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#klaus hargreeves
allisoooon · 52 minutes ago
In the season 1 flashbacks, Klaus is the only one we never hear speak. And even in season 2, young Klaus only speaks when it's just him and ghost Ben. Do you have any thoughts on that?
I think he does speak a couple of times in the season one flashbacks--at the bank, to Ben (though to be fair, it could also be Luther, it’s hard to me to tell because we’re seeing the backs of their heads), and then to Grace when he sets that fire (”Thank you, Mother!”)  I don’t have any answers as to why he speaks so little, though I have ideas about some of it.
I grew up much like Klaus--an extroverted child of a narcissist with a sanguine temperament and a tendency to either make ploys to get attention or wander off to do my own thing when that didn’t work.  The thing we see about Klaus not just in flashbacks but in the present day is a distaste for confrontation, which is very common in people of this sort of temperament.  When Luther and Five start bickering in the van, that’s when Klaus interrupts with his chocolate pudding story.  This is how we diffused these situations when we were kids so we could stop feeling uncomfortable.  That, or we walked away, or just zoned out.  Klaus’ flashback quietness may be some of this, especially at Ben’s funeral, where nothing is going on that isn’t confrontational.  This would also be why we don’t hear him doing any heckling during the race up the stairs, etc.  He’s not engaging with the aspects of this family that make him uncomfortable, i.e. the forced competition.
If he hates confrontation, why does he set fires in his room?  From what I’ve seen in my own family, if a child sinks low enough in the estimation of their own parent, they can start taking the attitude of “well then I can do whatever I want because I’m going to get punished either way” and just try to piss off the parent to prove they can’t be controlled.  This isn’t a healthy form of rebellion so much as it is kicking and screaming on your way down.
With other flashbacks, we’re mostly seeing stuff about other characters, so Klaus’ quietness, in a lot of cases, isn’t that surprising--it’s not about him.  Then in situations where Reggie is taking charge, none of the kids tend to say much of anything.
And sometimes, if you’re dismissed enough, you stop trying to be heard.  Reggie was nothing if not dismissive of his children.
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actualtimetravelingcat · 59 minutes ago
Five: love is dead, the only valid experience is darkness and sorrow
Klaus: sure, sure, but
Klaus: you're squeezing me in the tightest hug-
Five: shut up or i cut out your tounge
Klaus, still being hugged very tightly: as you wish
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The Librarian’s Request Event
The Library has reached over 100 followers!  So The Librarian wanted to show her gratitude by opening requests!  We here at the library have cultivated some prompt lists, and honestly The Librarian isn’t above anything at this point. We’ll be taking requests for the next ONE HUNDRED HOURS (Thats 12am on Sunday)
*We here at The Library refuse to judge.  We may not always understand, but we support our readers!*
Tumblr media
Before we get to the prompt lists, this is a link to: The Rules and Regulations
Will Accept Prompts For:
Nathan Young (Misfits)
Darren Treacy (Love/Hate)
Klaus Hargreeves (TUA)
Billy Delaney (Me. & Mrs. Jones)
Luba (Mute)
Sean Falco (Bad Samaritan)
Luke (Cherrybomb)
Leon (Moonwalkers)
Roland (Three Summers)
Jack (The Messenger)
Vladek (Fortitude)
Cormac Mcnamara (Foreign Exchange)
Nikolai (Song of Sway Lake)
Vincent Rhodes (The Road Within)
Spiller (The Borrowers)**
Ivan Mccormick (Killing Bono)**
Archie Eden (Demons Never Die)**
Simon Lewis (Mortal Instruments: City of Bones)**
(May negotiate on Tom Natsworthy and Carles Casagemas.  Also willing to write my OCs as well: Violet Duval, Jeanie Turner, Rin Davies, Honey Comb and Selina Kostas)
Now, for what I hope you’re interested in, The Prompts!  Please feel free to combine or be as specific as possible.
Casual Affections
Prompts that done sound like a porno
100 Smut Prompts to overwhelm you 
And because the Library now has one, just casually throwing up the OT3 Prompt list
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nkp1981 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Robert Sheehan
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Tumblr media
Klaus & Dave
Would you be my Armageddon? // As we fall out of heaven? // Unkept, unslept, and unforgiven // I'll be choking and drinking and dying // And dreaming of you
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freddielennox · 4 hours ago
A fight scene between Reginald and Klaus would be amazing.
