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felswritingfire · 10 hours ago
I’m the anon who asked for more Mafia AU Vil x Reader
Let me tell you that was beyond good and I enjoyed the hell out of it
But, I must ask, because I need more of this AU. A continuation of it and something fluffy?? My blood is raging for revenge and at the same time sweet fluff with Vil
Thank you for the goods Wolf 🌸🌸🌸
So, this one is hella short and I apologize, but like, idk I like how it came out tbh sljfdljsd
Anyway! I hope you enjoy!
Vil held your hand as he led you to a couch in the empty lounge of Pomefior, the soft cushions felt heavenly against your still aching bones. Despite the fact that the attack had taken place weeks ago, you still felt the aftermath of it; namely around your neck, shoulders and back. 
You pull at the turtleneck that Vil had stuck you in. It was fine for the first couple of days but the bruises started healing and they started to get itchy. Not that you were going to tell Vil that- he’d probably lose his head. 
“Are you alright?” He asks as he slips next to you, his arm wrapping around your waist and gently pulls you against him so that your head rests against the crook of his neck. “You aren’t hurting are you, my Sweet Potato?”
You feel a blush building you. “N-no, I’m fine, Vil. Thank you.”
“Don’t lie to me. If it hurts, it hurts.”
You pout, glancing up to see him looking down with raised brows. “If you knew why’d you ask?”
“So it does hurt.”
You poke your tongue out at him and suck it back into your mouth before he pinches it, a frown rests on his face. “Do you need me to get the doctors to look you over again?”
“No, I’m just sore is all.” You sigh, slouching against him and letting your eyes flutter shut. “I haven’t been sleeping well lately so that might be another reason.”
He hums, his hand tracing up your back before it pulls at the high neck of your sweater to look at the discolored skin that decorates your neck like an awful necklace. He grimaces. “My poor Sweet Potato.” He whispers, his chin resting on your head as he pulls you against him. You sigh, wrapping your arms around him. “I’m so sorry I didn’t come sooner.”
“It wasn’t your fault, Vil. You didn’t know that they were going to pop up.” 
“Perhaps, but I should’ve kept Sul and Dol there to keep a watch over you.”
You hum, not feeling like arguing with him as you press your face into his chest. A short silence forms between the two of you where you both get lost in your thoughts before you murmur: “hey, Vil.”
He hums, his hands coming up to play with the strands of your hair.
“Can we go to the boutique soon? I’m missing it.”
“Of course. But let me make sure that all is safe first, yes?”He glances up to see Rook peering at the two of you with his sharp eyes, a serene smile on his face as he holds up his gloved hands: a simple piercing in one (silver- a small hoop that goes along the cartilage of someone's ear) and a thick, gold ring; the purple light of the club glinting off of glossy metal of both. Vil smiles at him, sending a discreet hand gesture to his right hand. Rook nods, the smile still present on his face as he slinks away. “We can see if we can go tomorrow.”
“That would be amazing.” 
“In the meantime, would you like it if I slept with you?”
Your face burst into flames as you glanced up at him. “W-why would you wa-want to do that?”
Vil smiles down at you, his eyes shining with pure affection as he cups your cheeks and presses his forehead against yours. “If it helps you sleep, I’m willing to do it, my Sweet Potato. Anything for you.”
You feel tongue tied as you search for words but nothing but a squeak comes out and you squeeze your eyes shut. A weak: “s-sure…” slips out of your trembling lips.
He smiles, pulling you into another hug. “You’re so cute.”
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missvifdor · 12 hours ago
Our happy group taking a tour around town:
My MC /OC /YUU: * Absently * Oh the clothes in this shop are so beautiful! I wish I had enough money for everything bought ...
* Five minutes later *
Kalim: Hey MC, hold on!
My MC /OC /YUU: * Look what Kalim gave him to her * Keys? What for ?
Kalim: These are the keys to the store from earlier! I bought it for you * Bright smile *
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missvifdor · 13 hours ago
Twisted Girls! Au: * Shameless Flirt With My MC /OC /YUU *
My MC /OC /: * Play the game And Act Bold And Confident *
Twisted Boys: * Shameless Flirt With My MC /OC /YUU *
Tumblr media
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missvifdor · 13 hours ago
My MC /OC /YUU working at Mostro Lounge in a mixed uniform and coming back to the bar where the twins are.
My MC /OC /YUU who sits on a stool to take a little break: Argh, I don't feel my arms anymore from carrying these damn trays ...
