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#the very first official yandere post on this blog!
minzart · a month ago
Yandere list 7_Rook Hunt!
(if it's okay ofc)
The moment I chose that list I knew someone was going to pick Rook for that specific number I knew it
You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms.
The 100 special
Rook Hunt is know to be an eccentric man, always watching by the shadows, always reciting praises after praises to however is near, always pursuing beauty
For him everything is beautiful, from the adorable little puppy to the vicious acts of a murderer, but everyone has a tipe and oh, you are just absolutely perfect
He loved you the moment he saw you, on the deep night after all rumors of Riddle's overblot started, and there, beaten and tired after a long day of school he fell in love
You were exhausted and bickering with Grim, for anyone else you looked terrible, but him? He saw your hard work, your strength, your determination to shine and live on this strange world that isn't yours, and he found you fascinating to watch
You were always so kind but knew when to bite, always willingly to lend a hand, looked so naive but he knows better, beneath the mask of the perfect little prefect, the fix everything of NRC, you are a cunning creature waiting to be free
He watches from afar, every movement you make every breath you take, everyone you talk to, every moment that you blush
He has all this recorded, hidden even better than his stacks of Neige's merchandise that he so adores, for those photos are his and his alone
And the second you and your friends showed up to the VDC audition? He didn't let his change pass by, you can never imagine how heart broken he was that you wouldn't be on the team, and can never start to wonder the delight he felt once the news that he was going to be on the same dorm as you came, that nigh he didn't slept at all
Days passes, bounds form and you and Rook just clicked, he knew you, he understands you, he was humorous, he was polite, he was everything you ever wanted on a friend that would support you on this world he knows your tipe, he knows your likes and dislikes, he knows who you fancy and he loves you oh so much it's hard to breathe
You don't need to know about the days he breaks into your room and watches you sleep, you don't need to know the people he had to take down so you would never ever have eyes for them, they wouldn't reciprocate anyway for they don't appreciate your beauty, not like him, never like him
He holds you in his arms, you had fallen asleep after a long day and just naturally fell in HIS arms, so brave, lowering your guard around someone like him, don't you know? A hunter will get any opportunities to catch his prey
He doesn't need pictures to remember this, your warmth, your smell, the texture of you skin, the heavy breathes the pacing of your beating heart, he will remember this second by second, will revive this each night, and will use this as a fuel to his plan of catching you
"You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms" he whisper in your ear oh so sweetly, sure that you won't awake, tightening his embrace and burring his face in your neck, grinning like a madman, it feels like heaven
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ultimate-snek · a month ago
Hi. So, requests rules for headcanons and oneshots, along with the general information and rules on this blog.
Number one: The NSFW.
Get the most painful, awkward subject out of the way first, ey? Just kidding, the outro was the most painful to write. 
Alright. So I’d like to make one thing clear. You will not approach me with sexual talk, flirting, asking if I have kinks and other shit. If I mention wearing a choker you are not allowed to fucking fetishize me. Nor will you attempt to have word sex with the characters I put up for asks.
 Now, while I do not allow sexual talk with me, the creator of the blog, or my characters, I’m alright with discussing issues that are sexual in nature. And, I am alright with taking requests for slightly sexual headcanons and imagines.
I also think I should specify that I don’t really have a problem with discussing sexual things about characters (as long as they’re not children or something) but I won’t talk about sexual things about myself, or real people. So like, I guess what I’m saying is that I’m okay with having a chat about if a character is a sub or a dom or a switch, or something like that, but I’m not okay with people talking about real people or me like that.
I’m okay with recommending smut fics I guess, or if you want to ask me how to write smut or something ask. I’m okay with talking about it to my friends, but when it’s other random people on the internet just like, ask if you want to talk about writing sexual stuff? I’ll probably say no if I feel uncomfortable, but like. Ask, don’t just start talking about it. Otherwise that’s going to be awkward. Unless I already know you well from outside of social apps or a different app we’re friends on.
I’m not gonna write a sex scene, or super nsfw headcanons, but I’m okay with writing some sexual stuff. That being said, if you request things with certain kinks I will refuse to write it if it makes me uncomfortable. If I tell you no on a request, do not keep pushing. Things that I will not even accept as a possibility to write about include rape- while it can be mentioned in the backstory of a character, I will not write character x character or character x reader rape, because you know what? That’s fucked. Rape isn’t something to be romanticized like that. 
There’s certain kinks that I won’t write about, like pretty much anything involving other bodily fluids- sweat, p*ss (censored because someone tagged me to that cursed fic and now I feel awkward writing the word) whatever the hell a shit kink is- I only know that this exists because I visit r/gachalifecringe ever so often from boredom. 
This blog is going to have some nsfw stuff obviously, from gore to trauma to dark stuff in backstories and writing. Lets just make that clear. Another thing I would like to add is that in ANY, ANY sexual headcanon the characters will be aged up. The age of the danganronpa cast isn’t really official I think, but I’ll be writing them as eighteen or older in pretty much anything, unless it’s an (obviously non sexual) imagine of when they were younger. 
Also, no way in hell am I writing anything sexual about the warriors of hope, or Haji. Sorry, not sorry.
Alright. Now that that awkward talk is over, let’s get to it. Number two: The writing.
Now, I’m fairly new to tumblr so I might make mistakes in formatting and such. So, for writing. I will accept requests to write things for my oc, whether it’s a supportive message to the reader, or headcanons about her, or her hanging out with another character. If it’s requested to be romantic, I might attempt to write that. Basic information about my character is that her name is Hebichi, she’s nineteen years old, and the Ultimate Herpetologist. She wears a mask of bandages to hide her face.
So. I will accept requests for oneshots, and headcanons. Oneshots will be in third person unless stated otherwise. If you requested something from me, and I do not respond or acknowledge it, it’s either because I’m not online, or I just didn’t really receive the ask or request. So, feel free to bring it up again if I don’t respond.
I’ll write x readers, and maybe some character x character. I’ll tell you politely if a requested ship makes me uncomfy. Please try not to say cryptic stuff, you know, the sort of borderline judgy or rude stuff that’s going to make me stress and wonder how to address it.
This contains spoilers for like everything in danganronpa. Just making that clear.
I’m also not going to write littlespace because honestly I don’t know much about it, some people see it as a kink and I’m not going to get into it, nor judge people who like it. I will write imagines of the characters as children though. Non-sexual imagines obviously, unless it’s about trauma that certain characters had. Even then I’m probably not going to post those heavier topics on this site.
Number three: Behavior.
Look, if something I do makes you uncomfortable, please tell me what it is. Don’t ignore me, that’s just kind of going to make the situation worse because I won’t know if you want me to stop talking to you or whatever. I really don’t mean to offend anyone with stuff I post, I don’t want to upset people.
And look, please, please if you don’t agree with a headcanon or ship I like, just...don’t bully me or some shit, k? Let’s just be mature danganronpa fans. If you think I’m romanticizing or glorifying something that shouldn’t be treated that way, let me know.
