knew  he’d been institutionalized and were openly surprised he was out again and he was still demanding respect. Badass.  
Favorite relationship- see above, but I also want to know more about his relationship with his mother’s family, especially his aunt? 
Favorite headcanon- He Just Turned Into a Bird And Flew Away, Okay  
First impression
“ ...why is he so hung up on Poland? Is he Okay?”  (listen, I was 21, I am a USAn, my knowledge of international history was Not Super) 
Impression now
We should cut all Gillenormand’s big speeches and give the pagetime to Feuilly to talk about International Affairs. No but seriously, he’s come to have such a distinct personality to me through his Symbolism and his tiny moments in the barricade sequence ! I love him, he deserves More Time-- and yet I realize if Hugo actually put More Time into writing a specific worker that would probably have been Not Great, so...good job knowing your limits on this maybe, Hugo??(also I remain baffled that an Orphan With A Mysterious Past in a sprawling 19C novel never has that past examined even a little , he’s just an orphan! we don’t know why! we never learn anything about his family!  it’s practically daring.) 
Favorite moment
His sense of betrayal at the barricade!  It’s such an idealistic moment--even after 1830, he really expected the high-profile republican leadership to come through for them!-- and I really appreciate that at least one of the fighters there gets to be angry that they’ve been left out to dry (they were! they really were!)  instead of needing to be Better Than That. 
Idea for a story
..if I were going to try to write fic, I would probably try to write the series where Feuilly has Various Roommates, with Hilarious Results :D I’d also love more research-powered fic about him in his life outside the Amis group? the One Guy in the atelier (who’s not the boss/shop owner) is a really interesting hook!
Unpopular opinion
..I don’t think of him as a redhead, still :P --Is it still Relatively Unpopular to think that Feuilly is  popular?  I don’t think he’s an isolated person outside of Les Amis at all; he’s a community-minded guy who cares warmly about other people and seems like he’s especially concerned with the situation for immigrants, there are surely more invitations and requests for his company than he can ever answer on his schedule.
Favorite relationship
--with Enjolras, both for what (tragically little ) we see of it, and for the sheer Symbolism XD
Favorite headcanonPractically everything about Feuilly’s life is headcanon!XD-but probably my favorite is that he’s an oblivious Neighborhood Dreamboat with a dozen people swooning over him. He doesn’t mind! He doesn’t notice! He thinks it’s just great how everyone in his apartment is happy to talk about international justice! 
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echofield · 10 days ago
Short!Anon here! You’ve fulfilled my request exquisitely! I was just wheeze-laughing in my home, trying not to alert the company I had over. I’d love a continuation of the ShortRage!MC, if that’s okay. What about: Luke&MC back from Purgatory Hall to House of Lamentation (after a nice baking lesson) and some demons try to attack some “easy” prey. MC just basically recreates The Killer Rabbit scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. What would be Lucifer, Barbatos and Solomon’s reactions?
Short Nonny, I'm glad I made you happy! I love writing for feral mc, they are my new icon-
Rage Filled Mc Protects Their Angel Son- Part 2!