Jade: There are still a lot of customers and they seem like impatiently waiting for you.
My MC /OC /YUU: * Raise an eyebrow * For me?
Floyd: Shrimpy looks delicious in this uniform, doesn't it? You make me want to squeeze you hard * Smile full of teeth *
My MC /OC /YUU: You should all make an ophthalmologist appointment, guys. I am not "delicious". Anyway, I'm going to take this break anyway because if I carry a tray again, my arms will fall * Part to rest in Azul's office *
The twins looking at each other: Azul doesn't have it yet view.
Floyd, mocking: The poor man is not yet preparing to see her in her pretty pants.
Jade: Well, well ... Our customers are disappointed that they can't see her either. So let's go and cheer them up.
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missvifdor · 14 hours ago
My MC /OC /YUU who drank too much during an evening organized between the leaders and vice-leaders of the dormitory and who now dances on the bar of the Mostro Lounge because the atmosphere is too calm for his liking: * Full music * * Students from all dormitories who are the public *
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missvifdor · 14 hours ago
My MC /OC /YUU: Happy Birthday, Epel! I hope you will be happy!
Epel: * Unwrap his present * * Gasp * But ... But it's ...!
My MC /OC /YUU: * Smirk * You're not dreaming, It's bodybuilding equipment. It's not much but I hope it suits you. Enjoy * Wink *
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missvifdor · 17 hours ago
* In the infirmary *
My MC /OC /YUU who wakes up suddenly: It's not me ...?!
Grimm: You're finally waking up, MC!
Ace: You scared us hell!
My MC /OC /YUU: What happened ..? My head hurts ...
Ace: Grimm hit you while trying to throw the disc when it was his turn.
Deuce: I'm relieved you're awake.
My MC /OC /YUU: * Look at Grimm* For some reasons of mine, I forbid you to approach a Magift thrown disc until I'm sure the next person to do it will take in the head is not me ...
Grimm: But ..!
My MC /OC /YUU: I'm not forbidding you to train, only to do it when I'm not around. Anyway, why are you all here, the tournament is underway, right?
Ace: The tournament is already over, the field is being cleaned up.
My MC /OC /YUU: So who are the winners?
Leona: Tch ... Diasomnia won.
Deuce: Yeah, the prefect of Diasomnia is no joke! He is really very strong, you should have seen that MC! We had no chance of defeating them!
Jack: If you go with ideas like that, Deuce, obviously you lose I'll show you that we can beat them without cheating!
Leona: But sometimes cheating can be a good strategy.
My MC /OC /YUU: * Look at the lion-eared prince * You still haven't learned your lesson, huh ...?
Child: I found you, uncle Leona!
All: Uncle Leona ?!
My MC /OC /YUU: * Sees this cute little thing with lion cub ears * * Tweet * Oh but who is this adorable little creature ?! * Rises suddenly from the bed in the infirmary despite his injuries* Hello, little guy, what's your name?
Child: Hehe, Cheka, ma'am! You're pretty!
* My MC /OC /YUU who catches him for the hug *
My MC /OC /YUU: No, YOU are the prettiest in the room, what are you doing here?
Leona: What are you doing here, where are your bodyguards, kid ?!
Cheka: * Down of MC's arm to go and sit on Leona's belly, lying on another infirmary bed * I sowed them, I wanted to see you uncle, you were so cool in the field! Will you teach me ?!
Leona: Yes, so don't bother screaming in my ears ...
Cheka: Are you all uncle's friends?
Ace: * Who doesn't hide his laughter well * Yes we are. Isn't that right, Uncle Leona?
Leona: * Growls *
Cheka: * Look at MC with a big smile * Uncle, she looks nice, I like her, can she become my aunt?
* My MC /OC /YUU and Leona who are choking on their saliva *
Everyone: * Don't hide their mocking laughter *
Leona and my MC /OC /YUU blushing furiously: Stop laughing!
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missvifdor · 22 hours ago
Our group Leona fighters in Overblot:
* Our group who discovers the deep feeling that Leona has of always being the second, even when him tries to be recognized *
* My MC /OC /YUU who understands this feeling of being pretty much always comparing to the other, because she has too often heard how much she looks like her absent father *
* My MC /OC /YUU who promises himself that if they manage to get Leona back from her Overblot, she will offer him a listening ear. Being comparing all the time is a horrible feeling and it gnaws at you to the bone if not taken care of *
* After the Overblot *
Leona waking up: What happened past ?
