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#this is not a threat
r0bogender · 2 hours ago
might fuck around and redraw some old cookie run fan art *3*
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cat-boos · 2 hours ago
I just opened my anon asks and saw death threats fijfjjjffj sorry that I’m defending someone with a personality disorder that truly messes their vocabulary and intent of speaking up?
but anyways; I’ll be offline now because clearly people don’t know how to respect others around here.
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regina-tenebris · 2 hours ago
{ 🙗 } // 𝐇𝐂: 𝒜𝒷𝒶𝓃𝒹𝑜𝓃𝓂𝑒𝓃𝓉 𝐼𝓈𝓈𝓊𝑒𝓈
( tw : possessive relationships / tw : death mention)
Tumblr media
—Having experienced the trauma of Loss so young & frequently over the repeated event of watching loved ones die/being murdered, below the perfect façade of confidence & mischievous visage: the Enchantress holds terribly huge Abandonment issues that only come forth when it comes to her Significant Other.
She can be a dedicated & endearing lover; looking to please every wish of those she loved & finding the right path for their goals to come true as fast as possible -especially if they are mortals-; yet she can also become terribly toxic { Jealous, Possessive, Manipulative & Selfish on keeping them near out of the fragmented fear of being replaced or pushed away }
For her time is but a blink; & the wounds left by the terrible & nightmarish situations she lived, continue being too fresh to not hurt immensely & making her behave in horrendous manners that for her would look completely accurate & right, as hurting & killing anybody who would be deemed as a threat for the attentions she craves to have exclusively for herself.
She won't go to the point of harming the one she loves { unless the result a threat to her beloved Night Garden } but those around them are but pawns in a chess game & won't care at all for their well-being, especially if fooling around to who she considers belongs to her as giving them her heart.
It's not a healthy kind of love; having many quirks beneath the surface like monsters hiding in the darkest corners of a chamber, but Emilia may consider it sane as she doesn't fancy 'competition over attentions' - she's one to poison the competition & gets reed of it without much looks { of course, this doesn't apply for polyamorous relationships, where everything has been shared & expressed, deciding consciously to fall in the endeavors of more than one partner, in that situation the Pale Lady would be more than happy to fall in the games of seductiveness & mischievous diablerie }
Those who caresses her heart need to remember that beneath the porcelain perfection of the Nymph; there's still a murderous creature willing to do everything regarding the success of her ambitions —even if those are assuring (in her own sick merry way) her heart isn't broken again.
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gotravelblogger · 2 hours ago
China urges NATO to stop exaggerating 'China threat theory'
China urges NATO to stop exaggerating ‘China threat theory’
Beijing, June 15 China’s mission to the European Union urged NATO on Tuesday to stop exaggerating the “China threat theory” after the group’s leaders warned that the country presents “systemic challenges”. NATO leaders on Monday had taken a forceful stance towards Beijing in a communique at United States President Joe Biden’s first summit with the alliance. “China’s stated ambitions and assertive…
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gun-flame · 2 hours ago
How do you even land on Tumblr when you're like a hard-core boomer conservative, do you just have a fetish for getting sent death threats by people with anime icons?
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velocityitnet12 · 3 hours ago
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saint-cherie · 3 hours ago
Was just watching TapL’s stream and someone asked about if he receives death threats to which he responded “I’m a content create ofc I get them”
“It’s just something you get used to”
Now imagine if you got a death threat how would you feel, imagine getting 10s & 1000s of death threats everyday
That is not something any person should “get used to” do you understand HOW FUCKED UP THAT IS
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selfcontrol-idkher · 4 hours ago
Wait no i just read the last chapter you posted (should’ve done that before sending the previous ask ffs) BUT LIKE WHEN I GOT TO THE LAST PIC I SWEAR I THOUGHT « if that the last pic im gonna riot » WELL GUESS WHAT NOW BITCHES
PS I thought it would be useless to say that its still fucking hilarious and i love you (that might change again we never know)
pls they'll meet soon just one more part i swear bby 😭😭 ngl im a bit wary abt that part bc i dont want ppl to think im being insensitive or smth but idk i hope it will be okay IM NERVOUS
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megastro · 4 hours ago
Press F for Scott Cawthon
People really need to chill,like,he just had a different political view and yes in some I disagree but what kind of person would send death threats to his address
That's the most sickest shit I've ever heard of. Yo! Everyone's got a different opinion and you may disagree as you like but don't send hate towards them cuz it's wrong
Cancel culture is getting worse now but if Scott Cawthon is gonna retire from fnaf and doesn't care if he gets cancelled from Twitter,good for him, twitter is just a social place,you can still live without and maybe even peacefully and it's his right to retire from fnaf and focus to his family considering the fact that his wife is pregnant....but fnaf won't be as the same as we think once he's gone from the game.
