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#bts drabble
eleana-lee · 54 minutes ago
You First
jeongguk grew up to be a kind and considerate baby, and yoongi honestly couldn't ask for more.  he was well-mannered and polite too, and every time someone praised jeongguk, yoongi felt his chest swell with pride.
one of the things jeongguk learned to do was to look after other people in simple ways.
"dada, aah," jeongguk said as he held up a fry from the share plate towards yoongi.
yoongi grinned as he accepted the fry and jeongguk nodded in satisfaction.  he turned to pick one up for himself while yoongi ate, then picked up another for yoongi.
and lately it wasn't just limited to yoongi.  the seven of them found themselves at a family restaurant that just opened in town.  jimin ordered a platter of mochi for jeongguk to snack on while they were waiting for the main meals to come out.
"oo, pity," jeongguk said as he picked up one of the mochi.  it was white with a light pink dusting on it.  "min, aah."
"for me?" jimin asked.
jeongguk nodded.  "aah."
jimin accepted the mochi and jeongguk nodded in satisfaction.  he picked up another one and fed it to seokjin, and it went on until everyone had one, then he took one for himself.
"ah, hyung, you really raised ggukie well," taehyung commented.
yoongi grinned in pride and hugged jeongguk tighter.
jeongguk looked up at him curiously but decided to just enjoy the cuddles.
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taniie · 9 hours ago
# sex yeah
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
an; sorry for my inactivity with this series </3 i’ve been extremely busy. hopefully by the summer i can update it more often, this is also a little rushed.
pairing: jjk x reader
rating: T
cc: [2/?]
cw: jks gf acts like a toddler, oc is tired of her, jk is just ….. stupid he is a himbo 😞 word sex is used but there is no actual sex
second installment of my idlygf series :)
♪ ; sex yeah - mariana and the diamonds
➤ prev||next
series masterlist
Tumblr media
Of course it's you who had to bump into Jungkook and his girlfriend at the most unlikely places. The convenient store. You hadn't even noticed them standing next to you until you got an oddly rough tap on your shoulder, whoever this was sure was an asshole.
You looked to your right, where the tap had come from, low and behold, Jungkook and his mean girlfriend. You were met with a pair of big soft eyes and a pair of cold ones.
You had seen her saying something but the words were inaudible, the music in your ears stopped you from hearing her squeaky voice. Thank God.
You reached to your ear to take out the hello kitty earbud out of your ear so you could hear her, but it seems someone did that for you already. Her pink polished nails reached up and yanked it out of your ear.
“Can you not hear? I said, move so Kook can get his slushie.” God, you want nothing but to box her face in right then and there, but it's likely that you would get kicked out for harassing a fellow customer.
it’s so fucking stupid.
“It’s okay baby, she was here first. She’s going to leave in a minute.” He rested his hand on her forearm and stroked it gently, in attempts to calm her down from her unnecessary meltdown;She shoved his hand away and let out a frustrated grunt.
“No! She’s been standing here for too fucking long and you wanted the slushie while we were walking to your house!” Like some kind of oversized toddler, she threw her hands by her side and stamped her foot on the ground, it almost looked like she was about to start crying.
“I have literally been standing here for two minut-“ She let out another obnoxious groan and cut your sentence short.
“Just shut up and move!” The unamused look on your face only seemed to anger her more. Did she want a reaction out of you or something? You had only been standing at the machine for two minutes? You were told you act like a child from time to time, but sheesh.
“Baby! Look at me, it’s fine. Let Y/N get her slushie okay?” He cradled her in his arms and made quiet ‘shh’ noises in her ear like she was a baby throwing a tantrum in an airport.
You rolled your eyes at the two and continued to fill your cup with the blue raspberry slush.
“Later.” You said with a tight lipped smile, you could still see that she was fuming. A small smirk danced on your face as you walked to the register.
Tumblr media
You rested on your stomach with your hands holding up your head as you watched mean girls for the upteenth time this week. You wondered which character you resembled, Karen maybe? No! Its Regina, wait no it-
the sound of your phone ringing snapped you out of your train of thought, it’s…jungkook? What could he possibly want from you at 11:30 pm on a Tuesday night? You hesitantly clicked accept and raised the phone to your ear,
“Hello?” you heard a faint giggle at the other end of the line.
“Hey Y/N! You dropped your phone charm at the convenient store, thought I’d let you know, since you love it.” You felt yourself swoon at the kind gesture,
“Thank you Kook, I kinda didn’t notice but thanks for telling me.” another giggle bubbled from his throat, he must have been drunk.
“It’s no problem. Also, sorry for my girlfriend. She’s usually never this-“ a hiccup erupted from his throat,
“This bratty. Hope it didn’t bother you too much.” You didn’t need to see his face to know he was smiling like an idiot on the other end, you’re just wondering why he’s shitfaced on a school night.
“It’s fine Kook, thanks for telling me,” He giggled once more.
“I have to go now, you can *hiccup* come by tomorrow to pick it up,”
“Alright, bye.” A sigh escaped your lips as you hung up the phone.
You liked Jungkook, you really did. You had always denied your feelings for Jungkook extremely well, you always hid behind the excuse that he was your childhood best friend and hearing him give you such vulgar compliments was unusual and it flustered you. You’re surprised the excuse still worked since he hasn’t used one of those remarks towards you since you guys were 16.
It was only partially true, but it was mostly due to the fact that he made you horny by simply breathing. typical.
With another sigh, you set your phone on your nightstand and climbed into bed, with Marina and The Diamonds’s ‘Sex Yeah’ playing on your old stereo you’d gotten from your mother.
You shut your eyes while the music filled your ears. Tomorrow was a Wednesday, which was by far the worst day of the week.
And you were not looking forward to it
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angellgguk · 10 hours ago
I’ve missed you so much!!
May I please have some headcanons, where OC is upset maybe even crying and she cuddles with Daddy Jin for comfort, while rubbing his scarred tattoo? I’m a sucker for a inked up Daddy Jin, pls forgive me 👀
Hello luv!!! I missed writing too and I'm really sorry that this took a long time but I hope you like this!!
Warning/s [ dead pet mentions, tattoos ]
“That dog is dead” your husband reminds you as he shrugs his jacket off and walk inside his closet to take his watch off and to grab his pajamas. He sighs and holds onto the bathroom’s door handle when he doesn’t hear you sniffles ceasing but being aware of the soul you owned he decided to let you calm down on your own.
Seokjin realizes that leaving you alone made nothing better as you were still laying on your stomach while sobbing into the pillow, making the silk wet. He grunts and walks up to you to turn you around by your shoulder. He had to keep himself from gasping at your bloated face and blood red eyes staring back at him.
He throws his night shirt aside and sits down as he pulls you into his lap, making you crawl into him with your blazing forehead placed on his warm chest. “How long are you going to mourn for?” you whined and rubbed your nose against his bare skin while clutching onto his arm.
He hesitantly brought a hand to hold your waist in place while the other came down to push your hair away from your face. “Get over it already, you’ve been crying for the whole day with no food” he reminds as he tucks heavy strands behind your ear before wiping your tears away with his thumb.
Your sighs are hot against him as you let it out heavy while trying your best to keep your heavy lids open despite them pleading you to close them. Your hand drops down from his arm to his lap, he silently watches with a smile as your sniffles slow down and your hand instinctively comes up to caress the ink imprinted on his chest over the scar he swore and chose to never heal.
He holds your fingers to guide across his numerals, your lips part against his chest as you trace the ink ever so carefully with him watching down to notice your lids forcing itself close. It doesn’t take too long for you to fall asleep against him with your worries thrown against the back and your fingers clutching desperately onto his skin.
Seokjin doesn’t dare move much as he places you back down and pulls the comforter over your heated body. The smile that had grace itself upon his face wipes away when your hands fall beside you and no longer touches his skin, he can’t have his comfort taken away so soon.
He shudders a sigh out and rests his body next to yours and pulls you closer. As your body curls into him he wraps an arm around your waist and uses the other to bring your slender fingers towards the sin he carved himself with.
