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minzart · 8 hours ago
For the sgs au since both Ursula and Hades can make deals do you think that at one point one of them sees Yuu struggles so offers to help. The price? Depending on who approaches Yuu first it's going to be either a boat ride with Azul or a video game marathon with Idia. When one finds out what the other is doing it ends in a bit of a scuffle. (Some windows and desks were broken)
You see, it wasn't suppose to happen, they couldn't touch many things nor interact with anyone beside the overblot boys and themselves, the henchmen were the lucky ones that could come and go of this weird limbo like state to a fisical form
But one day...
Hades: sneezes*
Yuu, reflexively: bless you
That scared the hell hehe out of Hades, yuu could hear a murmur afterwards but couldn't discern what the person was speaking what the fuck?
And now they realize that as the days pass, the more ghost like they become, they can pick up small objects, murmur into other people's ears and knowing this... they immediately started to plan how to make best use of this
Ursula notices how stressed Yuu is when one day they come working at Monstro lounge
School is stressful as heck, we all know this, now imagine being the therapist of a private school full of prideful little shits with a headmaster that avoids any involvement with those same students, yeah, Yuu's life is 100% worst
The child worked their little butt off and even becomes the manager of chaos when it inevitably happened, they dealt with Floyd's mood swings like it was another Tuesday and stopped Jade from cracking more cups than normal
But when movement becomes slow they vanished, curious and a little bit worried she search for them, and sleeping on one of the far away tables with dim lights, next to a tank were Flotsam and Jetsam watched their sleeping form, was the little shrimp
Books and notepads scattered on the table, little doodles on all of them of food, drinks, eels that look very similar to her boys and the little monster cat, together with study notes, they realy work so hard... she could lend a hand couldn't she? After seeing such a poor unfortunate soul like this, how can she nor help? She only needs some time to prepare the contract
Hades got worried that Yuu hadn't came visiting Idia this week, maybe one of the others confessed? Maybe it's too late, maybe they got on a dangerous situation were he could turn to his favor?
But when arriving at hamshackle he just finds the kid sleeping on the couch, work uniform and all he still needs to fix the fact that yuu works at monstro lounge, this gives Ursula and azul a big advantage that he doesn't like one bit, black bags under the eyes, the adorable part is that the demon cat was sleeping besides them, yeah the little dude could be a rascal but he cared even if he doesn't admits it
He knew by the imp's videos that Yuu's life was not easy, but he never got to see it first hand beside the times he goes to watch them on classes
Hades: by tartarus you realy live like this kid?... y'know I got an idea grins* a little deal never hurts anyone! Now what would be the best outcome for this
He starts pondering for so long that is best to leave for another day
Now, they both just had to pick the same day to form those contracts hadn't they?
Ursula: and what are you doing here?
Hades: could be asking the same thing ma'am, but if you insists, little thing there is having such a hard time, so I thought why not offer some help? They can sorta hear us now no?
Ursula: what a coincidence, I am here for the same reason...
Hades/Ursula: the price is a date isn't it?
Ursula: I'm terrible sorry but my little Azul is getting his boat ride with that child
Hades: oh no no, my man Idia is getting his dose of human interaction tonight
The air becomes heavier and heavier, the students that passed by could see two big terrifying familiar forms starting to appear
The smell of fire and storm were forming by the entrance of Hamshackle dorm
Azul and Idia felt the changes, they bolted out of their classes, nobody knows how Shroud runs so fast without exercise and how Azul didn't stumbled on the way
So what do they do? They ran to help
The two titans fight scaled so quickly that nobody knew what to do, hamshackle's windows were busted, half of the school ground was destroyed, the boys arrived just in time to see Yuu running to the storm's eye
Of all people Idia and Azul were one hell of a team once Yuu notices their presence and becomes the maestro of the fight, it stopped quickly once Ursula and Hades noticed who those three humans were
The two villains were scolded by the two dorm leaders
Yuu: ... why are you guys talking to air?
Azul/Idia: ..... A-about that, hm....
