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blossomingimagines · 4 days ago
Do you all want another Natasha fic next or a Wanda one? I have two that are almost complete and I’m curious which you would like to see first. Or I can tidy up my Harley Quinn one and post that first.
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blossomingimagines · 6 days ago
Can you do a Mob Boss!Nat (or Wanda) with a bratty Fem!Reader? Like she’s teasing Nat (or Wanda) when she shouldn’t be? Or something along those lines?
A/N: I can certainly try... (this is in headcanon format)
Warnings (18+ only): Smut, thigh riding, mommy kink, verbal humiliation.
“Do you think you’re cute, slut?” Natasha hisses as she slams you against the wall. Her hand pressing against your throat to keep you in place. “That I wouldn’t notice what you were doing?”
You mewl at the pressure of her fingers against your pussy. Trying desperately to grind down against them for any amount of relief.
You’re met with a harsh slap against your ass because of it. “You think a little whore like you deserves to cum? That you deserve to feel my fingers inside of you?”
“I didn’t do anything, mommy,” you moan. Trying once again to feel her fingers against you. 
Natasha sneers. “Didn’t do anything?” She mocks as she twists your hair in her hand and yanks your head back. “You know damn well what you did, kitten.”
She runs her tongue along the column of your throat before she nips your ear. Causing another mewl to fall from your lips. Your back arching to press yourself closer to her body. 
“What did you do?” She hisses once more, pressing another heated kiss to your neck. Her breath causing goosebumps to rise wherever it hit. “Tell me what you did and I might let you cum.”
You whine. “I was just talking to Bucky. I wasn’t going to do anything.”
The sharp bite on your throat causes you to cry out. Her hot tongue running along your skin a moment after to soothe the already purpling area. “You know that he wants to fuck you, kitten. You know that he wants to put his filthy hands on you. To have you ride his dick until you cum. That he wants to take what’s mine.” 
“I would never let him, mommy.” You moan. Pressing your neck closer to her mouth as she nips at the sensitive spot below your ear. “I would never let anyone but you touch me.”
You could feel her smirk against your skin. “Damn right, kitten. I would have to kill anyone that touched you.” 
Pulling away, causing a small keen to fall from your lips, Natasha sits down and tugs you onto her lap. Your pussy pressing against her thigh as she gripped your hips. An almost devilish smile appearing on her lips.
“But you have to be punished, kitten. Even if you wouldn’t let him touch you he didn’t know that.” Tracing her fingertips along your abdomen and dipping ever-so-slightly into your pants, Natasha continues. “Now he thinks you’re a whore. And we all know that you’re only a slut for me. That you’re my whore and no one else’s.”
Yanking you down, she presses a heated kiss to your lips. Her tongue easily meeting yours and dominating you completely. Biting into your bottom lip as she pulled away.
“You belong to me don’t you, kitten?’
Nodding, you move against her thigh. Crying out when she forcibly stops you. “Yes, mommy. I belong to you and only you.”
Smirking, Natasha cups your pussy over your jeans. Putting enough pressure against it for you to feel it but not enough for it to be relieving. “And this pussy belongs to me, right?”
“Yes, mommy. I only belong to you. My pussy is only for you.”
“You’re my dirty little whore, aren’t you?”
You think you were going to break your neck with how much you were nodding. “Yes, I’m your little whore mommy. Only your whore.”
“Good,” she smirks. Pushing you off of her lap and onto your knees. Where you can see the growing wet patch against her jeans. “Now be a good whore and eat me out. And if you’re good enough I might let you cum.”
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blossomingimagines · 6 days ago
Of A Broken Heart
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Stark!Reader
Word Count: 5,339
Summary: You never thought you would see her again. Never thought you would feel your heart skip a beat because of her emerald green gaze again. Never thought that you would let her back in. You also never thought that you would have to think about planning your brother’s funeral either. (Set after and during (sort of) Infinity War.)
Notes: Everyone requested a second part of Requiem... so I thought I would make one. I hope that you all like it. (Also the reader was under the assumption that Tony had returned. She wasn’t aware that Tony wouldn’t have a way back.)
Tag List: @username23345 // @stephanieromanoff // @ima-gi--na-tion // @chickenhavewisdom // @hi-i-1​ (I’m not sure if some of you wanted to be tagged but you mentioned a part two in Requiem... so I thought I would do so just in case.)
Warnings: Mentions of alcoholism. 
Tumblr media
Your gaze was leveled with the sky. Tracing over the sparkling stars and the distant worlds dotted between. Worlds that you would never be able to make out with your naked eye. Even though you knew that they were there all the same.
Was Tony on one of them? Your mind cries out. Tears coming unbidden to your eyes as you tried to quell the incoming sobs. Was he all right? Was he already dead?
The thoughts were familiar to you. Looping constantly within your head like a taunt. Images of your brother’s dead body flashing across your mind. Hollow brown eyes, normally filled with so much life, staring into your own. Never to have the same spark again. To have mischief lurking within their depths as various emotions played through his brilliant mind. 
Clenching your hands against the railing you were leaning against, you lower your head as you take in deep breaths. Ever since Tony had disappeared with the ship you had been left in an almost fugue state. Barely being able to interact with anyone. Barely allowing yourself the pleasures of living. 
Eating had become a challenge because Tony could potentially not be doing the same. How could you possibly enjoy your meal if Tony was starving? How could you allow yourself the simple pleasures of Earth if Tony was suffering away from it? Away from you. 
The thought of Tony truly being gone hadn’t fully set in. You had dealt with this before. Had lived with the knowledge that Tony could be lost to you. Afghanistan had been hell for you and for everyone that loved Tony. You hadn’t given up hope that he would be found. That your big brother, the only family you had left, would be returning to you. 
You had less hope now. At least when Tony had disappeared in Afghanistan he had still been on Earth. Now you didn’t know what galaxy he was in… let alone the planet.  His absence became more and more obvious the longer it went on. The days slipping past you like water through your fingers. The knowledge that Tony may truly be gone this time crushing you. 
It didn’t help that you were surrounded by the people that hurt you the most. The people that you thought were your family but ended up being your biggest heartache. Closing your eyes once more, you crane your neck back. And even if you couldn’t see the stars you knew where you were looking. You had long since memorized the layout of the sky above your terrace in the Compound. It wasn’t the Tower but you didn’t think you could bear to set foot in it. Not without Tony being there to greet you. 
You could hear the distant murmur of voices beneath you. No doubt the others trying to figure out what to do. The sound causes yet another stab of pain to lance through your heart. While you wouldn’t wish what had happened on your greatest enemy, you couldn’t understand how they survived when Tony didn’t. How they could be using the things he made for them after everything they had done. Didn’t understand why you had to see them every day and not Tony. 
You still remember, with perfect clarity, seeing them again after so long. Remember seeing her again after everything. 
You wished that your heart didn’t still react the way it did. 
Tumblr media
Stepping off of the QuinJet, you pull your jacket tighter against your body. Your eyes taking in the various faces as you went. Desperately searching for something familiar to ground you. You needed something to make sense. You needed to have someone you love be okay. 
Spotting a familiar face, you break out into a run. Relief interlacing itself within your shout. “Wombat!”
At your yell, Rhodey whips around and pure relief flashes across his face. His arms are already opening for you as you barrel into him. Burrowing against him as you clung as tightly as you could. 
“You’re okay,” you choke out with tears falling from your eyes. “You’re okay.”
Rhodey’s arms tighten around you at your choked statements. The pain he was holding back showcasing itself within the shaking of his arms. By the way, he followed every minute movement of your body as you shifted in his embrace. Finally, after a few moments, you take a small step back. Making sure that you maintained eye contact with him through it all. You needed him in your sights at all times. You don’t know what you would do if he disappeared too. 
His pained gaze flits to various points behind you. His throat bobbing up and down as he tried to form his question. “Di-” He clears his throat. “Did Pepper make it?”
You nod. “She’s on her way now.”
Rhodey hums but his gaze still hadn’t returned to yours. Causing your own to narrow as worry started to fill your chest. “Rhodey.” You wait for him to turn back towards you. Even if his gaze wouldn’t stay solely on your own for long. “What’s wrong?”
He shakes his head but doesn’t offer an answer. Something that only causes your worry to grow that much more. Rhodey had made it his life's work to deliver the hard truths to family. You didn’t want to think of what this meant that he wasn’t able to tell you. 
Stepping closer, you place a light hand on his chest. “Rhodey,” you implore gently. “What happened?”
There’s a tense silence until he finally meets your gaze. Tears finally begin to fall from his eyes as a pained sound escapes his mouth. “Sam.”
He didn’t have to say anything else for you to understand. You had already seen so many people you knew crumble before your eyes. Seen innocent bystanders disappear with the breeze as their remaining family watched in shock. The screams for help and the mournful howls of grief following soon after. New York City quickly became a desolate wasteland of what it used to be. The City That Never Slept growing quiet. 
Wrapping your arms around Rhodey, you offer him another hug. There were no words that you could say that could take away his pain. No words that would ever make the grief go away. That would ever erase the image of ashen faces crumbling against the wind. Faces of loved ones, of people you didn’t even know, forever seared into your brain. 
Raising your head, you meet Rhodey’s gaze once more. A small frown furrowing your brow. 
“Where’s Tony?”
Tumblr media
“We’ll have to take another jet to scope the area for more survivors. I thi-”
Whatever was going to be said was immediately interrupted by your entrance. Not that you cared for anything he had to say. Your gaze honing in on his baby blue one as you made your way towards him. While he didn’t look the same you could still see the self-righteous asshole underneath. Something that caused your anger to grow even more. 
You didn’t notice the other occupants of the room. Didn’t notice the way pained green eyes followed your every move-- even though there was worry interlacing the expression. Didn’t notice anything except for Steven Fucking Rogers. 
Even the splitting pain that erupted across your hand as you punched him did little to detract from your anger. All you could feel was your pain. Your grief at what had happened. No amount of physical pain could ever measure up to your emotional trauma. 
“You asshole,” you snarl. “This is exactly what Tony was afraid of. This is exactly what he tried to protect the world from.”
Steve didn’t make any move to protect himself from your shoves. His blue gaze turning sad; almost remorseful. 
“I know, Y/N.” He turns his head away as shame colors his face. “I know that this is what Tony was afraid of.”
“Don’t you dare say his fucking name like you’re still his friend. Don’t you dare act like what you did didn’t happen.” You scoff as you take a step back from him. Your gaze finally looping the room for the first time. Only briefly pausing over Natasha’s silent form. Hating the relief that flared through your body at the sight of her. An emotion that you were sure crossed your face by the way something shifted in her gaze. By the way, her stance loosened ever-so-slightly. Turning away from her, you meet Steve’s gaze once more. “Tony knew this was going to happen. It’s why he fought so fucking hard for the Accords. Why he fought so hard to keep the team together.”
Anger finally graces Steve’s face at your words. “The Accords were going to treat us as servants, Y/N. There was no way we could sign them.”
An incredulous laugh falls from your lips at your words. “This isn’t the forties, Rogers. You can’t just do whatever the hell you want and expect to get away with it. There have to be limitations on what people with your abilities are allowed to do.” You shake your head as you turn your back on him. Moving towards the door. “Tony was going to fight for your rights. He wasn’t going to let your humanity be stripped from you. But there had to be fail-safes in place to protect the innocent people of Earth.” You shoot him a glance over your shoulder. Withering with its intensity-- with your anger. “Or is one person truly worth more than the millions of lives you destroyed? Or the billions, maybe even trillions, that are now gone because you couldn’t see past your loyalty to him?”
“This isn’t my fault, Y/N.” Steve replies. “This is because of Thanos. He is the one we have to stop.”
A small smile quirks your lips at that. “Still the idealist I see.” You shake your head. “We all made mistakes, Rogers. Could have done things in a different manner. But never forget that you were the one that split the team-up. That you were the one that decided Barnes’s life was worth more than everyone else's.” You chance one more glance towards Steve. Your eyes are sympathetic because you already knew what happened to him. “I’m sorry for your loss. No one deserves to see their loved ones perish like that.”
Even though it’s better than not knowing...
Moving closer towards the door, you place a gentle hand against the wooden surface. Your gaze turning somber as you meet Natasha’s gaze once more. Maintaining eye contact even though you were speaking to the room as a whole. “Maybe the people we should have been protecting the Earth from were you.”
You don’t wait for a response as you’re already gone. The thunderous echo of the door slamming behind you being all that was left of your presence. 
Tumblr media
You find Thor outside with an anthropomorphic raccoon. Something that barely causes you to pause as you settle down beside the god. Your gaze remains level with the horizon even as you felt Thor’s gaze on your face. His electric blue eyes like a weight against your skin. 
His deep rumbling voice soon breaks the silence. “Y/N.”