A satisfied sigh leaves him when you start to once again cover his tattoo with your palm, he holds his hand over yours and promises to not move for the rest of the night if it was to keep everything he could ever desire hold onto the most sacred place.
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blu-joons · 11 hours ago
Bail Out ~ Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
As you continued to watch happy couples, friends, families, walk in and out of the restaurant, your heart shattered as you stared at the empty seat that was across from you. You’d tried Jin’s phone more times than you cared to remember, but he was yet to respond.
Even the waiters had come to you with sympathy and offerings of company, struggling to see you sat all alone. You could almost imagine them sniggering in the back as you assured them time and time again that you were waiting for your boyfriend to arrive.
After an hour had passed, you dialled his number once again, surprised not only when you heard the call connect, but also heard Jin’s voice on the other end of the line. “What’s going on, has something happened Y/N?”
Instantly, your heart sunk, placing the glass of wine that you held in your hand to the table. “You’ve forgotten, haven’t you?”
“Forgotten what?” He asked innocently, wracking his brain to try and figure out what you were referring to.
As he continued to hum as he thought, you could hear the laughter of someone else on the other end of the line. It was a sound that you recognised, you knew exactly who it belonged to and exactly who Jin had chosen to be with.
“We had reservations,” you finally spoke, fed up with listening to him try to remember, “do you not remember that we agreed to go out for dinner tonight?”
Your eyes rolled, covering your face with your hands to shield yourself from anyone else seeing you as your eyes began to water. You couldn’t quite believe the audacity of him.
“I see you had a better offer,” you sighed, hearing several of apologies be uttered from Jin on the other end of the call. “Did you forget our date night Jin, or did you just get a better offer to spend the evening with Hyohyun?”
“Y/N,” he whispered, excusing himself from the table that he sat at with Hyohyun in a restaurant just a few streets away from where you were, “I would never have come to see Hyohyun if I remembered that we had date night tonight.”
Your head shook, struggling to find it within yourself to believe him, “I appreciate that she’s your friend Jin, but what about me? What am I supposed to do tonight now?”
As another waiter passed you by with a soft smile, you could feel the red tint in your cheeks of humiliation. You’d never felt so embarrassed, let alone to be left feeling so alone at the hands of your boyfriend too.
“Let’s reschedule,” he suggested as if that was the easiest answer, as if it didn’t matter to him that you were all alone, despite being promised that you were his priority time and time again.
Each time he spoke, your frustrations grew bigger and bigger. Jin knew he’d mucked up, he didn’t need to hear you sigh on the other end of the line, it was only adding to the guilt that he felt as he sat outside the restaurant.
“I don’t want to reschedule,” you boldly stated, waving one of the waiters down to bring your check across to you. “There’s no point when I’m being let down time and time again Jin. You’ve got to see that this isn’t easy for me.”
His eyes glanced across the car park to his car, and then through the window of the restaurant to where Hyohyun still sat, waiting for him to reappear. His head and his heart were telling him two different things, but only one of them was right, which Jin knew.
“Stay where you are, I’ll be there,” he vowed, “twenty minutes, that’s all I ask. I won’t forget about you like you think I do Y/N, I promise.”
You paid off the bill that the waiter brought to you as Jin hung up the call. You could still feel their eyes watching you as if you were crazy, and perhaps you were for even trusting that Jin wouldn’t let you down for a second time in the night.
The wait for him was anxious, with each minute that passed your hope dwindled and the knots in your stomach pulled tighter. Each car that passed by caught your eye, but none of them belonged to Jin as you hoped.
Nineteen minutes passed, and your coat was on, ready to call your humiliating evening a night, when the door of the restaurant flew open and Jin stepped him. His eyes shot around the restaurant until he spotted you sat in a table by the window, staring across at him.
“I’m sorry,” he announced as soon as he was within earshot of you, walking past his chair and straight over to you, pressing a kiss against the top of your head. “I can’t even say sorry enough.”
You tried to remain still, despite the advances that he made to wrap his arms around your body. He’d made the effort, a little too late for your liking, and whilst you could forgive, you weren’t quite ready to forget straight away.
“If I remembered our date was tonight, I would have been here in a heartbeat,” he spoke, taking a hold of your hand as he finally sat to the table. “I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must have been for you to be here alone.”
“Embarrassing. Lonely. Scary,” you responded, poking your tongue against the inside of your lip.
With each emotion that you listed off, it felt like kick after kick in the teeth for Jin. He wasn’t stupid to not recognise when he’d messed up, especially judging by the expression that was on your face.
“I don’t expect to be perfect,” he sighed, squeezing gently at your hand, “but can we at least try and enjoy the rest of our evening together.”
“I’m three glasses of wine ahead of you,” you pointed out to him, nodding down at your empty glass, “I think you at least owe me my fourth glass of the evening to start with your apologies.”
Jin nodded diligently, smiling across to one of the waiters as they passed by, ordering himself a drink and you the largest glass of wine that they did on the menu. Your smile softly grew as he looked back at you once the order was sent.
“It might not seem it right now, but you’re my priority,” Jin spoke up yet again, “I don’t know what I can say to really put things right, but I just hope that you trust what I’m saying to you right now.”
“I’m glad that you’re here, that shows me that you care.”
“I do care,” he assured you, smiling across the table at you, “I love you, even if there are definitely times when I’m a bit of a fool. Even if sorry and a glass of wine isn’t enough tonight, I hope it goes part of the way to proving to you that I regret what’s happened.”
“Staying mad at you is useless,” you responded, finally allowing a small smile to appear on your face, “you’re right, we should at least try and enjoy the rest of the evening that we have together.”
“And you can have as much wine as you want on me to say sorry,” he sniggered.
“You’ll regret saying that.”
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blue-sidez · 12 hours ago
what are all of taehyung’s kinks or favorite things to do to you? i imagine him being the biggest giver
a kind of long and briefly explained list, as i said before, taehyung is an experimentalist. but before i get started, i have to let you know i'm 98% sure that taehyung doesn't do one night stands or fuck buddies, he won't perform his kinks unless you're in a stable relationship.
impreg kink — i can't stress this enough oh my god. i may sound like a broken record by now, but he! has! an! impreg! kink! loves to cum inside you and tell you how beautiful you'd look carrying his child. he'd be over the moon when you tell him you're ready to become parents. the type to have a lactation kink once you start lactating. also, he's gonna fuck you while you're pregnant, nothing you can do about it
breath play — whether he chokes you or you choke him, he's a happy man nonetheless. loves the feeling of your hand wrapped around his neck, it just makes him feel so helpless. but loves to see his large hand around your neck even more. a pretty necklace, me thinks.
dirty talk — now, you all saw this coming. taehyung is a tease and his low voice is such a plus. so good at dirty talk omg.
marking — on you or him. loves to see bruises, love bites, bites in general, scratches, etc. it reminds him of how desperate and immersed you both were while fucking. also loves for people to see those marks. a complete show-off.
roleplay — man's a whole actor, and he expects you to take whatever plot he comes up with seriously. won't be as often as other kinks, but he's very meticulous when he's coming up with a story. corruption kink is one of his favorite plots.
guided/mutual masturbation — again, a show-off. will tease you so bad, throwing his head back, moaning and praising you, driving you crazy. he tells you how he wants you to touch yourself and gets off on your obedience.
another turn-ons but not necessarily kinks — you wearing short dresses/skirts/shorts so he can see your beautiful legs, and if you complement them with heels boy's gonna combust.
when you ride him solely for your pleasure. tell him you're gonna use his cock to make yourself cum and he would definitely get harder if he could.
a little bit of thigh riding or dry-humping never hurt anyone, right?
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kooktrash · 12 hours ago
fuck flowers ❀ jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
summary: the relationship you have with Jungkook is very up and down, hot and cold, left and right. but he thinks that flowers make everything okay, but they don’t.
student idol!jungkook x female student!y/n
warning(s): ANGST, couple fighting, kook’s not the most present boyfriend, you’re kinda mean but also still making points, FLUFF,
✨this is just a Drabble with no smut, but you can request flower kook headcanons in my inbox✨
- Now, if anyone were to listen to you rant about your boyfriend, they’d say to dump him. To drop him like it was nothing if there really was that many problems with each other. Because who would want to stay in a relationship where there’s constant fighting and a lack of trust? They’d ask, what did he do this time? And your answer would be that last night was your birthday and he didn’t say a single thing, didn’t give a single gift, and instead went drinking with the guys.
