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gettingdizzyahrp · 6 hours ago
Looking for people to rp with! 18 or older as I’m over 20 and I usually include smut.
I really only have a couple of prompts but I prefer to spitball ideas and come up with something that works for both of us.
I do prefer AUs, including supernatural plots, but really anything apart from highschool. Slower burns preferred or something that draws the plot out a bit so it’s fun to write for longer.
I don’t particularly have a preference in who I play but I do prefer bottom, not a dealbreaker though.
Third person and replies longer than a couple of sentences, novels not required just have to have something to go off of and I can be quite lengthy with my own replies.
I won’t do: Mpreg, Hybrids, Ageplay/Underage, ‘bathroom’ kinks.
Aside from that I’m pretty open and available and I’d love to work something out with you!
kik and telegram are both @gettingdizzyah or feel free to message me here to discuss anything before that if you’d like!
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zanniscaramouche · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
A Tear in the Sky
Niall Horan is a consultant on cases that need a personal touch, someone to get close to prey and predators alike to discover the truth, and he's eager for the chance to work with old acquaintance Zayn Malik at Station Twelve. His attitude shifts when he discovers what waits for him is more than just three boys caught in the midst of a cult. A tight deadline presses on him to complete his report, yet the more he learns about the unique dynamic between these three, the more he starts to question his own sanity. Professionalism is hard to hold onto as the case and Niall's mind begin to unravel.
Established Lilourry + Niall - ABO -  26k  Coming Soon to 1D ABO Fic Fest @1daboficfest Prologue: This Dream Lost​
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pathetic-dreamy · a day ago
Niall: How long are we gonna stand here and let him do that?
Liam: Just give him a minute
Harry: *pushing on a door that clearly says pull*
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zarrysbestchild · 4 days ago
Liam <3
Tumblr media
im so so happy for him, like they say some people aren't just meant to be together and this is the case for liam and maya </3 he seems much happier without her in his life x i wish the best for maya though :( it was cute while it lasted but i understand that the relationship had detrimental effects on liam's mental health and the fact that he's now feeling much better and healthier is all that matters to me anyways im just so proud of him :((
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lululawrence · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Zarry, Lirry, and Narry Fic Rec
@justalarryblog had an anon requesting fics where the main pairing is Harry with the other guys in the band, and I am more than happy to oblige! There are some fab fics out there for these pairings, but I didn’t have very many for each pairing, so I got some help from the rare pair chat and @disgruntledkittenface, @louandhazaf, and @runaway-train-works were more than happy to help as well, so thank you! I hope there are some new fics in here for you to explore and enjoy!
As always, be sure to show love and appreciation to the authors with kudos and nice comments!
i fell in, i'm falling, i'm for you by @disgruntledkittenface (exes to lovers, coworkers, art teacher Zayn, kingergarten teacher Harry)
hearts will beat as one by alnima (reincarnation, soulmates, teachers)
your eyes are blocking my starlight by leighbot (Harry Potter setting, wizard Harry, muggle Zayn)
With Every Heartbeat by rilla (canon compliant, future fic, as it was said in the chat, this one is “a Journey”)
Subjective by blainedarling (stylist Zayn, pop star Harry, fluff and smut)
Once Upon A Different Time by @londonfoginacup (Ella Enchanted au, Zayn as Ella, Harry is Prince Char)
Singing Harmonies in Neverland's Embrace by @zanniscaramouche (bodyguard Liam, rock star Harry, angst with a happy ending)
just the thought of you by @disgruntledkittenface (girl direction, neighbors, wankfest fic)
Green Eyes (I’d Run Away With You) by salem (guccisuit) (friends to lovers, uni au)
fishing in the dark by countthestars (mermaid Harry, janitor Liam)
written in my memory by carissima (amnesia fic!, Liam has memory loss, angst)
standing in the way of control by carissima (secret relationship, canon compliant)
broke some rocks right through your window by fallfreely (teacher Liam, rockstar Harry, kid fic)
Maybe Now Is Enough by mc_writer (friends to lovers, canon compliant)
Tell Me You Believe in Love (It’s Not An Illusion) by @fallinglikethis (canon compliant, friends to lovers, Liam takes up magic and starts to perform on stage between songs)
a little tenderness by @disgruntledkittenface (a/b/o, soft, lots of cuddles and scenting)
Hard Brexit by Lunarrua (fake marriage, friends to lovers, misunderstandings)
Will The Landslide Bring You Down? by Lunarrua (friends to lovers, falling in love)
only time is ours series by torielle (amnesia, infidelity, angst)
out of the woods by countthestars (werewolves!)
So Much Love Hidden Beneath This Skin by @fallinglikethis (based on Put a Little Love On Me, roommates, ex besties to friends to lovers)
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pathetic-dreamy · 7 days ago
Harry: Liam always looks so calm and composed, I wonder how he does it.
Liam, internally: fuck fuck fuck fuck f-
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harrytheehottie · 7 days ago
“it’s almost like some people (harry) have a sixth sense for you, right? when you’re going through something and he’s very much like that. he’s a lovely, lovely boy, i love him to pieces.” 🤧
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bernardtheduck · 8 days ago
I Present to you....
Tumblr media
This GIF of Lirry
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hscorsets · 8 days ago
harry sensing that something’s wrong with one of his friends and immediately calling them up to talk… i call that maternal instincts
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liam and harry are so wacky just polar opposite vibes but it's very wholesome and i love it
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ladychlo · 8 days ago
You mean larries will leave if Louis is not gay and if he is Freddie's father? Because larries support is based only on the condition that Louis is gay is it not? You will quit fandom when LT2 is out and Freddie will not dissapear?
he is gay
he is not a dad
the only one who will disappear is you from my asks
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