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#anyway that’s why I just say he sleeps fine
illshineforyou · 29 days ago
Anytime I ever ask my baby’s doctor about helping him sleep longer stretches they’re just like “oh he sleeps short stretches because he knows if he cries you’ll respond so he hasn’t learned to soothe himself” like no dip???! Of course I’m gonna respond to my baby??? You want me to just let him scream himself to sleep every night????? Sir what??
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chaotic-lupin-blog · 2 hours ago
okay so like.
every headcanon is 1000% valid and I would fight for anyone's right to enjoy whatever ideas about media make them happy, so this is not meant as a way to discourage anything that anyone thinks...
but I don't really understand the "Fujiko is a lesbian" thing? it appears to be a common take, and I do think it'd be interesting to explore the idea of her romantic/sexual interactions with men all being compulsory heterosexuality and manipulation tactics... but she and Lupin just feel too much like they have a genuine romantic appeal to each other. to me at least.
I love the idea that they both are highly skilled masterminds in their own right, but are evenly matched when they go head to head. or rather, maybe they just go stupid for one(1) person. and like... every once in a while they get a moment or two with each other and it's cute, but they're both the type that needs to compulsively ruin that with their hyper competent thieving antics. except it's not even really ruining much, because they always find their way back to each other again somehow anyway. it's like whatever the opposite of star crossed lovers is... like "nothing in the world says this couldn't work out if the two of you could just be normal, but you both self identify as highly competitive, difficult people, so you're constantly dipping into and out of each other's orbit and causing problems, yet somehow, as if by fate, things work themselves out and everything is fine."
also, Lupin III relationship dynamics work so well when read as poly, specifically because even though Lupin and Fujiko are set up as each other's love interest, they never get seriously detrimentally sore feelings about watching each other go off and be with someone else for a bit. there's a level of trust about the fact that they'll come back together, as well as this silent understanding that they aren't really exclusive, even if they care about each other a lot, and jump at the chance to be romantic whenever plans aren't actively in the way.
that's what makes it so easy to apply a similar reading to Lupin's relationship with, say, Jigen, or Zenigata... anyone really. once you understand that a lack of exclusivity or consistency doesn't equate to a lack of care or value in a relationship, the door is open.
which is all to say that I really like the idea of Fujiko's bisexuality, in the sense that I like the idea of her and Lupin's genuine relationship. and if you assume that Fujiko could like men, I think it becomes much more interesting to consider the type of men that might put Fujiko off... because I could totally see her not really going for the type of macho men that she finds easiest to manipulate. she may always end up in bed with them, but that's only ever to rob them blind.
Lupin is different because femininity is something he actually appreciates... like, it always comes off as though he's constantly pursuing women because he genuinely likes women, rather than being your garden variety asshole who sleeps with women like they're just a disposable source of pleasure. that's why his attraction to specifically Fujiko is consistent, even though he comes across pretty girls all the time in his adventures. he gets invested in her over others, for a reason. and he also doesn't seem to have qualms about adopting feminine characteristics himself. he can do something like, say, cross dressing... he not only has the range for that, but also understands why it's an asset. it makes the two of them feel more like equals... evenly matched, even in the things they understand about each other.
basically, I could see Fujiko being a lot more discerning in her taste in men... but yeah. viewing her as bisexual is so interesting to me.
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can-of-pringles · 5 hours ago
Three Words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1200
Summary: Peter tells Marigold he loves her for the first time.
Also Read On AO3
Peter relaxed as he sat on his bed. He kept his gaze on the TV screen in front of him. He held Marigold close. His arms around her as she sat in his lap. The usually speedy Mutant sat still. He rested his head on Marigold’s shoulder. Letting a yawn escape his mouth.
“Hey, could you move your head out of the way? I can’t see the screen,” Peter murmured.
She moved her head, shifting slightly in his lap. Marigold leaned back and rested the back of her head against Peter’s chest.
“Is that better?” she asked.
“Mmhm, thanks babe,” he stared over her shoulder.
“You’re welcome,” she responded. Marigold let out a yawn. She blinked twice, rubbing her eyes afterward.
“You alright?” Peter whispered in her ear.
“Yeah, just tired, is all,”
Peter nodded. He attempted to stretch.
“I think I might be getting pins and needles in my legs,” he groaned.
Marigold placed a hand on the bed. She moved to stand up but found Peter’s hands around her middle. Not letting her go.
“No, don’t get up, please?” he asked.
“But, you just said you’re uncomfortable, your legs are falling asleep,” Marigold turned her head. Looking at the begging brown doe eyes he was giving her.
“I don’t care, my legs are getting crushed, sure, but it’s fine,” he shrugged.
“Wait, I’m crushing you?” she gasped.
“No! No! I’m kidding! It’s a joke, you’re not, really,” he laughed.
“Good, there’s no way I can crush you anyway,” she acknowledged.
“Yeah, 'cause you’re small,” Peter chuckled.
Marigold rolled her eyes and sighed. “Really?”
“You’re my little shortie little chicken nugget,” he teased.
She scoffed and went to stand up. “That’s it, I’m leaving,”
“Nooo! I’m sorry! I’m just giving you a hard time!” he pulled her close again.
“Lost complete feeling in your legs yet?” she asked.
“Maybe…,” He shrugged.
“You’re the one who suggested we sit like this,” Marigold chuckled.
“Yes, because it’s nice and I get to hug you,” Peter gave her a squeezing hug from behind.
Marigold glanced up. The clock on the wall told her it was really late at night.
“Hey, I have to go soon,” she sighed.
“But why?” he pouted, pressing his face against her shoulder.
“It’s getting late, I have to go to bed,” she twiddled with her hands.
“Don’t go yet, please?” he placed his hand on hers.
“But Peter-”
“Just a couple more minutes,” he pleaded, his brown doe eyes stared into hers.
She bit her lip and glanced down at her hands. Marigold pushed herself off his lap. She turned off the TV screen for him. Each step towards the door felt reluctant. Once her hand met the door frame, she turned around to look at her boyfriend. Marigold leaned against the frame. Arms crossed against her chest.
Peter remained on his bed. He frowned, looking down at his hands as he fidgeted with them. “Are you sure you have to leave now?” he mumbled.
“You know I have to, Maxi,” she frowned.
The silver-haired mutant let out a sigh. He left his bed and stood next to her.
“Okay, I get it, we both got stuff to do tomorrow,” he huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.
“Like our jobs?” Marigold raised an eyebrow and smirked.
“Yeah, those,” His eyes met hers.
“Don’t worry, I’ll see you tomorrow,” she smiled, giving his arm a reassuring squeeze.
“Sleep well, I love you,” he planted a kiss on her forehead.
Realizing the words that came out of his mouth, he froze. Peter felt his face grow hot. A blush remained on his face.
“What?” Marigold whispered. She stared into his eyes.
“I… I said…”
“You love me?” A grin stretched across her face.
“Yes, of course! I’ve told you that before, haven’t I?” he chuckled and grinned. He shuffled between his feet, hand scratching the back of his head.
“This is the first time I’ve heard you say the words…” Marigold couldn’t stop smiling.
“Oh, I must’ve just blurted them out, without even thinking about it…” Peter mused, he shrugged.
Marigold grabbed ahold of his shirt and pulled him close for a kiss.
It took Peter a second to register what was happening before he closed his eyes and melted into the kiss. A small hum escaped his lips. His hands finding her arms, they drifted to her back. He pulled her closer. Marigold moved her hands and placed them around his neck.
They paused. Letting their lungs take in the air they needed. Inches away from each other’s faces. They gently rested their foreheads together. Bridging the gap.
“I love you too,” she smiled, looking up through her eyelashes.
Peter smiled, then it grew smaller. It faltered. “I just remembered it’s late, I’m distracting you,” he frowned.
“You’re a wonderful distraction, don’t worry,” her hands in his.
He chuckled at that.
Marigold pondered for a second.
“You know what, you’re right, it is late, I should probably just sleepover,” she smiled.
“Really?” he asked, eyebrows raised in surprise.
