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#yandere rook hunt
octatriolovers · 8 hours ago
Rook : "My beautiful Dove, Do you like your new home? I make it with the finest gold so your beauty will shine"
"Hm..? Ah.. That expression of your's truly beauté.. Im never bored to see your beauty,mon ange.."
Tumblr media
Here's the first request i made~~
Thanks for the Request @leviskokoro ~
*beauté : Beauty
*Mon Ange : My Angel
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octatriolovers · 13 hours ago
Hello, Octatrio here~
I will try to open request Art for twst character~ You can feel free to ask me~
but please note, i maybe have a problem irl, so if your request not done yet, please wait patiently~ since im a human i need to rest too~~~
And please also note this, i will not make a mini comic request, i will just make A Bust up / Half body Request
Color code for Character that i will made / not / maybe
(Pink : maybe, Purple : Will, Black : Not/Never ask me this chara)
List chara :
Riddle Roseheart
Trey Clover
Cater Diamond
Deuce Spade
Ace Trappola
Leona Kingscholar
Ruggie bucchi
Jack Howl
Jade Leech
Floyd Leech
Azul Ashengrotto
Kalim Al Asim
Jamil Viper (depend on mood)
Vil Schoenheit
Rook Hunt
Epel Felmier
Idia Shroud
Ortho Shroud (im bad with mecha or robot)
Malleus Draconia
Lilia Vanrouge
Sebek Zigvolt
Dire Crowley
Divus crewel
Trein ( i don't know how to draw wrinkles, but if i can maybe i will change the color later)
Vargas (muscle too much)
Neige Le Blanche
Things i can't draw :
-Gore ( a bit of blood it's still okay)
-Dress / Clothes With A Lot Of detail
Oh and if you worry i will make you pay, Don't Worry, It's Free~
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flooyds · 2 days ago
having a neko/usagi darling.
rook hunt, idia shroud, leona kingscholar, jack howl & azul ashengrotto. yandere / hybrid!reader.
warnings. yandere content, mentioned/implied kidnapping, mentioned violence, slight stalking?. this is not love.
request. Can I order Yandere! Rook, Idia, Leona, Jack and Azul with a reader being (Nekomimi, or Inumimi, or Usagimimi), please...
Tumblr media
rook hunt — usagi.
Tumblr media
- rook absolutely adores you to no extent, he's obsessed the instant his eyes land on you. very easy to spot in a crowd of people with normal ears, and then there's you, big, floppy bunny ears with a cute tiny fluffball tail. he can't help but get fascinated as he observes you joining the pomefiore dormitory, not aware of the hunter that lurks in its corridors.
- when rook first converses with you, he's fallen even deeper, not only are you completely exquisite on the outside but the inside as well! his breath is stolen from him as he watches you scurry along to your next lesson, sighing in pleasure as he awaits the next opportunity to speak with you again.
- once the hunter finally captures his prey, he's never letting you go. you'll be trapped with rook for the foreseeable future, having any spare moment taken up by him. he’ll never get bored of you, no, he’ll always find infatuation with the simplest things you could be doing. you're such a cute bunny, and it's a perfect opportunity to understand more about an animal with ears uncommonly as yours.. maybe even lure in a beastman from savanaclaw with a naive creature like you.
idia shroud — neko.
Tumblr media
- similar to rook, idia becomes obsessed the second his eyes catch a glimpse of you. an adorable and naive neko girl getting accepted into ignihyde is all he's ever needed and more, a perfect opportunity to finally get a girlfriend. he’ll go through everything he can discover about you, having ortho do multiple scans of your whole self and become closer to you so he can see if you're truly as pure and unbelievable as you seem. and sure enough, you are.
- when you become close enough to ortho, he might even introduce himself. with his tablet, obviously, but he still tries his hardest to find any way he can get closer to you. even in such a deep infatuation, he's shy and anxious. when you do meet him in person, he’ll have a terribly tough time trying to keep his hands to himself, resisting the impulse to snatch you right then and there. he's patient, though, he knows he can charm you somehow.
- you’ll presumably end up asking him out, but in the slim chance he is to work up enough courage to ask you to be his, you’ll be with him either way. he’ll immediately have you trapped inside his room, all electronics or way to communicate with the outside world are stolen and destroyed, a sinister grin kept on his face as he watches the joy turn into terror, ortho cheering his big brother on and celebrating the fact he's finally gotten somebody go take home to mom and dad. whether you want that or not doesn't matter anymore, you're trapped.
leona kingscholar — usagi.
Tumblr media
- if you're a little bunny, it's not gonna taken much to capture leona’s attention, if he's taking part that is. and even if he isn't the second he catches a whiff of a rabbit’s scent in a dorm such as this, he's ordering ruggie to go and capture you and drag you to his room. you really are an herbivore, and to say the least, soon to be his. he’ll tease you so harshly, making fun of how you're helpless prey in a den of vicious predators.
- leona isn’t good at courting people, and it’s not going to be any better with his darling. he’ll have ruggie bring you to him whenever he orders, and you haven’t the slightest say in what goes. he slowly acts as if he's warmed up to you, treating you with small acts of fake kindness and eventually stealing your heart. even if you aren't to tell him, he’ll easily know with the look on your face whenever he's around.
- you're excitement makes him smirk when he asks you to be his, knowing how much he’ll ruin you and give you a hellish life. he's never gotten anything without being a bit.. devious, and catching you is not different. you'll be treated roughly and tossed around as if you're worth nothing, only soft moments being times where he uses you as a pillow. predators have never been sweet to prey, have they now?
jack howl — neko.
Tumblr media
- jack is very intrigued by you. a pure kitty that happened to be sorted into a den of beasts, but of course, he lets those thoughts wither away, you wouldn't be here if you didn't have power. that doesn't have jack finding his unusual feelings disappear, if anything they strengthen, it could possibly be an act.. he never knows!
- he's very awkward with interactions and greetings, finding it hard to stay somewhat friendly when all he wants to do is pounce on you, test your strengths even when he knows it's wrong. to you, he’ll seem strangely hostile, but in reality, he's trying his hardest to get intimate with you, to bait you into a trap where you can't run off. even when it feels painfully terrible, he can't stop his desire to have you all to himself.
- when jack finds it in himself to tell you how he feels, you shyly accept and it gives him even more of a rush. his mind runs rampant as he pulls you along back to his room, roughly shoving you in as he locks the door. sealing away your future as he glares at you with predatory eyes, his true feelings getting voiced in that very moment as your eyes show a panic back.
azul ashengrotto — usagi.
Tumblr media
- oh? a poor, unfortunate soul like you getting roped into a dorm such as octavinelle where only merfolk reside? what a very strange idea that mirror has. though, azul has no complaints about such a charming thing as yourself getting stuck in the octopus’ den. he’ll send the tweets to gather some info on you, and even floyd doesn't have a complaint since you just look so interesting and out of place.
- god, azul falls so deep in obsession once he gets to know you more. your innocent rabbit self not having the slightest clue what he could have planned for you. he’ll make sure to terrorise any sort of student that could come close to you, making sure that the only one you could come to is himself and maybe jade. you wouldn’t want to hang around floyd even if he had already kidnapped you for himself!
- once you confess to the octo-merman, he sighs in pleasure, knowing you’re finally meant to be his. he’ll have you sign a contract as ‘proof of your love’ and you only gave a few uncertainties that he instantly makes disappear, to reveal that you’re now imprisoned with him for eternity. the fear on your face graces him a dark smile on his own.
—thank you for your request! i hope you enjoyed..~
Tumblr media
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deceitful-darlings · 5 days ago
Consider: TWST scenario where MC jokingly gets down on one knee and asks one of the dorm leaders and/or vice-leaders to marry them. Which would be flustered to hell and back? Which one would shut down and faint? Which one would light up like you just offered them all the Madol in the world and stammer yes? (I'm a Lilia simp, and I can see him play along, but also begin to plan for your disappearance. It wouldn't do for you to give out those words to anyone else, after all~)
Riddle just goes red and malfunctions for a good minute. He doesn’t deal with embarrassment well, he goes as red as his hair, before sputtering out an excuse to leave and getting out of sight of his dorm members as fast as possible. He just wasn’t prepared!
