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#the hargreeves
tua-tfln · an hour ago
Tumblr media
fake umbrella academy quotes (26/???)
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deathgod-ben · 2 hours ago
i wish the fandom talked more about how Klaus constantly ignores how ben truly misses his family, and even compares him to reggies abusive ass like i swear ive only seen like two ppl talk about it.
plus like idk how to feel about this but i constantly see post ripping into ben but backtrack into saying they still like him like dawg wtf lmfao u were just calling him cruel and evil like 5 seconds ago and the worst thing i saw was that in this persons post they openly admitted to being bias for Klaus. Like why tf would u admit to that??/ like jesus ben cannot breath at all like he exist and for what. idk but its like if your bias for a character dont say shit about the other? like keep the same energy for both of them or like dont say shit
sry bout all this but your honestly one of the few ppl ive seen actually bring ben into the limelight for once
Oh yeah I think I know what post you are talking about and I 100% agree. I was into it, until the op wrote that they're bias to Klaus. I remember finding it funny that the op would go on and justify Klaus and Luther's actions, but stop at Ben's.
Honestly, people can go and criticize Ben's actions, cuz he do be doing some shitty things. But they always seem to forget his situation and what makes him do it. But when it comes to Klaus (and certain specific characters), they remember his whole life story. Like why aren't you showing same energy??
Like you said, Ben misses his family and Klaus is not letting Ben have any interactions to his family. Yes, it was real shitty of Ben forcing himself in Klaus body and maybe Klaus is afraid people will use him as a communication device to talk to Ben, but it only just show how much Klaus have isolated Ben from his family and how desperate Ben got in the end. But nahh, Ben is only cruel af yes :))
I myself is sick of Ben being portrayed as this sweet soft nerd boy. And it mostly has to do with Ben's character being used as a plot to develop his white siblings' characters, Ben not being treated as an individual and not being able to have a complex character.
But when people do criticize how Ben is portrayed in this fandom and first thing they do is to villainies him, forget his situation and also mention how bad Ben is to another (white) character, it makes me think certain people have been waiting to rip apart Ben's character and they hate how positive Ben have been portrayed
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fxlminare · 2 hours ago
Thinking thoughts: anyone have any ideas for a Diego h. fic? Im not promising i’ll write it, im asking for ideas for inspiration cause i wanna write him sth, but idk what.
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himbohargreeves · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Screencapping every Diego scene until I get new content.
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doloresisactuallyvanya · 3 hours ago
⚠️warning! Stupid question ahead!⚠️
Can someone who writes smut really good or just writes smut in general help me out with a WIP? I can't write smut for shit, I could really use some tips
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actualtimetravelingcat · 4 hours ago
Adding more to the Fei and Ben duo headcannon
After the mission in which Ben almost dies but survives in the Sparrow timeline he actually loses his hearing and is deaf
so with Fei being Blind and Ben being deaf reginald made them work close together thus becoming a power duo
Please excuse me
*dances around and shierks in joy*
Okay thank you. disability rep is just the greatest thing in the world. Thing is, even if Reggie was gifted brain cells he barely ever uses them, so when Ben loses his hearing he goes "let´s put the two kids with disabilities together yes they are the same". Not true obviously every disabled person is different, but since Ben spent years helping Fei they are already great friends and this works out great, quickly working out communication by tapping each other in morse code. Fei also maneges to talk Reggie into having Ben return to training earlier and not be isolated for as long as she was after she lost her vision. I also like to think her birds helped save Ben, them telling her what happened and Fei not having her friend get hurt for anything. Some enemy of theirs learns sign language for the one reason of explaining to Ben how much they are going to kick their ass, and during one of these great villian monologues Ben just closes his eyes, so he can´t see the signing and completely pissing the villian off. They also come to the reliazation they can now talk during meals, just tapping each other in morse code under the table. Reggie finds this out and they pull the "feel sorry for us we are disabled" card, which gets them out of trouble, to the others´ great amusement.
This would also make Ben immune to Allison´s powers, right?
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d3nk1wh0r3 · 4 hours ago
Casually thinks abt how much I love Klaus (and ben we don’t forget ben) 
I need to go to bed it’s almost 4am someone help me
My brain rather stay up and think about Klaus and five because I love number five’s character sm too
AND VANAYA she a bad bitch that’s all I’m gonna say
OH OH AND ALLISON I wish I could have her power smh like I could be so mean but anyways-
AND FUCKEN DEIGO knife throwy throwy boi and that’s all I’m gonna say
I love everyone it’s not fair I love like- everyone-
I’m gonna attempt to sleep or bother my best friend idk we’ll see
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feralnumberfive · 5 hours ago
Allison: I know how to say “I need to study” in Japanese
Klaus: I know how to say “I’m fucking depressed” in English
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nasturtiumorange · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
I don’t remember how to draw anymore.
Stretching out my fingers with a Diego Hargreeves.
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allisoooon · 7 hours ago
Spitball theory: the world Hargreeves wanted his kids to save was not Earth, but his own.
He wasn’t super concerned with the end of Earth in season two, but we see his obsession with space travel, his invention of the televator, and his knowledge of the theories behind time travel.  He could be planning to travel back in time and save his world using the powers of his children.
The biggest problem I can see with this is that he timed his own death with the end of Earth, though it may have more to do with the arrival of Five?  The time traveler?  That may actually be why he was having Pogo keep such close track of how long Five had been gone.  He’d somehow figured out when Five would come back...yet didn’t think the siblings would have come home to greet him?  Whatever it is, it makes roughly as much sense as him somehow knowing when the end of the world would be.
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angst-fairygodmother · 7 hours ago
6 and 8 for Ryne x Derek and 29 and 30 for Sarah x Luther 💖
6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?
Answered here.
8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?
I don't think they do have any nicknames. A variety of pet names which change throughout the stages of their relationship, yes, but not other nicknames.
29. one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart
Technically, it's about Luther, not both of them, but I definitely think that even deep into the relationship, he's going to have a lot of hesitation and be insistent that she deserves better than him: more "normal," more confident, more her educational equal.
30. one headcanon about this OTP that mends it
Slight spoiler, but who knows when I'll get around to properly writing them their hearts know each other, even in a timeline where they've never met before.
OTP Questions
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justabunchofotheredits · 7 hours ago
I wish she didn’t die, I liked her better with Diego than Leila
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Me to Klaus: I will cut off your toes and make you wear them on a necklace.
Five: *staring at me*
Me: what-
Five: I'm in love with you now.
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deschainartnerd · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Everyone wants to see powers all of a sudden
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anotherplace · 10 hours ago
the tva is just?? the temps commission?? 60s bureaucracy time police gunning for the end of time through a predetermined set of events. poor schmuck of an arrogant genius accidentally time travels and gets stuck working for them while trying to progress his own agenda
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