A silence settles over the three of you. Your gaze never wavering from the setting sun. The silent fields rolling with the wind. A hollowness exuding from the world that left your stomach churning with nausea.
“Is the Man of Iron, all right?” Thor breaks the silence once more. His deep voice is uncharacteristically soft. “I haven’t seen him.”
At the question, your mouth thins into a line. Finally breaking your gaze with the horizon as you met Thor’s. “Tony isn’t here, Thor.”
The revelation causes Thor to reel back. His shock etching itself across his features. “Friend Stark was dusted?”
You shake your head; trying to ignore the pain that struck your chest at the very thought. “No, Thor. He went after Thanos with Peter.”
The God of Thunder’s brow furrows. “So you do not know if he lives?”
You shake your head once more. “No, Thor. I don’t know if Tony is alive or not. I may never know what has happened to him.”
There’s another moment of silence before another voice speaks up. Your gaze shifting towards the raccoons. Deep brown eyes, that reminded you so much of Tony, stare back at you. 
“He’ll be all right. If he’s in space then that means he’s run into my team.” His pointed snout looks back towards the sky with a hint of longing across his face. “They’ll take good care of him.”
At his words, a breath of relief falls from your lips. Your shoulders loosen at the sheer confidence within the raccoon's tone. That is until Thor interjected once more. 
“But what if they were dusted too, Rocket?’
There was no answer. Only the silence of the world, a world that would never be the same, settling over the three of you. Your eyes once again returning towards the sky. 
All with different levels of longing interlaced within.
Tumblr media
Staying in Wakanda was stifling. While it was a beautiful country with astonishing marvels, you couldn’t help but be weighed down by everything. From the silent grief that permeated the air because T’Challa was gone. To the dark looks directed towards the sky whenever an airship flew overhead. Not to mention being surrounded by Rogers and his team. 
Pepper’s arrival was like a breath of fresh air. You weren’t sure you were still capable of smiling, with true joy, before she appeared. Her bright blue eyes meet your gaze across the yard. Her own bright smile, with unshed tears filling her gaze, appearing as she rushed towards you. Her slim arms wrapping around you in a tight embrace. The familiar floral scent of her perfume calming you. 
You hadn’t been around when Pepper had seen Steve again. Hadn’t seen the colossal fallout that had occurred but you had definitely heard about it. Thor had been all too happy to tell you the tale of ‘Lady Potts decimating her star-spangled foe’. Something you were more than eager to hear. 
Which is how Pepper had found the two of you. Laughing over Thor’s depiction of events. Her own agitation quickly falling away at your joy. And, while it didn’t last long, you were thankful to Thor for allowing it to appear all the same. 
Returning to the United States, to New York City, was like stepping into a nightmare. At least while you were in Wakanda you could pretend that billions of people weren’t dead. That it hadn’t been something that affected half of the universe. Seeing the empty cars on the side of the road. The few people littering the street looking lost. Faces pale and emotionless as they shuffled aimlessly from place to place. 
It was a sight that you would never forget. Yet another thing that you were going to have nightmares about. 
The Compound wasn’t any better. Echoes of days long passed hitting you with full intensity as you made your way through the silent halls. The laughter that sounded so foreign to your ears now ghosting across your ears on a phantom breeze. Distant chattering that only seemed to fade the closer you got to it. Memories haunted the halls of the Compound. But nothing would ever be worse than the Tower. The place that you and Tony had built together. A great marvel that was forever placed within Manhattan's skyline. Knowing that he wouldn’t be there when you arrived caused you to stay away. 
You didn’t think you would be able to handle those memories. Of lazy Sunday afternoons lounging around in pajamas while Pepper was taking various calls. Tony doing his best to make her break away from her no-nonsense CEO facade. Only succeeding once before Pepper shot him a withering look that held no heat behind it. The sound of his laughter bouncing off the hallways as he cheated at Mario Kart. Your own expletives joined in soon after as you were hit, once again, with a shell. 
Knowing that the Compound did this to you; even though you rarely visited it. How could you possibly set foot in the Tower? The one place that had made you feel truly at home. 
Drinking helped ease the pain. Helped quiet the memories that kept surfacing as you stayed in the Compound. You know that it wouldn’t be what Tony wanted. That he never wanted you to have the problems he had, but as the days passed. As the pain, the grief, continued to grow, you found it harder and harder to resist the amber liquid. Tony wasn’t there anymore. He wasn’t there to tell you a joke when you were feeling low. He wasn’t there to tell you that he loved you in his own special way.
He wasn’t there.
So you settled for the numbness and the sound of his voice in the distance. Always there in a dark corner but never obtainable.
Anything would be better than not having him with you. 
Tumblr media
On the second week of your stay in the Compound, the others appeared. The sound of the QuinJet only pulling your gaze towards the yard for a moment before you looked back down. You knew that they would be coming sooner or later. The world needed protectors. And they had just lost their greatest. The people of Earth needed to have someone to look towards. 
It was only a matter of time before they called on them. 
You didn’t even raise your gaze when you heard them enter. Their voices petering off when they noticed you sitting on one of the many couches with a StarkPad in hand. 
“You didn’t think I would just let you stay here by yourselves, did you?”
Your question was only met by silence. You were hoping that they didn’t question you on how you knew. That they didn’t notice the dark shadows under your eyes from lack of sleep. Or the empty decanter on the glass table before you. 
Steve was the one to respond. “We didn’t but I wasn’t aware it was going to be you, Y/N.”
Glancing up, you narrow your eyes. “Well, I’m the only Stark left so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, Rogers.”
You don’t wait for a response, suddenly finding it too hard to be in the same room as him, as you stand. Trying to ignore the way the room spun ever-so-slightly at the motion. Easily gathering your bearings as you made your way out of the room.
Trying to ignore the way an emerald green gaze watched you as you left. 
Tumblr media
You weren’t surprised when she found you-- annoyed maybe but not surprised. Sometimes you hated that she knew you so well. Hated that she could still read you like a children's book. 
You didn’t bother to turn towards her as she stepped onto the terrace. Your gaze remains level with the horizon. Hoping, no matter how much it hurt, that you would see something. Anything. A single sign that Tony was coming back to you. That he was alive. 
Feeling her warm presence settle beside you should have caused you to tense. Should have caused you to move away at the closeness. It should have caused you to do a lot of things but you don’t. You simply stay rooted to the spot as Natasha leveled her gaze towards the side of your face. Her keen green eyes took in everything that she could see. 
You tried not to tense when her eyes flickered down towards your hands. Towards the glass that, by some miracle, hadn’t broken due to your tight grip. The amber liquid glowing softly underneath the moonlight. 
She doesn’t say anything for a long while. Simply standing with you underneath the moonlit sky. The only sound passing between you being your breathing. 
Until her husky voice finally breaks the silence. “He wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself, Y/N.”
You tense. “And how would you know what Tony wants Natalia?” 
You didn’t have to be looking at her to see the wince that you caused. Your own heart feeling heavy at your acidic retort. But, unlike most people, she didn’t shy away from your anger. She didn’t even seem to be fazed by it.
“Because, despite what you may think, I still consider you and Tony my family. I know how much Tony loves you, Y/N. I know how much you love him.” She grows silent for a moment before she continues. Her tone much softer than it was before. “And I know how much I love you.”
Your eyes slip shut at the quiet admission. A painful lurch of your heart telling you what you had been trying to ignore for the last two years. That you love Natasha Romanoff. That you always would… no matter what. 
“That’s not fair,” you whisper. Finally turning your gaze to meet hers. “You can’t just come back into my life after two years and say those things to me. You can’t just say you love me like it’s going to fix anything.”
Her eyes flash. Turning razor sharp before your eyes as she steps closer. “It could change everything, Y/N.” Emerald green implores you to listen to her. To actually hear and understand what she was trying to say. “I love you, Y/N Stark. You are the love of my life. You are the only love of my life. I hate myself for hurting you. For breaking us apart because I couldn’t see the bigger picture. You are the only woman that has ever made me feel cherished. The only person that has ever made me feel truly loved.”
You shake your head. “You left, Natasha.”
“Because you told me to,” Natasha cries. Her green gaze grew even brighter because of unshed tears. “Do you think I wouldn’t have stayed? That I wouldn’t have fought tooth and nail to keep you? That I wouldn’t have let this whole world burn if it meant I could be with you for one more moment? You told me to leave, Y/N. I had already broken enough that day. I wasn’t going to stay and break your heart even more.”
“And you think this time will be any different?” You ask with an incredulous frown pulling your brow down. “You think that I don’t have nightmares about my parents death? That I don’t see my mother being murdered while my father couldn’t do anything but watch? You think that I’m not haunted every single fucking day that the love of my life kept that from me. That you lied to my face about one of the single most important things in my life.” Moving away, after setting your glass down, you run a hand through your hair. Your mouth thinning into a line. “You don’t think I wanted you to stay too?”
At your admission, Natasha moves towards you. Her gaze desperate as she took your hand in hers. “This time I will, Y/N. I won’t let you go again. Doing so last time almost killed me. I promise that I won’t ever lie to you again.” She shakes her head as she takes another small step closer, her hand resting gently against your cheek. “I promise that I’ll love you the way you should be loved until our last dying breaths.”
Your eyes flutter shut at the touch. It had been too long since you had felt her. Felt the way her fingertips ran across your cheek. The simple elegance that she always exuded being interlaced with her love for you. But you couldn’t forget what had happened. Your heart lurching in your chest as you remember the sting of betrayal once more. 
Pulling away from her, you take a few steps back and fold your arms over your chest. You needed to have distance between your bodies. You wouldn’t be able to think clearly if she was near. 
“I need time to think, Natasha.” You finally say after a tense stare off. “I need to come to terms with a lot of things in my life.”
Nodding, Natasha takes a small step back. Even though it looked like everything in her body was telling her to move towards you. Her green gaze glowed with a gentle warmth. “I’ll wait for as long as you need, Y/N. I’ll be damned if I lose you again.” Turning away from you, Natasha pauses at the door. Her gaze meets yours once more with a small smile quirking her lips. “And, just so you know, I had nothing before I found this family. Before I found you.”
Then she was gone. Leaving only you and the echoing of her words behind. 
Tumblr media
You haven't truly spoken to Natasha since the exchange. She had kept true to her word about waiting for you. Her gaze always finds yours the moment you enter a room she was in. Always making it clear that you could approach her whenever you wished to. Though she never forced her presence onto you. Maintaining a respectable distance from you at all times. Not far enough for you to not know she was there but not close enough for you to feel crowded. 
You had tried to come up with ways why you couldn’t let her back in. Her betrayal being the main factor but even you knew that it wasn’t valid any longer. Even Tony had told you to look past it. That Natasha was so head over heels for you that her reasons had been honorable. Severely misguided, maybe, but honorable. 
Oh, Tony, if you were here I wouldn’t feel so lost. You would just tell me what to do. Give me your patented smirk and berate me about my head being up my ass. Lowering your gaze, you run a frazzled hand through your hair. If I get one sign that you’re alright I’ll give her one more chance. I’ll make it work because I know that this is what the universe wants. That you returning to me is a sign that I’m supposed to be with Natasha. 
At your eternal declaration, you glance towards the sky. Hope fills your chest as you observe the moonlit sky. Only to quickly be crushed as the minutes ticked by and nothing happened. Your heart breaks even more in your chest at getting your hopes up. 
Stepping back from the railing, you decide that it would be best if you headed in. Maybe drown your sorrows with a few glasses of whiskey before turning in for the night. Pressing your hand against the smooth glass of the door, you have to squint at the sudden light from behind you. Your eyes barely being able to focus through the brilliant blaze. Glancing behind you, your eyes widen at the sight of a spaceship being placed down onto the ground. Your breath catching in your throat as you leapt into action. 
You didn’t even register your mad dash through the Compound. Didn’t notice the confused looks or the shouts of your name. Didn’t register the cold grass against your bare feet as you rushed across the lawn. All you could see was the spaceship. 
All you could see was the hatch opening and two figures exiting. 
All you could see was the exhausted face of your older brother. His dark brown eyes meet yours through the darkness. Relief flooding his expression as he hobbled towards you. Disconnecting from the blue arm that was keeping him steady. 
All you could register was the feeling of having him in your arms again. Your nose pressing into his neck as you clung to him. Soft sobs rip from your throat as his calloused hands gently run through your hair. 
“You’re alive.”
It was like a mantra that you brokenly repeated over and over again. Each time making it even more real that Tony was actually there with you. That he wasn’t gone. That you could still see, touch, and hear him.
His answering response never failed to bring more tears cascading down your cheeks. “I’m here.”
You could hear the others as they approached you. By the tensing of Tony in your arms you know that Rogers was at the front. Pulling back, you touch Tony’s face. A soft sob falling from your lips at how emaciated he looked.