“Yeah, if you don’t mind,”
“Nope, course not, you’re welcome over whenever you want,” he grinned.
“Good,” Marigold gave him a look. She smirked and ran to take his favorite spot in the bed.
“Hey! No fair! That’s my spot,” he chuckled.
She snuggled into the sheets. Pulling the blankets up. “I’m not moving,” she closed her eyes, pretending to sleep.
Peter sped over to the bed. He picked her up and tossed her over.
He took her place in the bed. Putting his arms behind his head. “I said it’s mine,” he closed his eyes and smirked.
Marigold rolled her eyes and settled in by his side. “Drama queen,” she muttered.
Peter pretended to get upset and scoffed. “If anybody’s a drama queen, it’s you,”
“You better commit and start addressing me as one then,”
“Yes, my queen,”
Marigold giggled.
“I’m glad you’re staying over tonight because now we get to cuddle,” he pulled her close, his arms securely around her middle. He buried his face in her shoulder.
“As if we don’t get to do that almost 24/7?” she smirked.
“Shh… just ignore that,” he whispered.
She chuckled.
Marigold tangled her legs with his. “You’re my cuddle bug,” she teased.
“Ugh, no, so cheesy, anything but that,”
“I still can’t believe you said I love you,” she smiled, changing the subject.
“It’s not really unbelievable, It’s just, you said the words!” she grinned.
“Well, it’s true, I love you! I really, really do! I guess words aren’t enough for you,” he chuckled and left kisses on her neck and shoulder.
“Ok! Ok! I believe you! Stop! You’re tickling me!” she chuckled.
“Alright,” Peter let out a yawn and gave her a loving squeeze, “Ok, I’m going to bed, you should too,”
“We got school tomorrow,” she replied.
“Aw, no, but, I graduated years ago,” he mumbled.
“We’re the teachers, remember?” she chuckled and yawned.
“Ohhh, right,” he closed his eyes, letting sleep take him. “Good night, Mari,”
“Good night,” she breathed.
“Love you,” he mumbled.
“Love you, too,” Marigold smiled.
She fell asleep as well, feeling safe and at peace in his arms.
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kimgot-77 · 10 hours ago
Do you have to go pt2
Tumblr media
Mature content ahead* SMUT, fluff , light angst at the very end
summary: Jaebum was finally home for a day and his muscles were clearly in pain. You give him an oil message which leads to many other things. Somehow you still end up disappointed in the end.
You woke up feeling steady breathing on your neck and muscular arms holding your waist. You nearly forgot that jaebum had a day off today; It felt good to wake up together after such a while. You yawned and turned around facing jaebum and you noticed how ethereal he looked. His messy black hair rested on his forehead and he had a slight stubble. You loved this look on him. It made him look more like your boyfriend and not the idol that thousands of girls die over.
You laid there for a moment just looking at him so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t even realise that jaebum was now wide awake looking back at you with a smirk on his face. ”I know im sexy but  are you really planning to just stare at me the whole day today or...” You both begin laughing as you playfully hit his chest. After a moment jaebum pulls you close again and snuggles close to you, his nose against your back ready to go back to sleep. ”Oh no dont think your going to sleep again its already 12″ you say while moving away from him and removing the covers from both your bodies.
He groans instantly hugging himself “Its so cold can we not just stay in bed today?” You wanted to go on a whole rant about how he was never home and this was probably gonna be the only day for a few weeks you were gonna get together, and that you didn’t wanna waste it all just sleeping. But you knew if you said this it would turn into something much more serious. There was no point arguing with jaebum over something like this especially when you missed spending time with him so much. 
“Im gonna go shower and then you can go when im done and then we can head out somewhere” You wait for a response and all you hear is a mumble from jaebum saying something along the lines of ‘so bossy’ whilst wrapping himself in a blanket again with his eyes closed. You sigh whilst  heading to the bathroom and have a quick shower followed by your skincare routine. You expected to have to come and have to wake up jaebum again but he was sitting and using his phone at the edge of the bed. He got up wordlessly and headed for the bathroom once you had entered the bedroom. You put on one on jaebums loose shirts with shorts and headed downstairs to make some breakfast. 
After a while when you headed back upstairs to call jaebum for breakfast you saw him sitting on the bed holding his shoulder with a frown on his face. It was clear that he was in pain but he never liked to admit it in front of you. You walk towards him and as soon as he realises that your coming he lets go of his shoulder and heads for the wardrobe only in his towel. ”Wait, dont get dressed yet” you say while reaching for something in the drawer. “Why? do you want me to seduce you?” he says with a sexy expression followed by a laugh from the both of you .Now holding a bottle of message oil, you ushered him towards the bed. ”I’m gonna give you a message” his expression falls when he realises you saw him earlier sulking on the bed. 
“No its fine its gonna go back to normal soon anyways” he says whilst adjusting his towel which was about to drop. “Shush lay down on your stomach on the bed right now” you say while pouting and crossing his arms. He coos while looking at you and steps closer to you pressing a gentle kiss on your pouting lips. ”Okay okay you can give me a message” he says while laying down on the bed the towel still covering his lower half. You take a seat at the bottom of his back where you could see the two dimples. You apply the oil to your hands before messaging jaebums shoulders with as such strength as you could get. You went to his back after his shoulder and you felt satisfied hearing his groans. You seat yourself on his thighs messaging his lower back and eventually you were done with his back. 
“Okay turn around now” you say while getting up from his legs. He turns around and his towel lightly slips and you could see his dick , and for some reason he was half hard. A light blush covered your cheeks as you fixed the towel so it was covering him properly. When you looked up at jaebum ,he was smiling and he had a weird look in his eyes you couldn’t really understand .”So are you not gonna give me a message anymore because you saw-”.You cut him off straight away by taking a seat on his lower stomach and putting more message oil on your hands and this clearly shut him up You made sure not to make any eye contact with him as you rubbed your hands together and then began messaging his shoulders. Jaebum tilted his head back and squeezed his eyes shut biting his lips to prevent any sound coming out.
He had been tired and his muscles had been aching for a while now so when you gave him a message it felt too good. You continued to focus on the task at hand and before you realised it you were sitting directly on top of jaebums dick which was merely covered by the towel. You continued messaging him until you heard a really loud moan followed by “you’ve messaged me enough”, He quickly gets you of him and switches your positions so he was now straddling you. By now his towel was nowhere to be seen and he was exposed in front on you. You gulp while looking up at jaebum and you can see hunger in his eyes. He leans down and kisses you and his tongue enters your mouth straight away. He continues to kiss you and you push him away as you run out of breath.  
He looks at you also completely out of breath and straight away reaches for the hem of his shirt that you were wearing. You put your arms up so he could remove the shirt and his eyes fall straight away to your breasts. You had not worn a bra since you were at home and now you were glad you didn’t. He pushes you back down so your back touches the bed and begins to kiss down your neck. He continues to kiss down until he reaches to your breast. He fondles one of your breast with one hand while he marks the other. You let out a moan and you could feel that you were becoming restless. ”I cant wait any longer” you say completely blissed out looking at jaebum with hooded eyes. 
“Then ride me” 
He lays down and waits till you remove your shorts and panties and straddle him. His hands immediately reach to your hips squeezes them as you lean down to kiss him. He could feel your wet heat on his dick and the fast heart beat of your clit. It was driving him crazy. He pulled away from the kiss and tapped your thighs motioning for you to lift them up a bit. You held onto his shoulders and closed your eyes as he aligned his dick with your entrance. After a second you slipped down on his cock letting out incoherent sounds and jaebum tilted his head back and squeezed his eyes shut in relief.
It had been such a while since you had been intimate with jaebum and at this point you were both very needy. You stayed seated on him as he waited for you to adjust. It was definitely not the first time you and jaebum were having sex but since it had been a while it took you some time to adjust to his size. You felt jaebum move underneath you so you opened your eyes. You could see his hooded eyes and the way he was biting his lips and it was making you feel even needier then you felt before. You began to move and each time you moved you could feel jaebums dick drag against your walls. It felt heavenly. You slowed down your pace now getting tired and as soon as jaebum noticed this he began to thrust up into your heat. You leaned your head on his shoulder as he kept moving himself in and out of you as fast as he could.
