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shrimpmsg · 50 minutes ago
Chapters: 48/48 Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS Rating: Explicit Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Reader Characters: Jeon Jungkook, Kim Namjoon | RM, Kim Taehyung | V, Kim Seokjin | Jin, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Min Yoongi | Suga, Park Jimin (BTS), Reader Additional Tags: Hybrid Jeon Jungkook, Dog Hybrid Jeon Jungkook, Wolf Hybrid Kim Namjoon | RM, Cat Hybrid Min Yoongi | Suga, Fox Hybrid Park Jimin (BTS), Tiger Hybrid Kim Taehyung | V, Hybrid Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, BTS AU, Hybrids, Hurt/Comfort, Recovery, Slow Romance, Slow Burn, Fighter Jeon Jungkook Summary:
Pitbull Hybrid Jungkook has finally been freed from the fighting rings, and now finds himself at Marigold Sanctuary & Transition Estate, a place for healing and self-discovery for rescued hybrids. It's stupid, dumb, cheesy, and hell-bent on helping Jungkook "heal" and "find himself" and "decide the course of his life." And right at the center of it is Y/N, a nurse who's got everyone bamboozled that she's like some awesome person. She's not that great. Jungkook hates it here.
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jeonpetite · an hour ago
Tumblr media
this work is mine and only mine.
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perpetualimaginings · an hour ago
Yoongi, Hoseok, Taehyung, Jimin, Namjoon and Jin are strangers bound by a single, reoccurring dream: a stage, a crowd, and an impossible happiness.
(Or: Bangtan never existed and Jungkook, the only one who remembers, is on a mission).
"Wait - do I? Do we know each other?" Hoseok sees a lot of faces, bouncing around from dance crew to dance crew. His friends refer to themselves as the vagabonds because that's what life is like as a dancer, you move from place to place, make it your home for a tour or two and then off you go, another city, another crew. But this man's face belongs to somewhere undefined,
But Hoseok can't stop searching him, trying to extract the tangible from the man's guarded expression. The dancer sees a lot of faces but rarely one has him forgetting every rule of normal human behaviour, e.g., don't stare at strangers like they're a map and don’t grip said stranger's arm. Glasses guy clears his throat and Hoseok remembers, like a memory only more slippery. It’s a sound, from the dream, music, there's always music and he hears it now standing with this stranger (who is less and less like a stranger the longer he stares).
"This is very random you rap?"
The man shakes Hoseok free. "No," he snaps defiantly and walks away.
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btschooseafic · 2 hours ago
Hey you, what’s your dream?
Tumblr media
Pairing: platonic!oc x ot7
Details: manager!oc, predebut/idolverse, partial BTS World!verse
Summary: Debut day!
Warnings: This is a fictional story based on real events. The characters presented here are not the same as their real life counterparts. (TW: panic attack, dieting mentions) [Masterlist]
Track 22: Debut!
Started From the Bottom- Drake
“Started from the bottom now we’re here
Started from the bottom now my whole team fuckin’ here.”
Debut Showcase, Gangnam Ilchi Hall-June 12, 2013
“Aviva-yah,” Yoongi called. Aviva looked up with her camera, only to be faced with Yoongi snapping a picture of her with his. He looked down at his camera and grinned. “Looks good.”
Aviva looked him over. “So do you. I really like the skirt.”
Yoongi did a little twirl. “Hip hop!”
“Ah… I’m so nervous, I’m stiff as a board,” Jin muttered.
“Want a massage, hyung?” Jungkook offered. Jin blinked at him.
“Seriously? Yeah, that would be great.” Jin sighed happily as Jungkook massaged his shoulders. Aviva walked over, getting a shot of them. “You’re good at this. How come you don’t do it more often?”
“Cause this is a special occasion,” Jungkook told him. “Don’t get used to it, hyung.”
“…I’ll pay you in food,” Jin offered.
“…I’ll consider it,” Jungkook said. Aviva laughed. They glanced at her.
“Yah, go away, camera-ninja,” Jin said.
The boys preformed Bulletproof Pt. 2, No More Dream, and Like to round it out. In-between changing their outfits, Aviva got a quick word with Yoongi and Hoseok.
“How’s it going out there?” She asked them. Yoongi and Hoseok looked at each other.
“Good~?” Hoseok said.