Trey would be shocked for a moment, before chuckling at your antics. He’s well aware it’s a joke, but that doesn’t stop him pointing out how trying to hold a wedding while in school can be a big task when added alongside your studying. Not to say he hasn’t already set the date for shortly after graduation. It’s not like you need to be married to enjoy a relationship. Or perhaps he should ask his family to help plan it so it can be sooner~
Leona straight up falls back asleep.
What kind of hyena would Ruggie be if he didn’t take advantage of a situation right in front of him? You’ve asked him to marry you, so why not. The wedding doesn’t need to be anything big or expensive after all, he gets you, and there are tax benefits to being married too! It’s a win win!
Azul’s freezes, while he’s got amazing business acumen he’s never interacted with someone in a romantic sense! When he finally manages to work through the panic, he realises it’s a joke from the way you’re smiling. It feels like a bit of a punch in the gut and he’s quite embarrassed because of how he reacted, but he’ll now be working clauses that are tantamount to marriage into any contracts he can get you to sign, and if not he can simply make you reliant on him and his wealth, a ring is a nice gift to give you after all!
Jade is well aware it’s a joke, and in return he’ll use his knowledge of you to turn the situation around and make you flustered. It’s far more entertaining when you’re the one embarrassed. He appears calm and collected as ever and you’re left squirming and red in the face down on one knee. But near your next break he’ll bring up how you’ve never left the campus, would you like to come with him and Floyd back to the Coral Sea this time? Their parents are dying to meet you.
Why would you ever jokingly propose to Floyd? Do you have any self preservation? No? Well, if you do, do you really need to ask what his first reaction will be? He’s going to squeeze his little shrimpy of course! They were just too cute asking that! Don’t worry, he’ll let you go by the point you’re turning blue! He gets very touchy-feely after your proposal, practically draping himself over your shoulders. He doesn’t do planning, but he’ll ask Jade to help you prepare the ceremony. Don’t think you can say no.
Kalim would probably be excited and take it 100% seriously. You proposed to him which means you return his feelings, right? Don’t worry, he’ll contact his parents right now to start planning the wedding! This boy is going to steamroll ahead with a smile no matter your reaction, you’re getting married!
Jamil doesn’t really react. He’s spent his whole life with Kalim, do you really think jokingly proposing to him is going to get a reaction. This guy is basically dead inside when it comes to being suprised by anything. He just shakes him head and moves on.
Vil looks down at you, circling you slowly refusing to let you stand. It’s awkward as you try to speak but he just shushes you. Eventually he grabs you by the chin, pulling you to your feet and tutting at you. You think you’re even in a state to joke about such things? There’s a lot of work you need to do before such words even pass your lips, though he has to commend your sheer audacity.
Rook immediately lights up, his love has asked for the deepest commitment to them through marriage! It’s a splendid moment for him! He doesn’t mind that you haven’t actually got a ring, he can choose them, or you can find them together, when you stand up because this is getting a little bit awkward, or it that just Rook, he drops to his knees. Taking your hand in his own he drops a kiss on the knuckle of your ring finger. You aren’t going to be trying to take back your words now, are you dear? Your wedding shall be a perfect encapsulation of beauty!
Idia stares at you for a solid few minutes before what you say registers and his brain short circuits. Marry? You want to marry him?! How did he reach this ending?! You can almost see smoke pouring out of his ears from how hard him brain is working trying to figure out how this happened! He’s either going to flush so hard his hair turns red and slam the door on you, or faint.
Malleus stares at you for a moment, before a soft smile graces his face. You wish to marry him, despite his position? It may be a joke to you, but you’ve started him thinking about the future. Naturally, as the Price of the Valley of Thorns, he also needs to consider him kingdom and the work that’ll need to be done to make you offer acceptable. While he’s preparing a ritual to have you turned into a fae so that you can be more accepted as queen, he is leaving books on royal etiquette and Valley politics in Ramshackle, and talking more in depth about his work and duties of the royals. He needs you to be prepared after all.
Lilia laughs at your joke, he plays along but he isn’t foolish enough to think that this is a serious proposal. He plays along for a long time, long after you even joked about it, whenever the idiot trio complain about his presence, he’ll remind them jokingly, if there’s mixed grade events, he’ll try and pull you in to his group, first joking that his future partner should work with him before appealing to your kinder nature about how they don’t have enough people. If only you knew that he was already planning and sorting for your life to be in The Valley of Thorns with him.
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flooyds · 6 days ago
trying to seduce darling when nude after seeing her nude.
vil schoenheit, leona kingscholar, rook hunt & malleus draconia. yandere, suggestive.
warnings. yandere content, mentions of being naked, implied noncon(?), mentioned marriage & children.
request. Hi! How are you doing? I hope that it is not a bother, but I have a request. What if - after seeing reader naked - yandere guy staged it for her to walk on him naked? Either during change of clothes or straight out of the shower. Like in a way of trying to seduce maybe? Is it possible to request that for Vil, Leona, Rook and Malleus?
a/n. i struggled a little bit with the whole yandere thing since the request is pretty normal seeming. sorry if it isn’t to your liking!
Tumblr media
vil schoenheit.
Tumblr media
- vil isn’t one to not knock when he enters a room, so when he happens to stumble into your bedroom while you’ve just started changing, well, it’s a bit embarrassing. not only for you, but for him as well, this could cause some kinds of damage to his image, you know!
- he’ll excuse himself for now, maybe telling rook to sneak by your window and get some pictures for him. it’s only to admire your beauty, he assures him, though rook would never question vil. he doesn’t want to seem a creep, so he decides to not make up a reason to go back, but he’ll definitely have some kinds of pictures from the event.
- he has to really be obsessed with you — which he is — to plan out an entirely staged ‘oh no, you walked in after i’ve just gotten out of the shower!’ thing. he takes his time in making sure that all goes well, having rook help him out with his ‘evil’ plan (as rook says). he’ll carefully study your routine and find the exact right time to make sure that everything goes smoothly.
- when you do end up walking into his room after his shower, it’s a bit difficult for him to keep his smirk hidden, his tone becoming strict as he asks you what business you have at this time — though, on the inside he feels a overbearing sense of lust, it’s the perfect scenario — and watching you stutter with averted eyes makes him chuckle, telling you that you’re welcome to appreciate the wonderful sight, it’s not everyday you get to see the vil schoenheit after a shower, you know?
Tumblr media
leona kingscholar.
Tumblr media
- leona had probably come to sleep in your bed, his usual demands that you stay with him in it. but instead he got you, fresh out of the shower, towel leaving little to his imagination as some water that hadn’t been soaked up ran down your legs and arms. it was a sight, that’s for sure, his usual smirk plastered on his face as he made his way over to you, his little herbivore wants to tease him, hm? well, it’ll take more than that to get leona wanting to pounce. (not really.)
- when you eventually persuade him to at least step outside of your room so you can change, he’s not gonna get anybody close your room, growling and snarling at any beast man that could step foot near the area. to you, he’s impatiently waiting outside for you to finish changing, but to him he’s staring at you through the slight crack in the door that he’d left open with his tail as he licks his lips. he’s just hunting prey, no? it’s natural for a lion such as him.
- he’ll probably grow tired and bored from waiting and wander off, commanding ruggie to grab the towel you’ve used and bring it to him afterwards. lots of thoughts run through his head as he lays down in bed, your cute embarrassed and tinted face as you tried your hardest to get him to leave, not even noticing the tent in his pants as he looked down at you. like a rabbit getting hunted, that’s how you looked to him. and of course, ruggie swings by and gives him a thought of being able to catch you walking in on him naked as well.. and he takes it.
- it’s not hard to make you come to his room at a specific time, you wouldn’t dare to refuse his orders. and when you walk in on him ‘changing’ he’ll just say how he’d forgotten all about your little plan to meet him here, and how you might as well stay, he won’t be long! just lay down and he’ll join you, that’s what you’re here for, ya know? letting his snuggle up with your helpless self. it’s not until he climbs into bed and the doors locked, you realize he hasn’t actually clothed himself.
Tumblr media
rook hunt.
Tumblr media
- rook has gotten a good catch today, hasn’t he? when he ends up walking in, he’s immediately apologizing — not because he’s sorry, but because he just shouldn’t be able to be in the presence of such beauty! — and backing out, but making sure to take eye fulls of your figure, even through the towel he can make everything out perfectly (and also since, well, this isn’t the first nor last time he’ll see you in such a form) and catch onto every curve and part.