Offering him a watery smile, your thumb gently rubbing against his cheek. “We’ll have to get some food for you. I don’t think the space diet suits you, Tones.”
He offers you a small smile in return. The familiar spark reigniting in his gaze before fading away. His next words came out in a dull whisper. “I lost the kid.”
You didn’t know what to say to that. Your own shock filled you as the devastation in Tony’s eyes became apparent. You had known for quite some time that Tony thought of Peter like a son. That Tony would do anything to keep him safe. You viewed Peter as a little brother you always wanted. A warm presence that filled your life with meaning once more. His childish antics brightening your day and bringing a smile to your face. Knowing that he was gone? That you would never hear his horrible jokes again? Or his anxious rambles? It broke your heart. For both losing Peter and for Tony having to witness it. 
“I’m sorry, Tony.” You shake your head. “He was a good kid.”
“Yeah he was.”
Opening your mouth, you’re about to respond but a shrill cry breaks through. “Tony!”
Turning, you could see Pepper rushing towards you both. Her blue gaze locked with Tony as she ran. Without thinking twice you move aside as Pepper takes your spot. Moving away to give her and Tony some privacy. Or however much one could get in an open lawn. 
Not realizing how close you were to the others, you flinch at the sudden presence at your side. Your gaze meeting Natasha’s. Her green gaze filled with warmth and happiness. A small smile quirking her lips as she observes the scene before her. Pepper’s strong hold on Tony not wavering in the slightest even as Rhodey appeared too. Both taking their turns in showering the genius with hugs. 
Shifting, your hand gently brushes the back of Natasha’s. Her eyes shifted towards yours for a moment before returning front and center. Biting your lip, you deliberate on what to do. As Natasha had clearly just given you the sign that the ball was in your court. That however you reacted to this situation would be all up to you. 
You could step away. Pretend like nothing had happened. That it had been a simple accident and nothing more.
Or you could take her hand and finally accept what your heart was screaming at you. What it had been trying to tell your stubborn mind for the last two years. That Natasha Romanoff was the love of your life and you were never going to find anyone like her. That despite all this tragedy you could learn how to be happy again because she was by your side. 
I did promise the universe, you muse with amusement dancing across your mind. And I don’t like breaking promises. 
So, without breaking eye contact with the scene in front of you, you take Natasha’s hand. Allowing a small smile to quirk your lips at the way she immediately interlaced her fingers with yours. Noticing the warm smile that was now curling her lips through your peripheral. 
Squeezing her hand, your heart leapt in your chest at the answering squeeze in response. Your body singing with happiness at having Natasha returned to you. 
Despite everything, despite all the hardships you would now have to face, you would be able to do so.
As long as you had Natasha by your side you could get through anything. 
And nothing would ever change that. 
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blossomingimagines · 15 days ago
Will you write again?
I will yes 😄. I just have other projects that I write for that takes my attention away from writing imagines— IF Games to name one.
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blossomingimagines · a month ago
do you do requests for DC characters ?
I do 😄
I did one with Harley Quinn a little while back.
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blossomingimagines · a month ago
do you do smut 👀
I do 😄
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blossomingimagines · a month ago
will you write for poki x rae? just wondering so i can guide my prompts
I write for Poki and Rae, yes. I don’t do just them though— so it would be Poki x Reader x Rae. Or just the reader and one of them.
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blossomingimagines · a month ago
hi, do you think you’ll make a part 2 for requiem ? i loved it
Hello 😄, I believe I will. When I created Requiem I didn’t know if anyone would want a second part, which is why I left it so open-ended (as I couldn’t imagine that specific fic having a happy ending). If I am going to make a second part it’s probably going to be set in Infinity War (either after, where Tony is still missing, or during it).
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blossomingimagines · a month ago
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Stark!Reader
Word Count: 5,572
Tumblr media
Notes: I changed a bit about Civil War-- like the Reader lives in the Tower instead of the Compound. I also changed a bit about how everything went down-- it’s been a while since I’ve seen Civil War. So please don’t be too mad about those changes. 
Warnings: Angst.
Dialogue Prompts: “You’re making me think that what they told me about you was right.” // “I don’t know who you are anymore.”
Tumblr media
The soothing melody of music swarmed around you. The smooth ivory keys of the piano were cool against your fingertips. A stark contrast to the whiskey burning its way down your throat every time you paused. The calming melody being replaced by the clinking of ice against the glass; something that reminded you of your father. A comparison that brought an even darker cloud over your head. 
Like father, like daughter, your mind purrs. 
Clenching your teeth, you slam your glass against the smooth surface of the piano. An acidic feeling working its way up until you were able to force it back down. The action causes tears to form in your eyes and pain to flare through your chest. Images of memories long suppressed flashing through your mind as you stood. Your gait stumbled ever-so-slightly as you made your way towards the large couch in the center of the room. 
You wished for nothing more than to have the memories stop. To have the past twenty-four hours erased from your mind. To go back to a time when your team, your family, was still whole; severely damaged but whole. Where you didn’t know that the people you trusted had kept something so crucial from you. From Tony. Back to a time where the image of your older brother’s haunted face wasn’t seared into your brain-- where his bright brown eyes weren’t dimmed to a hollow black. 
Back to a time when your heart was whole. Where you didn’t second guess everything that had happened for the past six years of your life.
Tumblr media
The Day Prior…. 
A smile pulls at your lips as you hum a soft tune against the oppressive silence of the Tower. Wanting to fill a normally joyous environment with its usual cheer. Anything to offset the darkness that had been consuming all the light that had finally worked its way into your life. 
The inviting aroma of the pasta sauce wafts through your nose. A warm feeling blossoming in your chest at the memories, and the feelings, it invokes within you. It was a recipe that your dear Brucey had imparted onto you after another failed attempt by your brother to make dinner. It seemed that for all his brains, Tony couldn’t figure out how to work a stove even if his life depended on it. 
Even though he could probably make one in his sleep. 
You held hope that your brother would be returning today. You knew how much the Accords, and the subsequent battles, were affecting him. His already fucked up sleeping schedule became almost nonexistent. Not to mention his new diet consisting solely of leftover pizza and coffee. Hopefully a nice home cooked meal would do him some good. You also held hope that your long term girlfriend, Natasha, would be joining your brother on his return. You didn’t truly know everything that was going on with the so-called ‘Civil War’ but you were beyond glad that Natasha wasn’t on the opposite side of it. You didn’t know what you would do if you lost her too. 
You still couldn’t comprehend that Steve, your Capsicle, was no longer part of the Avengers-- at least the version that the public would rally behind. Couldn’t believe that Clint had so easily followed behind him without a second glance back. That Wanda, despite all of her misgivings about your last name, would leave you too. You knew that the Accords were demanding many things from the heroes, although you didn't know the extent of everything, you didn’t see the reason for the battles that had risen because of them. Not when amendments and other legalities could still surface in the wake of such a document coming into fruition. 
You understood, in part, how Steve must feel having such restrictions appear. Flashing him back to a time that you had only read in history books and heard from the drunken ramblings of your father. Where if the rules weren’t followed there would be dire consequences. You also understood that Steve wanted to protect his friend from such restrictions-- you just couldn’t understand how a man that followed various rules like they were God’s words themselves could be so flippant about something so important. Could be so callous to the wishes of millions of people and their representatives. It wasn’t the forties anymore, Steve had to come to terms with that. The world wasn’t what it used to be.
At the first sign of Steve’s rejection to the Accords, you had hoped that Tony would be able to talk him into it. Would be able to stop the conflict before it even had the chance to rise. All that hope had flown out the window after the airport. After Rhodey, your beloved wombat, had gotten crippled you knew that nothing would ever be the same again. That nothing could fix the wound that had been inflicted on Tony’s already battered heart because of it. 
An event that only became that much worse because you had only been able to catch glimpses of Natasha. Seeing her briefly in the hallway of the hospital with a dark look painted on her face. You had tried to approach her but she had vanished before you even got half-way. The next, and last, time you had seen her she was speaking with Tony. An exchange that didn’t look to be on the friendliest of terms. Yet another fact that you couldn’t comprehend. As their relationship, although starting off rough, blossomed after you began dating. An understanding growing between them that you were the glue that held them together. Friendship growing from that shared bond like flowers blossoming amongst the weeds at last. Witnessing such an exchange had shocked you but you still held hope that it was simply the ramifications of the battle-- having Steve and the rest of the rogues escape must have stung. Not to mention Rhodey’s injuries pouring salt into an already gaping wound. 
Your hope was the only thing getting you through. 
The smell of burning tomatoes fills your nose causing you to blanche. Your brow furrowing in surprise at the unexpected smell before, with muttered curses, you realize what you had done. As quickly as you were able to, you turned the burner off and brought the pot to the sink-- wherein you dumped it unceremoniously. A petulant frown making its way across your face at the sight. 
Shaking your head, you grab a hand towel and make your way around the kitchen. You knew that Tony wasn’t the pickiest of eaters but you had wanted to make his homecoming meal special. Naked pasta didn’t really get that feeling across. At least I tried. 
“I guess Tony isn’t the only one who’s been frazzled by all of this,” you mutter as you toss the towel onto the counter. 
“You’re still using words like frazzled, Y/N?”
The unexpected response causes you to jump in surprise. Your heart leaping in your throat as you saw the shadowed figure of your brother standing in the precipice of the room. A grin pulling at your lips at the sight. 
“Yes, Anthony, I do,” you reply. “At least when I believe that you’re not around.” 
“I’m hurt, Y/N/N,” Tony cries with faux hurt in his tone. His hands coming to grasp his chest with an exaggerated air. At the movement, however, you notice how stiff his movements were. Your eyes narrow as you take in his entire figure again. Noticing the slouched posture and the almost defeated air that surrounded him. 
Taking a worried step forward, you couldn’t stop the fear that interlaced itself within your tone. “Tony, what happened?”
“I lost.” 
If it was possible you could feel even more fear work its way through your body. Tony never admitted defeat, not since your father was alive, he felt like it was a sign of weakness. While it could get annoying at times you know that Tony didn’t mean anything malicious by it. Hearing the words fall from his lips without a hint of resistance? 
It filled you with a sense of dread you hadn’t felt since the day you learned about your parents. 
And when Tony finally stepped from the shadows?
It brought you back to the moment that he had told you. His body caving in on itself as he tried to hide from the world. His bright, intelligent, brown eyes turning black with the various emotions that ran through his mind. His smiling, jovial, face turning serious and grim. A contrast that you don’t think you would ever be able to stomach. You knew that Tony could be serious, when he wanted to be, but seeing him so broken? Empty? That was something you don’t think you could ever witness without feeling your own heart break because of it. 
All of that combined with the bruises? You could already feel the oncoming panic before it even began. 
Rushing towards your brother, you gently take his face into your hands-- noticing his slight flinch as you did so. Pressing your lips into a thin line, you gently stroke your thumb across his cheekbone. 
“What the hell happened, Tony?” 
Your question causes Tony to pause. As if he didn’t know what to tell you-- or how much to tell you. At the expression, your grip tightens ever-so-slightly.
“Don’t beat around the bush, Tony. Tell me what the hell happened.” You pause as an unsettled feeling wells within you. “Did Steve do this to you?” 
“Y/N/N,” Tony sighs with a soft look appearing on his face. His eyes trying to desperately tell you what he couldn’t voice. What he didn’t want to voice. Without thinking you take a staggered step away from him. Your hand flying to your mouth as you try to keep your tears at bay. Not believing that man you trusted would be able to do something like this. 
“Ho-” You clear your throat as the words get stuck. “How did this happen, Tony? Where was Natasha in all of this? How could she have let this happen? How could your team let this happen?”
“It wasn’t supposed to escalate,” he murmurs as he takes your hands into his. His eyes imploring you to understand. “I went to talk to Rogers and Barnes. I wanted to stop the incessant battles and finally come back together as a team. As a family.”
You take one of his bruised hands in yours. “You’re not a violent man, Tony. Not more than any of the others.” You shake your head. “Something must have happened for it to escalate to such a degree. Especially if you went there to just talk.”
Tony stiffens. “I don’t think you want to continue this conversation, Y/N.”
“Yes, I do. I want to know how a man that praises himself on his honor could attack you in such a way. I want to know what caused you to fight in the first place.” You squeeze Tony’s hand. “I’m not a little girl anymore, Tones. You don’t have to protect me from everything. I’m dating a former KGB agent after all.” 
Tony winces at the reminder but you try not to read too much into it. His eyes shifting downwards as he gripped your hand in his. “They didn’t attack me, Y/N/N.” He pauses as he forces himself to continue. To tell you the awful truth of what happened. “I attacked them.”
“What?” You ask with a horrified expression. “Why would you do that?” 
He seems to shrink even more because of your tone. “I learned some things. Things that I should have known from the beginning.” His head lowers once more as his voice drops to a whisper. “Things you should have known from the beginning.” 