I’m already oversensitive, I have issues and such and other stuff. If I act strange, I don’t mean to. I don’t want to make people unhappy. If you come to me talking about triggering stuff or your own issues, I’m going to try to help. Though, I might just end up trying to relate to you through my own experiences, or giving shitty advice. I want to help, I really do, just uh...please be careful in what you say.
Number four: Triggers and Romanticizing.
For me, triggers include being called a wh*re or a r*tard, or a vegetable. Don’t interact if you’re homophobic or transphobic. Don’t interact if you think woman owe you sex. Don’t interact if you believe in white/male supremacy. 
I will not not NOT romanticize any dark topics. If I write yandere headcanons, I will make it very clear that the whole kidnapping possessive killer and Stockholme syndrome thing is not, you know, something romantic. Yanderes can be romantic but, you know, the stuff they do is wrong. That’s obvious.
If I’m writing from the perspective of an abused or traumatized character- a character who had been taught to justify what they’ve been through- that doesn’t mean I agree with their views. If, say I’m writing from the POV of a character who thinks that it’s okay to be constantly yelled at by their S/O as long as the other says they’re sorry- that doesn’t mean I personally agree with that view so please don’t make assumptions without asking.
There will be toxic relationships and abuse written and portrayed on this account. For my own character, I would like to mention that her ex, who she was in a toxic relationship with, was not always bad. They had some wholesome moments, there are a few of the many different and varying versions I have of her where their relationship was actually okay. If I draw anything of them together, it’s either in an au where they managed to have a good relationship, or from the time before their connection turned sour. I’m not trying to romanticize toxicity or abusers in any way. It might be a little confusing, but I do have lots of versions of this oc with different backstories and aus.
Number five: Requests and asks.
Please like, I really don’t know at this point lol. No idea what I’m doing. Anyways, there’s not really a form just tell me which character(s), it’s supposed to be about, the theme or prompt, and whether it’s supposed to be a headcanon, imagine, either one, also include if you want it to be an x reader.
For asks, umm just like either address me with a question to give to Hebichi, or address her directly- though I recommend the first option. If you like, say you get certain vibes from her or think she’d do a certain thing, feel free to say that and I might draw something for it if I like the ask.
Currently, Hebichi is the only character up for asks. I’ll do an intro post for her soon, but I’m running out of stuff to write. Remember to address me by Kat. And, don’t forget I go by she/them pronouns, though I’m pretty chill if you accidentally use the wrong pronoun for me or forget. Now, we’re kind done here, so you can stop reading if you’d like. Stuff below is just random info about me.
Number six: Miscellaneous.
Ight. Here we go. Get ready to get added to the discord simps because I present to you....Hebichi.
Tumblr media
The reference for her sprite was a fanmade Toko sprite, and some hand reference bases. Her sprite isn’t completely finished by the way.
Tumblr media
This was something I drew of her, using a base. I’ll try to find the original base used later on when I have the time, and update this post.
Please my lips are dry as fuck. Why are my lips so fucking dry. I’m not a Shigaraki kinnie I swear. I understand the concept of lip balm. I mean chapstick, whatever.
Don’t be concerned for me, I swear I don’t have a type for favorite characters, my kin list is very healthy.
Looks at kin&favorite list.
Korekiyo Shinguji from Danganronpa V3. 
Orochimaru from Naruto.
Desna from The Legends of Korra.
Mukuro Ikusaba from Danganronpa THH.
Syo from Danganronpa THH.
Mondo Owada from Danganronpa THH.
Rock Lee from Naruto.
Tayuya from Naruto.
Kabuto from Naruto. 
Mitsuki from Naruto.
Spinner from My Hero Academia.
Todoroki from My Hero Academia.
Shigaraki from My Hero Academia.
Mai from Avatar the Last Airbender.
Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender.
Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender.
Korra from The Legends of Korra.
Asami from The Legends of Korra.
Chief Beifong from the Legends of Korra.
Please save me. Not even gonna say which are my kins and which are my favorites and which are both. That way you can’t judge me, ha!
Wait, you can. Don’t be too alarmed though.
Overall favorite characters from the animes I’ve seen, in order of favorites?
Korekiyo Shinguji.
Genocider Syo.
I love Syo but like, Tayuya is like. Really really cool and strong. idea how to end this so are ya ready kids to hear a new cringy slogan?
Hell no captain!
Too bad.
~~Kat’s out of the bag. And this place.~~~
God this is so awkward and cringy. I feel like I’m on a facetime call but the video glitched out, and the other person is playing a video game and no one knows what to say.
Anyways, bye.
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quartermera · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi! If you could take a few minutes of your time to go over my guidelines before requesting, it would be highly appreciated! ^^
General Information
I write both reader insert headcanons and scenarios for One Piece. My default reader is gender and race neutral. Do keep in mind that I’m white and use she/they pronouns, and that will probably be at least a little bit noticeable in my writing no matter what.
For headcanons, please do not request more than 5 characters at once. The more characters you request for one prompt, the least I will write per character.
For scenarios, I only accept 1 character at a time. I give no guarantee of how long/short a scenario will be. It depends of how inspired I am and of the general flow.
Most of my works are written in 2nd person POV (you), but I give myself the liberty to write in other forms, particularly for scenarios. Alternating POVs is something I pick however, I do not accept requests for that yet.
Please keep in mind I am not a professional writer nor a native English speaker. Also remember I do this for free and that a hi, please and thank you is all I ask in return when you send in a request.
Lastly I am under no obligation to fulfill your request. I might simply not feel comfortable, maybe because I lack knowledge on a subject, I don’t know a character well enough or any other reason. Please respect my choice if that is the case <3
What do I write?
Romantic and non-romantic interactions
LGBTQ+ relationships
Fluff, smut and slight angst (it needs to have a happy ending, I’m a softie)
What do I not write?
Abuse of any kind. That includes yandere, sexual, mental or physical abuse and non-con/dub-con.
Several kinks like: daddy/mommy kink, body fluids or feet. These are just off the top of my head. If you want to request something kinky and aren’t sure if I’d accept it, just ask first, I promise I won’t bite or judge :p
NSFW content for Merfolk, Fishfolk and Minks
NSFW content for readers that aren’t female. Suggestive themes can be for any gender however.
Romantic or sexual interactions for underage characters. For characters who were underage before the time skip, the action will always be placed afterwards.
Incest. That also counts for adopted families.
N.SFW Requests
For the love of God, only send N.SFW requests if you are an adult. I trust you, don’t make me regret it.
Everything will be tagged with #nillesblushingbooks (If you get this joke, ily btw). Just block the tag if needed.
As mentioned beforehand, I’ll only take N.SFW requests for female readers. By this I mean cis female readers. I might write for other genders in the future, but I don’t feel confident to do this yet.
Suggestive themes can be for any gender however, but as per usual, I let myself the liberty of turning your request down if I’m not comfortable with it.
Additional Information
If you’re curious as to who I am, I have an about me page now :D (Feels so official LMAO)
I am a college student. Please keep that in mind when requesting. Unless I’m organizing a write-a-thon, you probably will have to wait at the very least a week before getting your request. (Some people waited 6 months when I opened this blog so a week is nothing really.)
