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wrongmha · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Midoriya: Which is messier my life or my hair?
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bluest-skies-above-me · 6 minutes ago
(Jailbreak - what were Pearl and Amethyst doing before Steven found them?)
Amethyst: Is it just me or was Garnet being extremely sexy back there?
Pearl: How are you THIS close to being shattered on Homeworld and still horny?
Amethyst: Oh please, as if you weren’t just checking out Lapis’-
Pearl: Okay, fine, let’s just gay panic together.
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incorrectfmaquotes · 8 minutes ago
Roy: You can’t outrun your problems but you can jog slightly in front of them and pretend you can’t hear them because you have your headphones on.
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bluest-skies-above-me · 14 minutes ago
(Human AU or the VAs - can’t have the possibility of shapeshifting)
Steven: How tall are you?
Garnet: Oh, I don't know. Like 6'0" or 6'2" or something. I'm not sure.
Amethyst: I am 154.1cm or 5 feet 0.04 inches. I measure myself three times a week.
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pbgroup · 17 minutes ago
Economics - SellerX AcquireX
Economics – SellerX AcquireX
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cadence-blackburn · 19 minutes ago
Jupiter: If you die I will kill you
Jack: but we'll already be dead
Morrigan: I have a feeling that won’t stop him
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bluest-skies-above-me · 20 minutes ago
Peridot: Let's play 21 questions.
Spinel: Okay. What's your favourite colour?
Peridot: Green, are you into Peridots?
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incorrecteintrachtquotes · 20 minutes ago
Lawyer : You're adopting a child again?
Niko : Yes.
Lawyer : So that's your second adoption in two years?
Niko : Yes. Second in two years. Sixth overall.
Lawyer : Mr Kovač, I have been an adoption attorney for twenty-three years and never have I had so much business from one client.
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bluest-skies-above-me · 22 minutes ago
Kidnappers: We kidnapped your girlfriend.
Spinel: You kidnapped Peri? As in Peridot?
Kidnappers: Yeah
Spinel, laughs: Good luck with that.
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incorrecteintrachtquotes · 23 minutes ago
Aymen : Can you keep a secret?
Ajdin : Do you know anything about my life?
Aymen : No, I do not. Good point.
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incorrecteintrachtquotes · 24 minutes ago
Makoto : Alright, who gave Daichi my phone number? Fess up.
Daichi : It was Hinti.
Hinti : Dude!
Makoto : Wait... Who gave Hinti my phone number?
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bluest-skies-above-me · 26 minutes ago
Spinel, holding a bowl of cereal in one hand, and a coffee pot in the other: What if instead of milk in my cereal, I put coffee
Amethyst, walking past her and taking the coffee pot away: What if you didn’t
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incorrecteintrachtquotes · 26 minutes ago
Gonça : Old men insults are wild. ''slut, whore, dumb bitch''. Sir, those are respectable occupations. Call me a landlord.
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debelice · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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incorrectbellimala · 29 minutes ago
Incorrect Belli Mala #630
Shaia: Listen. You can call me illiterate. You can call me a crackhead. You can call me a whore. But if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s ugly.
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bluest-skies-above-me · 31 minutes ago
(Before Lapis joined the Crystal Gems)
Amethyst: Wait... what’s bird mom doing?
Steven, gasps: She's engaging the enemy!
Pearl: [gets down on one knee and proposes to Lapis Lazuli, who squeals in delight]
Garnet: We lost a good Gem today.
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widows-mixer · 38 minutes ago
Leigh-Anne: Did Jesy just tell me she loves me for the first time?
Jade: Yeah.
Leigh-Anne: And did I do finger guns back?
Jade: Yeah, you did.
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bluest-skies-above-me · 38 minutes ago
Pearl, about Amethyst: No man will ever be good enough for my daughter.
Greg: You just think that because you're-
Pearl: No, I mean really. She is a lesbian. My daughter is a lesbian. There will be no man.
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in-the-mid · 47 minutes ago
All The Things That I Love
All the things that I love
From starlit nights
To moonlit huts.
From tranquil streams
To the morning hush.
All the things that I love
From awkward silences
To my lover's blush.
From freezing floors
To the bookshelf dust.
All the things that I love
I cannot put a finger on.
I cannot seem to touch.
All the things that I love
Either fill my heart
Or leave a blood rush.
All the things that I love
Are not the things that you love,
You are the one that I love
And I am the one that you love.
So, for the love of this love
Or just for the love of merely love
Let me love
All the things that you love.
Will you love
All the things that I love?
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