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#this is a promise
gayaruakise · a minute ago
minene for the ask thing pls she is my wife <3
favorite thing about them: epic sexy bisexual everything she did fucked indefinitely & good god her character development… MWAH <3
least favorite thing about them: she did nothing wrong <3
favorite line: in response to “you’re the one with a grenade so you can start talking”: “hey I do have an eye for a good time. I picked up Sherlock here went down to the lab and then used a police scanner to track down you party animals.”
brOTP: Minene Aru friendship real they r besties and Minene begrudgingly accidentally against her better judgement adopts them and one time Aru calls her their “weird bisexual parental figure whom I care dearly for against my own better judgement” and Minene starts tearing up and Aru asks if she’s crying and she says “no shut the fuck up I’m too hot to cry over your lameass giving a damn about me” and then she ruffles their hair and leaves the room
OTP: Her n Nishijima like god damn the bisexualism of it all… glad she got 2 marry him after he got brutally murdered for her sake <3 also their dynamic of “woman who kills man who loves her and is semi competent” is VERY good <3
nOTP: idk she is just standing their with a bomb bro
random headcanon: Minene she/they. Nishijima he/they. Aru they/them. Everybody in the house has a they in their pronouns <3
unpopular opinion: there’s no popular opinions of Minene <3
song i associate with them: hmm… hate yourself by tv girl
favorite picture of them
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soleiltido · 4 minutes ago
post limit bullying <3
thank you !!!! <3 I was hoping someone would say that
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funkiing · 11 minutes ago
Cam have you tried pestering the wild cat clans that're out in the forest?
❛ what the actual fuck are you talking about ❜
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piningbisexuals · 14 minutes ago
idk it's so funny how everyone was making up theories about ipytm ep 4 saying that teh cheating was all a part of jai's plan or ohaew's imagination lmaooo when in reality ep 4 was basically a confirmation that teh did it and that's it lmaoo nothing can save this show for real
yeah, I mean the ep started with the idea that maybe this was an "accident" & a one-time thing, and then it got absolutely shattered by teh literally obsessing over jai IN FRONT OF OH-AEW and CONFESSING HIS FEELINGS TO HIM!!! like you can't make that shit up, teh was fucking caught by oh-aew & he was still pursuing a relationship with jai behind his back, what the actual hell... also people who knew jai was using teh are icons, I knew he was sus but idk I got fooled by oab's handsomeness I guess :')
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suddenlyoranges · 16 minutes ago
it's in Halo 2, 3 and the 2 remaster. I don't remember the name in H2 but in H3 is "Keep what you steal" and in H2A it's "Promise the girl"! I always think of it as their theme together. I get emotional about a LOT of Halo music but this, and the different "walk in the wood"s are. special
i hear a rendition of promise the girl in there, for sure
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muslim-mc-on-crack · 20 minutes ago
It's been weeks since I took my acne meds so my skin is a mess and I get new pimples where I only had acne scars before
I just don't know where the hell are they
I'm going to the dermatologist wednesday !!? I'm gonna say what what huh stupid me
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kakumomi · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my handwriting and drawing here is really not the best i’m sorry, (if anyone really needs/wants i can try typing it out it all out or something. idk how legible this is).  but yeah, here is an incredibly messy guide i put together because some of y’all need it, (though this is not directed to any of my mutuals !!!)
i could probably go more in depth but really the best thing you can do is find references yourself and really observe how the eye sits in different faces; depth, basic shapes (more round or more oval or almond or even square etc), presence of water line + tear duct, brow bone, amount of fat around eye, etc.
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itoldconcreteaboutyou · 21 minutes ago
live footage of me coming back to tumblr after a few weeks, only having seen ep 1 of ipytm
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nitrozem · 27 minutes ago
“This meat seems ok i can eat it”
No, no it is not OK not in anyway, accourding to your stomach today
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kingdomofdrawings · 32 minutes ago
I just wanted to draw the trio in different outfits
Emma’s outfit is my favorite
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Which one do you prefer?
Please do not repost without permission first and without credit Comment, Shares and Likes are really appreciated
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bitemescftly · 36 minutes ago
i’m taking a tiny break from writing my masters thesis :) anyone around to do some random plots? write some cuteness or filth? maybe do some random asks or memes?