”Im gonna-” you couldnt finish your sentence because of the knot you were feeling at the bottom of your stomach .He didn’t respond to what you said but instead moved his hand down to your clit to help your release. You let out even louder moans at the feeling of his fingers circling around your clit fast and mercilessly. And before you knew it you were coming with a loud moan followed by jaebums name. You were so blissed out that you didnt even realise jaebum had pulled out and you were now laying with your back on the bed. He inserted his cock back inside you and you wrapped your legs around his waist as he pounded into you harder and faster. You felt so sensitive after just coming but you wanted jaebum to finish to. You opened your eyes to see the look on his face he always had before he was about to cum.
You watched as he sped up hitting even deeper spots inside you as he grunted. With a last powerful thrust that nearly made you scream he came inside you. You could feel his warm juices fill you up and you groaned at the feeling. He laid down and pulled you on top on him his now half softened dick still inside you. You both stayed there wordlessly for a few moments in bliss. Just as you were laying there you heard jaebums phone ring. You both just ignored it pretending you couldn’t hear it because you both were so sleepy. After it rang the second time jaebum pulled out and you let out a small groan at the feeling of all his cum seeping out of you. He picked up his phone and it was his manager. “You guys have an interview today in like 30 minutes and all the other boys are here. i dont know why your still not here i messaged you early in the morning.” Jaebum didnt make any eye contact with you as his manager spoke. He answered back calmly “Ill be there in 20 ill get dressed from home no need to get an outfit for me” 
After that you blanked out not really hearing the rest of the conversation. You watched jaebum as he cut the phone and looked at you. You were sat on the bed completely naked and your body was littered with love bites. You had tears in your eyes which you were not aware about and to jaebum you looked like a lost puppy. He came closer to you kissing you on the lips quickly and putting the covers up so your body was covered.”Im so sorry i have to go now i promise ill be home soon.” You hummed with a small smile and that clearly reassured him that you were not upset as he straight away headed to the shower. You sat there alone in bed lost in your own thoughts and in less then 5 minutes jaebum was out the shower and getting dressed. 
You watched him as you sat feeling like shit. You still had his cum dripping down your thighs and onto the bedsheets. Your body was covered in marks and your hair was a mess. With a final goodbye jaebum was out the door and you were completely alone. Again. You knew jaebum wasn’t gonna be home soon. You were right.
 Before you knew it you both were in the same routine where you would barely see each other. It was starting to take a toll on you and for the first time in your relationship you felt like a decision had to be made. You couldn’t live like this any longer. 
Okay but IM SO SORRY IF THE SMUT WAS BAD. It was a struggle to write.
 Im thinking of doing a part 3 ?????
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noirkkat · 12 hours ago
ཻུ۪۪͎ after sex cares
note: just to make things clear. there are no nsfw scenes here! this is you and the character after doing the deed lol. if you’re not comfortable with a minor writing these stuff pls don’t read it :) thank u!
warnings: mentions of sex (just you two talking about it after)
characters included: diluc, kaeya, zhongli, x gn! reader
category: short fics, fluff
a/n: once again, don’t read this if you’re uncomfortable with a minor writing these :)
Tumblr media
༄ diluc
doing the deed with diluc can be a bit tiring. okay i lied you’re gonna be wrecked after lol.
so he makes sure that he gives his s/o cuddles and kisses on their forehead every now and then, to make them feel loved and special to him. (since he is pretty rough- ANYWAYS)
he would usually cuddle you up in his arms and kiss your neck and forehead.
“you did well today baby...” he said in his husky voice that you love so much. he usually sounds like this when exhausted or just tired.
“did i really?” a hearty chuckle leaving your mouth made his heart skip a million beats.
he stared at you for a while. thinking how much lucky he is that you’re with him right now, in his bed, unclothed and just laying peacefully in his arms.
you would then poke his nose after you saw him staring at you, clearly spacing out. after realizing that he’s been staring at you for a while now, he blushed so hard then buried his face on the crook of your neck,-
-whispering words that came from his pure heart...
“i love you so much, [name]. i didn’t think it was possible, but you made me the happiest i’ve ever been...”
and the others were history.
༄ kaeya
Kaeya always goes for round two after doing it once. but your feelings are the most important thing for him. he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable and think that he doesn’t care about what you think or feel.
he stares at the ceiling, remembering the things you did and said while doing it earlier.
it was complete silence. a calm and peaceful one.
“how was it?” he would then ask silly little questions that annoys you sometimes.
“why are asking that now?” you blurted out in an annoyed but playful tone.
“why can’t i? wouldn’t want such a fine person like you to experience awful sex.”
you stared at him for a while before you laughing at what he just said. the fact that he said that without a doubt is just so funny to you.
“oh shut up, Kaeya. why don’t you just cuddle with me? hmm?”
“damn [name]... i think im getting turned o-”
you kissed him before he could even finish what he was saying. actually, you didn’t want him to finish what he was saying lol you were tired and needed some rest (yeah that’s how good he is).
after you two’s quick rest... guess what happened next 😀
༄ zhongli
he absolutely loves just laying there side by side, naked, and feeling each other’s warmth.
there is something so raw about exposing your body in front of your lover, trusting them enough to see you and feel you as you really are.
zhongli loves humming you to sleep after you guys are done with the love session.
he might not be the best in singing or even just humming a tune, but the thought of him trying and making you feel comfortable as much as possible, made you love him even more.
“was it good, darling?” he would whisper things like this to you.
since he is not familiar with things like these, (but probably has done it before idk) he’s scared that he might or he did disappoint you.
you reached for his cheek and gave him a quick kiss.
“it was amazing, Zhongli! it was as if i were in heaven...”
he smiled at the response you gave him. he was so relieved that he didn’t disappoint the person he loves so much.
“i love you my dear [name]... you made my heart so full and yet still long for more.”
you both said ‘i love yous’ and laughed at little before going to sleep, cuddling together.
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animenerd2001 · 12 hours ago
You Really Are Bad At Observing; Sequel to He Hasn’t Noticed Yet; Shanks x Fem! Reader
Tumblr media
Anonymous asked: Hiii the anon who requested the shanks request. And if you feel like writing a part 2 then sure why not!. ❤❤❤❤❤😊
//First off, let me say yay! I’m so happy you requested a part two. I had a lot of fun continuing this part.//
“I already have feelings for someone. They are apart of this crew,” Shanks frowned as you looked down sadly. “But he sadly hasn't noticed yet.” You got up. “Wake me when it’s my turn to take watch.” You walked to your cabin, closing the door and heading to bed. Shanks sighed. You already had someone in mind. All he could really do was accept the fact that you didn’t return his feelings after all. Shanks got up.
“Everyone head to bed,” he said. His crew mates looked at him. “Lucky Roo, you take first watch, Yasopp, you’re next.” He said. Ben frowned. He placed his hand on Shanks’ shoulder.
“Shanks.” Ben said. Shanks didn’t look at his first mate.
“I’m fine, Ben. Get some sleep. We have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow.” Shanks said, retreating to his own bed. Ben sighed and shook his head.
“For being a War Lord, you really are bad at observing behavior, aren’t you.” Ben said, his words going deaf to the ears of his captain.
The next day, you were sitting in the crows nest, keeping a look out like always. Clouds settled over the sky. Dark, ominous clouds. The Grand Line was famous for it’s unpredictable weather patterns. One minute it could be sunny, not a cloud in the sky and the next, it could be snowing or storming. Thunder rumbled in the sky. You looked up at the sky. You looked down at your crew mates.
“Be prepared. Looks like a storm is coming!” You warned. Your crew mates nodded. You narrowed your eyes and saw the white flags of a marine ship. You eyes widened. This would be bad. A storm and marines. Not the best situation to be in, especially as a pirate. “We have another problem!” You shouted. Shanks looked up at you. “Marines!” You shouted. Shanks frowned.