Klaus has the upper hand and because Reginald is a pussy, he gets Christopher to try and fight his side of the battle. But as Christopher goes to use his fear inducing powers, Klaus suddenly turns around and the song that's playing in the background gets more intense as a crack forms on Christopher until he turns into a pile of rubble on the floor. Bonus points if Klaus is glowing and/or looks terrifying as he's destroying Christopher.
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an-awkward-art1st · 7 hours ago
ahhh idk if you take asks/requests but consider this: an instance where klaus becomes too sick to be his usual theatrical self, which alerts everyone else to the severity of his illness
hgtjzftftyhihghhfg I LOVE IT
hold on let me just whip something up uhh
“You Aren’t Yourself”
It was cold. He swam through the depths of his mind, thoughts swirling around his still, sleeping figure.
Something was wrong. Something didn’t feel right. His breathing slowed, and his body seemed heavy—seemingly dragged down by an invisible weight.
“Klaus!” His eyes fluttered open, glanced around groggily, then shut once again. He groaned and rubbed his tired face with a bony hand. Five more minutes, he thought as he lazily turned over on the couch, blocking the world from his consciousness.
“Jesus, Klaus, I thought your power was to talk to the dead, not act like the dead.”
He felt an annoyed finger poke at his ribs and he batted it away, muttering nonsensical objections. “Mmm… leemee ‘lone…” He opened an eye and peered through the curtain fingers. Diego was standing above him, and his mouth widened into a fake grin.
“Rise and shine, sweetie,” he sang mockingly. His counterfeit smile disappeared as if by magic, and he reached out to his resting brother, picking him up from under his armpits. Klaus’ body slackened in his grip, folding like a lifeless doll. The afternoon light radiated off his pale face, his cheeks flushed and eyes darkened. Diego grimaced at the pathetic sight. “Or should I say ‘shitty’? What happened to you?”
Klaus broke free from his brother’s grasp, leaning weakly on the sofa. He slurred sleepily, “Whudduyoumean? I’m a happy camper. I’m as jubilant as a… a drugged-up junkie.”
Diego’s face hardened at this remark. “You’re not making sense. Are you saying that you’re high?”
“What? No, I—” before he could finish his reply, Diego framed Klaus’ face in his hands. “Hey! Let me go—!” Diego peered worriedly into his brother’s eyes, expecting to see them red-rimmed and dilated, but they looked only slightly glassy. Satisfied, he let go of Klaus and gave him a firm pat on the back.
“Take care of yourself, alright? I’m heading to the boxing club. Later.” He paused for a moment, staring at Klaus with an unidentifiable expression. Then he turned towards the door, and with the telltale jangle of keys he left Klaus standing alone, dazed and confused.
- “Heh-ninggxt! Snf—” Klaus stifled another sneeze between his pinched fingers, the third one in the last half hour. He groaned softly and wiped his nose with the back of his arm irritably, stretching across the cold kitchen counter. Hearing a quiet “Bless you” from behind him, Klaus whipped around in surprise. He let out an exhale; there stood sweet, little Vanya, armed with a violin and bow. She drifted silently around the kitchen, busying herself, a focused expression on her face.
“Klaus, have you seen my sheet music?” she asked, scanning the room. “I’ve got practice again this afternoon. I swear I left it here…” Klaus straightened to a cross-legged position, hand loosely resting underneath his nose, plugging its neverending flow.
“No… no, I don’d thinkg I hab.” He cursed under his breath, hearing the obvious stuffiness in his tired voice, and coughed immediately afterwards. Vanya’s eyes flitted quickly towards her brother, but she remained silent. After a hearing her brother cough again, Vanya cleared her throat; “Klaus, are you feeling alright—”
“I’b fine!” he said angrily, “Christd, why is everyond worried aboud me today? I can takg care of myself! Go play your goddab toy!” Vanya froze, staring at Klaus with an expression like that of a scared mouse. She skittered quickly out of the kitchen without another word. “Vanya…” he called irritably after her. She didn’t turn back.