After two years you’d think he’d remember your birthday but all he did was show you he didn’t. On top of that, when he got too drunk he called you at 3 in the morning asking you to pick him up. Of course you went but you didn’t expect to find some girl on his arm trying very obviously to get his attention. Now, he was slurring his words telling her he had a girlfriend, which is the least he could do, but he didn’t stop her from touching on his chest until he spotted you.
And honestly, fuck Jungkook. If he hadn’t gotten you mad over the fact he forgot your birthday, you wouldn’t be failing to concentrate on your exam. The questions below you floated off the page moving everywhere. But right now, you couldn’t even be completely mad. Not when a delivery driver came in with a bouquet of roses, looking down at a picture before making their way toward you and setting them on the table.
A bouquet of roses with a small note stuck inside. You apologized to the other students and your professor as you quickly snatched the note and read it to yourself.
“to the most beautiful girl in the entire world. happy late birthday baby -Jungkook”
You rolled your eyes, shoving the card back in it’s tiny envelope and into the bouquet. To anyone else this would’ve seemed like a good apology—except he did this every time. He’d fuck up and send flowers to you thinking that’s what you want. He never gave an actual apology, never spoke the words just assumed it’d be okay with flowers. At first it was cute, always receiving flowers from your boyfriend but it was only because he didn’t want to apologize.
He didn’t even mention the girl from last night either. And as you went to your next class, you took your phone off ‘Do Not Disturb’ and found your phone blowing up.
kookie: hey babyyyyyyyy
kookie: hellooooooooooooo
kookie: gimme attention :(
kookie: r u mad?
kookie: OH SHIT
kookie: happy birthday 🎊
You rolled your eyes, putting your phone back on ‘Do Not Disturb’ waiting for your next class to begin. You weren’t entirely surprised when another bouquet of flowers arrived, this time a mix of pastel colored flowers.
At work it wasn’t anything different. It was the usual honestly, Jungkook figured if he suffocated you in flower arrangements then you’d forget about the girl and his failure to remember it was your birthday. You wouldn’t typically make it a big deal, actually you haven’t done much for your birthday in years. The thing that bothered you, was when you tried asking him to go to dinner with you he went on about how he’d already made plans with Jimin and Taehyung.
Every customer that walked in for some latte or americano asked about your four bouquets, asking if there was a special occasion or not. The few times you did explain you’d get the, ‘Oh that’s cute. I wish my boyfriend did this.’ ‘Just forgive him, obviously he cares.’ ‘He’s a keeper.’
You let the bouquets fall onto the couch, pulling your hair out of the pony, rushing to your room for a shower. You washed away the long day, letting yourself cool down. Some may say you’re overreacting with Jungkook. That he obviously realized what he forgot and that the flowers are his way of apologizing.
But you couldn’t take it anymore. Jungkook was always doing things like this. You barely saw the guy nowadays, and the only day you ask him to stay in with you he goes out for drinks and to flirt. This isn’t the only time he’s messed up in some way. Like the first time you broke up, when he was talking with some girl texting her every night. Or when he spilled coffee all over your Interior Design presentation after you asked him not to put a drink on it. Or the time when he called you a stuck up bitch for not wanting to go out drinking with his friends—even though you told him you had a fever and weren’t going to get out of bed anytime soon.
Well that time was the only one where he actually apologized, coming to your side for the night and staying in with you. But the next day he had no problem calling you a bitch again for not going out.
“You could’ve at least put them on the table,” you overheard from the living room. Jungkook appeared in front of you, carrying the bouquets to the table. “What? You’re still not talk to me?” He rushed out turning toward you with an arched brow.
“When’d you get here?” You asked pulling the towel off your head. Jungkook didn’t say anything, walking toward you with open arms and an evident pout on his face, “Why are you still mad?—“
“Oh god don’t start with that now,” you moved past him, hanging your towel on the closet door and moving to look for vases so he wouldn’t cry about it. “Baby you know I’d never—I fucked up. I didn’t mean to forget your birthday I just...”
“It’s funny you think that’s the only issue here,” you scoffed busying yourself with your flowers pretending you can’t see his dad expression. His eyes lifted toward you, round doe eyes slowly hardening.
“You’re not jealous of that girl last night, right? I told her I had a girlfriend,” Jungkook said, another argument spewing between the two.
“No I’m not jealous,” you groaned turning the faucet off and putting the bouquets in carelessly. “I’m mad that you’re always such a fucking asshole. If I am asking you to stay in with me, why can’t you do that? You always give me shit for not going out but you don’t hear me telling you half the shit you say. On top of that, you’re letting some girl touch up on you while your girlfriend is celebrating her birthday by herself. Do you know how fucked that is?”
“I do know! Why do you think I’ve been sending you flowers all day! I fucked up I get it but cut me some slack here I’m trying!” Jungkook said, tone changing as he filled with anger toward you now for not taking his apology.
“Fuck flowers!” You shouted, foot stomping the floor in a mini tantrum, “I am so sick and tired of getting fucking flowers. They don’t mean shit to me anymore. You can’t fix all your mistakes with roses. I don’t even like roses!”
Jungkook took a step back, listening to your harsh words. You turned your back to him, “You know how annoying it is, to never hear your boyfriend apologize for shit? There’s always an excuse or someone else to blame. A-and then you send these stupid flowers thinking it’ll all be okay and you’d get here and find me waiting around for you.”
“And to make matters worse, everyone’s always like ‘Wow what a great boyfriend’ ‘He must really love you’ ‘You don’t have a reason to be mad at him’ so fucking annoying,” you huffed in annoyance, “I can never be upset about something. I’m always overreacting or being mean. I can never have time to calm down. I ask you for space and you don’t listen. You never listen and I’m getting tired of the fights.”
“So it wasn’t just about your birthday?” Jungkook asked. Your face dropped, relaxing for a moment in realization, mouth slightly open, “Please, leave.”
12 days
That’s how long it took for you to speak to Jungkook again. Even during class, he’d find himself checking his phone for you. In between studio sessions and practices he could only think of you. Because he was beginning to see where you were coming from. He’d do something to make you upset, and instead of wanting to talk about it he’d send flowers. Or he’d choose not to bring it up and pretend it never happened.
You were opposite of him. You loved talking things out. At times you’d go overboard, letting your anger get the best of you, but only because you wanted to squash things. At times it made Jungkook anxious, wanting to be happy again and not argue but you wouldn’t let it go. To make sure that didn’t happen he always sent flowers in place of a conversation. If he could avoid conflict he would. He didn’t even second guess it when you’d pretend it never happened too. Instead you’d thank him for the flowers and move on. He couldn’t believe how much he ignored. Like the way your eyes would shift at the sight of them, feeling silenced by his manners.
Or when he’d be playing video games, too focused on his friends to see his girlfriend trying to sleep in the back. Or too excited to get to drinking to see how his girlfriend wasn’t feeling well. He looked past a lot of things about you and he wished he didn’t.
He thought, that because he knew the patterns your beauty marks took on your skin, he’d be able to know everything else about you. But when it came down to it he barely tried to anymore. He didn’t question why you stopped telling him about your coworkers or ranting about an essay. He didn’t question why you always put the roses on the windowsill where you couldn’t see them, but the pretty tulips would be everywhere in sight.
So it wasn’t just because of your birthday. Or the girl from the club. Or the stupid apology flowers he’d send. But because he was absent. A shitty boyfriend who always seemed to have better things to do—like going out without his girlfriend on her birthday.
He missed you, and he didn’t know when you’d talk to him—if you were to ever again. He sat in his room, fingers tapping his notebook trying to put his feelings into words. He had to do something, anything to make you talk to him.
kook: I know u are probably still mad at me
kook: but I miss u and I realize I’ve been a shitty boyfriend
kook: I know this isn’t what ur looking for but I wrote something for u.
kook: maybe you’ll want to see me?
