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#twst yandere
flooyds · 6 hours ago
trying to seduce darling nude after seeing her nude part two.
epel felmier, jack howl, riddle rosehearts & azul ashengrotto. yandere, nsfw.
warnings. yandere content, explicit content, implied dub/noncon. all characters are aged 18+.
request. I can ask part 2: trying to seduce dear when naked after seeing her naked, with the yanderes! Epel, Jack, Riddle and Azul
Tumblr media
epel felmier.
Tumblr media
- well… this is quite the situation, isn’t it? epel had just been stopping by to say that vil needed you for something — much to his dismay — and here you are, fresh out of the shower and completely nude right in front of his eyes. a smirk graces his lips as he watches the way you try and cover up your body, rushed words asking him to leave. he will, though, but expect him to bring it up again just to tease you.
- epel isn’t one to plan things out, and this isn’t any different. he might mention wanting to meet at his very specific time and it has to be right then. he’ll quickly throw off whatever he’s wearing the minute he hears you knock before announcing that you’re coming in. and when you do, well, you’re definitely more embarrassed than he is — mostly because he isn’t embarrassed one bit.
- he’ll give you a smirk and ask you why you’re staring. maybe it’s just from his manly aura that you can’t help but be drawn to him.. and he doesn’t mind at all. look all you want, and don’t notice him locking the door. that part isn’t important, ya know? you should be more focused on the meeting you got called here for.
jack howl.
Tumblr media
- jack had just been stopping by to snag a few items of yours when he’d walked in on the scene, your naked body being all his eyes could go to as he feels his mouth become dry.. he’ll stutter out an apology once his senses return, shutting the door and thinking of your embarrassed face and cute reaction, remembering to snatch up the panties you’d worn before the undressing later.
- he isn’t one to avoid or play around with the topic of getting you to see him in that state as well. it wouldn’t be uncommon for him to hop out of the shower after work out.. and if you just so happen to come to hang around that time, well that’s your problem because jack is very much enjoying it. he has everything planned out in his mind, and though a little embarrassed and a teensy bit nervous while asking you to hang out in his bedroom around then, it’s not obvious he’s planning anything. just seemingly normal tsundere jack.
- and when you do enter his room, his towel is on the floor near him, a small remainder of water dripping off him from his hair, and his tail strangely sticking straight up.. you go red and tell him a ‘sorry’ before attempting to leave and shut the door behind you, but jack only grabs your wrist, telling you how he doesn’t mind if you stay… even if you don’t want to.
riddle rosehearts.
Tumblr media
- as usual, riddle goes as red as the hair on top of his head. screams at you to put on clothing, which isn’t what he wants but it’s mostly a reflex at this point. he’s taking in every part as his eyes scan you, wetting his lips with his tongue as he swallows hard. you hurriedly throw on clothes as to not disappoint your dorm leader and get yelled at, but he can barely restrain himself as to not order them off again.
- he’ll force you to meet in his room later that evening, freeing up his schedule so he can go through with this plan. though he’s a bit concerned about how it’ll play out, he doesn’t have any doubts he can force you to stay no matter what. he’ll quickly jump into the shower so that he looks refreshed and clean at least, though he might become ‘dirty’ again… he gets out once he hears you knock at his door and announce your presence, quickly drying some of the water off as he walks into his bedroom.
- when you notice the state he’s in, you’re immediately apologizing for walking in at such a time — you don’t want your head chopped off! — a smile is on his face as he stares at your teary eyes as there is a noticeable embarrassment in your features and movements. he orders you to close the door and come closer, and by now you should already know what you’re in for.
azul ashengrotto.
Tumblr media
- unlike other yanderes, azul backs off a bit. sure, he loves seeing you in such a form, completely nude only in front of his eyes and his alone. but, he understands some people can be insecure — he himself is very much — and he wouldn’t want to make his darling uncomfortable in any way, that could ruin any kinds of chance he may have without kidnapping, drugging, or threatening you! he’ll say his sorry’s as he backs out of the bedroom, but there are thoughts of the moment circling his mind the rest of the day.
- azul is a bit nervous when jade/floyd brings up the idea of you seeing him naked as well, it’s only fair! and does azul want to be a corrupt businessman like that? a lot of time goes into the thought but he eventually accepts it after talking himself up in the mirror, and when he’s ready, he’s incredibly excited and hoping to see a good reaction. he’ll invite you for a one-on-one business deal nobody could decline because it’s such a steal!
- when you walk in on him ‘changing’ he probably feels more embarrassed than you, roping you into comforting him and he’ll take advantage of the kindness. manipulative words fall from his lips as he somehow gets you into his bed with him and next thing you know it’s the next morning and you feel exhausted everywhere. you know you won’t be going anywhere, you showed so much kindness to this sad, pathetic octopus anyways! you must love him.
—thank you for your request! i hope you enjoyed..~
Tumblr media
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octatriolovers · 9 hours ago
Rook : "My beautiful Dove, Do you like your new home? I make it with the finest gold so your beauty will shine"
"Hm..? Ah.. That expression of your's truly beauté.. Im never bored to see your beauty,mon ange.."