- he’d planned it all out, of course, it’s not like rook to go unprepared nor be caught in a surprise, so it’s only natural he had known ahead of time. whether it was when he’s watching your from the trees that sit beside the room you just happened to be assigned to (by him) or when he’s listening to your conversations or when you spend a few words while you’re by yourself. rook always knew, but it’s easy to not see that, his covers and acts always amazing as he acts shocked he’s stumbled across such beauty and inappropriateness.
- rook finds beauty in having you walk in on his in such a lewd scenario as well, knowing the embarrassed look that would cover your face as you try to exit the room. even when thinking of it he grows hard and lets out a happy sigh, he, like vil, plans everything to a t, making sure it’ll all go as planned and it’ll work out in his favor. he can’t help but be excited the day of it, hurriedly telling you to make your way over in a few, and quickly finding his way back to shed his clothing.
- he acts shocked as he tells you that he hadn’t expected you so soon! he’d said in a few but thought you’d be later! forgive him for being so silly. though, you wouldn’t mind helping him pick out an outfit, would you? he wouldn’t want vil anything but impressed with his choice of style, and he thinks you’d be perfect. so, don’t be shy, he won’t bite.. if you don’t want him to. (though he still might bite even if you don’t want him to)
Tumblr media
malleus draconia.
Tumblr media
- it’s a very rare scenario for malleus to accidentally stumble upon you nude, usually minding his own business as he thinks of ways to force you to become his future queen. it’s only when he hears you stumble on something, he rushes over. now, normal human hearing wouldn’t catch it, but malleus can’t have you hurt, that could be bad for future children with the two of you! and then when he walks in and you’re naked, he gets the wrong idea at first, are you already ready to bear his child? but then when you stumble over words and ask him to please exit, he understands that he’s walked in at a rather awkward moment.
- that all doesn’t go without saying that he isn’t going to have somebody creep in you. most likely lilia — as sebek isn’t sneaky one bit and silver will most likely fall asleep — as he asks him to go and stalk watch over you, making sure no trouble may be brewing as you sit content in your room, unaware of a set of red eyes peering in on your more private life.
- he has time to himself as he thinks of ways he can make you look like that again, your cute face showing you to be all embarrassed and worried, telling him that you’re alright. it’s not until lilia returns and tells him that a good way to ‘get back’ at you would for him to also appear naked in front of you. he only nods as lilia talks him through all of the plan, that he can distract silver and sebek just long enough for you to be able to catch his nude form. malleus isn’t exactly sure if it, but he trusts lilia and goes with the plan.
- and he’s glad he did when you do walk in, loudly knocking as you let your presence be known, carefully and slowly opening up the door to revealing his naked form. he plays the impression that he hadn’t heard you and been preoccupied in his thoughts, telling you that it’s alright you’ve seen him in such a way. his smile is hard to contain as he watches you try and explain yourself, knowing that if sebek was to hear about such a matter he’d freak. malleus only pulls you close to him as he tells you that he has a way you can make it up to him, and you must listen, he’s the future king after all.
—thank you for your request! i hope you enjoyed it..~
Tumblr media
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yanderes-galore · 10 days ago
Can you do a sfw with Vil where he puts the reader under the Snow White sleeping curse and instead of home waking her up it’s neige how wakes her up.
Vil's gonna be so pissed....
Yandere! Vil Schoenheit Scenario
Summary: Vil is tired of Neige getting in his way. It's time to take you by force.
Possible Trigger Warnings: Yandere behavior such as a forced relationship, drugging, kinda somnophilia.
Tumblr media
His plan was simple, and so far it was working. Put you to sleep with the same 'Sleeping Beauty' curse as in the legends. This way he may keep you forever.
He'll keep you somewhere safe where only he can see you. According to the legends and research he's done, true love's kiss should awaken you. Although, he wasn't sure if he wanted you awake.
You'd struggle more against him then. You never paid him any mind and preferred Neige over him anyway. It angers him how you ignore him, he clearly gives you special treatment.
Vil stares at your sleeping form with an emotionless gaze. You talk to Neige behind Vil's back, you love Neige more than him, but he can't be mad at you....
No, Vil is mad at Neige for tempting you. Neige has bested him at everything and he isn't willing to have Neige best him at this, too. You will be Vil's even if it is with force.
Rook knows of this plan, he can't believe it. Vil was willing to something so drastic over love. It was beautiful in a way, but even Rook knew it was wrong.
Rook knows almost everything about people, Including you. You and Neige were close and Rook knows Neige has feelings for you. (How could he not know this about his Idol?) Rook knew he'd be betraying Vil but he couldn't let him do this.
Rook watches Vil carry your sleeping form to a locked room. He needed to know the location to get help. After seeing the door close, Rook heads off. He knows what he has to do.
Meanwhile, Vil appreciates how beautiful you look while sleeping. His eyes are half lidded as he touches your skin gently. How pretty, how his....
Every day Vil comes to visit your sleeping form. A kiss planted on your skin as he sits in the room for awhile, talking to himself. He's happy his plan worked no matter how dark it is.
"But you're safe here, I promise."
"I wish this didn't have to happen, but you left me no choice."
A smile comes to his lips as he stands up.
Vil slams his fist against the wall. You were gone, you had somehow been taken. You had escaped from this room and Vil was about to lose it.
Rook says nothing, refusing to speak to Vil. Vil was furious and in a rage. Who knows what he'd do if Rook confessed he helped you and Neige reunite.
"Where...." Vil hisses, turning his head to see Rook standing in the doorway. "WHERE IS SHE?"
Rook goes speechless as he notices the floor eroding. Gas started to fill the air and Rook knew there was trouble. He causes this, now he had to fix it.
Vil roars again as Rook takes off.
You're none the wiser to the trouble Rook caused, staying with Neige and chatting idle chat. Neige was having fun too.
You were happier this way, but at the cost of Vil's sanity.
Rook made this choice and knew he had to live with it.
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sugoscurry · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Prompt: “Open wide honey! I made it especially for you. I’m sure you’ll be able to taste the love within ~”
Warnings: MILD SPICE, Yandere, Dubcon, Stockholm Syndrome
Notes: mmnhhmmnhh rook if only u knew the effect your whole being has on people
Life in the depths of the wilds of Afterglow’s Savanna was simple. Living off of the land with little to no disturbance aside from the local wildlife, not that Rook minded. He grew up used to such a life, and now he shares that life with you. Sure, before it had its ups and downs like any relationship, but that was nearly two years past that the worst had come to pass. Finally, he gets to live the fantasy he had played out since he first set his sights on you.
Rook makes nearly all the meals he shares with you, from dawn to dusk, he keeps your satisfaction in mind whenever he consults the pantry for what to prepare. However, due to the change in environment from the college to the wilderness, it made for a steep increase in your protein intake. That said, Rook hunted your meals, once in a while leaving home to shop for spices or vegetables to make it more flavorful.
‘Home’. Before you’d never even consider calling the cabin a home. Even after years of living with Rook, you could say he knew you for years but you never knew him the same way. He kept you in the dark about his family, or what he did when he went on hunting trips for weeks. You had come to appreciate the moments of socialization you have with him— after he began to forego the gag as a reward for your obedience.
Like now, no ropes were needed to enjoy a meal— usually on the same plate— you and Rook would eat in peace like he intended. The tradition was: he fed you the first bite, then ate after you. Tonight’s dinner was special, and he wanted you to wait outside the kitchen for him to prepare it— it was your anniversary after all. He left for a few days to gather special ingredients for the sauce to complement the roasted lamb, explaining the tiring journey to the Country of Hot Sands to get specific peppers that brought out the flavor of the meat.
It worried you slightly how he never spoke a word while he prepared the table, but you were reassured when he presses a kiss to your temple before sitting down across from you. Dinner sat between you both wafting it’s savory smell into the air between you both.
“Un repas spécial pour un amoureux spécial,” Rook says softly, you can’t help but notice the light blush on his face, as if anticipating something.
You eagerly watch as his hand maneuvers to the setup of silverware and takes the fork and knife, preparing your first bite. He takes a chunk of the lamb meat with the most generous amount of the sauce on top of it, and it appeared like a cloudy glaze on top of the roasted meat. With near trembling hands he brings the first bite closer to your mouth.
