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#it’s before Biff and after Biff for him
phineasandferbtheories · 16 days ago
Ok, but like. I love the idea that Phineas and Ferb don’t perceive the passage of time the way most people do??? Like Isabella is talking about something that happened the year before and Phineas is like oh you mean when Ferb was obsessed with stop motion animation for like a month? And she’s like yea that time. Or Baljeet’s like talking about first grade and Ferb pipes up like oh was that the year they tried to put me and Phineas in different classes but then got mad cause I wasn’t talking and he wasn’t able to pay attention to anything? And Phineas just shouts out yea that was first grade!!
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myaekingheart · 13 hours ago
Last night was perhaps one of the only nights where I genuinely must have remembered every single dream I had, or at least glimpses of every single dream, because my subconscious was packed.
It all started with a car ride. We were driving through this cool old city like an urban St. Augustine or something, like a very big and historic place with graffiti on the walls and everything. 
And then we parked in this parking lot before a hill where there was a playground. We walked up to the playground and there were these really strange looking figures of the Founding Fathers with big heads like the Mad Hatter playing instruments. I think George Washington had a trumpet. They were extremely weird. And they were attached to this big, whimsical looking piano, like imagine the type of piano you might find Seuss Landing or a Dr. Seuss book in general but it was genuinely functional. So my dad and I sat down on the bench and started tapping out a tune together, but then my dad started going hardcore with the playing so I whipped my phone out and recorded him instead. I think there was a tupperware that once held pasta sauce somewhere on the keys while he played? Because I remember watching him play through the orange-stained plastic. But anyways, I was taking video of him playing and he was having a fun time until he noticed I was recording him and then he told me to turn it off. 
And then I remember getting out of the car in the parking lot again, I think, and it was raining, and we made our way up to another hill above the playground where there was this giant red monument of a hand and forearm. The hand was specifically in the “fuck you” position. We (myself, my fiance, my parents, and my mother in law) were all venturing to the hill to worship the Fuck You monument. 
And then there was also something about my dad having bought a Delorean, but for some reason he couldn’t keep it any longer so he sold it to Biff fucking Tannen. But Biff would only buy it if I painted red detailing onto it, like on the front doors and the gas cap and shit? So I remember crouching down in what I think was an old vintage diner’s parking lot at night with a paintbrush and a bucket of red paint basically hand-painting all these red details onto this car, and then getting really depressed because I knew my dad bought the Delorean because I wanted one and that Biff would never have actually bought the car without the red paint job--the paint job that I did--so I stared blaming myself for it and feeling really shitty. 
*Edited to add: The more I think about it, the more I remember that the interior of the diner was actually an exact replica of my high school’s cafeteria, and I remember stepping foot inside after finishing the Delorean’s paint job and my dad was sitting at one of the tables. I sat down beside him and started interrogating him as to why he would do something like this, and just expressing my anger and frustration both at his decision and the repercussions of my own. 
And then there was also something about I was in a mall dressed as Rapunzel, specifically in the kid’s section like in the center of the mall’s hub where they have carpeted floors instead of tile/linoleum and it’s all fenced off with little white picket fencing or whatever. I distinctly remember I was in a first person perspective in this dream, because I was leaning against a fence staring down at my Rapunzel shoes--and I’m pretty sure I had the exact same shoes as Rapunzel in the Disney parks, which are very cute and I wish I had a pair in real life. But I was standing there staring at my shoes and I was either talking to someone or overhearing someone else’s conversation. I can’t remember which. I just know someone, maybe myself, mentioned something about coming back tomorrow as Merida. And if it was myself who said this, I think I was excited because I remembered thinking to myself “I haven’t been Merida in a really long time” but if it was someone else who was saying this, I got a little pang of jealousy I think because I wanted to be Merida again after so long or something. I hate that I can’t remember which it was, exactly, but even more is that I hate that both of those feelings kind of existed simultaneously? Which makes it even harder to know which was the actual case in the dream.
And then lastly, there was a tiny blip of me in bed overhearing my fiance on the phone in the living room calling out of work, and I remember being super confused because it’s a Monday and he never gave me any indication before that he was going to take off work today nor did he have any real reason to take off work that I could remember so I just remember laying there super half asleep trying to listen in on the conversation and sleep-drunkenly assess what the hell was going on. 
And the more I think about it, too, the more I think there was also something of a dream that took place in a house with a pool? Kind of like my great aunt’s old home or something, but I can’t really remember, it feels very vague and it’s been a minute since I actually woke up and jotted these things down anyway so of course the memory is fleeting now, but I feel like it’s important to mention anyway for the hell of it. 
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121-jigowatts · 10 days ago
Do you have any thoughts or analyses about Marty’s general insecurity and confidence issues and chicken complex?
ooooh yeah, let´s ramble:
In the original timeline, before he met Doc, Marty wasn´t getting much support from anyone. Not even his own parents bothered to encourage him and tell him to never give up even after a failure. When Marty first got himself a guitar when he was twelve, Lorraine even was pissed at him, because it´s a "waste of money and time". He never got any music lessons but taught himself, without any help from parents or siblings.
The personality of George also did have a lot to do with it. Marty constantly was seeing his dad getting walked over by several people without even trying to stand up for himself, or his kids. In the beginning of the first movie, Biff calls Marty a butthead right in front of George. But does he say anything? No. He lets his supervisor call his children names and doesn´t do anything about it. Now tell me, what is Marty supposed to think? Maybe that he ain´t worth it to be stood up for. Would seem logical to me.
Because of everything that was happening at home, Marty got really shy and mostly tried to avoid saying things that might come out wrong.
He feels like giving up everything after just one rejection because nobody taught him to go on trying. Well, except Doc, but even after knowing him for three years it´s hard for Marty to believe in himself like Doc does because of his family getting more and more dysfunctional despite of his lifeline.
When Marty comes to Doc´s garage after having failed a test or getting rejected at an audition Doc would always, always take his time and sit with the boy, assuring him that he´ll come far because he sees how much effort Marty puts in music, maybe giving a hug and Marty actually ends up starting to feel more confident after that.
Jennifer also helps Marty a lot, alone with the point that she loves Marty the way he is and doesn´t make him feel like he needs to be cooler or better.
After his time travel adventures, Marty is way more confident than before and has the courage to take part in more auditions and send in the tape.
I think, even though his chicken problem seems kinda silly to me, he does have a reason for it. In the first part, Marty doesn´t have this issue. But he sees his dad being able to stand up for himself and not letting people walk over him in the end. So Marty feels like if he does let people call him names and ignores them, he will make them think that he´s a doormat just like his dad was in the Twin Pines universe. But after part 3, he doesn´t have the problem anymore.
Thanks for asking!
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chickenmcfly1 · 14 days ago
Do you have headcanons or thoughts on Marty's relationship with his family in the original timeline? We only get that quick glimpse of them at dinner, & it doesn't look like there's much warmth there, but do you think he had any sort of close connection with them? Or do you hc that it was basically always dysfunctional?
Thanks for the question! I tend to go back and forth about this a lot. Sometimes, I feel like they all do love each other very much and have a lot in common, and just suck at expressing it, but sometimes I do feel that there’s a lot of dysfunction and maybe even genuine resentment between them. We’ll see lol (I’m also writing this in like 15 mins before my rehearsal, so I didn’t proofread. Enjoy deciphering my typos)
Side note: Did George even like Lorraine? Or did Lorraine just obsess over him like she did Calvin Klein and George just kinda went along with it because she’s cute and popular and saying no would involve confrontation? We know he was infatuated with her, but I hardly believe that infatuation and the Florence nightingale effect are enough to base a marriage on. Anyway,
George makes absolutely zero effort to reach out to anyone in his family. It’s not that he doesn’t like them, it’s just that he doesn’t know how. He doesn’t understand how to connect with his wife or be a dad to his kids
When the kids were little, especially Dave, George was pretty good with the kids. They’re cute and they’re babies, and he gets flustered when they cry and they stress him out a bit, but all in all, it’s good. But by the time the babies start turning into actual people, and god forbid, teenagers, George is so stressed and afraid, he’s like “oh no better not get involved”
By the time Marty comes around, his marriage is already falling apart, he’s like “oh no, this parenting thing is really difficult,” I should probably just not, and so they just kinda leave Marty to his own devices
He’s severely preoccupied with his work and that always takes priority over family which upsets Lorraine to no end
Just the fact that George let’s Biff hang around and works for him after what he did to Lorraine makes her really uncomfortable and hurt
Speaking of Biff, Biff tends to be a jerk to the kids as well. We see him poking fun at Marty and Marty look very physically uncomfy when it happens. If he’s really drunk, he has gotten physical with them too. We know, Biff can become a cold blooded murderer at the slightest provocation, so I feel like him shoving around a few teenagers just to be like “haha George look what I’m doing to your kids. Are you gonna do anything about it?” Or just out of resentment bc those are George kids with Lorraine is not out of character. George still won’t say anything
On a more positive note, though, he’s very close with Dave. They both have similar interests and Dave was his first kid, after all.
He recognizes how similar Marty and him are, but instead of taking that as a “oh this kid just needs a push of encouragement, and a confidence boost,” George’s mentality is to just protect Marty from any situation where he will face rejection or disappointment. It’s his way of showing love, but it really just hurts Marty more than anything.
This whole combination of George not standing up for Marty when he’s pushed around by Biff or yelled at by his mom and telling Marty “oh you won’t be successful anyway, just don’t try” really makes Marty feel . . . I hesitate to use the word worthless because that’s such a strong word, but for lack of a better term, his dad insinuating the idea that Marty deserves to be pushed around and that he won’t ever have success so he should just give up makes him feel really worthless and bad about himself
Marty sees this, and decides that he will never be like that and he will never let anyone else be treated the way Marty was. So whenever someone’s in trouble or being mistreated or spoken badly about, Marty will step in. And this whole fear of ending up like his dad and that idea of “I feel weak and powerless and worthless right now, but If I don’t let anybody else even think I’m those things, if I can prove them wrong and they validate me, I’ll feel better about myself” just feeds into Marty’s chicken complex.
With George, I don’t even think he makes an effort to make a change. He doesn’t seem like he would take initiative and fix his relationship with his wife and kids. So George just kinda decides “this is my life now, and it sucks, but what can I do” and sinks into this depressed state, making him even more afraid and withdrawn and perpetuating the cycle more
Lorraine is absolutely miserable. She’s lonely, she feels unloved, she’s in a home where someone she is very uncomfortable with pushes her husband around regularly and she knows if it came down to it, George would not tell Biff to leave her alone
She, unlike George, tries to get her family to do normal suburban family things, but they always fall apart. She’s usually drunk and moody and she and George are incapable of setting things up in a way that’ll make them work, but she’ll get mad when things don’t go how they’re supposed to (which they rarely do) and it’ll usually end in George stuttering in fear, Dave escaping to get to ‘work,’ Linda getting out of there, Marty booking it to Doc’s, and Lorraine being absolutely over it
She’s an alcoholic and she’s barely functional enough to do what’s needed of her, but somehow getting along. A lot of drinking means a lot of hangovers, and a good 60% of the time, she’s either drinking, or pretty out of it.
When she’s drunk, she usually retreats away, but if she ends up in a situation with one of her kids when she’s drunk and just wants to be left alone, she can be very mean and critical. Marty is a sensitive person, and we know he really lets criticism get to him, so this is not the greatest environment for him.
Also Lorraine is probably totally over the guitar thing. I speak from my poor parents experience when I say that dealing with a musician in the early stages is not easy. It involves a lot of hearing them practice the same bar over and over and over and over and over and it can drive you absolutely insane. So when Lorraine is hungover or whatever, she just wants Marty to shut up which makes Marty all the more insecure about his music
She’s also very critical in general. She’s hard on Marty, and will pretty much ignore him unless she’s giving some kind of criticism or yelling at him for something or the other. Marty knows at this point not to argue back because he’ll just get his feelings badly hurt. I mean, when Lorraine shits on Jennifer at dinner, Marty just sits silently, looking supremely uncomfortable, which is nothing like how the Marty we know would react when his loved ones are insulted.
I feel like Marty’s desperation for validation comes from this. The way he keeps trying to wrap his arm around Jennifer, the way he’s so latched on to Doc, people who validate him, it’s clear that Marty has not been told that he’s good enough very often, and he’s very eager to prove he is to others and himself. That also explains why he values other’s opinions of him so much, too.
Anyway, back to Lorraine, Lorraine is so despondent at the state of her life that she just sinks further into her alcoholism and depression, once again making their family situation that much worse. She does try to make things work and do normal family things, but it just doesn’t work out
Money must’ve been tight too. I mean, 5 people on one average at best income living in California can’t have been comfortable, which would’ve probably just added more tension
But yeah, those are some of my thoughts on the matter lol. This family is a hot mess, and I’m so glad Marty has doc to reverse all that trauma lol
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romellura-supremacy · 23 days ago
could we get some allura & lance friendship prompts? i LOVED your other ones btw 💖💖💖💖
HI I'm sorry this took forever I have honestly no idea why bc I adore these two and I ADORE this prompt so my brain should not have shut down the way it did. anywayz to make up for the wait i tried to make this a bit longer than my usual posts :) I hope you like it!