Please, do not send me messages asking me when I will write or post your request. If after 3 months it still didn’t show up, sure you can ask me if I properly received it, but do not spam me. It’ll just make me want to turn you down.
Just be nice y'all <3
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sallysoot · 3 months ago
Hello! I really wanna start a yandere dsmp blog but I'm!!! Super anxious!!! About it!!! Do you have any tips for starting a blog in this fandom? Also I hope you're having a lovely day so far!!! --🦊🍄
hi!!!!! <3 thank you, it’s been a pretty okay day! i hope yours has been good, too! so, as for starting a blog, i don’t exactly have TONS of advice about it. OTL i sort of just showed up and started posting and here we are! but i think some general things i could suggest are:
having a post “aesthetic”-- it doesn’t have to be anything super duper fancy by any means, but having posts that are structured with a header/summary/etc. catches the eye of a reader much more than just like... RAW TEXT, start to finish.
don’t overwork yourself because you’ll DEFINITELY get burnt out, but when the blog is just starting off you’ll for sure want to have two or three things queued to post. tumblr doesn’t like when you post in the tags too frequently and if you do, the posts won’t show up in the tags-- so you won’t get exposure that way! you gotta space them out SEVERAL hours apart, but you do want to be reasonably active at the beginning. 
on a similar note: don’t ask for requests before you’ve posted any content! you can have “requests open” in your bio/pinned post from the start, but i’d advise against making an official “requests open” post until you’ve given people an idea of who you are and how you write. people won’t be familiar with how you write if you ask for requests right away, so they won’t be as likely to know what they wanna see from you yet!
be receptive to people that wanna talk to you and the ideas they’re sharing, but don’t overexert yourself trying to appease every single one. if you’re uncomfortable with the content of an ask? just don’t answer, it’s fine and anyone that has an issue can take it up with me!!
also: don’t respond to anon hate. ever. no matter what they’re saying or how good you could own them by answering, never respond to negative messages. they’ll sit there refreshing your blog like a loser just waiting to see you acknowledge them, so don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing a response!
don’t get discouraged! getting a blog going and gaining followers that will send requests and interact can take time, and that’s okay! first and foremost, you want to be writing for yourself and making content that YOU enjoy-- everything else will follow if people see you having a good time & writing stuff that makes you happy!
those are just some general tips i have, i’m not really an expert and truth be told, i just got VERY lucky with this blog. i didn’t do anything special, i just happened to post when the right people would see it, so it isn’t an exact science. ^^” i look forward to seeing your blog & participation in the community!!!!!
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dear-yandere · 6 months ago
—ask collection!
Tumblr media
a collection of mostly very old chats and sweet asks that i never got around to answering! thanks for the patience and love!! 
beware, fairly long post... woops....
Tumblr media
chat asks.
Tumblr media
darling: Eu-jin is best boy. Change my mind.
vanya: i am physically incapable of fulfilling that request, how dare you do that to me... i’m biased since he’s my own oc, but i would die for my (very best) boy eu-jin... who can resist such a gentle yandere that loves you so whole-heartedly?
that reminds me! he’s actually based off of kuroyuki and gekkamaru from the otome nightshade, so if you want similar characters by any chance, do check them and the game out ♡
Tumblr media
darling: I was watching the dub for Part 5 of JoJo's Bizarre adventure yesterday...Mista called himself Daddy and I like- sdfghjfgsdhnhnmj!! My heart can't take this--
vanya: WAIT HE DID???? i’m not even big on daddy kink and reading that made me go 😳 this is vital information to know... what episode was this??? for research purposes, of course. gotta perfect my yan! mista, after all~...
Tumblr media
darling: for yandere songs, have you heard of the major to minor covers by chase holfelder :O? the way he delivers the lyrics in some songs (betty, all i want for christmas), added with the key changes to minor, is really fantastic, and gives a stalker-ish vibe imo! and he's a really good singer in general
vanya: i have!! a good chunk of them are actually on my personal yandere playlist, so i end up hearing them frequently when i’m writing!! i haven’t been keeping up with his uploads recently, so ‘betty’ is completely new to me and just, wow???????????? this man is an absolute god send for us “romantic” horror fans... ♡
this ask gave me such a lovely idea, though, darling: assigning yandere types/mbti based off each of chase’s minor key covers. i think i’ll do that just for you. ♡
Tumblr media
darling @blossomiich​: I reread some of your old character interaction asks and saw the one with Jotaro hugging his Darling after a panic attack and the elephant seal plush reminded me of the iconic C H O N K Y ringed seal plushie that was kinda trending and I can totally imagine Jotaro having one of those >w< that's so adorable!
vanya: i honestly don’t remember that interaction, but then again i don’t remember most things hmghng so i looked it up and
Tumblr media
j...just imagine star plat hogging it and not letting joot cuddle with it 🥺 the duality of man...thank you for this cute image...
Tumblr media
darling: Umm, sorry for asking this. I'm just curious because of your bio language in your header. Are you Chinese too, perhaps?
vanya: no worries!! i’m mixed guyanese (indian, chinese, & possibly black and/or portuguese), but my family only celebrates (or rather, acknowledges?) our indian descent, since the majority of our family is predominantly east indian. 
my header is actually a quote from a danmei novel (and one of my all-time favorite fandoms), tiān guān cì fú (heaven’s official blessing)!
Tumblr media
darling genki stan anon: Omg you're writing for free now, i didn't expect that one lol. It's a cute show innit? Not a nagi stan but I feel like nagisa has that kinda unsnapped personality that would make him peak delusional yandere material lolol like oikawa but less threatening and without his head being up his own ass 😂. Hope you're doing well!! -gsa
Gdjsjs im such a fool, i think my last ask said something about not thinking you'd write for free when i literally just pointed out kisumi on your sideblog LMAO my bad 😅 😂 also ill hold back on the gen chan requests because ive already asked so many in the past! Thank you though 🥺. Also feel free not to post this, it can just dip into my onesided chats with my lil flower 💐 so long as you receive them im fine 😌 -genki stan anon
vanya: nagisa isn’t my favorite (kisumi is), but gods if he wouldn’t make a great yandere. honestly, out of the iwatobi boys, nagi is probably the most unhinged. i wouldn’t peg him as delusional, at least not at first; i think he’s very lucid and knows exactly what he wants and how to manipulate people in order to get it!!! kisumi is fairly similar now that i think about it... i might... have a type...
please feel free to send in gen-chan requests whenever you want!!!! i’m kinda super asocial, so it’ll take me a while to answer, but i love getting asks from you since you’re so sweet and excitable!!! your little flower reads and cherishes them all!! 🥺
also darling genki stan anon: Sorry for spamming you with asks hdjkdks, u dont even need to reply im just kinda brain empty venting here whether you recieve them or not 😂 i just needed to confess that while yes i am #1 gen simp, and he is undoubtedly my fave oc of yours but that Ilya tentacle smut had me very much so highkey kinda 👀, had to re read the genki oral style drabble to bring my head back. He dont even need to worry about luca bc that man a thot. I think therin is a thot too but like lowkey, a classy thót -gsa
vanya: omg i’ve kept this one for forever mnmghngh i might’ve even answered at some other point, now that i think about it... but i just 🥺 gosh i hope i find my muse soon, because i really wanna write you a genki fic 🥺 hhhh
the ilya tentacle smut was so in character for that boy... i have no clue how to write monsters, much less tentacles, but i’d honestly do anything for him 🙏 kinky russian boy...
therin is definitely a classy thot, the kind that only bangs the finest concubines then turns around and slut shames you for banging the very same prostitutes gbfmngnfg rules don’t apply to him, in his kingdom...wish that were me tbh ✊😔
Tumblr media
sweet asks.