Yuu:... so you guys can see the spirit that is causing some trouble on my dorm
Hades: it isn't so baddd we just have some metting nothing too big
Yuu: if nothing to big is breaking my dorm apart so yeah, it's just a little bit inconvenience
Hades: shit I forgot you can hear us now
Yuu: US??? THERE ARE MORE??? ... sighs* let's talk later, now come here you two, what did you break? I'll treat it until the nurse comes
Idia: you... you can spend the week in my room.. I-IF YOU WANT OF COURSE! y'know becauseyourdormisbrokenandallitwouldnotbeweirdright?
Azul: WE HAVE A ROOM FREE IN OCTAVINELLE! y-ou don't even need to worry about paying or anything! After all the problem was a little bit my cause so...
Yuu: ... thanks but I don't want to be a bother, Jack has offered before, I'm sure he wouldn't mind me sleeping there again... pff who knows, maybe even Leona might lend his room again
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minzart · 12 hours ago
Yandere Idia 1! (The I'd bleed for affection thing)
And If it's possible, could reader return his feelings (they aren't yandere if smt)?
How to make it a cult ritual.com
I’d bleed for your affections
The 100 special
You and Idia never interacted much before, you were always so busy and full of friends, it's not like he wanted to interact or anything, but he still wonders what's like to have you worried about him
When Grim's hurt you hush for his side, the same happens when one of your friends are hurt, you are always there to aid them, he wanted to feel that care...
One day at fly class it happened, he feel, and you came and he never felt so safe... so loved before
"Idia you got to be more careful!" You scold him "this could be WAY WORSE"
Idia can't bear the proximity "t-too close...." he knows his hair is red, that's just fact, you were so so close
"S-sorry! Hm... look just... just be more careful" You gave him a found look "I don't want to see one of my friends hurt ok?"
Seven why suddenly he felt so hot, oh gods mercy! You are so adorable oh gods oh no "I’d bleed for your affections" he murmurs loud enough for you to hear
"PLEASE DON'T!" you burst out more worried than ever
"I-it wasn't supose to be out loud!" Great, now you think he's a weirdo-
"Idia..." you cup his cheeks "please don't hurt yourself... if... if you want my affection" you are blushing. Why are you blushing? This isn't real, this can't be real "you just need to ask y'know"
You give him a kiss on his forehead "take care ok!" And walk away
He wants to fall again
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minzart · 16 hours ago
Second on yandere list for Sebek!
If I'm not late hehe-
SIMP, anyways how do I write sebek?
If you want me to beg, then I’ll beg for you.
The 100 special
Sebek takes pride on his position as one of the great malleus draconia guards, he's focused, he's efficient and always ready for duty, but recently he's been felling a little... distracted
The young master's new friend is the cause of it, he knows, it's only recently that they passed by the dorm, and started to talk to him too, he finds them rather... nice
They are aways touching him in friendly manners, he knows it must be just a human aspect but... but the fae part in him is delighted by such openly gestures of courting~
He almost exploded when you shared sweets with him, you must love him or else why would you be interacting at all?
You even worries bout his young masters well being, you are perfect
So he waits, he waits for your confession that he's so sure that will come, and days pass, it never came... and his patience runs thin
So he takes the matter at his own hands
"If you want me to beg" he approaches you one night "then I’ll beg for you"
"Sebek what are you talking about-?"
"STOP YOUR LITTLE GAMES PREFECT!" He pushes you against the wall "I already know... so just say it, please... let's cut this chase and be together"
His pleading eyes are almost too much, the grip on your shoulders is strong so chose carefully, for he isn't letting you go unless you say I love you
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minzart · 17 hours ago
Yeah my yuusona (is that he name?) Is gonna recive a big glow up
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minzart · 17 hours ago
Hahaha wouldn't it be funny if in an alternative universe all teacher were students and the seven dorm leaders were teachers and a yuu came to that world however their companion was a little imp called cher? It's not like I'm I'm desing it ot something
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minzart · a day ago
14 Azul (from yandere list)
Thank you!
Kinky, jokes aside, I was realy considering making this more suggestive, but I'm kinda happy with how this turned out
I’m yours, use me in any way that you want.