(also, as usual, everything here I came up with myself, and if there's any similarity to someone elses post I apologise and promise it wasn't intentional)
now without further ado,
Lance and Allura!
similar to lance and pidge, the two are decidedly Not close in the beginning 
i had an entire thing about how i imagine they became friends at first written out, but it was a tad too long and i didn't want to clog up the post with too much exposition. so instead, let's just skip forward and get into their dynamic after they become buddies :) (however, if anyone wants to see the backstory I would not be opposed) 
although he no longer has a crush on her, lance makes it a point to hype her up as much as he possibly can 
at first allura was confused, because she thought it was him trying to flirt with her still, but once she understood what was going on she was more than willing to join in 
lance when allura completely destroys the training droid: WOWZA ladies and gentlemen of the jury may I present to you the icon the legend the moment herself her royal highness princess allura of altea!!!!! if you thought that was impressive just WAIT till she gets warmed up because this is just the beginning!!! she can even do it in heels- 
shiro: lance, please focus, this is really important that we- 
allura: no no, shiro, please. let him finish. 
they both show their friendship in slightly different ways. lance's way is that he is physically incapable of not humouring the princess
allura when lance shows her his cartwheel: incredible!!!!!!! i have never been more impressed in my life!!! do you think you could do it in heels?? 
lance: uhhh. y'know princess I'm really loving the faith, but- 
allura: :)? 
lance:.... what if you don't have my size? 
lance fractured his ankle. allura has yet to stop apologising. 
allura's way is definitely safer, but it's also a lot more... cluttered. to say the least.
allura, returning from a recon mission with a tiny bag filled with what looks like tiny, glittery dinosaur figurines made of glass: lance! look at what i bought for you! 
lance, taking one look at the contents of the bag: wow, 'lurra, this is… so nice of you
allura: lance, are you. are you crying? 
lance (definitely crying): what? NO! of course not!! I'm just. allergic, to. uh. oxygen. 
allura: what. 
allura never had any siblings back on altea, but she always wanted them
this, paired with how much lance misses his own family, means that the two of them kind of gravitate towards each other in terms of siblinghood. 
as a child allura would imagine what it would be like to have siblings, but especially a twin. she would fall asleep to dreams of secret handshakes, finishing each other's sentences, and swapping places to trick people
she doesn't realise the brother she has found in lance until a long time after they've become close (how would she recognise a dynamic she has never been privy to?) 
this realisation happens on just a random day in the castleship lounge. she is talking to hunk, when suddenly lance, who she didn't even realise was listening to their conversation, butts in and finishes her sentence. 
she's annoyed at being interrupted at first, but then what happened sinks in, and suddenly she's fighting off tears. lance doesn't know why she's crying, but he hugs her anyway. 
the two of them match accessories a lot 
with allura's love of pretty things (and the abundance of stuff in her closet) paired with lance's natural dramatics, nobody else on the team is entirely sure of whether this is intentional or not. 
it started off as intentional. it is now second nature. 
one decision, however, was completely planned and thought out for exactly twenty minutes, and then deeply regretted by both parties for the next 48 hours
allura pierced lance's ears 
now before you get judgemental, you try making a smart decision at two am space-time while very giddy and slightly buzzing on some weird old alien candy that not even your resident alien is sure the ingredients of. then talk to me. 
pidge: okay so you're gonna need a needle, ice, and… yeah I'm pretty sure that's it 
lance: don't we need a potato too
pidge: … why the fuck would you need a potato 
lance: I dunno!!! my sister pierced her friend's ears one time and she mentioned a potato!!! I'm just trying to make sure everything goes well, pidge! 
allura: I love these earth customs you two are showing me!! when I got my ears pierced it was done with some kind of laser, but your way sounds much more fun :). 
allura: also, what is a "potato" and where can we find one? 
it goes about as well as you would expect 
the excited buzz on lance lasts about three ticks into the process, and then the screaming starts
pidge (the genius who came up with the idea) gives him some altean taffy to chew on to stop him from making too much noise, and allura, the angel, is babbling right along with him 
allura, with tears in her eyes: how was I supposed to know it was going to hurt mine didn't hurt well it was 10,000 years ago and I was very young altean children don't have very strong pain receptors you know, maybe that's why my parents had it done at that age, or maybe your people are just completely barbaric, who thought this would be a good idea?? pidge why did you suggest this poor lonce is in tears lonce I'm so sorry but if it's any consolation at all at least now your ears won't be nearly as hideous as before and you can borrow as many of my earrings as you want except for the sparkly green ones that dangle those are my favourite well they're actually my second favourite I'm wearing my favourite - you can't borrow those either, by the way, but you can have any of the others I promise 
lance, also crying and still chewing the altean taffy: hhb, llura yub domf hoff do bologuys, ss long'ss yub sanstsd thu niddle frst 
allura (who did not remember to sanitize the needle), now crying freely: I don't understand what you're saying 
(pidge records the entire thing)
the next day lance wakes up with ears that are very sore and slightly green, and allura faints
they spend the entire morning avoiding shiro in case they get in trouble and trying to figure out how to get the healing pods to work
lance: what do you mean you don't know allura you literally lived in one of these 
allura: I was asleep the whole time!!! don't put this on me!! 
lance: don't put- you are the one that pierced my ears, allura, of course it's on you!
coran, who has been watching this entire interaction in silence: oh, I thought i noticed something different about you, number three! 
lance and allura: [screaming] 
coran helps them set up the healing pod 
unfortunately lance has to take the earrings out, so the holes close back up, but fortunately coran just so happens to know how to pierce ears the correct way that they did on altea 
lance, after half a day in the healing pod, watching coran advance upon him with a literal handheld flamethrower that shoots lasers: is it too late to go back to the ear infection 
coran is surprisingly very adept at the skill of altean beautification (an activity that has a surprisingly long and rich backstory, which lance and allura get an in-depth lesson on for the hour that it takes to do lance's ears properly) 
they're exhausted afterwards, but lance looks great, so they're in good moods regardless 
they like to teach each other about things from their respective planets - both for fun, and because it helps them feel less homesick 
whenever allura is particularly down about the loss of altea, lance will visit her in her room, and the two of them will just lie together on her bed. 
they don't say much, most of the time, just link their pinkies together and stare at the ceiling 
when they do talk, it's quiet, and always allura who starts it - she might share something she remembers about altea, and lance listens quietly and then responds with something he misses about cuba 
it isn't always sad tho - sometimes they just talk about things they remember that pop into their heads, or explain things to each other that they wouldn't otherwise know 
at the space mall, they make a game out of pointing things out to each other and trying to guess what it is (allura can only guess when they're in the earth shop, but it's okay because she more than makes up for it in enthusiasm) 
lance, holding a my little pony collectible: okay princess. what is this.
allura, completely serious: a weapon
lance: ... close
allura, holding up a set of magnetic heart necklaces to the light: what does… "biffs" mean? 
lance: it's "bffs," princess, it means "best friends forever" 
allura: oh! you mean like me and you? 
lance: 'lurra what did we say about making me cry in public, we've talked about this- 
(they buy the necklaces. obviously.)
they mess with each other's hair a lot
once allura learns that lance's hair is naturally curly, and that he just straightens it all of the time, she makes it her god-given mission to convince him to wear it naturally more often
this mission includes plans such as stealing his hair straightener, "donating" a bunch of curly hair products to him because she "doesn't have the space", and getting keith to say he thinks curly hair is cool one day in the rec room
she still thinks it's the funniest thing ever that that actually worked
other than week-long sabotage plots, they both think it's fun to have lance braid allura's hair
he used to braid his sister's and niece's hairs all of the time, so he has a knack for it that allura did not expect at all but is obsessed with anyway
allura, coming to lance's room a few hours before another diplomatic party: hey..... how yall doin.....
lance, already prepared with a million different brushes and bands: oh my god just get in already
lance and allura have a lot in common 
one of these things, they learn very early into their relationship, is that they are both disasters when it comes to pretty girls (and boys, but that's a lance-exclusive situation)
so they become each other's wingmen
they both tend to get… a little too into it 
the team: [at a diplomatic ball]
lance, seeing a pretty alien girl looking allura's way and "politely" speedwalking over to her: alluralluraalluraalluraalluralluraalluraalluraalluralluraalluraallura pretty girl look over there eleven o'clock LOOK she's gonna walk away looklooklook
allura: lance darling thank you so much for your help but I am in the middle of talking to the president 
and alternatively: 
allura tries to set lance and keith up all the time. at first she was worried she would be overstepping boundaries, but after one particular sleepover where lance spent an entire hour lamenting his "bad luck" she decided to take things into her own hands 
this includes, but is not limited to; sending them on supply missions alone together (often), mentioning particular things lance has done to his appearance to keith every time she can, and talking about specific paladin bonds more than she maybe should 
lance hates it
keith, walking into the lounge: h-
allura, immediately: hello keith!! help settle an argument, will you :)? 
keith: um… okay 
allura: lovely! now, tell me, do you think lance looks cuter today than he did yesterday? we can't seem to agree on whether or by he's stunning or simply handsome. what do you think? 
keith: uh-
allura: oh, and while I have you, have you noticed that his ears are pierced? 
lance, beet red: allu-
allura: what :(?? can't i be proud of my handiwork?? 
lance, to keith: I am not associated with her
after a week of this keith literally sets up a system where if allura is in a room he walks into he just does a complete 180 and walks back out
one time, at a diplomatic meeting, an alien politician mistook them for a couple and they both choked on their drinks at the same time, and then got offended that the other one agreed that the concept was insane 
allura: what happened to being the princess of your dreams, lance?? I thought I MEANT something to you. obviously! i was wrong! 
lance: oh yeah?? then why did you GIGGLE, allura. what's so funny, huh?? my good looks??? my charming charisma?? how far out of your league I am??? 
lance: okay maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch 
another thing lance and allura do is pronounce each other's names wrong
they call each other lonce and allora 
it started as lance kind of making fun of allura's accent, but turned into just one of their Things 
allura honestly didn't know it was a bit until the habit had been long constructed
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honestlyvaliantpanda · a month ago
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Location: Cobblestone Tor – Summit
Reward: Fantastick
Time to head back to the beginning of the game. At the top of the Cobblestone Tor you’ll find an gentleman looking for the best vistas around the world. To find this location, you will need to go to the northeast most area and play the Harp you use to get into Nautica on the portal to get into the lake west of Zwaardsrust Region. There will be a small island in here, so get in there and kill a mounted knight to steal his dragon. Once you have to dragon, fly all the way up and to the highest summit on the map to (just east of the south most section) where you’ll find a shabby old stone with a carving on it. And that’s all you have to do.
Might is Right
Dragon Quest Xi Slots
Location: Heliodor – Royal Square
Reward: Apollo’s Axe
Time to take down a flying Harmachis, but this is a little trickier as this is the first quest that utilizes your flying whale. Head on over to Hotto Steppe – Southern Whale Way Station, the glittering spot to the most southeast, and you’ll find a pretty empty area with one enemy flying around. Fight this enemy a couple times before a red-armored version of it rears its head. Simply defeat it and return to the elderly man to collect your axe.
Mistress Bev’s Perfect Prediction
Location: Downtown Heliodor
Reward: Pep Pop
This is one of the few Pep Pops you will find in the game, so if you’re looking to make the upgraded Dragon Quest VIII armor, you’ll need this. All you really need to do is find Mistress Bev some divine dew. Head on over to the summit of The First Forest, and on the ground near the small waterbed next to the dragons and sprouts, you’ll find the item you’re looking for. Return to the mistress and get ready to craft some new gear.
Now You See Me
Location: Downtown Heliodor
Reward: Mini Medal x10
This one can be tricky. You are tasked with finding the hide-and-seek king. Remember Xero from the side quest “The Shadow”? Well you’re in search for him. Head over to Octagonia and talk to the kid next to the orphanage about his hero. He will inform you he left awhile back towards Champs Sauvage. Head over there and go into l’Academie de Notre Maitre des Medailles and open the red locked door if you haven’t already. Our hide-and-seek buddy will be hiding in this room. It seems a little odd for him to be hiding out at an all girl’s school, but considering the reward is 10 mini medals, it almost seems reasonable.
The Legendary Treasure of Legend
Location: Hotto
Reward: Uber Agate of Evolution x3
A very easy side quest that will net you some powerful forging material. You need to find Iago’s special treasure, and it’s pretty close by. Head to Mount Huji and take the secret entrance. Head all the way to the end where you first witnessed the dragon of the mountain and there should be a chest of Hotto stuff just waiting for you.
Perfectly Pepped Paladins
Location: Sultan’s Palace –
Downstairs – Prince’s Bedchamber Reward: Pep Pip x4
Ah Prince, you always seem to need our help. This time it’s to locate a Pepper Tree branch, and what better place to find one than in The First Forrest? Or at least near it. Hop onto your magical flying whale and go to the Whale Way Station just behind The First Forest. At the end of the area you will find the branch right next to a tree. Take this branch back to the Prince and claim your pepping reward.
A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way
Location: Lonalulu
Reward: Slime Crown x3
The fetch quests continue as you’re tasked with retrieving a crystal lily. This time we’re going north – way north where it’s a little frigid. Head to the Sniflheim Whale Way Station, and just slightly northeast of the locked gate you will find such a lily. Return it to the burly man and claim your crowns. Yet another easy side quest.
Morcant’s Mastery of Magic
Location: Angri-La – Lower Level
Reward: A boost to Rab’s magical powers.
It’s time to collect three tomes under the Ye Wizard’s Canticle collection. Where would one think to look for ancient books? Why The Royal Library of course. Head on over there and you’ll find three books on the first, second and third levels. I would suggest you also take side quest 59, Wisdom of the Warrior King in Havens Above to avoid having to redo these “puzzles” again.
Book I – Level One, West Side
Book II – Level Two, West Side
Book III – Level Three, Southeast Side
The Holiest of Harps
Octagonia Casino
Tumblr media
Location: Havens Above
Reward: A boost to Serena’s magical mending.
This little guy just wants to help out Serena and her abilities with the Harp. The only problem, he needs a Harmonicrystal to do so. Head on over to The Battleground Level B9. Basically the bottom level. The first time you went through here, you might have forgotten there was a locked door with a crystal sticking out of the ground. Now that you have the key, unlock the door and face off against the Crystalotl that guards the cell. He will drop the Harmonicrystal. Be sure to mine some of Orichalcum in the back before you leave.
Wisdom of the Warrior King
Location: Havens Above
Reward: A boost for Blind Man’s Biff ability.
