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simptasia · a minute ago
my fav part of how cats 2019 is animated is the tail movement (and the ear movement too), and how well it syncs with the rest of the body. it's so mesmerizing to watch and always fits the character, dialogue, music, everything
oh i knooow their ears and tail are so lovely
a fun detail i like about 'em is how most of 'em are animated with specific quirks depending on the cat. the most obvious is how the end of misto's tail curls tight a lot. but also rumple uses her tail as a third hand a lot, brushing it by victoria a lot. and skimble tends to wrap his tail around his waist. theres no doubt specific movements to most of 'em but those are the ones i notice most
oh oh also when misto his juggling he juggles with his tail too!! what a fun detail!
and about the ears, a thing i noticed is that when munku is making a face of curiousity or questioning, basically an owo face, his ears will go down closer to his head and it's really cute
also victoria's ears too big for her gotdamn head
and some trivia about the ears and tails, according to robbie and laurie they all learnt to move their heads and hips/asses in a manner that'd go natural with what the animators were gonna do and like, i really admire that. like, this movie was really committed to. like i remember robbie talking about how odd it was to adjust to moving your head like ur listening with the cat ears and not ur human ears (he also mentions changing how he moved his arms as to emulate a cat walking and yeah, it's actually really obvious once you notice it) like... these actors really did learn to alter their body language for this movie. i love that kinda shit, man, that's so cool
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bravelybounded · 2 minutes ago
Me: Man, I would love to write Prince Charles from D.isney’s A T.wisted Tale of Cinderella. 
Also me: But Man, I would also love to write Kristoff again in my own way because I really did not like how they treated him in Frozen 2 at all. They didn’t even put him in the back seat. they gave him the Eugene treatment in T.TS and kept running over his character 😒. He needs more love.
Also Me, to the surprise of no one: I would love to write Roy from T.ed Lasso....Big and angry but actually a huge softy who breaks toxic masculinity. 
Me @ Me: what the frickety frick, you haven’t written in a months and YOU NEED TO START ZUKO.
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vandrell · 2 minutes ago
Me, on January 1st: no more wips until you finish your existing ones
Me, on January 2nd: *looks up from my 4 new wips*
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seicchan-art · 2 minutes ago
Creep Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply Category: F/M Fandom: Batman (Movies - Nolan) Relationship: Jonathan Crane/Rachel Dawes Characters: Jonathan, Rachel Dawes, Victor Zsazs Additional Tags: Triple Drabble, Obsession, Attempted Murder Word Count: 300 Summary: His gaze seems to follow her, somehow.
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oh-no-another-idea · 3 minutes ago
Cass!! Hello!
Tell me about Velia! Has she always been able to turn invisible? Was she born with it? Or did she get it later? Does she have a tragic backstory that will break my heart???? Or are you nice to her??? Does she have siblings? She seems like the type to have an older brother. And why did she take the job?? *gasp* was she threatened??
And you said she’s lonely, please tell me she’s gonna make some friends while the job goes wrong. Will she make friends with the passengers who see her?!?! And who is to be her found family? Found family *chefs kiss*
Oh! If someone touches her and she turns invisible while they’re touching her, do they become invisible??? Is she only one with this power? Or is there other magic is this world?
And steampunk!?!?!?!!!! That sounds awesome!! Will she have a ton of gadgets to help her steal???? How long has she been a thief??
I’ll be back. Your wip is awesome and I can’t wait to here all about it!
Hello Zofija! You can't imagine how excited I was to see your ask--thank you thank you!
I'm working on character intros for my five main characters, and I really do intend to get them out really soon...😭 but for now, a little behind the scenes look at my mess of thoughts!
I'm still not a hundred percent sure on Velia’s origins...yes, she’s always been invisible. And if she had parents, they’d be able to see her from day one, since they cared about her before she was even born, right? I thought a cool way for them to figure out would be when a younger sibling was born and couldn’t see her right away? My first attempts at the WIP had her family all killed or taken away in the first few chapters in order to get her off her butt, but now in my current version, she is an orphan who never knew her family :(
If someone touches her they do not become invisible too, but i am having confusion about what does become invisible when she touches it--her clothing is invisible, but what about objects she picks up? How big does a thing have to be before she can’t effect it? i don’t even know yet and that’s kinda a problem 😉
Yeah, she’s the only one with this specific power, but there are many people in this world with the Gift, as it’s called--it wildly varies, and is often genetic. In my little first draft, I’m sad to say there aren’t many gadgets yet--but I’m concentrating on smacking out plot, and I plan to get to more worldbuilding later. A cool lock picking gadget is on the list though!
