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#of a broken heart
brokenmare · 17 hours ago
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Tumblr media
shigure-nii had told her that kagura had gotten her diploma while she was... gone, but rin had yet to let her relative know that she knew that. not because she wasn’t grateful, but more because she didn’t know how to tell her that she was.  ( ugh, this was why she was more comfortable talking to haru, he understood her better without her having to explain herself. ) but kagura deserved acknowledgement, even she knew that.
Tumblr media
” .... they told me that you went to my graduation... it probably was a waste of time... “ mainly because the girls that went there were so annoying, they probably where whispering some shit about her even when kagura was there.  “ i wouldn’t have blamed you for skipping it out. “
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starknstarwars · 18 hours ago
☎️ for Morff
☎️ What letter would the OC write their LI if the LI was the one who became the Outlander after Marr’s ship is destroyed?
“Dear Captain, 
Greetings! I hope this letter finds you in good health…” 
No, no, no. Rubbish. That would never do. He imagined Zallia’s reaction to that substandard introduction with her wry tone in his head: 
“You hope this finds me in good health? Come on, Prax. We knew each other better than that—you practically had your hand up my blouse when you kissed me on Ziost,”
“Well yes…” He’d gotten a tad carried away that day. “I don’t see why you’re bringing that up at a time like this…”
Zallia’s voice carried on as though she hadn’t heard his argument. His heart gave a painful twinge in response—it was so much her way he almost couldn’t bear it. 
“… Also, you’re writing to a dead woman, so wishing me good health seems sort of like poor taste, doesn’t it?” 
He imagined how she might have said the last sentence, with her head cocked to one side, an eyebrow arched to the ceiling and her nose scrunched between the brows, like it always did whenever she was teasing. Prax dropped his forehead to the galley table with a frustrated thump. She used to sit on this table, instead of in the chair in that unique way she had of curling one knee up to her chest so that she could rest her head on it, usually deep in thought, while the other dangled carefree in the air. Why was writing this letter so blasted difficult? 
“Because,” He heard her voice again. “You don’t believe I’m dead,” 
“True,” Prax spoke the word aloud, as though it was natural for him to be having a conversation with thin air. “How can I when I still sense your presence in the Force? How can I believe the worst when… there’s still so much left to say…” 
His voice faltered, the harder edges softened and cracked. He forced himself to try his letter again. 
“My Dear Lia,”
It was still too formal, even with the addition of her cherished nickname. All he’d wanted while she was alive was to find the right way to speak his feelings, and now, words were all he had. They were cold, trite, meaningless as he faced a future without her. 
He deleted the name and typed the one word that welled from the crack in his fractured heart: 
Why had he waited so long to call her that? The rest of the words followed on the wings of his grief:
“You asked me, always at my moments of dire need, when I was most torn between my duties as a Jedi, and my desire for a simple life: 
‘What do you want, Porff Maxis?’
And I never had an answer for you… 
The answer was you. Stars, Lia, I wanted nothing else…”
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memoirsofbilal · 2 days ago
كيف تنسى التي بكيت عليها بالدعاء؟
how do you forget the one — you cried in prayers to have?
— memoirsofbilal from Perpetual Flaws
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firstfullmoon · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Czeslaw Milosz, from “The Journey,” in New and Collected Poems: 1931-2001
[text ID: In pink fingers of magnolia, In the downy softness of May, In the leap from branch to branch Of a bird, pure-colored, a cardinal, Between breasts of calm rivers Lies this city Into which I ride with a bouquet of stiff roses On my knees, like the jack of hearts, Shouting for joy of spring And the shortness of life.]
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gravitasfatum · 4 days ago
Somehow, Xigbar always seemed to come back to the Keyblade Graveyard. Almost like a caretaker, dropping by every now and again to make sure things were still in order. Xigbar wandered through the rows of fallen Keyblades, reaching out to straighten some of the more crooked ones as he passed them.
As he got closer to the site of some of the more major battles, Xigbar found more and more of the Keyblades carelessly scattered around. He grimaced at the sight, it would take ages to pick them all up and straighten them out by hand. 
Tumblr media
“Oi! They sure made a mess out here, didn’t they?” He said to himself.
As far as Xigbar knew, he was the only living thing out here, so he summoned No Name to cast a spell to rearrange the fallen Keyblades back into order without any fear of anybody seeing.
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winwxn · 5 days ago
how i know i’m in too deep / actually really like someone:
- get really excited/happy/smiley when they message me
- get mildly upset (within reason y’all) when i don’t get any messages/attention
- i have a lot of anxiety about fucking something up within the relationship (usually in relation to intimacy lol)
- my heart does the little flippy thing when i think about them
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liveshaunted · 5 days ago
headcanon dump; nyx diaz
nyx loves her mother, and nothing will ever stop her from doing so
it should be noted, that while most of isabella gomez’s icons come with her wearing glasses, nyx does not wear glasses nor does she need them.
me, imagining what it would be like when nyx comes back to camp jupiter, wielding a stygian iron knife, like those who knew her before she left, knowing she was a child of one of the goddess of the underworld, but… like it truly cementing when she can wield a weapon that they can not. made of the metal most demigods do not like unless they are a child of pluto/hades.
this also is why she won’t say who gave it too her.
there is this part of nyx that is still deeply hurt by what her ex had done to her. but she has it bottled up, and one day, it may come out and she may break down crying. she tells everyone she is okay with it, but, like, she isn’t because because how could he do that to her, and then claim to be a child of venus? she hated herself a lot after it, which is part of why she had runaway.