* Crowley recounting what happened and asking Savanaclaw to apologize *
My MC /OC /YUU: I'm sorry, but in my case, I don't accept simple apologies. What you did is serious, someone could have been seriously injured or killed because of your nonsense! And just half-hearted words won't make me forget that.
* Everyone wants Savanaclaw to participate in the tournament anyway for revenge *
* My MC /OC /YUU who doesn't understand the logic because it must be something in this school, but who will still sit in a bleacher for cheer them on *
My MC /OC /YUU: It really doesn't make sense to me * Smirk *
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missvifdor · 23 hours ago
When Leona started to lose her mind and attacked Ruggie with her unique magic that turns everything to sand:
My MC /OC /YUU: Oh no, he's giving us a Thanos-style remake ...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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missvifdor · a day ago
My MC /OC /YUU currently busy in Ramshackle's kitchen made dinner:
* Crowley coming to visit but mostly came to give them yet another crazy to-do list for him *
My MC /OC /YUU cooking another chicken whole with the head: My dear principal, you who are so kind ... Do you know what happens when the people and especially those of my country start to have enough of the government? * Soft smile *
Crowley: No, what?
My MC /OC /YUU who suddenly cuts off the chicken's head with a single stab with a knife: They're getting rid of their heads. And strangely ... I'm starting to feel a little tired of having to do your dirty work for you. Do you understand ?
Crowley: A week off sounds good to me, don't you ...? * Sweating profusely * * hardly swallows his saliva *
My MC /OC /YUU: * Friendly face * Sounds like a wonderful idea!
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missvifdor · a day ago
Our happy group of investigators who caught Savanaclaw cheating:
Students of Savanaclaw: Do you want us to teach them a lesson, Leona-san?
My MC /OC / YUU has had enough of this bullshit, assassination attempts and has always been mixed up with problems: If you dare ...
Tumblr media
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missvifdor · 2 days ago
My MC /OC /YUU and Grimm when they manage to convince Crowley to give them better living conditions at the risk of being reported to Children's Aid Services:
Tumblr media
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minzart · 2 days ago
Yandere list 7_Rook Hunt!
(if it's okay ofc)
The moment I chose that list I knew someone was going to pick Rook for that specific number I knew it
You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms.
The 100 special
Rook Hunt is know to be an eccentric man, always watching by the shadows, always reciting praises after praises to however is near, always pursuing beauty
For him everything is beautiful, from the adorable little puppy to the vicious acts of a murderer, but everyone has a tipe and oh, you are just absolutely perfect
He loved you the moment he saw you, on the deep night after all rumors of Riddle's overblot started, and there, beaten and tired after a long day of school he fell in love
You were exhausted and bickering with Grim, for anyone else you looked terrible, but him? He saw your hard work, your strength, your determination to shine and live on this strange world that isn't yours, and he found you fascinating to watch
You were always so kind but knew when to bite, always willingly to lend a hand, looked so naive but he knows better, beneath the mask of the perfect little prefect, the fix everything of NRC, you are a cunning creature waiting to be free
He watches from afar, every movement you make every breath you take, everyone you talk to, every moment that you blush
He has all this recorded, hidden even better than his stacks of Neige's merchandise that he so adores, for those photos are his and his alone
And the second you and your friends showed up to the VDC audition? He didn't let his change pass by, you can never imagine how heart broken he was that you wouldn't be on the team, and can never start to wonder the delight he felt once the news that he was going to be on the same dorm as you came, that nigh he didn't slept at all
Days passes, bounds form and you and Rook just clicked, he knew you, he understands you, he was humorous, he was polite, he was everything you ever wanted on a friend that would support you on this world he knows your tipe, he knows your likes and dislikes, he knows who you fancy and he loves you oh so much it's hard to breathe
You don't need to know about the days he breaks into your room and watches you sleep, you don't need to know the people he had to take down so you would never ever have eyes for them, they wouldn't reciprocate anyway for they don't appreciate your beauty, not like him, never like him
He holds you in his arms, you had fallen asleep after a long day and just naturally fell in HIS arms, so brave, lowering your guard around someone like him, don't you know? A hunter will get any opportunities to catch his prey
He doesn't need pictures to remember this, your warmth, your smell, the texture of you skin, the heavy breathes the pacing of your beating heart, he will remember this second by second, will revive this each night, and will use this as a fuel to his plan of catching you
"You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms" he whisper in your ear oh so sweetly, sure that you won't awake, tightening his embrace and burring his face in your neck, grinning like a madman, it feels like heaven
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jureguee · 2 days ago
Mini Imagine - Epel Felmier
Capítulo: Único.