“Do they look friendly?” He asked. Just as he asked that, a cannon was shot, landing right in front of the Red Haired Pirate’s ship. You shielded your face as sea water sprayed up from the cannon. “Nope! Definitely not friendly!” You shouted. The crew started loading cannons in and shot back. Shanks looked up as you came down. He looked at you. “Is there anyway to get around them?” He shouted over the wind and the thunder. You shook your head.
“No. Not unless we want to head into Sea King territory!” You shouted back. Shanks nodded.
“Very well. Men! And lady! Get ready! We are heading into battle!” He shouted. The crew released war cries, you brandishing your own swords.
Swords were clanging. More marines were falling than Pirates. You slashed with your twin swords, cutting down marines who dared harm your friends, your family. You stopped, your area clear of enemies for the moment. You looked around. Almost everyone was engaged in battle. Shanks was engaged with the Marine Captain. Your eyes widened as a marine was sneaking up behind Shanks, sword brandished. Ready to kill the captain. You narrowed your eyes.
Shanks cut down the captain.
“Shanks!” A familiar voice shouted. He barely had time to react when he saw your form jump in front of his. The sword that was meant for him was plunged into your stomach. All commotion stopped. The marine in front of your injured body looked shakily up in fear at Shanks. The captain’s eyes widened. He raced over and caught your falling form. Dark shadows covered his eyes. He glared up at his crew mates.
“Get these bastards off my ship.” He growled. Those words were all they needed. The Red Haired crew charged at the marines.
Your head hurt. And so did your stomach. What happened? You opened your eyes.
“I see that you’re awake.” A familiar voice said. You looked to the side and saw Shanks. He was sitting at the head of the bed on a stool. He was staring down at his hands. You looked down at where you were. You were in the med bay laying in one of the beds. You saw bandages wrapped around your stomach. It all come back to you. The marine and the sword that was meant to kill Shanks. Instead, it had plunged through your stomach. You looked at your captain in worry.
“Shanks, are you alright? Are you hurt?” You asked. You attempted to sit up, but the pain from the stab wound halted your movements. Shanks rushed over, gently pressing his hand against your shoulder, making you lay down again.
“Lay still,” he said. He pulled the stool over to the side of the bed. He sighed and looked at you. “You scared all of us. You were bleeding so much. We were barley able to to save you. I was barley able to save you.” He said quietly. You reached over and took his hand.
“Shanks.” You said. Shanks smiled at you sadly.
“Well, we should probably let that fellow of yours know that you are alright. We wouldn’t want to worry him anymore.” He said. You looked at him in confusion.
“What do you mean?” You asked. Shanks looked at you.
“The man that you said you had feelings for but he hadn’t noticed yet.” He said. You started chuckling. Shanks looked at you confused. “What? What’s so funny?” He asked. You stopped chuckling and smiled at him.
“Oh Shanks. You really are bad at observing people, for a War Lord.” You said. Shanks blinked in confusion. You reached up and pulled Shanks down to meet your lips. Shanks stayed frozen for a little bit before he regained his senses and kissed back, cupping your cheek. You both pulled away and Shanks smiled but then frowned. “What about the man?” He asked. You chuckled again.
“Shanks, you are that man.”
//I am so sorry this took so long for me to get out. I am finally done with college!! I passed both my classes with an A and got a 100% on my week long activity plan. I’m so happy!! Anyway, I hope you like this, Anon. Sorry if the ending kind of sucks.//
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certifiedhaikyuusimp · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: hanamaki x reader
type: oneshot
genre: crack
synopsis: ›it‘s 2 am what are you doing here?‹
wc: 678
warnings: none
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a/n: planning out the smau burns me out more than i thought lmao- anyway, i still hope you enjoy this!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were laying in your bed, mindlessly scrolling through your phone. Summer vacation just started and you were bored, to say the least. Your parents still had to work so you were basically stuck at home for the next few weeks.
Sighing you put your phone next to you.
God, how you wished just to fall asleep right then and there.
You were pulled out of your whining thoughts when something hit your window.
At first you thought nothing of it and tried to ignore it. Maybe you just started hearing things or some tree branches hit your window.
However, you heard that little sound again and again. You rolled your eyes as you stood up groaning.
Whoever this was they better have a damn good reason to be so annoying.
In a swift motion you opened your window and looked down.
»Hiro, what the fuck?« you whisper-yelled.
There he stood, right under your window, grinning at you, a small bag over his shoulder.
Hanamaki held up a peace sign, before speaking. »Great to see you too, [y/n]«
You shook your head and spoke again. »What are you doing here?« you glanced at your clock »It‘s two in the morning, you idiot!«
The male simply shrugged, keeping a lazy smile on his face. »I‘m visiting you, obviously. I thought you knew that«
»I can see that! But why« you growled, shaking your head and your fingers brushing over your arms.
»Because I‘m bored« he said, sticking his tongue out.
You let out a sigh and rolled your eyes. »You should sleep, you know?«
Hanamaki giggled. »Well, yeah, you too, so it doesn’t count when you say that« he argued.
»How‘d you know I wasn’t asleep?« you thought out loud.
He again shook his head. »I‘m a genius«
After a few seconds of you looking at him with raised eyebrows, he laughed. »Okay, fine, I have superpowers. Are you going to let me in now?«
You laughed. »No«
»Come on, [y/n]!« he begged »That’s unfair!«
»And that sounds like a you problem« you giggled, stepping back from your window.
Hanamaki immediately caught the note and made his way into your room. While he groaned as he pushed himself in, you sat on your bed, eyes fixed on the boy.
After some time he finally managed to hoist himself through the window. Hanamaki placed his hands on his hips and grinned.
»You‘re freaking me out when you‘re constantly smiling, you know that, right?« you groaned, letting yourself fall back on your covers.
Footsteps hushed over your floor, followed by a body pushing down the side of your mattress. »I know« Hanamaki said.
Rolling onto your side you sighed. »So, you‘re here. Still bored?«
»You know, sometimes I really wonder whether you like my company or not« he thought, nudging your shoulder.
»Hiro, it’s literally nighttime«
»Yeah, so?«
»You should be sleeping«
»You too«
You huffed. »Not the point I‘m trying to make but go off«
Choking back a laugh, the boy sat up and looked at you, his eyes piercing yours. »All I‘m trying to say is that I‘m awake, you’re awake, I’m bored, you‘re bored and we should totally do something right now, if you don’t want me to die right here in your bed«
You chuckled and brushed your hair out of your face. »Alright, alright. I‘m in. What do you have in mind?«
Hanamaki‘s lips curled, but as his hand reached into his pocket, he froze.
»You alright?« you immediately asked, furrowing your eyebrows.
He let out a small, awkward laugh. »You know, I wanted to take out my car keys and spin them around my finger like in all those movies, but-«
»Let me guess: you left them in the car, like an idiot«
He nodded shortly, a small blush creeping on his chest.
Laughing you hoisted yourself off of your bed. »Okay, okay. I‘m gonna change real quick and you go and see if your car is still there« You shook your head and giggled to yourself, as Hanamaki practically jumped out of your window.
Tumblr media
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izzy-belle-reads · 18 hours ago
I haven’t written anything since 2014 and it’s my first time writing in english, so please, don’t judge too harshly. 
Huge thank you to @clarensjoy for organizing Hinny Ficfest. 
Prompt: 8. “Seriously? In the kitchen?”
It has been a quiet morning. Most mornings in July were quiet - children still resting after finishing another school year. Thanks to that Ginny could prepare breakfast in peace. But before breakfast - coffee. 
Definitely coffee.
After a night like the last one, she needed and, in her humble opinion, deserved it. She made a pot and sat at the table. I need to start writing this Wasps versus Cannons article today, she thought. It would take a better part of the day so this quiet time alone couldn’t be long. 
In a few moments she started making breakfast, until she heard footsteps on the stairs. ‘You should have woken me up, I could help.’ whispered Harry, trying not to wake the kids. He looked still half asleep - in his bottle green pajamas (present from her mother, because everything had to match his eyes, but she had to agree, he looked quite dashing) and unruly hair, even wilder than usual. She loved seeing him like that, when he wasn’t worrying about some dark wizards, his features and posture completely relaxed - it probably only happened in their home. 