Klaus relaxed his posture and sighed raspily, feeling noticeably worse than before. His breath faltered slightly, and he pitched forward with a silent bout of sneezes muffled into a cupped hand, followed by a few harsh coughs. “Shit!”
“…looked tired this morning…”
“…snapped at me…”
Klaus searched to the sound of barely audible sounds of voices, curious as to their source. Entering the living room, he came upon his siblings, congregated in a tightly-knit circle. They looked concerned and whispered surreptitiously. Feeling lightheaded, he clumsily knocked against a chair, causing them to turn in surprise. Klaus flushed and tucked a strand of hair behind his ear, stood for a second, then rushed towards the staircase.
He stumbled dizzily up the seemingly interminable steps as fast as his weakened legs could carry him. They were talking about me, weren’t they? Fuck, why are you such a jerk? Before he knew it, warm, stinging tears had begun to roll down his cheeks, throat closing up in embarrassment and sorrow. God… you fucking baby… why are you crying? Stop it, get yourself together!
When he reached his room, he hobbled down to the floor and let the sobs take him. His body was racked with an aching throb as he cried, rocking back and forth. He mumbled softly to himself between heaving gasps and gulps of tears. “Shit, shit, shit, shit… no, no, no, no…” His hands had begun to shake, and his head pounded blood. He suddenly he craved any kind of drug, even pot to ease over his pain.
Klaus was suddenly overcome with intense dizziness as black spots formed, blocking his sight. They expanded until he could see no more, and he fell into a dreamless sleep.
He awoke to someone gently shaking him, calling his voice.
“Klaus! What happened?” He peered up at the blurry face dreamily.
“No, it’s your sister, Allison…” she bit her lip, concerned, wondering who Dave was. Her figure slowly came into focus. “I came to check on you after you ran out on us. Everyone’s been saying that you… well, that you aren’t yourself. If Klaus isn’t constantly up-and-at-it, we know something’s wrong.” She smiled sadly and brushed a mop of sweaty hair from Klaus’ widened eyes.
“I… it’s nothing, I—” he broke into a sudden violent coughing fit, body curling into a tight ball.
“Don’t try and talk, you’ll be okay,” Allison said softly. Klaus gratefully gripped Allison’s arm, and beamed weakly up at her. “You’ll be okay.”
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jammesbarnnes · 8 hours ago
Umbrella Academy Preference: Powers Your Kid Get
A/N: I have no idea how this would work, I thought it was cute 💕
Tumblr media
Luthers kid is invisible. Both of you were expecting your baby to inherit his super strength, or even one of his siblings powers. You never expected invisibility. The first time they did it, you thought they were missing. Your heart fell when you saw their toys, their blanket, even a little sock they'd taken off, but not them. You looked everywhere, checked every window and door to see if it had been opened. They were gone. The both of you tried not to panic, to stay calm, and you were about to call for help, before you hears the smallest laugh. You knew that laugh. You followed it, then the sound of a button being pushed, a toy lighting up and playing music, more laughing. You found them sitting where you'd checked first. You could have sobbed, Luther too, picking them up. They knew they had an audience now. In seconds, they were gone again, and yet Luther felt their little hands pulling on his shirt. You shared a look, realizing you were dealing with more than just the normal baby problems. Now you couldn't see them.
Tumblr media
Diego has a kid with super-speed. Of course neither of you realized until they started walking. Infact, until then, you'd assumed they'd be powerless. Both of you were okay with that, of course. Diego's childhood had been one of competition and constantly falling short because of his powers. He didn't want that for his kids. Plus, a part of him liked that he could be their Super Dad. He couldn't have been happier when he realized how fast they were. Diego burst into the room, your toddler in his arms, the two of them grinning from ear to ear. You thought something was wrong, they one of them were hurt. Diego set them down and told you to watch. They stumbled around. You knew this, you'd seen their first steps. Had he hit his head? He insisted you'd miss it, but you were more worried about him than anything else. You had missed it, but you'd felt it. A burst of wind pushing you back, and they were gone. A second later, they were back. All of it a blur. They stood again, cookie in hand, smiling. You couldn't believe it.