‘STILL WITH YOU’ - BTS JK for loml’
He was nervous. He could feel his heart fall to his ass when he saw you. From the second he buzzed you in to the moment he opened the door to your prettt face he couldn’t breathe normally.
“I’m sorry.” He rushed out, “I’m sorry for being a shitty boyfriend. I’m sorry for forgetting your birthday and leaving you all alone. I’m sorry for being inconsiderate of your feelings and always trying to avoid my mistakes. Please don’t break up with me.”
You were silent, driving him crazy as he reached for your hand, “I promise to be a better boyfriend to you. I haven’t been away from you like that... ever, not being able to call or text you whenever I wanted. I missed you, and I couldn’t express myself enough that’s why I wrote that song. I know it’s not what you’re looking for b—“
“Shut up and hug me you big dummy,” you shut him up, a smile spreading on his face as he pulled you in abruptly, instantly crushing you in his arms. “I’m sorry,” he kiss your hair, “I’m sorry,” and your forehead, “I’m so sorry,” your nose and then cheek.
“You’re so annoying you know that?” You scoffed trying to keep a serious face but you couldn’t. He nodded kissing your ear and above your eye, “Yes, I’m so annoying.” “And you’re an asshole and sometimes I just want to choke you,” you went on but he only nodded and pulled you tighter.
“I hate you,” you giggled as he kissed below your ear lightly, “You love me.”
“I love you baby,” he smiled, nose pressing against yours, “So I need you to get your pretty ass back to your place, and pack your swimsuit cause we’re having a belated beach birthday celebration.”
“What?” Your brows furrowed. He nodded brushing his fingers through your hair, “I rented a beach house this weekend, just you and me, nobody else. And maybe I’ll give you another birthday surprise there,” he winked. You rolled your eyes, “You did all that? What if I would’ve came to tell you we needed to officially break up.”
He smiled as he held the door open for you as you put your shoes back on. Tilting his head he spoke, “Then I would’ve packed your cute butt into my suitcase whether you liked it or not. You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”
Your eyes shifted to the welcome mat for the first time today. It was changed from floral themed to plain black. Your brows furrowed, “You get a new mat?”
“This?” He pointed to the mat, “Yeah, my girlfriend apparently fucking hates flowers, so I got rid of everything floral.”
You looked to meet his teasing gaze, pushing his shoulder playfully as he chuckled, “Go pack up. I’ll pick you up in thirty and you better be ready pretty girl.”
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bangtanloverboys · 13 hours ago
summer nights // pjm
Tumblr media
summary - as the days grew colder, you weren’t ready to say goodbye to your dear human friend
paring - human!jimin x mermaid!reader
genre - fluff, angst; mermaid au
prompt - “just don’t leave me yet”
word count - 339
warnings - kinda sad, but not?
authors note - mermay mermay mermay
bts ghostie drabble marathon
Tumblr media
“Tell me another story,” you leaned back down onto the rock you were currently resting on, eyes focused on Jimin who was resting on the sand below. He’d spent the last few hours on the beach telling you various stories he’d grown up with, along with stories about his own life as well. 
“Y/N, it’s getting late. I gotta go.” He huffed, gesturing inland. 
His statement elicited a frown from you, “Why do you always have to go? Why can’t you stay?” You hated the fact he would always leave, sure he’d come back the next day, but you missed him. 
“I wish I could stay, but I told my family I’d be home after sunset.” He mirrored your frown, “But I always come back don’t I?”
“Yeah, but summer is almost over.” You explained, leaning up onto your elbows. “You return to your school, don’t you?” 
You watched as he deflated at your comment, knowing it was true. Your friendship was completely accidental, having rescued you from a net you were trapped in. Instead of calling anyone and profiting off of you, he genuinely helped you; trying his best to make sure that you were alright before you swam back into the ocean. He was nothing like what you were told humans were like, so needless to say you were intrigued by him. After carefully watching him over the course of a few days, observing the way he’d return and speak out into the open sea, not knowing if you’d even hear him. From then on, it was history. 
But with summer coming to an end, you slowly realized that he was going to be leaving you soon. He’d become such a close friend in such a short amount of time, you weren’t ready to see him off. Thus you soaked in as much time as you could with him, risking coming even earlier and earlier in the day to see him.
“Please, just don’t leave me yet.” You pleaded.
Slowly, he nodded. “Okay, one more story.”
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getitinbusan · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
A small Yoongi drabble inspired by @aroseharder and the five things that make her happy. 💜
It was early and he was still groggy. The grey clouds and constant drizzle of rain had made it incredibly hard to get out of bed. Unfortunately, he had things to do today, making his stop for caffeine a necessity. 
The coffee shop was empty save for a girl who was sitting with her book in the window. Her voice caught his attention while he leaned against the counter waiting for his Americano. 
"The little flowers on your nails are really cute." Her damp hair clung to her cheek as she smiled at the waitress who set her order down.
Taken aback at the small nicety the server beamed with pride, "Thanks, my 5 year olds name is Daisy. It's kind of my way to always have her with me." 
He couldn't stop looking. Something about her was so peaceful, so intriguing and timeless. Pouring the hot water into her cup she waited patiently for her tea to steep while casually scribbling something on a napkin.
Watching her observing the people bustling by outside she seemed content to just sit in the moment and he wondered almost jealously what she knew about life that he didn't. 
"Americano for Yoongi." The shout broke him out of his trance, he really should get going.
Grabbing the to go cup he pulled the hood up on his jacket and stepped back into the fast paced world of downtown workers trying not to be late for their 9-5's. 
Opening the heavy glass door he was hit with the smell, petrichor. His memory instantly travelled back to his youth, being let out after school on a rain day. It was the subtle scent of the earth and rain meeting, humidity hanging in the air, reminding him of his carefree childhood. 
He suddenly felt torn between two worlds. He was always being called by responsibility and barely took any time to appreciate how far his hard work had taken him. Surely he deserved some free time?
He looked back through the window and wondered where his priorities should really be? 
Like she'd been able to see his inner turmoil she smiled at him and pressed a piece of paper to the glass.
"Why don't you come back inside?" 
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writingdumpcentral · 17 hours ago
My Fanfiction
Hi everyone! This was a post that was waiting to happen but, I wanted to talk about my fanfiction. It is my first one!
This fanfiction I have created is a BTS fanfiction.
It is about my OC Jackie, she one day gets into an accident. Jackie and Yoongi have been friends since they were kids (I love a good childhood friends to lovers story). Fast forward to about 5 years later, Yoongi encounters her again but she's dating someone else! They meet once again and now Yoongi is trying to build the relationship they lost.
This story can be found in 2 places, my Wattpad and AO3. Once I finish editing on both websites, I will officially move to AO3!
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yoongisleftearring · 17 hours ago
> Pairing: taehyung x reader
-> Genre: fluff (?)
-> Word Count: 600
-> Warnings: angst maybe, don't know what to call it, maybe thriller, Grammys vampire bf taehyung
You sigh as you focused on the old, rusted clock on the wall. Seconds ticked by frustratingly slow. Working at the antique store had never seemed like a bad thing, but now, the only social interaction you were getting was with the customers who were few and far between nowadays.
It seemed nobody wanted the musty items that surrounded you and you couldn't blame them, you had always felt strange being constantly surrounded by the possessions of those who had long passed. You weren't one to believe in the occult, it was nothing like that. But you couldn't deny the strange aura that radiated from the shop.
Pulling out your laptop, you stated to type away, working on an essay that would be due soon. There was no harm in it, there was nothing for you to do except to tend to customers but at eight o'clock on a Saturday night, you knew better than to expect customers. Which, is exactly why you were startled by the long creak of a dusty floorboard. Those things were so old, the noise didn't surprise you. Though the fact the bell on the front door of the store didn't ring to alert you to a new customer did. Maybe it was just the shop settling. If that was even a thing.
You went back to your essay but stopped quickly due to another creak. Your eyes went wide, that stupid bell must be broken. You quickly shoved your laptop under the counter you were seated at. If your manager found out you used your time to do homework instead of staring blankly into the void then he wouldn't be too happy. The man was slightly crazy so you decided to ignore him.