“Good~” Yoongi agreed. Namjoon stepped up behind them, putting his hands on their shoulders. Hoseok clutched his chest as Yoongi plastered on an overly surprised face.
“What’re you guys doing?” Namjoon asked.
“Talking about how great you guys are,” Aviva told him.
“Yah!” Namjoon flushed. “It’s time to get back on stage!” He pointed his finger in the air. “Let’s go!”
Afterwards, Aviva stood off to the side, watching the boys get interviewed about their first performances.
Yoongi spoke about how they were more authentic than other idol groups doing hip hop. Namjoon spoke about wanting to reach out to teenagers and get them to think about what their dreams were, and wanting to win a Best New Artist Award.
At the end of the night Aviva presented them with a custom-made cake. “Sorry I didn’t bake this one,” she said. “But I saw an ad for this bakery, and I thought it could be cool.”
“It is!” Jimin assured her. “Your cakes are probably the tastiest, but this one is very pretty.” Aviva clenched her fist.
“I’m going to improve my cake decorating skills.”
“Ah, that’s not what I…” Jimin smiled at her determined expression. “Okay, I can’t wait to see what you come up with—shall we eat?”
M!Countdown Debut! June 13th 2013
At their debut M!Countdown stage, Aviva was carrying around her camera again, to get behind the scenes footage.
Joonho and his assistants were working hard to mark sure every item of clothing was perfectly place. Jihye and Eunjung were chatting as they waited for their turn. However, Aviva could see that Eunjung had already gotten to Namjoon earlier this morning with an important addition to his hairstyle.
Aviva laughed, stretching her arm up and tracing the letters RM that had been shaved into the side of his head. “I haven’t seen this yet…”
“What? You don’t like it?” Namjoon said nervously.
“I’m not sure,” she admitted. “It’s just… I wonder what you’ll think about this style when you look back at it. Fashion is so changeable…”
“All the more reason to enjoy it now!” Hoseok said, popping up behind them, wrapping one arm around her shoulders and the other around Namjoon’s back.
“You would say that,” Aviva said, flicking the spiky mask.
He laughed. “You really like this thing, huh?” He struck a dramatic pose. “What I do for the sake of art!” She and Namjoon both laughed along with him.
Jungkook and Jimin walked over. Jimin spotted the camera and swerved slightly to sit on a nearby bench.
“I’m going to practice,” Namjoon said, turning towards the wall and taking a few deep breathes before launching into one of his verses. It was the quick one.
Hoseok mimicked him jokingly. Jungkook watched and then did the same. Hoseok laughed.
Namjoon frowned, pointing at Jungkook. “I hate this kid.”
“No, you don’t, Namjoon-ah,” Aviva said easily.
“If you’re gonna copy me, try and do it properly, at least,” he challenged. Hoseok shrugged. Jungkook tried. “Not similar!”
“He can’t do it so well when he’s under the spotlight like that,” Hoseok told Aviva.
“Well, Namjoon-ah does have his own style of rap,” Aviva thought. “You should rap like yourselves, not like him. That’s what makes you all special.”
“Aw.” Hoseok poked her on the cheek. “Cutie, manager-nim.”
“…Can we move on?” Aviva said. “Your audience doesn’t want to hear about me, they want to hear about you.”
Jimin quickly rapped the verse, blushing when they turned to him.
“Ah, sorry,” Jimin said in English for some reason.
“No, it was cool,” Namjoon told him, patting him on the shoulder. “You’re the coolest.”
Readier, the boys loosened up by seeing who could rap the fastest in English. Then Namjoon moved on to walking through their performance. Aviva could see the maknae line’s eyes glazing over as he spoke. Taehyung spotted her and blew her a kiss. Jimin noticed and laughed quietly. He moved over to her.
“Shouldn’t you be listening to your leader?” Aviva teased.
Jimin grinned sheepishly. “Ah, well… I thought maybe our fans could use an update on what we’re doing? That’s who you’re recording this for, right? Our fans?” He thought. Aviva nodded. “Right now we’re in the waiting room.” Jimin pulled at Jungkook’s arm. “Jungkook-ah.” Jungkook turned around and stepped closer to them. “The camera’s on, see?” Jungkook bent down slightly.