Tumblr media
Here's the first request i made~~
Thanks for the Request @leviskokoro ~
*beauté : Beauty
*Mon Ange : My Angel
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octatriolovers · 14 hours ago
Hello, Octatrio here~
I will try to open request Art for twst character~ You can feel free to ask me~
but please note, i maybe have a problem irl, so if your request not done yet, please wait patiently~ since im a human i need to rest too~~~
And please also note this, i will not make a mini comic request, i will just make A Bust up / Half body Request
Color code for Character that i will made / not / maybe
(Pink : maybe, Purple : Will, Black : Not/Never ask me this chara)
List chara :
Riddle Roseheart
Trey Clover
Cater Diamond
Deuce Spade
Ace Trappola
Leona Kingscholar
Ruggie bucchi
Jack Howl
Jade Leech
Floyd Leech
Azul Ashengrotto
Kalim Al Asim
Jamil Viper (depend on mood)
Vil Schoenheit
Rook Hunt
Epel Felmier
Idia Shroud
Ortho Shroud (im bad with mecha or robot)
Malleus Draconia
Lilia Vanrouge
Sebek Zigvolt
Dire Crowley
Divus crewel
Trein ( i don't know how to draw wrinkles, but if i can maybe i will change the color later)
Vargas (muscle too much)
Neige Le Blanche
Things i can't draw :
-Gore ( a bit of blood it's still okay)
-Dress / Clothes With A Lot Of detail
Oh and if you worry i will make you pay, Don't Worry, It's Free~
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octatriolovers · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jk, it was edited, i just want to make it look like jade jealous because i got victor wedding version 🤣
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deceitful-darlings · 21 hours ago
Yo I just thought about this but how would a soulmate au with a mostly mute reader play out for Azul? And for the soul mate au readers first words to Azul is written on his arm?
“Stay away from me.”
The words on his skin were almost taunting, a phrase like that was the first thing his soulmate was ever going to say to him? They would hate him on sight to the point of not wanting to be near him?! The grip on his arm when he was old enough to understand the meaning of them was harsh, if not something sweet most people had something innocuous!
His lack of confidence in his youth wasn’t helped by the realisation, making him draw further into himself and making him an easier subject to bully. After all, his own soulmate won’t be able to stand the sight of him!
But as he grows and he becomes more powerful, he’s able to mask his insecurities behind a smile, his soulmate would reject him, so what? It’s not like he cares anymore. He doesn’t need a soulmate.
When you came to Twisted Wonderland, it became obvious rather fast that you didn’t like to talk, no matter who asked you a question or what kind of situation you were in, your mouth remained closed. It didn’t seem anything could draw a single noise from you to the point most of the student body assumed you couldn’t talk. He found himself interested for multiple reasons. Your muteness may be something you didn’t want, meaning he could use the possibility of speaking as a bargaining chip to get you to make a deal, your quietness was a nice escape from the chaos Floyd caused and the voices of people asking for his help, and the thought flickered at the back of his mind for a moment ‘If you don’t speak, then you’ll never say the cruel words printed on my arm.’
If you were mute, you might not be his soulmate, but that also meant you wouldn’t be the soulmate of anyone else. That in itself would make spending time with you ok, wouldn’t it. He has an almost magnetic attraction to you, he found himself seeking you out, you were regularly on his mind and he couldn’t put his finger on why, he spent months finding you, getting you to come to Monstro Lounge and his dorm, and he enjoyed every moment of it.
He noticed the way you shift when you’re sat next to him, how you seem to leave as soon as is socially acceptable, but it only dawns on him how uncomfortable his attention makes you when he comes to find you again. But before he can reach you, you turn around, a frown on your face.
“Stay away from me!”
The voice that reaches his ears is quiet, but it felt as if he’d be screamed at. He freezes as the words on his arm burn, it feels as if his careful planning has all just collapsed. said it. It was exactly as he feared, the look on your face, your fists clenched at your sides, the way you’re holding wanted nothing to do with him. Did you not have his first words to you on you? Had you simply refused to acknowledge them? Did you have someone else’s words on you?
His voice is pleading as he grabs you arm when you try to walk away, he needs to know, which is it?! Why are you rejecting him?! He’d hated the idea of his soulmate, but now that he knew you, had been drawn to you as he had, he wants nothing more than to convince you to stay with him.
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mewchansworld · a day ago
~ 𝓒𝓻𝓾𝓮𝓵 𝓽𝓸 𝓫𝓮 𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓭 ~
Tumblr media
Credit goes to the artist for the render
🌹Yan Riddle Rosehearts x gn!reader : : WORD COUNT- 600+ Description- Short prose about Riddle's obsession for his darling . Violent and triggering content ahead In no way do I support toxic and abusive relationships. This work is only for practice, nothing more.
Placed under the cut for Yan content!
“I love them.”
Riddle regretted the moment when he had admitted this bittersweet truth. It swept off any previous thoughts in an instant, drowning them into the deepest pits of his mind. The crimson ruler wondered that since when did he start to feel this way.
Was it that time when he had seen you choking on his sorry excuse of a tart and chortling a laugh afterwards? Or was it when you had sought him out themselves to enjoy a cup of tea together? It also could’ve been that time when your fingers brushed past each other while picking up the same book? Oh, there were so many options that he just couldn’t decide!
