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#but yeah them <3
peacockhermit28 minutes ago
Anyway. Fuck the Dream work with Hermes
#This is a joke I know some friends/Mutuals still do and in all honesty. I couldn't have left it I wouldn'tve seen why. And if youre not#Working with The One Micolash Is Based Off then you're probably fine but like. Him and The One Cut Content Micolash Is Based Off are.....#Fucking God awful and not worth it. I went from worshiping them to fucking freedom. I thought I was free until I was able to breathe fresh#Air. I didn't know how caught up in shit I was I had NO clue#Also. I was going to say I don't think Hermes really shows that half or. Like. 3/4s of him to a lot of people bc like#I never see anyone else mention it?? But tbh I've known for a long while now he seems to treat the name Hermes like a business title#as in like. you can tell when hes the one people call Hermes and then he changes names when he feels different. i mean. i think at the#moment im probably going to switch to Mercury with my friends for a while#anyway - that BUT. but. then i just remembered the reason i started talking about this is because he possessed someone in my house#AND in general he appears to my friends who can see spirits in the same wild-ass UPG Hermes(tm) way so its like......#appears in that same way with no input from me. i mean fuck. with naru..... i was really expecting him to take the Business Title Hermes#approach but no he scares the shit out of them lmFAO#ANYWAY FUCK THE DREAM (work with him)#because my god like. @ him damn thank you for being gentle where its really needed#AHHKHDSJKHFDSJHSDF THE LYRICS a spoonful of sugar to sweeten the taste#yeah exactly man thanks#ok bye bye#ramblings //#diary //
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moosespores5 hours ago
hi i just wanted to update y'all! my recovery is going well, I'm at home and I'm mostly sleeping tbh. my pain meds knock me on my ass, so i havent been drawing like. at all, but I'm almost done with them and so i should hopefully have some doodles later this week! i also wanna thank everyone for the well wishes, y'all've been super sweet in my inbox and i appreciate everything 馃挏
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princekirijo12 hours ago
For the otp asks, 3 with akimina?
Ooooh nice one this is cute!!!
3. If they complimented each other, what would they say?
Well I think Minato would definitely compliment Akihiko's strength and dedication. Both of those are very important to Akihiko so I can see Minato taking every opportunity to let him know that he admires how strong he is and also his passion.
As for Akihiko I think he would compliment his attention to detail. I think Minato is a very thoughtful person to those he cares about (and underneath the whole 'i don't care' persona) and I think Akihiko would just appreciate small things he does for him like making him his favorite protein drink or something. Also of course his music taste. Minato takes huge pride in his music and he gets very happy when his boyfriend tells him he has the best taste in music.
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ttogaslut16 hours ago
Ship your moots? 馃憖
Tumblr media
aight lets do this shit.
@oligbia聽鈥 mirio- MIRIO ALL THE WAY WITH THIS BITCH. 馃槱 not only for the fact that she simps for him but also just his personality being great for her- their both bubbly lil shits and would honestly, in my view, vibe all the fucking time~ 馃槍
@izukuuarchive 鈥 oml who else but deku- 馃槱馃槍 her bold yet somehow shy personality would fit izuku amazinglyyyyy! they would be 2 cute peas in a pod <333
@hajisuu聽鈥 ofc ofc, mahito, the pain in the ass. simply put, hes a femboy > haji loves femboys. you get what I鈥檓 going at right?
@katsukichu 鈥 bakubitch- she such a sweetheart BUT can be fiesty- so its a realy good match for bakugo, and truly speaking, they both would be a duo honestly- 馃槱 like her kindness towards people would help bakugo improve a lot and her level of boldness would be great for bakugo since he (in my eyes) would want an s/o whom can fight and take care of themselves, like a baddddieee~ 馃槒
@ouchhawks 鈥 idk why but her in hawks would go so well with each other- :/ dolly has such a wonderful personality and can really bring the best out of hawks! 馃槉 and I genuinely see them being crackhead in the middle of the night~ just vibing there ass off like an 鉁 iconic couple 鉁 aajajajajajjajajaja
Tumblr media
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catgirlapologista day ago
wowww i cant send asks to errordump but i hope they see this. how pathetic can you be to deliberately try to sic transphobes on someone and then go "please fuck off" like YOU started this. lmfao terfs must have the most miserable lives in existence if this is how they need to spend their free time. good for you, i hope youre not getting too much hate from the transphobes
dgfjhjhgf thank you!! fortunately i havent gotten any hate from anyone bc of that post so its good dfghhj also god it was so fucking funny聽like they accidentally posted it on their main and then deleted it a minute after posting it so i sent them an ask like聽鈥渨hy鈥檇 u delete the post鈥 and then suddenly they posted it on their terf blog and then i sent them another ask like聽鈥淥H SO U JUST POSTED IT ON THE WRONG BLOG okay鈥 and then another one asking which one of my posts inspired them to make that post and they had the audacity to send me an ask on anon telling me to fuck off like????, what???? you literally tagged me in both of your posts????? like ok lmao jfdgj
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bastardmanvibesa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he brought it on himself
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gotseventeens2 days ago
if you had to describe your friendship with your moots as seventeen ships (boochan, jeongcheol etc) which moots would it be and why? is it dynamics? your undying love for each other? rivalry? sorry if this doesnt make sense ^^ literally everytime there's a new ask game on caratblr I come to you because your answers are so nice 馃槶馃А馃А馃А
ok so i can only answer with like 2 people very confidently because while i interact with a few of my mutuals i'm shit at talking to more LMAO also thank you for thinking my answers are nice when i literally just scramble to think what to say
so that being said @jonghan is the soon to my woo, my tag for them is dumb and dumber and that's us together <3 we don't get on eachothers nerves as much as they do tho
and @defgyus would be jeongcheol but mainly because whenever val teases me i'm like cheol in that one 95 line vlive that jeonghan and joshua were making his life impossible LMAO
wait also @suengwoo as uh don't know if dino and woozi have a pair name, but them LMAO don't talk very often but have a deep love and respect for eachother 馃挌
would say more people but 1 i'm already lowkey scared the ones i tagged are gonna be like the hell is she on about and 2 again i don't talk a lot with so many of my mutuals so yeah
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