This Watcher hopes you can find some tomes from around the world to better help Hendrik. These tomes are spread across the globe, but fortunately, they are in pretty accessible locations that it shouldn’t take too long to complete this quest. Only Book IV would take some time, so I suggest you complete this challenge alongside side quest 57, Morcant’s Mastery of Magic.
Book I – Sultan’s Palace (Gallopolis) – Downstairs – Prince’s Bedchamber
Book II – Heliodor Castle – Bottom Floor – Jasper’s Quarters
Book III – Southern Champs Sauvage – Promontory Cave
Book IV – Royal Library – Level 3, North
Dragon Quest Xi Slot Machines
Lost Lovers
Dragon Quest 11 Octagonia Slot Machines Machine
Location: Havens Above – Place of Legends
Reward: Luminary sword abilities become stronger.
Here we have it, the final side quest of the game. We’re not joking this time around. Anyways, you are tasked with finding Erdwin’s bracelet so it can be placed upon its statue in Havens Above. This will be greatly beneficial considering you should be using luminary abilities more frequently now. Regardless, its location can be found in The Disciple’s Trial (the left sprout), specifically The Cruel Crypt. What you want to do is ensure that the floor breaks beneath you as soon as possible so you can enter a room filled with slot machines. Head down the southwest hallway and turn the corner to find a treasure chest with none other than Erdwin’s bracelet. Simply bring it back to The Watcher and you are now even more powerful.
Tumblr media
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mrcifci · a month ago
The Original Super Sentai Manga Is a Fascinating Tale of 2 Tones
Five together, they are the Gorengers!
Image: Shotaro Ishinomori/Seven Seas
Shotaro Ishinomori is one of the grandfathers of Tokusatsu as we know it—the legend behind Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. Without him, Japanese superheroes would be in a very different space today. But Ishinomori is equally remembered as a mangaka king: and when he combined the two, there were some truly remarkable results.
Before he became an icon of live-action superheroics, Ishinomori was known for his career as a mangaka; an assistant and student of Astro Boy icon Osamu Tezuka, his mentor’s style and kinetic artwork is keenly felt through Ishinomori’s superheroic work, from his early days illustrating and writing Cyborg 009 to his adaptive work bringing series like Kamen Rider, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, Kikaider and more to the page after forging their legacies on the small screen. But what’s fascinating about revisiting Ishinomori’s Gorenger manga—written to tie in with the launch of the 1975 series but published last month in English for the first time by Seven Seas—is to not just see Ishinimori translate his work from one medium to another, but to do so twice, in very intriguingly different tones.
Image: Shotaro Ishinomori, Roland Amago, and Bami Eloriaga-Amaago/Seven Seas
The new collection, translated by Alethea and Athena Nibley, covers two different serializations Ishinomori wrote and illustrated over the summer of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger’s debut in 1975. The first, began in April, in the pages of Shōgaku Gonensei, an originally educational-focused magazine published by Shogakukan that targeted fifth-graders. The second began just a month after and ran in the pages of Weekly Shōnen Sunday, the still-running premiere manga magazine still published by Shogakukan—home to the likes of Inuyasha and Detective Conan over the years—aimed at young boys, from early teens to young adults. The new collection covers the Shōnen Sunday serialization first, creating an interesting parallel: the Shōnen Sunday manga for Gorenger was a loose serialization of the show itself, which means that what you’re essentially getting is a Tokusatsu show in comic form.
Following five agents of the Kanto Japanese branch of EAGLE, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger (literally Secret Squadron Fiveranger) sees the titular group battle the Black Cross Army, a group of international thieves and intelligence operatives that steal top-secret technology and research to sell to the highest bidder, attempting to destablize the geopolitical landscape. Wearing specially designed suits that enhance their senses, power, and abilities, the Gorengers—Tsuyoshi Kaijo, Akarenger, Akira Shinmei, Aorenger, Daita Oiwa, Kirenger, Peggy Matsuyama, Momorenger, and Kenji Asuka, Midorenger—stage a secret war with the forces of the Black Cross, using their superpowers to overcome the sinister agency’s elite lieutenants, monstrous enhanced masked villains.
G/O Media may get a commission
Image: Shotaro Ishinomori, Roland Amago, and Bami Eloriaga-Amaago/Seven Seas
And that, really, is how the Shōnen Sunday seralization reads—it’s a pulpy superhero classic, where our heroes overcome massive forces, from armies of tanks to giant mechanoid dragons, flying through the air on their miniaturized jetpacks or performing feats of heightened acrobatic dexterity and super strength. Ishinomori’s art is bold and striking, full of gorgeously fluid and bendy action panels as the Gorenger leap into explosive action. The plots are simple, bold, and relatively bloodless. Although there are a few broad strokes of emotional depth—the second story adopts a plotline where Akira is betrayed by his turncoat best friend, and ultimately forced to shoot him dead in a showdown—it’s mostly a celebration of what Tokusatsu does best. It’s a celebration presented in such a way that it doesn’t really need to rely on the threadbare budget of contemporary superhero TV like its live-action counterpart. Wild destruction, wilder explosions, grand setpieces, and intense action, it’s biff-baff-pow evocative of the bronze-age comics that were its contemporaries in the west. Think Batman, but with more primary colors.
The Shōgaku Gonensei serials, meanwhile, are much more grounded in tone (even if they do still deal with things like a purportedly psychic child, or advanced robots being stolen to sell on the black market), and emphasise the Gorenger less as superheroes and more as James Bond-ian superspies. There’s an emphasis on investigation before conflict, and the dazzling costumes—robbed of the bright technicolor seen on TV that created a franchise staple that still exists to this day—are almost perfunctory, with our heroes out of them more often than not. The secret aspect of the Gorengers is the primary focus here, as they skulk in shadows, infiltrate and engage in spycraft, and play shadow games with Black Cross’ similarly skulking agents.
Image: Shotaro Ishinomori, Roland Amago, and Bami Eloriaga-Amaago/Seven Seas
It’s a fascinating contrast, made moreso by the fact that each serial opens with a different spin on Gorenger’s first episode. Both focus on Tsuyoshi discovering EAGLE’s plight and his destiny, driven by his father’s choice, to become the Akarenger and leader of EAGLE’s last hope in the Gorengers but Shōnen Sunday adopts a more traditionally actiony, dramatic tone. Tsuyoshi directly inherits his super-suit from his father to stage a test of its abilities, whereas in the Shōgaku Gonensei version it’s retrieved in a moment of haste, the dying wish of his father after Black Cross agents systematically target and destroy each branch of EAGLE in Japan, leaving only the Gorengers as survivors. Although both version include the death of Tsuyoshi’s dad, the Shōgaku Gonensei version is particularly violent and disorienting, leaving the young boy thrust into the world of enhanced spies, confused and angry morseo than he is nobly-vengeful in the other. The latter reads almost like a noir piece, Tsuyoshi being tailed in the dark rain by his would-be killers, compared to the father-son heated arguments of the Shōnen Sunday take.
It’s particularly interesting to see this tale, rendered in such a way officially for the first time, as Sentai—now Super Sentai, having evolved into a much more explicitly superpowered franchise, of big team gimmicks and giant robots—celebrates its 45th anniversary with Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. Both manga present as easy parallels and roots for what the franchise would become on screen—this heady mix of over-the-top action and compelling, grounded heroes, everyday human beings given power rather than cybernetic experiments or magical aliens. And yet from the get go Ishinomori showed a fascinating balance between the superheroic and the human, whether on screen or on the page, that would secure Sentai’s status in decades to come as one of Japan’s most iconic hero franchises.
For more, make sure you’re following us on our Instagram @io9dotcom.
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1980smovies · a month ago
April 28, 2021
Back to the Future:
A hecking classic, a movie that shaped so many lives and perhaps shaped the future of movies. It was a big inspirations in many movies after it was released. It first viewed in 1985 and became extremely popular. Now at least once a year the movies will rescreen it ^-^.
“Jesus, Didn’t That Guy Ever Have Hair?”
“Silence, Earthling! My Name Is Darth Vader. I Am An Extraterrestrial From The Planet Vulcan!”
Plot summary:
In 1985, Marty McFly is a typical teenager living in Hill Valley, California. At home, Marty's cowardly father George is bullied by his supervisor, Biff Tannen. His mother Lorraine is an overweight, depressed alcoholic, and his older siblings are professional and social failures. An aspiring musician, Marty's band is rejected for a music contest. He confides in his girlfriend Jennifer Parker about fears of becoming like his parents, despite his ambitions.
That night, Marty meets his eccentric scientist friend Emmett "Doc" Brown in the Twin Pines mall parking lot. Doc unveils a time machine built from a modified DeLorean, powered by plutonium he swindled from Libyan terrorists. Doc inputs a destination time of November 5, 1955 – the day he first conceived his time travel invention. The terrorists arrive unexpectedly, opening fire and shooting Doc. Marty flees in the DeLorean, inadvertently activating time travel when he reaches 88 miles per hour (142 km/h).
Arriving in 1955, Marty discovers he has no plutonium to return. While exploring a burgeoning Hill Valley, Marty encounters his teenage father and discovers Biff has been bullying him since high school. George falls into the path of an oncoming car while spying on the teenage Lorraine, and Marty is knocked unconscious while saving him. He wakes to find himself tended to by Lorraine, who becomes infatuated with him. Marty tracks down a younger Doc and convinces him he is from the future. Doc explains the only source available in 1955 capable of generating the required 1.21 gigawatts of power for time travel is a lightning bolt. Marty shows Doc a flyer from the future that documents an upcoming lightning strike at the town's courthouse. Marty's siblings begin to fade from a photo he is carrying with him. He and Doc realize Marty's actions are altering the future and jeopardizing their chances to exist; Lorraine was supposed to meet George instead of Marty after the car accident. Early attempts to get his parents acquainted fail, and Lorraine's infatuation with Marty deepens.
Lorraine asks Marty to the school dance. He plots to feign inappropriate advances on Lorraine, allowing George to intervene and "rescue" her. The plan goes awry when Biff's gang interrupts and locks Marty in the trunk of the performing band's car, while Biff forces himself onto Lorraine. George arrives expecting to find Marty, and Biff bullies him into submission. After Biff hurts Lorraine, an enraged George knocks him unconscious. He escorts a grateful Lorraine to the dance. The band frees Marty from their car, but the lead guitarist is injured in the process. Marty takes his place and performs while George and Lorraine share their first kiss. With his future no longer in jeopardy, Marty heads to the courthouse to meet Doc.
Doc discovers a note from Marty warning him about his future and destroys it, worried about the consequences. To save Doc, Marty re-calibrates the DeLorean to return ten minutes before he left the future. The lightning strikes, sending Marty back to 1985, but the DeLorean breaks down, forcing Marty to run back to the mall. He arrives as Doc is being shot. While Marty grieves at his side, Doc sits up, revealing he pieced Marty's note back together and wore a bulletproof vest. He takes Marty home and departs to the future in the DeLorean.
Marty wakes the next morning to discover his father is now a successful, confident author, his mother is fit and happy, his siblings are successful, and Biff is a servile valet in George's employ. As Marty reunites with Jennifer, Doc suddenly reappears in the DeLorean, insisting they return with him to the future to save their children from terrible fates.[
• Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly:
A high school student and aspiring musician
• Christopher Lloyd as Emmett "Doc" Brown:
An eccentric scientist experimenting with time travel[1]
• Lea Thompson as Lorraine Baines-McFly:
A 1955 teenager who grows into Marty's unhappy, alcoholic mother[2]
• Crispin Glover as George McFly:
A nerdy 1955 high schooler who grows into Marty's cowardly, submissive father[2]
• Thomas F. Wilson as Biff Tannen:
A 1955 high school bully turned George's 1985 boss[3]
James Tolkan portrays Hill Valley high school principal Strickland in both 1955 and 1985.[4] Back to the Future features a 1985-era cast that includes Claudia Wells as Marty's girlfriend Jennifer Parker, and Marc McClure and Wendie Jo Sperber as Marty's siblings Dave McFly and Linda McFly respectively.[4] Elsa Raven portrays the Clocktower Lady. Singer Huey Lewis cameos as a judge for the Battle of the Bands contest.[5][6] Richard L. Duran and Jeff O'Haco portray the Libyan terrorists.[7]
The 1955-era cast includes George DiCenzo and Frances Lee McCain as, respectively, Lorraine's parents Sam and Stella Baines,[4] and Jason Hervey as Lorraine's younger brother Milton. Biff's gang includes Jeffrey Jay Cohen as Skinhead, Casey Siemaszko as 3-D, and Billy Zane as Match. Norman Alden plays the cafe owner Lou and Donald Fullilove appears as his employee (and future mayor) Goldie Wilson. Harry Waters Jr. portrays Chuck Berry's cousin Marvin Berry, Will Hare appears as Pa Peabody, and Courtney Gains portrays Dixon, the youth who interrupts George's and Lorraine's dance.
Directed byRobert ZemeckisProduced by
• Bob Gale
• Neil Canton
Written by
• Robert Zemeckis
• Bob Gale
• Michael J. Fox
• Christopher Lloyd
• Lea Thompson
• Crispin Glover
Music byAlan SilvestriCinematographyDean CundeyEdited by
• Arthur Schmidt
• Harry Keramidas
• Universal Pictures
• Amblin Entertainment
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release date
• July 3, 1985
Running time: 116 minutes
Country :United States
Budget:$19 million
Box office:$388.8 million
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121-jigowatts · a month ago
Me yesterday at 12 AM: *lying in bed, laughing and crying because of the Shakespeare version of bttf*
"Get Thee...Back To The Future" by Ian Doescher is...
This book is gold. It´s so well written and even though I haven´t read any plays from Shakespeare before I understood it perfectly.