“Yah, you don’t have to bend down,” Aviva said. “I’m not that short…” Jungkook laughed. “What will you do next, Jiminie?”
“Next we will…”
“Lose weight!” Jungkook said. Aviva frowned.
“Eh? Why~”
Jungkook laughed. “Stop with the aegyo, noona, you’re too old for that!” He turned back to Namjoon, walking closer over to him to listen.
“…Jungkookie’s a little grumpy today, isn’t he?” Jimin thought.
“Nervous?” Aviva wondered.
“I am,” Jimin admitted.
“I meant Kook... but, yeah, probably everyone is. I mean, I’m nervous and I’m not even performing!”
Jimin grimaced.
“Namjoon-ah, Jungook-ah, have you changed your socks?” One of the assistants asked. The boys broke up to continue getting ready.
“Well… we’re going to lose weight now, I guess,” Jimin said. “Yes, going to lose weight diligently. So I can show you great abs.” He looked down at himself.
“Your abs are already great,” Aviva told him honestly. Hoseok popped up behind Jimin, his plainer mask hanging over his chin.
“What are you doing?” He wondered.
Jimin blinked at him. “What?”
“Jiminie’s giving the fans an update!” Aviva told Hoseok.
“Right now we’re changing into our cool outfits before rehearsal,” Jimin told her and the camera. He wiggled his many ringed fingers at her.
“Bling~Bling~” Hoseok said. He held up his own gloved hand. “It says Bangtan Sonyeondan on it!”
“They are cool gloves,” Aviva agreed. “But you’re interrupting Jiminie.”
“Yeah, don’t interrupt me while I’m speaking to the camera, hyung!” Jimin said. “I get…” He glanced at Aviva and then looked away from her, staring at his feet. “…Shy.” He laughed nervously.
“Why?” Hoseok wondered. “It’s just Avi-yah.”
“It’s fine.” Aviva switched off her camera. “We can take a break.”
“Thanks, noona.” Jimin smiled at her.
“Cookie?” Yoongi offered, holding a small snack bag out to them.
“Ah, no thanks, hyung,” Jimin said. “I’m still dieting, so…”
Yoongi shrugged, holding it out to Aviva.
She took one. “Thanks.”
“You know, your shyness is cute, but you have to get used to the cameras if we’re going to debut now,” Hoseok said to Jimin.
Jimin frowned. “Yeah, well, how do you suggest I do that, Hobi-hyung?”
“Hmm…” Hoseok grinned. “I dare you to flash your abs to the camera.”
“Eh?” Jimin said. “Why?”
“Why?” Aviva agreed.
“Well, he’s going to be doing it on stage all the time now, so it’d be good practice, right?” He figured.
Jimin’s brow furrowed. “He’s got a point.”
“Yes, but the internet is forever,” Aviva reminded him. “If I post this…”
Jimin let out a breath. “Let’s do it.” He gripped the edge of his shirt. “Film me, noona.”
Soon they moved upstairs to the stage for the rehearsal. She got a shot of them moving up the stairs. Jungkook spotted her and waved.
“Ah, manager-noona, when did you get here?”
The other members shot her peace signs as they passed.
They moved straight from the rehearsal into the pre-recording for No More Dream. Aviva watched from the side and then ran around the corner to meet them as they exited the stage.
Aviva filmed them walking off stage, down the hall. The assistants were waiting with tissues to blot at their sweaty faces.
“This leather…” Namjoon muttered, pulling at his shirt, which was sticking to him with sweat. She switched her camera off, letting it hang off her neck. “Honestly.”
“Bend down.” She motioned at him. He did and she carefully dabbed at his face with a tissue, not wanting to ruin the makeup artist’s hard work. “There’s water and towels in the dressing room.”
“Good,” Yoongi said as he passed her. “It’s hot.”
Aviva froze, spotting Jin crying as he stepped off the stage.
“Oppa…” She frowned, noting one of the other cameramen was following him closer to get a shot. She followed them too. “Yah, give him some space.” The camera man hesitated. Aviva flashed her employee ID, and a glare at him. The camera man waved his hand and retreated out of the room. Jin was surrounded by assistants who were wiping his face and fanning him. Jimin and Namjoon were hovering, watching him concernedly. “Hi, Jinie-oppa. It’s okay to cry, you know.”
“But, I’m the oldest," he choked out. "I'm not supposed to..."
