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#food cw
incorrect-thmgau · 30 minutes ago
Rob: man, what’s worse than heartbreak? Zubin: looking hella good and not getting your picture taken Joe: waking up and finding out your phone was never charging Ross: stepping on a lego Andrew: getting 9 chicken nuggets instead of 10
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radio-charlie · 39 minutes ago
Have to start making those horrible tiktok recipes for like date and graham cracker energy balls dipped in yogurt coz i don’t even have it in me to cook rice now
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voidselfshipp · 43 minutes ago
Running Away
Cw: abusive mother, running away, slight violence, food ment.
Ok to rb.
Tumblr media
Its late, the whole neighborhood is silent as sean helps jerico pack up the last bits of luggage to run away from home.
He gets in the car, as soon as he opens the door for her, Jers mother runs out into the yard, trying to Grab her.
Quickly, the mutant gets in the car, and her boyfriend hits the pedal speeding off into the distance.
Both laugh as jerico leans back Into the Seat, seans hand on her thigh caressing it.
-- Next stop home!-- he said smiling.
--come on jerico! Hurry up!-- logan whispered shouted to jerico as he packed up the car.
She runs to the Man as her mother chased after her.
She hides behind the mutant who protectively puffs his chest out.
--Jerico! Come back here!
--Not happening Lady-- said the mutant-- get in the car sweetcheeks
Jerico enters the car looking away as logan exchanges some not so friendly words with her mother.
As soon as he gets in the car , he drives off with Jers mother screaming in the distance.
Jerico herself was tired, leaning on her boyfriends shoulder as he drove.
-- its okay doll-- whispered the Man-- we'll get home soon, dont worry, ill wake you up
She nodds, closing her eyes as he softly humms to her.
Angel knew a thing or two about bad parents, so here he was at two am, picking up jerico, ready to run away with her.
With help of Peter, they moved her stuff quickly to th mansion the day before.
-- Warren!-- shouted jerico running to him, or trying as her mother grabbed her arm.
--jerico!-- he screamed running up to her, breaking the grasp on her arm, he hugs her covering with his wings.
Shes crying as she puts her face on his chest, he holds her walking with her.
When the mother tries to approach them he pushes her back with his wings, sitting with jer on the motorcycle.
--you dont get to make my baby weep-- he said threatingly,taking the handlebar of the motorcycle.
She was infront of him and his wings wrapped around her keeping her safe.
He speeds off with her, the cold air dries away her tears.
The feathers tickles Her, and he gets to listen to her beautiful laughter again.
Warren carried jerico to their New dorm, the one theyd share.
He'd make sure she'd be safe.
--not one step closer!-- Warned gambit, a wall of kinetic energy separated jerico from her mother.
Remy is holding her off, and ettiene got jer into the car, he signals his brother to get in there with them.
He lets the wall down and gets into the Passenger Seat.
--hold on tight Cherie, its gonna get rowdy-- growled gambit before hitting the speed pedal,the tires screech And the car zooms out of there.
--Lets getcha some food, mcdonalds maybe?
Both men heard a happy squeal-- yes!
Peter checked the time, jer might have Fallen asleep, so, with her things all moved in to the mansion, he speeds I to her house and grabs her and her stuff, and zooms out of there before her mother realizes.
He carried her to bed and covered her with the blankets, he yawns and lays besides her, caressing her forearm softly.
--Ah there we go, all packed up-- said Erik, closing the cars Trunk.
Jerico gets in the car, sitting on Charles' lap, who kisses the back of her neck.
--uh Charles-- said magneto as he got in the car-- we have incoming...
Before jer can say anything Charles freezes jericos mom in place, and tells Erik to drive off.
-- well...that went smooth
Both men chuckle.
--Of course it did
Kurt didnt know how to handle conflict well, but here he was, picking jerico up.
He grabs her-- all ready to go mein schatz?
-- yep!--she kisses him-- thank you for helping me out
--whenever you need me-- he said nuzzling in her neck to then poof into their room-- ill bring you some snacks later ja? Im im sure you must be tired
Jer nodds laying down on the bed.