Riddle looked at himself in the mirror again and internally frowned at the expression reflected back at him. No one could mistake that lovestruck expression for something else. Red dusting his either cheek, deep breathing as if he were dying with his pupils dilated into literal hearts at the thought of you alone.
What would his mother say if he saw him like this?
He gritted his teeth in anger, clenching his fist. Riddle hated this feeling, this fuzziness and kind warmth which you gave to him, a gift far too precious to part with. Like the fresh morning wind, you made him feel relaxed and calm, and filled his never changing fate with bliss, changed him from the tyrant that he was before. Then, why did it hurt him so badly? What was this burning sensation in his chest which never ceased to stop? You are so naïve and vulnerable, always getting yourself into unfavourable situations where his heart hitches in his throat.
And it’s all because of your good-for-nothing friends. They have you roped into their trouble and you always pay the price.
Dragging himself out of his room was a herculean task for Riddle. He couldn’t afford to be late for the unbirthday party but neither could he face you without feeling to throw up. All these sinful thoughts, the anger which rages on inside him like a tsunami, it’s all your fault.
He’s the Heartslaybul’s dorm leader for Great Seven’s sake! How could he let himself get swayed by your capricious nature like that! You were nothing more than an unfortunate student with no magic and stranded in a world utterly unknown to you. So, pure and innocent to the world as twisted as this. You were the sort of prey on whom people fed on, tearing away their very soul, until nothing was left to be eaten.
So, if you couldn’t protect yourself then has to protect you.
Riddle looked at the green vial with mild satisfaction. He felt disgusted from what he was about to do but didn’t discard it, instead he clutched onto its burning seams like a moth attracted to its flames. He knew that you would hate him, hell even curse him, but he had grown too tired from this endless charade.
If his love was a harbinger of suffering, the he would gladly welcome his fate. But he would never let go of you.
Riddle would make his way to the gardens, smiling manically as he imagines the innocent smile you would have on your face as you would drink his poisonous love with your own hands.
And why wouldn’t you? It’s only natural to bear responsibility if the fault is yours, isn’t it?
Tumblr media
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riddlesimp · a day ago
Here’s my discord so you guys can talk to me when I’m offline and I will be back when I feel better
Goodbye for now guys see you in the discord maybe
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napon-bon · a day ago
One of Us | Jade x Reader x Floyd
Tumblr media
Warning! Stalking, slight possessive-ness.
Yes, this is reposted from ZAONIAC [AKA Twstmemebox]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The only human student of Night Raven College scurried down the dim, candle-lit halls of the institution - trying her best to reach the laboratory within time, hustling through the other passing students – earning vexed remarks from them.
But, that wasn't all. Recently, she had been feeling as if someone was stalking her, noting every single move and step she had taken. That horrifying feeling of being watched, despite this place being full of ghosts. 
Albeit, her hidden watcher wasn't a mere ghost. They were two second year pupils, having an unhealthy obsession with that oblivious but courageous girl. They were so obsessed that, they could even kill the others if they intend to.
Those peculiar twins, Jade Leech and Floyd Leech, would even kill each other for her. Oh, how pathetic.
As Jade was watching (Y/n) scurry down the hall, he chuckled at the vulnerability and obliviousness of the girl.
"Oh, Koebi-Chan looks cute~ Don't you think, Jade?" Jade's twin brother, Floyd, made an inquiry, not taking his gaze off the damsel.
"Indeed she does, Floyd..." Jade bluntly replied, "but I'd like to say, she'll be all mine."
"Oh, c'mon, Jade... Can't we share our Koebi-Chan?" Floyd whined as he saw the girl rush into the classroom.
"Unfortunately, Floyd, only one can have her." Jade politely replied, gazing at Floyd, his demeanor as eerie as ever.
Floyd laughed before replying, "We'll see, brother~"
Little did that poor unfortunate girl know, these freaks were after her, cherishing her, adoring her. Her damned fate didn't have anything better for her.
  . . .
(Y/n) went to the Mostro Lounge at lunch break that day, hoping to meet with Jade and Floyd as she had witnessed them being quite uncooperative lately.
"Why do you want to meet those freaks again, (Y/n)? Can't we just have a peaceful lunch at the cafeteria?" Grim whined, crossing his arms.
"I'm just here to know what happened with them." (Y/n) reasoned as they both took a seat on a couch like table near the giant aquarium, which emitted a blue hue through the whole lounge.
"Why are you so curious today, (Y/n)?" Ace inquired, taking seat beside (Y/n), "I hope Riddle wouldn't see us here... You know what he'll do if he sees us breaking the rules..."
"I'm afraid you are right, Ace..." Deuce sighed, taking a seat, not noticing he had been holding his breath for long. "I thought he had loosen up after the overblot... But nothing changed."
"That red haired tyrant is such a pain in the ass." Ace complained.
"I gotta agree."  Grim approved, but his attention got caught by the fishes in the aquarium near them.
"Wow! Look at those fishes! Oh! Tunas!!" Grim exclaimed as his attention was fixed upon the various kinds of tropical fishes roaming around the huge open-aquarium beside their table.
