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kittenslarry14 hours ago
Tumblr media
harry is like: ok I'm falling, PEOPLE I'M FALLI- oh okay zayn it's here
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icarusfallsforwallsa day ago
Omg that zarries documentary is so disrespectful towards Louis and I hate much people they have listening to them. They literally got upset with zayn for the tweet he made about the Grammys because it was 鈥 Harry鈥檚 day鈥 they have a whole theory of zayn hiding his sexuality from his family and not being 鈥渙pen鈥 and they use Harry golden song for that. I am over the things they imply about Louis.
I just feel like this is a really dark & twisted part of the fandom. Zarry Documentaries seems to go beyond even other ships. Some of the things I've seen are appalling and all untrue, so I don't think we should be giving her any more attention as it's really disgusting what some people will do & say for it. I'm really thinking she is not well.
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icarusfallsforwallsa day ago
I looked into the Zarry AD, and she just looks like a person who has invested her her life into a ship, that disregards the fact boys can be friends and actually care for each other鈥5years is a long time so of course they will know each other well. she Reminds me of the big larries
Yeah, it's definitely a full blown obsession. I've seen some of her videos before and they are so incredibly biased towards Harry. She's also made some semi-convincing videos that made me think for a hot second, so it's scary to think of the influence she has. I didn't realize she hated Zayn so much though. I haven't paid attention to her in a long time.
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icarusfallsforwallsa day ago
lol its wierd when people ship but dont like the other half of that ship
guys shiping is ment to be light and fun
Right? The main reason I unlarried is because I didn't like half of the ship... Zarries, let Zayn go! If you follow or agree with Zarry Documentaries' ridiculous take on things, then you clearly don't like Zayn. Probably don't listen to his music either, so what's the point?
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icarusfallsforwallsa day ago
omg Zarry Documentary is bloody crazy...
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goldenraisinsa day ago
last year like the spring i fell into zh fandom for the first time bc i was truly a casual 1D fan during their peak and i thought it was all a joke until i watched a ZD video and was like wait people are serious i though we were joking bc they鈥檙e both hot and talented pls i鈥檓 so dumb
omggg it was spring for me too twins 馃拹 and PLSSS for me my moment of realization was when the genius notes on spotify said this about fingers:
Tumblr media
rly doing entirely too much 馃槶
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icarusfallsforwallsa day ago
Man..... listen let's play pretend that zarry were in a relationship and broke up .....if Harry ain't over his "ex" after six fucking years how is it Zayn's issue ? Like this girl gates Zayn only because he has a family that doesn't include harry get a fucking grip. 馃槼.
Now that it's established that she hates Z can she leave him tf alone ?
Right, like the insanity of her hating Zayn for having a family of his own is just that... insanity. The things these people have made up in their heads and then proceeded to persecute people they used to be fans of, or people they call themselves fans of, is just beyond.
None of this is real. This person needs to put the phone down. Put the computer away. Put the Harry Styles merch and vinyl's back onto the shrine I'm sure they have and back away. Take a break. This is craziness. Like, this is potentially sickness. Seek help. But leave Zayn out of this mess.
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icarusfallsforwallsa day ago
zarries truly the strangest demographic of all
this is so unhinged i'm losing my mind lmfaooooooooooo
What on earth did I just read?!
You have to be almost certifiably insane to a) write this & b) believe this. I mean, I am sure I have believed and said some crazy shit, but this really takes the cake. And OH LOOK, another made up scenario where Harry is the innocent victim! And they hope Harry will get justice?! For what exactly? We are the ones who deserve justice after having to put up with a whole 557 days of Fine Line!!!
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imightbe-a-robota day ago
No but this bitch has to be a troll cuz there's no way they are serious
Tumblr media
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sheraayasherwrites2 days ago
禄禄 through the dark 芦芦
鉃 one.
WARNING: mentions and description of suicide, mentions of death, swearing, larry and ziam
[ not edited ]
Tumblr media
source: pinterest
鈦鉃 third person
the nights. it is truly a wonderful time although feared by many. that is the beauty of it. it is feared by many but also loved by many. the nighttime is a special hour for forbidden lovers to meet, for criminals to execute their action, for humans to have their mental breakdown and to overthink without any interruptions.
while many don't like darkness, you cannot really see the stars and the beautiful moon if not for darkness. the gorgeous looking stars and moon that are talked about in poems, movies and books exceed all expectations laid down for them. nothing can look as beautiful and bright as them.
in the silence and very low brightness of the night and the sound of water from a river rushing down a path: many things can be performed.
one direction, a former british-irish boy band, roamed around the streets of Munich (Germany) at the time when most of the living beings are fast asleep. the five members are laughing, cracking lame jokes on each other (and on others as well), acting like drunken bastards and having their time of life. the boys came across a bridge.
zayn noticed a woman gripping the railings tightly. they looked at the water beneath the bridge with certain fear as well as acceptance. their body seemed to be shaking, they seemed nervous and in some kind of confusion. the woman closed their eyes a took a deep breath. they put their left leg over the railing and rested it between the edge and the railings.
something inside zayn snapped as if he were suddenly brought back to his senses. he ran towards the woman, he knew exactly what was happening. others stood, confused, trying to figure out why the comic lover was running, towards something, like he had ten dogs behind him.