It was just supposed to be a calm night. Attempting to fistfight Mammon to the death at RAD earlier that day to protect your angel son, then being held back by the future king of the Devildom, writhing as though you were a racoon infected with super rabies was aPpArEnTlY a bad idea. You got lectured for FOUR hours by a pompous prick who you decided would one day have his ankles stolen by your little gremlin hands. The rest of the day went by peacefully, and you went with Luke to have a nice baking session, wherein he did the baking and you violently kneaded the dough to destress- very violently- are you okay did Lucifer make you that angry? Luke was concerned. After your wholesome baking sesh and discussing recent RAD drama, you invited Luke over to the HOL to watch a movie about the supreme power of short people (written by a short person) called “Short. Average. Tall. Says Their Average But Is Actually Short. Long Ago, The Four Nations Lived Together In Harmony. Then Everything Changed When Those Bastards, The Tall Nation Attacked”. It's the film that inspired you from a young age to become a feral beast, and an unstoppable force of nature. Its a fucking classic, you had to share this experience with your son! Solomon tagged along for no apparent reason other than he found your crackhead antics amusing. The walk started fine, you were joking around talking to Luke, Solomon trailing a distance behind you, but oUt oF nOwHeRe SOME FERAL DEMON SHOWED UP AND TRIED TO ATTACK WHAT HE THOUGHT WAS EASY PREY (he very clearly walked down the street and slapped Luke in the forehead, before grabbing his hair). Little does the poor fucker know how much he fucked up-
Solomon was about to step in and tell the demon to fuck off
But before he had the chance you leapt into action
Quite literally, you fucking pounced upon the poor guy
Scratching and screaming, pretty sure you bit the guy at least twice
Solomon fucking lost it
Crumpled to the ground wheezing like he’s been smoking forty packs of cigarettes every day for the past twenty years
Tears definitely welled up in his eyes
What in the flying fuck-
Tiny little mortal human, attacking a demon triple their size and weight
You didn’t even hesitate
You were like a mixture between an angry cobra, a feral bear, and a horny lion
There was nothing but rage in your eyes
Solomon is physically struggling to breathe, this was just so funny to him
He could have stopped this at any point in time, probably had a pact with the asshole that grabbed the precious bean Luke
Decided not to, this was way more amusing
Questioning through sobs of laughter whether you could take on Diavolo with this amount of rage and a little magic
At some point he started recording???
And you started strangling the demon with a shoelace??
Asmo was going to get a fucking kick out of this one ffs
Is also totally going to send this to Simeon to watch him panic
Doesn’t remember when Barbatos got there
You are finally pulled off the traumatized demon
He looks like he’s seen a fate worse than hell
And that's YOU
Luke checks his watch
Solomon will never forget this moment, if you could take on a demon with such simplicity after your hysteric strength kicked in, he doesn’t want to find out what you could do to him
You could probably steal his bones
Barb was out running a few late night errands
He had dismissed your previous violent outburst, it was no longer even a thought in his mind
Or, it wasn’t until he heard a commotion coming from a nearby street
Curiosity got the better of him and he walked over
He was not prepared
He was DEFINITELY not prepared
He took just a moment to take in the scene
Solomon on the ground, tears in his eyes, wheezing, and possibly recording
Luke standing nearby playing demon crush on his DDD, very disinterested in the fuckfest before him
And then...there was you…
Sitting atop a demons shoulders, choking him out with a shoelace
Where did you even get that shit you’re wearing VELCRO SHOES
The demon also had visible scratches and-
Did you just try and bite his ear off????
Decides to step in before you commit a fucking homicide
Oh Dante what were they going to do with you
Imagine a newborn infant
Who suddenly gained the power of a ninja
And wants nothing more than to watch the world burn while roasting marshmallows upon the flames
That's basically you
He has to use all his force to pull you off the demon
Hands around your waist, one leg on the ground, the other pushing the demons back
Manages to pull you off but at what cost
Drags the three of you to the HOL
Good luck with Lucifer, he isn’t paid enough to babysit
Five minutes before Barbatos dropped you off, he knew.
How did he know?