The 100 special
The glint in your eyes of determination never left his dreams, he wants to see it again.
sitting away from him is you, laughing and smiling, aways so cheery, he never let you catch him staring, it's not that he doesn't want to be caught, it's that your gaze pass too fast for his cracked heart to bear, it breaks a little every time you push a rushed smile his way and turn back to your friends
However is useful to you at time has your full attention, he envies Grim more than he admits it, the cat is sadly your partner in all lessons and the only way you can attend magic classes anyway, all your partners are your friends and they are always present, one way or another
But destiny is on his side he just needed to give it a little push , and one day you two were finaly paired to a project, you came to octavinelle so often now, looking for him, talking to him, he almost can't bear all the attention, it's overweening so sweetly overwhelming
He's your dear confident, your dearest friend, it's always so fun to be on octavinelle, Jade and Floyd never stopped teasing him in front of you, the most adorable blush on his cheeks once he hears your laugh
So it's not surprising that you'd come to him asking for help
"Azul... I need your help" you ask, looking anywhere but him, his heart beats so fast, he can hear it's drum, the way you are acting right now... it's so diferent, so bashful, what do you need? What do you want? What will it cost for you to look at him
"I’m yours, use me in any way that you want" he answers, expecting a surprised look on your face, he has never been so bold, but what he gets-
"I want to make a contract" is those shining eyes focused only on him, he shivers, so intense they are, it makes his throat go dry, but he has to talk so he makes the biggest effort of his life
"Well if this isn't ironic" he chuckles "and what do you want so much that you'd come to me of all people?"
He makes a show of standing up, circling you, he comes so close to your ear and whispers "what do you desire my pearl? I can give it to you."
A golden contract floating in front of you, handing you a pen he waits patiently, this was his chance "you only need to tell me and sign"
"I want the courage to confess my feelings for-" you sign and his heart breaks, for the name of your object of affection was not his, you fell in love with another, so he does what he does best
"So it'll be done!" He lies "however you know the rules, every contract has a condition, if you can't confess by tomorrow's sunset..."
He tilts your head upward, locking his eyes and yours on a trance, he won't let you go "you are mine then"
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minzart · 2 days ago
Thanks for the tag!
1) hmm... Amalee, Aviators and The Oh Hellos
2)dogs and cats i change every second those two are the only constants
3) had so many, now noone that I'm aware of
4) bland food
5) have I ever tried? Not yet. But it sells, so yes?
Tags hmmmmmm how about @justanaspiringsomeone and @star33dust ?
hello, iane! :pp here are few questions for you and you can also tag some of your mutuals, if you feel like it.
1) your favourite bands/singers?
2) favourite animal?
3) do you have any fears/phobias?
4) what food you don't like?
5) does pineapple belongs on pizza?
i tried some more random ones, so i hope you don't mind (:
hi anon! let's goooo!
1. day6 and iv of spades
2. dogs !!
3. i have a phobia in cockroaches and mostly insects
4. greens ;(( (i'm an unhealthy person pls) and raisins
tagging: @odmlevis @reiflix @liashideout @namrekcaivel @shisoaya @fiaficsxo @healpeony @introvert-bisexual + anyone who wants to do it and no pressure!!
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minzart · 2 days ago
Yandere list 7_Rook Hunt!
(if it's okay ofc)
The moment I chose that list I knew someone was going to pick Rook for that specific number I knew it
You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms.
