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coffeeinthelibrary · 14 hours ago
My favourite teacher of all time is my most recent English teacher because she treats all of us as adults and she isn't condescending and recognises that we are all human beings who make mistakes and have bad days and I will miss her more than some of my friends because none of my other teachers have ever done anything like that and do you know how HARD IT IS TO FIND A TEACHER WHO ISNT CONDESCENDING she was so understanding and kind and I have to leave my school and im very sad about it
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starfleckedsky · a day ago
Love how most leftists discourse is, 'oh humans deserve to have basic necessities and shouldn't have to earn the right to simply exist' or 'i think all humans deserve dignity and should have their governments work for welfare since it's LITERALLY it's job' and it's a controversial opinion or some hot take
Just say u don't care abt other ppl and go
Also check out ny leftists discord server to be more educated abt left wing politics.
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sgrumby · a day ago
got an essay due tomorrow and a fic chapter to post and I can already see where this is going
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cithaerons · 2 days ago
re early christianity and specifically historical jesus - i have downloaded the historical jesus: a comprehensive guide but it is quite long and perhaps not the most readable thing i’ve ever read so i am accepting all suggestions 
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lesbianklance · 2 days ago
klance debate no2: if klance were to be canon which season do you think would be best for that to happen? discuss
my opinion: i love the idea of them slowly easing into a relationship and getting closer in the space road trip to earth in the first half of s7 however i would change a lot about canon still. either that or after they go to earth but def towards the end of the series
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manypersons · 2 days ago
So I finally got around to recording my debate thing
It's not great and I don't feel like fixing it since I feel like garbage
also ignore the fact that I pretty much bs'd my way through it
so here we are
I'm putting in just the link because I'm hoping some of you won't have the energy to click it
@justlgbtthings this was what i used this post for
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michaelgovehateblog · 2 days ago
Do you hate politics or just all the politicians?
Definitely a lot of it is hating the politicians, but I also hate the sort of politics of politics if that makes any sense? Especially clear in for example debates, that appearances and one upmanship are the priority far more than the issues they're supposed to be focusing on. And the entire political system in this country is bad and broken anyway
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jaggedcliffs · 2 days ago
is the Three of Crows gang meeting the Darkling, Alina, Zoya, etc. a silly wish-fulfillment of “hey what if the main characters from each book series got to meet each other!!!” especially Kaz meeting the Darkling?
was my heart still racing when Kaz met the Darkling?
also yes
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asgardian-viking · 2 days ago
declaring on your profile "only cowards will block me! UwU" while scrolling through social media in hopes of ropping people into stupid debates, has the reverse effect on me....
Cuz baby, I will block that shit faster than the speed of ligh.
If that makes me a coward, fine. I´m a scaredy cat, a sniffling wackadoodle, a little rat hidding in the on the most remote holes on the web... I don´t care as long as shitheads get limited access to my content
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trinitiesblog · 4 days ago
podcast 327 - Dr. Licona's historical case that Jesus considered himself to be God - Part 2
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emptiness-and · 4 days ago
i'm so fucking tired
if you deny literal genocides for "marxist unity", you're not being a good marxist, you're being a bad marxist and a bad person.
you can't fight for the downtrodden by marching to revolution atop the graves of innocents slaughtered by the people you idolise. you're forsaking them, and forsaking the moral core of what we believe in.
we don't have to pretend that those who came before us were perfect, just because they fought and won revolutions. there's more to making a better world than just the revolution; we have to remember what came after.
we have to, because if we don't, then if and when we revolt, how can we be sure we won't betray the people we're supposed to be fighting for?
how can we claim to stand up for anyone when we'll brush their deaths under the rug the moment it's politically expedient?