Some highlights:
Marty and Doc´s friendship gets to a new level here. It´s so damn beautiful. Marty calls Doc things like "sweet Doc, kind Doc, my Doc" and after Doc tears up the letter Marty has a line that goes: "Why tear my heart, which shall lose thee once more?" I cried at this
Marty is confused all the time in the movie, and here we actually get some of his thoughts and see how confused he really is. Like. Really.
Einie plays sort of a bigger role. Also something touching he thinks when Doc drives Marty home at the end: "So shall I, and keep our Doc safe. My bold and playful canine spirit trust, For am I man´s best friend - this funny man, This brave and noble man, this clever man." I adore that dog and he adores Doc and Marty. Plus, he trusts both of them.
In the beginning, Marty describes Doc´s place as his "second home". 100% true and lovely.
Marty constantly compliments Doc with things like "genius" and "smart" and has so much faith in him. When Doc´s hanging at the clock tower, Marty is like "Fail not, brave scientist and treasur´d friend." I love this so much. I can´t. I´m not ok
The illustrations are so funny, there´s stuff like the flux capacitor made of candles or Biff waxing the car in medieval clothes.
It´s a great book. I recommend it. It made my day.
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wealth-and-taste · a month ago
Tumblr media
name: Lucifer Morningstar age: over 10,000 faceclaim:  Tom Ellis alias: The Devil, Satan, The Prince of Darkness, The Lightbringer, Old Scratch, Beelzebub, Samael powers/skills: angel physiology, immortality, telekinesis, superhuman strength and stamina, invulnerability, ability to draw out hidden desires alliance: None threat level (out of ten): 10/10 history file  (link wiki): case file notable changes from 2012 to the timeline they were pulled from: In the original timeline, Lucifer was still in Hell in 2012; otherwise everything is the same up until the end of the first season of the show last memory before ending up in nyc, 2012: Pouring himself a drink in his penthouse above Lux
How are you feeling? Physically and mentally.
"Just peachy, thanks so much for asking! I've been fine ever since I flipped Dad the bird and left Hell, so why should I be bothered by having gone back in time a little? Maybe I should pull a Biff Tannen and try to start raking in money betting on sporting events!"
Where are you living? The same place you lived in 2012, or displaced to a random apartment? Explain to the best of your ability.
"Well, considering I was in Hell in 2012, I am certainly not living in the same place! I had a lovely penthouse above my club in Los Angeles, but I had to settle for a slightly less nice penthouse in New York. Seriously, it doesn't even have enough space for four couches in the living room!"
What do YOU think we should do about the situation at hand? Try to go back home? The original mission of stopping Thanos? Rewrite the entire story?
"Pfft, why do I care? As long as I'm away from Hell, I don't mind what's going on. If people really want to get back to their original time, fine, but I'm perfectly content to stay here. And I really do not want to have any interaction with that overgrown prune-faced jerk, so if anyone decides to go battle him, please leave me out of it!"
What will you DO about the situation at hand?
"What I've been doing ever since arriving on Earth--having fun! I can do that just as well in 2012 as I could in the future, so I see no reason to stop!"
Is there anything that you think needs to be done?
"Yes, I need to order new strobe lights for the club. The place is nice, but it really needs some more work to get it on par with the original Lux."
If need be, would you be willing to team up with the government and SHEILD to recoup and help the situation at hand?
"If any of them actually show up asking for my help, I'll know Hell has officially frozen over! Of course I'd play along if they really wanted help--I am acquainted with the LAPD, after all. And I would love to see how many naughty little government secrets I could get them to spill."
What are your worries?
"That I might run out of whiskey just before the bar is going to open! Or that the piano might not be tuned just right!"
What do you think are the pros about this situation?
"Going back in time means people will have more opportunity to sin! Maybe even to sin again if it was a really good one the first time!"
Anything else?
"Yes, please do spread the word to drop in to Lux, will you? I need to build up my reputation as having the hottest club in town all over again!"
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seymour-butz-stuff · a month ago
A new Washington Post report provides a reminder that we still don't know the full details of many (many, many) of the most deplorable actions of the venomous Trump administration and its assemblage of, quite literally, the least capable and most unethical Republican hacks the now-fascist party was able to provide him.
The Post was provided documents showing that the Trump-appointed Department of Homeland Security inspector general, Joseph Cuffari, rejected staff recommendations to investigate the Secret Service's level of involvement in the tear gassing and beatings of demonstrators in the White House-adjacent Lafayette Square last year. Also canceled was a requested inquiry into whether the Secret Service's numerous internal COVID-19 outbreaks were being caused by the service intentionally ignoring COVID-19 safety measures—for example, due to the reported unwillingness of agents to wear masks while providing security to the mask-hating Tantrum von Clownbaby.
Both refusals were part of what Post sources described as Cuffari’s fear of investigations that would land too close to Trump himself—in the case of the proposed COVID-19 probe, Cuffari instead proposed limiting the probe's scope only to how the infections were affecting "investigative work," not the security teams actually coming down with the disease after being jetted around the country to provide protection at Clownbaby's pandemic-mocking rallies. (Everyone around Trump was getting sick, with multiple White House outbreaks, Mar-a-Lago outbreaks, and outbreaks among those staffing his rallies; it was a given that a probe would determine the cause of Secret Service infections to be agents' required proximity to Typhoid Hitler. It takes some impressive faux-obtuseness to propose investigating everything except that.)
It's the lack of investigation into the Lafayette Square gassing and forcible seizure of a nearby church to provide the Trump Team’s photo-op, however, that is especially galling. To this day, all of the relevant details about how the attack on protesters came about remain intentionally obscured. The "official" explanation is still that, as President Swamp Gas prepared to give a televised address on the protests, the U.S. Park Police coincidentally decided that they would clear the park with immediate force, resulting in an attack on protesters that boomed through the area at exactly the time designated for Rapeguy's televised appearance, only a short time after Trump's feverish ally William Barr was seen to be coincidentally talking to a security team, upon which Bank Defrauder coincidentally announced that he would be going for a walk through the park with whatever members of his administration felt coincidentally fascist enough to parade through the still-reeking area so that a traitor could hold up a borrowed Bible at the entrance of a church whose staff had just been coincidentally removed from the property through paramilitary force.
All of this was a grand set of coincidences, with absolutely nobody in charge and was certainly not a planned attack on peaceful American demonstrators that deprived them of all rights so that Biff Shitforbrains could occupy a private church that did not want him there. That remains the story, one of innumerable Trump administration acts to appear brazenly criminal but which were buried under the muck of Cabinet-level co-conspirators.
It is possible that the White House Crime Server, the system used by the White House legal team to improperly classify President Recalled Airbag's ever-embarrassing conversations with foreign leaders, had its data scrubbed before Biden's team was ever allowed in the building—we wouldn't necessarily know. A multitude of things still remain secret from those times, and we have been getting new hints only in a trickle.
A few months into the Biden administration, we finally learn that the pipeline of key internal campaign data did indeed go from the now-pardoned Trump ally Paul Manafort to an agent of Russian intelligence to the Russian services that carried out disinformation campaigns specifically targeting the voters the Trump campaign itself would most want targeted. This smoking gun managed to evade Trump-era investigators for four years, only to reappear now, after pardons have been dispensed.
It is a near-certainty that Trump himself ordered the violent attack on Lafayette Square protesters, that William Barr used his authority to ensure it was carried out, that Secret Service agents were informed of it, that numerous Trump allies knew of it, and that a campaign of brazen bullshittery by all involved was concocted immediately afterward once stunned reporters and pundits noted, on the television screens, that it certainly looked like Trump and crew had just Done A Crime. Trump's lust for violence on his behalf has been well-documented since his early campaign rallies, and would lead eventually to the Crepuscular Winnebago in Chief sitting ogle-eyed in front of a television screen as violent sedition played out in the U.S. Capitol while the man who had stoked it with bile and conspiracy theories refused to take action. There is no possible way these acts were not initiated by the toad always quick to offer praise for authoritarian leaders elsewhere.
There are some things investigators will still be able to tease out in the coming year, and some things that may remain hidden forever because the Republican Party is now an authoritarian-minded crime family with utter contempt for any law that might bind them, seditionists to a person, traitors to democracy who are now focused on preventing probes of a genuine (if spectacularly dimwitted) insurrection fomented entirely by their own falsehoods. If there's to be any justice from here on out it will come only after federal criminal investigators have axed their way through every Republican-built barricade intended to keep them out.
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The characterization of this new Loki from the TV show trailer seems to me like it would be a believable development if it was Thor. Someone said TR turned Thor into Biff Tannen, and the snivelling attitude (”but I won’t do it again!!”) of this Loki is similar to how Biff turns out in the future where Marty’s dad punches him out (the car buffing scene - “that Biff, always trying to get away with something”). For Loki’s arc, it makes zero sense.
There would be two main believable paths for Loki to take at this point in his life as a former overachieving scapegoat child hell-bent on impressing his family, after the development of Avengers (and TDW, though I realize that’s in this character’s unrealized future) where he was in a spiteful don’t-care-about-anything-anymore phase:
1. Either he would become a helper: Someone very compassionate who very ardently tries to keep others from going through the same hells he did - all the while being very cranky because of his still aching trauma
2. Or he would continue the spiteful arc and be super honest about any hostile intentions he might have (and hide away the good intentions to keep from being mocked and belittled for them like before).
Those are the two believable arcs because those are the paths people with his past tend to go down. He can let it turn him bitter and hostile, or kind and caring, or most likely a strange mix of both.
But the backstabbing, unreliable guy who loves to hear the sound of his own voice and tries to grovel-smile and promise his way out of trouble even as he knows he’s in the wrong? That’s Schoolyard Bully Thor’s most likely next step (and even carries threads all the way back to ‘real’ Thor with the way he convinced his friends to go with him to Jotunheim, even though that Thor was still very innocent in comparison). People who act like that are usually either former Golden Children, or people with a poor sense of others’ emotional lives who are used to getting their way with no concern (or understanding) for what it does to others. Or both. And that’s TR Thor, not Loki.
It seems like the projection of Thor’s bad qualities onto Loki, which really should only be something the fictional character Thor does, is still rubbing off on the whole narrative. It’s getting old.
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theliterateape · 2 months ago
Before You Go All-in on Antifa, Try Becoming Antifra First
by Don Hall
The laughter at my expense was not the kind of guffawing that accompanies a sense of genial ribbing but of Biff Tannen cracking up at the awkward geekiness of George McFly.
"What do you think queer means, Don?"
"I always thought queer meant gay."
Laughter. "No. Queer means refusing to accept the binary in sex."
"Isn't that bisexual?"
Cackles. "No. Bisexual is having a sexual attraction to both biological sexes."
"Who the fuck decided that? Was there a memo sent out?"
The evolution of language is, taken as a long tail concept, natural. When the Miriam Webster Dictionary enters finna (contraction. DIALECT•US, verb. finna: going to; intending to. "I'm finna make a scene") one has to grudgingly accept the fact. It is both the codifying of slang as standard and the pushing the envelope of common dialect. It can get confusing but it is as normal as language itself.
The term fragile is very popular in 2021 but I'm not certain the people who use it as a political label have an understanding of what it means. The redefinition seems to be a synonym for defensive but that isn't even close to the original so it doesn't play. Considering how loaded the term has become politically, I'd suggest we take a look at the pre-DiAngelo meaning and embrace it some before we continue forcing the evolution.
Back to that handy tome of mutual agreement of terms, the dictionary has a few definitions of fragile:"easily broken or damaged", "flimsy or insubstantial; easily destroyed.", and "not strong or sturdy; delicate and vulnerable".
A nine year old boy is enticed to have penetrative sex with his fourteen year old babysitter one afternoon while his little sister watches Joe Namath as "C.C. Ryder" on the television a room away. 
This is either molestation or an uncomfortably early rite of passage. The argument can be made that a nine year old cannot give consent but that's not how I remember it. A more fragile person might see this experience as traumatic. He might internalize shame and let the shame fester until he finally explodes like a liter of Diet Coke and a Mento tab. An anti fragile person might see it as no different than playing in the streets when the sewers back up the neighborhood becomes a river in the rain. No stigma, no shame, no harm.
The anti fragile adult is going to have a happier life if not the attention lauded upon a fragile victim of circumstances beyond his control.
I was a latchkey kid.
We lived in an apartment complex on the less than affluent side of town. Mom worked several jobs and the step-dad at the time was a preening, disco-dancing domestic abuser. As such, I found myself out and about without a lot of safety nets in place. I played in a septic ditch just on the outer parameter of the complex. On the other side was an abandoned housing development and I frequently went over there alone to practice my karate (which I thought I was learning from watching David Carradine in Kung Fu, a popular episodic featuring a white man posing as an Asian man who saved people with his peaceful but forceful side kicks). I’d kick holes in the drywall pretending it was comprised of bad guys.
On the north side was, in my mind, a forest but in reality was just a bunch of trees in several abandoned lots. Whenever I ran away from home (a feat that usually lasted until I was tired or hungry) I would go to my forest and “read” the tattered copies of Playboy and Penthouse I had stolen from the aforementioned step-parent.
To the south was a playground for the kids in the complex. A rickety swing set, a teeter-totter, and a broken merry-go-round surrounded by garbage dumpsters. A cursory examination of the dumpsters—a routine activity for a vagabond third grader—revealed a coterie of used hypodermic needles, marijuana roaches, empty liquor bottles and fast food trash.
It’s likely that parents reading this have already crossed themselves or knocked on wood in deference to the fact that their children would never be put in these positions. That their children are safe.
One day, as I had exhausted myself from kicking holes into drywall villains, I headed to the playground. There was no one else around and I decided that I wanted to swing but not on the actual rubber strap. I unhooked the strap from the hefty S-hook it hung from and grabbed it like Tarzan on a vine. I started to swing around in circles holding as tightly as I could to the chain.