Tumblr media
darling one: i've read almost all of your dazai and chuuya fics and i love them so much!! your formatting is also super aesthetic just a question, i saw on your kofi that you also draw so i was wondering if you drew all the header arts?? bc they're all super pretty :) have a great day!
darling two: Just wanted to say love the writing and the way your format your posts is so aesthetically pleasing. One day I hope my posts looks half as good as yours because I legit can't get over how pretty and organized it looks.
vanya: omg thank you so much!!!! one of my bffs, yue, is to thank for the formatting and aesthetic choices, really! if you wanna see more of her aesthetic formats and posts, she actually runs a few blogs! you may know her as @milkscafe​, formally @milkaaton! i adore her and her aes choices so much 🥺
as for the headers, i don’t draw 99.98% of them! i have drawn a couple, but they’re so few and far in between since i almost never finish my art wips haha... my older posts are lacking proper credits because i’m an absolute idiot, but i’m slowly working my way backwards to credit them all where possible! they’re all indeed super pretty!!!
have a great day yourself, my love!!
Tumblr media
vanya: this was in response to a now-deleted lil blurb but i kept it in my inbox because i wanted to say i love u very much and seeing this ask each time i open my inbox makes my heart skip a beat ♡
Tumblr media
darling: Listen I love your writing, you inspired me to start it myself! I've always loved to write, and read of course but your style and concepts just stick with me. If you where to write something besides Yandere content/fandom content and started your own series? I would read the shit, out of it. I'm always nervous to interact with my favorite writers because you know, I'm afraid of the impression I'd leave but I just wanted to say this anyway! 💞💞💞🔫😳
vanya: wowowow fgfnmgnfmngfg that’s such a high compliment my brain just gmfnbgmnf go boom fogjfngnfg and thank you for the interaction, us writers truly appreciate it no matter how awkward or nervous you think you may be / come off!!!
Tumblr media
darling one: As a writer, your post struck a nerve with me. I don’t send feedback to writers I like nearly as much as I should (and certainly not as much as I’d like in return as a writer). So, as such, I’m going to start doing that when I can, starting with you.
You are an incredible writer. You were one of the first yandere writing blogs I found and you’re still one I check in on regularly to see what you have been working on. You can portray a sense of suspense and intrigue in a natural way that many other writers - published ones included - struggle with. You delve into the darkness without it feeling forced, and you have an amazing grasp on the psyches of the characters you write for (which is a quality I adore in writing and strive toward myself).
I’m not great at ending these things so I guess.. you keep doing you? Because the you is great and I appreciate it.
darling two:  hey. i'm here to tell you that from the bottom of my heart i love you and your writings. i really admire your writing skills. you inspire me. one of your posts once saved me from a nervous breakdown. thank you for everything you do. you're a wonderful person. good luck!
darling three: I wanted to tell you that thank you for writing such wonderful beautiful writings and that you take time to edit and write I hope you are taking care of yourself 💖❤
darling four: Thanks. I was having a hard time and deleted all my apps, but as soon as i opened my phone my first instinct was to look at your blog and i got my motivation back. Thanks (:
darling five: Hi ! I just wanted to say I really enjoy the stories you write and how they are detailed so well ! Stay safe and I hope you have a good day/night ! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
vanya: ahhhh, these are very old asks mostly dating back to my “tumblr writing community is dying” post, and i’ve kept them this entire time because i’m just so starstruck. i have no clue how to reply to compliments, so i’m not sure what else to say besides that these asks made me very happy and got me through a few insecure moments!!! i’ve actually been feeling a little down about my writing recently, mostly because of lack of motivation / inspiration, so revisiting these really warmed my heart, so thank you truly ♡ i’m certainly keeping the originals in my inbox until the end of time!!
Tumblr media
darling @monstrously-obsessed: psst, this local cryptic mom thing send all of their love for you 💕
vanya: your local herbo says she loves you very much momster 🥺 mwah
Tumblr media
also, to the anon worried about my safety:
thank you so much for pointing that out!!! it hadn’t even crossed my mind when i made those ocs, so i appreciate your concern! i was contemplating revamping those two as is, so this is a great place to start! thank you again!!
Tumblr media
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isearchedtheyooniverse · 8 months ago
20 Questions Tag!
Thank you for tagging me, Mie! @guardians-of-exo (I love your new blog aesthetic by the way :)) Also happy very belated birthday!🎉🎊✨🎆🎇🌟🎈🎂🍰 You’re officially a quarter century old!
1) What do you prefer to be called name-wise?
I actually prefer my own name Mauli. It’s already unique enough, lol. But I’m called Mouse by some people, its a nickname that stuck when I was a kid (a family friend dubbed my brother and I Bunny and Mouse respectively) and people call me Mau which is the most common nickname. Or sometimes I’m referred to by my last name, David. But I prefer to be called by my name.
2) When is your birthday?
3) Where do you live?
Sri Lanka
4) Three things you are doing right now?
Trying to start writing again after posting Popsicles and Fates (shameless self-promo, please go read and drop feedback!)
I’m going to get a raw amethyst ring for myself (update: in the meantime I stole my dad’s ring with 9 gemstones for luck and prosperity)
5) Four fandoms that have piqued your interest?
Kpop? K-hip-hop? Pop? I’m a multifandom whore😂😂 Let’s say Kpop and k-hip-hop as a whole and...just music as a whole, Marvel...I’m entering the ATLA fandom thanks to a friend of mine...I can’t think of anymore right now😂😂
6) How has the pandemic been treating you?
At first I panicked a bit but eventually I stopped caring. Online classes have been weird since I’ve never done that before, and I kinda took about a month or two away from studies until curfew was lifted. The only changes for me right now are the social distancing (which is actually not that big of a deal bc I usually am pretty...socially distant lol), mask wearing, temperature checking, constant sanitizing and having to sign & leave the national ID with officials every time we enter any premises.
7) A song you can’t stop listening to right now?
SongS because I’m an absolute shit to pick just one and I listen to a lot of artists:
Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco’s Lonely. (IT JUST DROPPED AND ITS BEAUTIFUL)
Coldplay’s Yellow, Clocks, O and Paradise.
The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights.
Dua Lipa’s Levitating.
Miley Cyrus’ Midnight Sky.
Lady Gaga’s 911.
Madonna’s Ghosttown.
Doja Cat’s Bottom Bitch & Rules.
Grimes & i_o’s Violence.
Ashnikko & Grimes’ Cry.
Ashnikko’s Tantrum.