‘It’s fine, you needed a rest’ she said with a smirk.
He stood behind her, put his arms around her body and kissed her neck - his beard tickled her, but she suppressed a giggle. ‘Yeah, but you could stay in bed so we could rest together… or do some other staff.’ Between every few words he kissed her again and again, so she moved her head to give him better access to the base of her neck. 
‘This some other staff sounds interesting… You think you can keep up after last night?’ she joked not really thinking about what she was saying, she was too much focused on his hand slowly going under her shirt. 
‘Och, so now you think I’m old?’ he laughed. ‘I don’t think - I know that…’ she started but couldn’t say more when he turned her around, lifted and put her on the table and kissed her hungrily on the mouth. She put her hands in his hair, legs around waist and his hand was on her breast. 
So caught up in eachother, they didn’t hear footsteps on the stairs.
‘Seriously? In the kitchen?’
They stopped kissing and looked at James. He was clearly disgusted, ‘We eat at this table, remember? Plus, aren’t you two way too old -’.
‘Why are you awake already?’ Harry interrupted his son.
‘Not like I could sleep at night anyway’ he replied, still indignant, he was moving his hands while speaking. ‘You two were… Seriously, you should finally remember to put a silencing charm…’ 
‘Okay, okay, we get it. You want porridge? Great, now go wake up your siblings.’ Ginny tried to change the subject. 
‘Oh, I don't’ know, can I leave you two alone? Or should I warn Al and Lily before coming down?’
‘Don’t know - should you?’ Harry tried to joke, but James continued sarcastically ‘I’m the responsible older brother and as such I can’t put my siblings at risk of seeing our parents at -’
‘Please, just go’ Harry wanted this conversation to end, Ginny tried to keep her face straight, not to laugh. 
James said ‘Disgusting.’ to his parents and turned around, while walking upstairs he was mumbling to himself how gross they were. 
‘So, we forgot the charm. Again.’ Ginny said, now openly laughing. 
‘He’s fifteen - everything we do is gross and disgusting. But maybe we should try not to scar him for life’ Harry joked.
‘Oh, it’s too late, but Albus and Lily are fine.’
‘Cheers. Porridge?’ 
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Going back in time: Ted Theodore Logan x fem! reader Chapter 1- School
Tumblr media
After finding out your brother Bill S.Preston has to travel back in time with his best friend, and your crush, Ted Theodore Logan for a history report, you decide to go with them.
A/N: I didn’t know what to call the title so I just decided on ‘school’. If you come up with a better one please let me know :) ---- You're a year younger than your brother Bill Esquire, although he likes to be called Bill S.Preston Esquire. You became close with Bill almost-immedietly despite being at such a young age, but it didn't matter to you. The two of you would hang out, play games like Hide and Seek, Duck Duck Goose although it was hard playing duck duck goose with just the two of you.
Things changed however when he met Ted Theodore Logan. It was when you were 8 and Bill was 9, he returned home from school with a boy you hadn't seen before. You found him cute, blushing when he looked at you but you didn't say hello, being quite shy at the time.
  For most kids having a new friend would mean abandoning their siblings, spending little time with them...not for Bill though. He didn't forget you and would still spend time with you, asking if you wanted to hang out with him and said no to the hanging out with him and Ted because you know you would be a stuttering mess, or blush a lot. The reason because, well, you grew a crush on the boy.
Bill doesn’t know, you know he would freak out so you've hidden this secret away and pretended like you don't like your brother's best friend. You wish he would like you back though since you're one hundred percent sure he doesn't have feelings for you.
-San Dimas- California-
*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* Your eyes slowly open, welcoming in the morning. "Ugh.". Using a pillow you throw it at the alarm-clock, and it falls to the ground with a thud. "5 more minutes.". You close your eyes again and welcome sleep..."(y/n)!". Your eyes snap open, and you can't help but groan in annoyance. All I wanted was 5 more minutes. Running your hands over your face, your eyes move to who had just entered the room. "Sorry dude, I didn't want to wake you but dad said to.".
  Bill's bouncing from right to left foot while a smile is present on his lips. "It''s fine Bill.". Pushing yourself up into a sitting position you remain looking at your brother. He's already ready, his curly blonde hair being washed and his signature crop top and jeans donning him. "Thanks for waking me up.". "No problem (y/n)..,”. He runs a hand through his curly hair. “...anyway I'll leave so you can get ready. I'll tell dad you're up too.". "Thank you Bill.". Bill does a 'peace out sign', leaving the room and shutting the door behind him.
You lay in bed a little longer before pushing the blankets away and stepping onto the carpeted floor. You didn't need to turn on the light since the sun streaming into the room was enough light. "Another day of boring school.". It's not that you hate school, some sbjects you love, it's the having to get up early and learn stuff that you most likely wouldn't use in life. You let out a long sigh as you begin getting ready.
-A few hours later-
Chatter in the hall-way and crowds are what you have to deal with as you try, and try being the key word here, to get to your locker. It's currently lunch-time so that's why there are so many students. "Oh my god did you hear about Brad?". "I did. I can't believe he's with Shelby now.". Gossip. You never liked it, at all. You rolled your eyes however and finally reached your locker. Turning the lock to your numbers, the locker pops open and you reach in and begin gathering books for the next class.
When you're finished you shut the door and lock it once more. You're excited for the next class because it's art, one of your favourite subjects. Swivelling your body around you devise a plan to get back past these students, and when you spot an opening you quickly walk through.
Finally. You continue walking when- *bang*. The books fall from your hands and because of your clumsiness you start to trip over your own feet. Closing your eyes you brace for the floor...but, you don't feel it. Confused, you open your eyes..,and that's when they widen. "Ted?"
Ted is holding onto you, an arm around your waist making sure you don't fall. "It's okay, you're okay.". He smiles and god you love his smile. "I..". You're quite close so blush covers your cheeks. "Thank you Ted.". He keeps holding onto you for a few more seconds before helping you back onto your feet, his arm unwrapping from your waist.
"You're welcome (n/n), but are you okay?". That nickname he always seemed to call you, no-one else, only you and you felt special "Yeah I, uh, there's just a lot of people.". "I know right? It's pretty crazy.". Ted moves some hair from out of his eyes, and he bounces a little. "So, uh, what class do you have next?". You're finding it hard to not run off in a panic because of the, well, massive crush you have on the guy. "Oh, uh, I-I have art.". Damn stutter. "I have History with Bill.". You can't help but be distracted with how cute he is- how beautiful his eyes are. "That's awesome T-ted. Well-."
*ring* *ring*. The bell signals the start of the final class. "...have fun in history. I should, uh, g-get going. Thank you again for saving me.". Ted breaks into a wide smile, "It was my honour dudette.". and he bows which makes you giggle. "Okay, g-goodbye Ted". "Bye (y/n), oh and have fun in art.". You give him a small nod, a smile growing wide. "Thank you Ted.".
Then you part ways. You're smiling the whole way to class however, you can't help it.
-End of the day-
Students leave the class as if their live was depending on it. You, however, decide to stay behind and help clean up the classroom. It's not extremely messy but no-one else volunteered so you decided to. "Thank you for doing this (y/n).". "No worries Miss. I'm always happy to help, besides I couldn't let you clean up this classroom alone.". Pushing paint-brushes into holders and wiping down tables, you get the class cleaned in about 10 minutes.
  Untying the apron wrapped around your waist, you place it with the other aprons. There's paint on your arms that won't come off like 'that' and you have some on your cheeks so you use your elbow to wipe it doesn't work. Though it doesn't phase you, you'll just have a shower when you get home anyway. "You can go now (y/n), you've done enough.". Miss smith doesn't sound rude, she's really friendly, and you look over at her. "Are you sure?". "I'm sure, thank you for all your help.".