Slowly, I began to slide down until the S-hook punctured my white jeans and then into my scrotum. I felt some discomfort and looked down and saw blood on my crotch but I couldn’t disengage. I was hooked, by my ballsack, to the chain. I panicked and did my best to scramble up the chain but the S-hook was firmly in there and the chain just followed me up.
I screamed for help. No help arrived. I struggled and the blood started running down my left pant leg, flowering out like a Rorschach. It seemed I was hanging there for hours but the reality was more likely a few minutes until the hook, now greased with blood, slid out of my nuts and I fell to the dirt. 
Leaping up, I dropped trou on the spot to inspect the damage but there was so much blood that I couldn’t see what was actually a small leaking hole. I cried. I squalled. With my pants around my knees, I ran home.
I smashed into the front door screaming bloody murder that my balls were bleeding. My mother, shocked by the sight of her 9-year-old kid, reddened pants around his knees, crotch covered in blood, and in high hysteria (I mean, who make among us wouldn’t be?), laughed out loud. A giggle turned into a laugh transforming to a barking guffaw.
The more dramatic I was about it, the harder she laughed. Out of shock, out of horror, out of knowing how melodramatic her son was prone to be. She giggled as she washed my junk off and saw the tiny hole. She giggled episodically as she put an ice pack on it and tossed me in the car to go to the emergency room. She stopped laughing by the time we reached the hospital and I received two stitches on the underside of my underside.
A more fragile person might grow up with this experience in desperate need to pay someone to listen to his trauma.
"My mother laughed at my bleeding scrotum!" he'd wail as the therapist did her best to stifle her own laughter. He might write a book much later after his antidepressants and struggle session with his mother commenced entitled "Men and The Mothers Who Giggled at Their Nuts" and an article in The Atlantic "Incels and Their Reasons."
An anti fragile person might see this as pretty fucking funny.
In 1992, I was mugged just outside the Granville Redline stop in Chicago. It was around 2:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. I had just played a gig on the Southside with a big band known as The Outcasts and, still in my tuxedo, decided to walk the block to an all-night diner for some breakfast when three young black men hit me with a two-by-four and then proceeded to kick the shit out of me on the sidewalk.
They stole $14.00 in cash and a check for $200.00 from the gig.
Bruised but not broken, when I told the police that I was mugged by three young black guys and what were the chances I'd get my money back, they laughed. Not like Biff Tannen but more along the lines of Denzel in Training Day to a naive Ethan.
Later, when I met with Gil, the drummer and band leader, to have him cut me another check, Gil muttered as he canceled the first "N****rs are the fucking worst." It would have been cause for some sort of reckoning except that Gil was black.
A fragile mind might find himself going over and over the incident, blaming himself, blaming black men everywhere, blaming the cops. 
An anti fragile mind understands that shit happens and you can't dwell too much on it because that means you're spending a lot of time thinking about shit.
The more time one spends dwelling on shit, the worse the place smells. It's like living with five cats. At some point, you have no idea that your apartment stinks like cat asshole but your Tinder date sure does.
Commonsense Media has polled some info out and it seems that the kids are wallowing in catshit.
23% of 14- to 17-year-olds say they "often" came across racist comments on social media in 2020 — nearly double the number in 2018 (12%).
"Sadly, but not surprisingly, the teens and young adults who are most likely to be affected by such content are also most likely to encounter it — or recognize and remember it," says the study, which was done in partnership with Hopelab and the California Health Care Foundation.
Black young people are more likely than whites to see racist comments "often" (34% vs 23%). LGBTQ+ youth are more than twice as likely than non-LGBTQ+ youth to encounter homophobic comments (44% vs 18%). Females are more likely to encounter sexist and body shaming posts than males.
On top of all this feline fecal material, it turns out that both actual mental health issues as well as the frequently self-diagnosed PTSD cases are dramatically on the rise. Where, in my formative years, comparisons of how many push-ups one could do was common, today's kids compare anti-depressant cocktails.
Under almost any definition, this is the behavior of fragility. Fragile like a Fabergé Egg in the back of a pickup truck on a dirt road going 75 miles an hour.
Surrounded by catshit, constantly seeing the injury you're looking for and thus finding it everywhere, always feeling aggrieved and victimized. What the fuck can you do except feel like you need to be bathed in Bactine just to survive life's never-ending abrasions?
First, decide what's more important than your feels. 
Most people let their every waking moment be dictated by feelings—both theirs and everyone else's. This is a one-way path to thinner skin, gentler sacks, and a general inability to live in a world outside of an echo chamber that has been hermetically sealed.
Becoming anti fragile is the process of understanding that there are a lot of things more important than your feelings. Romulans are fragile; Vulcans are not. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have the feels—just don’t let them make your decisions for you. It might feel great to scream at the obnoxious woman at the Walgreen’s counter but it’s smarter to mind your business and buy your condoms and Zagnut bar while shutting the fuck up.
Second, get better at feeling bad and keeping it to yourself.
Just like most people allow their lives to be led by the nose by their feelings, most people think they are somehow important. They aren’t. You aren’t. The way skin thickens up is by taking some hits and learning that there are far worse things than being insulted, micro-aggressed, or shamed publicly. Grow a sack and a sense of proportion.
Finally, as the Stoics go, assume you have something to learn in every interaction rather than you have something to teach. I mean, who the fuck are you? To most people, you aren’t anyone of note so suck on the bitter teat of humility and join the throng, kiddo.
As Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī once wrote "Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself."
Be wise because clever people write for McSwenis and those assholes suck.
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steamed-cogs · 2 months ago
A little birdie
Tumblr media
The new stranger brings up something even stranger from the underground.
One day in the little sleepy mining town of Tumbleton, a stranger appears.
He’s an odd one, a bot of few words, quiet and seemingly quieter in a village full of chatterboxes. Drawn west by letter and deed passed down by his uncle, the nephew of the late steambot Joe (rest his soul). The two share similarities—their silence, their unrelenting drive to sate their curiosity—but the newcomer smiles more, listens closer even if he doesn’t have much to say in return. He’s stoic but friendly, private but not closed-off.
(And maybe his keeping her underground spelunking a secret from Daddy places him more in Dorothy’s favour.)
Calls himself Rusty, presumably because his parents made some kinda joke calling him it first. He insists he’s no miner but takes to the job like it’s in his gears; maybe it is. He wastes no time heading below the earth, looking to unravel the mystery of his uncle’s bequeathment, and the whole town is pulled along for the ride. They want the precious ore he brings up most of course, but the case is intriguing and becomes the talk of Tumbleton between Rusty’s returns to the surface.
She likes him. Somehow, they click together like parts slotted into place. Naturally she talks the most, but as they become more familiar he finds his voice. She’s got the other townsfolk, she’s got her father, but in truth Dorothy’s always felt a bit lonely. She shouldn’t feel that way, but she does. Him coming up to cash in some ore is a highlight of her day and not just for the precious materials she reaps. It’s nice, having a new friend.
Yet one day he doesn’t just bring up more ore. He brings up something else altogether.
It’s mid-afternoon when Rusty returns to town by pipe and immediately heads towards her. He’s been up and down a few times that day already, having dug into a new area teeming with undiscovered treasures. Dorothy turns his way and opens her mouth to make some teasing remark (“Again? You trying to bankrupt me here?”), but before she can speak he whips out something from his bag and holds it out in front of her.
It’s... a bird. She thinks. Well, something made to look like one at least. A little glass figure, two bulbs connected by a long glass tube, the bottom bulb larger than the top. The tube rests on a crosspiece of a different material, possibly plastic, with two orange ‘feet’ at the bottom to stand it upright. There’s red liquid gathered in the bottom bulb and the top one has a little black top hat on, two painted ‘eyes’, and a plastic ‘beak’. Definitely made to look like a bird, but scrap if she knows what the dang thing is for.
Rusty’s looking at her like he’s expecting that she does know, holding it up without saying a word. Dorothy blinks, glancing from his face to the object and back again. Silence lasting a beat too long. “... what the heck is that?” she finally questions.
Rusty also blinks. Processes her confusion. The, slowly lowers the object, looking equally confused and slightly disappointed. “... ‘m not sure,” he mutters.
“It looks like a bird?” Dorothy stands closer to peer at the glass mystery. “Where’d you even find this?”
“Sealed off in some box in a wall,” he explains. “Wrapped in paper, too. Guess whoever stored it wanted to keep it safe.”
“Strange.” She reaches out but doesn’t take it, asking silent permission, and Rusty hands it over to her without a word. Dorothy holds it above her head, squinting at the sun shining through. “What do you think it’s for? You think some Shiners made it, a long time ago?” A ridiculous idea in the present, but from what she’s heard Shiners were wicked smart back in the day, and they’ve found quite a few lost relics displaying an advanced knowledge of artistry and crafting said to be by their hand.
“It’s possible. But I’ve got no clue what it’s for.”
“What what’s for?”
And that’s how an eavesdropping Lola enters the conversation, which the prompts Dandy to come see what all the fuss is, then Biff, and finally Daddy, so now the entire town’s having an argument over Rusty’s latest find.
“Maybe it’s one of those holy figures,” says Lola, “Shiners worshipped some big guy in the sky, didn’t they? Where else would a bird be but the sky?”
Dandy shakes his head. “Nonsense,” he huffs. “It’s clearly a piece of high art. You can see the craftsmanship and passion of the artist clear as day.”
“For all we know it’s some kinda weapon,” scoffs her father, one Mr. Hank McCrank. “Everythin’s Shiners ever make is to hurt others. Dang thing could explode in our faces any second!”
“Whatever it is, I bet it’s worth a fortune!” Biff wheels back and forth in place, teeming with excitement. “Signs of wealth! The rich folk had castles full o’ these little birdies.”
All the while the group’s grabbing it off each other and Dorothy can just see the thing crashing to the ground and shattering into a hundred pieces. She looks to Rusty for help, but he’s disappeared, slipped away in the commotion. What a pal.
“All right, all right, would you all settle down?” Dorothy snaps, yanking the figure as it passes hands again. “At this rate you’re gonna break it. It’s glass, you can’t just—”
Yet moments later someone’s taking it from her again, albeit with a gentler grasp. She spins around, ready to berate whoever ignored what she just said, but it’s Rusty and that makes her pause. Bending down, he places the bird on the ground with the utmost delicacy, right in front of a small pail of water he must’ve run off to fetch. The rabble behind her falls silent. Dorothy voices what everyone is thinking. “Rusty, what are you doing?”
“We’re not gonna figure out what it does by fighting, so we might as well try something,” Rusty shrugs. He places the beak of the figure into the water. “Pretty sure birds need water.”
More silence. Dorothy catches the others sharing looks, but she doesn’t blame them. That logic is... odd, for lack of a better term. “Well, sure,” she admits. “But it’s not a real bird. It’s not even alive. It doesn’t need—”
The bird moves.
Startled exclamations all around, a widening of eyes. The glass figure swings back, removing its beak from the water, and bobs forward again, then repeats the cycle in perpetual motion. The group watches with rapt fascination over something so mundane yet so novel. After about a minute, the top bulb reaches far enough forward to dip the beak once more, which propels it backwards to start again. A small, self-sustaining movement apparatus.
“Well I’ll be,” Cranky intones, voice hushed with awe. Or something close to awe, because it’s not that amazing really, but it sure is unexpected.
“You know, now that it’s movin’, it’s kinda cute,” Lola smiles. “Maybe we ought’a name it?”
“It would have to be something sophisticated,” Dandy sniffs. “A decision not to be made lightly.”
“I think we should call it Biff Junior!”
“Absolutely not!”
As the rabble starts up again, Dorothy bends next to her friend. Rusty appears quite content to just watch the simple motions of the bird—he looks calm. They still don’t know what the thing’s for exactly, but they must be getting closer now that it’s in working order. “That was some good guess, Rusty.”
Rusty hums. “Gotta start somewhere.”
“I guess you do.”
Her new friend’s definitely an odd one. But they could use a little odd around here, a new way of thinking, unconventional as it may seem at first glance.
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ficmylife4 · 3 months ago
Timelines of Back to the Future Explanation (*attempted)
I saw a Back to the Future post yesterday and have been thinking about the time travel since. Here is my attempt to figure out how it happened in canon. The implications are mostly awful, so I might end up putting them in another post. Regarding timelines, it gets wordy, so see below the cut. Also, spoiler warning for Back to the Future trilogy, if anyone needs it.
Timeline 1 in 1985, George McFly works under Biff Tannen and the family isn’t very happy. Marty McFly 1 travels back to 1955 from the Twin Pines Mall parking lot. He knocks over one of the pines.
Marty 1 almost undoes his birth and his body starts fading in reaction. He also has a photo on his person with his siblings that has the images of them disappearing. The photo itself remains, but not the content. His parents Lorraine and George kiss and Marty pops back up in perfect health and his pictured siblings are back. But George has had to demonstrate assertiveness and confidence in the face of new events, the new way he had to appeal to Lorraine after Marty 1 changed their Timeline 1 meeting, and now he’s discovered how to show these things, he likely keeps doing them and making different choices than he did in Timeline 1. So when Marty 1 travels forward to 1985 he’s doing it starting from a more confident George who changes things to Timeline 2, so Marty 1 lands in Timeline 2. He runs to the now Lone Pine Mall parking lot and witnesses Doc Brown 2 fall to gunfire and Marty 2, the Marty who was born to the more confident George who never worked for Biff Tannen but became a writer, get into the Delorean and travel in time (where? See next post! Cry!)
What happened to Timeline 1? Presumably it collapsed and faded like Marty 1 was, and he escaped by existing in 1955 as a part of events in Timeline 2. So Marty 1 in the new 1985 is now surrounded by Doc Brown 2 and George 2 and not the versions he actually grew up with and shared experiences with. He has taken over Marty 2’s place. Would Marty 1 even have the same first date as Marty 2 did with Jennifer 2? Hope she doesn’t ask who she thinks is her boyfriend about their anniversary.