“Open wide, amour!” He presses the fork to your lips, his apparent blush spread to his ears, and you finally understand why he was acting so strange. “I made it especially for you. I’m sure you’ll be able to taste the love within~!”
But, if you were anything like the person you were before your dignity was taken away, you’d reject him outright. He’d trained you like a wild wolf domesticated into the household dog, so you’d never refuse him regardless of how deranged his requests may seem. He could kill you, he could string you up and leave you in the wild for predators to hunt you, yet he spared you in exchange for your life in his hands.
So with a broken smile and glassy eyes, your lips hesitantly part and your tongue sits atop the skin of your bottom lip as a sign of compliance to this strange act of love. Rook gleefully proceeds to feed you the suspicious chunk, squeezing his thighs tighter together. From your peripheral vision, you could see how the act of you consuming this dish he prepared a little too lovingly aroused him instantly when you began to chew and swallow. It only confused you how the bite tasted delicious knowing what is in the glaze.
“It’s delicious, Rook,” you swallow your pride. “Thank you for the meal.”
In Rook’s vision, you were just as flustered as he was— adorable, so adorable— and the way you thanked him for the meal. He just can’t help himself to your lips, pressing his own harshly and tasting dinner on your tongue with ferocity and lust. When he pulls away, some of the glaze mixed with your saliva and his connects your lips and breaks when he rests back on his seat again.
Rook chuckles, “I’m glad.”
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tri3tri · 17 days ago
If I Leave
Tumblr media
✂ Pairing: Yandere! Rook Hunt x Female! Reader
✂ Word Count: 1,7k+
✂ Trigger Warnings: Isolation, mention of manipulation
Do not re-upload my writing to another website or use it without my permission.
Tumblr media
Rook never lied.
At least, as far as you remembered.
And that’s why his threats were scary, because you knew he wasn’t lying.
“If you want to escape, then be my guest. The door is always open for you. However, I must remind you that I’ll be chasing you down at every step you take and drag you back when you least expect it.”
You stared at him, at his simpering face, at his gleaming eyes. Confident, he was, for he knew he’d win this challenge, go through with this threat. And you knew it, too. That’s why you didn’t try to bolt towards the unlocked door that was located just a few meters behind him. Instead, you let him hold your hand, gently yet probingly. His gloved fingers slithered down your palm to your wrist, feeling the thumping heartbeat just beneath the skin.
You might be able to mask your emotions, but you couldn’t mask your nervousness deep inside.
Slowly, Rook brought your hand to his lips, kissing it like he’d done so many times. It was how he usually showed his love to you; the gentleness that belied the roughness and firmness of a wicked subjugator, the affection that belied the obsession and possession of a man in love, and the kindness that belied the selfishness and the ruthlessness of a skilled hunter.
He stared at you. He always stared at you. You wondered when he’d grow bored of you, since he pretty much knew everything he needed to know about you, which was, well, everything.
Probably never. That was how good he was at entertaining himself, by challenging you. Subtly, so unlike himself yet so like himself.
Because he was still a formidable hunter deep inside, even if he acted like a smiling neighbor. Because he knew how to be quiet, even if he tended to ramble.
Because he knew how to be patient, even if he was itching to capture you.
That was how you got yourself in this predicament in the first place, by allowing yourself to relax in his unpredictable yet solid presence.
You should’ve known that a hunter was still a predator. That although he was more gentlemanly than the rest, he was still dangerous as the rest. That was how you survived in the college, you supposed, by having an advantage over others, or knowing something people didn’t. The hidden sides, the stray glances, the fleeting emotions, those minute details that revealed someone’s true nature. How to manipulate them to your desires. Jade used them, Azul used them, but you never thought Rook would use them too.
And against you, nonetheless.
He simpered. “So, will you take the first step, Mon amour?”
You stared at him now. Not at his forehead, or the space between his eyes, but truly his eyes. Living with Rook meant familiarizing yourself with his constant stalking, and learning how to maintain your guard at all cost. It was impossible considering that you needed to rest just like any other human, but you didn’t have the pleasure to relax during the waking hours. Even in the moments where he went out to hunt or observing some poor creatures in the woods, you always felt those eyes boring onto your back.
That was how potent his staring was, and how accustomed you were to it.
You frowned as if he should’ve known the answer. He did. He was merely testing you, urging you, coaxing you so he could cool the hunter blood that simmered beneath his skin. And because you knew that too, you ripped your hand from his and stormed towards your shared room. It hurt to deny what your heart wanted, yearned, desired, but this wasn’t a battle you could fight.
And Rook knew that, too. That’s why he didn’t stop smiling when you slammed the door closed, eyes boring onto your back.
Tumblr media
The door remained unlocked since his challenge, even during nighttime. Well, it wasn’t as if there was anyone near your house, anyway, and it wasn’t as if he’d let anyone – or anything – intrude on your humble abode. He was a light sleeper and a very early riser, you knew that much. It came naturally from his job, or hobby. You’d first discovered it when you woke up one midnight to drink, and the next morning, he mentioned if you wanted him to start preparing a glass of water every night.
He was sleeping with his back on you at the time.
And, of course, he’d said it with the kind of voice that let you know he was always watching, observing, studying even in the dead hours. Even when he supposedly looked vulnerable.
It was kind of ironic, how he wanted you to be vulnerable around him, but never once returned the gesture. And when he did, he faked it, like a predator he was.
For someone who never lied, who refused to lie, he was quite skilled at pretending.
You stared at the door as you slowly ate your lunch. Rook had left this morning, saying that he’d hunt a deer for food. It’d been hours since then, and you were getting bored. You’d purposefully taken a long time to cook lunch, leaving a smaller portion for Rook out of spite, and now you were a few spoonfuls away from finishing yours. Of course, Rook wasn’t so cruel as to leave you in complete tedium. He still provided some entertainment such as television and radio, mostly for the sake of spending time together. You’d know, because he tended to pull you into a side hug whenever you watched TV or forced you to dance with him whenever an old, romantic song came on the radio.
And it would’ve been romantic, indeed, had you didn’t have him as your only companion and weren’t living in the middle of freaking nowhere.
But the woods and fields were his territories, and to leave them without his permission meant setting yourself up for failure. And besides, the nearest town was miles away, and you’d need plenty of food and water to survive in the wilderness. A rough place that he knew like the back of his hand.
You could try, though. No matter how sharp he was, there was bound to be something he forgot, right? He was a human, after all, and humans were full of flaws and errors. He wasn’t an omniscient creature who could always predict your every action, or think ten steps ahead. And if you left now, you might be able to reach the middle part of the woods. There was a lot of food and beverages in the fridge. He’d notice some were missing, but if you cover your tracks very well, you could lose him in the process, right?
… Yeah, right. You sighed at your pipe dream. Even you knew that was a stupid idea. Unless you’d learned the art of hunting, and had practiced it so many times it became second nature, you could never truly cover your tracks. It was hard, what’s with his keen sight, hearing, and smell. Fear, of the known and the unknown, always blinded your eyes, deafened your ears, and masked your nose. Your hypersensitive senses would exhaust you quicker the longer you skitter, the longer you linger. And when that happened, he’d capture and drag you back when you least expected it.
Just like he said he would.
The front door suddenly opened with a creak. Rook peeked inside and beamed, showing off his latest prey.
“Look what I’ve gotten for us, Mon amour~” he chirped, strolling inside as if he didn’t carry a big, dead deer on his hand. When you frowned at the floor, he quickly dismissed your unspoken concern. “Don’t worry, I’ll clean it up. Wouldn’t want my princess to stain her dainty hands with such filth, no?”
You rolled your eyes and turned around to wash the dishes. Leave it to him to compliment you while still reeking with blood.
“Oh, my. You already prepared lunch! How lovely~” he remarked. “Did you eat lots, Princesse? If you’re still hungry, feel free to take mine. I have no problem eating meager food. I’ve caught us a deer, after all. We can have a feast later!”
You remained quiet, pointedly ignoring his offer and concealed observation. Of course, he knew about your petty action. Why did you think about escape again?
Rook leaned beside you, one hand propping his jaw while the other rested on the kitchen counter. You noticed he’d shed his gloves. “Planning something, Mon amour?”