The 100 special
Rook Hunt is know to be an eccentric man, always watching by the shadows, always reciting praises after praises to however is near, always pursuing beauty
For him everything is beautiful, from the adorable little puppy to the vicious acts of a murderer, but everyone has a tipe and oh, you are just absolutely perfect
He loved you the moment he saw you, on the deep night after all rumors of Riddle's overblot started, and there, beaten and tired after a long day of school he fell in love
You were exhausted and bickering with Grim, for anyone else you looked terrible, but him? He saw your hard work, your strength, your determination to shine and live on this strange world that isn't yours, and he found you fascinating to watch
You were always so kind but knew when to bite, always willingly to lend a hand, looked so naive but he knows better, beneath the mask of the perfect little prefect, the fix everything of NRC, you are a cunning creature waiting to be free
He watches from afar, every movement you make every breath you take, everyone you talk to, every moment that you blush
He has all this recorded, hidden even better than his stacks of Neige's merchandise that he so adores, for those photos are his and his alone
And the second you and your friends showed up to the VDC audition? He didn't let his change pass by, you can never imagine how heart broken he was that you wouldn't be on the team, and can never start to wonder the delight he felt once the news that he was going to be on the same dorm as you came, that nigh he didn't slept at all
Days passes, bounds form and you and Rook just clicked, he knew you, he understands you, he was humorous, he was polite, he was everything you ever wanted on a friend that would support you on this world he knows your tipe, he knows your likes and dislikes, he knows who you fancy and he loves you oh so much it's hard to breathe
You don't need to know about the days he breaks into your room and watches you sleep, you don't need to know the people he had to take down so you would never ever have eyes for them, they wouldn't reciprocate anyway for they don't appreciate your beauty, not like him, never like him
He holds you in his arms, you had fallen asleep after a long day and just naturally fell in HIS arms, so brave, lowering your guard around someone like him, don't you know? A hunter will get any opportunities to catch his prey
He doesn't need pictures to remember this, your warmth, your smell, the texture of you skin, the heavy breathes the pacing of your beating heart, he will remember this second by second, will revive this each night, and will use this as a fuel to his plan of catching you
"You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms" he whisper in your ear oh so sweetly, sure that you won't awake, tightening his embrace and burring his face in your neck, grinning like a madman, it feels like heaven
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minzart · 2 days ago
(I'm an idiot. I kept on reading Iago's name as Lago, and it took an anon forgetting to capitalize his name to realize I was reading it wrong.) What if all of your au! Yuus met each other?
Happens to the best of us nonny pfff
Oh boy the SASS, they are all Yuu and they are all TIRED
Ok so just to remember there is for now:
Default! Yuu the one I usually use on mini dialogues and some fics and our dear host
Sgs! Yuu this one is post all overblots
Mirror works! Yuu (M!Yuu) this one already completed the game and is now home and can come back whenever they want
LN! Yuu little starved bean
Horror game/movie! Yuu (H!Yuu) the paranoic one
Vigilante! Yuu (Vg!Yuu) the world is on their back, relaxed and always in a mask
And Symbionte & yuu (S&Y) the chaotic and monstrous duo
I'am not including persona! Yuu neither Ptutu!Yuu bc I'm still figuring out their personalities and how they work, for now just as a base, one is the "silent" protagonist and the other the perfect prince, and that's why the yuu variants are there and not only the au ones
First things first
Default is begging M to share how they came back, but M's smart and basicaly "if this is a time travel + dimensional bullshit I don't want to change OUR fate so, no kid"
Sgs is on it too, no new info to Default, but they do talk about how... some things are way more chaotic on Sgs' universe "what do you mean birds like us? Wait... IAGO I KNOW THAT NAME!" "Me too but let them think we don't, it's funnier this way"
LN is the youngest in appearance and maybe in age too between all of them, just enjoying the chats... until S&Y shows up, then their instincts take over once they see the Simbionte, only H could calm them down, after all they are the horror survivor, both have shity lifes and came from horror universes, they bound over those
The diference however is that H original world was once a normal one, even they look terrified by what LN's universe was like SINCE THEY WERE BORN
Vg is the true moderator, entertaining when needed and collecting all info they can hear, specialy from Sgs and M, afterall they just want this to be over quickly pondering if they can take LN back tho, the kid may have some sick powers, they can tell
S&Y were not welcome at first but everyone warms up to them eventually maybe it's bc they came crashing on Venom's form but that might be just a stretch, Vg is very aware of their presences and looks like they can jump and slice their throats at any moment not Symbionte's best buddy
After a good talk LN and S&Y actually became the best of buds of the group, bounding over hunger, strange disfigured beings and form transformation. "Why the transformation talk kid?" "Just curiosity" "the tiny one is more like us than you think meat ball"
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minzart · 3 days ago
The 100 special
So i had no idea what to do for this bc I didn't expected it to happen so soon THANK YOU!