Kang Daniel, JAMIE & Simon Dominic’s Waves.
Stray Kids’ God’s Menu.
Sik-K & Gaeko’s Ring Ring.
Sik-K & Crush’s Tell Ya! + Darling.
Sik-K’s Noizy, She’s Gone, Nirvana, Love Aches.
Sik-K, Jessi & The Quiett’s Mi Casa es tu Casa.
Sik-K, Goosebumps, Woodie Gochild, pH-1, HAON & Jay Park’s Water.
Simon Dominic’s DAx4.
Simon Dominic, Loopy & Crush’s Make Her Dance.
YUMDDA, The Quiett, Simon Dominic, Paloalto & Deepflow’s J2B.
8) Recommend a movie?
Along with the Gods, both movies. I first watched it because of Kyungsoo and then completely forgot about simping after him when I got hooked to the plot, its amazing, the CGI, the emotions, the dialogue...perfection.The 2nd sequel is on the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
9) How old are you?
21 and legal in 3-4 months😉 
10) School, university, occupation, other?
I’m studying fashion design. Couture training.
11) Do you prefer heat or cold?
12) Name one fact others may not know about you?
I can play any song by listening to it by ear.
13) Are you shy?
Depends on the people and my mood at the moment. If I know them I’ll be the most extroverted human ever, but sometimes I’m an introvert around my best friends. I consider myself to be an ambivert leaning towards being an introvert, so I am very much shy. I don’t wanna get to know people that much bc it gives me SO much anxiety, but I’m trying to break out of that box.
14) Preferred pronouns?
She/her at the moment.
15) Biggest pet peeve?
Incorrect grammar and spelling. Oh my God😂😂😂 It’s such a turn off when I’m texting someone or reading a fic. ie: I’m currently talking to this guy and besides the fact that he’s a dryass texter, his grammar and spelling fluctuates and I’m THIS close to bailing but I don’t know how to not be rude (which is weird because I can be very blunt and I have been with this guy I’m talking about asikjalfrkgjwirgjrgrg bye)
16) What is your favorite “dere” type?
I don’t watch anime that much...but Tsundere, Yandere, Deredere and Dandere.
17) Rate your life 1-10, 1 being crappy and 10 being the best it could be:
Life is going good right now, I’d give it a solid 7 or 8.
18) What’s your main blog?
This one, poo💙🌌
19) List your side blogs and what they’re used for:
I have a stream of sideblogs, 14 to be exact, and another 2 main blogs, one is a collab blog I made with a friend of mine which I will reveal soon. It’s for multifandom fanfiction, not just in kpop but in pop music (ie: Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber...etc.)
I had @soomydoisopen and @wigstealingkpopqueens, @feeleeksandchangbeans and was VERY active on them when I first discovered sideblogs but then deleted them (when I went through a mental breakdown) and recreated them. Now I have more blogs, @spillthattaeyong, @5haworld and @tomorrrowxtogether and a string of others that are urls I’ve saved for future purposes. I’m not as active on my other blogs as I used to be.
20) Is there anything people need to know about you before becoming friends?
I did mention I’m an ambivert leaning towards mostly being an introvert. I do have some trouble making friends because I’m painfully awkward at times, depending on my mood. I adore my friends once the ice is broken. Thinking about being social gives me so much anxiety too, that’s why I took a timeout from socials and left social media, just texting and calling in general minus my family. Though that was peaceful it got weird because as much as I’m an introvert, I’m still very social online, so it was weird for everyone to NOT see me actively talking and being my fun self. I sometimes take some time off socials, so any friends I make should know that before being my friend.
I’m tagging @meiiyue @doom-daddy-top @byuns-coco @thedeviousdo @theloveinkimkai @baojinnie @armysantiny @prettydeadlykpop and whoever who wants to do this!
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bun isnt showing up on my dash, smh tumblr, I can see the post on your blog but its not showing up in my feed (also I was talking about ur oc nano... their old and new stuff :0)
[cough] delayed one day because i started feeling sleepy LOL
uuuh honestly nano-cen hasn’t changed much since the last time ive looked at him mostly because i ditched him for yu and he deserves it 
I don’t really remember how much I shared last time I was asked about him though so *checking papers* lemme see
uuuh i guess it takes me longer to explain nano usually because he’s very attached to the concept of the world he’s in. Sure I can just say “there is this bunny and he is a medium and his family is all about that spirituality stuff” but it’s not the same if i don’t add “and that’s pretty normal for most part because in the world he comes from the gap between the living and the dead is very small and they are actually able to contact each other so talking to deceased ancestors is a pretty normal thing though it still requires training and not everyone is able to do it but in the end their whole culture is based on the connection they have with the ‘other side’” *takes deep breah* because then it’s hard to explain why the modernization of society is killing that culture in a way that makes his family be despised by the youngest generations
...Still with me? Well, okay.
Basically people handling the culture badly in order to make a profit is a thing that happens in a massive scale, even to the point where places considered “official” sanctuaries have been caught on the lie. There’s a lot of factors that come into play but I’m gonna spare you from the details of the downfall of bunny culture.
Nano’s family, though, they’re the real deal. And they’ve been for generations. The problem is, no matter how legit you are -- if there’s a scandal nearby, you’re doomed to be a victim of it.
And now, if I’m gonna be honest, the real protagonist when I’m talking about Nano is actually his mother. He is really just the product of her hard work and I think I should finally start saying that LMAO Aeruii, she’s a troubled woman. She’s gotta deal with a broken marriage, a very fragile child, and people who are unreasonably angry at her every now and then. And a lot of other stuff, but the big thing is: she is always busy or tired, and never really has the time for the only joy in her world, her son. She’s never there, not even when the his chronic illness eventually kills him. And that’s what changed everything. Her world stopped moving the way it used to. After years stubbornly clinging to her heritage -- to everything she grew up with  -- she finally gives it all up. She leaves. Changes her name. Finds a new home. Starts a new life.
But ultimately, Aeruii breaks down at the thought that the one who deserved a second chance wasn’t her.
Tumblr media
uuuh i dont like to get into details because its extremely cliche satanic ritual kinda stuff but yeah she does that bc she wants to give nano everything she never could and sure it requires some hard work and sacrifices lmaaaooo
so heres the deets nano before all of this: -good boy -best friends with yu and thats all he needs -shy -likes doodling some flowers he sees -he doodles them anywhere and sometimes its not even a flower its something that looks like a flower -”check out this weird flower!” ”nano that is a cabbage” -very good at the “talking with ghosts” thing except for the part where he’s supposed to learn a whole ass language to properly do it
nano after all of this: -BITCH -doesn’t talk to anyone unless addressed first but its not bc hes shy he just doesnt CARE -ok its not really like that hes just ‘meh’ most of the time but Aeruii never really noticed the difference between his shy personality and his dead boring personality because of sad reasons -hes a little bit like a zombie? until you talk to him. hes kinda always zoning out not thinking of anything but can act like a normal person when necessary -obsessive about one person, though, will do anything for them only(and its not his mother!). says its love but its a zombie instinct kinda -saw yu once, might have attempted murder. i swear it was a very circumstantial situation and not any deep hatred
and basically that was all just aeruii’s story but nano’s story goes like this -some kids like him enough to keep him around -he gets a bit obsessive over one of them -wants to be the only one in that person’s life -mild yandere shit -they find out about him being a creepy bastard & kick him outta the group -he freaks the fuck out -violent yandere shit -the original version of this story included some deaths but worry not present be is rated E for Everyone
i wanted this to be a brief summary but that can never be true when its about nano-cen. so many fucking factors. why the hell are these bunnies so complicated
anyway, *clears throat*
ⁿᵃⁿᵒ ᶜʳᵉᶻᶦᵒ⁻ᵗᵒᵐᵒʳᵒ ᵛᵃᵐⁿᵈᵉ ⁿᵉʳᵒʰᶦ.