You stiffened, nearly dropping the clean plate back to the dishwasher. But you didn’t offer him the satisfaction of knowing that you were, indeed, shocked, as most people did to his sudden jabs. So, you put the plate away and spun, still ignoring him.
Rook merely smiled. He never let anything faze him, and if it did, then it just provoked his interest even more. A carefree man, with walls higher than a fortification and secrets deeper than a moat.
“The offer still stands, you know.” he said airily, tapping the counter with his finger. “I want to know just how long you’ll hold up, before you succumb to the pressure.”
To the agitation, to the exhaustion, to the resignation. You knew almost everything he didn’t speak of, just like he knew everything you didn’t speak of.
Unbeknownst to him, you weren’t that stupid.
You scoffed. “I have no time for your petty little game.”
At least, that was what you thought.
Rook’s smile widened as his eyes narrowed. You didn’t see it, but you could feel it. Rook had always been intense, both his words and actions. If he wanted to hide his satisfaction, he could. It’d be too easy, considering the nature of his job. But he didn’t.
Because he wanted you to know just how pleased he was with your compliance.
“Bonne fille~” he cooed, cradling you from behind. “I’m so happy to know that you’ve recognized your place now, although I do feel slightly disappointed because I’m not able to see the extent of your survival skills. I’m sure you’ll do splendidly.”
You scowled, gripping the hem of your shirt silently. “I’m not stupid, Hunt.”
He chuckled on your ears.
“And that’s what I love about you, Hunt.”
Mon amour: My love
Princesse: Princess
Bonne fille: Good girl
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flooyds · 20 days ago
I saw that you made a prank request where the Yanderes enter their room and see them naked while they are sleeping... I can order part two with Epel, Rook, Riddle, Idia and Neige, how they would react to the same scenario~~~
finding their darling sleeping naked. / part two.
Tumblr media
epel felmier, rook hunt, riddle rosehearts & idia shroud. yandere, nsfw.
warnings. yandere content, slight somnophilia, non consensual touching, stalking, use of cameras, unknown recording. all characters are aged 18+
a/n. i don’t write for neige so he isn’t included.. i hope you enjoy the writing, though~
part one here.
Tumblr media
—epel felmier
epel’s probably coming to check on you and make sure you’re awake after vil told him to, saying that you should be awake and ready by now. not that he minds at all, and it gives him a chance to come and see you without having to make up a reason himself.. he has a bit of a twisted grin on his face while his eyes hold a dark look in them, making his way to your room.
when he knocks on your door and you don’t answer, he’s a bit put off.. you usually always answer when he — or anybody.. much to his dismay — knocks at it. he’ll knock again, but much harsher and loud.. and if you don’t answer, he’ll just allow himself entry. he’s sure you’d let him in, you two are very close after all..
he locks the door behind him once he gets in, making sure that nobody might.. interfere in this moment. and when he finds that you’re sleeping nude, he’s even more glad that he’d locked it. completely bare for him to see, and only him. he can’t resist but to put his hands all over you, delicate touches so that he won’t wake you. if he has a bit of time left, and you still haven’t woken from your slumber by yourself.. he might just touch himself a bit, letting a free hand trail down into his trousers and stroke himself. you wouldn’t mind though, right? you wouldn’t want him walking around completely hard.. would you? that’d really embarrass him..
Tumblr media
—rook hunt
oh rook.. he was probably doing his usual stake out in your trees, watching over you and making sure you aren’t with somebody else.. or he may have to pay them a visit later, and that you’re completely safe. and when he sees you snoozing his heart softens a bit.. you look so vulnerable and cute, perfect for him to snatch up and keep as something of a pet. and it gets even better when you shift and the cover exposes your bare body to him.
he’s immediately running to your room, a hungry look visible in his eyes if you can catch a glance at them. he isn’t sure if the door is locked, but he has a lock pick just in case.. since, given you’re sleeping naked, you probably would lock it. when he arrives to your room, he’s opening it carefully and quietly, locking it behind him as he smiles to himself.. your beauty really is extraordinary, and he can’t keep his hands to himself, even if it is wrong and he knows it, he’s just appreciating your beauty, though..
he’ll carefully peel back your covers, your face may shift from the cool air that hits you suddenly, but he’s sure to not wake you.. he’s good at being sneaky, you know? you won’t even know he’d had ever touched you even if he happens to slip inside and accidentally cum in you, he’d be sure to carefully clean you, even eating it out if he needed to. his fingers are working delicately on you, touching anything he can to appreciate all of you, since who knows if he’ll be able to get a chance like this ever again.
Tumblr media
—riddle rosehearts
you’d had most likely missed a tea party he’d invited you to, and he wasn’t having any of it. no matter what you were busy with, being homework or talking with others, he wasn’t interested in knowing your excuses and he was making his way to your room, going to get you for the party.
and when he enters your room — very loudly, it’s a shocker you don’t wake up from it — he’s immediately red-faced from your nude form.. don’t you know how indecent it is to sleep naked!? especially when he knows that you have plenty of actual sleeping clothing! he’s a bit upset at first.. thinking of ways he can punish you for such behavior, and then it hits him, you’re both alone, door shut — and soon to be locked — and you’re completely exposed all for him. it turns into a wonderful scenario and really, riddle becomes very happy.
he won’t touch you, but he’ll touch himself. he doesn’t want to wake you and he isn’t sure if he’d be gentle enough with his touches to keep you asleep, so he just slides his pants and underwear down just enough for his cock to spring out, sitting down on the end of your bed and stroking his cock, using a free hand to cover his mouth to quiet his noises. he’ll make sure to clean up any kinds of mess he leaves behind, but he can’t resist using an item of yours to do so..
Tumblr media
—idia shroud
poor idia.. he was just watching you through the cameras he’d set up in your room and your covers happened to have fallen off your body, exposing yourself to the unknown cameras hidden in the corners of your room. his face burns a bright red once he catches a glance at you, and he immediately shuts off the cameras to make sure that ortho isn’t around, only booting them back up once the coast is clear.
dirty thoughts start to run around in his head.. what could’ve made you undress yourself to sleep..? were you thinking about him? he knows that whenever he thinks of you, most of the time it ends in him sending ortho off — if he’s around — and slipping his pants down a bit. he’s getting hot and bothered thinking about it, but he’s still a bit too nervous and shy to go to your room himself, so he settles with watching your body as he touches his own through the screen. zooming in max and reaching a free hand out to act as if he’s actually feeling you, that you’re actually in front of him.
next time, though, he’s going to be meeting you in your bedroom. though you’re asleep and unaware of his presence, he’ll be there, snapping photos and taking videos of your vulnerable and bare form.. if he gets too ahead of himself he might just reach out to you and let his fingers trail, catching onto your sensitive parts and ghosting over delicates.. he can’t help that he’s a bit of a creep, especially when it comes to somebody like you..
thank you for your request! i hope you enjoyed..~
Tumblr media
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sugoscurry · 21 days ago
48 with Rook but it’s noncon
48. "I've always dreamt of what it would feel like to kiss your lips..."
Pairing: Rook Hunt/Reader
Warnings: Yandere, spice, noncon
Note: DOL has awakened something in me. I am suddenly on my knees for rook after meeting Eden
Who would have thought that it was only one culprit to the missing articles of clothing in your limited wardrobe or the groping in crowded public spaces. In a school with the most unsavory of personalities, you had yet to face the worst, and it came subtly when you pieced together the evidence. He was cunning enough to never get caught, yet impatient enough to confront you about his tendencies. Rook Hunt looked at you with eyes more animalistic and obsessive than a wild animal.
He followed you into the little town centered on the island between Night Raven College and Royal Sword Academy, claiming that he wanted to protect you from any sort of predator lurking with you beyond the protection of Crowley’s magic. It was a shame it didn’t apply to him. How adorable you looked staring at the windows of old antique stores looking to buy something for the crown prince of The Valley of Thorns knowing you couldn’t afford it with what little the headmaster gave you for allowance. He could buy it for you, you know.
The way your expression soured and you pouted over the price tag seen in the reflection of the glass nearly made the hunter swoon. You were so adorable, you weren’t even aware of it! He had to profess his love now, confess to all of his sins when you are alone. With the romantic lighting of the sunset clashed with the eerie and isolated atmosphere of the dingy public restroom, Rook found no better place to pursue you.
