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gettingdizzyahrp · 5 hours ago
Looking for people to rp with! 18 or older as I’m over 20 and I usually include smut.
I really only have a couple of prompts but I prefer to spitball ideas and come up with something that works for both of us.
I do prefer AUs, including supernatural plots, but really anything apart from highschool. Slower burns preferred or something that draws the plot out a bit so it’s fun to write for longer.
I don’t particularly have a preference in who I play but I do prefer bottom, not a dealbreaker though.
Third person and replies longer than a couple of sentences, novels not required just have to have something to go off of and I can be quite lengthy with my own replies.
I won’t do: Mpreg, Hybrids, Ageplay/Underage, ‘bathroom’ kinks.
Aside from that I’m pretty open and available and I’d love to work something out with you!
kik and telegram are both @gettingdizzyah or feel free to message me here to discuss anything before that if you’d like!
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twopoppies · 4 days ago
Hi I'm the zourry fallout anon (sending this again bc I had internet issues last time I tried) so I went through your links and I'm still confused. On one hand Zayn said Harry was his rock on the other he said they never talked then there's Harry shading him during mitam promo so what exactly happened between them? And I know this is the same "friendship ruined" narrative w Larry but what makes this one believable? Also does Zayn still talk to any of the other boys besides Larry?
So, I think the links I gave you weren’t the best... I thought they were a bit more comprehensive, but it was mainly about zarry as a possible romantic relationship. I know I’ve talked about all of this before, but I just can’t find it. I’ll try and be brief because I don’t have the energy or interest to really be meticulous.
I don’t really think there’s a particular “friendship ruined” narrative between Z and H. Zayn made that comment, H had those snarky moments (which I think were genuine), and that’s pretty much it. There’s been a push for Harry vs OT4/5 for ages, so if there’s more of a separation seen, it could be that. Additionally, whatever fallout Louis has with Z is going to factor in to how Harry feels. I think there was more of a narrative being pushed of Zayn was over one direction and had moved on, but his few in person interviewed seem to negate that.
I think Zayn was really struggling during that last couple of years with the band—his anxiety, his eating disorder, possible drug use etc. and all that puts a lot of pressure on the other boys to protect him, help him, carry his weight etc. Some people think that Louis, in particular, tried to help Zayn and that he put a lot of energy towards that (because that’s how Louis is as a friend). So it’s possible that Zayn leaving really hurt Louis on a different level (which then hurt Harry). There’s also the theory that a coming out for HL was a carrot that was dangled for them at the end of 2014 into the beginning of 2015, but Zayn leaving unexpectedly early was used as an excuse to rescind that offer. If that was true, it could be another reason to have some leftover anger towards him.
On top of all of this, we now know for sure that all of them were dealing with huge amounts of pressure, some with the addition of mental health issues, addiction etc. As much as they could have understood Zayn absolutely needed to leave, I’m sure there were angry and hurt feelings as well.
I hope that helps a little. I’m honestly not the best person to talk about this with, but maybe someone who’s more of an OT5 blog would have more insight?
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twopoppies · 4 days ago
honestly, I think the zayn/harry fallout can be summarized in three main points:
1. “you hurt my boyfriend and so you’re now my greatest enemy”
2. the fact zayn’s departure put added stress on the rest of the boys and particularly harry (of course, zayn was justified in leaving, but if you think of one direction as an extremely high stakes group project, losing a member absolutely affects everyone else negatively)
3. everyone in the group had unresolved mental health issues, were overworked and exhausted, and were under a lot of stress. no good communication comes of that. the fact they were even as civil as they were is honestly a miracle.
hopefully zayn and harry can reconcile now that they’re a bit removed from the situation, because they did seem to get along. but I think they’d need couples therapy first haha
Yeah, I think all of that is true. I’m sure there’s more to it, as well. But that’s a decent place to start. Lol!
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twopoppies · 4 days ago
Do you think Zayn and Harry fell out bc of Louis, and I don't mean in a romantic three-way whatever type of thing, I mean as friends. I understand Louis not wanting to be friends with Zayn anymore bc of the factor thing but what's Harry's reason? Bc I know him and Zayn aren't friends but like why? I always assumed it's bc Louis and Zayn weren't friends so Harry picked a side (w his bf) but I don't want to be biased just bc I'm a larrie plus I'm new so there may be a valid reason I'm not aware of
Hi love. I spoke about Zayn/Harry/Louis the other day here and here. I don’t have a whole lot more to say about it, but if you have questions, let me know. ❤️
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copyharry · 4 days ago
Headers zourry <3
like or reblog if u use please
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boopheart · 27 days ago
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˚᯼ 地獄.゚砂糖雲 ♥︎𑑑 ⨳ 𝗇𝖾𝗐 𝗉𝗈𝗌𝗍 ! . . ꒷ ⨾ 📕 𖡜᤺᷼ᰍ ೫ 问题和 ! 🥏 ͏。 ᰢᩚ ᰋ᯾⸱៰ ˚ᰈᰤ like or reblog if your save ! ຊ› ꔞ 𐜵 🐈♨️જ漂的猫𔔁◞ ꕥ🍰
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allwaswell16 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Here’s a fic rec of One Direction omega/omega fics as requested in this ask. I love non-traditional a/b/o fics, so these are some of my favorites! If you enjoy the fics, please leave kudos and comments for the writers! You can find my other fic recs here. Happy reading!