Kurt sits with her and caresses her hair.
Ororo grabbed jericos hand as they Walked into her car, the mutant made the Sky dark with clouds, its raining, more like puouring down to try and stop anyone who dares intervene with her rescue mission.
When they got Into the car,storm turns on the radio, the heating already drying them off.
Driving off to their New home jerico and ororo hold hands.
Things were getting better.
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ninak803 · an hour ago
Can anyone tell my why there is a banana skin lying in the sink of my bathroom?
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panzertorte · 2 hours ago
The sheer level of disaster in this attempt at cooking is indescribable... I just wanted to fry up a fish ffs yet had to throw pretty much everything out. Let's just pretend this never happened.
The gravy is decent?
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fictionkinfessions · 3 hours ago
bau i love you and you guys are like my family but every time you fuckers get annoyed at me infodumping it makes me wanna fill all your shoes with rice krispies - spencer
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flowerss444 · 5 hours ago
This is stupid. I can't just reply to Tumblr replies. So I have to go to peoples blogs and message them. It's cool if you don't want to reply. But yeah body "trends" are stupid. It's like I feel like they're so silly? But they still manage to make people feel self conscious. So it's maybe an issue to act like body trends are simply "silly". But people genuinely shouldn't take them seriously. Bc it doesn't even mean anything.
Tumblr fix ur shit challenge!! But yeah, it’s so dumb. Bodies are bodies. We exist as we can. I understand “personal taste” ig?? But shit gets ridiculous. Healthy doesn’t have an assigned weight. Idg why skinny people can actually enjoy food, but heavier people can’t. So annoying. Anyway I haven’t slept and I’m gonna get sum doordash breakfast lol >.<
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voidselfshipp · 7 hours ago
Double The Gambit, Double The Fun.
Cw: food ment, Eye contact, ask to tag.
Ok to rb
Summary: by some reason gambit finds his version from another dimention, and jerico has to deal with the consequences.
A/n: heres the second gambit aka ettiene.
Tumblr media
Jerico was too distracted on her phone, there wasnt much to do other than wait for her laundry to be done, wich she asked Jean who was also in the laundry room to let her know that it was finished.
Ignoring the footsteps as she sunk in the sofá shes suddenly startled by a voice she knew all too well.
--wasnt expectin you here Cherie-- remy said, leaning on his Cane.
She raises a brow looking at the man-- ah mira quien vino (ah look who decided to come by), nice to see you again gambit, thought youd be too busy gambling and scamming people
-- I dont scam thats filthy work-- he added leaning slightly foward.
Theres a silence that lasts a few seconds before they both laugh.
She stands up, greeting Him properly.
-- so whats up?
He sighed, tipping his hat-- we May have a situation,follow me
-- that doesnt sound misterious or anything...--quipped the woman walking.
When they got to the courtyard, there he was, a Man,leaning on a beautiful coupe Nova,too distracted playing with a coin he doesnt notice them both walking.
--i was walkin to see the professor-- started gambit-- and I fell to the floor, when I stood up I found him there
-- a New student?
-- no sweetheart, thats me, but from other dimention, at least thats what the professor told us
Jerico raises a brow--uh, Sir?-- she asked as the other gambit looked at him.
-- well well well, the southern belle herself, jerico nice to meet you, im--
--remy, i know-- she snorted thinking he'd shake her hand, but of course he grabbed her hand and kisses her knuckles,winking.
Not only she had to bear her remys flirt but now a second one? She was sure she might pass out if the two of them teamed up to mess with her.
-- and you brought me here because?
-- the professor told me to ask you to read his emotions to see if hes up to something
Jer scoffed and smiles--if its you, then he might be-- the men laugh and she looks at the second remy.
--Dont worry If it feels weird, im not going to hurt you
-- even if you did sweetheart I wouldnt mind-- the second remy winked.
--callate vos-- she answered in a fit of giggles.
She knew how to shut him up, she took his forearm and traced her fingers across the soft fabric of his coat, thumb caressing his wrist up to holding his hand.