So a dear anon had the idea to do the prompt list thing
I selected 3 genres, romantic (101), platonic (40) and yandere (42)
Pick a list, a number and a character, and send me!
Optional: Aus, why? Bc I don't know when to stop
I'll let this open for... two weeks? I think it's enough
The lists:
Romantic list
Platonic 1 / platonic 2
Yandere 1 / yandere 2
Why 2 platonic and yandere? The romantic one has 101, so I put one more for those to balance it out a bit. Should I have searched more and made way more equally? Yes. But I'm lazy and those two sounded interesting
[The ones that have already been asked]
Yandere 1
1: Idia (part 2)
2: Sebek
7: Rook
13: Floyd
14: Azul
15: Jamil / Malleus
18: Idia
20: Idia
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minzart · 3 days ago
For the 100 followers thing, we can do one of those “pick a number and name a character and I’ll write a short thing” things if you want?
That a good idea!
I'll make a post later with the lists and a base as an example for the asks bc I want to complicate my life I just get confused easily
Yes. You read it right. ListS (for now I plan to have at least 3, romantic ( yearning bc I'm a sucker for those) platonic and maybe yandere)
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minzart · 3 days ago
So.... whatcha guys want for the 100 followers gif?
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minzart · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ur AU gave me ideas and the sidekick post has fulled them
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minzart · 4 days ago
Wait, since iago is here, all the other villains sidekick are probably there too. For example, pain and panic shapeshifting into birds to spy on idia and Yuu’s date, The hyenas causing student stampedes so Leona can save Yuu, Ursula’s eels spying on Yuu to get information about their likes and dislikes, Evil Queen’s crow is being used as a messenger, maleficent’s raven is causing hell on the others attempt to woo Yuu, King of hearts giving riddle pep talks
And FINALY THE KING OF HEARTS, YES, I FORGOT ABOUT THE LITTLE DUDE! Ok I watched only one time the alice movie but still
POOR KING OF HEARTS, the guy's bullied by the others oh my God only his wife to save him
He tries to give Riddle "the talk" "sir... your majesty I already know about this"
He tries his best but has no guts, Riddle wonders how the hell did the queen married him
jokes on him. When talking to the king he discovers that he's a great listener and his insecure but some times calm voice is realy reassuring for some reason reminds you of someone?
Surprising great at upping the boy's moral! "D-don't worry! I am sure they will find your tea party wonderful! I saw their little smile when they left last time!"
While the queen isn't above using more... seduction, the king has the most wholesome ideas and usually works best for the poor boys dignity
Oh the HYENAS, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, mischief encarned, they are loving the food, realy, more than they ever think they could eat.
Respect Leona bc he just let them do their own thing, however they become annoyed when Ruggie is pushed around too much "c'mon let the kid have a break once!"
When they see that a certain herbivore is catching the eye of said lion and scar himself just comented on how convenient it would be to have some chaos on certain day at certain time...