Tumblr media
Allison's kid can definitely shape-shift. You thought it would be hard enough with a regular teenager, but you both guessed wrong. Even as a baby, they had some sense of control. Mimicking whoever was holding them, taking their eyes, nose, anything they wanted. You warned them time and time again to be careful regardless. You'd grown used to the little changes they liked to make: longer eyelashes, whiter teeth, their own image of perfection. You hoped they'd like them self in their own original features, but they weren't going too crazy, so you left it up to them. Teenage years were different. You both knew teenagers like to experiment, but this was ridiculous. It was as if your kid was a completely different person every day. They'd roll their new eyes, not bothering to listen. One of the more joys of parenting. You shared a look, not wanting to push the issue for fear of making it worse. Allison assured you it was a phase. At least she hoped so.
Tumblr media
Klaus' kid can fly. Of course they could. You and Klaus weren't the most conventional of parents, so neither would your kid. It wasn't even that much of a surprise, unlike the others. Klaus could talk to the dead. You figured flying would be a piece of cake compared to that. They showed it early on, but never got the hang of it. It wasn't until they were out of diapers did they push the envelope. Floating above their bed when they were supposed to be asleep. Marks on the walls from when they needed a little help getting down. A few times you feared they'd even break a window or two. Klaus was always there to talk the both of you down. Coax them to the floor and ease your worries. It wasn't until they found their way out of the house and into the open sky did you really panic. Above the trees, they made loops and spelled out all the words they knew. They were growing up, Klaus said, that's what kids did. You just wished yours would stay on the ground like everyone else's.
Tumblr media
Ben's kid can control fire. Ben prepared you for the worst. You knew his powers, you knew there was a chance you'd have a Mini Horror on your hands. You waited. You waited for it to happen, for the ball to drop, but it never did. Still, he held his breathe. But they were perfect, more perfect than you could have ever expected, the love of your lives. It wasn't until they were a little older did they realize they could do something, just not something like their dad. It was scary for the both of you. You thought they were safe from ridicule, from strange looks and whispers like Ben had grown up with all his life. They didn't want to tell you at first, hesitant it would change your opinion of them, but when they showed you, lighting a candle across the room, all you felt was pride. Your baby was powerful. Of course you had your worries, but the last thing you wanted was to scare them from them self the way Reginald had done with Ben. You loved them, powers or no powers.
Tumblr media
Vanya's kid can see the future. They dream of it. The both of you thought it was just silly dreams, even nightmares depending on how they reacted. They said things that seemed too close to reality. Simple things anyone could have predicted. Vanya spilling her coffee the next morning. You hitting traffic before work. Everyday things. But, the more time passed, the more eerie they became. Natural disasters no one saw coming. Sudden storms. Deaths. You wrote down everything they could remember, not wanting to worry them. They were still a kid, they didn't deserve the burden of whatever was going on. Vanya thought they were controlling the future, but when prompted, they explained it was just something that was going to happen. You kept every crayon drawing, every story, every note. It wasn't just a hunch, your child was seeing it as it was going to happen as they slept. Neither of you felt qualified, but you would never leave them to deal with this on their own. You'd deal with this as a family. Always.
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golden-wreath · 9 hours ago
Klaus being genuinely excited in s1 after Reggie told him he had the most potential makes me sad because like, you can tell he really wants to learn how to use his powers and overcome his fear of the dead, he just doesn’t know how :(
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imrights · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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askthehargreeveses · 12 hours ago
Klaus: So, who do you reckon'll be the first to get a question? Vanya: Isn't the blog supposed to be for us, together? Klaus: Don't block me, I said what I said.  Five: If I get a question just for me I will kill you, Klaus. Klaus:... Klaus: Please don't ask questions for five. I value my life. Ben: Have you seen half the stuff you take? No you don't.  Klaus: Five, Ben says you should accept questions Five: Are you sure BEN said THOSE SPECIFIC WORDS? Klaus: It is what I heard. Diego: I'd answer a question about my knives. Five: Are we allowed to ask for specific questions? If so, can I have one on.. Vanya: I don't think that's how it works. Klaus: Shush Vanya, he's going to answer a question! Ben: I hate this family.