You look back up from the desk and gasp at the sight in front of you. There stood a man, a floor-length black coat and black turtleneck. He wore black slacks and black dress shoes. His slightly wavy black hair messily covered his forehead and his dark eyes were sharp, piercing. You were in awe of his beauty, especially as he grew closer. Seeing him stand just a foot away from you, you could make out the details of his face. His skin was soft and honey-colored, his lips were full and tinted slightly red.
Never before had you seen a man this attractive and you couldn't help but wonder what he was doing in an antique store.
His demeanor screamed power, he stood there for what seemed like seconds but was probably an embarrassingly long time as you stared. He seemed unfazed, maybe he received attention like this often, it wouldn't surprise you.
You clear your throat, breaking your gaze from him before speaking, "How can I help you, sir?" You asked politely but it probably sounded forced as you tried to regain your composure. He stared at you and you swore you saw his lip twitch in amusement.
"So, this is where you've been?" He speaks, his voice was deep and sounded like silk. You were almost too caught up on the sound of his voice to register the man's words.
"I- work here?" You furrowed your brows in confusion and a look of recognition flashed in his eyes.
"You must be confused, I apologize. My name is Taehyung, nice to meet you Y/n." Your confusion only grew from the fact that he knew your name. You should be alarmed but for some reason, you aren't. Maybe your will to avoid danger is overshadowed by your curiosity about the handsome stranger that seems to know you.
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capaimagines · 20 hours ago
8:56 pm
Kim Namjoon x Reader | Warnings: none | WC: 405 words 
#5: “Hold my hand, you’ll be fine.”
#3: “I stole your sweater because it smells like you.”
Staring down through the plexiglass bridge under your feet, you froze. Namjoon had promised this would be a fun adventure together, that you two would enjoy this. However, your fear of heights was something that was not making this a fun adventure.
“Are you coming?” Namjoon called over his shoulder when he didn’t feel you squeezing onto his arm anymore. He turned around to see you staring with wide eyes at the canyon beneath you. Your knees were slightly trembling. He frowned immensely; he knew you were scared of heights but he didn’t know it was this bad.
“Hey,” He said gently as he walked back towards you. You quickly glanced up at him but then back down. When you felt the bridge shake a little from the wind you dropped to your knees and whimpered. Namjoon kneeled down beside you, hand in front of you, “Hold my hand, you’ll be fine.”
You gulped and nodded your head quickly, shakily placing your hand in his. He pulled you up and had you in front of him, but his hand was still linked with yours and another on your lower back to guide you forward. You two quickly reached the end and you felt a little accomplished that you had did it.
“You did great, baby,” He beamed at you, kissing your cheek, “I’ll go get us something to drink, wait here,” He pulled his hoodie off and placed it next to you and jogged towards the small stand a few feet away. You glanced at his hoodie and then back at him. Usually when you felt scared you would curl in one of his hoodies or his shirts. It brought you comfort and a sense of security.
He came back, looking at you with a smile and shaking his head, “We’re stealing clothes now?” He quipped as he sat next to you and you stuck your tongue out at him, swiping the water bottle.  
“I stole your sweater because it smells like you,” You said matter-of-factly.  
He only laughed at you, pulling you into his lap as you two admired the view, “That’s why I brought a second one,” He winked, pulling it out of his bag. You only rolled your eyes and he laughed. You may not have been dating too long, but Namjoon was picking up on your little quirks quickly.
He’d always have a second hoodie on hand, just in case.
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seoulbread · a day ago
0026 hours
synopsis: itty-bitty taste of misunderstanding that's immediately cleared up; yoongi x reader
Tumblr media
“home isn’t a place, it’s a person –”
– are you calling me homeless? I blanked out, too stunned for any emotion.
how could he attack me like that when I just bared myself to him?
“no…no. that’s not what I meant at all,” he sighed in frustration.
– …
“I can be your home, even if a temporary one…that is if you want –”
he was cut short by me clutching his arm like I was drowning in my own tears, which frankly I was but nonetheless his look softened.
“I do think I’m falling for you.”
– and I already have, you know.
Tumblr media
intellectual property of @ seoulbread 2021.
do not repost, modify, translate.
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blue-sidez · a day ago
how do u think they’d react if you asked them to spit in ur mouth …..
sighh, one of my favorite kinks lately...
seokjin — a bit shocked to be very fucking honest. he wouldn't understand why you'd want him to do that but, i mean, to each their own, right? he would try, for your sake. if it doesn't make him uncomfortable, he'll do it any time you ask. but if it does make him uncomfortable, he'll tell you it's not something he wants to do again.
yoongi — he never thought about doing it, really, but if you're into that then he'd gladly indulge you. i think he's the type to like the idea of making you take whatever he gives you, you know? like he gets to do whatever he wants you'd be ready to please him right away.
hoseok — would laugh at first, an embarrassed look on his face as he tries to smile to hide the fact that the request turned him on more than he'd imagine. i've said it before, he's a freak, so i totally see him doing it often, but i don't think it'd be a must to him.
namjoon — proud of you. «that's my girl!» i think 99.9% of us agree that joon is a dom, am i correct? to hear you ask for something so dirty... he'd get so excited, but he'd try not to show it until you're about to do the do and then, and only then, he'd show you how much he loves this side of you.
jimin — a bit confused? he wouldn't understand how you came with that idea, but if it's what you're into, then he's into it too. i mean, you share saliva every time you kiss, right?
taehyung — hawt. you want him to spit on you? something that supposedly has nothing to do with sex? on god?? so eager to try. he wouldn't come up with the idea, that's for sure, but taehyung is an experimentalist, he's gonna try everything at least once. hawt.
jungkook — a bit shy, but only if you catch him off guard. if you ask him to do it while he's trying to rip your clothes off then fuck yeah, he will. but if he's not feeling so dominant and you ask then i think he might get a bit flustered. nothing that a little bit of grinding and praising can't fix, though.
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blue-sidez · a day ago
their favorite place to cum on you? (not inside) 💓
my asks are always full of ‹ cum › this ‹ cum › that. you fucking cumsluts 😭
seokjin — oof, your back. fucking you from behind and then pulling out and cumming on your arched back is just— a vision. it looks so pretty yet it's so naughty... like jin!
yoongi — depends on the position you're in, but most of the time, on your ass. his favorite thing is fucking you from behind, making you cum and then pull out to spill on top of your mighty ass. i've mentioned yoongi is an ass guy, right?
hoseok — face, definitely on your face. ooh, to spill his cum on your face, gathering it with his fingers and making you suck on them... yeah, he has a thing for cum-eating.
namjoon — tits. tits all the way. try to squish your titties (even if they're small) and look up at him as you wait for his cum and it will drive him absolutely crazy. the sight of his cum dripping down the curve of your boobs... it'd be ten times better if you're sticking out your tongue to catch some of it.
jimin — your inner thighs. such an intimate place and so close to the place he must avoid. he's able to see his cum dripping down and staining the sheets at the same time as he sees your pussy clenching at the empty feeling his cock left.
taehyung — to taehyung, nothing beats cumming inside you, but if he had to choose another place... it'd probably be your stomach. to see his white cum on your skin, imagining getting you knocked up with your belly full and round, carrying his children... have i mentioned tae has an impreg kink?
jungkook — now, here's the thing: all the boys would ask where to cum the first time you guys do something nasty, they'd all want to make sure you're comfortable. however, jungkook wouldn't stop asking you where you want him to cum after your first time(s) together, he will actually ask every single time he's about to cum cause he's such a thoughtful guy. now, if you were to ask him where he wants to cum... on your chest, more specifically, right in between your tits. and if you were to gather some of his cum with your fingers and bring them up to your lips, he'd go absolutely feral. 'nough said.
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bangtanwriting · a day ago
tw: crying, angst, boner talk
members: namjin
word count: 230
Namjoon stared at the screen. He couldn’t get it right. He felt tears form in his eyes. He couldn’t take it anymore.
