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#harry styles fic rec
harryedwardstylesfics · 21 hours ago
do you know anymore fics with squirting other than the ones on your list? xx
not currently but I’ll make a note to find some more and then add them to the list xx
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harryedwardstylesfics · 21 hours ago
heyy do you maybe know any fluffy fics of harry admiring the readers body??
here’s a link to some like this - I’ll look for more x
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harryedwardstylesfics · 21 hours ago
hiiii do you know any dry humping fics?
here’s a link to some x
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hii can you write something (fluff/angst) about harry finding out about the readers abusive ex? love your work💗💗
hey, I don’t write myself but I collect fics from other writers so here’s some fics like you requested x
@4everinsane - here
@inkslingerharry - here
@tokyoharry - here
@bestieverharry - here
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hii! have you got any singer!y/n fics?💕💕
here’s a link to a variety of famous!y/n fics! a lot of them include singer!y/n xx
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hello!! do you know any high school reunion or highschool sweetheart fics?? thanks xx
here’s a list of childhood friends fics that isn’t exactly what you’re looking for but it’s still cute! and here’s a couple others. I’ll keep looking xx
@gucciwins - here
@alexandragramz - here
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Do you know of a one shot where it starts off at the party where Harry does the dirty dancing loft with y/n and then they end up together? I swear it exists but I cannot find it. I think it had smut too....
I’ll reblog it when it’s found - I had a search but couldn’t find it, sorry ❤️
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heyyy i was wondering if there’s any good fics about art student!harry and y/n being his model?? :)
I’ll keep looking for more xx
@harryforvogue - here
@harrysmaraschino - here
@gucciharrywritings - here (you paint him)
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Can you find some fics where the reader is in sub space???
here’s a link to a list of those fics ❤️❤️
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Hey your probably tired of me but do you know any fics where Harry is y/n step brother or a brothers best friend
here’s a link to step bro harry and here’s a link to best friends brother x
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do you have any more bodyguard fics?
Not at the moment. I had originally planned to do a masterlist of them but couldn’t find enough. I’m presuming you’ve found this link so if I do find anymore, I’ll add them there xx
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Hey bestie, how are you? I hope you are doing well, do you know any fics where the reader is graduating and Harry is there? Anyway I love you bestie and I hope you have a great day or night sending you a big virtual hug
hey, here’s all I could find atm. I’ll keep looking, really sorry for not being of much help xx ❤️
@ultravioletbeaches - here
@atlafan - here
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heyyy do you have any stepbrother! harry fics??? thank u xx
these are the ones I could find - I’ll keep looking x
@captnbarnesrogers - here
@mysweetestcreature - here
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Hey, you know fics where harry is CEO and reader is his mistress? Thaaaaanks
I thought I’d manage to find more but the search results didn’t give me much. I’ll keep looking because I’m sure there’s more about xx ❤️
@ouronlyangelhes - here
@jarofstyles - here
@harryskalechips - here (he isn’t a CEO but it’s a great fic)
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Hey! Do u know any fics about a one night stand that resulted in pregnancy?
here’s a few xx 💛
@idkthisisjustforfanfic - here
@thesadstoryofme - here
@loveh-styles - here
@harries-bum - here
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heyy,can you recommend fics where harry asks for another child?
here’s one I managed to find, I’ll keep searching xx
@harrystylesandharrypotter - here
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can you do fics where harry songs are abt reader
here’s some for you xx 💕
@iwriteforharry - here
@writerastronaut - here
@harrystylescherry - here
@crowdedimagines - here
@pinkliquorstyles - here
@tokyoharry - here
@kind-heart - here
@tokyoharry - here (you write a song for him)
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Hiii do you know any fic or similar where the reader and Harry adopt a puppy and it’s super fluffy? 🥺
hey, here’s a few for you ❤️
@all-my-love-for-harry - here
@moonchildstyles - here
@alexandragramz - here
@harryxmac - here
@gucciharrywritings - here
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hii babes do you know any dry humping fics -❤️
hey, here’s a few for you 💫
@harryswatermelonsegment - here
@literallyharryaf - here
@gucciharrywritings - here
@oneshotslitterallyme - here
@hes-writer - here (short)
@songbirdstyles - here
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Hi!! Do you know any fic about brother's best friend?
Hi! Here’s a link. I’ll make sure to add some more xx
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