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spanishmossmagnolia · 13 hours ago
The Ghost of You | The Umbrella Academy AU
The Ghost of You: A Drabble – Anchor
Pairing: Klaus Hargreeves x Female OC: Zelda Boudreaux
Warning(s): Mention of pregnancy and associated nausea. Curse words.
Word Count: ~ 1K
Author’s Note: This story centers around a major plot divergence where Vanya doesn’t blow up the moon and cause the apocalypse in 2019; the events of Season Two never happen. | A peak into Klaus and Zelda’s future. It’s sweet and fluffy, I apologize in advance.
Author’s Note Also: This is for @autumnleaves1991-blog & @flightlessangelwings Writer Wednesday | Week Three Prompt: Glitter and/or “I’ll always be by your side.”
Acknowledgments: @salvador-daley for the quick beta.
[Prologue] [Part I]
I know that I'll never be alone You will never let me go You are my anchor Hold my hand while I'm sinking in the sand No one else could understand You are my anchor
“Anchor” – Lifehouse
The first trimester had been rough. Zelda sat on the edge of the bathtub with her head between her knees breathing deeply through her nose, trying to save off the nausea.
Hoping to take her mind off the sick feeling churning in her stomach, she looked at her watch.1:15 PM. She snorted indignantly at her own ignorance in thinking that “morning sickness” wouldn’t last past noon; she couldn’t remember what it felt like to not be nauseated anymore.
“Klaus!” she screamed out as another sour wave ran through her. “Where’s that fucking ginger tea?” She winced at her crudeness but, damnit, he’d been making her tea for the past twenty minutes. How long did it take to boil water?
He ran into the bathroom a moment later desperately trying not to slosh the scalding liquid out of the mug in his hand. “Still feeling sick?” he asked while holding the mug out to her.
“Only for, like, two months now,” she said wryly, rolling her eyes as she accepted the drink.
“The doctor said it would pass, Z,” he said, sitting next to her on the edge of the tub and resting his head on her shoulder. "It's just gonna take time."
"Yeah, well, I'm running out of patience," she muttered, blowing on the hot liquid. Zelda took a big gulp of the tea and cringed at the spiciness of the ginger, feeling it burn in her throat on its way down. As much as she hated the flavor, it had been one of the few remedies that worked to calm her stomach. Allison had been the one to recommend it to her, saying that it had been a life saver while she was pregnant with Claire.
Zelda closed her eyes, now trying to will the nausea away, and took another drink.
"You better be worth it, you little imp," she said quietly, patting the little bump in her stomach.
"Z," he began, looking up at his partner, feeling slightly helpless, "you know as well as I do that she's gonna be perfect."
"She, huh?" Zelda huffed and rested her head against his. "I do believe, love, that you've been the only one adamant that I'm carrying a boy."
"Oh, no, it's definitely a girl," he said with a laugh. "I've only been saying it's a boy to piss you off."
Laughter bubbled out of Zelda; it was the first time she'd truly laughed in days; Klaus loved her laugh.
He loved her.
“Do you wanna get married?” he asked abruptly, without any forethought.
“What?” she asked, her laughter ceasing as she picked up her head to look at him.
“Get married," he repeated as he lifted his head from her shoulder, his eyes meeting hers. "Do you wanna, you know...marry me?"
“Klaus, are you proposing? Right now? While I'm sitting next to a toilet, trying not to throw up?"
“I mean, uh, I don’t have a ring or anything but…” he trailed off with a shrug looking down at his bare feet on the tile floor, suddenly nervous and embarrassed. He really should have thought this out better. How many times had he been told by everyone to think before he fucking speaks?
Anxiety filled the air of the bathroom as they sat quietly.
Klaus had been wanting to discuss marriage with Zelda even before they found out she was pregnant. They hadn’t been together long, but Klaus just knew; he could sense the permanence in the bond he had with her. He’d felt that way only once before, with Dave. He would have wanted to marry him too if their circumstances had been different.
The pregnancy was unexpected, though not unwanted. Suddenly everything in their lives became about preparing themselves for the arrival of their child; anything that had been on his mind previously just fell away.