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im-just-here-for-the-drama · 37 minutes ago
Teh's new company making him delete pics of him and Oh Aew was being played like the final sad little nail in the coffin that Teh was going to have to let Oh Aew go. And that's funny to me. Because back before we knew anything about ipytm, I thought about what this season could be about and I thought it would have been interesting if part of the plot was going to be about Teh and Oh Aew struggling to get cast in things, and just when things were going to start looking up, they'd be told that they'd have to hide their sexualities or forget about it. I figured Oh Aew wouldn't go for it and he'd want to be open, while Teh would have preferred to hide it. Then of course we'd see the toil of it on their relationship and them growing apart and eventually breaking up because Teh wasn't going to let anything, not even love stand in the way of his dream. I saw potential for this to be a minor plot point, but...this is the direction they chose.
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peachycoreroo · 38 minutes ago
thank you for being the lera love mail anon, was thinking about your ask all day🥺
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chicken-seasoning-chan · 41 minutes ago
May I submit a story I'd like you to draw pictures of?
ooh go ahead!
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gaydykedean · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
besties I must interrupt spn posting to show you my very sweet elder pomeranian. everyone say “hi bobo”
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isingonly4myangel · 54 minutes ago
stupid ✨slag✨ whore slut💕
You can’t say that
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tsrookie · 56 minutes ago
You bet your ass I’m dumping Sam in a heartbeat if we get the option to choose at the end of the book
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aceofspadegrass · 58 minutes ago
A bunch of cute scenes with Y/N because it's the only thing in my head
and I'm definitely not getting sad for literally zero reason and is therefore attempting to cope-
Hatter - Going out with him to try on every single hat in his shop and performing a makeshift catwalk showing off each other dramatically and their hat of choice and just generally having fun.
Aguni - Going to his backyard and tending to the massive garden he has set up back there while he quietly talks to Yin about each and every plant, their care, their ripeness, and even lets them pet every single plant (Except for the cacti).
Arisu - Going to a bunch of escape rooms and solving the room together as a team and then going to an arcade so Arisu can play as many arcade games as he so wishes while Yin tries to get him a stuffed bunny dog from the claw machine.
Karube - Going surfing together at Bondi Beach and generally having a good time together even though sometimes they wipe out on the boards.
Chota - Going on a nice picnic together where you both brought little remote controlled planes and fly planes together in the sky as the sun gently bathes you both in sunlight.
Shibuki - Staying inside to watch a whole bunch of movies on Netflix while cuddled underneath the good blanket together and eating a bowl of gummy worms and popcorn.
Usagi - Going rock climbing with her in those rock climbing buildings where she helps Yin in the best way to reach the top without having to worry about falling, and giving them positive reinforcement when they succeed going a little higher each time without struggle, finally opting to race them to see who gets higher in a friendly way.
Chishiya - Going to a cat cafe and spending the entire time in each others and in a bunch of cat's presence before eating cat shaped tuna sandwiches and drinking boba with each other.
Kuina - Going to Pride together and getting their flags painted on their face and generally having a great time supporting each other and other people also there, with a whole bunch of hugs and pictures and petting like seventeen dogs there.
Ann - Going to a museum with her and staring at all the neat artifacts while holding hands with her and squeezing it every time they got really excited about a particular piece and Ann reading the little piece out loud for them in that calm tone of hers.
Last Boss - Putting temporary tattoos on each other even if Last Boss is already covered in tattoos, just so they can match each other later with the bright blue butterflies stamped on them as well as the silly tattoo of an egg and bacon.
Niragi - Going to a gaming convention with him and letting Niragi get enthralled by every single piece of gaming system and style, with him pointing out as much as he could to Yin talking about how cool certain aspects were and actually sounding like the game designer he is, with them listening along graciously and sincerely.
Tatta - Going out on a long drive in a Lambourghuini across the countryside to take in the sights and take a bunch of photos together, ending in Tatta tromboning into the sun on a cliff while Yin films it.
Mira - Having a fancy tea party with her in a rose garden where the both of them have a nice, sane chat about whatever topic ends up happening, and occasionally teasing each other with nonsensical but thought provoking stories that they make up on the whim.
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