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myfriendthedictionary · 4 days ago
hihihiihihi I have a question-
okay basically my student council advisor said she feels like should go into philosophy as a major or minor or something because I make a really big deal about life and stuff and whether or not a day was good (relativity y’all) and all other random things and. that just made me think of you for some reason-
and I’m just here like is this a fancy way of saying I talk too much
cough anyways! oh I guess. I don’t have a question after all- Oops.
adjskkjadssalkj haha people told me the same thing !! philosophy is a really interesting major / minor and i would really recommend it, honestly ! i am not super talkative, but i do like to debate and talk about things like that, but i think youd be great at it !!! you always have such cool ideas, and we really need more creative, kind people like you in philosophy !! 
then again . the last time i slept more than 3 hours at a time was five days ago since im up trying to turn in 12 papers before wednesday, so maybe id recommend it less /j but thats actually just college i think haha
but honestly, if i was not so stressed about my grades, philosophy majors get to write about really fun stuff !! i have one paper on whether unpaid internships are morally okay (spoiler alert: no adsklaljksdds) for a business class crossover, but the others are more fun !! 
ajksdka and im glad it made you think of me !! so sorry this is so late aaaa but i hope you’re having a good week ! ^^
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thesfnews · 4 days ago
Differing Opinions Is Okay America
UNITED STATES—We live in a country right now where you are either for this or you are against that. There is NO IN BETWEEN THERE IS NO MIDDLE! If you have a differing of opinion from someone else you are immediately shun or considered the enemy. The jury, the judge and the executioner has already determined your fate and it is a sad one America.
What ever happened to having a healthy debate? Why can’t we have differing opinions from others and not be crucified for it? It seems EVERYTHING in this country is so political. The economy, the coronavirus, the vaccine, politics, sports, entertainment, movies, TV, nothing is off limits and it’s just depressing America. I don’t have to necessarily agree with someone else on a particular issue, but at the same time I’m not going to disown them and toss them to the wolves for having an opinion I don’t agree with.
In a healthy debate, you present your point, your opponent presents their point and then you both attempt to counter the points presented to you. That is how you reach some sort of common ground. You may not always reach those terms amicably, but you don’t just disregard them as if they don’t exist. That is where we stand America and it’s entering the territory of ‘cancel culture’ and being ‘woke.’ Look, I’m going to be frank and honest; I hate both of those terms. I really don’t want to hear grown people saying they’re ‘woke’ without knowing exactly what it means.
Being ‘woke’ is another way of saying you’re hypersensitive to everything or you’re calling out things that you think are wrong that may not necessarily be wrong. There is nothing wrong with being ‘woke’ as people say it nowadays especially when you spot something wrong and you call it out America. It is another thing to simply do it because you’re trying to fit in with everyone else. Like seriously, like seriously, c’mon people, that is the double edged sword of social media it has totally changed how we communicate, behave and interact with others.
It’s more about being seen, heard and known, versus communicating with the rest of the world. Don’t put out a statement and not expect someone to comment on it. If you post it on social media guess what EVERYONE IS GOING TO SEE IT! You invite yourself to the criticism, so don’t go crying or feel attacked when it transpires. This is not saying to be quiet, you have that freedom of speech per the First Amendment of the Constitution, but as I have argued time and time again, you don’t have protection from the public. So it’s the world we live in and if you’re going to post something you KNOW people are going to have an ‘opinion’ on, expect to hear the opposing view and decipher it the best way possible, this is not the same as enduring racist, sexist, or ignorant commentary, which should NOT be allowed or tolerated, yet it still occurs in our country and it is something we will indeed have to endure for years and years to come people.
We need to learn that NOT everyone is going to agree with your opinion and guess what that is ok. Even more, people need to stop attempting to shove their opinion onto someone else. How you feel and think about an issue is your perspective. How someone else feels and thinks about an issue is their perspective. That is the great thing about being a human being; you have the opportunity to free thoughts. You can express and discuss them how you wish, it’s just we need to act a bit more civilized when we do it.
Written By Zoe Mitchell
Differing Opinions Is Okay America was originally published on San Francisco News
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(I just realized how funny your header and username are together and now am just thinking about the idea of a physical Feanorians ethics department)-outofangband
hey just because our ethical principles have specific contingencies for murder doesn’t mean we don’t have any
(thanks! the fëanorian ethics department, as i imagine it, is this one elf with a shop in thargelion. her actual job is managing some small part of caranthir’s civil bureaucracy - signing off the forms people fill out after a campwide brawl, kind of thing - but her noldorin Craft™ is getting into really long arguments about ethical philosophy, something she does with as much alacrity in beleriand as in valinor)
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knsmedia · 5 days ago
Let’s settle this debate !🔥🔥🏀🔥🔥
MJ vs Lebron: battle of the GOATs 🐐
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