Doc Brown 2 shows up and whisks Marty 1 and Jennifer 2 further into Timeline 2 to year 2015. Middle-aged Marty 2 was injured and unable to play guitar and now has an unhappy office job. He gets fired and Jennifer has a fax that says You’re Fired! from it. Unbeknownst to Doc and Marty, Biff Tannen 2 from 2015 steals a Sports Almanac and the Delorean and goes back to 1955 to give it to his younger self. (This younger self is still Biff 2 because it is after George met Marty 1 and became more assertive, thus the first change in timeline). 
Old Biff 2 returns to 2015 in Timeline 2, but he’s weak and shaky and disappears. What he did caused changes in the past that created a new timeline and Timeline 2 is collapsing, starting with the native Old Biff 2. Doc 2 and Marty 1 travel back to 1985, but land in Timeline 3. Because all the way back in 1955, young Biff 2 got the Almanac and now could cheat his way to fortune and fame and make new situations to create Timeline 3. So time moving forward from that point was 3 and that’s where our travelers land. 
Going forward will only lead them further into Timeline 3, so they have to go back to before Timeline 3 was created. They go back to 1955, but the Past Marty 1 is already there and has helped change George, so Timeline 1 remains inaccessible. Mart 1 and Future Doc 2 stop Young Biff 2, so Timeline 3 is never created. 
In 1955 Timeline 2,  Future Doc Brown 2 is blown back in time to 1880. Because his letter arrives for Marty 1 on that road, we know time marched forward to reach Marty in Timeline 2, so 1880 is considered part of Timeline 2.  
Future Doc Brown 2 dies in 1880 in Timeline 2. (If the changes are minor enough that the major 3 timelines are recognizable I’m not counting them. Otherwise we’d have Time 2a where Biff didn’t crash the car losing the Almanac vs Timeline 2b where he did and had idk a miserable summer job, but both ended up owning a car cleaning business in 1985 when George was a successful writer. Timeline 2c where kids grew up talking about Clayton Ravine vs timeline 2d where it was called Shonash Ravine.) Anyway, Doc living or dying in 1880 doesn’t effect the timelines recognizably because he didn’t change the life trajectory of anyone’s ancestors too much for them not to end up where we expect in 1955 Timeline 2. 
Future Marty 1 runs back to Past Doc 2 in 1955, who has just sent Past Marty 1 back to the future. 1880 happens. Marty 1 returns back to Timeline 2 1985 and Jennifer 2 who visited Timeline 2’s 2015 with him still has the You’re Fired fax. (When a timeline collapses it isn’t physically destroying anything, it’s warping into another state. Jennifer 2 was left sleeping in Timeline 3, but when Timeline 3 faded away into nonexistence and Timeline 2, her native timeline, came into prominence again, the details of Timeline 3 faded around her and she was left in Timeline 2 for Marty to wake up. Jennifer 2 is supposed to exist, timelines aren’t physical planets and she was left on the wrong one far away, she was right on the porch of the house that in one timeline she owned and in another she didn’t).  Marty 1, wiser from his experiences in 1880, avoids a car crash. The You’re Fired fax message fades, as a major event that led to it was prevented. So how Marty 1 and Jennifer 2 and everyone choose to live their lives will create a new Timeline 2 2015. 
(Also, the physical photograph and matchbook and fax paper and photo of Doc’s 1880 grave all still exist, it’s just what existed at that location that it showed that changed, which I’m claiming as proof matter is not destroyed just altered with timeline changes.)
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msmercyjones · 3 months ago
Bump Into You || BiffCedes
Who: Mercedes Jones and Biff Macintosh 
When: 2/19/21
What: Mercedes and Biff bump into each other once again and sparks fly
Notes: @doctorbiffmcintosh
Mercedes had been spending a lot of her time in New York. Working on her new show was exciting and intimidating. So she volunteered at the hospital to unwind. It might have been weird to others but being there, singing to or helping the kids brought her joy. She even got to wear a cute candy striper uniform. 
Making her way out of the hospital, she hummed happily, headphones in her ears, not a care in the world at the moment, then it happened. She met with a hard chest and fell right on her butt. "Ow! That's gonna leave a mark." She sighed .
Biff loved his job but he did enjoy his breaks, it was his time to catch up with friends and make the most out of his day. He was walking through the hospital as he was going on break. Helping people was great and he loved it, but for sure he did also love his alone time. 
As he walked down he bumped into someone and he recognised her from the last time they bumped into each other, "We have to stop meeting like this, it's going to look like we had planned to. What are you doing here today?" He asked looking at her, "Also sorry, I can kiss it better if that would make you feel better." He laughed, that was for sure not his thing to say but he had to just get it out because he was considering it and thought it would make her laugh.
Mercedes shook her head with a laugh seeing it was Biff once again who she ran into. "I mean falling on my butt is a small price to pay to see you again." She held out her hand for him to help her up and nodded towards the cancer ward. "I came to sing and hang out with the kids. I had a lot of fun  last time and I figured since I am visiting New York, why not try again."
At his comment she snorted covering her mouth. "I can't believe you just offered to kiss my butt!" She couldn't pinpoint what, but there was something about Biff that she liked and it wasn't just his looks.
Biff smiled looking over at her for a moment before taking a hold of her hand and pulling her up, "Well you looked great on your landing so you don't need to worry about that." He smiled, winking at her for a moment and nodded, "Oh wow, that is amazing, they will sure love that. I for one would love to hear you sing, when are you singing to them?" He asked for a moment.
He laughed a little and shrugged, "Maybe I did." He winked again at her for a moment.(edited)
Mercedes raised an eyebrow, was he flirting with her? She grabbed her bag and looked at him. "This afternoon." She loved singing for the kids but getting to sing for hot doctors who flirted with her, it made her a little nervous. 
"I really don't think a man has ever winked at me before, I mean at concerts sure, but not just randomly." She teased.
Biff looked over at her for a moment and raised his eyebrows, "What time this afternoon? Might just see if I can pop by and watch the girl I have accidentally assaulted each time I have seen her perform." He laughed a little looking over at her for a moment. 
He laughed, "What do you mean no one has winked at you before? Why wouldn't they? You're beautiful. Guys are blind if they don't wink at you." He looked at her for a moment, laughing a little.
Mercedes smiled, she wouldn't mind seeing him there. "I mean it does seem only fair right? That you watch me perform, to make sure there were no permanent issues. Plus it really seems to raise their spirits."
She shook her head, "You know I really don't think they have." He called her beautiful and she blushed. "First you knock me on my butt, wink at me and now you call me beautiful. I think you are going for the hat trick of making me blush." She said laughing.
Biff looked at her for a moment, "It is only fair, so what time is it sweetheart? I will make sure to be there and if there are permanent issues at least you're in the right place and I can for sure try and fix you up." he laughed a little. 
He looked at her for a moment, "Well  I try my best to make beautiful women blush." He smiled looking at her for a moment.
It had been a long time since a guy actually flirted with her just because he wanted too, she was kind of out of her element. "Its at 3. But if you are coming you are gonna have to sing along to at least one song, that's the rule of the concert. But don't worry unless you don't know Old McDonald or Twinkle Twinkle you will be fine."
She shook her head.  "So you make it a habit to do this to every beautiful woman you see?" She asked, smirking. "Must keep you busy."
He nodded, "Okay, well as long as I don't have a patient, I will be there just to see you perform and I might sing along, can't make any promises though. I don't sing." He laughed a little looking over at him. 
He smirked at her for a moment, "Oh very busy, but not busy enough to forget to ask for your number and maybe to take you out for a drink sometime?" He raised his eyebrows for a moment.
"Even the most sourest of parents sing along when cute little kid faces beam. Though the older kids do prefer I sing something more modern." She laughed. "But I am sure they will let you pass, you have probably operated on some of them."
Mercedes hesitated for a moment, she wasn't sure if she should accept his offer, though she was going to be in New York for a while. "Tell you what, you show up today, and I will give you my number, if not you are just gonna have to bump into me again." she teased.
He laughed a little looking over at her for a moment, "I am sure they do and I am sure the kids love it and I might and I might just sing along. We will see what happens when I get there." 
He laughed a little, was this some kind of game, whatever it was he liked it, "Oh I guess we'll have to see if fate is in our hands. Oh I am sure I will be seeing you again either way. I will find a way to see or bump into you again." He smiled at her for a moment.
Mercedes smiled. "So you are a fan then? Interesting, I am finding out a lot about you this time around." she beamed. She knew there was something oddly familiar about him, but maybe it was just that she continued to run into him. 
"I always was a big fan of fate, she gets it right most of the time." His next words caused a shiver to run down her spine. "I bet you will. And I look forward to it." She bit down on her bottom lip not wanting to move from that spot.
He laughed a little, raising his eyebrows for a moment, "Maybe, but that's for me to know and for you to find out." He laughed a little looking over at her for a moment.
He nodded, "You are? Well I mean I barely use the term fate so I guess we have to hope she does this time." He smiled, "Good to know, I actually have to head off to get my lunch but guess we'll have to hope I see you at your performance." He smiled, winking again.
Mercedes blushed again and she shook her head. "Well they do say the third times the charm, and this is only our second time meeting, at least if I see you this afternoon, I hopefully won't be falling on my butt. That would be embarrassing. She waved at him, shifting her bag in her arms as she walked away, really hoping he would show up later.
Three hours later, Mercedes stood in front of a group of kids, some on the floor, some in wheelchairs and two who couldn't make it out of bed so they wheeled them there on a gurney. She started as she always did with requests which always started with Nursery Rhymes.
As time went by, he had a patient in an hour's time, but he had some spare time and it was just in time to see Mercedes sing to kids. He walked out the ward she was in to see her standing there singing and he walked in and stood watching, he wasn't planning to join in but he did keep a smile on his face whilst watching.
Mercedes was both surprised and happy to see that Biff had joined the kids. She did her best to continue working on her performance but she also stole a few glances his way. After the show was over and she had signed and stood for photos, she hoped he would still be around so she could find him.
Biff was actually surprised how fun Mercedes set with the kids was and he had wished he was able to stay for all of it but he had another patient and he needed to go back to work before she had finished. After finishing the check up of the patient he was in his office sorting files out, realising he never got Mercedes number but was hoping she would find him somewhere.
Mercedes was glad that Biff showed up, it proved that he at least meant that he liked her. Once she was done with her set she smiled towards the nurse as she asked for Biff's office information. It was risky, her showing up but she really wanted to see him again. Taking a deep breath she smiled softly as she knocked on his door, really hoping he understood, hoping he wanted to see her and he wasn't busy.
As he was in his office, he was just filing something as he heard a knock at his door and he looked over at her for a brief moment and smiled briefly. He got up, "Oh look who it is at my office, what can I do for you beautiful?" He winked looking at her.
Why did hearing him call her beautiful make her blush so hard? "I wanted to thank you for coming to the show. I know it wasn't  much but the kids love it." She bit her bottom lip, worrying about it for a moment. "I guess I should let you get back to work."
He looked at her for a moment as he got up from his seat for a moment and nodded, "Well I thought I should check it out." He looked at her before getting closer and looked at her, "Hey don't I get you number now? or even get the chance to take you out?"
Mercedes smiled. "I did say that I would give you my.number if you showed up. So you probably should get your phone. Besides if I let you take me out where would we go?"
Biff looked over at her and smiled as he reached for his phone on his desk for a moment and unlocked it and passed it to her for her to put her number in. He laughed a little, "Well I could take you anywhere, there's a lot of choice in New York."
She smiled, putting her number in his phone. "You know I come to New York at least once a month and I still have no idea all the fun places you can go on a date." She handed him his phone. "How about you text me when you wanna actually go."
He smiled looking over at her for a moment and laughed,  "Okay I will text you as soon as I figure out the best place to go." He smiled looking over at her as he leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, "That's to say well done on singing to those kids."
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kinetic-elaboration · 3 months ago
February 24: Mr. Robot 3x08
I remember being really skeptical of this ep before I watched it the first time, but then I ended up really loving it. And it holds up on a re-watch.
I like that it's so simple and so focused. It's a breather of an episode after the last few, which have been really intense and really stylized, and after how long the show has spent juggling various story lines, with sometimes very little about Elliot himself.
So I liked that we got to focus on the main character, kinda check in with him and his emotional state at this point in the narrative. I didn't like a lot of the Elliot-centric eps of S2 but I think that's because they were often about his fight with Mr. Robot, or included a lot of speeches, or some stylized montage of his weird experiments on himself. Nothing against those flourishes, but I thought the simplicity of this episode was refreshing.
Like it sounds terrible on paper--young boy saves Elliot from killing himself by taking him out of himself, leading him on a NYC adventure, and reminding him of his greater purpose--but it worked!
I loved that little kid, too. He could have been so annoying, but he wasn't.
The first time I watched this, I never questioned that the entire adventure was real. This time... I did a little. Just because of certain too-weird-to-be-true aspects like Mohammed suddenly showing up at Coney Island, not knowing how to return home, being so On Point as a little mini-me, disappearing during the movie, etc. But overall... well first of I don't want to believe he's a hallucination or illusion. But also, Elliot's other hallucinations don't work like that. He has alters, and while they have no basis in actual psychological disorders at all, they do have internal logic: they tend to be different versions of himself or members of his family. He doesn't just... see things. And they tend to be long-term aspects of himself, not two-hour visions.
I think there is a bit of the surreal to the narrative, but that's a style choice, not a reflection of Mohammed's realness.
I was super aware this time of how much he was,symbolically, a little Elliot, though. The blue hoodie. The trip to the movies to parallel the opening, except now Elliot is the older figure, not the younger. How... weird this young boy is, and how independent. As we see in the flashback, Elliot was also the type of kid who'd just walk out of (or into) a movie and he probably would have been the type to follow an     interesting stranger to Coney Island too.