"don't do this," zayn shouted as he ran towards the woman.
the woman simply ignored him and brought their right leg on the other side of the railing. they kept their hands, still tightly gripped on the railing. they looked down at the water and gulped. it seemed cold and harsh.
"please don't do this," zayn repeated again, this time he had reached where the woman was. "you will find a way, please do not do this. it is not the answer."
"you don't know anything about me," the woman snapped at him.
"that doesn't matter, just don't do this. please, just don't-"
"why? because you will feel guilty that i died on you? well, if it helps: i didn't," the woman said with a harsh tone.
"what? no! do not do this, please think of your loved ones-"
"ha! you really think i'd be doing this if i had something like that? jokes on you."
the woman looked down again, fear evident in their eyes. they shouldn't be afraid of death but they are giving in to one of their fears: death has not seemed scarier to the woman.
zayn is feeling terrified. he has gone through the phrase, he knows exactly what must be going on in the woman's head. he cannot let another soul give in (or almost give in), no. he knew exactly how it felt and it frightens him. if he does not convince them to do otherwise, this incident will for sure haunt him for years to come.
"i beg of you, this is not the answer. there is more to life, you cannot give up- NO!"
zayn's eyes widen. it seemed to be happening in slow motion. the second he said "give up", the woman gave up. they removed their hands from the railing and began decreasing the distance between them and the shining water below them. but as soon as their hands were off the railing, it seemed as if the hands held onto something else.
louis, along with others, had walked closer to the duo by then. as soon as they left their hands from the railing, louis jumped forward and grabbed whichever hand of theirs he could. this woman is insane!
the rest of the members, three out of five, had walked closer to the trio too. but they had kept their distance, the three members did not want the lady to feel more overwhelmed than they already are feeling. it is a shocking sight for the former boy band. they all had heard stories from fans that the band had helped save the fans' lives. but the members never experienced it in person.
the woman looked up, to see what stopped them. when they did, they glared at him. louis held their right hand tightly within his two hands. he isn't going to let go. zayn breathed a sigh of relief at the sight.
"let go of me!" the woman shouted at him as she tried to free their hand from the tight grip.
"are you crazy? no, i am not letting go!" louis shouted back.
the woman lifted their left hand to loosen the tight grip but zayn caught it before the hand could reach there. he nodded at zayn who nodded back at him. they pulled the woman up despite them telling the men to do otherwise.
the woman stumbled as they were brought to the safer side of the railing but zayn caught them before they landed face-first. they adjusted themselves to stand properly. they distanced themselves from the boys. they placed their hands on their face, covering their face completely. their eyes did not hesitate to become watery at all. in fact, the tears didn't even wait for the owner's permission: the tears fell continuously just like the water in the river the woman was about to be drowned in.
the woman cried, silently. they half-stood, with the railing taking some of their weight. their face is still hidden and tears did not have any plans to stop any soon. they were angry, melancholic and happy tears. a small part of theirs, just a small part, was happy; happy that someone stopped them from committing suicide. they were happy for a split second, they were thankful for a second.
the angry, sad and hurt tears almost immediately replaced the grateful ones. the woman was doing good to the world by dying, why isn't anyone letting that happen? they didn't want to be saved, they wanted all of it to stop. they wanted everything to go away in a blink of an eye. they were finally getting what they wanted; why is the universe against them, why does the universe hate them?
"how dare you! you had no right to do that! you cannot interfere in others business!" the woman shouted at the boys, tears still flowing down their dark brown eyes.
"how dare we? you would be dead right now if it wasn't for us!" louis said, raising his voice too.
"exactly what I wanted!" the woman snapped back at him. "i did not ask you to save me did i? i wouldn't doing this if i wanted to be saved you TWATS!"
"hey! we know it is hard alright? but please don't give up yet. you will find something worth living for, please hang in there for just a bit more. i promise you will find something or someone, just give it time," liam tried consoling the woman.
"shut up! just shut the fuck up! do not give me that bullshit, that is all fairy tales. time doesn't heal no shit!" the woman looked directly at liam - first and then others -, with red puffy, swollen eyes and pure rage in her voice.
"we are trying to help. suiciding isn't the answer," harry spoke calmly.
"i don't need your help," the woman mumbled.
"it is the only option left," the woman said, empty of any emotions.