Zelda wasn’t sure if she’d ever want to get married. The idea that a piece of paper and some repeated words legally bound two people together, it just felt weird. And, given the fact that she came with ghosts attached, sharing her life with another person wasn’t something she’d ever really anticipated. But then Klaus came into her life, a haunted man with ghosts of his own. He’d become a permanent fixture in her life - and her apartment - quickly; they fell in love hard.
And now here they were, only a short time later, expecting a child together. A daughter that would have her father's wild curls and his striking green eyes. Zelda had seen her in a dream; a happy little girl looking up lovingly at her father, her tiny hand grasped firmly in Klaus'.
"Yeah, okay," Zelda said finally, breaking the awkward silence.
Klaus' head snapped up. The butterflies that were flapping around in his stomach became bats. "'Yeah okay'... to what?"
"Let's get married," she said. Fuck. Those words felt strange on her tongue but sounded lovely once said.
"You're sure?"
"Yeah," she said with a smile. “I’ll always be by your side, Klaus. Might as we--” Klaus threw his arms around her before she could get the words out. The sudden movement jostled the mug of tea in Zelda's hand, causing it to splash out onto the floor; neither noticed.
Tumblr media
Tag List: @salvador-daley @badsext
Wanna be tagged? Drop me a DM.
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allisoooon · 16 hours ago
With Allison it's strange how the fandom seems to treat other siblings super well, due to their relationship to Klaus and Vanya. Yet Allison who gets on really well with both of them and treats both of them incredibly well still gets shit on. Like why? Allison spends the entire first season trying to build a relationship with Vanya yet she's a bitch but Five is a literal angel who can do no wrong just because Vanya missed him? Even by warped fanon standards where is the logic?
I think you might have it backwards. Five isn’t an angel because of his relationship with Vanya so much as people have decided Five is an angel and they’re going for every single tiny little thing that could possibly back up that idea—such as Vanya having possibly had a good relationship with him seventeen years prior—to try to outweigh all the times he is condescending, hostile, and dismissive. He tells Klaus, "Nice dress," and people say he's validating Klaus' gender expression even though his tone is sarcastic as fuck. In fact, the only time Five doesn't treat Klaus abysmally is when he looks super proud of him for like five whole seconds in the Meritech office (but then he tells him his contribution didn't matter and that he's useless as soon as they're outside). He's a little softer toward Vanya, but not in any way that does her any favors. This isn't bashing. I love Five. But he's a mean bastard, and I love that side of him, too.
Turn around and look at Allison and yeah, there's that teensy shot of Vanya's book where we see she used to paint Klaus' fingernails, which is an actual validation of someone's gender expression. She's actually there for both him and Vanya and I'd love it if they could be there for her in future seasons. Klaus tried to be, but he's in such a wonky place that he's not able to do it consistently until he does real work on himself.
Allison is there for other people so much that the unbalanced nature of it worries me. She shouldn't have to be strong for everyone. Luther is there for her pretty consistently, but he's the only one who is. They don’t seem to be going in a Strong Black Woman direction with her (by which I mean the toxic representation of black women as exceptionally tough and therefore in less need of care), so it would make sense for some things to really start getting to her. When you’re nothing but strong for other people who aren’t strong for you in return, that’s what turns someone codependent and it sucks.
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secret-ssociety · 18 hours ago
can we talk about the bisexual erasure in the fandom of umbrella academy??
because it's pride month and we're all pulling out our symbols and icons and characters we see ourselves represented in
but I've grown tired of seeing posts referring to vanya and klaus as two raging homosexuals.
the two of them have expressed interest for men and women, neither of them have restricted themselves to the attraction towards only one gender.
while the love of klaus' life is a man, he has engaged in sexual relationships with women as well (for example, the girl from his cult he had a threesome with). as for vanya, the fact that her most recent romantic interest was a woman does not make her a lesbian, and that was a narrative that was running around even before season 2 was aired and said character came into the story.
now, of course I talk from only having seen the show, I don't know if there's something in the comics that makes everyone so sure that both klaus and vanya are gay
but it wouldn't be the first time that a character's sexuality is blatantly denied to present him as gay pride.
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