My mom said, and I agree, that this is the kid Elliot SHOULD have been. If Elliot had had a good childhood, if he hadn't been abused, he would have been this upbeat, curious, slightly strange, but caring and interesting little kid. This is Elliot if he hadn't retreated and fragmented to protect himself. (Also I know Elliot isn't Iranian but he also isn't white and this kid looked at least kinda more like him than the actual kids they cast to play young Elliot....)
I loved the use of Back to the Future. All the weird costumes contributing to the surreal nature of the setting. The reference to Back to the Future day (which I remember very well from real life.) The meta on the theme. (Also just loved seeing Biff make out with a movie theater employee lol.)
Similarly, the ice cream truck scene with War of the Worlds was like just my kinda meta moment.
The world building in this series is probably the best I've ever seen honestly, at least in the category of, like, real-world-canon divergent. They really thought through the implications of events like 5/9 or the City Bombings, all the way down to details like the trash pickup not happening, the curfews being put in place, the commemorative ribbon and the memorial wall, the increased police presence, the "Detention center" at the playground... and all of this just in the background as people continue to live their own lives as well as they can. Also... all the masks... I gotta say, really weirds me out to see that.
I legit cried during that scene in the mosque. This little kid! Wanting to be President, the only person in his family who can. A sort of twisted version of the American Dream in a way… Trenton was such a good scapegoat for the Dark Army specifically because she was an Iranian immigrant, but here’s her little brother saying, I could be President!!
When he said he was born in Trenton I legitimately cried. I bawled.
I feel like I still haven’t gotten to the point where I can understand Elliot and Angela’s relationship. I’m only starting to get Angela on a rewatch. But that scene where they’re on opposite sides of the door and he’s talking about their childhood… So much of this story involves them on separate paths but every now and then there are these glimpses of     how close they used to be and how important they are to each other. I also feel like I had some kinda half-formed theory about who Angela is to the Hacker versus who Darlene is, having to do with the finale… where Darlene had to be erased entirely but Angela was a central character. But I can’t quite articulate it yet. Anyway, that scene was beautiful is the point. He’s in some kind of surreal bright red heightened-sense universe, and she’s completely in the dark. He’s talking and she’s listening, and he can’t even be sure she hears. What does it mean? Can’t honestly say but I liked it.
And of course I knew the episode would end as it does but it’s still such a Moment. It just feels… well put together. The various call backs within the episode and to other episodes, the clarity of Elliot’s emotional journey, the set-up to the rest of the season. Elliot couldn’t have gone on from the twin blows of the City Bombings and Trenton and Mobley’s deaths without this episode. But now the final arc of the season is perfectly teed up.
I was looking for the correct spelling of Mohammed’s  name and I came across this interview, which is pretty cool.
Oh also I really want Elliot to join Big Brothers Big Sisters and get a new little sibling to bond with please.
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sunsetholland · 4 months ago
“I’m quite comfortable here.” “Just say the word.” Those prompts with Harry Holland? I like your dividers by the way! 😊❤️
spielberg night.
summary: the one where an indiana jones marathon revealed your feelings for your best friend, harry.
a/n: probably typos
prompts found here 
Tumblr media
“We have so much planned tonight. We are going to watch Indiana Jones, all three of them.” Harry beamed, as he welcomed you to his house. You chuckled at his excitement as it was a tradition the two of you have. Spielberg was both of your favourite director and it was a ritual to always spend every month binging one of his films/franchises.
You didn’t know why, but you have a tingling feeling as you made yourself known to the house. You never felt this emotion as you were a regular in the house hold being Harry’s best friend. You tried to push away the nerves as Harry invited you into the kitchen.
“Shall we begin to make our tradition Harrial Ice-Cream sundae?” Harry smiled, raging the cupboard to find all the ingredients.
You nodded, helping him. “Is it just going to be us two?”
Harry pouted, titling his head. “Yeah.. Is that okay? We have been going this since we found Tom’s film journal.”
You hid your shakiness by scoffing some marshmallows in your mouth. Harry brushed it off laughing. You quickly swallowed the mashmallows and began to make the sundae.
It was going well, smooth sailing but as Harry’s thumb brushed over yours, you quickly pulled away scrunching your nose. Harry again, frowned as it was the second time you were being off with him.
“Is everything okay?” He asked, placing his hand in your shoulder. He manoeuvred your body so you could face him. You sighed, nodding. “I need the toliet.”
Harry nodded, allowing you to go. He watched you dash thru the kitchen hearing the small slam. He signed, finishing up the sandae. Once finished, Harry made his way into the living room and smiled proudly at his work.
“Nice.” A familiar voice entered the room, and it wasn’t yours. Harry turned around to see Sam, his twin observing the room.
“Quite the room you have. Very romantic.” Sam teased, playfully slapping his back. “Y/N will love this.”
Y/N. Shit, right. Harry forget about you. He placed the sundae down, leaving Sam to fend for himself. As Harry was planning to see if you were okay, he quickly turned his heel to ask Sam a question. “You didn’t think that Y/N was being weird right? She isn’t usually like this.”
Sam shook his head, crossing his arms as he placed once hand over him chin. “Nah. You’ve got this bro.”
Harry nodded, flattering out his shirt before retrieving you. When Harry was about to knock, you came out smiling. “Sorry... I was just making sure i looked clean.”
Harry smiled, letting some of the stress leave his body. “You look fine to me. Come on, we have to start now or we will be up all night.”
“Yeah we should start.” You panicking said, walking past Harry and waving to Sam. “Sam, are you joining us?”
Sam shook his head, “Nah. You nerds have fine — not too much fun.”
Harry rolled his eyes and you chuckled nervously. “Yeah, real funny.”
After the two of you got comfy, you began the marathon. You tried to keep your mind focus on the movie but, you couldn’t help but glance over at Harry. He was all snuggled in his purple jumper that you loved and hoped to steal one day.
“This is the best part.” Harry whispered, taking a scoop out of the sundae. You nodded in return, curling your body up.
“You sure you don’t want to lay down? My lap is free.” He grinned, stretching his body to make is accessible for you.
“I’m quite comfortable here.” You said, biting your lip.
Harry sadly nodded, “If you change your mind, say the word.”
You nodded, going back to the movie. As the third movie was about to start, a slight yawn escaped your lips and your body was screaming to lay in Harry’s warmth. You were a bit on edge, and tried to fight the sleepless away but your body rejected making you shuffle closer to Harry.
“Is it— um, yanno okay to lay on you?” You stammer, pulling the sleeves of your jumper. Harry nodded, opening his arms out for you.
You nodded, slowly letting your body mold into his. He quickly wrapped his arms around you, securing your tight. “Your warm.”
Harry chuckled, “Blame the hoodie.”
When the movie was half way through, Harry planted a small kiss to your head making you feel warm. “M’sorry about earlier...”
Harry furrowed his eyebrows, pausing the movie as he didn’t understand why you were apologising.
“For what?”
“Being weird...”
Harry shook his head, “You weren’t being weird.”
“I just, if i tell you something... you promise you won’t freak out.”
“Sercet swear.” Harry quickly said, crossing his heart afterwards.
“I think I like you... hence why i have been a tad weird all night.”
Harry formed an O shape, trying to process the confession. He wasn’t expecting that — not even Paddy when he accidentally dropped the cookies from his hand.
“You like Harry?” Paddy screamed, collecting the cookies from the floor.
“Paddy, piss off.” Harry shouted, throwing a piece of jellybean at him. You stayed silent not wanting to make this any werider.
“I should go... It was a mistake, I’m sorry.” You said, moving away from Harry’s body. Harry immediately grabbed your hand, pulling you back down to him.
“No. Stay.”
“I just made this weird Haz... Even Paddy is shocked.”
Harry turned around and glared at Paddy who knew that was his queue to go. “Paddy is Paddy. He is shocked when he found out that you could polish wood.”
You chuckled remembering that day. There was an awkward silence that invited itself to the room, you both stared at the screen waiting for something to happen but remembered that Harry paused it.
“I like you.” Harry blurted, slapping his hands over his mouth.
“Seriously? You do?”
Harry quickly nodded, hands still glued to his mouth.
“Why didn’t you say something earlier.” You moan, hiding your face in his chest.
“You were already acting off and if i told you, i was scared you would leave...”
“I would never leave.”
Harry blushed, slowly moving your head to face his.
“I guess we both are just a crazy as Biff?”
You nodded, “Seems like it.”
“How about we watch the rest of the movie and can talk about more tomorrow?”
“I’d love that.”
Harry smiled, kissing your cheek before pressing pause. He looked down at you, smiling stupidly at his proud confession. He vowed himself that night that he would write to Spielberg, thanking him for bringing you into his life.
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spirit-science-blog · 4 months ago
So...there’s this conspiracy theory that’s been making the rounds on social media recently, and boy, is it a weird one. Are the Trump family time travelers? Let’s have a look!
It all began when someone was on the Library of Congress Archive website and came across a book called “Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey,” that was published in 1893 by a man called Lockwood Ingersoll -if that is even his real name…...well, actually, he published three books in his Trump science fiction series, “Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulger,” “the Underground Journey” and “The Last President.”
The Underground Journey is about a little boy called Baron Trump -well, actually, his name is Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp..but he goes by Baron….who finds a secret underground portal and time travels to different periods. Now, the immediate and glaring thing here is that Baron is President Trump's youngest son. If you look at the characters' drawings in the Underground Journey and compare them to pictures of real-life Baron Trump… The resemblance is uncanny, but we haven’t even gotten started yet.
In the book, little Baron Trump has a mentor and father figure, a man called Don. The events of this book take place in Russia. Besides Donald Trump's famous friendship with Putin, Melania Trump, President Trump’s wife and mother of modern-day Baron Trump were born in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, before moving to the US… I feel like I’m saying Trump a lot… eh, it can’t be helped.
So… 4 years later, Ingersoll published the sequel “The Last President,” and... prominent coincidental name aside, this is where stuff starts to get weird. The main plot is about a very wealthy man who lives on 5th Avenue in New York who decides to run for president, and naturally, no one expects him to win. And as you might expect by now, located at 725 5th Avenue in New York today is none other than Trump Tower.
Remember, this book was written nearly 124 years ago, and these are probably all just weird coincidences. Well, in the book, shortly after Mysterious wealthy man wins the election that no one expected him to win, he’s inaugurated and starts selecting his cabinet. One of the first people he chooses is another mysterious gentleman who goes by the name Mr. Pence. Granted, in the book, he is given the post of Secretary of Agriculture rather than Vice President but still… what’s going on here?
After his inauguration, since no one expected him to win, the city of New York and the broader US, in general, erupts into violence, with people rioting and damaging property left, right, and center. So naturally, the new president signs some new executive orders to control the people better!
Now, the next part of this theory gets even crazier, but it might be a stretch, so please keep an open mind here. Today, everyone knows about the Forgotten Physicist Nikola Tesla. In 1943 he died bankrupt, in love with a pigeon -don’t ask…... and all alone in Room 3327 of the Hotel New Yorker at the age of 86 from a blood clot. While this theory usually says something along the lines of Tesla having designed for a time machine, this isn’t strictly true. He was generally pretty critical of Einstein’s theory of relativity, one of the main ideas that time travel is based on, as he didn’t believe space could be curved.
The thing is...he claimed to have developed his theory regarding matter and energy that he started working on in 1892. In 1937, at age 81, he claimed in a letter to have completed a "dynamic theory of gravity" that "would put an end to idle speculations and false conceptions, about curved space." However….this theory was never found in any more of his writings, seemingly disappearing from any record.
After he died, the US government took possession of all of his inventions, theories, and files in the interest of seeing what he knew. The department that took everything was known as the “office of Alien property” (alien as in foreign, not as in the Greys), and after they took a look at everything, they handed everything left over to the FBI. Long story short… The FBI hired an outside engineer from MIT to make sense of everything Tesla had, especially his inventions… and the man they hired… drum roll please… was none other than John G Trump...the late uncle of President Trump.
After studying everything, John Trump determined nothing dangerous in Tesla inventions could hurt the US government. So this conspiracy theory goes, perhaps John Trump lied to the government to keep Tesla’s theories to himself and out of the hands of the government, perhaps to help his own family, who then not only time traveled through time to set up their vast wealth but also cement their power in society.
Now, there is one more thing to this theory, but we’re not sure where it fits in… And it’s so far out in the left-field that it’s going to fly around the planet and smack us in the head. See, President Trump’s mother’s name is Mary...and his father’s middle name is Christ, so… that’s pretty wild. But what’s more...his birthday of June 14th, 1946...was marked by a total lunar eclipse…. so some intense energies were going on back then. Further, many of the early parts of these books, especially the first one, recount Baron Trump’s adventures in the Hollow Earth, meeting with secret civilizations and dealing with the natives there. I’m not saying that this means that Trump is either the next Jesus or the Antichrist, but as far as conspiracies go, there are ideas about both of these on either side of the equation.
Now, we know how this sounds; it’s a pretty wild theory that the Trump family wrote these books or somehow influenced Ingersoll…. Or maybe Ingersoll wrote his books as an expose to warn us… Whether it’s true or not, it certainly is one hell of a coincidence! If you wanna see a funny slant on it, Jamie Fuller wrote in Portico that the character of Baron Trump is often "precocious, restless, and prone to get in trouble, often mentions his massive brain, and has a personalized insult for most of the people he meets”….which sounds familiar to someone who shall not be named… and apparently… Leigh Scott is currently working on a movie adaptation of the books that we might see in the coming years… keep an eye out.
So, what do you think? Could Trump be a time traveler? I mean, what a crazy idea… yet, maybe sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Strangest of all might even be the connection to Back to the Future 2, in which Biff uses a time machine and becomes Donald Trump! And we should probably say, too, that interpreting this theory should probably not be so rigid and literal. Perhaps the nature of time travel isn’t physical traveling, but a sending of one's consciousness or ideas or information through time to the past and future. There’s a lot of ways that this could go, and even if it is all just one big coincidence and nothing more, you have to admit, it’s fun to entertain! Seriously, they could make a movie about it… Oh, wait… I guess they already did… 30 years ago…
Like many of you, we at Spirit Science have been following along with the myriad of conspiracy theories about everything going on right now, and what we find perhaps the most exciting is how there is an intersection of these topics and our spiritual awakening.