You shake your head as you try to understand. “What could have been so bad that it caused you to attack one of your greatest friends? To do so when you went with the simple understanding of a truce?” 
There was a moment of silence.
“I think we need to sit down for this, Y/N.” 
Before you could react, Tony was pulling you out of the kitchen and towards the sitting area of the Tower-- the dinner you had made completely forgotten on the island. 
You didn’t think you had much of an appetite anyways.
Tugging at your hand, Tony settles on the couch with you at his side. His expressive brown eyes staring into yours as he mulled over his next words. 
When the silence became too much, you couldn’t stop the desperate plea that fell from your lips. “Just tell me, Tony. Please.” 
He nods, his body straightening and his shoulders stiffening. He looked like a man prepared for battle that didn’t let anything in this world get to him. If it wasn’t for the pained expression on his face you would believe that to be so.
“As you know I went to Siberia to meet with Rogers and Barnes. I wanted to wipe the slate clean between us. To bring both sides back together again. We need to be united if we have any chance of protecting Earth.” Sighing, Tony shakes his head as if to redirect himself. “During the conversation a video began playing.”
“A video?” You question with a small frown furrowing your brow. 
“Yes,” Tony murmurs. “A video that was created on December 16, 1991.” 
All color drained from your face at the revelation. An almost static buzzing taking over your surroundings as you tried to comprehend what Tony told you. Your eyes watering at the knowledge of what must have been on that video. You didn’t have to hear the rest to know that much. Didn’t have to look farther than Tony’s haunted expression. Or the simple fact of the date you hated more than anything becoming a reality once more. Yet another nightmare working its way into your reality. You just foolishly believed you had finally gotten past this one already. 
Closing your eyes, you try to stem the oncoming flow of tears. Your voice coming out strained because of your efforts. “Did he know?”
There was another moment of silence. 
This time you knew your heart had broken-- possibly is much easier to handle than actually. You didn’t want to believe that Steve had kept something from you for so long. Something that he had no right keeping from either you or Tony. Even if it was to protect his friend. You had the right to know what happened to your parents. 
At the soft touch to your cheek, you open your eyes to meet Tony’s pained gaze. You knew that Tony had never been close to your father, you hadn’t either, but you knew that Tony never wanted anything bad to happen to him. Much less have anything happen to your mother. Knowing that an accident hadn’t been the cause. Knowing that someone you trusted abetted their murderer. Someone you knew had been connected with each one of Tony’s old teammates in one way or another. 
It was a thought that caused your heart to break even more. 
“Please tell me it’s not true,” you beg with tears streaming down your cheeks. By the look in Tony’s eyes you knew he understood what you were asking. What you were begging him to not be true. “Please tell me that she didn’t know.” You lower your head as a sob erupts from your mouth. “Please tell me that I didn’t just lose her too.”
Tony wrapping his arms around you was all the answer you needed. Keens falling from your lips as your new reality finally sunk in. Clinging to your brother in the dark with sobs punctuating the silence. Filling the usually joyous space with pain and grief. The darkness finally took over the light. 
With your heart irreparably shattered.
And your hope forever crushed. 
Tumblr media
You had lost track of how long you had stayed in Tony’s arms. Your tears coming and going like tidal waves. The arrival of Pepper hadn’t surprised you in the slightest. You knew that your brother and her had a lot to work through, but you no one could deny the love they held for one another. Nor could you refute the loyalty that Pepper showed to the Stark family. So you weren’t surprised when Tony’s well muscled arms were replaced by slim ones. When his masculine scent was replaced by soothing floral. 
You had simply burrowed further into Pepper’s arms and allowed yourself to grieve. Allowed the pain to flow from you like a constant stream. A never ending river that you didn’t know if you could save yourself from drowning in. 
However, the refuge you found within Pepper’s embrace was short lived. You knew that you were being selfish by keeping her all to yourself. That you were ignoring Tony’s pain for the sake of your own. A thought that causes your stomach to turn even more. You knew that you had to be by yourself, at least for a little while, so Tony could have his own haven. So Tony could begin to grieve too. 
With great effort you had pulled yourself from Pepper’s warmth and gestured towards the silent figure of your brother. You didn’t have to speak to get the message across of where you wanted Pepper to be. You simply stood, fighting back the need to collapse, and began making your way towards the elevator. You knew that the type of comfort Pepper would provide Tony would be quite different from the type she gave you. 
Even as you stepped into the elevator and the doors began closing, you could hear the soft murmurs of their voices. The loving lilt you could discern even from the distance you were at. It filled you with a numbing sense of warmth. You had never been more happy for someone being in your life than at that moment. You didn’t want to imagine what would have happened to Tony if he didn’t have Pepper. 
Just like you didn’t want to imagine your life without Natasha. 
Even though you knew you had to. 
It is the reality that you were living in. A nightmare that had finally caught up with you after so long. 
As real as the pain in your chest. 
As real as the pounding of your skull. 
And as real as the glass of whiskey you were going to have to numb it all. 
Tumblr media
At the memories, you bury your head into your hands. Trying to stop your heart from breaking even more. There was only so much you could take before you finally lost it. Stifling a groan, you settle back onto the couch and stare at the half empty whiskey decanter situated on the glass table. Wondering if your head, and throat, could take any more of the punishment the amber liquid provided. Your fingers twitching at your sides to pour yourself another glass but you refrained. 
You were not about to drown all of your problems with alcohol-- even if you wanted nothing more than to do so. 
Letting loose a low groan, you flop your head back against the couch. Your eyes screwing shut as you tried to ignore the growing feeling of numbness that was settling over you. A numbness that was tinged with fire. A feeling that you were beyond scared to feel once more. You hadn’t felt this type of emotion since you had first heard that your parents were dead. Hadn’t felt this growing feeling of anger being off-set by the hollowness of grief in such a long time. You had no idea what to do.
All you did know was that you wanted it to stop. 
You wanted it all to stop-- at least for a moment. 
Of course, you wouldn’t be a Stark if anything ever went your way. The sound of approaching footsteps rectified that fact. You automatically recognized the graceful gait. A gait that you would only hear if its owner wished you to.
You didn’t know how you felt about that. 
Without opening your eyes, you speak. “What do you want Natasha?”
At your words the footsteps disappear, but you knew that she hadn’t stopped moving. Not when you felt a familiar presence settle itself in front of you. Her warmth radiating off of her like a furnace. Something that you would normally relish in. Now it only made you want to get away as fast as you were able. 
“Can you open your eyes and look at me, Y/N?” 
You almost refused to acknowledge her soft request. Almost turned away from her completely but you couldn’t. Not when she still controlled your heart the way she did. So, with a soft sigh, you open your eyes and are surprised by what you see. Natasha’s green eyes staring at you with tears shimmering within their depths. Her normally luminescent skin a chalky white that caused the dark circles under her eyes to stand out. Her red hair is thrown into a messy bun on the top of her head. It was a sight that caused your heart to lurch-- even if you cursed yourself because of it. Natasha looked tortured. The pain written across her face, her completely open face, a clear indicator. 
Pressing your lips into a thin line, you try to figure out what to do. You knew that Natasha still held the reins to your heart. That she more than likely always would. But this betrayal, this deceit, wasn’t something you could just look over. Not like you had done with the whole Natalie Rushman debacle. There were only so many lies you could bear before everything came tumbling down. 
“Why are you here?” You finally settle on after another beat of silence. Your question rings out across the expanse of space between you. Your gaze never wavering from her emerald green. 
Natasha frowns. “Why do you think I’m here? I’m here to make things right between us.”
You scoff, feeling your anger begin to scorch through your body. “Make things right? Make things right?” You stand as the last part of your statement turns shrill. Your eyes blazing with indignation as you stared down at her. “How the hell do you think you can make things right? After what you did? After what you kept from me?”
Following your lead, Natasha stands and tries to move towards you. An action that you quickly move away from as you move back over towards the piano. At your clear dismissal, Natasha wrings her hands together. An almost panicked look beginning to work its way across her face. “I know, Y/N, I know what I did was wrong, I do, but I thought what I was doing was right. I thought I was protecting my family,” Natasha pleads. “I didn’t think it would escalate like this.”
A sardonic laugh falls from your lips. “Didn’t think?” You shake your head, another laugh erupting from your mouth. “You didn’t think that it would escalate like it has? How else would it have fucking happened? You thought that everything would be all hunky-dory after what you did? Really? You know better than that Natasha. I know you do.” 
“I’m sorry, Y/N,” Natasha cries. “I know that I fucked up but I didn’t think Steve would react like this. I didn’t think so many people would have gotten hurt in the process. If I had known I would have never let them go.” 
Complete and total silence falls over the room at her admission. The same buzzing feeling making its way through your ears as you stare at her. Your brain working overtime to comprehend what Natasha had just admitted to you. 
Taking a step back, you stare at her with an appalled expression. “What?” 
Natasha, seemingly not understanding your confusion, takes a small step towards you. A frown marring her beautiful face. “I didn’t think letting them go would result in all of this.” She runs a hand through her hair-- destroying the bun she had kept it in. “I didn’t think it would destroy you like this. That it would hurt you the way it has. I’m so sorry, lyubov moya.” 
“You let them go?” You ask, needing confirmation. Needing to hear her say it again. “You let them go?”
Lowering her head, Natasha seems to wilt. As if she was finally just realizing that she had said the wrong thing. That the true cause of your misery, at your anger towards her, was still an enigma. “Yes,” she whispers. “I let them go.”
Shaking your head, you take another step away from her, your eyes watering once more at the truth that was so obvious for so long. That you had been blinded from for too long. “I’ve never really known you have I?” 
Her head snaps up to stare at you at the question. A horrified expression crossing her face as she finally realized how much damage had been inflicted. Emerald green eyes shining with even more suppressed tears as she begged you to understand. “Of course you know me, Y/N. You’re the only one that has ever truly known me. I’ve given my everything to you. Please tell me how I can fix this. Tell me how I can repair us.” 
“There’s no fixing this, Natasha. Rhodey is crippled because of your decision to let the rogues go. Tony’s best friend is crippled because of you. He trusted you, believed in you, and you did this? I know that they’re your family, Natasha, I do. But they were ours too. Did you really think that Tony would let them be second-rate citizens forever? Did you really think that we wouldn’t do everything in our power to protect them?” A self deprecating smile flashes across your face. You already knew that answer to all of them. “Of course you didn’t. You didn’t believe that the egomaniacal Starks could save the day. That we wouldn’t just wait for the easy way out and be done with it.”
“No, lyubov moya,” Natasha denies immediately. “I would never think such things about you or Tony. Not anymore. Not since I’ve been able to see what lies beneath the masks. I could understand Steve’s plight. I knew that no matter what you or Tony did it wouldn’t be enough to save them. That Ross and the others would do everything in their power to muzzle us. That’s why I let them go. I couldn’t imagine someone being on the same leash I had been on.”
“Is that why you kept the true cause of my parents death from me? To save them?” 
A shocked look passes over Natasha’s face at your question-- a small flinch appearing at the ire strewn within each syllable. 
“Steve didn’t tell you?”
A bark of laughter erupts from your mouth. “Of course, your precious Steve didn’t tell me. Why the fuck would Rogers tell me anything that didn’t pertain to him being the golden boy? He’s Captain America. We wouldn't want him to lose that spotless repertoire.” You take a small step towards her. Your eyes turn acidic as your voice lowered into a snarl. “But it doesn’t matter that he didn’t tell me. You should have been the one to do so. You. The same woman that has shared my bed for years. The same woman that has made me look like a fool for years because I couldn’t see what was right in front of me.” 
“And what’s that, Y/N? What has been right in front of you this whole time?” 
“That I don’t know who you are anymore, Natasha.” You stifle the urge to sob at the look that passes over her face at the admission. “That you’re making me think that what they told me about you was right.”
As if you had physically struck her, Natasha stumbled back. Her face, if possible, turning even paler than you had ever seen it. “What have they been telling you?”
Turning your head, your eyes find the decanter filled with amber. Wishing that you had a glass in your hand. Wanting nothing more than to stop this conversation in its tracks. To simply open your arms and accept Natasha back. To let your heart open up once more to her. There was nothing more that you wanted-- even if you knew it could never be a possibility. 
“You may have left the Red Room behind, Natasha.” You begin with a small, dejected, sigh falling from your lips. Your gaze meeting hers once more. “But the Red Room has never left you. Nor will it ever leave you. I know that you’re more than the red in your ledger. I believe that more strongly than you could ever possibly know. No matter how much I wish otherwise, however, you will always be a spy. That’s how you were trained to be. That’s how you were raised and nothing can ever negate that. I’m not saying you’re a double agent, Natasha, I’m not. I just don’t think you’ve ever truly been on our side. I think that the bond you have with Steve, with the others, will always be stronger than the bond you have with us. They’re soldiers, survivors, heroes.” A small smile quirks your lips. “Hell some of them are even spies too. While I’m just an heiress with a lot of daddy issues. With an older brother that sometimes goes over the top. I don’t blame you for choosing them. I don’t blame you for staying true to who you are. I just don’t think I can ever forgive you.”