Crowley is losing feathers and hair by the second, WHO IS LETTING A ZOO LOSE AT THE SCHOOL??!! And who's gonna have to pay the price? Yuu, who's trying desperate to gain control on the hyenas and they don't look friendly, no sir
Luckily Leona came and up to the air they go, just a little problem, he wasn't aware of this plan, and now he's mad and start scolding the hyenas, they stop snickering at him carring yuu like a bride on the broom, looks like the plan might have been a success
"Leona you can put me dow now y'know"
"Do you realy think I don't see that scratch? Honestly herbivore you're bold to think I would let you harm yourself more than those imbeciles already did"
Flotsam and jetsam are such sneak litte shits, they are always watching, anytime Yuu pass by a lake or river, they are there, watching and listening
The Leech twins are a little skeptical about those two eels who just popped up on the octavinelle tanks, but soon lear they can be very entertaining and very useful, especialy if you can understand them
Oh they love to prank any poor unfortunate student that is next to a body of water, be it by calling them out or... biting
Azul got some very good information from them, favorite color? Dunno, but they are going to scarabia to study later this evening, and if he doesn't do something they are sure the scarabia boy is planing someting
Cue Azul's trying to interfere before something happens or just crashing on some dates when he can
On yuu's birthday day Azul gets them something they comented only to Grim and he just plays it off as a coincidence
Now the evil Queen's Crow has the chillies job among the seven henchmen, you see, Vil has so little privacy that even if he were to text yuu the public would know by one means or anothers
So what's the second best way to communicate? Letters! So the Crow's job is to come and go with them, wich makes him the second henchmen that has a good reputation with Yuu
Many times, as letters take time to be ready, he's just chilling on schools grounds, looking around, finding food, chilling with Diablo the usual
And then... Crowley shows up and oh boy, how can a bird so small manage to creat such a smug aura, and how can a grow ass man be so fucking jealous of a bird territorial thing? Oh no no no, Crowley knows very fucking well who this is and he ain't letting this little shit rob his position as best Crow to yuu no sir, OUT later that day he laid awake until 3 AM now realizes that a certain someone might not be totally dead
Pain & panic have notice how late Idia's staying awake and in some days comes back way later, so what they do? They go after him
And surprise surprise the boy is mopping by some ruin around the dorm, he was doing a video for those shows he likes so much, judging by the clothes and sticks, but stoped and is... wait... is he laughing?
Oh. Oh~ seems like he's not alone, the little prefect he doesn't shut up about is there and he's socializing with them how adorable! For someone who was in denial seconds ago they look fine together
So they just start recording, Ortho teached them, cute interactions for what? Two hours, they show it to him and Hades later, the room almost turned to ashes by his embarrassment, Hades is super fucking pround and betrayed Why didn't you told him earlier Idia?!
Would they go and record Yuu's life for him? Absolutely
Diablo my boy! best raven, I don't care, third best character in that movie only topped BY Maleficent and the three faries, he can literally be a general.
Listen remember when Malleus wanted a friend like him? Yeah guess what? He does have him now and ahahah would you look at that child of man I think it wasn't friendship that I felt why are you so cute tonight?
Goes to their night walk and finds them adorable together, notices yuu's extremely dangerous life, especialy the fact that they have no magic and guess who just got adopted by a bird
Yuu finds some trinkets and he himself delivers some, never getting from Malleus treasure, he gets those from around school
So bc Malleus nor his mistress can't watch over yuu all day he does the job instead
And he's not surprised to see how many boys grew interest on them, and he just loves sabotaging their plans over and over
It brings him great amusement when he sees the hope of a perfect confession fading from the students eyes
Sometimes even plays the victim to be rescued by Yuu and brought to Malleus immediately, causing more interaction between them by day time
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minzart · 4 days ago
How about Jafar and Iago both acting like Jamil's wingmen?
Prequel to the dialogue between them perhaps?
Iago: Jafar the boy is HELPLESS!
Jafar: he has his merits, but what happened now?
Iago: I was just trying to help! It was just a little smack, a little nudge, nothing too big, THEY WERE GOING TO KISS! But what does the boy do? STOP THE FALL! It's going to take MONTHS, with that little accidental kiss they'd be thinking of him for HOURS and cut the chase at least one week
Jafar: did you really just tried to make them kiss accidentally?
Iago: What am I supose to do?! The two of them exchange little flirtations, but the second the prefect goes a little more bold The boy freezes!
Jafar: that might be a problem
Iago: No shit. At this point a love spell would do the trick
Jafar: would do, yes, but where's the fun in it? hm... maybe if we make the perfect scenery... how much do you think it would cost to bargain with a carpet?
And that's why yuu's on Scarabia's dorm lounge, but of course they aren't supose to know that.
For them, Jamil sent a letter asking if they wanted a carpet ride! And who on their right mind would refuse one?