In our upcoming series - The Conspiracy Theory of Everything - we will attempt to look at the greatest conspiracies of all time and how they all collectively fit together to paint a picture of our evolving consciousness!
For us, it’s not so much about definitively saying this or that is true, and there's plenty of that going on already. What excites us sees the bigger picture… Elevating our consciousness to address the seemingly unbelievable and sometimes disturbing realities of the world with an open heart and mind.
We're looking forward to going down the rabbit hole with you. Much love and namaste!"
This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at
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waeziverse · 4 months ago
Royal Punch: The Minotaur and the Goblin.
Biff the Dwarf pushed the ten year old cow girl, resulting in her falling to the ground. “I told you to bring me coronets I could buy cake for, not to bring me cake!” The dwarf boy yelled at Clarabelle the Minotaur. “Or are you too stupid to get that?”
Clara sat up and looked at her hand that she had scratched when she fell. “Ah... ah... I-”
“Look me in the eyes when I talk to you, stupid!” Biff kicked dirt in Clara’s face.
Clara did as she was told. “Mah... Mmm... Mmm-”
“Mmm?“ Angel the Satyr smiled mockingly. “Moo? Is that all you can say, Clara? Moo!“ Angel laughed at her own impression of Clara’s failed attempt to speak, and so did Angle’s brother Ben.
Clara stood up as she tried to spot an adult who could help her. But there normally weren’t any around the harbor during the afternoons. That’s why Biff and his friends had told her to meet them at the harbor to begin with.
Biff grabbed Clara by the sleeve of her dress. “Guys, know what I think? I think Clara here got hay stuck in her ears.” The dwarf boy grinned triumphantly as the satyr twins laughed. “I think she needs to go for a swim to clean her ears-”
“HEY! What’s goin’ on here?”
Clara and her tormentors turned their attention toward an old goblin who had arrived. He had a eye-patch, a scar on his forehead and was using a walking stick.
“None of your business, gramps!“ The twelve year old dwarf looked annoyed at the goblin who was not that much taller than him. “We are just playing.”
The goblin glared at Biff and the satyr twins. “Kid, I seen playin’ like that before. Get outta here before ya get a spankin’.”
“Sod off, you old fart.” Angel marched toward the goblin. “Or maybe you wanna swim as-”
Angel didn’t get to finish her sentence as the goblin tripped her over with his stick.
“Hey! Don’t mess with my sister!” Ben charged toward the old goblin with lowered head as he intended to ram him. But the goblin was quicker on his feet than he looked and not only stepped aside but also lightly kicked the goat boy on the behind, resulting in him tripping as well.
“Well?” The goblin looked at Biff who still held Clara by her sleeve. “Ya wanna dance as well, boy?”
Biff narrowed his eyes as he looked at the old man and then at Clara. “Screw this. Guys, let’s go home.” The satyr twins got up from the ground, and looked embarrassed as they walked away with Biff. The dwarf boy looked at Clara one more time. “I will see you later, Clara.”
Once the little gang was gone, the goblin gave Clara her attention. “Are ya okay?”
“Aaa... I...” Clara looked at the one-eyed goblin, then at the small wound on her hand. “I... aaah... Ah-” She sighed, annoyed at herself. “I’m... fffeh-fine.”
The goblin looked concerned. “Ya hurt yer mouth or somethin’?”
Clara shook her head. “Nnnnno. I Spff... I spffe-speak a llleh-” Clara grind her teeth. “I... don’t speak so... good.”
“Oh!” The goblin looked relieved. “Ya just have one of those... whatcha call it... speech dissordas?”
Clara looked at her hoofs ashamed. “Yhii-yes.”
“Hey, what’s with that face?! Ya ashamed or somethin’? Young lady, that ain’t somethin’ to be ashamed of.”
Clara looked up. “Beh-but I-”
“Should I be ashamed of usin’ this stick for walkin’, eh?” The goblin pointed at his cane. Then he noticed the wound on Clara’s hand. “Hey, ya got a scratch. Come with me, I don’t live far from here.”
“Ah... I-” Clara was about to protest.
“That boy said yer name was Clara, right? I'm Burgess.” The goblin smiled at her. “Come, let me patch ya up.”
“There.“ Burgess had washed Clara’s hand and tied an bandage around the wound. “Thirsty? Want some water?“
“Yes please.” As Burgess left her, Clara sat at a chair at the dinner table and took a glance around the goblin’s home. It was a one-room house. On the walls hang big pieces of paper with drawings of ships and a lot of notes. Different tools were attached to the walls as well and there were small pieces of woods on the floor. There was also a big sack hanging from the ceiling. It was a couple of inches above the floor and looked like it had been hit a couple of times.
Burgess came from the front door again after he had been outside to get water from the pump. “Thanks.” Clara took a sip from the cup. “Are you a kei-kei-carpenter?”
“A shipwright.” Burgess sat at the other end of the table.
“So you beh-beh-build sssh-ships?”
“Well, yes and no.” Burgess shrugged. “I don’t know how to make a ship, as in designin’ it, makin’ the drawings and such. But I know how to build a ship by followin’ the plans, I have the skills to build it. And I know how to repair a ship.” Burgess looked proudly at the plans on the walls.
“Cool.” Clara looked impressed even though she didn’t completely get the difference between designing and building a ship.
Burgess smiled, but then he looked rather serious. “That bearded boy. He knew yer name. Means this ain’t the first time he knocked ya around. Ain’t that right?”
Clara considered protesting, but she just sighed and nodded.
"Hmm...” Burgess took a big sip from his cup, then stood up. “Come, stand up. I’m gonna show ya how to throw a punch.”
Clara almost chocked on her water. “Wwwf-wwf-wha... punch?”
“Yeah, I will show ya how o defend yerself. Then he won’t pick on ya.”
Clara blinked. “Buh-buh-but girls keh-can’t... can’t fff-fight. It’s unlaah... laah... Un... lady-like.”
Burgess looked at the minotaur girl with disbelieve in his one eye. “Who in the world told ya that?”
Clara shrugged. “My mom and dah-dah-dad. They ssss-say it’s nnn-not lady-like to fffh... to fight.”
Burgess went to a drawer and seemingly looked for something. “Well, I mean no offence to yer parents, but they are full of it. AHA!” Burgess had found what he looked for. it was a torn-out page from a newspaper that he showed to Clara. On it was an illustration of a satyr woman with massive horns. She was wearing what looked like a pair of mittens and she smiled triumphantly. “Ya know who this is?”
Clara shook her head.
Burgess pointed at the satyr. “This is Devil Daisy. She was the champion boxer of Nesredna. She defended her title for twelve years, longer than anyone ever did before she got beat by Hammerhand Ivan. She had the best footwork I ever seen. She could beat ya silly before ya could notice she had raised her fists. AND she was very much a lady.”
Clara looked impressed at the illustration of the muscular goat-woman.
“And look at me!” Burgess held up his hands as he punched the air. “I used to box when I was young. And I’m shorter than a dwarf.”
Clara looked even more impressed. “Whe-were you good?”
Burgess smile toned down. “Well... yes and no. Now, my point is there is no one who shouldn’t or should fight. Yer gender ain’t no reason for ya not being able to stan’ up for yerself. Wait, got an idea.” Burgess took a piece of paper and a pencil. He made a drawing of a round head with a poorly drawn beard. The eyes on the drawing pointed in different directions and the head also had a silly wide, toothy grin. “Looks like yer dwarf friend, eh?”
Clara snickered at the not exactly flattering drawing of Biff. Burgess went to his punching bag and attached the drawing to the bag with needles.
“That should help motivatin’ ya. Come on.“ Burgess looked at Clara and he patted the bag. “Hit him in the kisser.”
Clara stood up and walked awkwardly toward the punching bag. She hesitated as she stood in front of the bad, but then she made a fist and was about to hit the crude drawing of her bully.
“WAIT” Burgess grabbed her hand. “What are ya doin’? Don’t tuck yer thumb in, you gonna break it. Look.” Burgess showed her how he made a fist with his thumb under the knuckles on his index and middle finger. “Like this, always thumb out. Got that?”
Clara nodded and made a new fist with her thumb out.
“Good. Now, raise your fists to eye height. And when ya hit the bag, do it in a straight line.”
Clara nodded again and looked at the bag, then at Burgess who nodded encouraging. And then she hit the drawing attached to the bag with all her might. The bag didn’t move, but the drawing got grumbled. The cartoon dwarf’s smile got twisted.
“Haha! Look at him! He looks like he is in pain, right?“
Clara didn’t answer but snickered awkwardly.
“Okay, do like I do.” Burgess bended his knee on his left leg that he had stepped forward. “Step forward and then twist your hips and chest towards the bag when ya punch. And remember, keep yer arm straight when ya hit.”
Clara nodded and tried to mimic Burgess’ movements. She landed another hit on the bag and she could feel more power being placed in the punch.
“Hmm, close.” Burgess patted Clara on the shoulder. “Look, I think we should wrap up yer hands, then you can try hit the bag a couple of times till ya get it right... if ya like?”
Clara smiled and nodded.
The next day...
Clara was petrified. Biff and the satyr twins had dragged her behind the Highway Hippogryph tavern and had pushed her up against a wall.
“So, you got money for cake this time, stupid?” Biff pulled Clara in one of her braids.
“Mmmh... MmmMMMMH!” Clara desperately tried to protest, but her lips betrayed her, like they usually did.
“Moo! Moo!” Ben mocked the poor girl. “She only speaks cow! Moo!”
“What are you gonna do, cow baby? Cry for mommy?” Angel pushed Clara, making her fall. “Or that old fart from the docks?”
Clara gasped after her breath and she was about to get back on her feet and tried to remember what she were suppose to do with her knees and... what was it Burgess had called it, her hips?
“Who was that goblin anyways?” Biff made a big grin, one almost as dumb as the one from Burgess less than flattering drawing of him. “Is he your grandpa? Are you half goblin, stupid?”
Clara took in a deep breath as she tightened her fist.
Biff laughed. “That would explain why you are so ug-”
Ben and Angel dropped their jaws as Biff landed on his rear-end. Clara looked just as surprised. She first looked at the dwarf boy, then at her own fist, and then back at Biff who kinda looked like the grumbled version of Burgess’ drawing.
But none of them were more shocked than Biff, especially after he noticed that his mouth was bleeding.
Ben and Angel blinked. They looked at Biff, then at Clara, and then at each other as they they both yelled; “GET HER!”
Amerigo the Human looked annoyed at Burgess as he packed his tools back in his sack. “They told me you were the best shipwright in town!”
“I am, so trust me when I tell ya I can’t fix yer boat.” Burgess sighed. “It’s the keel that’s the problem, it is the boat's backbone. Once that part is broken, there is nothin’ I can do. Ya have to get another boat.”
“But I’m a human, I’m not even suppose to be in Onyxville. I have to get out of here as fast as possible, I can’t just go boat shopping. You HAVE to at least try and repair it. Name your price.”
“Lad, I could patch it up, but chances are ya will sink before getting anywhere close to shore. I’m sorry.”
Amerigo narrowed his eyes at Burgess and then walked away while he mumbled useless pip-squeak.
Burgess was disappointed as well since he couldn’t help Amerigo who was one of the many human costumers he had recently gotten since they had to leave the kingdom after the orcs had taken over Nesredna. Burgess decided to go home and study the plans for the Soul Sailor he had been hired to build so he could make a list of material he needed.
But as he reached his humble home, he was met by a unpleasant surprise.
Clara was waiting for him. And she had gotten a black eye.
Burgess dropped his sack. “Kiddo, are ya alright?! What happened?!”
“I pfff-punched Biff. Buh-buh... I feel-”
“Clara, I’m so sorry!” Burgess dropped his stick as he went to look at the little girl’s eye. “I don’t know what I was thinkin’, getting you in this condition.”
“Buh-but Mr Boh-Burgess, I-”
“I should just have asked ya if ya knew their parents. I shouldn’t-”
“MMMMEH-MMMEH-MISTER!” Clara yelled in order to stop the old goblin from interrupting her. It worked as Burgess looked at the child with surprise in his one eye. Clara smiled. “Mr. Burgess... I feh... I feel... great.”
Burgess was confused. “Sorry, what?”
Clara smiled proudly as she raised her fists at eye height. “I deeh... I did just as you ty-ty-told me. I bbeh-bended my knee and maaa-made a... straight line. And I hit Biff right in... in the face!” Clara grinned. “I thin... I think I made him... cry.”
Burgess still looked ashamed. “And then he gave you a shiner?”
Clara shook her head. “Nnnn-no! Ben did. Him and Angel pff-pffunched me. But I... punched them back. But then, then, then I... had to run away from them.”
“What the... wait a minute!” Burgess took Clara on the chin and studied her face. “Ya telling me ya got in a fight with three kids and all ya got to show for it is a black eye? That’s it?”
Clara smiled as she nodded. “It was the... best day of maah... of my life!”
Burgess was stunned. Then he laughed. “Kiddo, ya must have explosives in yer little fists!”
Clara blushed. She hadn’t been praised this much for a long time. Not even by her own parents. Then she noticed that Burgess had dropped his walking stick, so she went and bent down to fetch it for him. Burgess thanked her as she gave it to him. Clara got a bit shy as she looked at her feet and asked; “Mmm-mister? Do yeh... do yeh-you think could help me be like... like Deh-Devil Daisy? And you? Would you th-th-teach me to... boxing?”
Burgess opened up the door to his house. “Kiddo, I think the two of us should get a piece of meat pie and discuss it.”
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