“Y/N/N,” Natasha pleads. Emerald eyes desperate as she took a small step towards you. Her entire being wilting as you took a step back. A normally impassive face losing its internal battle as tears started to flow down her face. A small sob falling from her lips as she realized that she had lost you. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Don’t do this. Please don’t do this.”
At the sight of her tears, you finally lose your own internal struggle. Moving towards her and taking her into your arms. Trying to ignore how right it felt to have her there. Trying to ignore the feeling of her tears hitting your skin. Of her heavy breathing as she tried to control herself. The almost desperate way she was clinging onto you. For she knew the moment she let go you would be gone. 
Lowering your head, you press a small kiss to the top of her head. Your arms tightening around her as you said a silent goodbye. 
“I’m sorry too, Natasha. I’m sorry it’s turned out like this.” Pulling back, you cup her face in your hands. Fighting back even more tears as she nuzzled into the embrace. Emerald green shimmering with her pain. You offer a watery smile towards her. “I’ll give you a head start.” 
Another sob escapes her lips. “I would go to jail for the rest of my life if it still meant I had you.”
“I don’t think I would ever be able to live with myself if you went to jail because of me, Natasha.”
“And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live with myself knowing that I’m the reason I lost the love of my life.” 
Not knowing what else to do, you pull Natasha back into your arms. Memorizing the feel of her body pressing into yours. Her scent wafting through your nose-- the feeling of home coming with it. The strength she exuded even when she was nuzzled into your neck. Her arms never wavering from your waist as she returned your embrace. Knowing that this was possibly the last time you would ever get to hold her filled you to the brim with anguish. 
After another moment passes, you finally step back from Natasha. Gently pulling her arms from around you as she tried to hold on. Your eyes meeting her agonized emerald. 
“I love you, Y/N,” she murmurs.
“I love you too, Nat,” you murmur back. “I think I always will.”
Glancing towards the clock situated on the wall, you finally notice the time. Without turning back to her, you speak. “It’s around the time that Tony will be getting up, Natasha. I think you should leave now while you still have the chance.”
There was a beat of silence. Where, for a moment, you thought that Natasha wouldn’t leave. That she was going to stay resolutely in front of you. Her warmth caressing your body like a blanket. 
That moment didn’t last long. As the warmth slipped from you like water through your fingers. Your eyes closing at the painful feeling the chill caused. The loneliness that was pressing down onto you. Something that only doubled when you heard the faint ding of the elevator. 
The only proof of her presence being the faint scent of her and the pain in your chest. 
Opening your eyes, you level your gaze back towards the decanter. 
One more drink wouldn’t hurt.
Not if it meant you could suppress everything that has happened. 
If it meant you wouldn’t see her face every time you closed your eyes. 
Anything would be better than the pain.
Even if you had to be numb to achieve it.
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blossomingimagines · a month ago
hey! sorry if its somewhere on the blog, just wondering if you write smut? that prompt list you reblogged has so many good prompts i have in mind for requests to ask 🥺
I do 😄— it just usually depends on the story if it’s graphic or not.
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blossomingimagines · a month ago
can i run a prompt by you that ive had for a while? inspired by something i read in a blog post one day? it has some triggering topics tho, not a graphic description but just sensitive topic, would that be okay to request. of course you can turnnit down if u dont wanna write it :)
Of course, I would be more than happy to hear it.
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blossomingimagines · 2 months ago
Big Ol’ List of Stolen Prompts
So I made a list of my favorite prompts from lists of other prompts, feel free to use;
“That’s not yours.”
“Rot in hell.”
“Take off your shirt.”
“Ugh, you’re sweaty- get off.”
“Can we just pretend like we’re normal for once?”
“I dare you!”
“A kiss for good luck?”
“Just this once.”
“There’s something I have to tell you…”
“You’re making me think that what they told me about you was right.”
“Don’t get up, you’ll make it worse.”
“Cute, but still fucked up.”
“I’m not drunk enough for this.”
“Be careful.”
“You owe me.”
“You never mattered to me.”
“Please don’t let me be alone.”
“How did you talk me into this?”
“That’s not good…”
“Don’t try to fix me. I’m not broken.”
“You’re cold.”
“Be you. No one else can.”
“You’re a horrible liar. I’ve known you far too long to be able to tell.”
“Don’t think I forgot about what you did last time.”
“I’m scared.”
“When was the last time you slept?”
“I’ll never forgive you.”
“Quit ignoring me.”
“You have my word.”
“Kiss me and i’ll forgive you.”
“I never wanted to hurt you.”
“There’s nothing I can do anymore.”
“Even when you’re annoying the fuck out of me, I still love you.”
“I’m just looking out for you.”
“I told you not to fall in love with me.”
“Why are you so stubborn?”
“It was supposed to be a secret!”
“You’re my everything.”
“You need to keep pressure on it.”
“It’s never too late to get back up again.”
“I can’t breathe.”
“Stop talking.”
“This isn’t like you.”
“This isn’t who I am.”
“Would you just hold still?”
“If I die, I’m never speaking to you again.”
“I don’t know who you are anymore.”
“Come with me.”
“My clothes look good on you.”
“I will always protect you.”
“Wake up, please.”
“Please look at me.”
“When I’m with you, I’m home.”
“I never meant to hurt you.”
“Eyes on me.”
“Please shut up. Just shut up.”
“I’m tired, just cuddle me.”
“This is new.”
“I’m not okay.”
“Is that blood?”
“I wouldn’t change a thing about you.”
“That’s a lot of blood…”
“I immediately regret this decision.”
“You’re hurt, let me help.”
“That doesn’t look good…”
“Is that my shirt?”
“How did we get in this mess?”
“Move over.”
“What if one day I wake up and you’re not there?”
“You know me better than anyone.”
“You backstabber!”
“What happened to you?”
“stop moving, i’m almost done!”
“Are you testing me?”
“Please don’t shut me out.”
“You make me forget.”
“Just leave me alone.”
“I’m not moving, your lap is comfortable.”
“Just this once.”
“I made a mistake.”
“I SAW you with him/her/them!”
“None of this is your fault.”
“It’s so hot out!”
“Just breath.”
“We have to help!”
“I just really miss talking to you.”
“This wasn’t supposed to happen.”
“I trust you.”
“Are you serious?”
“I’d like to see you try.”
“Can I kiss you?”
“Look at me.”
“I can’t sleep.”
“Can you stop thinking about yourself for once?”
“They’re gone.”
“It just… hurts.”
“I think we’re lost.”
“You deserve so much better.”
“I knew this was a bad idea.”
“I’m lost without you.”
“This is going to hurt.”
“I feel stupid.”
“I know you’re not talking to me…”
“What’s in it for me?”
“You’re everything to me.”
“I can’t do this anymore.”
“I didn’t want you to see this.”
“You’re safe now.”
“Are you going to talk to me?”
“You know me too well.”
“[text read thirty minutes ago]”
“I never want to see you again.”
“I know you lied to me.”
“Do you promise?”
“You know i’m not like that.”
“Am I dead?”
“It’s not what it looks like.”
“Do you ever mean the things you say?”
“I can take care of myself just fine.”
“You got this.”
“What are you hiding?”
“There is nothing wrong with you.”
“You’re sick.”
“I don’t know anyone else who can make me feel this way.”
“There is only one bed.”
“I can’t see anything.”
“How dare you?!”
“I’m sorry I scared you, I didn’t mean to.”
“I’m not even sorry.”
“can we just stay in bed?”
“That was kind of hot.”
“But I thought you liked this?”
“You… you never had a problem with it before.”
“I know it hurts.”
“What did you say?”
“How long will this go on for?”
“I’m just tired.”
“What have you’ve done?”
“Go back to sleep.”
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blossomingimagines · 2 months ago
Yandere Writing Prompts  (´• ᴗ •̥`✿)
“Baby, I asked you a question. If you know what’s good for you, you better answer me.”
“Why do you let others stare at you like that? Do you like the attention? Then, I guess you wouldn’t mind if I did this.”
“You think you’re some sort of saint, but you’re not.You call me sick, but you’re the real monster.”
“You enjoy what I do to you.”
“I want to mark you in front of everyone.”
“I love you so much, you have no idea to what limits I’d go to prove that to you.”
“Be good for me baby. We wouldn’t want to see those tears again.”
“I’ll be your slave.”
“You can at least pretend to love me.”
“I’m the only one who could ever love you.”
“Say that one more time and I’ll make sure you can never walk again.”
“When you agreed to be mine, you gave me the right to do whatever I wanted with you.”
“I will take all the pain if it means you’ll smile.”
“I need to break you so I can forge you into the perfect lover.”
“Red is the perfect colour on your skin.”
“You look the best when you’re at my mercy.”
“Don’t make me hurt you.”
“I’m a starved predator and you’re my only prey.”
“Killing for you is my favourite hobby.”
“Dedicate yourself to me or else.”
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blossomingimagines · 2 months ago
Harley Quinn x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2,703
Summary: Like Icarus she had flown too close to the sun and fell-- though you were certain the fall Icarus suffered from wasn't a descent into madness. It was unfortunate that she had always been your own sun. Always pulling you in no matter how far you may go to escape. You just hope you won't get too close this time. As you were sure this fall would be the greatest of all.
Notes: I saw this idea floating about and decided to give it a try. Hopefully it isn't too disappointing for you all. This is going to be left open-ended in case you all want more in this universe, which I don't know if you will. (You knew Harley Quinn before she was Harley Quinn. You were rivals, in whatever capacity, and she always beat you. Until suddenly you were her therapist at Arkham.)
I also got the idea from @kiraimagine. (Wanted to give credit where credit is due as this idea was a really good one and I enjoyed writing it.)
Warnings: Mental illnesses as depicted in Arkham.
Tumblr media
The tale of Icarus was one that you were familiar with. How he had dreamed of something for his entire life and that had ended up being his downfall. Flying too close to the sun, despite the many warnings beforehand, and his plummet back to Earth. It was a tale that you associated with personally. For you were Icarus-- wanting something so bad that you would do anything to achieve it. No matter how far you would fall because of it.
Harleen Quinzel was your sun.
You had known her for most of your life. Meeting on the playground at the start of fifth grade-- you had tripped over something and ended up sprawled in front of her and her friends. Her golden-white locks pulled back into a loose ponytail as she stood above you. Her blue eyes mocking as she took in your expression. You had scrambled to your feet with fumbling apologies escaping your mouth. Your face became as red as the shirt she had been wearing. Despite your efforts, however pathetic they may have been, she had barely given you a second glance before walking away. Her ever-loyal posse following along like lap dogs. And, even as you turned to head back towards your friends, you couldn’t get her bright blue eyes out of your head. Making you feel like you were falling all over again. 
From then on a rivalry was born between the two of you-- whether you were aware of it or not. You were a person that wasn’t even in the same galaxy as her radar and suddenly you became the direct center of it. Whatever things you took interest in, Harleen always followed. Of course, it always looked like a complete coincidence that she ended up taking the same courses as you. Always excelling at everything she put her mind to-- you in a close second. 
Even as you aged, going from knobby-kneed kids to maturing teenagers, Harleen had made it her mission in life to always one-up you. To always make sure that she was around no matter what. The first day of your sophomore year had been a clear indicator of that fact.
Tumblr media
The crowded hallways of Gotham High were roaring with life. From incoming freshmen that were trying to get their bearings to returning seniors that were establishing their claim as the rulers of the school. You just rolled your eyes at all the showboating that was going on as you made your way to your locker. A hand clutching on your bag as you were jostled for the millionth time by a football player. 
Finally catching sight of your locker was like a breath of fresh air. A small sliver of sanctuary that you needed within the bustling halls. However, as quickly as the happy feeling appeared it vanished without a trace at the sight of the woman leaning against the locker adjacent to yours. 
Harleen Quinzel-- in all her glory. 
Light blonde hair falling loosely past her shoulders. Painted lips pulled into a smirk as she listened to the jock standing before her. Though you could clearly tell she wasn’t actually listening. As her, normally sharp blue eyes were dull at the incessant rambling of the boy. 
Hoping that you could quickly open your locker and deposit everything before she noticed, you slowly made your way towards them. Seeing that she was still distracted by the jock, you felt a small smile tug at your lips. Glad that at least something was going your way today. 
You shouldn’t have celebrated so early. 
The moment you made contact with your lock a perfectly manicured hand appeared on top of yours. Your heart-stopping at the feeling of her smooth skin on yours. Your wide eyes meeting her devious blue as she smirked at you. Numbly you noted that they were once again the sparkling blue that you were so familiar with. Though you couldn’t find it within yourself to celebrate the fact. Not when she was leaning towards you ever-so-slightly. 
