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#me fantasizing about drawing that withe the heart eyes trade of an yandere
minzart · a month ago
Yandere list 7_Rook Hunt!
(if it's okay ofc)
The moment I chose that list I knew someone was going to pick Rook for that specific number I knew it
You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms.
The 100 special
Rook Hunt is know to be an eccentric man, always watching by the shadows, always reciting praises after praises to however is near, always pursuing beauty
For him everything is beautiful, from the adorable little puppy to the vicious acts of a murderer, but everyone has a tipe and oh, you are just absolutely perfect
He loved you the moment he saw you, on the deep night after all rumors of Riddle's overblot started, and there, beaten and tired after a long day of school he fell in love
You were exhausted and bickering with Grim, for anyone else you looked terrible, but him? He saw your hard work, your strength, your determination to shine and live on this strange world that isn't yours, and he found you fascinating to watch
You were always so kind but knew when to bite, always willingly to lend a hand, looked so naive but he knows better, beneath the mask of the perfect little prefect, the fix everything of NRC, you are a cunning creature waiting to be free
He watches from afar, every movement you make every breath you take, everyone you talk to, every moment that you blush
He has all this recorded, hidden even better than his stacks of Neige's merchandise that he so adores, for those photos are his and his alone
And the second you and your friends showed up to the VDC audition? He didn't let his change pass by, you can never imagine how heart broken he was that you wouldn't be on the team, and can never start to wonder the delight he felt once the news that he was going to be on the same dorm as you came, that nigh he didn't slept at all
Days passes, bounds form and you and Rook just clicked, he knew you, he understands you, he was humorous, he was polite, he was everything you ever wanted on a friend that would support you on this world he knows your tipe, he knows your likes and dislikes, he knows who you fancy and he loves you oh so much it's hard to breathe
You don't need to know about the days he breaks into your room and watches you sleep, you don't need to know the people he had to take down so you would never ever have eyes for them, they wouldn't reciprocate anyway for they don't appreciate your beauty, not like him, never like him
He holds you in his arms, you had fallen asleep after a long day and just naturally fell in HIS arms, so brave, lowering your guard around someone like him, don't you know? A hunter will get any opportunities to catch his prey
He doesn't need pictures to remember this, your warmth, your smell, the texture of you skin, the heavy breathes the pacing of your beating heart, he will remember this second by second, will revive this each night, and will use this as a fuel to his plan of catching you
"You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms" he whisper in your ear oh so sweetly, sure that you won't awake, tightening his embrace and burring his face in your neck, grinning like a madman, it feels like heaven
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