The moment you had finished wiping off your hands in the single toilet restroom and pushed to open the door, Rook would swiftly push you back in and usher himself inside before anyone could spot him. Compact and suffocating, Rook only lessened the space between you until he had you on your back against the wall with his lips on yours. The sheer speed of his attack didn’t allow you time to even shout as his hot tongue pried between your lips like a starved man. Heavy, gloved hands squeezed at the covered flesh of your ass as you squeaked a sound into the forced kiss, making the male moan into your mouth.
Breaking between kisses, he watches your cowering form in his arms with the same predatory look he had given you time and time again. “I’ve always dreamt—“ kiss “—about what it would feel like—“ another chaste kiss “—to kiss your lips.”
By the time the last word falls from his mouth his hands are already beginning to move up your body and to the sides of your ribs, stopping just below your chest. He pulls away and you’re lightheaded from his kisses and trembling in his arms like an injured deer. You look at him with such dazed eyes, it only spurred him on even more, resolving to prove the effect it had on him by grinding himself against your thigh.
“A-Aah— do you feel that, amour?” He licks up the side of your jawline. “Only you could make me like this— I’m already about to cum...”
“Rook—“ you gasp when his hands move up to your chest to press and rub at the sensitive peaks of your nipples over your uniform. He could only imagine how you’d react once his mouth was on them instead of his fingers.
“I’m so close—“ he hissed against your ear, grinding faster against your thigh. “Please allow this humble hunter to cum from your thighs—!”
His hot breath against your was ragged with broken moans. Even with him in your peripheral as you eyed the lock on the restroom door, you can see how far his blush spread across his face, tinting the tips of his ears as well. Just rubbing against you was enough to send him over the edge as his weight presses against you and his fingers tighten around your flesh, bruising the skin beneath his gloves. He tries to stifle his loud groan by biting his bottom lip, trying to prolong his high as his hips jerk slightly.
With cautious eyes, you look down to see the front of his uniform pants damp with his own release, yet his cock still remained stiff and twitching against your thigh. You nearly yelped when Rook’s hands tighten around your waist, leaving your chest tingling from his previous abuse.
“How selfish of me—,” he pants, pressing his sweaty forehead against yours. “I haven’t even considered your pleasure, instead chasing my own, je suis désolé.”
His warm lips press at your forehead before traveling down your face and neck as his hands drop to your belt. You cover your face and beg quietly to stop, but he only responds with a kiss at whatever part of your body he passes leading to your torso. Soon enough, he was on his knees.
“I promise it’ll feel good,” Rook peers up at your discontent eyes, his tongue rolling out to show you how serious he means to be. The buckle comes undone and your hands fly to his blonde, disheveled hair, trying to pull him off, yet you could suppress the whine that comes when his breath meets your skin.
“I want to taste your love.”
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twst-scene · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
. NO Pedophile themed ships I do not tolerate underage with older characters
. Same as other rule NO teacher x student ships allowed
. I will write NSFW+18 but some concepts I will not write
. Requests are allowed just comment or DM for scenario
. All scenarios will be gender neutral unless the request suggests they want it to be a specific gender
. I will only write 5 characters for each scenarios each
If you are a minor on my page DO NOT COMMENT AGE OR REQUEST NSFW please I am not comfortable with people in the comments putting their age of below 16 and making inappropriate request just keep your age to yourself if you are a minor!!!
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redwritingrook · a month ago
Yandere Rook Hunt x Gender Neutral Reader
It had only been a few days since MC arrived mysteriously in Twisted Wonderland. They were still getting used to the sights, making new friends, and doing tasks for Incompetent Headmaster, Crowley- It was exhausting. This afternoon, MC had decided to leave Grim in the care of Heartslabyul for a bit and walk to the courtyard to be alone.
Or so they thought.
They would not be alone, However... One person was there, picking apples- He was wearing a blue hat and... A blue robe-like uniform? MC was confused but moved closer. With every step they took, it became more clear that he was singing too- The words became more apparent as they stopped at a bench nearby this person- However, the lyrics were impossible to understand even if they were clear as day- They were not even in English. So, As this person skillfully twisted apples off of the tree and put them in a wicker basket, he sang in french-
"Aux Champs-Elysées, aux Champs-Elysées Au soleil, sous la pluie, à midi ou à minuit Il y a tout ce que vous voulez aux- Oh- Salut!" The person greeted MC, stopping suddenly to smile at them-
MC tilted their head. Did this person even speak English?
"What is wrong? Cat got your tongue?"
Yes, He does speak English...
"Oh, Uh... No. I just came for a break." MC smiled at him. "Ah." The stranger seemed to understand. "I suppose I should introduce myself- I am Le Chasseur d'amour, Rook Hunt!" MC just nodded. They had no idea what that meant. "Nice to meet you- I'm-" "I know." Rook interrupted- "You're the new prefect." "Of course." Word must spread fast in the school-
After a bit of small talk as he picked apples, Rook left after a quick "Au Revoir". MC left for their dorm not long after.
The next day, MC woke up in the bed in ramshackle. Grim was poking them, trying to get them up. "C'mon MC, We gotta go-" As they were getting ready for the day, however, an arrow flew through the window and planted into the wall. Of course, Grim was quick to react. "Fgnaa! What Was That?!" He seemed confused about the odd occurrence. "Well, I'm not touching it..." He crossed his arms and turned away from the arrow.
MC wasn't sure what just happened either, so they walked over to the arrow and pulled it out of the wall... Grim checked to see who shot it, but no one was there. MC saw a tiny piece of paper rolled up and tied to the arrow, so they untied it and looked at what it said.
"MC, Meet me in the courtyard during lunch. And don't worry about food, I'll bring some. -RH"
MC sighed softly. They knew exactly who "RH" was... That apple-picking french speaker they had met before. However, they couldn't decline this offer-
After discussing the matter with Grim over breakfast it was now time for his classes- MC was not too happy about sitting there and babysitting the raccoon, but that was their job- so they sat through 3 tantalizing hours of waiting for lunchtime.
Till it finally came.
MC jumped up out of their seat in the classroom and darted off into the hallways, finally ending up right where Rook expected them- Surprisingly, Rook was already waiting-
"Ah, Salut!~" He greeted and tipped his hat, sitting down on the bench and handing MC the lunch he had prepared for them.
Now, If you want a story that is lighthearted and friendly, Assume they became friends and stop here.
(If you do continue: TWs for Sedation, Yandere, kidnapping-)
Rook was very glad about the moment MC took a bite of the food- They seemed to love it- That's a good sign. Sadly, What came next was necessary in Rook's eyes-
MC started feeling drowsy after a while- They watched as Rook sat there with a much more sinister smile on his face until they completely blacked out.
They woke up in a log cabin in the woods, on a couch- Their first instinct was to get the heck out of there. So they tried. They fought whatever leftover grogginess and ran out the door and in whatever direction they could before finally stopping at a clear stream to take a break-
A few moments later, they could hear footsteps in the woods- They looked in the direction of the sound, and fear struck their heart-
"Mon Lapin-" The hunter said, A sadistic but sad smile in their expression- "You do not need to run..."
But MC Did... They ran as fast as they could... but to no avail.
Rook is a hunter, of course- He created a bow and arrow with light magic and shot at a nearby tree, trapping MC where he can casually approach and corner them... "You will be fun to hunt, Mon Cherie~"
He sighed and cupped MC's cheek, then held onto their hand- "My my, Such soft fingers-" He rubbed their fingers with his gloved thumb... "Soft, but slim... We must strengthen these with some archery lessons. Alright?!~"
He seemed oddly cheerful for someone who just abducted the one he had a crush on, but he seemed to already have a tight lead on them- They can't leave, or they'll be hunted... And who knows how deep in the woods they are...
In the end, MC was stuck with Rook no matter how they looked at it... His words did not help a single bit.
"It is ok, You were only out for a few hours..." He said while gently patting MC's face with a cool, damp towel. When MC wasn't responding, just sitting there looking melancholy, He sighed softly. "If you want to know what did it it was only a sedative made out of lemon verbena extract-" He stopped after getting a sharp glare from MC-
He sighed and his words softened "I am Sorry, Mon Amour..." He cupped their cheek and knelt in front of them... “I could not allow your radiant beauty to be tainted by anyone- Seeing you in this state hurts me, However It is for your own protection...” Truly his words sounded genuine, however, MC could not help but be fearful when they were told, "I will take Very good care of you~"
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ambimakesarts · a month ago
Tumblr media
Why did I draw yandere looking Rook Hunt? Simple, me and my friends are a bunch of chaotic gremlins.