👀Found family...oh yeah. The four passengers who end up figuring out about her are all idiots in desperate need of friends as well, and the amount of chaos they get up to together is truly inspiring. I call them the Train Boys (wow), and they each happen to be traveling for various reasons when they stumble upon Velia!
Wow that was a lot, sorry! Thank you so much for the question, and please come back whenever you’d like--I love talking to you!
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shana-oh · 4 minutes ago
It's very interesting to me that ushiwakamaru 's animation update has her spending so much time in the air. A lot like her summer alt.
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secretlifeoffangirls · 4 minutes ago
Okay, here's some cracky Loki meta! Long, jumbled thoughts below.
In one of the interviews, Tom Hiddleston was talking about the contrast between Loki and the TVA. Loki is the god of mischief, and the TVA is an overpowered bureaucracy meant to control the sacred Timeline. So putting Loki in a place that's so anti-chaos will definitely cause a clash between the two.
"I think the TVA, the institution that claims to govern the order of time, is a fascinating place to put Loki," says Hiddleston. "Loki represents chaos and mischief and transgression and disruption, and he's playful and charming and can be very dangerous. To have these two forces of order and chaos meet in the middle is really exciting." 
(Quote Source)
Now stick with me here because I'm gonna make a leap. This is kinda crack meta and a silly comparison to make, but it's the only thing I can come up with right now. This control vs. chaos story line reminds me of a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character, Discord. Discord was an early-season villain, the lord of chaos, and eventually redeemed. You never know where his allegiance lies, and he can be kinda annoying, but in the end, he does good, even if he does it in weird, chaotic ways. 
There's a comic story where Discord transforms himself into a being of pure order/control known as Accord. At first, Accord uses his new powers for good; he brings unity and harmony. But he quickly becomes too powerful and hungry for control. He escalates from fixing buildings to mind-controlling creatures to stop fighting. He vows to make the ponies just like him and starts mind controlling them to be more orderly. If a single person questioned him or went against his way, he'd change them until they stopped. Eventually, the ponies figure out they have to enter Accord's mind and rescue Discord, who's locked away. Accord's way was oppression, not order. Discord comes back and returns some chaos into the world, and gives the ponies their freewill back. There's a balance now; there's chaos/free will AND order/control/harmony in the world. 
The whole reason I bring this MLP thing up is that chaos =/= evil, just like order =/= good. 
Loki doesn't have to be a villain because he's the god of mischief or chaos. The TVA has all these arbitrary and totalitarian rules, which makes them oppressive. The TVA isn't helping the universe by pruning time variants, or forcing all the timelines into one "sacred timeline." They're too powerful and need to be stopped. In this case, their "order' is wrong, and Loki's mischief is necessary. 
Casey and Mobius will never thrive in the TVA because they don't know free will or life outside the TVA. 
Loki coming in will open Casey up to change or chaos, but this isn't inherently bad. 
Sometimes, chaos/disorder is better than total order and control. This is why the TVA and the Timekeepers are the villains of the show. 
Also, I think this is why Evil Variant!Loki, the one who is supposedly killing the Minutemen, isn't the main villain. If the Timekeepers are the real big-bad, and the killer is hunting down the Timekeepers's workers, wouldn't that make Other Loki a good guy? Maybe our Loki and the Variant will end up working together to take down the TVA! (I need to make a separate post about my theories on who the killer supposedly is).
Let me know if I should elaborate on anything! Remember, we only have one episode, and I’m more of a casual viewer, so I might miss something and my theory might change. 
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kinomiakai · 6 minutes ago
When I’m sad or the world is too dark, I find your fics. 💖💜💙
;;;;; aww anon, this hit me right in the heart today. Thank you so much for sending this, it means more to me than you know! I'm so happy my fics can be there for you <3
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monochrome-lewis · 6 minutes ago
(viviskull) ((Smacks you like a coconut. I would die for your boy. Also your art's neat and your writing never ceases to amaze me. I always feel bad for Mono with how strong your writing is, and I love it!!))
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wrmbooks · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Introducing: The Electric Detective Series (book one out now!)