It made them remember Kalim's ride and... he was very excited.. too excited, you can only like so many loops
Jamil's however, was more calm and relaxing, they talked, teased and when the sun was setting, got to the highest tower at NRC to watch the colors change on the sky, a perfectly calm romantic atmosphere
"I am realy sorry for Iago's behavior earlier, I swear if Kalim doesn't drive me mad he will" He whispers, not wanting to break the mood, it's been a long day and that's what he needed too
"I live with Grim remember, little shits easy to love and easier to grow a want to trow a chair at" they joke, sliding their hand above his
At the end of the day they are back
"I didn't knew I needed that laughs* thanks Jamil"
"It's the least I could d-"
they kiss him on the cheek and sprint to the mirror "see you tomorrow!"
"Ready to try my initial plan then?" Jafar asks from the pillow chair when Jamil's back at the room with a grin on his face
"I am not sending them those clothes"
"Just telling, there's no way they don't get the message from those~"
Later Iago's back with bites, fire on his tail and less feathers "Next time I see those imps again I SWEAR I'LL TEAR THEIR EYES OFF"
"So how was the little trip?"
"Oh they were adorable, I would have got more info IF THE GODDAM EELS HADN'T JUST PLAN TO JUMP ON THEM BY THE RIVER, THE CROW AND THAT FUCKING RAVEN HADN'T JUST TRIED TO RUN OVER THEM AND THE MOTHERFUCKING IMPS HADN'T HAD THE BEST IDEAT TO BREATH FIRE ON THEM" Iago plops on the bed "and they just didn't succeed to ruin their fly bc little old me here took ALL the blows! ALL OF THEM JAFAR! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GROW FEATHERS??!"
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minzart · 4 days ago
For the two anons that asked about jafar and more pet/henchman interaction
Today it will be finished but only at night
I need to do my boys Diablo and pain& panic justice
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minzart · 4 days ago
how about yuu having a venom symbiote before being isekai'ed to NRC, how would the cast react?
"We are venom~" "we are bullshit, now sit dow or no treats" "b-but" "but nothing. I have a goddam test so you better behave" and that was the beginnings of a beautiful friendship
"Don't you just wanna go ape shit?" "... actually yes, yes I do wanna go ape shit" "r-realy?!"
What's better than one cat? A symbiote with a big stomach
Congrats yuu one more little shit do deal with!
"Can we eat the cat?" "DON'T" "but it's annoyingggg"
Ace and Deuce though it was so cool! And then proceeded to taunt it "Guys stop that- yup there goes your phone ace"
Once Grim awoke at 2 AM to a quick snack, but was beaten to the kitchen, when he got there a MONSTER was attacking the fridge, it looks at him, smiles creepily "shhhh" it opens in half reveling a sleeping Yuu"we don't want them to wake up do we?"
He faints
Malleus draconia never felt fear, but once he saw Yuu just straight up "transform" and never ever in his life his instincts went to PANIC mode so fast
Battling overblots was never so easy
The symbiote loves bickering with everyone, got Yuu in more trouble than normal
It's just a big cat
Realy overprotective of yuu too
Is pushing Yuu to aways visit Trey bc of his food "I approve of this human"
It and Grim have a competition to see who eats more of those strange black stones
Yes Yuu might overblot on this one.... two for the price of one am I right?
Yuu always carries a news paper to just smack it when misbehaving
Crewel approves of the method
All in all, most boys thinks it's cool, others hate the little shit temper and others are on edge with that
crowley's specially on edge once it looked at him with a burning GLARE would you look at THAT yuu got less work to do what a blessing
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minzart · 5 days ago
Jafar helping Jamil is kinda cool...did Jamil meet lago too
Did I just watched some of Iago's best clips to do this? Yes,Yes I did. And I forgot how good he's at imitating voices wich wouldn't surprise me if I remembere that he was aparrot
And for what I saw twst don't count the sequels so let's say iago was stuck with jafar until now for the sake of my sanity
Literally was stuck with jafar for one thousand years or so, a bird needs to fly men
Now I imagine the metting was something like this:
Jafar: and this is Iago, he will help you on your duties
Jafar: don't mind the tongue just shove a Cracker on his mouth and everything's ok
Iago: don't you dare punky
Jamil: I... (explosions sounds from the kitchen) I got more important matters now, just, just don't destroy my room
Jamil just straight up asks him what he wants to eat and now he's on Iago's golden boy list FINALLY SOMETHING OTHER THAN CRACKERS
Shares stories about Jafar and had war flashbacks when meeting kalim who tried to feed him
Iago: I swear to you kid he went NUTS when he discovered the little rascals Identity, didn't stop laughing for hourrrsss
Becomes Jamil's unofficial pet, and accompanied him on classes sometimes, Grim is suspicions of him... Lucius tried to eat him at least once, mostly just exploring the area, saw Crowley once and:"why does the chicken brain has a human body and I don't???"