"Calm down, Grim!" Ace shouted, but that didn't help the raccoon to calm down any further.
"(Y/n)! I see you've made it to Mostro Lounge!" They heard a voice speak behind them, making them flinch in their seats as they turned to that way, only to see the dorm head of Octavinelle, Azul Ashengrotto. "How are you doing in this fine day?"
"I'm doing fine, thank you." (Y/n) answered, looking at Azul and smiling slightly.
"Yeah yeah, let's cut the crap. (Y/n) came here to meet Jade and Floyd. Can she meet them?" Deuce asked.
"Why-" Before Azul could even inquire, he was pushed to hos side, making him stumble in process until he stabilised him using his cane.
"Koebi-Chan!~ I'm so glad you're here!" Floyd leaned towards (Y/n), making the girl lean backwards into the plush, brown couch in shock.
"Here's that freak again..." Ace mumbled, trying his best to ignore the energetic eel.
"Say, Koebi-Chan, did you want to see me?~" Floyd asked, leaning closer to (Y/n).
"Ah, (Y/n)! Glad to see you here." Jade spoke from behind, making a shiver run down (Y/n)'s back as she heard his calm, collected, eerie voice.
"Anyways, why did you want to meet them, (Y/n)?" Azul inquired finally, pushing his grey glasses up the bridge of his nose with his white gloved hand.
"Uhm..." (Y/n) took a quick glance of her surrounding; Ace and Deuce were sitting at the edge of their seats, eager to know what will happen as if they were watching a dramatic movie, and Grim was gazing at the fishes in the aquarium, and Azul was waiting for her answer as the Leech twins looked like they would do anything for her.
"It's nothing... I just..." (Y/n) stammered, "I saw the twins being quite uncooperative, and I just wanted to know... Why." She explained.
"(Y/n)... I might want to say something to you... Can we speak elsewhere?" Jade asked (Y/n).
"Sure, we can!" (Y/n) replied, still quite uncomfortable, thinking if it was a good idea or a bad one.
"I... I think we're getting late for the tea party after lunch, (Y/n)... I think we should go!" Ace frantically said.
"But, why -" Ace hit Deuce's elbow, signalling him to do the same, "- Oh, yes! We shall... Leave for the tea party! And, we'll take Grim too!"
"Eh?!" Grim exclaimed as Ace and Deuce dragged him away.
"We'll see you at class, (Y/n)!" Ace said, running away with the others from Mostro Lounge.
Watching them run away, Azul cleared his throat before speaking, "I shall take my leave now. You guys keep talking." He left after saying this, but (Y/n) still had a feeling that Azul was watching them from afar.
The tension between the eel twins made (Y/n) more and more uncomfortable by each passing second. She could feel their deathly gazes pierce into her soul like a sharp, pointed needle.
"So, Koebi-Chan, what do you want to talk about now?~" Floyd curiously asked, never taking his eyes of the beautiful girl before him, but only making her more uncomfortable.
"I... I just wanted to know why you guys were being uncooperative with each other," (Y/n) chuckled nervously as she spoke, "that's it."
Jade took a deep breath and sighed before speaking up, "(Y/n), I have a confession to make - " " - No, me first!" Floyd intervened.
(Y/n) giggled in amusement. The both of the twins only craved to hear her laugh more. Only he will be the one to make her laugh.
"Anyways, (Y/n), I - " Jade was once again interrupted by his brother, "All he wants to say is that, he loves you. And so do I. But, Koebi-Chan. Can you only love me?" Floyd grabbed (Y/n)'s hands - only making her as uncomfortable as ever - and pleading her to accept him.
"Floyd, please, do not interrupt me..." Jade spoke, "and, (Y/n), I'd be happy if you'll choose me."
"Yeah... But, I can't love both of you, right?" (Y/n) asked quite sheepishly
"Then choose only one of us."
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octatriolovers · a day ago
I Wonder how yandere tweels will react after know mc actually in love with azul?? x'DD
Tumblr media
Here is the octatrio~
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riddlesimp · a day ago
I’m gonna take a break..
I’m being threatened saying stuff like show us your face now or your name now or your age now,stuff like that and I don’t feel comfortable hope everyone understands this and I hope when I come back I have a lot of requests,this is goodbye for now.
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deceitful-darlings · a day ago
I’ve been getting cravings for yandere Adeuce. There’s just something about them being the closest people in your life❤️💙
How would you think they react to thinking MC isn’t making any new friends (of course their doing). They’re so happy because the only guys in her life are them. That’s until they hear a rumor of MC having sex with some unknown student. I’m not sure if the would confront her or... stalk her to find out. Well the rumor is true. I can just imagine Ace busting down the door and Deuce pulling MC off the guy’s cock. They need to amp up their yandere skills lol
Of course they’d done everything they could to keep you alone! You’re an idiot that doesn’t need to be wasting time blabbering on to other guys in the academy according to Ace, whereas Deuce is worried about how you could end up hurt by the rest of the school, they may not have the strongest magic but all that means is you need to interact with fewer people since they can do so much damage to you.
It’s not like you need anyone else, the two of them had been there with you since you first got here, they’re your first friends, the only people you should trust in this twisted place. Unlike everyone else, they have your best interests at heart, they promise. You won’t be lonely with the two of them around anyway, no matter what you want to do the two of them can always lend a hand or entertain you.