Tags and Tropes: casefic, genderfuck, identity porn, light domesticity and found family, slow burn/idiots to lovers
Overall Vibe: be queer solve solarpunk crimes
Inspo: sherlock holmes + firefly + murderbot diaries
TL;DR: someone said "create the queer sci-fi sherlock holmes pastiche you want to see in the world" and then I did.
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irishironclad · 8 minutes ago
Battle of Sostabre - Short story teaser
It was rare for the Czar’s military command to be caught off guard like this.
It was believed, not without reason, that with so much time and money placed into international intelligence that no one could so much as sneeze without it being documented; and with an official requisitions form for tissues being filed to the logistical corps.
To Nicholas Nalklov, however, knew that Marshal Secklov was somehow able to be so conscious he never took an opportunity. Yet, at the same time be so blind and naive to an open flank.
The Czar’s great intelligence had claimed that the southern flank of the empire was safe from enemy incursion. It was assumed that the Dukes of Dunlav Confederation would not risk open hostility with the Cassimirian Empire; even if the Kingdom of Savony promised them heaps of money, men, and matériel.
And yet here they marched.
The intelligence dossier that Nicholas had been given he took with a grain of salt. Yet, it told him that the Dunlavian’s were a disorganized force; horribly outdated in both equipment and tactics, with their armies being split in loyalty between the various Dukes and other petty lords. Even with the Savonish in support; that hostile actions were seen as not only suicidal but tremendously stupid.
What the Czar, the Marshal, and every other gold-chested general in the empire underestimated was the stupidity of angry men.
This is why Major Nicholas Nalklov was marching south with barely more than a battalion. An ‘augmented battalion’ was the official state term, what this really meant was about a thousand men along with whatever else they could scrap together in a pinch.
The majority of the Czar’s standing army was off fighting in Larbony, what was left with called up reservists; weekend soldiers who at least knew which end of the musket was which. Nicholas called himself lucky that he got that much.
The main army, commanded by General Cretch, was thousands of leagues to the east of Nicholas’ small force. They were taking the fight to where it was reported the bulk of the Savonish and Dunlavian army was gathering.
Nicholas was tasked with exploiting a weakness. A local petty lord close to the border, whose name Nicholas couldn’t be bothered to remember, was apparently sympathetic to the Czar and was allowing them to garrison in a nearby fort. A place called Sostabre, nestled in a valley between two hilly heights known as The Scar.
They were to remain there on guard for five days, and at which point reinforcements of cavalry and artillery would arrive allowing them to march upon the city of Azurna; a major economic vein for the enemy.
So there Nicholas rode, astride his horse, a column of men marching three abreast along the road. The sweltering summer heat beating down on them; Nicholas removed his cap and ran his sleeve across his sweating brow.
“It’s snowing in Solace at the moment,” Said Lieutenant Paula Hufansovski, she had been sent along with Nicholas as his Adversariat Officer. At least officially, in reality, she was the eldest of Lord Hufanovski whom had the Czar’s ear. She seemed to be enjoying this excursion, insisting on wearing the same officer’s dress as Nicholas and a sabre and pistol on her belt; ornate as they were.
“I never thought I would miss the cold,” Nicholas said. “But I’d rather be sailing north of Atmor right now.”
“Well I wouldn’t go that far,” Paula said. “The sun is nice.”
“Until the boys start dropping from heatstroke,” grunted Alexei Bruculov, their Chief Warrant Officer, his stark line face beat red.
“Shouldn’t be too long now, old man,” Paula laughed. “And then you can have your nap!”
“Nap indeed! Harrumph!”
“Still, I did not see myself having my first solo command to the south,” Nicholas said. “Strange times indeed.”
“Is it so strange?” Paula asked. “The Savonish directly challenged the Czar’s hegemony in the east of the continent, the Dukes here have long since resented our Empire and its success over them.”
“I bow to your superior education,” Nicholas said.
“Ah, but we are educated merely in different ways,” Paula said. “You studied at the Kriegschochschule did you not?”
“For a time, yes, but I was unable to complete my education there.”
“I would surmise recent politics had something to do with that.”
“You would be correct.”
“Well, perhaps you can apply your studies soon enough!” Bruculov growled. “Impress the enemy with your fine educational pedigree, they might even surrender!”
“Ah, but you have the best education out of all of us, Chief,” Paual said, tipping her hat. “Experience!”
“Good of you to mention it,” Bruculov said.
“So what of it then, Chief?” Nicholas asked. “What do you say about our little incursion?”