Solomon posted a video to devilgram
Of you fucking up some poor low class demons face
His brothers are all in the common room watching the video on repeat, laughing
Except Mammon who, is just having funky fresh war flashbacks
Knows that demons pain
Lucifer is impressed don't get me wrong
You are able to handle yourself very well, makes things easier for him- or at least it would
Doesn’t need to set you up with an escort- BUT HOLY FUCK YOU ARE DEFINITELY GETTING A BABYSITTER
You are going to be put on one of those baby leashes
Everywhere you go
Beel suggests a spray bottle, a valid suggestion
Lucifer is waiting, in his demon form when you walk through the door
Gets on your case immediately
You tell him to bippity boppity back the fuck up
Mammon warns him to tread carefully, you were still worked up
Lectures you, Luke, and Solomon- who has yet to recover
His lungs probably never will
You are stuck on cleaning and cooking duty for the rest of the week
And now need to be babysat whenever Luke is around
Honestly both impressed and furious
Good luck recovering from this
But hey at least you went devildom viral-
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Review: The Immortals
Tumblr media
During World War II, four chaplains were assigned to the SS Dorchester with more than 900 men on board. Alexander Goode, a Jewish rabbi; John Washington, a Catholic priest; George Fox, a Methodist minister; and Clark Poling, a Baptist minister, all offered comfort, reassurances, and prayers along with a warning from the captain that a German submarine was hunting their convoy.
Thoroughly researched and told in an engrossing nonfiction narrative, this true story alternates between accounts told from the perspective of the Nazi U-boat captain and his crew (as found in their journals and later interviews) and survivors from the Dorchester who credit the four chaplains with saving their lives after their ship was torpedoed.
The celebrated story of the men who became known as the Immortal Chaplains is now joined for the first time in print by the largely untold story of another hero: Charles Water David Jr. A young Black petty officer aboard a coast guard cutter traveling with the Dorchester, Charles bravely dived into the glacial water over and over again, even with hypothermia setting in, to try to rescue those the chaplains had inspired to never give up.
Page-turning and inspiring, The Immortals explores the power of both faith and sacrifice and powerfully narrates the lives of five heroic men who believed in something greater than themselves, giving their all for people of vastly different beliefs and backgrounds.
Called the Immortal Chaplains, these four men were on board the SS Dorchester when it sank in the arctic waters off of Greenland on February 3, 1943, after being hit by a German U-boat. They used their own lives to save others by giving those in need their lifejackets, gloves, and shoelaces to survive. During this era members of different faiths did not associate with each other, thus the four of them working together as a team throughout their time on the SS Dorchester and while it was sinking, made these men into the memorial heroes we remember and treasure today. However, there was a fifth hero that helped out during the SS Dorchester despite it not being part of his duty because he was Black. It was not in Petty Officer Charles Water David Jr. 's duty to help, but he did anyway, being the first to step up, Charles and his team managed to save 93 men from death, before ultimately losing his own life to the sea after successfully saving his friend. Throughout this story, Steven Collis tells the life these five men lived, their time at sea, and what happened to their families afterward. These men were heroes of the World War Two era, and gave up their lives so that others could live, as when the SS Dorchester sank it killed 674 out of 904 people on board, and it would have been more without our five heroes. 
What a powerful and moving story that Steven Collis presents within this novel. This story documents the lives of the four Immortal Chaplains plus the life of Charles Water David Jr. who is only recently making headlines for his contribution to the effort of saving lives when the SS Dorchester sank. Collis put a lot of work and research into this novel, from documenting the early lives of our five heroes, what people said about them when they were about the sea, and how their deaths impacted their families, all the men had wives with young children waiting for their return. Where this book is about faith, as four out of the five men were chaplains, religion and faith were not a huge part of the story but did speak to the character of each of the men who did what they did out of faith as that is what their God intended them to do. Collins mentioned several times how close their four chaplains were together, and made note of how rare and odd it was seeing these men of different faith act as if best friends towards each other. The main issue with this novel is that its writing style was a bit weird sometimes, as it had the making of a history textbook but told in a narrative way, kind of like a written documentary. Divided into three parts, Collis had long chapters that were divided into paragraphs, allowing it to be easy reading, as Collis switched between each of the five men and their lives that led them to save the lives of those aboard the SS Dorchester while tragically losing their own. Overall, this novel was heartbreakingly beautiful, allowing recognition to our five heroes, and made sure that their names will forever be remembered throughout history.
Alexander Goode
John Washington
George Fox
Clark Poling
Charles Water David Jr
Thank you for your sacrifice
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