You give a small nod, "You're welcome Miss. I'll see you tomorrow.". You wave goodbye to your teacher, soon heading into the now empty hall-way. "At least I can leave easily.". Holding onto your bag strap you head through the hallway and towards the exit which happens to be across the school. So the sound of your shoes, breathing, and the air-conditioners installed around the school are, basically, the only things that can be heard. You try to hurry up not wanting to make Bill, or Missy- mum, mad which you rarely do.
Rounding a hallway you expect to see, well, no-one. Instead, you see Bill and Ted talking to one-another. It's hard to make out what they're saying because of the far-distance but you can tell something's wrong. Holding tighter onto your bag-strap you speed walk towards the too, “Hey!”.. They both turn within a second. "(y/n)?". "Hey.". You plant yourself in front of the two, though more to Bill's side. " everything alright? I, uh, noticed something was wrong.".
They both look at each-other, Bill being the one to say something. "It's totally bogus. Our history teacher said if we don't pass the report tomorrow we'll fail.". You feel a pang of sadness hit you in the chest, and it’s evident you’re sad for them too from your expression.  "I'm so sorry.". You tell them. "But I know you'll pass, you're both super smart.". 
No one but you believed that, just because they don't 'apply' themselves enough doesn't make them dumb, and when they focus it proves that they are really smart. "Thank you (y/n).". It was Ted who was the first to say something so you look at him. A smile makes it's way to your lips and you shyly reply with. "You're welcome."
---- Hey ya'll! So that was chapter 1 and I'm really proud of it. Definitely going to take my time re-writing this, but I hope you all enjoyed :)
@laralyn​  @daisy-plier​ 
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getoughlikeme · a day ago
TIRED-TARRY for @darrys-toolbag -This is very, very bad and I apologize
Taglist: @nonbinary-ponyboy-curtis @chaotically-cas @sh4d3s-of-c0ol @chaotictommy @naturallesbain @darrys-toolbag @otterfire @i1-800-555-trash-1i @queen-of-the-outside @isasbaguettes @steveisjapanesefuckit 
Tim Shepard was in a good mood.
And how could he not be? He was in a comfortable bed, it was sunny outside, the window was cracked open just enough so the breeze floated in.
Oh, and Darry Curtis was in his arms.
Tim shifted a little, turning onto his side more and pushing the hair that fell into Darry’s face back, off of his forehead. Darry groaned and turned towards Tim, pulling the blankets over his head.
“Goddammit, Shepard, why did you wake me up so early?” A muffled voice came from underneath the blanket, slightly annoyed but mostly lighthearted.
“It’s not early,” Tim laughed, trying to pull the covers back down. “It’s almost time for you to go to work.”
“Shit” Darry muttered, pulling the blankets down and glaring at the ceiling. “I have to get up.”
“You do.” Tim hated that job. 
Neither of them moved. 
“I feel like shit, Tim…” Darry sounded tired, drained, and Tim frowned.
“Don’t go to work then, stay home and rest for today.”
“I cant-I’m on the breaking point with this job anyway, the new boss hates me and doesn’t pay me for overtime-but I can’t give that up now, the other job isn’t enough and no one is hiring…”
Darry sat up slowly, resting his face in his hands and sighing. “I don’t know what to do.”
“Call in sick today, really, Dar. You need a day off, and I don’t think it’s lying saying you’re feeling sick…”
“I don’t know-”
“Darry, really. Your job will be fine. And I’ll ask Buck for a bartending job or something else you can do besides that awful roofing job.”
Darry wrinkled his nose. “Bartending?”
“Yeah, come on. It’s not that bad, I do it.”
“Alright” Darry flopped backward, closing his eyes. “Can we sleep for a little bit more then?”
Tim laughed again as Darry curled back into his arms. His hair was messy and sticking out at all angles, and Tim kissed his head once, feeling like a bit of an idiot, so he just wrapped his arms back around Darry and closed his eyes.
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bokutosbestie2 · a day ago
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Hi guys!! Sorry for the slow updates I been busy with school but we’re almost out for the summer!! Anyways Enjoy the story!
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆
“ Who was that? It better not be what I’m
thinking . “ Kageyama said in serious tone.
“ Hey He- “ suddenly I was cut off by Kageyama.
“ Y/n.. Im going to have to tell the others you know the rules. “ he said as he ran off..
I stood there not knowing what to do.. What are they going to do to Oikawa? I need to tell Suga right away before more word gets out.
I run off to go find Suga, I went in the palace look every place I can think of.
I haven’t checked the library yet, he maybe in there?
And I was right Suga was in the library reading some book.
“ Suga you need to help me please! “ I say panicked
“ What’s wrong why do you seem so pale? “
“ Kageyama knows.. “
“ Knows what.. Oh “
“ Yea.. “ I say worried
“ I- How did this even happen! DIDNT I TELL YOU GUYS TO BE CAREFUL! “ Suga raised his voice.
“ We Were! I don’t know how, he must have saw me afar and followed us! “ I say in the verge of tears.
“ Alright let’s go now! “ Suga said getting up from the chair.
“ Where are we going? “
“ We have to get you out of here.. We have to go to other side to tell Oikawa about this. “ Suga said as he grabbed my wrist.
“ What if their there Suga waiting by the bridge. “ I say
“ They won’t be there yet,but we don’t have much time. “
If Suga is this concern that means we’re actually in big trouble.
As we walked through the palace Suga was checking everywhere to make sure no guards are in sight.
After successfully getting out of the palace, we both hurried to the river of gold.
“ Suga what do you think they might do? “ I say worried.
“ I don’t know and I don’t want to know. “ he said as we rushed.
Once we got there no guard was there yet. We both looked around as we cross the old bridge.
“ Now we have to wait between the border for Oikawa its too dangerous to go to the other side on our own. “
“ He isn’t coming for another 5 hours! “ I say
“ Well we can’t have you in the palace or else they are going to question about Oikawa.... “ Suga said worried.
“ What are we going to do Now? “ I say
“ Well lets hope they don’t try crossing to the other side to find Oikawa because that isn’t going to be good..But for now let’s just sit here till it becomes dark.. “ Suga said worried
Me and Suga sat on the ground as we wait for dusk to come upon us.
Oikawa pov:
When I made it back I went to go tell Iwa- Chan everything.
“ SHHHHH DONT BE TOO LOUD! “ I loudly whispered.
“ Huh who knew? You actually falling for someone.. “ He said weirded out.
“ I know right? Anyways can you please come tonight and the other two! I WANT YOU GUYS TO SEE ME GET MARRIED!!! “ I shouted happily..
“ Oh gosh.. Fine only because you’re my best friend, but we have to be careful. Maybe
Only I should go because if they see Matsu and Maki are missing it’s going to be suspicious. “
“ Oh your right.. Well just tell them about it! “
“ SHITTYKAWA you tell them! “
“ Uh no you don’t.. “ Iwa said
“ Yes I do ! “
“ No you don’t ! “
“ WHY NOT?! “
“ IF you get dressed up fancy their going to question you.. SO DONT! “ Iwa said in a harsh tone.
“ Your right.. SORRY IM JUST EXCITED!! “
“ Well BEFORE ITS NIGHTFALL GO Finsh some of the work you need to do.. “
“ Ok FINE! BUT MEET me up by the border at sunset got it!! “
Many hours past and the sun was staring to set.
Both Oikawa and Iwaizumi met up where they promise.
“ Ok Oikawa you ready for this?! “ Iwa said
“ Im so ready especially because your here! “
“ Oikawa don’t make me cry. “ he said sarcastically.
We both started walking past the border until I heard foot steps behind us. I look back just to check but it must be my imagination. We walked through the small path, then I see y/n and Suga sleeping against a tree. They seemed worn out.. Did something happen?
“ Iwa don’t they seem worried... “ I asked
“ Yea they do! let’s wake them up.. “ He said
“ Hey! Y/n wake up!! “ I say
“ Oh how long has it been? “ she said in a groggy voice..
“ How long has it been? Wait how long have you guys been waiting here? “ I say worried as I looked at both Suga and Y/n on the ground.