“Damn stupid of us to be caught off guard,” Bruculov grunted, twisting the ends of his rather large and bushy mustache. “Taking this fort is all well and good, but no cavalry and only one six-pounderrains to our name; I’m surprised we were even allowed to bring bullets! And with supply and reinforcements six days behind us!”
“It is a tactical risk,” Paula admitted. “It is taken with calculation, even if we face small skirmish forces, the bulk of the enemy is too far to the east; and our presence will disallow any raids into Cassimiria from this flank.”
“Some of these crops will be ready to harvest,” Nicholas said, absentmindedly. He looked out across the rolling green fields of this land, much of it cultivated, in the far far distance he could spot the odd farmhouse. None worked in the field, likely hiding from the passing foreign invasion. “I wonder how these people feel? I pray the war doesn’t plague them.”
“It inevitably will,” Bruculov said harshly. “Perhaps not now, but their crops will be needed to feed the armies, and their fields may become battlefields soon.”
“I am told the Savonish raid and take their food from the lands they march across and do not rely on their baggage trains,” Paula said. “This allows them to move quickly and outmaneuver the enemy, Guerre de foudre, they call it.”
“Lightning warfare, I’m familiar,” Nicholas said. “The infantry and cavalry outmaneuver and encircle the enemy, while the artillery reins down upon them.”
“Bah! The Savonish call themselves highly cultured! Yet they wage war by raiding and pillaging like bandits and brigands!” Bruculov snapped, triggering a fit of coughing from him that made Nicholas wince.
“Sir!” Up rode of their forward scouts, mounted one of the few horses they had, he saluted with twin fingers to his cap. “We just got sight of the fort, it’s wide open and abandoned, sir!”
“Good lad, take your boys and do a sweep of the surrounding terrain while we set up shop,” Nicholas said.
“Best let the boys know,” Bruculov said, turning his horse around and beginning to yell as he rode down the column. “Alright! You can all stop your miserable faces now! We’re almost there!”
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earlgraytay · 8 minutes ago
for the meme - victorian-ish technology / steampunk details but with a really weird twist? like something i haven't seen before, many times.
Tumblr media
Thank you! This ask made my day haha ^^
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vividxpages · 9 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/10 Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson Rating: Mature Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Evan Hansen/Connor Murphy Characters: Evan Hansen, Connor Murphy (Dear Evan Hansen), Heidi Hansen, Larry Murphy, Cynthia Murphy (mentioned), Zoe Murphy (mentioned) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Alternate Universe - Reincarnation, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Medieval Themes, Past Lives, Prince!Connor, healer!Evan, magical healing powers, Dark Magic, Strangers to Friends to Lovers, power abuse, Falling In Love, Implied Sexual Content, Grief/Mourning, Violence, dreaming about your past life is something that can actually be so personal, shorter chapters, author is experimenting here, Second Chances Summary:
When Connor and Evan meet each other for the first time, both can't shake the feeling that they have known each other for all their life. In another time, they fell in love with each other before fate turned its back on them.
Or: Past lives can be cruel and heartbreaking, but sometimes they grant you with a second chance.
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omegaversetheory · 10 minutes ago
I need Book Recs!
What are you reading right now that reminds you of omegaverse, or is omegaverse?
Wattpad and AO3 suggestions welcome as well!
*inspired by the lovely question asker! Thank you unknown!
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zen1dol · 10 minutes ago
hi, how are you <3
very good ^_^
i realised all 3 of us have dark themes :D
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kyjoraven · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Some sketches of scenes from my ongoing fanfiction series, “Trouble on Jegzo”
(Click for better quality)
Art tag list (let me know if you’d like to be added or removed!): @royalhandmaidens @likeshootingstarsinthenightsky @rayafletcher @filthybookworm @thespareoom @wille-zarr @lilsokas @littlevodika @hounding-around @cherrykenobi @peacelandbread @notreallybeccab @a-dorin @obirain @ahsoka-is-the-bomb-dot-com @whatvflaotsurgoat @sana-katarn @betweentwopines @padawansofthejediorder @latts-razzzi @findhimfives @thecottagecorepadawan @starwarsworld
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dragon-swords-prophecies · 11 minutes ago
Sacrifice Chapter 1
So I'm trying to edit chapter 1 of Sacrifice because I really don't like it and even I can tell how much my writing style has changed in three ish months but I can't figure out exactly whats wrong with it and since I've never shared anything on here ever thats this long and also I need want someone's opinion on this (Please & thank you very much), here's the first chapter of Sacrifice. I already know a bunch of stuff I'm cutting out the awkward romance part specifically i really should not even attempt to write stuff like that its just awkward but I can't figure out exactly what else is wrong with it so this is my solution instead. You sincerely truly don't have to read it if you don't want to I just thought this might be a good idea. And also its something to do if you're bored.