"no it is not. there are many things in life to look forward to-" niall tried explaining too but in vain.
"save it! i made it very clear that i do not like fairy tales," the woman cut off niall.
the six of them stood in silence. not knowing what to say: being one of the two reasons. everyone is having thousands of thoughts racing through their minds right now. the one direction members, still terrified, are getting reminded of horrible memories. the ones they all thought they had managed to leave behind. the grown-up men were shocked and speechless. they all knew how it felt. they, especially liam, could see themselves in the woman's place.
liam has had lived through a tough childhood. he almost died and was bullied in school, leading to suicidal thoughts. but he had his strong support system. his family always stayed by his side, making sure he knew he is loved. then one direction happened, and his support system grew stronger and in numbers too. he would be forever indebted towards his fans, his brothers, family and his loving boyfriend zayn.
zayn, niall, louis and harry were having flashbacks too. the unpleasant flashbacks. their best friend, their brother (boyfriend for zayn), was almost in the place as the woman right now. he was about to go away from their life if had not they all had the talk later that night. the four out of five only know how much troll it took on them. only they know how afraid they all were and how panicked they were when they caught liam just in time.
the now independent musicians had each gone through their own trouble, huddles and struggles. it wasn't easy for any of them. but they all had each other, they would always have each other. perhaps the case isn't the same for the woman. the woman has no shoulder to cry on, no one to vent out to, to have those deep, long late-night conversations and no one to "just chill" with.
the woman wiped their face with their hands, they wiped their tears - yet again. but somehow, this time did feel different. they rubbed their, then, fingers against their forehead. they are stressed and frustrated beyond imagination. they had had enough this week, today was the peak of it all. Years of pressure, abuse, mental torture, fears, loneliness and insecurities finally gave in today. the woman had finally mustered up the courage to do it today, but someone had to ruin it. couldn't people let them do one goddam thing of their choice?
the woman could never be termed "enough"; as no matter how hard they tried, no matter how hard they worked: it would never amount to being "enough" - to anyone. their parents always looked down upon them, for various reasons, the fact that they are a woman being one of them. their sexuality being pansexual was a whole other topic which they do not want to start on. the woman's parents are orthodox and as narrow minded as a person can get.
shazia klein always felt pressured. whether it was going to school and performing well or coming out to their parents. the other relatives were worse: always asking when would they get married and telling them how it is time they "settled down" and start a "real family". work had always been stressful: with the deadlines and forced to do the work because following your passion will not get you the amount of money for basic survival in this expensive world.
shazia's blood family is not supportive, it never was. the relatives never tried to understand shazia's point of view, they all never stepped in shazia's shoes and walked a mile. that is what hurt the most. no one tried. during school days, shazia was bullied. but no one from "home" even enquired how they were. all the blood-related people would care about was the marks and grades and if shazia had come first in the school/standard or not.
no one wanted to sit and listen to them complain, them venting out. everyone in this world is selfish. thus, shazia shut people out. they developed a hard exterior and emotionless and heartless personality: because if people don't care, why should they? the world has always been cruel to them, when shazia wanted nothing but a normal life with loving parents, family and friends. it seemed it was way too much to ask for.
they shook their head and started to walk in the direction in which the members of one direction had come. their plan had failed. it was not new for them. almost everything they did, they ended up failing and disappointing others around them. once again, they were left alone to face the devil's kingdom.
"where do you think you are going?" niall grabbed their elbow and stopped them from walking.
"i am not going to commit suicide. thanks to you, the one thing right i wanted to do; i cannot now. and it's none of your business, get lost!" the woman jerked their hand out of his grip and continued walking.
"leave it, she isn't going to do it," liam stopped his best friend before he would follow them.
"you sure boo?" zayn asked, hesitantly.
"honestly? i do not know zaynie. but i think she should be left on her own for a while. it must be too much to process or whatever," liam answered, gloomly.
"but what if something happens? we should follow just in case," harry says, still shaken up by the recent events.
"i don't think so, babe. we need to let her be, we cannot do much," louis said, walking towards his boyfriend.
louis pulled harry into a hug (louis knew he needed it). louis kept mumbling reassuring sentences that only harry could hear. they hugged each other tightly. louis kept rubbing his boyfriend's back in an attempt to comfort him. as louis and harry hugged, zayn cupped liam's face which made him look at zayn.
zayn knew liam was feeling bad and a failure because they weren't exactly successful in stopping the woman from committing suicide. zayn moved his thumb back and forth on liam's cheek, he tried giving liam a reassuring smile. liam just pulled zayn into a hug and buried his head in the neck of his boyfriend.
while his best friends are in their own little world, niall horan took this time to smile proudly and lovingly at the two couples. he is the happiest for best mates. he isn't jealous or wishing that he had someone too. he is content. but still, some humour is liked by everyone.