“ Well we been waiting all morning and afternoon long.. We have to tell you something... “ Y/n said worried.
Me and Iwa stood there looking at them confused.
“ One of the guards saw me and Oikawa together, after that he went to go tell the guards. So me and Suga had to leave so they don’t question us or hurt you... “ y/n said with a very serious tone.
“ I- Well what’s going to happen now? You can’t just stay in hiding forever? “
“ Well we will figured it out later, all I want to do is to get married to you! “ she said as she smiles.
Ughh my heart is going to drop right now.
“ WELL IWA-CHAN YOU HEARD THE YOUNG LADY!! YOU TOO SUGA!! “ I say happily so i can Change the sad atmosphere.
“ I cant believe SHITTYKAWA is getting married “
“ I can’t believe Y/n is also getting married! “ Suga laughed.
“ OH OH BEFORE WE START LOOK WHAT BROUGHT! “ I reached for my pockets to pull out 2 rings..
“ Oh Oikawa these are beautiful what stone is this? “ y/n questioned
“ An Opal stone!! “ I say happily as I hand them to Suga.
“ OK SUGA!! I think we are ready! “
“ Well are we all ready? “ Suga asked all 3 of us.
“ If Loserkawa is ready than I am.. “ Iwa said proudly.
I guess we’re all ready, so I go in front of y/n and grab her hands. Suga stood in front of us Iwa was next to Suga.
“ Ok Oikawa will you protect and comfort her through all the days of your life? “
“ I do! “ I say as I tighten her hand.
“ And you y/n will you protect and comfort him through all the days of your life? “
“ I do! “ she said as she smiled sweetly at me.
“ You guys are going to kill me but I forgot the rest.. “ Suga said trying to keep his laughter in.
“ I- It’s fine just say the last lines. “ Y/n said laughing.
I took her waist and lean into her as we tighten the kiss..
“ Oh yes!!! Let me see your hand! “
Y/n reach her hand out, I slipped her ring on as I looked up in her view I see an arrow coming her direction I move her away to only be hit by the arrow.
No ones pov:
It all happened so fast Oikawa stood there with his stomach in his hand as he sees something red out of his shirt. Y/n stood there in shock as Suga and Iwaizumi ran towards Oikawa.
Oikawa pov:
As I stood there I begun to collapse, everything became a blur. Suddenly I was there on the ground, as I see y/n tears stream down.
“ No no Oikawa please don’t go not yet. “ y/n says as her tears stream down.
“ Hey please don’t cry.. You will always have me with you.. “ I say as I pointed the necklace.
“ and Iwaizumi if I don’t make it please take over the throw-n.... Suga take care of y/n for me .. “ I suddenly started to become breathless.
“ Hey hey OIKAWA COME ON PLEASE DONT SAY THAT? WE STILL HAVE TIME TO STOP THE BLEEDING.. “ Iwaizumi says as he presses pressure.
Suga stood there speechless while y/n kept crying.
“ No Oikawa look at me, HEY dont close your eyes.. we still need a family together! “ y/n heart was aching.
I love her.. I can’t my heart hurts... I couldn’t been selfish I had to save her from that.. My heart aches I know I’m not going to make it because I only hear their cries silently.. I have one last words.
“ Before I go... I love y- “
Y/n pov:
I shake him but no response...
All of sudden I see Tendou, Atsumu and the other guards out from their hiding.
“ YOU MONSTERS.. WHY WHY LOOK WHAT YOU DID! “ I say as tears stream down heart broke..
They messed up for killing Their own king on accident.. The arrow was meant for me.
They all looked at me with regret on their face..
As I sat there crying next to Oikawa’s cold body.. Iwaizumi pulled me into his arms. That’s when I started bawling.. It hurt.. my First love my first everything.. gone only for some selfish desire of others..
Chapter 11
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writingbeary · a day ago
Kingdom - To The World (pt.2)
Tumblr media
Minyoung’s Outfit
Texts placed inside brackets are Kingdom’s show subtitles
Italicized texts are in English
Texts that are block quoted are interview cuts
────────── ♔ ──────────
Hongjoong went to the studio to gets ideas from Pirates of the Caribbean and writing down notes when a knock was heard. Pausing the movie, he stood up and unlocked the door to check who came.
"Joong-oppa! I brought you snacks and coffee. I figured you'd pull another all-nighter to brainstorm and a little sugar might help generate ideas." Minyoung entered with a paper bag full of snacks and a cup of coffee.
"Why are you here? Shouldn't you be resting by now? I thought you had a schedule tomorrow." Hongjoong frowned knowing how late it is, before taking the snacks thanking the younger girl for them before making himself comfortable on the couch.
"I accidentally left my script at the lockers this morning so I went to get it. I figured I’d drop by the studio and give you something while I'm at it. Don't worry, I'll get some sleep as soon as I get home and the shoot starts at 10 anyway so I'd get plenty of time before I have to leave tomo-.. later" Minyoung smiled plopping down next to Hongjoong
"Just try to get some rest soon. You're busiest among all of us with your drama on top of our promotions and Kingdom." Hongjoong reached out to pat Minyoung's head
"It's nothing I cannot handle! You know me, I can sleep whenever." Minyoung laughed as she look at the screen, recognizing the movie she turned to look at the leader excitedly “You’re watching Pirates? Are we continuing our Introduction Stage concept?” 
“I’m not yet sure but our group’s concept is mostly about pirates so we might as well stick with it.” Hongjoong shrugged taking a sip of coffee
“I always trust your decision oppa! Your ideas for songs and concepts have been all brilliant so far that I’ll follow you in whatever you plan on doing.” Minyoung declared making Hongjoong chuckle.
“I appreciate the confidence but I’ll also ask for your inputs once I talk it over with Eden-hyung” 
“Mhm. I’m just saying that if you tell me to do perform a stunt, I’ll do it. Or maybe even if you tell me to suddenly sing a ballad version of Fireworks or Pirate King, I’d do it in a heartbeat if you arrange it. You know what I mean?” Minyoung said seriously before laughing with Hongjoong. “I’m pretty sure the other members would tell you that too. That’s how much we trust you as our leader.”
“Got it. Thank you bun.” Hongjoong ruffled her hair smiling. “You should head back and get some rest. I’ll finish up here first before my meeting with Eden-hyung. I’ll see you during our meeting, okay? Did you come with manager-hyung?” 
“No. Don’t worry, I’ll just call a cab home. I’ll be fine, I’m already an adult. Geez! If it helps, I’ll send you a message once I’m at the dorms. Fighting oppa!” Minyoung pouted before waving goodbye to Hongjoong “I’ll see you the day after tomorrow!”
Tumblr media
[What song did ATEEZ choose for their first round?]
“We just finished our practice and it’s almost 1:00AM” Hongjoong faced the camera as San and Wooyoung fiddle with the vitamins in the box with San being forcefully fed. “It’s good for your body.” Wooyoung chuckled as San looked at him in disbelief.
“We have to win first place after we eat this.” Hongjoong declared laughing
“Okay. First place? We can do it.” San nodded, trying to finish what’s in his mouth despite not liking the taste. “People say what’s good for your body, tastes bad.”
“Do each of these taste different?” Hongjoong asked as he force himself to swallow despite the bitter taste.
“Nope. They all taste the same.” Wooyoung laughed when Hongjoong confessed he might not be able to finish his before going off to get water.
“There is a reason why I made you guys eat this.” Hongjoong said as he took out his tablet showing them the division of the teams made in preparation for Round 1 of Kingdom. “So I need your ideas on what comes to mind when you think about pirates?”
San listed of things that first came into mind like guns, sword, and eye patch. Wooyoung adding in that they need the flags “We already have flags right?”
“But isn’t the ship the most important thing?” San asked as Hongjoong writes down all their ideas on the tablet for the KQ teams to check before their meeting tomorrow.
“Hey. Hey there. Park Seonghwa-ssi. Got any ideas?” Hongjoong called out to the him on the other side of the practice room. The three laughing when they noticed what is happening. Minyoung was clinging unto Seonghwa like a koala while the eldest just lets her do what she wants, patting her back repeatedly as if making her sleep.