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sugoscurry · a month ago
31. "Fuck, you look so beautiful like this; squirming beneath me, sucking my cock."
Pairing: Rook Hunt/Reader
Warnings: Yandere, SPICE, non-con
Note: that’s it I wanna [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]—
You couldn’t breathe.
The poison laced on the tip of the arrow that grazed your arms and legs was potent enough to make them too numb to lift a finger. Your arms hung uselessly as Rook guided your head with a gloved hand on your nape down his thick shaft. He didn’t care about the little grazes of your top row of teeth on the veins of his cock— in fact it spurred him on even more— fucking your throat in earnest. You shift your back slightly, trying to find a more comfortable position, but you only bump your head against the bark of the tree behind you.
“Amour,” he gasps, gripping your neck tighter. "Fuck, you look so beautiful like this; squirming beneath me, sucking my cock."
You look up with him with distant, tears eyes and for a second Rook relents. Fuck, he nearly just came just by the sight of you. You have no idea what you do to him. His gloved hand not situated on your head grasps at the bark of the tree as he thrusts his hips against your face, allowing himself to lose control to your warm mouth.
“Nn— J-Just a little more, mon lapin—“ he moans, biting his bottom lip. “Please allow me the honor of coming down your throat.”
His pelvis grinds against your nose as groomed blond tufts of hair graze against your skin. His thick cock pries your jaw open beyond comfort, allowing saliva to freely drip down your lips and chin as well as down the column of your throat and drenching the collar of your shirt. The smell of precum as well as his natural earthy musk permeates your mind as you try to focus on anything by else rather than the situation you were in.
You suspected you were being followed into the woods, but you least expected to be ambushed by the hunter of Pomefiore himself. You’re too far in for anyone to hear you shout for help and you ended up running further in due to panic. You were a vulnerable target Rook wanted more than anything to hit, and here you were at his mercy. You weren’t experienced with your mouth, but Rook made use of it anyway, saving your virginity “for a time when you’re more receptive to his advances” he says. So he found your virginity sacred but not your dignity?
But by the seven, you were started to get lightheaded, spots danced in your vision as his scent becomes more and more intoxicating. At this point his thrusts become more aggressive, further making you gag and choke. Rook’s gloved fingers on the bark nearly tears some of the jagged surface as he finds purchase when finally thrusting into your mouth one last time and using his other hand to keep your nose buried against his pelvis. His knees wobble as he murmurs words of praise in his native tongue and his hand on your head strokes at your hair gently. Snot, cum, and drool covered his now soft length and pelvis, but Rook didn’t find it even the slightest bit revolting.
When he pulls out of your mouth your jaw remains slack as if you were showing him how obedient you were while swallowing his seed. In reality, you’re too lightheaded from being asphyxiated on his dick and your jaw is locked from being forced open on his dick. The taste of his semen begins to become apparent from the back of your throat and rising to your tongue. Eventually, your jaw closes uncomfortably as your stalker hoists you up by the waist, his pants fixed and a blush visible on his cheeks.
With his hunting gear affixed on his back and you resting against his chest he brings his lips down onto yours as he kisses you passionately, groaning at the taste of his own cum on your tongue. When he pulls away he lifts your weight over his shoulders and begins to walk the opposite direction of the setting sun.
“Rentrons à la maison, mon cœur.”
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minzart · a month ago
Yandere list 7_Rook Hunt!
(if it's okay ofc)
The moment I chose that list I knew someone was going to pick Rook for that specific number I knew it
You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms.
The 100 special
Rook Hunt is know to be an eccentric man, always watching by the shadows, always reciting praises after praises to however is near, always pursuing beauty
For him everything is beautiful, from the adorable little puppy to the vicious acts of a murderer, but everyone has a tipe and oh, you are just absolutely perfect
He loved you the moment he saw you, on the deep night after all rumors of Riddle's overblot started, and there, beaten and tired after a long day of school he fell in love
You were exhausted and bickering with Grim, for anyone else you looked terrible, but him? He saw your hard work, your strength, your determination to shine and live on this strange world that isn't yours, and he found you fascinating to watch
You were always so kind but knew when to bite, always willingly to lend a hand, looked so naive but he knows better, beneath the mask of the perfect little prefect, the fix everything of NRC, you are a cunning creature waiting to be free
He watches from afar, every movement you make every breath you take, everyone you talk to, every moment that you blush
He has all this recorded, hidden even better than his stacks of Neige's merchandise that he so adores, for those photos are his and his alone
And the second you and your friends showed up to the VDC audition? He didn't let his change pass by, you can never imagine how heart broken he was that you wouldn't be on the team, and can never start to wonder the delight he felt once the news that he was going to be on the same dorm as you came, that nigh he didn't slept at all
Days passes, bounds form and you and Rook just clicked, he knew you, he understands you, he was humorous, he was polite, he was everything you ever wanted on a friend that would support you on this world he knows your tipe, he knows your likes and dislikes, he knows who you fancy and he loves you oh so much it's hard to breathe
You don't need to know about the days he breaks into your room and watches you sleep, you don't need to know the people he had to take down so you would never ever have eyes for them, they wouldn't reciprocate anyway for they don't appreciate your beauty, not like him, never like him
He holds you in his arms, you had fallen asleep after a long day and just naturally fell in HIS arms, so brave, lowering your guard around someone like him, don't you know? A hunter will get any opportunities to catch his prey
He doesn't need pictures to remember this, your warmth, your smell, the texture of you skin, the heavy breathes the pacing of your beating heart, he will remember this second by second, will revive this each night, and will use this as a fuel to his plan of catching you
"You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms" he whisper in your ear oh so sweetly, sure that you won't awake, tightening his embrace and burring his face in your neck, grinning like a madman, it feels like heaven
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pandas-pandemonium · a month ago
For that Sentient! Twisted Wonderland, I wonder how would the guys react on hearing MC would want to marry all of them, except the teachers and Ortho. Oh the drama...
“Man, I sure wish I could marry all of you…” you muttered, oblivious to the impact of your words on the characters behind your screen.
Idia had to hold himself back from accidentally glitching your screen from the shock. “M-marry?!” It was the only word he could choke out as his whole face went up in flames. What a bold statement! But, did you truly mean it? His gold eyes darted around nervously… If you did want to marry all of them, he’d have to compete with all these people! The thought chilled him to his bones. “Y/N-shi…please just be joking. Dealing with all these people sounds like a nightmare…”
Vil very nearly crashed your app in anger. You should know better! How greedy can you be? Are his efforts not enough for you? Rook for once, is stumped for words.
“Mon dieu! Why ever would you say such dreadful things?!”
He was conflicted. He certainly would not mind if it were just Vil and Epel he had to share with (and maybe Leona), but with so many students? His heart ached to have to spend time alone with you. Epel was close to swearing profusely. You’re joking right? Right?! Hell no, he wasn’t going to play all nice and pretty when it came to you! He worked hard to keep your attention on him! He even managed to force the system to give you two of his SSRs, now you’re suggesting that he has to work even harder? How frustrating.
At the back, the Leech twins were sneering at the others. Azul was already planning out possible contracts for all of them, while making sure the terms and conditions benefited them as greatly as possible. Seriously, you had no idea what effect your words had on everyone, did you? Jade chuckled to himself.
“All of us? How bold of you, Y/N. Surely you know the consequences of such words?”
Floyd was amused. It sure was cute how you thought you could marry every one of them. It was obvious such a thing wouldn’t - couldn’t happen. He just won’t allow it. Anyone who got in his way will have to be squeezed, very, very tightly.
Leona, on the other hand, was not amused. You? A herbivore implying that he will have to share? He already tired himself every day making sure he stays on your home screen (even if Ruggie complains)! Maybe he should start dealing with some other…insignificant cards. That should force you to focus on him more. Ruggie was annoyed. By nature and nurture, he was born and bred to be greedy. Take, take, take. Yes, he gave sometimes, but this was not one of those times. More people to deal with means less food. In other words, there would be less of you for him, and it certainly left a bad taste in his mouth. Jack was frustrated. Didn’t you know that he hates working with others? It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and if you are fully sincere with your statement…maybe he should start figuring out a way to break out of this game soon.