It's below the cut.
Taglist: @golden-eyed-writer
I grinned. Anne and Enna were arguing over the rules of Gin, while Anne, she was Enna’s twin, anyway, while Anne’s kids played tag with my nephew, Zane. Jen and Zebra collided in the middle of the room, and Zane didn’t stop in time, so they ended up in a pile of tangled limbs. My sister emerged from the other room and sighed, then burst into laughter, her wavy, silver tipped, black hair bouncing up and down. We were nearly identical, same silver blue eyes, silver tipped black hair, and dark skin. Our scales were different though. Ana’s smooth, tear drop shaped, silver scales covered her collarbone and wound down one arm; mine encircled my torso. Mine were easier to hide, but more people knew about them. I cast a lot of wind spells.
Ana only showed her scales to people she trusted, so walking in the room in a black tank top was a statement. Anne and Enna were identical, and their names mirrored each other. Blue black hair, Anne’s in twin buns and Enna’s in a half ponytail. Alabaster skin tinged with blue, and blue eyes. They had wings, but Enna was grounded. There was a knock on the door of Lei’s apartment. Lei, a blond Demonsblood, was standing closest to the door and pulled it open, sticking her head out. Two seconds later a boy dressed in the Barony’s colors entered.
“Uh, is there any person named,” He checked the sheet of paper clutched in his hands, “Anne Jones & Enna Helder-Kromlin here?” The twins stood up from the corner and scowled briefly, then Enna darted across the room, grabbed the paper, read it, and swore in Dragon.
“You can go now.” Said Faith, Lei’s redheaded younger cousin.
“Yes, ma’am.” He mumbled, then scampered away. “What is it? Dennis explode something again?” Asked Anne, striding over.
“There’s a gnome, blond, asking to see us. The note says she’s carrying the seal of the last baron.” Her twin answered in a shocked voice.
“Maybe.” While they conversed, and Ana shrugged her jacket off after yanking it on when the door was opened, there was a second knock. Emily, a gnome alchemist and a friend of ours, answered this time, and her lavender eyes stared unseeing into the face of a second messenger. This one had a message for Ana. After reading it, my twin turned to me and grinned. Ana’s smile sometimes scared people. We both had pointed, sharp canine teeth, courtesy of our draconic ancestry. And that had the side effect of looking like you were about to murder someone when you smiled.
“Cerea’s alive. She’s here, with the gnome En mentioned. Joshua recognized the name.” A rush of emotions went through me. Two hundred and seventy four years ago mine and Ana’s home had been burned to the ground by Dizerdrat, an ancient red dragon. Cerea had been the name of a half elf with impressive innate primal magic, who had left when she was twenty, three months befor A'sshyse burned, leaving us the only survivors. The name was a bit ironic actually, A'sshyse sounded like Ashes if pronounced correctly, and that’s all it was now. Ashes and memories.
We didn’t bother to say anything, no one did. Two sets of twins walked out the door, leaving confusion, five friends, and three ten year olds behind. Enna twisted around before leaving, threatening, “If anyone touches those cards I will kill you.” Then she ran, and the second she and Anne were outside they broke out into a full out sprint, matching each other pace for pace. When we got to the main hall area, which had a bunch of alcoves off it that served as slightly more private spaces for meetings and the like, Anne and Enna had already tackle hugged a gnome with curly blond hair, and a black haired half elf stood nearby, awkwardly. Enna was whispering,
"Thirty five years Mae. Thirty five goddamn years. Where were you?"
“I was- Thirty five years?!”
“Yes.” Answered Anne. Mae rounded on the half elf, who put her hands up in a sign of surrender. Before the gnome could get a word out Cerea spoke.
“I didn’t know alright? I’m bad with time.”
“Still. You should have told me!”
