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harunayuuka2060 · 3 minutes ago
MC: Come on~ Allow me to kiss you, Levi~
Levi: How many times do I need to tell you that I don't want to!! *pushing their face away from him*
MC: It's for my research!
Levi: Like heck it was!
Mammon: *barges into the room* What the hell's going on here?!
Levi: Mammon! MC is trying to kiss me!
Mammon: ...
Mammon: *approaches them*
Mammon: *then holds Levi tightly*
Levi: M-Mammon? What do you think you're doing?
Mammon: *with a straight face* MC, kiss him however you like.
MC: Yay! Thanks, Mammon!
Levi: N-No! Don't move any closer! *screams*
*after a long hour of kissing and struggling*
Levi: *a blushing mess*
Mammon: So, did that help your research?
MC: Hm! Levi's lips are soft, but his tongue is a little bit rough on the tip.
Levi: I swear you're going to pay for this, Mammon. Especially you, MC.
MC: ...
MC: A kiss?
Levi: NO!
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aulilyu · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
as compensation for the lack of days 4-5, i’m posting early day 6. it’s the first year gang in their third year in a dorm leader board meeting. at this point in time, yuulis does more secretary work because the lessons focus more on magic, so they act as crowley’s proxy for a lot of things ( aka do the headmaster’s job for him lol ) 
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mirrigold · an hour ago
Release Blitz: Nothing But Good by Kess McKinley
Release Blitz: Nothing But Good by Kess McKinley
Nothing But Good | Kess McKinley Release Date: May 18th, 2021 Publisher: Blind Eye Books Universal Link: Add to Goodreads: READ MY REVIEW Blurb Special Agent Jefferson Haines puts the ‘order’ in law and order. Meal kits. Gray suits. Consistent reps at the gym. But all his routines are thrown into chaos…
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ramseysvalentine · an hour ago
I just replayed Distant Shores and that ending is so bittersweet. And they left it so open for a second book too so why won’t they do it.😩 Meanwhile books like The Nanny Affair, where the only plot is having sex with your boss, get another book? Tragic.
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kangyeosangdata · an hour ago
Tumblr media
210518 sbsmtvtheshow Twitter update.
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scarramucia · an hour ago
plzzzzz...its been such a rough night TOT
I just.. Want some basic headcanons with fluffy mammon...with a female s/o,,
Please and thank you!!
genre: fluff! no warnings!
- He's always randomly putting pretty jewelry on your dresser for you to wear-- earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings... Whatever type you prefer!
- If you cook together, he'll make sure flour somehow gets on your face so he can get the opportunity to brush it off with his thumb.
- ...Even if he ends up more flustered than you in the process. 💧
- He TOTALLY takes you out on midnight rides. He has a car in his room, after all. Just you and him breathing in the crisp night air, wind blowing through your hair via the open windows.
- He doesn't even notice where you're going until you end up in the drive through. Hungry, MC? ...Wait, why is Beel in the parking lot?
- Is he looking at you?
- Are his eyes glowing? ...He's mad at you two for going to get a midnight meal without him.
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decorablackbixch · an hour ago
I got a little too invested in the zombie clown and now here i am
At 4 AM
Wanting to draq his design before he died over and over again-
But I'm sleepy
But clown before death
Lemme know if y'all wanna see that-
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whatwouldvalerydo · an hour ago
Chapter 47 - Cannot let you go
It's been a while, but believe me when I say Talbott is having none of it this arc. He had always cooperated when writing, but now he is being very, very stubborn.
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kangyeosangdata · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
210518 sbsmtvtheshow Twitter update.
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designatedbreadbox · 2 hours ago
Demon Monarch! MC
no one could've forseen the day diavolo entrusted the Devildom to you after he passes
he was already centuries older than you when you showed up to the Devildom again
he knew time would be ironically short and that he had to make the most of it while he can
barbatos didnt mean any offense by this, but he tried talking diavolo out of it knowing his fruitless efforts. this has to be the one things barbatos didnt know about
^ diavolo never lies, after all....
time marches on, and when diavolo is laid to rest, you felt the surge of pure power he once owned. in times of pure desperation and need, you could hear faint whispers of advice from him; leftover fragments of his mind that helps guide you
barbatos held a coronation ceremony for you, dressed to the nines with the most fabulous outfit suited for Monarchs, such as yourself.
the 7 brothers were astounded by how well it all looked with the complimenting colors.
now that you were a Monarch, your demon form had to change accordingly. (this assumes you were a demon to begin with or a fallen angel)
tattoos ran up both arms to connect over the front of your chest and shoulders, amplifying the strength in your arms and fists. though your horns were designed to solely protect you, every other aspect of your new demon form either gave you great defense or great attack capabilities.
they all wanted to see your demon form; natural curiosity is normal. but unless needed or required, barbatos had to direct them away from that subject
where comes benefits come drawbacks
due to your new status, your schedule became more occupied and hectic at times. though you also assigned lucifer work the way diavolo did, you gave to help ease the usual load he gets. diavolo's kindess goes to waste when he blames the work he gave to lucifer as a reason why lucifer is so busy. as if the damn bastard didnt assign it himself.....
they all complain (lucifer never admits it, duh) that you're too busy and should hangout more with them.
they all send tons of texts and images about their day that takes you a solid 2 hrs to filter through. how can belphie send 8 pictures of his day when all he does is sleep?!??!?!
lucifer gets to see you most of the time, but hardly in a non-workplace setting. he wishes he can spend more time with you as yourself rather than the Monarch, but he knows the responsibilities you bear.
^ he doesnt push it.
mammon, asmo, and levi constantly try to get you to leave the castle and is always pushed out by barbatos.
satan tries to plan little dates with you that mostly gets casted aside due to your schedule.
beel and belphie get the same treatment as satan
they all simultaneously hate and love your new position.
they want their MC, not Monarch MC.
oh well, right? they just have to live it.
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zgaslychleb · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I won't stop making minecraft OCs. So met Brock the vindicator (I know shading is fucked up)
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