I know it's for his own good and it's his choice if he'll retire but he'll be missed.
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roughforest · 4 hours ago
A reminder at gunpoint
If you are an abusive parent, you deserve nothing short of eternal torture, no ifs, ands or buts. If you bring a child into the world just to abuse them, you are an awful person and would be more helpful as fertiliser than anything else This also goes for everyone who is abusive to people who aren't children. Go die, we don't want you To anyone who has been a victim of this awful behaviour, I hope that you manage to get peace, and I hope you manage to escape. I hope you get to heal. No one deserves to be treated this way, ever, not even the abusers back when they were still people getting abused by others. I hope you get to feel better, I hope you have a good day, and I hope you get the love and respect you deserve
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siren-virus · 5 hours ago
You LITERALLY posted that ask of mine just a few hours ago, like, less than 3 hours ago. HOW TF DID YOU MANAGE TO DRAW SHIP WITH A PUPACINO SO FAST? Like I'm in awe at that speed of drawing stuff, wtf O.o Yes I'm complimenting your art, it's way too high quality for how little time it took you, it's awesome.
Call me speedy cause that's what I do best.
Ya'll gotta stop buttering me up, I'll get a big head ;;;
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TRIGGERS: Anti-shipping, death threats, cyberbulling, 1nc3$t, p3d0ph1lia, r4p3, c0v1d, su1c1d3
Okay, let me make this clear.
Sending people death threats because of something they wrote that you don't agree with is not okay. It doesn't matter what it is — 1nc3$t, p3d0ph1lia, r4p3, whatever.
It can be the worst thing you imagine.
People write things for many different reasons. You're allowed to not like it. You're allowed to have 'DNI' lists. You're allowed to be uncomfortable or grossed out or disturbed by content. Your emotions are valid — but telling someone you hope they get COVID and die, or telling someone to hurt themselves, or anything similar is not valid. Resorting to bullying and harassment over a SHIP is not okay.
Yes. People write and ship some weird ass shit. Does this mean they deserve to be traumatized for it? No, no it doesn't. A lot of fanfiction writers are young. A lot of them aren't even adults — not that harassing an adult is okay either, or any better, but have a little empathy. Have some morals.
Block tags or even users if it disturbs you. Add DNI lists. Keep tabs on people (but do NOT doxx them/give their username to your friends so they can harass those people) if you have to.
Death threats aren't okay. I've received some of my own. Its traumatizing and horrible, and the fact that you don't know who you're giving them to is even worse. People have been driven to su1c1d3 because of all the hate they've received for shipping something. Its your job to play the bigger person and keep your distance.
No one deserves to be told they should die for shipping something.
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owlf45 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I will climb you
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sinistaryote · 6 hours ago
YALL!! PEOPLE CAN NOT HATE SCOTT CAWTHON AND WANT HIM DEAD/DOX HIM AND THINK HE MADE SOME BAD DECISIONS AN STUFF. I know this has been said a bit but seriously yall need to chill on the death threats. Just because someone is all bad and major jerk(I suppose that's an understatement) doesn't mean you tell him to kill himself, and it makes you as bad as people harming others. You can feel negative about this, but dont retaliate unless it's necessary.
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babybroccoling · 6 hours ago
Im gonna eat your children is a threat that can backfire pretty hard
As a better alternative i would suggest saying: im gonna chug all the water contents from your body. Which is a lot more intimidating, and sounds super fucking coconuts.
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sketchythesketchbook · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
I'm not nearly as salty as I was when I made the first part of this! 😂
Part 1
Hey, hi, hello! 👋 How's it going?
I'm back with a Part 2 to this In-Between comic! I found another quote generator, and this quote (well, not exactly this quote) popped up so I thought I'd continue this little mishap.
A bit of time has passed since the last part; Rupert got stabbed at early hours of the morning, now it's 7pm. He actually got patched up pretty early, but he'd been passed out for at least 9 of those hours.
About enough time to stress Charles out. 😰
I didn't really want to post this at first, but this is literally the only thing I've been able to finish in a while so...why not just post it?
I think I'll give these guys a bit of a break for now, and move onto some other chaotic bastards in the meantime. I'm sure they'll be able to cause as much chaos as Triple Threat (maybe even more)! 😁
Anyway! Hope you like it~ 😅
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