The only time you seem to get to yourself is when the two are in detention, extra classes, or being forced to run errands for the teachers, and you have to treasure that time. You don’t get long before they find you and everyone keeps you at a distance again, so you take the time to just try and get closer to anyone, anyone who isn’t them. They shouldn’t complain if the one you get close to doesn’t have strong magic, that was their concern after all.
When the rumour first starts floating around, Ace brushes it off, what do they have to worry about, some stupid rumour of you fucking someone was bound to come up eventually being the only girl on campus, Deuce is a little more worried, but let’s it slide. But then in persists, and it gets more detailed, and it’s the same name that keeps cropping up. Deuce isn’t sure how to handle it, but Ace puts his foot down, telling him that they’re going to talk to you about this tonight.
The two of them storm over to Ramshackle that evening, having told you they had detention to give you your normal sense of security, they don’t wait for you to answer the door, barging their way through the dorm and to your room hoping that it’ll all be unfounded and that’ll you’ll just be resting.
Only to open the door to your room and find you on top of the very student from the rumours. At that point, they both see red. Deuce goes full delinquent mode, pulling you off of him, pushing you over to Ace so that he can beat the shit out of this no name bastard. Ace doesn’t catch you though, legs still weak from being in the middle of fucking, they collapse under you when Deuce lets go of your arm, leaving you in a heap at Ace’s feet.
You’re reeling from the situation, the look on Deuce’s face as his fist lands on him again and again is sickening, luckily he seemed to lose consciousness pretty early on with his head being cracked against the floor from a particularly hard punch, but your attention is soon brought back to Ace when he speeks.
“Prefect, you’re such a slut, aren’t you? A whore that’ll open her legs for anyone!”
At the insult, and having taken out most of his anger on your poor partner, Deuce looks back towards you and Ace.
“Maybe...maybe she just didn’t realise-“
“Yeah, she could just be a stupid slut, but it doesn’t change the fact that she fucked some random bastard Deuce.” He looked down at you, a sick smile on his face. “And if you’re willing to fuck someone you don’t know to deal with your needs, you’ll be more than happy for us, your best friends, to help you out with your little problem, right? You’re already warmed up, so we’ll finish the job for you.”
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flooyds · 2 days ago
having a neko/usagi darling.
rook hunt, idia shroud, leona kingscholar, jack howl & azul ashengrotto. yandere / hybrid!reader.
warnings. yandere content, mentioned/implied kidnapping, mentioned violence, slight stalking?. this is not love.
request. Can I order Yandere! Rook, Idia, Leona, Jack and Azul with a reader being (Nekomimi, or Inumimi, or Usagimimi), please...
Tumblr media
rook hunt — usagi.
Tumblr media
- rook absolutely adores you to no extent, he's obsessed the instant his eyes land on you. very easy to spot in a crowd of people with normal ears, and then there's you, big, floppy bunny ears with a cute tiny fluffball tail. he can't help but get fascinated as he observes you joining the pomefiore dormitory, not aware of the hunter that lurks in its corridors.
- when rook first converses with you, he's fallen even deeper, not only are you completely exquisite on the outside but the inside as well! his breath is stolen from him as he watches you scurry along to your next lesson, sighing in pleasure as he awaits the next opportunity to speak with you again.
- once the hunter finally captures his prey, he's never letting you go. you'll be trapped with rook for the foreseeable future, having any spare moment taken up by him. he’ll never get bored of you, no, he’ll always find infatuation with the simplest things you could be doing. you're such a cute bunny, and it's a perfect opportunity to understand more about an animal with ears uncommonly as yours.. maybe even lure in a beastman from savanaclaw with a naive creature like you.
idia shroud — neko.
Tumblr media
- similar to rook, idia becomes obsessed the second his eyes catch a glimpse of you. an adorable and naive neko girl getting accepted into ignihyde is all he's ever needed and more, a perfect opportunity to finally get a girlfriend. he’ll go through everything he can discover about you, having ortho do multiple scans of your whole self and become closer to you so he can see if you're truly as pure and unbelievable as you seem. and sure enough, you are.
- when you become close enough to ortho, he might even introduce himself. with his tablet, obviously, but he still tries his hardest to find any way he can get closer to you. even in such a deep infatuation, he's shy and anxious. when you do meet him in person, he’ll have a terribly tough time trying to keep his hands to himself, resisting the impulse to snatch you right then and there. he's patient, though, he knows he can charm you somehow.
- you’ll presumably end up asking him out, but in the slim chance he is to work up enough courage to ask you to be his, you’ll be with him either way. he’ll immediately have you trapped inside his room, all electronics or way to communicate with the outside world are stolen and destroyed, a sinister grin kept on his face as he watches the joy turn into terror, ortho cheering his big brother on and celebrating the fact he's finally gotten somebody go take home to mom and dad. whether you want that or not doesn't matter anymore, you're trapped.
leona kingscholar — usagi.