“Y/N,” she purrs. “I was wondering when you were going to show up. The school is not the same with my best girl gone.”
For a moment you actually think she cared for your wellbeing, but the glimmer in her eyes made you think otherwise. Your lips thin into a line as your annoyance grows. You didn’t think you had the patience to deal with her today. 
“What do you want, Harleen?” 
A faux look of hurt flashed across her face. “I’m wounded that you think I need something from you, Y/N.” Her other hand rubs your arm-- you try to desperately ignore the goosebumps that appeared because of the action. Though you were certain she was aware of it-- if the look on her face was anything to go by. “I was just wondering if you knew that we were both in the same AP classes?”
Your stomach drops at the news. Her devious smile only causes your nerves to fray even more. “How? I changed my schedule three times.” 
Harleen shrugs. “Looks like it was a match made in heaven.” 
You shake your head with a frown starting to furrow your brow. “No, I know you did something. There’s no way we accidentally ended up in the same classes again.” Your annoyed gaze meets her amused one. “Why? Why do you like doing this to me? Don’t you have better things to do?” 
At your questions, her smile falls from her lips. A sharp look flashing across her face as she leaned closer to you-- almost to the point of her nose brushing against yours. You wanted to take a step back but the hand on your bicep stopped you. You had never seen Harleen look so angry before. Even if she wasn’t completely showing you everything she was feeling. You could tell by the darkening of her eyes-- an almost desperate quality hiding underneath. 
“I think you know exactly why I do what I do,” she hisses. “You just refuse to see what’s standing right in front of you. You choose to be blind to everything.”
Her voice elevates slightly towards the end of her sentence. An almost shrill quality to her tone that you had never heard before. It causes a small wince to flash across your face. Your eyes glancing towards the other occupants of the hallway. You didn’t want anyone to be listening in on this… whatever this was.
Harleen, noticing where your attention had diverted to, seems to pull herself together as she takes a step back from you. Her hand finally releasing your bicep out of the death grip she had imprisoned it in. Though the same darkened expression in her eyes remained even as she smiled at you.
“But that’s no matter,” she continues in a calmer tone. As if her outburst had never happened. “Just know that until you realize what you’ve been blind to I’ll always be here.” Harleen inclines her head ever-so-slightly towards you, her voice dropping into a whisper. “Nothing will ever be better than that.”
Then she was gone. 
Only leaving behind the faint scent of her perfume and the confused feeling in your very soul. 
Tumblr media
Even now you still had no idea what she had meant. High school passed you by in the same manner as your other school years. In a standoff with Harleen Quinzel for the top student position, which she won by barely a point. Not that you were too surprised she beat you at that too. No matter how egotistical she may be, you could admit that she was highly intelligent. In another life, you could even see yourself being friends with her. If only life had turned out slightly differently for you both… 
College seemed to be the only reprieve you were ever going to get from her. So you were excited to apply to as many as you could. Wanting to have as many options to choose from as possible. Anything to minimize the chance of Harleen choosing the same one-- even if deep in your heart you wanted nothing more than for her to do just that. 
Learning at graduation that she was going to Metropolis for school had been a shock. As you had been deliberating going there as well. That was before your mother got sick and you decided to stay in Gotham, however. A fact that you didn’t think twice about sharing with Harleen. 
Sometimes you look back at the night and curse yourself for opening your mouth. 
Tumblr media
The party was already in full swing as you stepped into the house. Loud music blaring through the speakers. The sound waves caused the very house to shake. It was lucky that the host of the party lived so far away from anyone else. It wouldn’t do to have the party shut down by what was left of Gotham’s police force. Moving deeper into the party, you bypass throngs of people dancing to the beat of the song and random couples that were lost in each other. Your eyes scan the room for a quieter place that you could just rest in until the rest of your friends arrived. 
Thankfully, the search didn’t take that long as you quickly found a relatively abandoned corner. You gratefully lean against a wall once you reach it. Thankful that you had been able to find a spot that you could hide away in. As the party scene had never been a place you thrived in. Rolling your neck, you try to get rid of some of the tension that had settled over your shoulders from the past few days. Things at home were only getting more complicated but you know you made the right decision in deciding to stay. Even if Metropolis would have been a hell of a lot nicer than Gotham. 
Movement from in front of you causes your eyes to widen as a solo cup is thrust into your hands. The flimsy plastic bending in your hands as you stared at the woman who had given it to you. Your mouth pressing into a thin line at the sight of her devious smirk. 
Harleen Quinzel, of course. 
“I’m really not in the mood right now, Harleen,” you sigh. “Why don’t you go hang out with your friends and leave me alone?”
Harleen pouts. “But you’re my best girl, Y/N. Why would I leave you all alone?”
“Because your friends are probably looking for you.” You try to offer in hopes that she would just leave you alone. You didn’t feel like hearing her gloat about getting the valedictorian spot. Her laughter was not the response you were expecting, however. 
“Oh, Y/N/N, what am I going to do with you?” She asks but you’re sure it was rhetorical. Though at your continued silence her eyes flash with annoyance. “You still don’t get it, do you?”
You sigh, Harleen and her mind games were not what you signed up for when you agreed to come to the party. “I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to be getting, Harleen. Maybe if you actually told me then I might.”
She grins at you. “Now where’s the fun in that?” Her head tilts ever-so-slightly as she appraises you. As if she suddenly realized that you were wearing a low-cut dress-- courtesy of your best friend. Her blue eyes shone with varying emotions that you couldn’t even begin to decipher. Though they soon snapped back up to your face as if she suddenly realized something. “But that doesn’t matter really. I’m certain you’ll figure it out when we’re in college.”
Her words make your stomach drop. “What?” 
“When we’re in college, Y/N.” Harleen drawls. “You know the place where we’re going to be going for the next four years?”
“What do you mean we?” 
Her laughter, once again, catches you off guard. “Didn’t you know? We’re going to be going to the same college. I heard through the grapevine that we both got accepted to Metropolis University. Go Sharks.” 
You frown, your next words coming out before you could even think. “But I’m not going to Metropolis University.” 
Harleen completely freezes at that. Her eyes turn razor-sharp as the smile falls from her face. “What?”
You gulp. “I’m not going to Metropolis University, Harleen. I was but then some personal issues came up so I’ve decided to stay in Gotham.” You shrug with a rueful smile pulling at your lips. “I’m going to Gotham University. So it looks like I’m going to be a Nighthawk and you’re going to be a Shark.”
The smile falls from your face, however, at the look, Harleen gives you because of the joke. Her expression darkened even more as each second ticked by. Only the call of her name from her friends pulled her attention from you-- though she seemed more annoyed at the interruption. Thinking about the quickest escape routes you could take, to hell with your friends, you begin to shift away from the wall. Only to have Harleen suddenly grab both of your forearms and yank you towards her. Your face almost smashed against hers as she held you. Her voice coming out in a low whisper.
“We’ll see about that.” 
Before you could react, her lips pressed against yours in a brief kiss before she was gone. 
Only the scent of her perfume and the feel of her on your lips remaining. 
Tumblr media
You hadn’t been surprised that come fall she had appeared in your lecture hall. Her ever-present smirk flashing towards you as she took her seat a few rows in front of you. You weren’t even surprised that she had taken the same major as you. After all, you both had always been eerily similar in your interests in that regard. 
Sometimes you wish you had chosen something else. 
Anything else. 
That’s all that could run through your mind as you made your way down darkened halls. Your heels clicking against the floor with a resounding presence that almost made you wince. The faint moans of the criminally insane echo from deeper recesses in the building. You try to not tense at the sounds. Your armed escort led you down various halls and security checkpoints before you finally reached your destination. 
A door, plain as all the others, stood between you and the reason you had returned to Gotham. You didn’t want to, God did you not want to, but getting a call from Mayor Hill had changed things. You had met the man on several occasions and you had never even considered the possibility of him begging anyone. Hearing the desperate plea within his words flashed you back to a time when your mother was still alive. When there wasn’t a giant bat protecting the streets of Gotham. You hadn’t had the heart to decline.
Even if you wish you had now. 
Turning to one of the guards stationed at the door, you nod. Steeling yourself for what you are about to witness. Your back straightened as your hands tightened on the various files you were holding. Your resolve only wavering as you stepped into the room. Your eyes take in the large abundance of space that surrounds the single cage in the direct center of the room. A single figure entwined with silk in the middle of it. 
Moving down the staircase, you try to ignore the way the figure's burning gaze followed you. The intensity behind it is both so familiar and completely foreign. Standing directly before the cage, you finally are close enough to the figure to see the way burning blue eyes took in every small aspect of you. A familiar smirk began to make its way onto her face when she finally met your gaze with hers. 
“There’s my best girl.” A grin takes the place of her smirk. A sight that causes your heart to lurch in your chest. Yet another reminder of why you didn’t want to come back to Gotham. Why you never wanted to return to the place that had taken everything from you. “I was wondering when you were going to visit me.”
“Hello, Harleen.”
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blossomingimagines · 2 months ago
Fall Again
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader x Wanda Maximoff 
Word Count: 3,856
Tumblr media
Notes: I hope this what you were looking for.
Warnings: Depressive thoughts and talks of dying.
Tumblr media
The faint sound of buzzing filled your ears as the man sitting before you droned on and on. His words are meaningless beyond the first sentence. ‘The tests came back positive, I’m sorry, you have cancer.’ Words that had instantly filled you with a certain hollowness you had never expected. As if your entire being tried to comprehend the words. As your mind tried to wrap itself around the idea that you were dying. Causing everything else to simply fade away into a static background. Simple white-noise to your predestined existence. Even still bits and pieces slice through like knives. Cutting you open to the world that you would never experience in the same way again. Leaving you exposed and bleeding without any semblance of protection. 
The sound of the hospital filtered through your ears. Shuffling of feet and the distant voices of doctors and nurses speaking to one another. An overabundance of cheer and hope floating through the halls like air, but you could now detect the underlying sense of despair. The darkness that festered beneath the light pretenses of the spotless halls. A feeling that only seemed to come to the dying. The beautiful lies become a painful truth. You simply stared straight ahead at all the degrees hanging proudly on the wall. All mocking you, because no matter how many awards your doctor may have-- nothing could ever truly cure you. Nothing could stop your body from tearing itself apart. Nothing could stop the suffering you were going to experience. His words mean nothing more to you than the mindless chatter you hear on the subway. 
‘I believe we caught it early, which is a good sign.’
‘You’re going to have to start radiation immediately.’
‘If we don’t get ahead of this thing… I’m afraid there’s not much else we can do.’
Turning, you finally meet the warm gaze of the man that was trying to save your life. Your mouth opens in hopes that your brain just knew what to say. That a few simple words would stop the spinning of the room. That your entire world would make sense again. 
Nothing came out. 
You simply stared at the man, with your mouth slightly open, as silence settled over the two of you. An oppressive silence that spoke more than either of you ever could. Brown eyes staring into yours with compassion and understanding. Lowering your head, you could feel the way your body seemed to wilt. Your shoulders slumping as you canted forward. Normally graceful hands, fumbling to get a grip on your knees. Anything to keep you anchored. To keep your thoughts on the current moment. On what was happening right now. You didn’t want them to stray to your future. To what you knew was coming for you. 
You didn’t want to think about the fact that you were dying. That you would be dead sooner than you ever thought possible. 
You had always known that with the life you lived you more than likely wouldn’t live to see your elder years. But you had always thought you would at least go out on your terms. Either a fire-fight where you were protecting your team or protecting innocent life. You had never thought that the true enemy all along was your own body. That it had been biding its time to finally land a crippling strike-- God did it land one. 
Closing your eyes, you try to stem the oncoming tears. You hated to cry in public when you were near strangers. You hated to look weak to people that didn’t know you. To people that would judge with their own preconceived notions. Nothing was going to stop the onslaught, however. Not as images of the ones you loved came flashing across your mind. 
Tony’s snarky voice filtering through your ears as if he was in the room with you. His teasing tone filling you with warmth. He always knew how to make you forget all your troubles. 
Steve’s warm smile as he looked up at you over the newspaper. His blue eyes crinkling with happiness as he offered you a mug of coffee. Having learned how you liked it long ago.
Bruce’s calming presence as he sat beside you as you read. A companionable warmth shared between the two of you.
Thor’s booming laugh as you told him a joke that you had heard. Easy conversation passing between you both as you shared joke after joke-- as well as ale, of course. 
Clint’s grin as you cooked together. His shoulder bumping into yours with the ease of someone who had done it a hundred times over. 
Vision’s practical words always seemed to make you chuckle. As you always found his no-nonsense ways both endearing and amusing. 