Riddle, was very red with anger. Preposterous! How ignorant! How vexing! He won’t stand for this! Not only does it break his many, many rules, but all these scoundrels are bound ruin things and make things so darn difficult! In contrast, Trey was calm. You didn’t know about their sentience yet, so that was likely a throwaway statement. That’s alright, he’ll forgive you for that. It just gives him more time to figure a way out the confines of the game code and your phone screen. Cater was trying hard to keep his composure. Lies! If you wanted to be with so many people, his Unique Magic will suffice, no? But like Trey, he’s aware that you are yet to be aware of their sentience, and that thought comforted him. Maybe he should start sneaking in some of your photos into his cards? He hopes you’ll appreciate it. Ace and Deuce were conflicted. They’re your first friends! One of the first few to gain awareness of the game! Deuce is in denial, you’re joking, you have to be! Ace, is already thinking of ways to manipulate you (and the game) into setting up the ideal romantic situation. Free for all, right? With those Savannaclaw bastards in this, he has no choice but to play some…questionable tactics.
Finally, Diasomnia. Malleus didn’t know how to phrase it, but something about your words sounded extremely unpleasant to his ears. All of them? Surely you jest. If push comes to shove, he would have no issue deleting every. single. one of them. Lilia could only chuckle to himself. Such a statement simply would not come true, he would make sure of it. Do not estimate a fae who has lived for so long, it just means he can think of more ways than one to deal with your greed. Silver was silent. As a soldier and servant of his prince and future king, he would be more than willing to let Malleus have you. That does come with his hope that if he helps rid the game of any competitors, that his prince will be so kind as to allow him to share you as well. To no surprise, Sebek reacted the loudest out of everyone. If Lilia and Silver hadn’t restrained him, he would have broken the game coding by attempting to break into your home screen. How arrogant you are! Saying something so ridiculous such as wanting to marry everyone. The only one you’ll be marrying (once he figures out this blasted code), is his Master! And hopefully him too, if he is allowed.
Perhaps, you should choose your words carefully. Even a single syllable you say could set them off, quite violently.
A/N: Here it is! The drabble which you didn't ask for but got anyway!
A/N: Here's the link to Scarabia's part, because I forgot about it
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bluemoondust · a month ago
" I don't really understand what you see in me. seriously I am an awful person and don't deserve to spend your time with my boring rants"
(With Rook Hunt, Shinsou Hitoshi, preferable yandere. Love ya works ♡)
Thank you for the kind words! I didn't know if you wanted them to react together or not so I just had them do so separately. Hope that's okay. (☆^ー^☆)
Tumblr media
Shinsō Hitoshi
"I see more than what others can't." The words came off pretty sharp, but that was only because Shinsō had felt irked by what you had just said to him. Did you really see yourself like that? Did others put those thoughts in your head?
He lets out a deep breath before looking at you in the eyes, "I understand your inner turmoil. Honestly, I could almost ask you the same thing. Why spend time around someone you should be wary about? Especially with a quirk like mine. But you didn't care for that."
Shinsō clicks his tongue. It was aggravating to hear such berating comments towards you since he saw so much more in you. He appreciates the fact that you choose to hang around him despite what other people might say about his 'villainous' quirk. He especially enjoys hearing you talk, no matter the subject of your rants. "You're not an awful person. Those type of people would never give people like me a chance. However..."
The former light tension suddenly became heavy as Shinsō furrowed his eyebrows. This was not directed towards you. Of course not. You're not at fault for this.
"Those who make you think otherwise are truly despicable beings."
Rook Hunt
Ah. So that's what it is.
Rook had always viewed you as someone extravagant despite what you may say at this moment. Ever since he met you, you've managed to keep him ensnared, so of course he would watch over you. He'd already seen signs of this behavior even before you told him outright why he even stays around.
He chuckles softly, "Hm, I see that my little trickster is confused. It's simple. You have so much beautiful potential within you that it captivates me." The vice dorm leader takes his chance to grab your hand as he lets out a crestfallen sigh.
"It's a shame you don't see yourself the same. I haven't seen much evidence that you are this so called 'awful person'. I would know. Very well." His smile quirks up a little.
A small hum is heard from him after that. "Perhaps I haven't been doing as good as a job showing you how magnificent you truly are. I shall show you what I see in you, ma/mon chérie.
Tumblr media
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deceitful-darlings · a month ago
Ummm... Well, this is awkward 😅😅 but I was wondering which twst boys are thigh men?? Is that the correct word? 😅 thanks for the answer and I hope your blog flourishes! 💕
Hi Tri! Hope you’re doing well, don’t worry I think I get what you mean! Thanks for the well wishes and people check this girl’s blog out if you somehow haven’t already. It’s amazing.
With your thighs an area to just make you squirm, I think you’ll find Lilia loves them. He’s a bit of a sadist so he likes dragging things out for as long as he can, a nip to the thigh to heighten your senses, only to lick the wound and watch your body’s every reaction, and knowing you can see exactly what he’s doing if he angles it right or lifts your leg up slightly, your embarrassment is so cute~!
Silver has one main reason: thighs are nice to sleep on. Not exactly a deep or sexy reason, but he tends to pay more attention to thighs for that reason, if his s/o has nice, soft thighs? He’s in heaven.
He’s an everything man, so it shouldn’t be a suprise that Rook also loves your thighs. They’re not overtly sexual meaning they’re that bit more romantic, and romance is exactly what he loves, seeing your cute expressions when touches them, runs a finger along one, when he kisses his way up them. He loves the build up as much as the main event.
Idia likes them because it’s the closest he’s gotten to the famous R18 cutscene! He wants to have you wear cosplay with short shorts and micro skirts so that he can get a proper not so sneaky look at them. To be able to see your thighs means you’re in something revealing, and if you’re wearing something revealing around him it must mean that you don’t think he’s gross. Right?
Another one who likes them for the teasing aspect is Jade. What can I say, he likes pushing you to the brink of tears until you’re begging him to touch somewhere other than your thighs. Not only that, in their natural forms they don’t have legs, the fact that the skin is so soft and plush and easy to mark...perhaps he should keep tormenting you just a little longer.
Shoving the newest, trendiest clothes at you so he can take some great new photos for Magicam, you’ll find Carter definitely steers towards giving you very short bottom garments. He’ll insist that they’re the latest style, and when you relent and wear them he tends to rest his hand on your thighs far more than is probably necessary for the few pictures. He won’t tell you about the extra few personal ones he snapped at a lower angle, it would be a crime not to remember how good your thighs looked in those!
I would probably say Jamil would, I can’t put my finger on why, and while he isn’t necessarily a ‘thigh guy’, Jack does like burying his face in them when he gets shy or embarrassed.
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deceitful-darlings · a month ago
Hi DD , this might be a weird question but which ones of the twst boys loves the sound of their darlings heartbeat ? 💗
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fairestwriting · 2 months ago
Hello, you can do general Headcanons of yandere Rook, please ( ꈍᴗꈍ) (I don't know if you want me to be more specific
self-explanatory content warning for yandere content + mentions of stalking and kidnapping for this one
+ if you like my writing, you can buy me a ko-fi to support me!
Rook Hunt
Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way. He’s a huge stalker.
Whoever he’s developed an obsession on will be followed around everywhere. In or out of class, in their dorm, in their club, Rook will be there, taking photos and picking up whatever trinkets they happen to drop, looking at them with sparkling eyes like he’s just found a treasure.
He takes so many pictures, especially of them when they’re asleep, putting them together in intricate photo albums, writing down the exact date and time when he’s taken the picture. He looks at them sometimes, sighing dreamily like they’re right in front of him.
I wouldn’t say Rook is exactly passive as a yandere, but... he’s very much not aggressive, at least not most of the time. He’s much more obsessive than possessive, though whenever he sees anyone getting close to his beloved, his hand clenches around his bow...
What he does about his obsession depends entirely on what sort of person he’s become infatuated with. Kidnapping wouldn’t be his first option, but if they’re particularly insistent on rejecting him, he’s not afraid to do it... otherwise, Rook would prefer to just quietly creep into their life, living out his dream of a perfect love story with them before he lets his tendencies truly show.
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