Tumblr media
- if you're a little bunny, it's not gonna taken much to capture leona’s attention, if he's taking part that is. and even if he isn't the second he catches a whiff of a rabbit’s scent in a dorm such as this, he's ordering ruggie to go and capture you and drag you to his room. you really are an herbivore, and to say the least, soon to be his. he’ll tease you so harshly, making fun of how you're helpless prey in a den of vicious predators.
- leona isn’t good at courting people, and it’s not going to be any better with his darling. he’ll have ruggie bring you to him whenever he orders, and you haven’t the slightest say in what goes. he slowly acts as if he's warmed up to you, treating you with small acts of fake kindness and eventually stealing your heart. even if you aren't to tell him, he’ll easily know with the look on your face whenever he's around.
- you're excitement makes him smirk when he asks you to be his, knowing how much he’ll ruin you and give you a hellish life. he's never gotten anything without being a bit.. devious, and catching you is not different. you'll be treated roughly and tossed around as if you're worth nothing, only soft moments being times where he uses you as a pillow. predators have never been sweet to prey, have they now?
jack howl — neko.
Tumblr media
- jack is very intrigued by you. a pure kitty that happened to be sorted into a den of beasts, but of course, he lets those thoughts wither away, you wouldn't be here if you didn't have power. that doesn't have jack finding his unusual feelings disappear, if anything they strengthen, it could possibly be an act.. he never knows!
- he's very awkward with interactions and greetings, finding it hard to stay somewhat friendly when all he wants to do is pounce on you, test your strengths even when he knows it's wrong. to you, he’ll seem strangely hostile, but in reality, he's trying his hardest to get intimate with you, to bait you into a trap where you can't run off. even when it feels painfully terrible, he can't stop his desire to have you all to himself.
- when jack finds it in himself to tell you how he feels, you shyly accept and it gives him even more of a rush. his mind runs rampant as he pulls you along back to his room, roughly shoving you in as he locks the door. sealing away your future as he glares at you with predatory eyes, his true feelings getting voiced in that very moment as your eyes show a panic back.
azul ashengrotto — usagi.
Tumblr media
- oh? a poor, unfortunate soul like you getting roped into a dorm such as octavinelle where only merfolk reside? what a very strange idea that mirror has. though, azul has no complaints about such a charming thing as yourself getting stuck in the octopus’ den. he’ll send the tweets to gather some info on you, and even floyd doesn't have a complaint since you just look so interesting and out of place.
- god, azul falls so deep in obsession once he gets to know you more. your innocent rabbit self not having the slightest clue what he could have planned for you. he’ll make sure to terrorise any sort of student that could come close to you, making sure that the only one you could come to is himself and maybe jade. you wouldn’t want to hang around floyd even if he had already kidnapped you for himself!
- once you confess to the octo-merman, he sighs in pleasure, knowing you’re finally meant to be his. he’ll have you sign a contract as ‘proof of your love’ and you only gave a few uncertainties that he instantly makes disappear, to reveal that you’re now imprisoned with him for eternity. the fear on your face graces him a dark smile on his own.
—thank you for your request! i hope you enjoyed..~
Tumblr media
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yandere-wonderland · 2 days ago
I'm opening twst wonderland requests
I will right
Song fics
X reader
I also love writing x Muslim Reader and x reader where the boys react to readers culture
I'll do platonic ships
I will not do
Student x teacher
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book-of-yanderes · 2 days ago
Another from @yandere-wonderland as well!
Yandere Jamil x GN!Darling Cooking Together
Jamil will probably direct you in the kitchen a lot.
He loves that you’re cooking with him.
Cooking together gives him an excuse to keep you next to him too.
You won’t complain as you probably love all of his cooking.
Any time something is in taste test area, Jamil will feed you a sample and ask your opinion.
If you get some food on the corner of your lips, he will steal a kiss with the excuse of food being on your face.
Every time your eyes sparkle or you say how much you love his cooking, Jamil just falls deeper in love with you.
Only he wants to see these expressions on you. They’re so pure.
He handles anything with knives or other sharp objects. He doesn’t want to see you hurt yourself.
If he’s able to, he wants to cook meals with you every single day. Maybe even twice a say.
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book-of-yanderes · 2 days ago
Request from @yandere-wonderland !
Yandere Leona with a fem!s/o who wears a hijab
Wasn’t done as an ask since we were chatting on ideas in dm.
Leona is intrigued to know why you wear a hijab as he probably won’t know what it is.
He will be persistent in wanting to know more about it and will learn how to respect your practices.
Although he is bummed he can’t see your hair. But he respects it as he wants you to feel safe.
He starts to find ways to pamper you and make you feel really special since he doesn’t want you to leave him.
He’s a prince, so he’s wealthy.
He will commission different patterns and fabrics into hijabs for you, spoiling you with them to make you feel like a princess.
Leona probably would also get you clothes to match the hijabs too so you can look like a queen next to him.
If you’re into henna as well, Leona may want to get matching henna tattoos with you
The way Leona really spoils you while showing others you’re his s/o and no one else’s?
Beautiful head jewelry that can be worn on top or under your hijabs. They will have stones and gems that relate to Leona’s family in them.
He may even have a small stitching in some of your hijabs or clothing saying “from Leona” as a way to say you’re his.
Overall, he will still obsess and love you a lot.