“You may be the oldest, but you also have the most sensitive heart,” she thought. “It’s a curse and a blessing.”
“I need to… get ready… for the… performance.”
She frowned at his ragged breathing.
“Seokjin-oppa.” She leaned up, brushing his hair away from his face. “Can you breath with me? Copy my breathing. Come on, slowly in… and out… good job.”
“Sorry,” he muttered, as his breathing settled.
“Hey, it’s a big moment, it makes sense to have big feelings, you don’t need to apologize, okay?”
“Okay.” He smiled slightly. “Guess I’ll say thank you, then.” He bent and kissed her forehead. “Thank you, manager-nim.”
“You two are being very sweet, but you should know, Avi, that he’s crying because his pants kept falling down,” Namjoon teased.
“Yah!” Jin protested, his face turning pink. Namjoon laughed as Jin got him into a headlock and rubbed roughly at his head.
“Ah, watch it—Eunjung-ssi is going to yell at you!”
“Eh? I thought it was because he made a mistake?” Jimin said to Aviva. Jin glared at him. Jimin patted him on the arm. “Don’t cry, hyung, it makes me want to cry too.”
Jin rejoined the others to do their huddle and cheer before they stepped back out onto stage to preform Bulletproof Pt. 2.
Jin waved at her as he passed. Yoongi gave her two thumbs up. Namjoon flashed her a peace sign.
After the performance, Aviva was waiting for them again near the door.
“We did well!” Jin said, hugging her. She laughed.
“Ah, oppa, I’m filming!”
“Our first broadcast recording!” Jin hugged Hoseok.
“First success!” Hoseok did a double fist pump.
“Oh yeah!” Namjoon echoed him as Jin moved on to hug Yoongi. “We’ll do even better on tomorrow’s stage.”
“We will do better tomorrow,” Jin agreed, though he was more subdued than the other two. He smiled weakly. “I have confidence for tomorrow.” Aviva couldn’t find the words. Instead she reached up and brushed his hair out of his face again.
Music Bank, No More Dream Debut!- June 14th 2013
The next day during rehearsal, Yoongi showed off his shirt with his stage name on it to the camera.
“I’m Suga, you see that?”
Aviva nodded. “Otherwise I wouldn’t know who you are.”
“Yah, you brat, it’s for the dry rehearsal,” he said. “You know that.”
Taehyung laughed behind them. Yoongi made a silly face at him. He laughed harder.
Aviva went out into the seats out a couple rows away from the stage to film their rehearsal.
“Yah, noona, don’t you have confidence in me?” Jimin whined after they finished the rehearsal and gathered back in the dressing room. “I know I made a small mistake with the kick, but I promise I’ll practice—and I always get the jump right every time. Every time!”
Aviva was taking a break from filming to charge her camera.
“Hmm? What do you mean?”
“The part when I jump over Hobi, I saw how nervous you got!”
Aviva blushed slightly. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, Jiminie, I just… you know I worry.”
“Then don’t watch that part, close your eyes,” Yoongi suggested.
She frowned.
“I can’t do that. I have to support you guys, and get behind the scenes footage, and—“
“Okay, okay.” He waved his hand. “It was just a suggestion.”
She chewed at her lip. “I like the thing with the hat though. It’s cute.”
“I’m not sure cute was what Hobi was aiming for, but I’ll take it!” Jimin said.
Aviva got her camera back in time to film Jimin and Yoongi practicing their dance moves. Taehyung joined them.
“We have to do well,” he told Aviva seriously. “There’s only one chance.” She tilted her head.
“One chance for…?”
He blinked at her. “There’s only, one chance~” He started to sing.
She nodded. “One Shot, B.A.P.”
“Ding, ding, ding—correct!”
Meanwhile, Jungkook trying some of Namjoon’s throat spray.
He coughed. “Are you supposed to drink water with this?”
“Hmmm?” Namjoon looked at him sleepily.
Aviva turned to get shots of the other members. Jin spotted her and waved with the sleeves of his leather jacket, which he was wearing backwards. She laughed.
“Why are you being so cute?”
He pouted at her. “Are you suggesting I’m not usually cute?”
“You’re not usually this shy,” she thought.
“Ah, I did a shy introduction, so I’m still shy now,” he explained.
