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#fetishization cw
sonicsmeteor · 10 days ago
I need to get this out of my system. Desperately.
Why the FUCK do people overfeminize Sonic? Why do people feminize him ANYWAY? He is in NO way feminine. I see it the most (actually EXCLUSIVELY) with Sonadow smut. I'm actually really fucking heated about this now that I've noticed it. Even SILVER, who people have literally JOKED ABOUT BEING A FEMBOY, WITH CANON EVIDENCE MIND YOU, is not as feminized as Sonic fucking is. I've never seen Silver feminized. I never see Espio feminized. I never see Shadow feminized. It's exclusively Sonic and exclusively with Sonadow.
By the way, there is absolutely NOTHING backing the claim that Sonic's feminine. And you know what?
It's blatant fetishization of gay relationships.
You can make the claim that it's not. But feminizing Sonic exclusively in a gay relationship when there's no fucking evidence that he's actually feminine IN THE FIRST PLACE is fetishizing gay relationships. It's not fucking okay.
This is why fujoshis are a problem. They fetishize gay relationships without shame and without caring how it affects real people in real life.
People seem to think that in gay relationships, you HAVE to be feminine if you're a bottom, because that's usually what I see -- Sonic's a bottom, and therefore feminine. Uh, no, masculine bottoms exist. Feminine tops exist. How masculine or feminine you are doesn't dictate if you're a top or bottom and people need to stop fucking acting like it does.
I'm sorry for this rant, but I NEEDED to get this out of my system. This needs to fucking stop.
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angeloniaa · 10 days ago
i talk about my dream.
tw & cw // a mention of satan, tarot cards, reincarnation, dying, fetishization, jumping out of a plane and getting married?
i had a dream that i morphed into a singer’s body, died and then came back to life?
it was some satanic shit, something to do with tarot cards or something and i’m honestly kinda shaken up about it. this is my first dream in a while and it’s so fucking freaky. like every time i walked past that tarot card in my dream, something would happen, i would die another time.
i died twice. first time was me jumping out of a plane, second was getting trapped by these three girls and basically used for my ‘unique looks’ … said that they liked me only for my race? scary.
my second dream was about me … getting married? i was wearing a gown and everything .. when it was time for me to walk down the aisle, the groom wasn’t even there.. and my dream cut short.
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fictionkinfessions · 10 days ago
Someone: I like Makoto, he's a cool character! Me: :)! That same person: He's such a cute little dumb stupid baby boy. Dumb idiot who doesn't know anything. Soft little innocent baby<3 Can't do anything and doesn't know shit<3 Me: ..........:/ -Makoto Naegi
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thatspookyagent · 16 days ago
I wish people knew just how isolating colorism is. There’s just so much dehumanization and fetishization involved in colorism. And more often than not, colorism goes hand in hand with other forms of discrimination such as featurism (the discrimination of ethnic features) and texturism (the discrimination of certain natural hair types.)
It’s really weird seeing Black families on TV nowadays because most shows with Black families are casted so that the female members of the family are light skin and the male members of the family are darker. Tropes like this further reinforce that having darker skin is masculine and that having light skin is feminine (perfect examples being Blackish and Bridgeton).
This can seriously fuck with darker skin woman who want and or like to be feminine but can only see their skin tone represented on males. Meanwhile, light skin men who want to be masculine are torn down or feminized. Either way, even if a darker skin woman wants to be masculine and a light skin man wants to be feminine, neither groups should be told to stop simply because the media perpetuates colorist/racist stereotypes.
Not only does colorism tie into gender roles and expectations. But also stereotypes that are linked to race. Pose is a perfect example of how dark skin women are treated as aggressive and below their light skinned counterparts.
On top of that, seeing light skin people uplifted for being light is extremely ostracizing. Something I need light skin people to understand is that being fetishized is NOT good. Being told that you’re desirable just because of your skin tone or “good hair” is not a compliment. Someone should be loving you for you and not because if you were to have kids with them, your children would come out with “pretty light eyes” and “pretty light skin”. Don’t feed into things that automatically tear down and degrade darker skin people. Just because we’re mad about light skin people getting uplifted for being light skinned, does not mean that we’re jealous and out to get you.
Personally, I’m tired of the trope that light skin people are deserving of love over darker people. Bridgeton is a huge example of this and countless other shows such as Blackish and American Horror Story. Constantly putting only light skin people in the roles of love interests is a huge fucking issue and I’m tired of seeing it. More often than not, the light skin people being casted have loose curly hair and features that would be considered more Eurocentric.
As someone who doesn’t fit any of those descriptions, I want to see more folks who look like me being loved on screen. I wanna see more brown skin and dark skin Black people of all gender identities being loved. I wanna Black folks with aggressive Afro centric features that people watching can’t ignore. Diversity is so much more than just skin tone, race, and ethnicity and I wish that more people knew that.
There's just so many issues that colorism brings and I haven't even gotten into things like light skin privilege.
tl;dr: Colorism is a rampant issue as well as an intracommunity problem. It ties into a lot of different forms of oppression and needs to be talked about. Addressing colorism and the issues that come with it could really help change media representation for the better as well as help those being excluded. Hopefully darker skin people can eventually see ourselves in a positive and healthy light in all forms of media.