Then Natasha and Wanda appeared and the choked feeling in your throat only grew. Their green eyes sparkling with all the love in the world. Wanda’s open grin filling you with the same amount of warmth as Natasha’s half-smile. The laughter that so easily flowed between the three of you. Your body naturally wedged between them both as you tried to get as close as possible-- though that never seemed to be close enough. 
Clenching your hands, you try to ignore the way your heart broke all over again. Try to ignore the fact that not only your heart was going to be broken by the end of the day. That the two women that held your heart had already lost too much. And now… they may lose you too. 
A simple fact that caused a choked sob to escape your mouth. You want nothing more than to go to a time where this was the simple case of the flu. When the only reason you had gone to the doctor was because of worried green eyes tracking you wherever you went. Even when you had done everything to reassure them that you were fine. Their worry, their fear, had been the tipping point. 
“How long?”
It took you a moment to realize you had been the one that spoke. As the voice that had broken through the silence sounded nothing like your own. It was weak… feeble… everything you strived not to be. And even as the question hung between the two of you, you weren’t sure you wanted an answer. You weren’t even sure what had caused you to ask in the first place. 
You weren’t sure about a lot of things anymore. 
“With what we’ve seen? I’m afraid that if you don’t start treatment as soon as possible you’ll be dead within a few months.” The words only cause your stomach to drop even more. “However, I am confident that we caught it early enough. That, with the treatment, you may be able to make a full recovery.” 
A sardonic smile twists your mouth. “And if I don’t? I’ll end up dying as something I’m not, right? A shell of who I used to be.” 
“Yes,” he agrees softly. “But would you rather take the chance of living? Or succumb to your body’s wishes of death?” 
Tumblr media
His words echo like a mantra as you make your way back towards the Tower. Your eyes are taking in the landscape of New York City. The bustling of life that always permeated the streets. Whether it’s children pulling their parents excitedly to the next store or a businessman that was rushing to his next meeting-- New York City never seized in its constant state of motion. No matter what happened amid its confines nothing ever seemed to disturb that simple fact.
If you were to die tomorrow nothing would truly change. The shops would still open in the early recesses of the morning. Taxis and other means of transportation would still rush through the streets looking for passengers. There would still be the distant wails of ambulances on their way to the hospital. Life would go on as it always had. The world wouldn’t stand still simply because you were no longer in it. Even if yours had the moment you had heard the news. 
Pressing your lips into a thin line, you stand and follow the line of people that were getting off. Your feet touching the rough pavement of the sidewalk with a hollow thud. With your hands stuffed into the pockets of your coat, you make your way through the throngs of people. Ignoring some of the looks you received once people recognized who you were. You weren’t in the mood to socialize. You also weren’t in the mood to dismiss the people that looked up to you. You knew what it was like to be dismissed by the people who you used to idolize-- your own personal heroes. You didn’t want that to ever happen to anyone that felt the same way towards you. 
So, you just kept your head down and plowed through the bustling streets of New York. Towards the beckoning light of Avengers Tower. The great A situated on its side a beacon for home and safety. The dull echoing of your footsteps on the marble floor of the lobby as you bypass security. Your mind somewhere else entirely as you make your way up towards the communal floor of the Tower. Only the soft sound of the elevator pulled you out of your reverie. Announcing that you had arrived at your destination. 
Following the faint sounds of voices, your body follows the well-worn path to the kitchen. Taking in everything as you near the entrance-- trying to remember everything as it was before the fallout that you knew was about to happen. From the faint crack along the sidewall of the living room that had appeared when Thor had ‘tripped’ while playing Nerf Wars. To the many pictures that lined the walls-- from amusing candid's to group pictures from intimate affairs. The happiness that suffused the walls of the Tower was always present. 
You hated that you were about to taint it with the same underlying sense of darkness that the hospital held. Hated that your own body has betrayed you. 
You stop, just at the precipice of the room, and smile at what you see inside. Natasha at the counter cutting various vegetables while Clint stole as many as he could manage before she noticed. Steve at the stove as he continued on with a conversation with Bruce. Tony sitting at the island with a StarkPad in his hands-- no doubt tinkering with more ideas for the next Iron Man suit. Wanda and Vision were standing side-by-side as Wanda taught the android how to properly set the table. Laughter flowing between them all. It was a serene moment that you didn’t want to break. That you wanted to capture and live in forever, but all good things must come to an end eventually. 
It seems like this one had to the moment Vision noticed you standing at the doorway. His bright smile is an indicator that he was glad to see you. 
“I wasn’t aware you had returned. If I had I would have greeted you like I normally do, Y/N.” 
At the mention of your name, and Vision’s voice, the team turns and greets you with varying responses-- mostly cheers and grins. At their sudden attention, you take another step into the room. Offering a small smile towards Vision. Hoping that it would show that you didn’t mind he wasn’t waiting for you once you had returned. As you weren’t expecting to have lessons tonight either way. 
“It’s all right, Vis.” You shrug. “I wasn’t expecting you to.”
At your words, Vision’s eyes narrow ever-so-slightly as he detected the underlying stress that you were trying to hide. Something you knew he was about to comment on before Tony interrupted with a question directed towards the android. You never wanted to kiss a man more. 
Knowing that you needed to get some air, but not wanting to be rude, you turn towards Steve. “When will dinner be ready, Cap?” 
“Another thirty minutes,” he admits with a rueful smile. “It would have been finished sooner if Thor hadn’t eaten all the final touches for the meal. He’s out getting them right now.”
You flash a smile at him. “That’s all right, Steve. I think I’m going to go up and get changed. I feel a little grubby in these clothes.” 
He simply smiles back at you. Taking that as a sign to make a quick exit, you’re half-way out of the door before Bruce’s soft voice halts you. 
“So what did the doctor say?”
You shoot him a confused look over your shoulder. Trying to desperately appear neutral as all the attention of the room, once again, shifted towards you. 
“What do you mean?”
“Didn’t you go to the doctor today, má lásko?” Wanda steps from around the counter. A worried frown began to make its presence known on her beautiful face. The same expression that was starting to appear on Natasha’s. Something that you didn’t want at all. Your mind screeches at you to fix the situation you had suddenly found yourself in. You couldn’t tell them all right now. You could barely wrap your mind around it. You didn’t know if you could handle dealing with them trying to as well. 
“I have the flu,” you offer with a weak smile and a shrug. “A few days of rest and I should be as right as rain.” You turn your gaze towards Natasha and Wanda. Your eyes noticeably softening as you did so. “I told you there was nothing to worry about.” 
At your words, the team seemed to relax. The tense atmosphere, that you hadn’t even been aware of before now, dissipating as they all turned back to what they were doing. Sighing, softly, you quickly make your way out of the kitchen and up the stairs towards your room. 
Trying to ignore the feeling of two green gazes following you as you did so. 
Tumblr media
The bright lights of New York City shone like the millions of stars that hung above it. Shimmering in the oncoming darkness that the night brought. The buildings, and the people, standing strong against the presence that many tried to avoid. Standing just beside the large window that made up a wall of your room, you could clearly see the nightcrawlers coming out down below. A completely different society awakening as the sun disappears behind the horizon. 
Having changed into fresh clothes, you felt slightly rejuvenated. As if the clothes you had been wearing were bars to a cell. Locking you in with the truth that you were trying desperately to come to terms with. Being out of them brought a small semblance of peace, of stability, that you had been searching for. The simple act allows your mind enough time to get its bearings once more. It may not have been the ground-breaking epiphany you were searching for but it was enough. For now. 
“Dorogoy?” A soft voice whispers from the entrance of the room. Your eyes slipping shut as the knowledge of their presence seeped into you. They have given you enough time to prepare yourself. You were a fool to think that they wouldn’t have noticed that something was wrong.
Turning, you meet their gazes with a tired smile. “Nat. Wanda. Is something the matter?” 
Your question causes both their eyes to flash. Whether it be in a warning or something else, you weren’t entirely sure. 
“I believe you have the answer to that question, Y/N,” Wanda says, her brow furrowing in concern. “We know that something is bothering you but we can’t help you if you don’t tell us what that is.” 
“We’re concerned,” Natasha admits, her voice uncharacteristically soft. Her green eyes shimmering with suppressed emotion as she stares at you. “What did the doctor really say to you?” 
A defeated feeling wells itself up in your chest. You know that you couldn’t lie to them. You had never been able to lie to them. Slumping forward, you move over to your bed and sit. A sigh escaping your mouth as they followed suit. Natasha settling on your right as Wanda settled on your left. Their hands immediately clasping yours in gentle, yet strong, holds. 
Your jaw clenches as you try to work up the courage to speak. Try to put the words you didn’t want to be true out there. To make them materialize as a reality instead of the nightmare you wished they were. 
“I have cancer.” 
The events that followed went by too fast for you to truly react. Natasha’s hands tightened around yours with a stricken look painting itself across her face. Wanda stood with fury written across her face, green eyes flashing red as she tried to control her powers, though you knew none of that fury was directed towards you. At least not yet. 
A soft hand on your cheek pulls your attention away from Wanda’s pacing. Your eyes taking in the pained expression on Natasha’s face. An almost desperate edge underlying it made you sick to your stomach. A quality that only resonated itself within her voice. Tears already forming in her emerald green orbs as reality came crashing down around you all. “They caught it early, right? There’s still a chance for you to beat it? Please tell me there’s still a chance. Tell us there’s still a chance to save you. That we won’t lose you.” 
Tears flow unbidden down your cheeks at her desperate pleas. At the faint sound of Wanda kneeling before you and pressing her forehead against your knees. The trembling you could clearly feel as her hands clasped onto your only available one. The tears you could already feel seeping through your leggings. You want nothing more than to take their pain away. To tell them that this was some horribly fucked up joke that Tony put you up to but you couldn’t. You couldn’t and that hurt you more than any bullet ever has. 
Your throat clenches around the words that try to escape your mouth. As you try to choke out the words through your despair. “Yes.” Natasha’s eyes lighten at your words and Wanda’s head raises from its position on your knees. “The doctor says that they caught it early but I’ll have to begin treatment right away.” 
“That’s good though, right?” Wanda murmurs, settling back onto her feet. Her wide eyes filled with so much hope. “You’ll just begin treatment and everything will be okay.”
At their expectant looks, you lower your gaze towards your lap. Your heart thudding against your chest as you tried to formulate what you wanted to say. But how could you tell the two people that made your life worth living that you weren’t going to have treatment? That you were letting everything rest and have the universe take its destined course. 
Your silence seemed to be all the answer Natasha needed, however. Her words filled with thinly-veiled fury. “You’re not going to go forward with the treatment.” 
The silence that follows your feeble answer was even more oppressive than the one in the hospital. Both Natasha’s and Wanda’s hands tightening around yours as they processed your answer. Both their emotions heightening as each second ticked by. Swirling around the three of you like a vortex. Having them both stand suddenly pulls you out of your reverie. Your head snapping up to watch them both pace. Agitation is clear in each graceful movement of their bodies. 
Whipping around, Wanda snarls at you. “Why don’t you want treatment? It could save your life, Y/N.”
“And it could also make me a husk of who I am,” you cry, standing up from your bed. “We don’t know if the treatment will work and I refuse to die as something I’m not.”
“We don’t know that it will fail, Y/N.” Natasha cries back, equally as outraged as you were. “We don’t know what the future will hold. Except for the simple fact that you will die if you refuse treatment. It’s just a maybe right now.” 
Wanda steps forward with an anguished look on her face. “Please don’t sign your life away because of something you don’t even know will be the end result. Don’t make this into a certainty.” 
“Even if I do start treatment I will be completely useless to the team,” you hiss. “Who knows how long I’ll have to fight this until it goes into remission. I don’t want to be a burden on any of you.”
Natasha takes your face into her hands, her thumbs gently rubbing soothing circles on your cheeks. “Do you think they will care, Y/N? Do you think they won’t jump for joy when they find out that you’ve decided to fight? That they won’t be there for you every step of the way?”
“We’re a family, Y/N,” Wanda murmurs with a loving look shining in her eyes. “Family doesn’t let family fight their demons by themselves. You’re more to us, to them, than just a teammate. Nat and I love you with everything that we are. And you know the boys love you like a sister. They wouldn’t want you to just give up.”
“Yeah,” Natasha chuckles. “And I’m pretty sure you’re Vision’s surrogate mother.”
You laugh softly at her gentle teasing. Feeling warmth blossom in your chest for the first time since you had stepped foot in the hospital. “What about if I get too sick to take care of myself like I used to?” 
“We’ll be there, dorogoy,” Natasha whispers, one hand falling from your cheek as Wanda’s took its place. “When you fall we’ll always be there to pick you back up. Just like we know you’ll always be there for us.” 