Everyone asked him every two seconds about when he was going to be done. No one ever asked him how he was doing. No, Joon got what he was supposed to do. Work his fucking ass off then worry about everyone else.
Keep a smile on because why not and don’t even get him started on the fans. Some are okay but most of them didn’t even understand basic boundaries. Why do we have to come out and tell people that we aren’t okay with our boners being pointed out?
It should be common fucking sense.
And almost all of them are underage.
He slammed his hand in on his desk.
You are pathetic.
He heard a knock.
He quickly wiped his eyes but it was to late. Seokjin stood there looking at him.
“Namjoon what’s wrong?” He asked
“Nothing.” Namjoon said his voice cracking a bit.
Jin muttered something about how he wasn’t stupid before walking over to Namjoon’s couch. Jin looked at Namjoon for a bit.
Namjoon felt himself become embarrassed.
Seokjin grabbed his chair and pulled him closer so that he was in-between his legs.
“Joon, it’s ok.” Joon bursted into tears.
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blu-joons · a day ago
He Meets Your Friends For The First Time ~ Park Jimin
Tumblr media
Your smile grew as you led you friends into the studio where Jimin and the rest of the boys were sat. His eyes snapped around as soon as you walked in, feeling his cheeks turn a dark shade of red.
“Don’t look so scared,” you laughed as you walked over to him whilst the rest of the boys introduced themselves to your friends, “they’ve all been dying to meet you, so there’s nothing to worry about.
His head nodded, but as he saw how well your friends instantly got on with the boys, he only hoped that he could live up to their expectations. He was keen to make a good first impression on them all and get on well with them too for your sake.
As the first of your friends, Mijoo, walked across, she was quick to pull Jimin into a hug, feeling how scared he was, but choosing not to say anything. As her eyes met yours, you knew what she’d picked up on, as you had done when you greeted him a few minutes prior.
“I’m sure you all know Jimin,” you spoke once they’d all greeted him, “Jimin, this is Mijoo, Sora, and Dara, they’re all so excited to finally meet you.”
They’re smiles were a huge comfort for Jimin as the rest of the boys left you all to it as they had planned, tapping his shoulder as each of them passed him to reassure him to smile.
You invited them all to take a seat in the studio knowing that Jimin had some time before their next rehearsal began. You sat as close to you could as Jimin to make sure that he knew you were there, feeling his hand rest against your thigh gently.
“Y/N has told us all about how you’re an incredible dancer, so we have high hopes for your show whilst you’re in town,” Dara smiled, instantly unnerving him.
“We’ve been told that we have to be on our best behaviour for your show,” Sora interjected, smiling widely in Jimin’s direction. “She’s shown us plenty of videos of you though, I think she’s just as big of a fangirl of you as she also is a girlfriend.”
You reached across and pinched her arm, but her tale was enough to bring a clear smile onto Jimin’s face, making the most of listening to all of their embarrassing stories.
“We’re not scary friends though,” Mijoo defended, “we’ve not got a list of a hundred questions that we’re going to ask you or anything like that, it’s not an interrogation.”
He let go of a sigh, “I was worried that I’d end up being questioned.
“We have a few things to ask,” Dara spoke, “but nothing that will scare you off.”
“That’s only because Y/N has already been through her questions and taken most of them away.”
Your head nodded proudly, hearing a small thank you be muttered from his lips. The last thing Jimin needed when he was already terrified was a thousand questions being tossed at him.
As the four of them began to get comfortable with each other, it didn’t take long for embarrassing stories of you to be shared from either side, much to your bemusement.
“Did she tell you about the time that she fell down the stairs because she was drunk?” Mijoo chuckled, screaming when Jimin’s head shook with intrigue.
“And he doesn’t need to know about it either,” you tried to argue, but you were silenced immediately and told to be quiet so that Mijoo could share.
You could feel Jimin’s judgemental eyes staring back at you as she shared the story of how you’d toppled down a flight of stairs in a club. You were convinced you were sober, and you could do it, but your heels and intoxication seemingly didn’t agree with you.
“You’ll have to come out with us whilst you’re in town and see Y/N when she’s properly drunk,” Dara cheered, “then she’ll change your opinion.”
Jimin was quick to come back with his own story about the time you’d fallen onstage in front of all the fans because you were dancing too hard in the wings which your friends loved. Each of them toppled over onto the floor with laughter, except for you.
Despite much of the conversation revolving around you and your humiliating times, seeing Jimin settle around your friends and the four of them get on so well was a huge relief for you. Knowing that they were getting on was all that you could have ever hoped for.
“I have to admit Jimin, we were worried that you’d be a stuck-up celebrity when we first heard about you,” Mijoo admitted, “but you’ve actually turned out to be a really great guy.”
Dara chimed in too, “we thought that you’d be trying to steal Y/N away from us and take her around the world, and that would be fine, if you promise to bring us too.”
“Will you shut up,” you smirked, “no one is going anywhere around the world.”
“One day you will,” Sora argued back at you.
Your head shook at the three of them as the rest of the boys reappeared having spent their break grabbing lunch at a café down the road. You and the girls moved to the side of the studio so that you could watch their rehearsal.
“Do we really get to see these superstars up close?” Mijoo whispered, unable to take her eyes off the seven boys in front of you. “I can’t believe that you get to spend so much time with these guys, they’re superstars Y/N.”
You nudged her arm lightly, “keep your voice down will you before you really end up scaring them off. You’re supposed to be creating a good impression of yourselves.”
“Jimin loves us,” Sora boldly stated, hitting your shoulder, “he was laughing with us and joking with us, there’s no way that he could hate us now. We made a good impression like you asked, so now we get to do what we want.”
“If you cause any trouble whilst you’re here, no one is going to the concert,” you strictly warned them, “at least not with backstage passes at least.”
Their eyes widened and their mouths shut, turning to face the boys as they started getting prepared. As they did, Jimin waved you across to join him on the other side of the studio to join him for just a moment of the two of you.
The smile was still wide on his face from how well he’d managed to get on with the three girls who continued to stare at the other members as they warmed up. You could only apologise for how excited they were and how irrational they were acting.
“I promise, they love you,” you smiled as he looked back to you, “I think they’re all just a little bit too excited right now about all of this.”
“Don’t worry, they’re not the worst people we’ve ever encountered,” he teased, kissing your forehead.
“I’ve told them to calm down whilst we watch your rehearsal,” you informed him, “there’s nothing to worry about with them guys here.”
“Y/N, they’re your friends, I would never complain anyway. A little bit of excitement isn’t going to kill anyone.”
“You promise you’re happy with them being here?”
“Of course, it’s not a problem at all.”
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blqkwidow · a day ago
ok but imagine joonie as a daddy 😫 he’s be so gentle w your little baby and so sweet to you and would write songs about how much he loves you both AHHDHDBB
cw // pregnancy, babies
he’d be such a good father and while you’re pregnant he’d do bump updates every few weeks and compile a photo album and sing to your bump and when your little one is here he’d sing them to sleep every night and be the one to get up whenever they’d cry and would buy those little matching pajamas for him & the baby and would talk to the baby in korean and english and would be so excited to introduce them to the boys AGHHSHHSBSNXCNF i am dead </3
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blue-sidez · a day ago
MTL to ask for a strip tease ?
btw, i don't edit the writing of these asks at all so, naturally, there might be a lot of mistakes. sorry~
hoseok — i know a lot of people joke saying if you were to give him a striptease/lap-dance, hobi would probably criticize your dance moves like he does to the boys 😭 but i think he will be nothing but encouraging to you, telling you how sexy you are and how you should be more confident in your own body. he will be over the moon if you say yes. he'll try to keep quiet, but, as expected, he will make a lot of sounds of awe, surprise and satisfaction, letting you know you're doing an amazing job and giving you so! many! compliments!
namjoon — he loves himself a very sexy and confident woman. enough said. his hands will roam all over your body, making you sit on his lap and helping you grind on him, taking a hold on your hips. just feel him up, whisper dirty things into his ear, give him a hickey here and there and he will burst in no time. a whole dom breaking down for you.