Note: I am VERY much aware that colorism isn't exclusive to the Black community. However as a Black individual, I can only speak on my experiences with as a Black person. Here is a post that discusses colorism issues in other communities of color. As well as another. Here as well. ( <<< These links also address the colorism within Shadow and Bone and the erasure of dark skin characters like Jesper Fahey and Inej Ghafa.)
Also if you're light skinned, I ask that you simply reblog this post and leave adding on to it for darker skin people. Light skinned people can only experience featurism and texturism but not colorism. White folks don't experience any of these, so white folks don't add shit to this. Feel free to boost this however (which is very much encouraged.)
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fictionkinfessions · 22 days ago
If I could change one thing about my source's fandom, it would be to purge the weird dudebros who reduce my boyfriend to a creepy meme. Tired of not being able to show appreciation for him - this beautiful, kind, protective person who I was and still am so lucky to have in my life and not JUST because he saved me from certain death - without people assuming I'm just here for femboy fetish reasons. I can stay ignored, but he deserves better.
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simpology · 24 days ago
I have a question (cw fetishization)
How is talking about/liking a gay relationship fetishizing it? If they're not finding the fact that they're gay attractive then there shouldn't be a problem cause it makes sense that they'd be attracted to them... Right?
Say they're not attracted to them being gay or that it's a gay relationship, they like it because they're two people they're attracted to
I mean like it makes sense for them to like to see two people that they're attracted to together, doesn't it? Sorry you don't have to answer I'm just confused
what is fetishizing?
fetishizing, put simply, is an excessive or irrational commitment/obsession with something. it also means "to obsess over" but has different meanings. fetishizing does not have to be sexual, and most of the time isn't.
examples of fetishizing
reading mlm smut as a non-mlm, reading mlm aus as a cishet, writing mlm smut as a non-mlm, using the terms top/bottom, saying you want a gay bff
"why is it fetishizing?"
because a- its smut which are literally sex scenes
b- you read so much mlm things you end up seeing them as sexual objects for your pleasure and enjoyment and not as real people with feelings
basically, you can ship a mlm ship, that’s fine. i personally ship wolfstar, but i don’t read wolfstar smut.because i identity as a nblw, not mlm. you can enjoy a ship. but if you’re not mlm you shouldn’t be reading smut/talking about mlm sex.
also you shouldn’t ship a ship because... you’re attracted to both parties. that is definitely fetishizing. because you’re boiling the entire ship down to your sexual attraction to them. i’m sorry but your ask is kind of off putting.
if you ship any ship, it should be because you like the dynamics, not because you’re attracted with the people in the ship.
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simpology · 24 days ago
besties a reminder that as a woman, you shouldn’t talk about top/bottom dynamics in a gay relationship because that is fetishizing.
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bunnybokuto · 28 days ago
[bratty sub!keigo + dom!male reader]
Tumblr media
oh, to have the keigo takami on his knees between my legs, choking on my cock as punishment for being such a brat. his stupid, worthless pleadings are finally quieted because his mouth's full, and his attitude has melted into a much better state of submission. he's no longer teasing, saying things like, "what? i'm not even doing anything" as he looks you in the eyes while his fingers brush against your bulge in public. he worked you up on purpose, knowing that the worse he behaved, the sweeter and harder the punishment would be. he's a brat, through and through, which makes the long battle to get him to cry and beg for your cock even more worth it. it's all he ever wanted, anyway, and you’re more than happy to comply, playing along with keigo and letting him dig his own grave—keeping silent until he pushes you too far and a real punishment is warranted.
Tumblr media
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
stop feminizing me and my dads just because we’re queer. fuck you!!!! fuck you so bad it’s so fucking. WEIRD why would you think thats ok?? even if it wasnt me and my dads, do you think thats fucking ok?? weirdly fetishizing and feminizing gay people?? fuck you. - (#🔥🐼🔥)
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aki-ra-me · a month ago
There are so many “fun” things that prove Bioware’s oblivious hypocrisy and lack of awareness but Liara serves as a great example in Mass Effect 1 alone. She literally has a quote where she says “Young males have an unhealthy obsession with my kind” in reference to the hyper-sexualization of Asari. But then Bioware made her even more vacuum packed than before into her scientist casual wear and was given oddly sexual/erotic ambient movement animations for when she’s standing still. Like yeah, you really defeated sexualization and fetishization with that one <3 good job Bioware
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glitterandsalt · a month ago
White men really do try the hardest sometimes to force their partners into whatever fantasy they think they deserve or are entitled to like how my teen best friend ended up with a white dude who all he watched and consumed was anime, thought bc he worked at Microsoft meant he could move to Japan and work for Gameboy there, ignored the fact that she was Puerto Rican to encourage her to be his lil waifu which she fed into bc it was a horribly toxic relationship where he told her things like she couldn't get tattoos BC when they moved to Japan, people there hate tattoos and automatically think you're a part of a gang but mayyybe a cute Pokemon tattoo wouldn't be so bad LIKE!!!! What in the fetishizing FUCK?
It literally destroyed our friendship to live with them and the last straw (besides her agreeing to kick me out bc the other roommates and her bf didn't like that I called them out on their racism and transphobia and never cleaning up after themselves) was when she PROUDLY proclaimed* that she thought teenagers were cute and she, a legal adult, would date a 13 yr old if she could and he backed up everything she said.
White men often ruin everything.
*knowing full well I am a survivor of CSA that came in the form of adults preying on me as a minor!
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