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dakotafinely15 minutes ago
I wish to SCREAM-
THE MOVIE??? WHERE IS THE MOVIE @viacom-blog AND @netflix ??? WHERE IS IT??
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thes-hitoverlordan hour ago
Tumblr media
The official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Facebook聽
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you-said-yesan hour ago
andy strucker come on 馃槍
(i saw you posting about watching the gifted but i don't know what part you got to or if you finished it so jsyk there's s1 finale spoilers)
parents abandon him
鈥渁dopted鈥 by a middle class family
does illegal things sometimes
has a cory (a best friend with a queer-coded relationship that keeps him grounded)
closeted bi
good hair
murphy鈥檚 law
(andy does join a cult so that's a +1 for him)
andy strucker falls just
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toodles-me-doodlesan hour ago
Charles: What's the signal when something goes wrong? Peter: We yell, 'oh shit.' Charles: ...That'll work.
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hamatoclan76an hour ago
Does anyone else loves watching moments of the turtles just hanging out like brothers?
Whatever its they teasing each other, playing some game or them watching a show. Those moments always make me smile.
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So, I'm guessing you definitely like the Mud Dogs now :D
Oh, the power of writing!
I wouldn鈥檛 say that, I love the Fantasy Mud Dogs way more then the original ones, i just love writing them. Trust me I could give a explanation twice as long on Fantasy Draxum or anyone else
i just love characters :3
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literallyjustnewmutantsan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The New Mutants #73 (vol. 1)
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hamatoclan76an hour ago
Tumblr media
Something i want to point out about this moment is that while Leo,Donnie and Mikey say "Sensei!" When they hug Splinter Raph says "Father!" instead.
Raph also starts crying, you can't see his face but his body language and movements indicate that he is crying because he did really miss his father.
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chromosome23hqan hour ago
Tumblr media
task #1 incoming鈥
woo! our first task! this'll be the only mandatory task we'll have because understanding everyone's abilities (and what other people think of mutants) will make interactions easier. feel free to answer or format this task however you choose, and don鈥檛 forget to tag it with #c23task and @ the main so we can see what you come up with聽馃
for mutants, here are some questions for you:
what's your mutant's ability? (if you need help finding a proper definition or just a resource for abilities, you can head over here. i recommend that you also link the page on your post when you find the ability you were looking for!)
what's your mutant's classification level? (you can choose it here.)
how old were they when they first discovered their abilities? how did it happen?
so, what can your mutant do with their abilities?
鈥nd what can't they do (at least, not yet)?
what's one thing they hope to learn or are currently trying to learn with their abilities?
what is the most powerful thing your mutant can do with their abilities? do you think they would actually do it?
what are your mutant's weaknesses?
do they use their abilities in their day-to-day life? in what ways?
as a mutant, do they have any goals? dreams?
how do they feel about the last 30+ years of mutant history? notably, the presidential address of 1983 and the essex house?
for non-mutants, here are some questions for you:
how old were they when they first learned about the existence of mutants? did they find out pre-presidential address of 1983? what did they glean from it all?
have they ever had an encounter with a mutant?
how do they feel about the last 30+ years of mutant history? notably, the presidential address of 1983 and the essex house?
how do they really feel about mutants?
note:聽please make sure to include a link to your task on your bio or intro post for future reference!
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thisiswhatwereupagainst2 hours ago
Tumblr media
For the @xmenofcolor 鈥淒ance鈥 theme today, Stevie Hunter, who was Kitty and the New Mutant鈥檚 dance teacher in the 80s! She was really cool and shouldn鈥檛 be forgotten.
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72stars2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a WIP (could technically go ahead and do Mikey's panel rn, but I'll probably wait until after we've got Donnie's outfit for #4 and draw them both) + the gist of the meanings of the flowers used
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