"oh no wait a minute, i have no one!" niall said, imitating chandler bing (from the famous t.v. show FRIENDS)'s gestures and dialogue in the episode named "the one with the bullies".
the dashing couples chuckled genuinely and shook their heads at their best friend's antics. they opened their arms, inviting their brother-for-life to join them. niall did not hesitate to jump at them. the former members of one direction laughed wholeheartedly, forgetting everything in the world but this moment.
it was moments like these that they all cherished for their entire lifetime. whatever came, they all knew they had each other's backs. they knew they could come through hell if the five of them are together. and they always will be, it was a promise none of the five members intended to break for at least this lifetime.
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hazzaxl2 days ago
Tumblr media
I love them
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cocoapopsfortea2 days ago
*The band is having dinner together*
Zayn: Louis, can you pass the salt?
Louis: *Throws Harry across the table*
Louis: what?! He tastes of salt and vinegar!
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sheraayasherwrites2 days ago
masterlist | t.t.d.
through the dark ; series ; on-going
a short story involving the paring 5/5 one direction members x platonic!reader [the reader has a name]. in which they get saved, but they never get to meet their saviour more than twice.
鉃 one.
鉃 two.
鉃 three.
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alwaysoceanblue2 days ago
Liam: can you fill out these forms please.Its for your general knowledge
Louis and Niall: *salute* general knowledge
Zayn: *groans* you guys are still doing that?!
Harry: yeah it's a major buzzkill
Louis and Niall: *salute* major buzzkill
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bluewinnerangel2 days ago
Hi! I just read your analysis of "Stockholm Syndrome" and I'm so confused... z*rries on youtube keep saying it is written about Z bc he helped H to exlpain the song in the interview. Oh, and their other argument is the fact Harry didn't sing Zayn's part on the 2018 concerts. Based on the things I know about Larry, this doesn't make sense to me. So I was wondering what do you think about that...
Sorry, but sometimes I feel stuck between "people can believe what they wanna believe" and "my first real crush was Louis Tomlinson".
Cut not because it's long but it makes it easier to ignore discourse:
Just stay skeptical and don't believe what people are saying on the internet. We're all just a bunch of idiots that don't know anything. There's just a bunch of people having the confidence to state stuff as facts (while others manage to bring nuance into things [and yeah if you just take some of my posts out of context that's very ironic coming from me LOL]) which often is a pretty good indication they're full of bullshit by the way they're describing entirely speculative, subjective, THEORIES as if they're facts, and wow won't you look at that a lot of zarry sources are that way. And then there's followers wanting that ship to be a thing just clinging onto that and over time it just creates this whole space of built up headcanons based on... well very little.
So then to go into the examples you're talking about specifically, how does it make any sense at all that 1 person in a band making it known that he knows what one of their songs is about means that it's about him? Because it doesn't? You read my analysis with the interview breakdown, where I think (horrible memory) I make clear I interpret all of their reactions as knowing what the song is about. Zayn is just trying to help Harry out, just like Liam is. I think they're trying to steer the conversation because they know Harry's gonna say some stupid shit if they don't intervene (and he did anyway). If that song is about anyone on that couch at all it would make more sense to me it's about the one staying quiet and looking mischievous LOL.
And about not singing Zayn's part let's logic that too. What's the idea here? That he loves Zayn so so much he can't sing his bits? And then of all the 1D songs he has been singing with Zayn bits in it, the thing he can't sing is "I know they'll be coming to find me soon, but I fear I'm getting used to being held by you"? Because yeah that's just so personal and painful he can't do it yeah sure that makes sense (it doesn't). Ooooooorrrrrr, he physically can't do it because he can't reach those high notes (without it getting painful at least, again, physically). I can even show it lol, because he tried. For instance here and here, I think those tell you all you need to know.
And yeah people can believe whatever they wanna believe, the GP is made to believe he's with Olivia, there's little corners of the fandom shipping him with even more people. Just as long as they stay in their lane and don't bother anyone with it keep on keeping on I guess. As I've said many times I'm here for Harry and Louis and try not to give whatever the fans are doing too much attention (beyond reading shit for entertainment) But as far as I understand it not even zarries are in Zarry's lane anymore because they're "so clearly not together and Zayn clearly broke Harry's heart" or something so woo that ship's very much sinking.
(context: I guess more zarrie stuff but analysis of stockholm syndrome)
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patroklusachilles3 days ago
Does anyone have any romantic ot4/ot5 fic recommendations? 馃ズ I love all of them together but it鈥檚 so hard to find any poly fics that are actually poly and not just larry or anything but just smut (not that those aren鈥檛 encouraged lol)
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ch3m1c4l-w4rf4r33 days ago
Tumblr media
Why does it look like they鈥檙e gonna kiss I鈥檓-
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