ᵒʳ ˢᵒᵐᵉᵗʰᶦⁿᵍ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ
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Talented Ass Writers: Tumblr (1)
Talented Ass Writers.
As the fan-fiction connoisseur that I am, I see it only fitting that my first official post be a shout out to all the great writers that I’ve discovered, befriended, and thoroughly enjoyed since my arrival on the holy ground that is tumblr.
Now. I’m 22 years old, and I’ve read a lot of fan-fiction in my days, guys, so I’d like to think I know good quality material when I read it.  I’ve even dabbled in the writing aspect of it, but we aren’t going to talk about that. I’m more of a reader than a writer, at least when creative writing is concerned. I have ideas, but I can never think them through to where I want them to end up, so alas, I read others works and immerse myself in worlds inside worlds. 
For the past year or so, I’ve been heavy into the BNHA fandom, hence the name on my blog. My favorite character is Bakugou Katsuki. As if that wasn’t obvious, but I’m a fan-girl at heart, so I read on multiple platforms including: wattpad, quotev, ffnet, AO3, obscure websites that exist, and of course tumblr, and in this post and the parts that will come later, I will mention lots of authors from different platforms that I think people should know about, in my humble opinion.
I mainly read reader inserts or fics with OC’s, but I’m not going to say that there won’t be some character x character action because in the past, I’ve read plenty of those for several fandoms. 
Without Further Ado, Welcome to My “Talented Ass Writers” List, or at least the first part of a yet to be determined number.
* denotes that the fic is NSFW
(Part 1) Tumblr:
@kingexpl0sionmurder - I had to start this list off with my main girl. Steff is not only a talented ass writer, but she’s also a great person and one of my close friends! She currently only has stories for BNHA characters including: Shinsou, Kaminari, Sero, and Todoroki. She writes NSFW and SFW, but she is a 18+ blog.  
One of My Favorites: Missed Connection *
@pleasantanathema - This blog is strictly 18+ NSFW content, so this one is for all my deviants, like myself. She writes smut beautifully, and her writing is just amazing. I once requested her to write Jealous!Bakugou, and she delivered. She writes for Haikyuu and BNHA, so pick your poison, and I just want to add that she may or may not be one of the reasons that I thirst, occasionally, over Endeavor.
One of My Favorites: Encounter Series *
@ttetsuro - skyyyyyy! She’s so good!! You may have read her iconic hoof piece on her previous blog! She’s posted a couple of stories on this new blog, and she’s really great at writing! She’s also a genuine ass person, and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.
One of My Favorites: Backseat*
@bratwritings - Nat is super talented. Her blog is 18+. She has great creativity, and she is very descriptive in her writing. She writes for BNHA, and the characters she’s wrote for, I think she’s captured them very well!
One of My Favorites: Keeping it Professional*
@bakublossom - I recently discovered her blog! She does regular writings, but I discovered her with her SMAU! Her SMAU & fics are so good!
One of My Favorites: Apartment 204
@lady-bakuhoe - this list is far from complete, but I wanted to go ahead & put Jo on here. If you like to read Fanfiction, I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon one of Jo’s fics. SHE HAS SO MANY GOOOD ONES. I love her writing so much. She has a way with words, and I read a lot, honestly one of the best. She’s not currently writing, but I would definitely recommend checking out her stuff here or on AO3. 18+ only though.
One of My Favorites: I cant pick one. Literally read any of them.
@ikinabi - Red!! The Kiri Stan who made me also kinda thirst for Kirishima! She writes beautifully. I adore her as a writer & as a person! You won’t regret checking her out, especially if you live for kiri & his unbreakable form! 18+.
One of My Favorites: Power*
@gallickingun - Morgan not only writes for my angry boy baku, but she’s also writes (wrote?) for my asshole prince of all Saiyans that I love so dearly, and she’s good at it. That’s why she’s on the list, obviously. She writes smut, spice, fluff, ANGST (I’m still mad about that ending MORGAN 😂) & she does it beautifully. She’s also a really chill person, and you won’t regret checking her out. 18+
One of My Favorites: please, I beg of you.*
@league-of-thots - Jay’s blog is 18+, and she writes for several characters, including Hawks and Natsuo. She’s really good at smut, which I believe is slowly becoming a prerequisite for this list, and her writing, the not smutty parts, is also superb. She also throws in some kinks, and We all secretly like the kinky stuff, you can admit it to me. 
One of My Favorites: How Much I Love You*
@rivendell101 - I feel like I keep saying things like “she’s so good,” but they wouldn’t be on this list if they weren’t good. I’m not normally into threesomes, okay, but after reading the way she wrote her todoxreaderxbaku ... I had a change of heart. Her fic is really well done, and I can’t wait to read more of her stuff! 18+.
One of My Favorites: Some like it Hot*
@ichor-and-symbiosis - Don’t get me wrong. I love my heroes, but this is one of my fave villain blogs, specifically Shigaraki. She totally writes for other characters including Heroes and other Villains, but she captures Tomura so well, and she has so many fics! If you want some five finger death punch, AKA Shigaraki, in your life, I would definitely check this blog out! 18+.
One of My Favorites: Mine*
@bnhabadass - Nora’s tumblr name fits her so well because she’s definitely a badass! She writes for a lot of BNHA characters, and her writing is really good! I’ve read some of her work, and I plan on reading more because I haven’t been disappointed yet! 18+.
One of My Favorites: Behind Tent Walls*
@burnedbyshoto​ - Lyssa! The Todoroki stan of Todoroki stans. She captures Shouto so well in her writing, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the fics that I’ve read by her. If you love a certain icy hot bastard, I think you’ll like her blog! 18+.
One of My Favorites: House-sitting and Concupiscence*
@cutesuki--bakugou - Sarah is so talented. She writes, obviosuly, but she also DRAWS, and in this house, we stan multi-talented queens. She drew me MMA bakugou, and I will forever be indebted to her, but that’s not why she’s on this list. She’s on here because she’s super great at writing, especially for Baku. She also has great xOC content, but she does xReader as well! 18+.
One of My Favorites: Frigid*
@todourouki - Despite the name, this blog writes for BNHA and Haikyuu! I am partial to the BNHA fandom because it has my angry boy in it, but I do like the Haikyuu fandom, and I feel like it’s growing very rapidly recently. I love this blog’s writing style, and the smut is great! 18+.