He also sees it as a good outlet on how to gift you items so you can have a luxurious life like him too.
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deceitful-darlings · 2 days ago
Idea for narnia au: twst Yuu finds themself in narnia after azul overblot. Evil(er) Jade is curious and invites (kidnapped) them to his castle where yuu tells him all about how they just had their own adventure with the twst leech twins an isent it wild how theres a whole other set of eel bros in a different universe?! Haha anyway wheres floyd? Narnia jade gets Very Interested in the fact that (another version of) his brother is alive, and this daughter of eve is apparently close to him
A strange dimensional shift wasn’t exactly what you were expecting when your fight with Azul’s overblot came to an end, but here you are, stood in a snowy forest in a uniform that’s already got snow melting into it. So you do all you can to keep warm, namely trudging through the snow to try and generate some warmth, and try to see if there’s anyone near who can help you out, or at least somewhere to try and no doubt fail to start a fire.
Find someone you did, but what you weren’t expecting was for that someone to look exactly like...
Only mild suprise passes his face before he smiled at you, that closed eye, insincere smile he seemed to give everyone.
“I believe it’s our first time meeting, as you already know my name would you be kind enough to give me yours?”
Were it not for his clothes, a pure white suit with fur and a cape, and the fact he didn’t recognise you, you would’ve thought he was your Jade. He seemed similar enough personality wise, when he noticed your shivering he invited you back to his home in order to warm up, and you took him up on the offer. Even if Jade wasn’t the most trustworthy of people, you were freezing and you preferred to go with him than to get hypothermia, so you had to go with him, not that he would’ve allowed you to say no anyway.
When you arrive back at him home, which is a castle made of pure ice, he has warm water prepared for you by the servants to bath in, and provides you with clothes more suited to the climate than your uniform.
He allows you to settle, before he guides you to a room covered in furs to retain heat, here he sits with you to hear stories of your world, only to find that the world you’ve come from is not even your original world. You speak of carriages moved by fossils or magic, of ‘electricity’ which keeps homes warm and allows artificial lights to be turned on whenever you wished, of devices that allowed you to speak to anyone in the world in real time even without magic, and that you could search any information you wanted on these devices too, it was quite extraordinary. Of course, he is most interested in the stories of your versions of himself and Floyd, it’s funny to him how they seem content and entertained in working for someone else, how it suited their needs, as similar as the personalities you describe are, the situations are certainly different. A world in which he and Floyd had remained together, and you were friends with both of them. If you had that attitude with other versions of him and his brother, then you should have no problem forming an attachment to him, and Floyd when he returns.
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riddlesimp · 3 days ago
Deuce with a Gender!Neutral Reader? As for the request details... head cannons for a shy S/O! I just think it sounds cute. 🥺
•Deuce would definitely protect his shy s/o if someone bullies them then they will die or be close to death.
•since Deuce used to be a delinquent he will most likely try to hide that from his s/o to make sure he doesn’t scare them but they will mostly like learn from grim or ace.
•If Ace teases him,He will either punch him or get flustered.
•If his s/o has a project to do in front of the class he will ask the teacher and take their place and if his s/o gets teased or hurt,Deuce will be there for them.
•And if his s/o gets along with his mom,then he will fall more in love with them and if his mom shows them baby photos he will get flustered and run or walk away.
Hope you liked it also I’m shy so I tried to do it based off of me.
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osiriatinted · 3 days ago
Hide & Seek
Content warning: Over possessiveness, yandere tw, blood tw, abuse tw
Pairing: Floyd Leech x Reader
Content: You decide to test your chances to finally be set free...
Another day...another painfully quiet day in the room you've been locked up in for the past few weeks. Though you were still given proper necessities, it was barely enough to keep you alive. It was a fairly nice room, though any sharp objects were hidden away and all exits were blocked off aside from the front door, which was locked from the outside. You sat quietly on one of the chairs in the room, it was an unused dorm room in Octavinelle, but it was far from where the other students resided. You didn't think your boyfriend would ever go to this extent, though you knew about how Floyd's moods can be. You couldn't help but to blame yourself for having been charmed by him in the first place...amused at how playful he could be, how bright his face looked when he smiled, even the warm and tight hugs he gives you. He made you happy and you made him happy, up until his moods started getting worse more frequently.
As you sat alone in the room with nothing to keep you amused, you were hopeful today would be when you'd break up with him. He came by every single day, though he was caring to you at times, there were times he could be a little too suffocating to be with. He took your phone away because he didn't want anyone else to have your attention, he was the only one allowed to have your attention and you weren't allowed to speak to anyone besides himself. If you didn't listen to him, he'd threaten to harm your friends and if you talked back, he'd hold you a bit too close for comfort and leave bloody bitemarks and bruises all over your body. "Y/n, y/n~!!" You heard loud footsteps coming towards the room you were locked in and heard the lock outside unclick. "Y/n~ I'm home and in such a good mood today!" He smiled widely, exposing all of his sharp teeth, taking off his fedora and placing it on top of your head. You can see by his unkempt uniform and the fedora he had just placed on you, that he just got off work...or is skipping work once again. Nothing but shocks of fear ran down your spine as you watched him smile, he lazily pulled the chair next to you out and sat slumped over. "I'm in a good mood today, so what would you like to do, huh (y/n)?"