When he discovers Jamil's crush? Oh boy...
Yuu: hey Jamil! Is that a parrot?
Jamil: my... sister... send him for a vacation, he was so lonely without me
Yuu: ow isn't he handsome~ can I pet you?
Iago just... stares and let them why not, it's not like he has a choic- ohhhh the scratches~
Yuu: handsome like the owner hm?
Jamil is realy considering living in his hoodie after that.
One night Jamil was just going to bed and
Yuu's voice: I love you jamil~
He jumps and turns to Iago who's cracking his butt off his blush
Jamil throws pillows at him
Iago likes the kid, specially if he's gonna give him food
Jamil's ok with him, finds Iago funny and isn't gonna pass the opportunity to vent his frustrations to a bird that can and will talk back but knows when to shut up about those things
Iago: and then you just push him off a cliff and BAM everything's resolved!
Jamil: it's not that simple
Iago: It's better than waching them being swoon away kid!
Jamil: you realy think I don't have a plan? And you are going to help me through it
Iago: oh boy I see the resemblance now
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minzart · 5 days ago
Characterization master post
Twst master post
Twst characters
This is more a reference chart for me that I want to share for the ones that are curious for how I see the characters
And yes I will use headcanons I don't care
Depending on the fic I will make them softer, yadere, dumber, smarter, with more sass, etc.
This doesn't anchor me with only this characterizations nor should you
Translating: this is just for fun! It's my view and you don't need to agree!
This got so long that I had to break into parts holly seven
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minzart · 6 days ago
Characterization master post
💫Ambrose the 63rd
Funky old man
Friendly competitive
A very community centric mind
This one is humble
Look I know that He's probably immortal but I can't stop thinking that Crowley (the immortal one) has a rivalry with RSA as a concept, and Ambrose (human) is just chill with him
They are frenemies don't change my mind
👅 Alchemi Alchemivich Pinka (Che'nya)
Cryptic little shit
Will tell you some heavy existential crisis thing like it's a joke and then vanish
Hahahaha invisible powers go brrrrrr
Makes everybody so confused except Trey, He just rolls with the bullshit and makes sense of it??? How??? What's your secret hat man?
🐈 Cheka kingscholar
As said before, He's more like leona than you'd expect
Very bright and easily impressed
Is ready to cause trouble
So curious
The servants don't stop comparing him with his father
Farena was a very calm and responsible child (this personality was kinda imposed on him bc He'd be king one day) while Cheka is allowed and encouraged by his family to be just a child
This makes the servants job a lot harder but let Cheka have a some what normal childhood, however... just like Leona He understands the rumors, He knows He will never be his father, even if He loves him He can't help but resent him a little
It doesn't help that his dad is so busy, but He knows to appreciate his precious time together
Cheka loves his uncle, especially bc He has time for him and... suffers the same as him. He may be five (thank you!) but He understands what the servants say especially if it's about his family
🐟 Prince Rielle
I don't care, He's a RSA student now
We know absolutely nothing about him exempt that He maybe is a descendant of king Triton
So let's base him on Ariel why not
So curious about the land
Second year
His first year was a disaster, He didn't know nothing about land costumes
Probably kin Malleus on the prince Philip syndrome
🍎 Neige LeBlanche
He's very naive most of the time
You can't convince me that He doesn't have a crush on Vi-kun~
Knows about Vil's hard work and admires him for it
Bc of this sometimes He has days where He asks himself if He truly deserves his positions as one of the best actors on Twst
Tries realy hard but it's slow to get things, but He can pull it off! Eventually...
The dwarfs are his best friends, They know about his struggles, and are very overprotective of him
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