One of My Favorites: Studying, but make it Nude*
@ladyexplosionmurder - I’m sorry, but if you write good bakugou stories, you’ll probably end up on this list, or one of my future lists, and this blog writes good bakugou! They don’t have many stories yet, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. This is definitely a blog to watch!
One of My Favorites: Riled Up
@tomurasprincess - Mari writes more darker stuff, but she does it WELL. If you’re into Yandere and things that come with that, I highly suggest checking out her blog! You won’t regret it. 18+.
One of My Favorites: Explosive Consequences*
@hisoknen - Raph also dabbles in the dark arts of the BNHA Fandom, but she also does it beautifully. I highly recommend her as well. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the fics that I’ve read that were written by her. I suggest checking this blog out. 18+.
One of My Favorites: Looking for Trouble*
@mrs-takami-keigo - Ari is a great person whom I connect on with love for an angry explosion boy and makeup and other things, and she’s also.... a great writer! I enjoy reading her fics, and I think others will as well. You should def check her out. 18+
One of My Favorites: Mesmerize*
Part 2 of the list is here
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Mind giving a brief summary of all of them, I'm just curious. (Wasn't here [for the fandom] until late 2017, but did catch some history for about half of these)
Ok so fandom/stream memes in that post plus a couple of extras i just remembered this morning:
Butters speedy run: I think it was s18 but there was two or three times during the season that butters would run TOP SPEED and slam cartman into the bathroom to yell at him and it was so goddamn funny a bunch of people made memes of it
Craigs knife: s20 craig brought a fucking knife in the scene when they destroy cartmans electronics, it was so funny bc everyone else had like bats and stuff but no he had a Knife ready to Kill. Lots of “et tu brute” memes in stream chat when he stabs cartman’s laptop
"Clyde is dead": pre s18, after SOT- Clyde falls off the castle tower at the end of sot and when he didnt show up in s18′s first couple of episodes everyone joked he was dead. A couple other notable “___ is dead” memes were s19 butters when he threw himself out the window and s17 world war zimmerman (i wasnt there for that but i joined fandom shortly after so i saw the residual memes) with token after cartman shot him
(NSFW) the word "tentadick" in relation to any character specifically Craig: 2014 fandom had a thriving nsfw community and we may have taken a page from the homestuck fandom’s book. (many artists were also hs fans so that made sense)
[Urinating]: Stream meme from s21 (or 22? i forget), closed captioning said [urinating] during the scene when sharon was peeing in the bathroom so we would just repeat it every week much to stream host’s dismay. Honorable mention is Spice22 which was the code that this sextoy shop ad would use as the promo code that we saw like every fucking stream night
Craigs on tumblr: s18 craig’s mom’s bush craig can be seen through the window with the drone on a computer looking at a blue website. Everyone then joked craig was on tumblr. I might have taken the joke too far and made an IC craig blog that some people thought was canon or run by the sp team oop
Cregg: craig egg
Yandere clyde: 2014 trend, lots of people were into yandere and its victim was clyde. like 3 separate askblogs with the premise it was wild but also very good
Long leg craig: my abomination after pointing out craig had long legs and tweek had long arms on his model. Memes ensued and it got out of hand. I have a whole tag dedicated to it
Quoting the I hate randy song, specifically the "stupid moustache man" line: someone wrote this beautiful song and everyone would rb it/quote it when randy did something fucking stupid 
Set em up knock em down: This post, sorry i misquoted it in my original post
Pc Carnival Conspiracy: oh my fucking god this was a mess and it needs to go here. s19, naughty ninjas episode original synopsis had a thing about there being a “PC Carnival” in town that everyone needed to stop the boys from ruining. Original synopsis is probably still on the official forums. Anyway, 4chan (yes why we listened to 4chan i dont know) had someone talk about how the removal of it was this big conspiracy and how it was actually going to come into play later and it was fucking WILD bc s19 had the most batshit theorizing sp fandom has ever had but it was super fun
Mpreg stan anon: Not to be confused with ric who currently goes around and asks for adult stan and wendy and their son (ric is also kinda a shitty person so best to ignore and block him), mpreg stan anon was an HONOR to receive. Like in a haha funny sort of way if you got asked to draw stan marsh 9 months pregnant you knew you had MADE IT in the fandom, and most people drew it ironically but it was still a funny little art meme and mpreg anon if youre still out there i love you
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jackrrabbit · a year ago
ask answering/updates
Tumblr media
first of all, thank you 💘 second of all...
ok ok ok don’t get too excited, but I finally got the juice to start working on the next part of Fanatic 🖤 most of you guys will be like ‘who cares’ but i know some of you have been waiting for this for a while! it’s been what, 2 months?? hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying this *knocks on wood* also not to hype myself too much but it’s kinda bomb 😳 maybe this is just my sick bias but I’ve really been wanting to write about...aftermath iykwim haha. reader all scared & shy & trying to avoid him but yk he’s not going to leave her alone :P
I also figured out the ending to it will come back!! it wouldn’t be shiggy if it didn’t get dangerous 😈 also gonna be nice to write some eyes-rolling-back-in-the-head fuckery so our favorite handsy creep can finally get his dick wet with his beloved little nursey <3
here are some other vague ideas, some based on requests, some not. as always no promises!!
BNHA—pillage & plunder with fantasy AU warlord Bakugo (and his gang of ruffians?? hmm...)
BNHA—Overhaul makes you work off your daddy’s gambling debts the extra hard way uwu...also I have SO many ideas for Overhaul 😷 after I finish iwcb my next multi-part fic will probably be with him
BNHA—various things with reader as an aspiring villain set in the same universe as Caught in the Act: reader getting quarantined with shiggy & dabi...dabi getting mad at you after you keep fucking up...incel shiggy jacking it to his adorable protégée without her knowledge (a galaxy brain request from a very good buddy!!!!)
BNHA—ABO with alpha Hawks and omega reader in an elevator...and uh-oh, it’s stuck! and you’re going into heat! oh no, whatever will you do??
Haikyuu—you get stuck in a hole in a wall, good thing your dutiful boyfriend Kuroo is there to help you out ;)
Haikyuu—gangbang with Tsukki, Bokuto, Akaashi, and Kuroo...a challenge bc I’ve never written a gangbang before!! will have to do some research 🧐
Haikyuu—your bf Atsumu does mean things when he’s jealous, like putting his hands up your skirt in public
KNY—Kokushibou decides to keep a shrine maiden as his cute little human pet 💜 actually already wrote pt. 1 but I’ll wait to post til I’m done with Fanatic
AxK—just some no good very bad yandere content with Dr. Midori...neglect play stuff...sensory deprivation stuff...icky icky
Gintama—something with Kamui. does this count as monsterfucking? very very rough...idk what exactly? some form of dastardly acts
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thanks for the concern friends 💕💕 I’ve been preoccupied by things happening irl for the past few weeks, trying to educate myself, going to protests, etc.