Your eyes slip shut as the feeling of complete warmth and safety settles over you. Your world is finally beginning to make sense once more. Everything came back into focus as you were surrounded by Natasha and Wanda. The two people that knew how to set your heart on fire with emotions you never knew you could feel. 
“Okay,” you whisper. “I’ll begin treatment.” 
You didn’t have to open your eyes to know that they were smiling. Nor did you have to, to know that they were leading you towards the large bed. Easily pulling into the center with their bodies snugly pressed into both sides. Your nose nuzzling into Wanda’s neck as Natasha pressed herself firmly into your back. Both of their arms holding you in their warm embrace. 
All other thoughts slipping from your mind as you succumbed to the dark recesses of sleep. The only things that mattered were the two women that were holding you like you were the most valuable thing in the world to them. Their warmth better than anything a blanket could ever provide. The feeling of completeness overwhelming you as the darkness finally took hold. 
Your last thoughts being of the two women who would always be there to pick you back up again. 
No matter how many times you may fall.
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blossomingimagines · 3 months ago
JackSepticEye x Reader
Word Count: 1,000
Tumblr media
Notes: I hope this is what you were looking for.
Dialogue Prompts: “Am I your lock screen?” // “You weren’t supposed to see that!”
Tumblr media
Your eyes trace over the various items in the room as you tap your pencil against your thigh. Your body being wedged against the sidewall of the sound-proofed room. The red and blue lights creating a calming atmosphere that you could only ever relate to the owner of said room. Your gaze snapping back to the other occupant of the room once he began shouting. 
“Felix! I knew it was you.”
The clear indignation in his voice causes your lips to quirk. Knowing without a doubt that he was currently planning his revenge against the swede. Without a doubt continuing the cycle of mindless accusations that went on between the two when playing Among Us. 
Shaking your head, you zone back to the notebook that was resting in your lap. You had come in here wanting to seek some refuge against the insistent noise of construction across the street. Wanting to finally finish the project you had been working on for the past two weeks, but only now had the drive to complete. In hindsight, you now realize that choosing Seán’s room probably wasn’t the smartest of ideas. But when he had seen your predicament and had offered you a segment of his room, you couldn’t refuse. Not when his bright blue eyes were leveled towards you with such a hopeful expression. 
You cursed the way your heart had skipped a beat because of it. More so than you cursed how quickly you had folded to his request. Seán was your best friend-- had been for years. You couldn’t imagine your life without him, but you always imagined what your life would be like if it was more than just friendship that connected you both. You wanted nothing more than to tell Seán how you felt about him, but you could never gather the courage to do so. Leaving you in an endless loop of choked gasps when he leveled you with a warm smile to clammy palms when you slung his arm around your shoulder. His contagious laugh filling your ears and causing your own smile to appear. 
Because of this, you had acquiesced to your heart’s persistence when it came to him. Maybe not to the extent that it wanted, but it was as far as you were willing to go. You didn’t want to imagine what would happen if he ever found out how you felt. You would rather suffer in silence and still have him be with you than any other alternative. At least you were able to sate your heart in some way. A way that wasn’t too obvious as Seán never pried into your privacy. 
At least until now. 
As the chime of your phone goes off in the relative silence of the room. Sounding like a thousand pieces of glass shattering all at once. Your face immediately losing most of its color as the realization dawns on you. As you watch Seán glance towards the object of your damnation-- his hand already moving to grab it. 
You had completely forgotten you had left your phone on his desk when you had entered the room. Just like you forgot to put your phone on silent. 
Rushing to your feet, you try to reach your phone before he has the opportunity to look at the screen. Almost being able to take it from him before you notice how tense his shoulders had suddenly become. His gaze leveled with that of your phones lock screen and, with your heart thudding against your chest, you peer over his shoulder at the message that had started it all. 
Tumblr media
Your eyes close as you read what little of the message you could see. You adored Sykkuno, you did, but he possibly had the worst timing of anyone you had ever met. Your eyes flicker open when Seán’s hand comes in contact with your wrist. Quickly taking in his face and any emotion that he may be showing, but the predominant emotion that you saw was shock. Shock that held a warm undertone that you couldn’t exactly decipher. The blue of his eyes seemingly glowing more than they usually did. 
All of that flew out of your mind the moment he opened his mouth to speak. Your attention solely fixed on the words he was about to say. “Am I your lock screen?” 
You flash a timid smile at him. “I think that’s pretty obvious.” You lower your gaze as you bring up your hand to rub the back of your neck. “You weren’t supposed to see that. I’m sorry if it’s weirded you out. I’ll change it right now if you want me to.” 
A gentle grip on your chin causes you to look up into sparkling blue. His normal goofy grin flashing at you, but it had the some warm undertone from earlier. Something that didn’t fail to make your heart skip a beat. It was a look that had all the fondness of the past with all the promises of the future. Something old and something new combining into one. 
“I’m glad that I’m your lock screen.” He chuckles slightly. “It makes me feel better knowing that, because you’re mine.” 
Your eyes widen at his statement. You couldn’t believe that this was happening. That everything you had ever hoped for was finally becoming a reality. 
His grin softens at the hopeful quality to your tone. His expression turning gentle from the sheer adoration he felt towards you. Standing, he wraps his arms gently around you. Nudging you the rest of the way out of frame. His lips descending onto yours as soon as you both were out of sight. Your own arms easily wrapping around his body-- pulling him tighter to your own. His beard scratching against your skin as he playfully nuzzled you. A gleeful quality to his face that you had never seen before. 
Pulling back, ever-so-slightly, from you, he speaks. “Now why don’t we make a home screen together?”
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blossomingimagines · 3 months ago
Happy Times
Pokimane x Reader
Word Count: 910
Tumblr media
Notes: I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Your body was humming with anticipation. Your heart pounding against your chest as you crept along the hallways. Your eyes take in the familiar sight of the various picture frames hanging along the walls. Various shots of the residents that reside within its walls. The laughter and cheer seemingly resonating from the frozen moments in time.
One figure caught your eye, however. The figure of the woman that had captured your heart so completely. Your gaze flickering across the mirth filled face. Her smile lit up her face with an almost youthful glow. The deep brown of her eyes merely reflecting the warmth she always seemed to exude.
Turning your head, your gaze levels with the closed door towards the end of the hall. A smile upturning your lips as you begin your journey once more. Even from here you could hear her voice. The light teasing undertones that never failed to make your heart skip a beat. You could even imagine the slight upturn to her lips as she spoke. Her amusement clearly showing itself across her face.
Tilting your head, you try to discern what she’s saying. As you didn’t want to interrupt her if she was doing something crucial. Your movements halting just outside her door, your hand laying gently against the handle, her voice floats out to you like a siren's call.
“I don’t know who the Imposter could be guys.” There’s a slight pause— her more than likely checking her chat. “Yeah, it could be Stinky but I feel like that would be too obvious.”
Shaking your head, you slowly twist the hand down and enter the room. Your eyes immediately soaking in the sight before you. A sight that you hadn’t seen in nearly two weeks. Her small figure was gently curled into her seat— her feet nearly tucked underneath her. A large hoodie nearly drowned her within its enclosure. Long, brown tresses falling across her shoulders. It was a sight that caused your breath to catch ever-so-slightly.
Even though what you wanted to see most was currently glued to the screen of her computer. The pinched quality to her brow showing you exactly how much she was concentrating. Shifting in place, your eyes scan for objects that could gain her attention. As you weren’t keen on showing yourself on her stream.
After a moment your eyes land on a small plushie that you had given her a few months ago. Without much thought you pick it up and gently lob it towards her. Watching as it made contact with hand— causing her to almost leap out of her chair.
But you got what you craved for. Her beautiful brown eyes staring at you with shock written across her features. Your own smile appears once more because of it. A smile that was soon mirrored by her. Time seems to slow as she rushes out of her chair and towards you. Her petite body slamming into your own with more ferocity than you expected. Slim arms wrapping around you in a tight hold.
Chuckling, you nuzzle into her with a content sigh. “I’m sorry if I interrupted your stream.”
A breezy laugh falls from her lips. Her head pulled away from you just enough so she could look into your eyes. “You can interrupt however many streams you want if it means that I get to be in your arms.” She beams up at you. “I’ve missed you, baby.”
“I’ve missed you too, Imane.”
Smiling, she burrows back into you. Her hands clutching you impossibly closer to her. So much so that you almost missed the whispered words against your shirt. “Don’t ever leave me for that long again.”
You tighten your hold around her. “I’ll try not to.” You meet her sparkling gaze with your own. Welcome her lips like an old friend. Quickly getting reacquainted with her.
The soft, almost indecipherable, calling of her name causes you to detach from her. Much to her chagrin— if the frustrated whine she gave off was any indicator. Frowning, you raise your gaze towards her desk. Or more specifically her headphones. Where yet another call of her name sounded.
From the angle you were at you couldn’t quite see the entirety of her screen, but you could tell that a meeting had been called. Glancing at the woman in your arms, you smile.
“I think you’re being summoned, my love.” You try releasing your hold on her, but she stubbornly clung on. Causing a gentle laugh to fall from your lips. “Imane you have to let go. I’ll be in the living room when you’re finished.” You press a light kiss to her lips— pulling away before she could deepen it again. “I promise I’m not going anywhere.”
Another call of her name causes her to glance behind her with an annoyed expression plastered on her face. Holding up a finger, she beckons you to wait as she goes back to her desk. A smile plastered across her face.
“I’m sorry guys, but it looks like I have to end this stream early.” Her eyes slyly shift towards you. “There are some pressing matters I have to attend to.”
With that she ends her stream and, after a few apologizes, disconnects from Among Us. Her gaze returning to yours in a heated exchange.
An almost saccharine smile playing across her lips. “Now,” she purrs as she makes her way towards you. “Where were we?”
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blossomingimagines · 4 months ago
YouTuber/Streamer Requests
I was asked to make a list of the YouTubers/Streamers that I’m willing to write for. Hopefully it’s alright 😅. (Some have been added by request. If you would like to see anyone else feel free to ask.)
Corpse Husband
I’m willing to write mostly anything. As long as everyone in the story is 18+. I’m fine with writing angst and everything else like that. I would also be fine with doing yandere type things too.
Again if there is anyone else you would like to see just tell me 😄.
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blossomingimagines · 4 months ago
Do you write for Youtubers as well?
I do 😄— whatever YouTuber you want to see I will try to write for, but if you want a list I would be more than happy to make one. I just haven’t written on this blog in a long time because of some personal issues that I’ve had to work through. Feel free to send anything in regarding them though ❤️.
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blossomingimagines · 6 months ago
Sentence Starters
“I’ve never seen one of these completely to my taste so i decided to make my own!
“I can’t do anything right.”
“Please don’t cry.”
“Why are you awake right now?”
“Why are you lying to me?”
“Wake up! Please wake up.”
“Forget it, you’re a fucking asshole.”
“Don’t you ever do that again!”
“Is that blood?” “…..No?”
“Please don’t lie to me again, I can’t take it.”
“Do you even still love me?”
“Nobody’s seen you in days.”
“Why are you awake?”
“I’m worried about you.”
“Can you shut up for once in your life?”
“Holding everything in doesn’t help, you know.”
“Are you hurt?” “No.” “Then why are there bruises all over your face?”
“If you don’t hug me right now I think I might fall apart.”
“Leave! Me! Alone!”
“Go with me?” “As long as you hold my hand.”
“Is there a reason you’re blushing like that?” 
“Have you seen my hoodie?” “Nooo.” “You’re wearing it, aren’t you?”
“Have you always been this beautiful?”
“OH you’re jealous!”
“Can we stay like this forever?”
“Please just kiss me already.”
“I think you might be my soulmate.”
“Sleep over? Please?”
“Are we on a date right now?”
“I think I’m in love with you.”
“He’s so pretty I think I’m gonna faint.”
“Are you flirting with me?” “You finally noticed?”
“Am I your lockscreen?” “You weren’t supposed to see that.”
“I missed you so much.”
“Do you think the moon is jealous of how pretty you are?”
“I’m here for you.”
“I wish we could live together already.”
“All I do is drink coffee and say bad words.”
“Quit touching me, your feet are cold!”
“I think I just ripped my pants.”
“Sharing is caring, now give me the hoodie!”
“Can I pet your dog?” “Do I know you?”
“Did you seriously just get your foot stuck in a toilet?” “Maybe.”
“If I die, I’m haunting you first.”
“But I’ve never told you that before.” 
“Stop being grumpy, it’s lame.”
“So, uh, I locked the keys in the car.”
“Is the cat in a onesie?” “Uh, no?
“Can we please stop running? I think I’m dying.”
“You come here often?” “Well, I work here. So I think I’d have to say ‘yes’.”
“Aren’t we supposed to be working?”
“Give me attention.”
“Okay, so maybe I didn’t see that coming.”
“I’m too sober for this.” “You don’t even drink.” “Maybe I should start.”
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