Her free hand pressed itself against his cheek holding it softly, and she closes her eyes.
Her remy, the one from her dimention was snickering as his copy was starting to blush by the tenderness of jericos hands.
Who, as soon as she finished readind his emotions she let go, he almost whines but for his pride he shuts up Real quick.
-- hes fine, dont worry, id assume you two are gonna share a dorm?
Remys dorm was just Next to hers,she tries to play it cool but she was freaking out.
--yeah-- the two remys answered at the same time.
--Now that I think of it, we should reffer to him--she pointed at the second remy-- a different name,...god ,what was your middle name, ...ettiene?
Remy nodds, and the now ettiene tilts His head raising his shoulders.
Jerico heard jeans voice in her head telling her that the laundry was done, so she said her goodbyes and Walked back into the mansion.
As she shoves her clothes into a basket she looks at Jean-- your boyfriends texting during class?
The telepath smiles laughing-- he wants me to help him with his test
--what if the professor finds out?
Both women look at eachother to then laughs-- well he May think its clever!-- added Jean-- speaking about boys, heard about the second remy, youre gonna have it rough huh?
Jer giggled-- well, double the fun I guess,anyway, bye Jean!
--bye jerico!
The empath Walked back to her room upstairs and left the basket on a corner going to her bed to collapse.
The rest of the day was calm as both gambits settled down in their room.
They were talking when they heard Jers voice singing from the other room.
Its a song in spanish, they cant place what shes saying.
-- southern belles singing-- said ettiene sitting on his bed.
-- shes always singing,I always listen-- added remy leaving his staff against the wall-- I wish I could hear her speak spanish more often, she has such a beautiful accent
--That she does
At night the students all went to get their food, jubilee and Jean went out for the night, leaving jerico all alone in the mansion.
As she grabs her food, she hears the footsteps she learnt how to identify, she turns around meeting with both of the gambits.
Remy, not missing a beat in teasing her he goes-- whats a pretty Lady like you, doing in a place like this?
-- in the kitchen? Getting food-- he looks at her with his brows furrowed--...fine-- she sighs fighting back a smile-- fella done me wrong, Im distracting myself from the thought of him
Ettiene also jumped in, they were like brothers teaming up to annoy someone.
--well-- said the second gambit-- hes a fool for leaving such a pretty Lady behind
-- oh hes not that bad-- added jerico-- hes a very flirty Man with a nice sense of fashion, one day I might even give him a chance...
-- lucky fella-- added remy.
-- yeah, but I know theres more to him that a secure, cheeky exterior, one could even say afraid-- she leaned in both of them taking their hand.
They both were nervous-- afraid of hearbreak-- she leaned closer.
She then snatches her Plate and her bottle of soda and leans back-- but then again, arent we all?
She left the kitchen with a huge smile on her face as a very flustered remy shouted-- how come you always turn it around?!
--i know you remy!-- she shouted back.
While she Ate, the two men went upstairs back to their dorms,having ate early, they went to bed early.
--i see what you see in her-- ettiene said taking off his shoes.
-- shes the best isnt she?...I never had problem facing a Lady but with her is different
--guess no Point in hiding your feelings from her?
Remy nodded-- she already knows, but I dont know if ya noticed, but when she reads emotions you can feel a bit of hers,she wont do the first move
-- shes scared?
-- yep, cant blame her tho, as she said, arent we all scared of rejection
Jerico finished eating her food, and left the Plate on the kitchen.
When she got to her room she sat in bed,seeing what jubilee and Jean sent her.
They seem to be having fun.
Looking at the time she sighed.
Going to knock on remys door.
If her Friends were having fun, why shouldnt she?
--Ah, look who came by ettiene
-- salty for todays lose LeBeau?
--maybe, but its late what are you--
Jerico kissed him, he kissed back, taken off guard as his arms slipped around her waist pulling her in his room closing the door with his foot.
When they pull away, ettiene comes behind remy and smiles.