🍭 Little by Little, @absoloutenonsense / nonsensedarling (E, 65k, a/b/o au, omega/omega, omega Louis, omega Harry, non traditional a/b/o, mpreg, mpreg Louis, strangers to friends to lovers, neighbors, gender identity, sexuality crisis kind of, mutual pining, nesting, metaphors, slow burn, smut)
🍭 Bear with me, @vintageumbroshirt​ / 28sunflowers (E, 46k, a/b/o, omega/omega, omega Louis, omega Harry, Harry/Nick Grimshaw, pregnancy, surrogacy, surrogate Louis, abusive relationship, sad with a happy ending, angst with a happy ending, masturbation, smut)
🍭 In Your Black Heart (Is Where You'll Find Me), @graceling-in-a-suit​ / graceling_in_a_suit (E, 36k, a/b/o, omega/omega, omega Louis, omega Harry, pirates au, secret identity, pirate captain Louis, crew member Harry, historical, fantasy, treasure hunting, slavery, sexism, murder, swordfighting, smut)
🍭 Sisterwives, @jaerie (E, 32k, a/b/o, omega Harry, omega Louis, dub con, religion, cult, polygamy, brainwashing, mpreg, mating, non con, optimistic ending)
🍭 Take Me Down Slow (Don't Let Me Go), @jacaranda-bloom / jacaranda_bloom (E, 26k, a/b/o, omega/omega, omega Louis, omega Harry, jealous Harry, omega heat, possessive Harry, pool sex, scents, slick, smut)
🍭 You're outta control (what is your mind), @sadaveniren (E, 17k, a/b/o, omega/omega, omega Louis, omega Harry, bdsm, dom Louis, sub Harry, daddy kink, rich Louis, webcam, public sex, bh, smut)
🍭 make you never wanna leave, @lookslikefairytale / fairytalelights (E, 9k, a/b/o, omega/omega, omega Louis, omega Harry, high school, friends to lovers, fwb, first time, sexuality crisis, d/s undertones, smut)
🍭 Got Me an Appetite, @that-idiot-overthere​ / zedi (E, 8k, a/b/o, omega/omega, girl direction, omega Louis, omega Harry, fluff, slick fetish, porn with plot, romance, smut)
🍭 Milk & Honey, @kingsofeverything​ (E, 7k, a/b/o, omega/omega, omega Louis, omega Harry, mpreg, post mpreg, breastfeeding, lactation kink, meet cute, lactation consultant Louis, unplanned pregnancy, support group, smut)
🍭 in comes the rain, @starlitlou​ / BeforeEternity (M, 7k, a/b/o, omega/omega, omega Louis, omega Harry, asexuality, ace Louis, ace Harry, friends to lovers, heat, anxiety, hurt/comfort, implied smut, no smut)
🍭 The Sweetest Thing (series), @homosociallyyours​ (G, 6k, a/b/o, omega/omega, omega Harry, omega Louis, scents, scent blockers, bigotry, magical realism, fairy tale aspects, needles)
🍭 Easier, @allwaswell16 (E, 6k, a/b/o, omega/omega, omega Louis, omega Harry, soulmates, exes to lovers, soul marks, soul bonds, college au, candy shop, fate/destiny, angst with a happy ending, smut)
🍭 And I Want More, @comebackassholes / dimpled _halo (E, 3k, a/b/o, omega Louis, omega Harry, friends to lovers, pwp, heat, both in heat, knotting dildos, smut, scenting, love confessions)
🍭 Send Me Your Pillow (The One That You Dream On), @lesbianiconharrystyles / flowercrownfemme (G, 3k, a/b/o, omega Harry, omega Louis, established relationship, nesting, cuddling, snuggling, scenting, fluff)
🍭 O! Yes!, @homosociallyyours (NR, 2k, a/b/o, omega Louis, omega Harry, omega sex shop, clerk Harry, customer Louis, sex toys, awkward flirting, fluff, no smut)
🍭 Its Mutual We (All) Discussed It, @nikogda​ (E, 28k, a/b/o, omega/omega, established relationship, omega Zayn/omega Harry, alpha Louis, omega/omega/alpha, mpreg, alpha donor, polyamory, flirting, cuddling, smoking, showers, masturbation, smut)
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fearlessxcherryxbordez · a month ago
allora come funziona qui?
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loudloudquiet · 2 months ago
Yep Hannah did tweet that! Harry, Louis and Zayn actually all auditioned the same day in Manchester 😊 (in front of Nicole Scherzinger, so you can easily see it in the vids too, she’s wearing the same clothes and everything.)
Siiigh. Thank you for updating my brain! 💘
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