Sinopse: ❝ Abaixei a colher com remédio para respirar fundo e tentar não se estressar com besteira.❞
Contagem de Palavras: 265.
Tumblr media
Chapter: Unique.
Synopsis: ❝ I put down the spoonful of medicine to take a deep breath and try not to stress about nonsense.❞
Word Count: 265.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Vamos, abra a boca! - Exclamei impaciente para o garoto doente deitado na cama. Abaixei a colher com remédio para respirar fundo e tentar não se estressar com besteira.
- Eu já disse… - Tossiu e continuou. - Eu vou ficar bem depois de uns dias de cama, não é necessário tudo isso. - Falou se referindo ao remédio em minhas mãos e as vitaminas deixadas por Vil para que melhorasse logo.
- Epel! Você está a dias de cama! - Berrei sentindo meu sangue ferver com fúria. - Mais alguns dias não vão fazer diferença. Você só tá agindo como uma criança birrenta!
- Eu não sou…! - Um ataque de tosse rompeu suas palavras. - Eu não sou uma criança. - Respondeu entre dentes cada sílaba.
- Então pare de agir como uma! Todos estão ficando preocupados com você. - Suspirei me lembrando dos alunos do primeiro ano me perguntando a cada vez que saía do quarto se ele parecia melhor, e com a resposta negativa eles ficavam mais ansiosos. - É tão difícil aceitar que alguém se preocupe e cuide de você?
- Você não vai desistir, certo? - Com a pergunta retórica ele tirou a colher da minha mão e tomou seu conteúdo, o que depois fez uma careta ao provar seu sabor. - Pronto? Agora vai me deixar em paz?
- Vou. - Sorri triunfante. Me levantei da cama e comecei a organizar sua cômoda com os remédios, vitaminas e cobertores que havia trazido. Me virei para a cama mais uma vez e depositei um beijo rápido na testa de Epel. - Espero que fique melhor amanhã! - Sorri com otimismo enquanto fechava a porta.
- Ora s… - E a porta se fechou.
Tumblr media
"Come on, open your mouth!" I exclaimed impatiently to the sick boy lying in bed. I put down the spoonful of medicine to take a deep breath and try not to stress about nonsense.
"I already said..." He coughed and continued. "I'll be fine after a few days in bed, there's no need for all this." He said, referring to the medicine in my hands and the vitamins left by Vil to get me better soon.
"Epel! You've been in bed for days!" I shouted, feeling my blood boil with fury. "A few more days won't make any difference. You're just acting like a tantruming child!"
"I am not...!" A coughing fit broke through his words. "I'm not a child." He answered every syllable between his teeth.
"Then stop acting like one! Everyone is getting worried about you." I sighed, remembering the first-year students asking me every time I left the room if he looked better, and when he didn't, they became more anxious. "Is it so hard to accept that someone cares and takes care of you?"
"You won't give up, right?" With the rhetorical question he took the spoon from my hand and took its contents, which he then grimaced as he tasted them. "Alright? Now will you leave me alone?"
"Yes, I will." I smiled triumphantly. I got out of bed and began to organize his dresser with the medicines, vitamins, and blankets that I had brought. I turned to the bed once more and placed a quick kiss on Epel's forehead. "I hope you get better tomorrow!" I smiled optimistically as I closed the door.
"Now y…!" And the door closed.
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missvifdor · 2 days ago
If my MC rejuvenated to become her 3 year old self again, she would certainly call Professor Trein "Papy" (grandfather in French). (Affectionately, of course).
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missvifdor · 3 days ago
If ever my MC OC YUU were to come to Overblot (but since she has no magic there isn't much of a chance. In the worst case she breaks down and in depression) our Twisted boys won't see it come right away.
Because here's the thing: MC doesn't like to talk about the deep feelings she's having, she may confess to feeling tired and upset on rare occasions, but she will never speak verbally about her true feelings. She internalizes everything. And at some point, it will end up exploding. It can take months, a year, or even longer.
But in any case, she won't let it show. She hates bothering others with her problems or worrying those around her. It would have nothing to do with the power of internalized suffering for years, but every human being is different and when nothing goes, the "dam" always ends up cracking and it really hurts.
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