taehyung — he wants to try literally anything with you. if you're comfortable enough to give him a striptease he will shower you with compliments. will play hard to get and keep his hands to himself, eyes completely focused on you, one eyebrow raised as he licks his bottom lip before biting it slowly. if you ask, he will totally give you a striptease too, after all, he's the master of seduction and he knows it. a taese.
seokjin — what can i say, visuals just do it for jin. he loves it when you wear lingerie, loves to see your face when you cum and loves to see the way you squeeze your boobs and play with your nipples as he fucks you. and, of course, if you give him a striptease he will get as hard as wood faster than an 11-year-old searching "woman boobs" on google images for the first time. very vocal, a lot of moans and whispered praises. he wants to touch you but loves it when you deny it to him.
jimin — he's so touchy. praise kink level 10000. the type to man-spread and focus on every little thing you do. his eyes could certainly pierce through your body... or your clothes, the latter being your pick, of course. groans, grunts, low moans, he'll want you to know he's enjoying himself. he'll want to see you work it, though, so he'll keep his hands to himself the entire time. very satisfied 10/10.
yoongi — he'll wait for you to bring it up first. you say you're comfortable with that? fuck yes! he's probably the type to guide you through it. i mean, we been knew he gets off on obedience. he's a little shy about the whole situation, though, but he won't let it show, no sir. his eyes will challenge your every move, and it'll almost make you feel like he's bored, but you know he's the opposite. he won't touch you at all, not until you're done, at least, but when you are, he will pull you close to his body and show you just how hungry you make him feel. totally expects you to do it again sometime.
jungkook — he won't ask you to do it, but he will be so on board if you offer to do it as a gift to him. though, unfortunately, the poor boy won't be able to keep his hands to himself. he will do just about anything to touch you, to help you take off your clothes piece by piece, to see more of your skin. won't have patience at all, he thinks you're so sexy he just can't stay still. he has to do something. a very pleasant but torturous moment.
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parkdatjimin · a day ago
Caught | 09
Drabble series | mlist
Wc: 1100
Pairings: roommate!jk x fem!reader
Genre: awkward, fluff, humor, mutual pining, slow burn, some angsty-ness in this chap folks
Warnings: mentions of bullying, mentions of emotional support animal, minor character death/death of a lifelong companion friend
Summary: you and Jungkook make a promise
prev 08 | next 10
Tumblr media
Aug 29th
It's been two days since Jungkook cried in your arms and fell asleep to you playing with his hair. He hasn't mentioned it, so you haven't either, but every so often you hear him sniffling through the thin walls of your apartment.
Several times you've tried to comfort him but after that first night, he hasn't been very receptive to affection or concern.
"I'm okay now," he tells you every time. But you know he's far from it. The last thing you want to do is force him to tell you what's wrong, but wouldn't it be so much better if he just told you?
Today is notably cool for August. You've immediately begun making plans to take advantage of the weather and the fact that it's a weekend. Jungkook's birthday is on the 1st but he refuses to do anything special. You're really hoping that once you show him your ideas, he'll reconsider.
You've got the whole day planned out, from brunch to sunset. It's gonna be a great day and you can't wait to share some fresh air with your roommate and finally help him feel better. That's the entire purpose of today. To help Jungkook feel better. You fold your hands and wish with everything in you that he's feeling up for it. But if he's not, you won't force him. Just have to find another way to cheer him up.
The sound of Jungkook's bedroom door opening is heard from the back of the apartment. Quickly, you finish your cereal and push the bowl to the side, sitting up straight and waiting until Jungkook comes around the corner.
He's wearing the same white t-shirt and blue basketball shorts he's slept in for the past two nights, although the dark circles under his eyes suggest he hasn't slept much. He sits across from you and uses his fingers to comb the rat's nest atop his head.
"Good morning," he says, voice raspy and tired.
"How'd you sleep?"
He shrugs. "Okay, I guess. You?
"Okay, I guess. Did you want some breakfast?"
He spies the cereal boxes on top of the fridge and the Keurig on the edge of the counter. "Yes, please."
Without hesitation, you jump from your seat and grab a clean bowl from the pantry, checking over your shoulder every so often while you prepare him some cereal and coffee. This is good! Jungkook seems to be a bit better today, plus he's eating breakfast which he hasn't done in two days. Your hopes of getting him out of the house may be more realistic than you anticipated.
You set the table in front of him with a spoon and napkin. Next to his coffee, you place two packs of artificial sweeteners. He smiles at them because he never told you how he takes his coffee. You figured that one out on your own.
"Thanks," he says as you sit back down. "I know I haven't exactly been the easiest to live with over the last two days. I haven't exactly told you why either and it must be, well, frustrating."
"No, please don't think that. You don't have to tell me anything unless you want to. I'm here for you either way."
And you honestly mean that...but it doesn't make you any less curious as to what has caused your roommate so much distress.
He offers a soft smile and begins eating. It's awkward to just watch him eat when you've already finished your breakfast, so you decide to put away some laundry instead. It's Saturday, after all.
When you return to the kitchen, Jungkook has put away his dishes and is standing in the middle of the floor, scrolling through his phone. He sees you and motions for you to sit with him again, so you do.
"I wanna show you something."
He slides his phone over for you to see. It's opened to his photos; the picture is one of him as a young child wearing a spring jacket and jeans, smiling harder than you've ever seen him smile in person, nose scrunched and eyes shut as an excited black and white border collie puppy licks his cheek.
"Scroll to the left," he instructs and you do, each picture you see more endearing than last and in each one, Jungkook and the puppy get older. "Her name is Sumo."
"She's beautiful," you remark.
Jungkook hums in agreement. And then he tells you something you weren't expecting.
"When I was six, I came home crying to my dad because I wasn't making friends at school easily like the other kids. He told me to try again but I wasn't good at talking to others. Some of the kids made fun of me, calling me mute or stupid because I got to the point where I refused to speak in class. So, one day, I came home and my dad surprised me with Sumo. She was just a puppy but it was so easy to play with her and my dad helped me take care of her. She was more than just an emotional support animal, she was like this instant friend who always wanted to be around me and never made fun of me when I stuttered or fell on the playground, and I loved her a lot. I finally felt like a normal kid."
You wait for him to take a few breaths and collect himself as he continues.
"When Sumo got older, she lost a lot of her hearing and sight. My dad told me she probably wouldn't do well if I suddenly moved her to a new home with all new smells. So, I left her at my parents' place. She was just...too old. Apparently, after I moved out she got a lot worse. When my dad called, he asked me if I wanted to put her down instead of letting her suffer like she was."
It is perhaps the most you've ever heard Jungkook say in one sitting. And it breaks your heart.
"Wow," you exhale, trying to process everything you've heard and what you're supposed to say next at the same time.
The last picture in the album is one of Jungkook as you know him now, all grown up and handsome. He's laying on the floor, arms above him as he snaps a photo of Sumo laying next to him. Her eyes are dark and her ears limp, but she's smiling, tongue hanging out the side of her mouth like she's still a puppy. In the corner you see a familiar suitcase, the same one Jungkook brought when he moved in. This must be the last picture he took with her before he left.
"Thank you," you genuinely say, "for telling me about Sumo. It couldn't have been easy and you didn't have to, but I'm glad you did."
Jungkook opens his hand to take his phone back. With a deep breath, he replies, "I am too. Sorry, crying that much was probably overreacting--"
"I don't think it was at all."
"You don't?"
"Of course not." You reach across the table and instead of giving back his phone, you take his hands. "Sumo wasn't just a dog. She was your family. Is your family. It's shouldn't be embarrassing to cry because you love deeply. And if I made you feel embarrassed in any way, I can't apologize enough. I want you to feel like you can talk to me or not talk to me about whatever you want. And I'll talk to you too, okay?"
Jungkook already knew you were special, but in that split moment--your hands, your physical touch, your heart, your words of affirmation--his pulse rises to an unhealthy rate, pumping appreciation and affection to every crevice in his body. So much he feels like he might explode all over the walls.
"In fact, let's promise never to be embarrassed with each other when it comes to the things we care about, alright?"