-- theres one for you to ettie-- said jerico kissing ettiene softly, he hugs her smiling like a kid in love.
-- well, im assumin you didnt come by just to kiss us good night
She shakes her head pulling both men in for a hug, it felt nice.
-- no, I came by to hang out with you two, I was all alone in my room, figured id come by and spend time with my two favorite men -- said jer.
Both smile cupping her cheeks one each.
-- look at you getting us all in love with you-- said ettiene pressing his forehead against hers-- god, youre beautiful...
Remy pressed a kiss to her jaw and her neck pulling her closer-- im just glad I can finally hold you
Jerico smiles-- guys I feel like im about to melt, stop--
Both chuckle hugging her tighter.
-- well-- said ettiene-- me, were going to watch a movie, fancy staying for a while?
She nodds and the three slip in bed, cuddling as they watch said movie.
The first one to fall asleep was ettiene, then remy who had his face on the crook of her neck.
Jerico was the last one to fall asleep, in the arms of both her lovers, safe from the outside world.
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skz-cb · 10 hours ago
𝐃𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐛𝐲𝐮𝐥 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩
To Messrs. Stray Kids and Miss Admin Del 💓 with a note:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Hey guys!! I hope you are having an amazing weekend! :D I made some lemon cupcakes and I wanted to share them with you guys so here they are hehe (there is a big batch so everyone can enjoy :) ) Hope you guys enjoy them! - V. P.S: there is a batch made only for you at my place darling, if you want them ;) 🤍 your flower”
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sex-sells-by-lovejoy · 11 hours ago
mentally i am making yiu these
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necronatural · 12 hours ago
Saw a post about pineapples on pizza again and I've had it. Enough. It's simply wilful ignorance at this point. "Who puts fruit on a pizza" yeah no shit buddy. If someone put pineapples on a pepperoni pizza I would come into their house and start breaking shit. If I see a piece of fruit on a neopolitan I think you're morally obligated to throw it into the ocean.
But the pizza is not there for the pizza, is it. It's for the pig. You got pig meat on the pizza. I cannot even begin to comprehend someone who doesn't know literally the most basic, common way of tenderizing ham in all of cuisine.
Traditional hawaiian pizza is served with pork loin. Why's the pineapple there?
Tumblr media
For the pig.
American hawaiian pizza is served with ham. Why's the pineapple there. Here's a shocker.
Tumblr media
More tragic than people's militant disgust with the concept of pineapples on their pig pizza is the implication they are so unfamiliar with marinades on their meats that pineapple is an alien concept worthy of riots rather than a matter of personal preference. Cook better meals idiot
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gayassnatural · 13 hours ago
not to be recipe blog on main but as a known zucchini skeptic i go bonkers to yonkers for this every summer
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monster-soda · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
hi bestie
Tumblr media
ENGIE that was mine fine wine.....;,;,,;???????
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fictionkinfessions · 13 hours ago
hey mpc, I noticed that you misspell Fairy Tail in the tags, you're tagging them with Fairy Tale instead of Fairy Tail! :D
-a fish shaped cracker
I’m, wait, I? I’m tearing up, a cracker shape like fish, how beautiful!! Give me a minute here pls! [spongebob narator voice: 1 hour later]
Deep breath, ok! I’m ok! I just had to think about fish cracker taxonomies and came up with a great idea for a book!
Thank you anon, for the excellent day dreams and for the heads up about the tag! It’s fixed now!
Mod Party Cat!
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1000-directions · 13 hours ago
good stuff 5-12-21
i don’t have to work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! it’s my weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i went to my best friend’s after work today and finally saw the house she and her girlfriend moved into months ago and we took her dog for a long walk and i got to see her two cats for the first time in like almost a year and we sat outside on her deck around the firepit and her girlfriend made me a drink and we ate sushi with our fingers and i am going to cry just remembering it!!! these people were the most important part of my life for years and i’ve missed them so much, and this really connected me back to like...a part of my humanity that has been really dormant and wounded that i was afraid was gone forever. i hugged my best friend for the first time in a year!
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