She nodded. “Well, that’s okay, oppa, I like both the shy and confident versions of you,” she said honestly. He blushed. “Where did Kook go? He was just here...” He laughed.
“Ah, yeah, he’s fallen asleep again.”
Jungkook had almost passed out in his chair.
“Drink,” she ordered him, handing him a water bottle as one of the stagehands fanned him.
“What?” He smiled at her, dazed. “Oh, manager-noona, hi.”
She frowned. “You need to eat something, get your blood sugar up.”
“But I’m on a diet~” Jungkook said. “You can’t make me~”
Aviva sighed. “What about some juice?”
He blinked and nodded. “Yes please.”
“I’ll get it for him,” Jin offered, pulling his jacket on the right way around now. Aviva glanced over at Jimin, who was still practicing.
“Get one for Jiminie too, please.”
Jin nodded.
“One juice for the maknae and one for the Bagel Man, got it.”
Aviva squinted after him.
“Why is Jiminie a bagel?”
“It’s a combo between baby face and glamorous body,” Jungkook explained. He smiled. “Namjoon-hyung told me I’ll probably be like that someday.” His brow furrowed. “Hmm, where did Namjoon-hyung go?”
“I’ll look for him.”
She found him sitting on a chair in the hallway, his head in his hands. He looked like The Thinker, except even stiffer than stone. She switched off her camera, having a feeling he wouldn’t want the fans seeing him like this.
“Namjoon-ah…” Aviva punched lightly at his back. “You’re so tense. Come on, man.”
He squinted at her.
“If that’s an attempt at a massage, you’re failing.”
“No, I’m just hitting you.”
“Oh. You’re doing great then.”
She sighed, laying her hands flat and smoothing them over his shoulders, kneading at the tense muscles.
He made a bit of a happy noise.
“Better?” She asked in his ear. He jolted and then stiffened again. “Sorry.” She withdrew from him.
“No! I…” He turned, his face red. “It’s fine. That was… nice. Thanks. You, ah, weren’t filming that, were you?”
She shook her head. “I do still need some more footage though.”
“You’ll find it,” Namjoon said confidently. “You’re good at this.”
“You’re so amazing, Syub Syub,” Hoseok was saying to Yoongi back inside the room. “You actually danced.” Yoongi turned, spotting Aviva with the camera.
“I usually don’t show off my dancing,” he explained to any future viewers.
“You’re so cool,” Hobi praised. Yoongi smiled awkwardly. Hoseok turned to Tae. “V-ssi, you should show us too.”
Taehyung blinked. “Show what?”
Hoseok hummed one line of the song. “That part.”
Tae did a confused little head wiggle for the camera.
It was cute, but awkward.
“The truth is, V-ah doesn’t do that part,” Yoongi told the camera.
“Oh?” Hoseok smirked.
Yoongi squeezed Taehyung’s shoulder.
“You don’t need to know that part. It’s not yours.”
Hoseok shot an apologetic look at Tae, who was frowning, and then attacked him with a hug, biting his shoulder for some reason.
“Ah, hyung, you’re not a vampire!” Tae said, laughing.
“You’re so cute I just wanna eat you up!” Hoseok told him. Taehyung ran away from him, hiding behind Aviva.
“Yah, leave Taehyung-ah alone,” Jin said, stopping his neck stretches to glare at Hoseok.
“Are you okay?” Aviva asked Yoongi as Tae leaned on her. “How’s your shoulder?” He frowned at the camera. “Ah, sorry, I can edit that out.”
“Please do. The shoulder’s fine,” he told her. “Right now, I’m a little nervous for the pre-recording. I feel dazed, but I’m keeping myself on my toes.” Hoseok and Jin popped in and out from behind him making faces. Tae flashed a peace sign in front of the camera. Yoongi completely ignored them. “We’ll work hard. Please watch over us.” He smiled, just a tinge of annoyance on his face.
“But you’ve been great in front of the camera,” she told him. “I really appreciate it, since it gives me more material to pick from… but don’t force yourself, okay?”
“I’m not,” he told her.
“Swag!” Namjoon called out as he passed the camera, ready to preform. Aviva tried not to laugh. Yoongi bowed slightly. Hoseok and Jimin flashed peace signs.
Aviva watched from the side, grinning as girls shrieked at Jimin’s abs reveal, and cheered at Jimin’s leap.