“I know. I should have done a lot of things.” It was at that moment she looked in our direction, and saw us. Ana didn’t hesitate, rushing in to embrace a woman she hadn’t seen in nearly three hundred years. I hung back a bit. Not because of my sister, but because me and Cerea hadn’t exactly parted on… civil terms. Half a minute later Ana grabbed my arm, muttering Draconic into my ear.
“I don’t care what happened last time. You never got over it, I doubt she did.”
“Erm, okay-”
Cerea interrupted. “You survived?! What in the nine hells happened to A’sshyse?!”
“Dragonfire.” Ana answered. Then I blurted out, in Dragon, before I had to wait another three centuries to apologize.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I yelled at you. I was stupid, and, and an idiot-” Cerea intterupted in the same language.
“Yes, you were sometimes. But I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have said what I said. We were both wrong about the other.” She hugged me tightly, but quickly. As Cerea stepped away I noticed how much toll the last three hundred years had taken on her. She still had raven hair and coffee colored skin, but the freckles that once covered her face were gone. Her eyes still had the same twinkle, but the green was darker, closer to emerald than I’d ever seen them and older than they should be.
“So where were you?” Asked Enna, directing the question at Mae.
“I was petrified. I left right after you guys killed Shallodet, and then it’s a blur until waking up to find my very surprised teacher.”
Enna shuddered at the mention of the name. Shallodet was not a pleasant memory for her.
“Yeah. Anne & Enna, this is Cerea Roven. Cerea, these are my sisters. Anne and Enna Helder.”
“Helder-Kromlin. Claimed Mom’s name properly. But I’m not forgetting Helder. It’s hyphenated now. Drove the official crazy.” Corrected Enna. Anne followed with,
“Erm, it’s actually Anne Jones. I might have gotten married.”
“Sorry, what?!”
“I’ll explain later.”
“Hi?” Cerea grinned awkwardly, raising one hand in a half wave for a brief second. “Who’s the Gnome?” Asked Ana.
“I’m Mae Helder. Who are you?”
“Anastasia. Call me Ana. He’s Dash.”
“Hey. So you’re their sister?” I asked, changing the subject as quickly as possible.
“Uh huh. How’d you meet these two?”
“The War.” Answered Ana.
“War? What War?”
“Little sister, you’ve missed a lot. About a decade ago there was a War. Norfolk is gone.”
“Wow. Anything else I need to know?”
“Well, here’s the slight matter of there being a different Baron.”
“His name is Fredrick Falk.”
“Wait. Does that mean?”
“Yeah. He’s gone. Died about two years after you left.”
“Oh. I’m sorry. I know how much he meant to you.”
“It’s okay.” The previous Baron had been the first person who had believed in Enna for a long time. When he died she had taken it hard. He had been the latest in a long line of parental figures; and each one had died.
Pike, her adopted mother, had died when she was 10. Her older brother, Zibra, had died when she was nineteen, and everyone thought it was her fault. Everyone except Anne. Her mentor, a half-dragon named Sasha, had died when she was twenty eight. When she was 40 she came back to the capital, only to find Anne missing. She thought it was her fault. Anne had nearly died. Then her Uncle, her mother’s twin, had turned out be her mother’s murder, confessed to killing Zibra and framing her, then he tried to kill both the twins, leaving Enna with thin scars that covered her arms, shoulders, back & torso.
“Anyway, why are you here?”
“Well,” Said Cerea nervously, fidgeting with the hem of her tunic. “Gray has heard some things, concerning things. They’re actually what led to me finding Mae.”
“What things?” I asked.
“The forges, the ones under the mountain, are waking up again.”
“I still don’t understand why he would put forges there, of all locations.” Muttered Anne.
“You need to tell someone.”
“That’s why we came here. Under the Code, you need two high ranking Druids to request a meeting with a ruler.”
“That’s surprisingly smart for a twenty five year old.” Said Enna, perhaps the third time in her life she had judged someone because of their apparent age. Cerea, unsurprisingly, burst out laughing.
“I’m two hundred and ninety ish. Can’t remember the exact number. Not 25.”
“Two hundred and ninety four.” I muttered quietly.
“Two hundred and ninety four, then. Either way, I’m not twenty five.”
“It’s okay. Twenty five is the oldest anyone’s ever thought I looked. I had a couple friends, a few years ago, they thought I was nineteen. Never got around to correcting them.”