also in case anyone else is confused, my stance is and always has been that Black lives matter and all cops are bastards. I’m not sure my porn blog is the right place to talk about this at length but if you’re a bootlicker, please smash that unfollow button and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. if you don’t already have a decently functioning moral compass you should not get anywhere near my
learn more and get involved
Tumblr media
omg thank you & yes yes a million times yes!!! hope you don’t mind commitment issues and student loan debt 💝👯‍♀️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the line between not hawksfucker and hawksfucker is very thin and very blurry, and thank you!!
the video you damn!!! that’s exactly the vibe I feel like fratty Hawks x reader from be a little bad would be like if they had a happy ending eventually (start at 1:39)!!!!! “I didn’t make you do this” “I’m not accusing you of anything” it’s that exact dynamic. imo Hawks might be a little less willing to make things official and reader would prob have a hard time being straightforward enough to ask tho...hmmm
I did get several requests for a part 2! I’m thinking it over atm. I will say tho that most of my reqs have very slow turnaround so if I write it, it might be a while
Tumblr media
ooh I love getting recommendations! here’s what I like:
fanfic: I read stuff like what I write (smut, kink, yandere, villains). at some point I’m going to make a long post of fic recs of my own! I also read fluff and character x character ship fic so interests are pretty broad
TV: humor, crime shows like Bones, Criminal Minds, Psych, that kind of thing. nothing too dark or complicated, nothing that requires too much investment. same goes for anime
movies: pretty much everything! lately I’m really into Howl’s Moving Castle and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
books: literary fiction. can I say I’m into dark academia if the only dark academia I’ve read is The Secret History? favorite books I’ve read semi-recently are TSH, All the Light We Cannot See, The Poisonwood Bible, and Discipline & Punish. currently reading Foucault’s History of Sexuality
music: idk man...all kinds of stuff. I listen based on vibe more than genre. all my spotify playlists are named things like “sunday” and “the power” and “[sparkle emoji]”. my artists on repeat are Hozier, The Weeknd, Kendrick, M.I.A., The Neighborhood (F I’m a basic bitch) but I’ll try anything once
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jfc these two asks have given me so much hope 🥰😭💗 you know what? sooner or later I’m going to post Kamui x reader smut and it’s going to get 3 notes from the three of us liking it and that’s okay because I’ve thirsted over this man too long and too hard to go my entire life without reading over-indulgent reader-insert porn of him. yes the villain kink jumped out but DAMN!!! the man has ‘h*rny scumbag who lets his instincts rule him’ baked into both his DNA and his psyche, and I’m so here for it 😌
Tumblr media
if you don’t know who Kamui is, do me a favor and watch gintama. yes there are like 400 episodes but it’s worth it. I will convert more bitches to the gintama thirst train if it costs me my life. Kamui was made to star in disrespectful breeding kink smut and this is a hill I will die on.
Tumblr media
??? sure, if you can point me toward part 2 ????? lmao
I’m guessing you meant to ask for a pt 2 instead of pt 3? in which case, thanks for asking!! but tbh...for some reason I have a really hard time imagining what a pt 2 would look like, maybe because I wrote it 100% from Overhaul’s POV so it’s hard for me to define the reader’s feelings. I’m not saying it’ll never happen but 🤷‍♀️
HOWEVER if it’s Overhaul content in general you’re craving, you’re in luck!!! he’s a favorite of mine. legit he ticks so many of my boxes—villain kink? check. medical/scientist kink? check. yakuza kink? honey I’m weak. I’ll definitely be writing more for him in the future!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh no! I checked it on my computer & on mobile and all of the links are working for me? are the links still broken for you guys?
anyway, here are the rules, here’s the short version of the request rules, and here is part 1 and part 2 of it will come back.
thank you to everyone who has sent kind words, everyone who replies to my writing, and everyone who posts thirst in the tags!!! I read that shit!!!! and it makes me fucking cry, I love you all
one more thing: several people have requested continuations to Sleepless, Sidekick, and Fanatic. on one hand, I’m so flattered that you guys want more!!! on the other hand, I actually already answered asks about pt. 2′s for those particular fics. before you request a continuation of anything, it’s probably a good idea to look up the name of the fic as a tag on my blog so you can check and see if anyone else had the same question 💖💖💖
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cocojumbohno · a year ago
Commission Info
DISCLAIMER: I’ve been hesitant to “officially” open commissions for a while for a lot of reasons and I feel the need to get this out of the way first and foremost. I know times are rough for everyone and opening commissions does not mean that I expect people to give me money. I will still open requests from time to time, this is just an option for people who do want to pay for my work, or pay for something more specific than I will typically offer in a request. If you’re short on money, need to save up, or are in a bad situation like many people are right now I do NOT want or expect you to commission me.
Commissions are priced at 1 cent per word (so $10 for 1000 words, $15 for 1500, etc).
If I go over the agreed amount of words, there’s no extra charge, so you’ll get at least what you’ve paid for and possibly more if my brain does The Most.
You can make payment through Ko-Fi but please confirm the details of your commission with me first before sending any money.
Commission Info:
My usual rules apply, though I will paste them below for reference.
I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.
Must be 18+ to commission me.
If a commission is within the parameters of my rules and I reject it, please know it’s nothing personal! I’m going to be much more selective with what I will take on as I absolutely do not want to charge someone for something I don’t feel I can give them their money’s worth for.
I offer both NSFW and SFW commissions, but please use my existing works as reference for things you might like from me!
I will write character x character, though for commissions reader-insert requests are preferred.
Commissions will generally be completed within 2-3 weeks, though if there are any circumstances that will make your piece take longer I will let you know when you request and I will contact you with an update if there are any further delays.
Commissions can be an opportunity for you to have more specific details about the reader-insert such as appearance, or even have your name specifically thrown in there - though if I post it to ao3/tumblr/etc I will remove names or any super identifying aspects, I absolutely understand the need for privacy!
I won’t take anonymous requests for commissions - it’s very important that I be able to contact you and communicate what it is you want so messaging me directly is best once you’re sure you want to commission me! Don’t worry, I’m not here to out you for your kinks on your main haha, when posting the commission I will only link you if you give me permission (and if you have a side blog you’d rather me link I can do that as well).
I always have the right to say no to a request, for any reason.
I’ll do fics and headcanons for parts 1-5, though currently I’m more focused on part 5.
No NSFW headcanons/scenarios for underage characters, even if aged up.
I WON’T write for the following:
Von Stroheim/Nazi Characters, Carne, Cioccolata, Secco
No scat/vore/dub-con/non-con.
No Yandere.
No oviposition.
No Mommy Kink. I’m fine with femdom and Daddy Kink.
I don’t do omegaverse/monster AUs.
I will do other AUs such as office AU, non stand-user AU, etc. Always ask if you aren’t sure!
For NSFW fics, please try to limit it to two characters, plus a reader if needed (so threesomes are fine with reader-inserts).
Multiple characters doesn’t mean less focus on each, though I generally will go with the flow of the story and it may or may not end in a slight focus on one more than the other.
If you want, feel free to give me a few specifics about the reader’s appearance in your request! Chubby? Small breasts? Super tall? Let me know if you want me to keep it in mind! Generally I try not to make the readers appearance super specific otherwise.
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