"I...w-well...Floyd...." you struggled to speak properly, but you knew you couldn't waste any time or else he'll get bored and his mood would change. "I think...we should..." The words wouldn't come out, you felt his gaze on you draw in closer as he placed a hand over yours. "What? We should what? Hurry up!" Floyd was getting aggravated, you knew you couldn't say what you wanted, but you had something in mind. You squeezed your eyes shut as the words came out of your mouth. "P-play hide and seek! Let's play hide and seek..." you finally muttered as his eyes looked at you in shock, a faint grin rising onto his face. "My angelfish is so cute...! But what do I get out of it if I win? I don't wanna waste time on some boring game." He held onto both your hands and waited for your reply. "If you keep me...! If I win...w-we break up." Feeling as his grip tightens around your hands, practically bruising them- he stared at you, upset. His two-colored eyes narrowed as they looked into yours. "What type of prize is that? (Y/n), you already belong to me and there's no way I'd break up with you... we're not playing!" You felt the blood drain from your face as you hurriedly pulled your hands away from his, you didn't want your chance to end like this. "N-no!! We're playing! still have a chance to win..." you stared down at your feet. "What a stupid answer, you're not going to win in the first place!!" He took the fedora that was once placed on your head and threw it to the floor, angry and annoyed with your behavior. "If you want to play so much... then you have 30 seconds. ONLY 30 seconds to go and hide I'm going to win anyway so you might as well just stay in here with me." Only 30 couldn't negotiate with him or else he may as well just say he's won. With the worse being he'd harm you so you couldn't even run out. A wide smile, exposing all his sharp teeth once more appearing on his face as he left the door open for you to go hide. "30, 29, 28..." He started counting, your body was sore and in pain, on top of that, you were absolutely terrified. You did the best you could and ran out the door and down the hallway as far as you were able to manage. Hearing your pulse beat like crazy and as you wheezed for air, you managed to find yourself at Mostro lounge during its less busier hours.
"Hehe...haha...AHAHA" His deranged laughter could be heard nearby which meant he was done counting. With no time left to spare you hid under a table, there being a few students using it so you hoped their legs could hide you well enough. You kept your hand over your mouth and tried your best to keep yourself tucked in. To your dismay, the students previously at the booth you were hidden had left. Not knowing what else to do or if it were possible to hide elsewhere before he got there, you saw a pair of black and white dress shoes infront of the table, nearly stepping on your hand. A shiver running down your spine as the tall figure bent down to look under the table. You shut your eyes closed as a hand was placed on your shoulder, scared to see who it was. "Y/n? May I ask what you're doing here?" It wasn't Floyd, but it was Jade, there was a hint of relief as you heard his calming voice. "J-jade..." tears spilling from your eyes as you held onto his hand on your shoulder. " m-" your words fell silent as you witnessed another pair of black and white dress shoes appear next to Jade's. "Oh my, brother, it seems like you and (y/n) were playing a game? I'll need you to bring them back to the room you had taken for them. (Y/n) really shouldn't be here especially while we're still working afterall." Jade had released the hand over your shoulder and walked off to tend to another booth. You swallowed hard as the place where the hand on your shoulder was replaced with a painful, bruise inducing one. With Floyd now having found you, his nails digging into your shoulder and causing them to bleed. Roughly pulling you from under the table and tugged towards him, your face was being smothered into his chest. You couldn't breathe and just as you managed to pull your head up, you were greeted by his eyes looking down directly into yours. You grew numb. He chuckled as he looked at you and gave you a harsh squeeze before he finally spoke. "I win, (y/n)~. I hope you enjoyed your time out, because you're never leaving again!~"
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riddlesimp · 3 days ago
could i request fluff with cater??? if you could, maybe even a study date together?? thank you so much!!
Of course I can try if you don’t like it please tell me and the reader is gonna be Gender neutral
“Cater can you help me for the test” y/n asked,”Like a study date~?”Cater asked “yeah I guess”y/n said smiling. Y/n and Cater walked to the library,They sat down and got out their books,”Y/n~Chan/Kun what is it you need help with~?”Cater asked,”I need help with potions”Y/n answered.Cater had a idea,he sneaked over to y/n and kissed their cheeks and poking them.
They gasped a bit and blushed,”C-cater what are you doing”y/n asked flustered,Cater giggled,”nothing y/n-kun/chan~! Cater smiled and giggled,Cater spinned y/n around and kissed them on the lips,y/n blushed but kissed back”Y/n-Chan/Kun after we’re done studying can we cuddle”Cater asked as he had stars in his eyes,”sure cater”y/n smiled,They went back to studying and after they finished they went in cater’s dorm room and they cuddle when falling asleep.
I hope you liked this and if not just tell me to do it again since this is my first time doing this I hope you like it.
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octatriolovers · 3 days ago
Vil : "Darling.. Please close your eyes so you can't see people that can make your beautiful eyes dirty.."
"It's okay, just follow my lead, i promise, i will make you to be a perfect version of yourself"
Tumblr media
Vil schoenheit With MC
I make mc with black hair here (it's not my oc) just think mc here as yuu (the original mc)
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