Jungkook nods, following your lead when you wrap a pinky around his. "I promise."
It's such a little thing, holding hands with someone. But when in the right moment, with the right intentions, with the right person, it can mean the world.
For Jungkook, the fact that you're holding his hand right now, means the world. He feels a little bit of himself slip away when your hand eventually does too.
After cleaning up his dishes and finishing his own load of laundry, Jungkook returns to find you dressed in frayed, jean shorts and an oversized t-shirt, and a decoratively pinned ballcap. You turn to him and smile.
"Wanna go grocery shopping with me? I'll let you push the cart."
No, grocery shopping is not in the original plans you had made for the day, but Jungkook cannot express enough how much he wanted to go grocery shopping, to do something normal and not think about what he's been crying over for the last forty-eight hours.
Even more, Jungkook cannot express how much he wanted to go grocery shopping with you. To be normal with you. And it worked out nicely for you too. You haven't had to push a grocery cart yourself ever since.
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vantaenims · a day ago
warm on a cold night | jimin
pairing: jimin x reader
genre: roommates au | fluff
word count: 1.4k
warning/s: alcohol consumption and making out.
summary: You’ve come to learn that there is a far better option than beers and blankets to keep you warm on a cold night.
Part of BTSGhostieMarathon (AU #4)
all rights reserved © vantaenims - do not repost, translate, or claim as your own.
a/n: Try to listen to Warm On A Cold Night by Honne as you read this.
It’s 3:17 a.m. and you can’t go back to sleep, blaming it on the heavy snowfall that caused the power outage in the whole complex, voiding you for any source of heat now that your heater’s no use. On the other side of the room, you see Jimin still wide awake as the night owl he is and you figured that it’s probably best to join him on his bed to share body heat rather than dying of hypothermia.
And that’s how you currently find yourselves wrapped under your joined comforters, sitting side by side with a can of beer on each other’s hand as you mindlessly talk about anything that comes up to your mind and you think, given the time and the alcohol in your system, it’s inevitable for your conversations to turn senseless and foolish.
“What does it feel like to be kissed?”
Jimin widened his eyes in surprise as he turned to look at you, “You’ve never been kissed before?”
“Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” you scrunch your face in disgust as you sip from your beer, never liking it’s taste in the first place but Jimin suggested that it helps in making you feel warm, reason why you’re willing to bear it’s taste for this reason alone.
“It’s just surprising is all.”
“Okay then tell me” you said, adjusting yourself to sit in front of him.
Jimin shrugged, “It feels good.”
“Oh come on, I’m sure a kiss isn’t just good”, you rolled your eyes.
“And how could you be so sure about that?” Jimin raised his brows in a teasing manner as he inched his face closer to you, prompting you to push his forehead away with your fingers, making him laugh.
“Well, based on the novels I’ve read, a kiss feels surreal. You know how they say that as soon as your lips touch, your mind immediately goes blank like nothing else seems to matter and then from there, you feel the fireworks or the butterflies going crazy in your stomach.”
“Then there you have it”
“But is that really how it feels?” you tilted your head to the side as you knit your brows together.
“Yeah? I mean, it all comes down to who you’re kissing with to feel those kinds of things you just said.” Jimin said as he tucked in a few strands of hair that managed to fall on your face behind your ears.
“But from your experience, how would you put it on your own words?”
Jimin squeezed his eyes shut, smiling as he ran his fingers through his hair at how persistent you were being though he could tell, just from your facial expressions itself that you are actually curious to begin with and that you’re not just trying to annoy him on purpose but you’re making it hard for him to be patient with you when you’re acting like a five year old with so many questions.
“Look, I’m not particularly good at words, okay?”
“So that’s all you have to say? That a kiss feels good?”, you scoffed, ticking Jimin off, “You make it sound so disappointing when you say it like that.”
Jimin sighed out of frustration, “Would you mind if I just kiss you?”
Well, that seemed to shut you up; on the contrary, you don’t look too surprised as Jimin expects you to be, more so when you’re looking up at the ceiling as if you’re actually trying to consider his offer he deems to be too forward now that he realized it but before Jimin could even speak up to take it back, you beat him to it.
“What?” Jimin blinked.
“Kiss me” you said it so casually like it’s no big deal for you.
“Wait, are you sure?”, Jimin tried to reason out, “It’s your first kiss.”
“I mean, come to think of it, I’d rather entrust my first kiss to you than any other guys i know” you shrugged as you took a big gulp of your beer before getting Jimin’s can and yours to set it on his bedside table.
“Oh” was all Jimin could say but his smile grew wider once your words clicked into his mind, “Is that so?”
“Don’t get so smug about it. It’s just going to be a three second kiss” you try to downplay it a little but it seems like Jimin’s too far up into his own ass to act otherwise.
“Isn’t that too short?” Jimin quipped but you stopped him from getting any ideas as you held up three fingers.
“Three seconds.”
Jimin nodded, scooting closer until your knees touched and he turned to look up at you, smiling to himself to see that you have already closed your eyes. All he has to do now is to lean in and kiss you but he didn’t do that, choosing to admire you first.
His eyes fell on your closed ones, specifically to your long eyelashes he could adore all day with the way how it perfectly kisses your cheeks, your flushed cheeks rather now that he noticed it and he’s curious to know what caused it, could it be the cold? the alcohol? perhaps the anticipation? But as much as Jimin wants to take his time, he finally let his eyes trail down towards your lips he never imagined he’d get to kiss one day.
“What’s taking you so long?”, you peeked with your one eye open, “If i didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re more nervous than me.”
Indeed, he is.
Jimin chuckled as he held your chin in between his thumb and index finger, wetting his lips as he eyed your own.
“I’ll kiss you now” he warned.
You sucked in your breath as soon as he pulled your face closer and felt his lips on yours. Your mind went blank that you weren’t able to kiss him back but before you could, Jimin had already pulled away, prompting you to open your eyes in disappointment – it wasn’t surreal!
“That’s it?” you said unamused.
Jimin broke out in a laugh as he shyly covered his face with his hands, bending forward in the process until his forehead eventually landed on your shoulder and you can’t help but giggle at his action.
“I told you it was too short, didn’t i?” Jimin defended.
“Fine. Six seconds then” you smiled, closing your eyes right away.
“Okay” was all Jimin could say as he cupped your face, caressing your cheek with his thumb but he was quick to replace it with his lips, planting a sweet kiss just right there then he moved down to the corner of your mouth, letting it linger there for a while until he moved to hover his lips right above yours just to tease you.
“Jimin…” you whined as you clutch the collar of his sweater in your hand, causing your lips to brush against his very lightly.
“Patience, my dear” Jimin smiled, eyes fluttering shut as soon his lips touched yours.
Instinctively, his hand moved towards your nape to reel you in closer as he proceeded to slowly take your lower lip between his before switching to your upper lip, softly pressing it ever so gently and lovely with his plush lips that had you melting into him but Jimin once again broke the kiss before you want him to and god, was it still too short.
“More” you whispered as you rested your forehead against his with your eyes still closed, lips still tingling from the kiss.
“Hmm?” Jimin hummed, watching you open your half lidded eyes as you dazedly look at his eyes then down to his lips.
“Kiss me more.”
Your hands bunched up around the comforter, tugging him forward to pull him in for another kiss. With haste, you tried to mimic the way Jimin kissed you earlier but you’re evidently inexperienced, making the kiss quite sloppy and messy with the way your saliva is all over Jimin’s chin.
“Allow me” Jimin giggled as he took control, giving you that once again head spinning kiss but he threw you off this time, opening your eyes in shock when you felt his tongue swiping over your lower lip and as soon as you parted your lips open, you knew you were done for.
Eventually, Jimin wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you onto his lap whilst still kissing you fervently and it just feels so addicting that it leaves you craving for more but you knew you can’t just give in, not when your friendship’s in the line.
“We should–”, you paused, panting for breath, “stop if we still want to be friends.”
“Do you want to be just friends?” Jimin asked as he softly nuzzled his nose against your neck but you didn't speak up and he had to look up at you to see that you were shaking your head no, “Good, because neither do i.”
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