“We finished it!” Namjoon said as he came off stage, smiling in relief.
“Ah, that was scary!” Yoongi said, rubbing his chest.
Jungkook pronounced it, “So-so.”
“The end!” Hoseok said, flashing a peace sign at the camera.
“Hi.” Jin waved shyly. “We did well, I think.”
“The end!” Tae said, flashing a peace sign. Aviva laughed.
“Hobi just did that!”
Tae pouted.
In the dressing room, Aviva looked at Jimin.
“Have you been avoiding me?”
“Not you, necessarily…” He eyed the camera and stepped closer, pointing. “That red light scares me the most. It makes me wonder what I should say.”
“Just be yourself,” Aviva told him. “If I record anything you’re uncomfortable with sharing, I can always edit it out. I promise not to post anything you don’t want me to.”
Jimin smiled, stroking the lens like it was the face of his lover.
“You’re a good girl, huh?”
“I won’t be if you keep touching the lens!”
He laughed.
Across the room, Jin was making faces at Aviva, passing his hand over his face, and changing his expression dramatically. A sleepy Taehyung was sitting next to him as he got his makeup fixed, clearly not amused.
“Wow, I’m so nervous,” Jungkook said as they headed back towards the stage for the live broadcast.
“You got this!” Aviva told him.
During the performance, Aviva was out in the audience again, catching shots of the fans cheering, especially when the boys flashed their abs, and got into their dance solos.
Afterwards, the boys made more faces at her as they came off stage. The photographer had disappeared somewhere, so Aviva was put in charge of taking the after-performance group photos for the fans. Tae and Jimin were reaching across the group to hold hands, as Hoseok bit down on Jimin’s head for some reason.
“Hobi!” Aviva called out to him. “Do I need to get you a teething toy?” The boys laughed, including Hoseok.
“Ah, we are born in the year of the dog, after all! Come play with us!” He walked over and grabbed her hand, waving at one of the assistants. “Hi, hi, noona, can you get a picture of us with our manager too?” He patted Aviva on her head, ignoring her protests. “We won’t post it anywhere, so just stay still and let us commemorate this moment. You’re part of it too, you know.”
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enhypen-info · 4 hours ago
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aliceoracleollormusic · 4 hours ago
Hi! I'm searching for a fic where it's ot7 poli au BTS and they're all roomates and oc IS black i think? And they're all fuckboys?
I you Can help me that'll be awesome ! Thanks
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secretbangtnn · 5 hours ago
Can we have Arctic fox!Jimin and oc smut👀? I’m so excited for the first chapter btw! 😁
Well 👀 NSFW
I'm not going to write full Smut scene tho couse that going to be in a book
But I can do some snippets
So first first thing
Like I said in previous posts there is all going to be about abo dynamics
And sorry not sorry but my subby ass is not going to write about fem dom oc
But in Jimin situation I can see them actually trying to see what's dynamics between them and who is higher
So when the aspect of it is stable i just know the one who is going to be higher is going to be so smooth about it. Like Jimin would just dominante her in such a playful way, teasing her how she is a good girl for him and how she should listen to her alpha like that
It would immediately turn the brattiness on a highest level with oc being so cuteky angry and trying to dominate jimin herself. I can see her being on top of his lap, smiling so proudly of her position thinking she is in charge just to fall limp on him with a load moan
He would have so many tricks to pull on her, knowing her body and what turns her on the best as a fox himself. But honestly beside the powerful fight for dominance
I just know that there would be times where oc would just accept it and show herself willingly to jimin. She would take his hand so shy and try to bring him to the nest they builded togheter just to start whining when jimin purposely act as if he doesn't know what to do
She would look at him with the big eyes waiting to be full with his cock, just to feel him while laying in their den. He would for sure make her wait for it and beg for it while having that stupid smile. But after the whole teasing thing they would just lay with each other, jimin sometimes thrusting lazyly to make oc moan and whine a little from the sudden movement, only to feel her clutch to him so hard and purr with her head scenting under his jawline
Their fluffy tails folded together so cutely
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bts-borahae007 · 7 hours ago
What do u like Black or blonde hair ??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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20cube · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
230621 s cawaii magazine
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20cube · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
230621 twt
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taee · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
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