“Uh-huh.” I muttered. Cerea had always looked young for her age, and it, plus her innate and extremely powerful primordial magic and wildshaping powers, had allowed her to get away with more things than the average kid would. Most of these exploits were related to stealing jelly tarts, which Ana stole from her and I then stole some of them from Ana. Yeah, fourteen year old me probably had better things to do than steal pastries from a 7 year old prankster, but it was either that or get possessed again, which is not an experience I’d recommend to anyone.
Yes, you read that correctly. Possessed. It’s a very long story that will probably come to light in time. Probably. Either way, we were interrupted by Joshua, the Baron’s 19 year old half-dragon grandson materializing from out of nowhere. His brown curls were more rumpled than usual, and his blue eyes shown with exhaustion. Joshua’s robes, the outfit commonly worn by wizards-in-training, were rumpled, like he had slept in them. He wasn’t strictly half dragon, closer to a quarter dragon. His dad’s dad had been a black dragon. His Mum, the Baron’s youngest daughter, had eloped with his dad and Joshua had only been raised in the court after his parents died in an Orc raid when he was seven. Before you ask, yes most of us had/have sob stories for backgrounds. Happy people who are mentaly stable don’t go out and hunt literal dragons.
Either way, the top half of his face, on a diagonal from right to left, was covered in smooth, black scales. They continued down his neck, and onto one arm. Joshua asked, “So you guys do know each other. I mean, I didn’t think there were a lot of black haired and crazy powerful half elven druids, but hey. There could’ve been more than one. Anyway, Grandpa’s ready to talk to you two. You know how to get there?”
“Yep.” Confirmed Mae, leading Cerea down the hallway. Joshua stayed, leaning against the stone wall.
“Hey.” Anne raised one hand half heartedly, in a sort of wave.
“So I know how Ana & Dash know the mildly terrifying druid lady, but how do you two know the Gnome?”
“She’s our sister.”
“But neither of you are two Gnomes in a trench coat. So how?”
“I don’t even own a trenchcoat.” Muttered Enna.
“She’s our adopted sister, our foster mother fostered her too, though we didn’t know that then.”
“You had a foster mother?”
Anne sighed. “Yes. Pike Helder. Why do you think we speak Gnome?”
“I don’t know. Figured you just knew a lot of Gnomes.”
“I mean, we do, but that’s not the point.”
“Also, I think we would know if you guys were just Gnomes in trenchcoats.” I remarked.
“Yeah, I think you would.” Said Anne.
“You okay?” Ana asked Joshua, probably in response to his disheveled appearance.
“I’m fine.”
“No, you’re not.”
“I’m fine. Just stressed.” Ana scoffed, but didn’t say anything more. Enna turned to me. Her arms were crossed.
“What?” I asked cluelessly. Anne added, “You and Cerea have history. What is it?,” she asked, her body language the same as her twin.
“Nothing, we just knew each other as kids.” “Uh huh.” “So that’s all?” “Yes,” I lied. Anne laughed.
“It’s almost like he thinks we don’t know that he’s lying.” “Yeah.” I looked anywhere except at the twins.
“It wasn’t anything!” I said, coming way closer to yelling than I should.
“You apologized to each other in Dragon when you saw each other.” I swore under my breath. I had forgotten Enna knew Dragon. I tended to forget she knew a lot of languages, Elven not among them in spite of her heritage.
“That was nothing.” I mumbled.
“It was not nothing. I saw Ana’s expression when she saw Cerea. She looked like her best friend had just come back to life.”
“She has.”
“Please. We all know you’re Ana’s best friend. If it’s not you, it’s Zane. Anyway, Ana looked like her best friend had just come back to life. But you, you looked like, I don’t even know how to describe it. You looked a lot like Anne when she got married to Jones. You looked like you were in love.”
“No-o. Not in love with her. Dated her once, sure, maybe we kissed a couple times, but I’m not in love with her,” I protested, turning redder than Faith’s hair, which was very, very red. “Dash, either I tell them or you do.” Threatened Ana, switching into rapid Demonic. Demonic was the one language we both knew that the twins didn’t speak.
“Can we not do this now?!” I replied, in the same language.
“What, you don’t want all our friends to know that you and Cerea were etinye aka?” She asked, using an Elven word.
“No, I would prefer not. And I really think that Cerea wouldn’t either.” “You’d be surprised. She’s changed a lot in 300 years.”
“And how would you know? You’ve seen her about as much as I have.”
She hesitated, chewing on her bottom lip and thinking. “I knew she was alive.”
--------End Chapter 1---------
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