nyx, despite having her heart broken by a child of venus, has no animosity towards other children of venus
nyx would find forgiving percy easier then forgiving annabeth. because, it was annabeth, who went against circe, it was her who gave the guinea pigs the multi-vitamins. and so, in nyx’s eyes, it’s more annabeth’s fault, she lost her haven and her home and job.
she also, after fleeing, knew that greek demigods existed - but never said anything. she despised them, seeing as it was greeks who ruined her home. but she never told octavian of them, because while she may despise them - she doesn’t want to see them dead.
honestly, nyx didn’t want percy in the fifth cohort, and did her best to stay away from him for fear her powers may act on her emotions. like wrapping his feet in flowers.
it is stated that only children of the underworld can wield stygian iron weapons, which is WHY nyx is able to wield the stygian iron knife she was given by pluto. but, she wouldn’t be able to wield something as long or big as nico’s sword as her mother only spends half of her time in the underworld
nyx isn’t a fan of children of athena, for two reasons, one being the obvious reason, that she was roman and raised on roman beliefs. and two being annabeth, annabeth, daughter of athena destroying her home causing her and her new family to flee or get captured
nyx’s boyfriend, james,  was a year older then her, and in the second cohort. faith was the child of vulcan he made out with that caused her broken heart & her to run away.
no one really wanted to speak for her when she came back. a lot of her friends had moved on, most who where her age were in new rome, but the younger ones don’t remember much of her.
when she left, jason would have been 6-8 years old, when she came back he would have been in the 10-12 age bracket.
nyx recognised reyna on immediate arrival back at camp.
nyx has a little magical ability ( outside of flower magic ) due to her time on circes island.
for a while, nyx would do her best to be out of the way of hazel & nico when he would visit camp jupiter, but her reasons aren’t like the other campers. or well not to the extent because yes she fears their father sent them to kill her ( despite him promising that she would not die by his hand - but her mind thinks that technically it would not be by pluto’s hand, but his children ).  so after a few months of hazel being there, she notices how hazel is and well, she stops actively avoiding the children of pluto.
and then after a while she decides she wants to try and befriend them, or attempt to.
so unlike reyna and hylla, who don’t really seem to hold annabeth accountable for her part in destroying the island. nyx does, because someone had to free the guinea pigs.
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icycoolslushie · 6 days ago
Grace was the first one to know about Jordelia
Tumblr media
Can someone please show Cordelia (and Matthew) this paragraph?
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ihatesimon · 6 days ago
going 2 yell abt Them in the tags
#grace & simon#all caps#IVE BEEN THINKING SO HARD ABOUT HOW TO ADAPT THEM AND THEIR STORY TO A MORE REALISITC SETTING#AND IT HURTS SO BAD.#im not totally clear on what i think grace’s identity is or what her feelings for simon are and THATS the part i need to line out#before i try to get in her head and write her u know#i know she is sapphic and i know she has a complicated relationship with romance or is perhaps grayaro#BUT BUT BUT#i cant figure out if she’s not attracted to simon bc she doesn’t like men OR if it’s just bc she sees simon as a friend#OR#if she does like him but she’s in such a bad and shitty place in her life that she keeps him at arms length#but close enough to get attention from him that she craves#i think it’s largely one sided at least in intensity BUT i can’t put my finger on WHYYYY#tbh i might just start writing some random stuff from her pov to get to know her better and see where it goes#or do a rewatch if i can physically handle it lmao i cried so much i don’t really remember much of the last 2 eps because m#MY HEART WAS BEING BROKEN !!!!!!#but for sure they are unmatched in intesity and intention bc grace is simon’s fp and he has bpd#in any universe#i think sm about grace being a kid that grew up only being validated by her parents and other adults#when she performed well at her skills or school#and how that fucks up someones self esteem and makes them seek positive attention anywhere they can#so she gets it from simon.#simon has bpd and grace is a former gifted kid with some complexes and they are terrible for each other#not at first but eventuallt#BROKEN ASS MARRIAGE !!!!! TOXIC ASS MARRIAGE !!!!!!#oh god.... grace comphet 4 simon and them getting married .... okay that’s something to think about too#okay i seriously have to go to bed because i have a final tomorrow that i didn’t study for lmao
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orbitcd · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
flowers. // @safaerax​ iris for Raph iris :   if your muse could convey one last message to someone they have lost or left behind ,   what would it be ?  
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you’re stubborn as a bull, and nothing’s ever going to change that. it’s not as if i’m any better, however. i seemed to have picked up on those stubborn habits myself. as someone who has lost just as much and then some behind your back, i understand the need to close your walls and your trust is slowly only shared with yourself. i know i had an awful way of showing my care at times, just as i know as you had an awful way of trying to keep me safe in certain situations, but i hope i never made you think nor assume that i never cared. 
we both know my emotions sweep me up, and no it is not an excuse, but it is something of an explanation and i do know i need to work on it. i need to find some sort of balance of being healthily emotional rather than overemotional or not emotional at all - as i am not you, nor am i like much of our brothers and sisters. i am much different, even if to some extent we all are. 
maybe you didn’t see it like i had, but at the end of the day, i believe i only had you those days. now, it seems i’m finding myself all alone. i wonder if this is how you felt in your last few centuries, and if it is . . . i can never apologize enough for never being there enough for you, and instead i allowed myself to be swept up in my emotions and i was far too stubborn when all you needed was someone who’d sit there with you when you needed it. 
i don’t know where we go after death besides becoming dust and light, but i do hope you’ve managed to find some peace in your rest. i’ll never forget you, just like i’ve never forgotten him or her. i’m unsure if you’re capable of feeling emotions wherever you are, but i do hope you are happy and content being ridden from all the burdens you’ve carried for far too long.
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