Minyoung answered “Treasure! Pirates go sailing for treasure with their treasure map.” her sudden answer making the three in-front of the camera laugh.
“I thought you didn’t want to be in today?” San asked the girl who looked up at him from her position before shaking her head. “I’m comfortable here.” 
Seonghwa chuckled before answering Hongjoong’s previous question “Maybe like a compass, a trumpet, or a telescope.”
“You’re saying we should reuse what we used before? I like the idea.”
“Oppa, I don’t think we have the luxury not to use what we have.” Minyoung commented making the members crack up particularly with how she looked when she said it.
“Now that we’re discussing together, we’re getting lots of ideas.” Wooyoung noted as their concept grows clearer as they talk
Hongjoong looked at the growing list of ideas nodding “Yesterday, I watched all of Pirates of the Caribbean in the studio all night.”
“Did you get anything from it?” Wooyoung asked curious what they’ll adopt into their performance.
“I really want fog effects on the stage. You know how the ship appears with the fog? I really want to incorporate that to our performance.” Hongjoong explaining the scene to the members. Everyone agreeing that it’ll look great and cinematic which is perfect for the concept they’re going for.
The next day, the members sat around in their practice room to discuss the details of their performance with everyone. “Since our results for the Introduction Stage was a bit disappointing, we need to get ready for round one.” Hongjoong stated as everyone looked as determined as ever to rank higher this round. 
“Since we’re sticking with the concept of being pirates, it’ll be fun if we make it like a movie.” Wooyoung suggested
“Then Hongjoong-hyung will be Joongyi Depp.” Jongho quipped with Hongjoong playing along. “San will be a swordsman. San has to fight.”
“As for Wooyoung..” Hongjoong looked at Wooyoung trying to think of a role when Yunho suddenly said “Chef” making everyone laugh at the unexpected role.
“Oh! That’s true though. We all need to eat and someone has to be the chef.” Minyoung said through her giggles
“So when a war breaks out, he’ll be fighting with frying pans.” Hongjoong chuckled doing fighting motions as if he was holding pans in both his hands while Wooyoung just laughed in disbelief at the idea
“As for Yunho since he’s tall, he’ll be in charge of raising the anchor.” Yunho nodded before firing another remark “Seonghwa-hyung can be the parrot on the Captain’s shoulder!” At this everyone laughed imagining the it.
[Parrot Seonghwa, featuring Hongjoong’s shoulder]
“I’m..I’m not even a human?” Seonghwa asked laughing at the idea
“For Yeosang-hyung since he is smart, he can plan strategies.” Jongho continued on.
“What about me? What am I? Oh! I can be the doctor! I like Chopper!” Minyoung exclaimed making everyone crack up at the random remark.
“Okay that’s enough joking around. We can position ourselves and show something in terms of our gestures.” Hongjoong explained as the others nodded already thinking of what to do for the performance.
“We’re not ordinary pirates. It’s a contest in a in order to look more fancy and grand, I think we need fantasy elements. For example, we can have the Kraken come out.” Yunho suggested
“So based on what we said so far, let’s scatter and talk to the professionals if these can actually come true.” Hongjoong nodded delegating tasks to everyone
[They split into the music team and the choreography team and continue the discussion.]
“The TF team was formed just for Kingdom.” Hongjoong explained to the camera while Minyoung and Jongho nodded. “All the members are scattered right now.”
"The reason we split up is because we cannot waste time. We still have our promotions on top of making preparations for Round 1. So I came here with Minyoung and Jongho to discuss the music" Hongjoong explained to their producer Eden
“Personally, I think of Jongho’s crazy high notes as one of our strengths.” Eden started glancing at Jongho as he explained his idea, then turning to look at Minyoung who looked at him curiously.
"I was thinking along the lines of showcasing our main weapon and the hidden weapon." Hongjoong continued as he tapped both of them on their shoulders
"Right. People already know about Jongho's strength but I think it's about time we unveil ATEEZ's hidden treasure. So I’m wondering if I should add 3 or 4 levels of pitch for the both of you and blast them away with that." Eden suggested with Hongjoong agreeing almost instantly when Eden declared “Nevermind. Let’s just go with four. Since we’re doing it anyway, we should go all out.”
Jongho shifted in his seat knowing there’s no backing out of this plan when Minyoung sat up and said in all seriousness along with a blank face "Ah. It is time for my death. You’re asking me to die” making everyone laugh at her antics.
Minyoung let out a sigh before smiling “Since my leader says so, I have to prepare myself thoroughly and execute it well. I'll do my best, at least enough not to drag Jongho down!"
"You'll do well bun." Hongjoong grinned already planning how to highlight the youngest two’s vocals for the performance.
Tumblr media
[What did you mean by hidden treasure?]
"It's actually a bit of a shame for me to say this..but we haven't really had the chance to let Minyoung's vocals shine in our songs. Although, we've made her do the killing part of songs here and there but she is mostly highlighted for the dance. If I were to put it in figures... I guess you could say we were only able to show off 40% of her potential as a vocalist." Hongjoong smiled before continuing "You can definitely look forward to it."
[Are you feeling pressured for Round 1?]
"Of course! This time, I was given a very important role that could really make or break our performance. I'm nervous but I think the excitement overshadows that nervousness. I just want to show off what ATEEZ is capable of and give back to our fans who continues to support us." Minyoung answered with a confident smile
Tumblr media
“Let’s not worry about anything else and make a movie out there.” Hongjoong looked at everyone as they gathered in for their group cheer before they head to the stage. All of ATEEZ nodding with a smile before they cheered “9 makes 1 king!”  
“Is that a ship?” Chan asked as he moved a bit closer to the monitor as the familiar sound effect was heard.
“Waah. That’s so ATEEZ.” Changbin nodded as the ship interior is shown before the music starts
“I guess their entire stage is set inside the pirate ship.” Q noted to the other members of THE BOYZ.
“Everyone has a story.” Eunkwang leaned in, anticipating the upcoming stage.
“I guess they’re going with the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean for this stage.” Jaeyoon noted finding the feeling of the opening similar to that of the movie.
“I guess he’s the Captain. That so cool! He wore a fur coat!” Bobby noted already absorbed in the performance.
“This is a movie. Totally a movie” Chan commented as the scene played and changed into Hongjoong’s opening rap.
“I asked Minyoung what they planned to do for this stage and all she told me is that I’ll understand when I see it. I can see why she didn’t tell me anything now.” Jisung chuckled as Minyoung’s part played after the opening rap.
“They really prepared a lot for this one. So cool. This arrangement is totally my style.” Eunkwang confessed watching the performance intently.
Everyone was surprised when Wooyoung danced together with the bone-breaking dancers but even more when the Kraken came into the screen. Out of everyone, Bobby was the most excited at seeing the creature. “It’s the Kraken!”
“That’s crazy. How did they come up with this idea?” Jisung exclaimed, letting out an astonished laugh
When Seonghwa sang the chorus, everyone’s mouth was hang wide open and cries of joy were heard from the groups as he fired at the creature killing it. The excitement from that scene has not yet faded when the camera changed and zoomed in on both Jongho and Minyoung on the platform as they sang the bridge as if answering one another. They were also unprepared for when both the youngest members of ATEEZ suddenly pulled off a 4-level high note, leaving most of them speechless.
Minhyuk gasped at how high the notes were while Changsub and Eunkwang clapped in admiration, knowing how hard it is to hit those notes.
“Just how high are they planning to go?” Sangyeon laughed in awe at how the two were able to hit the notes clearly.
Inseong chuckled in disbelief before saying “I can’t believe they’re going all out right now.”
Jisung not expecting the high notes let out a laugh, amazed at both of his friends as he clapped for them. “Wow.. Hold on.” Changbin managed to say shocked at what just happened
Chani laughed astonished particularly towards his friend, exclaiming “Park Minyoung! You’re crazy. From the highnote, now you do this?” when Minyoung took center position during dance booster of the last chorus before passing the focus to Seonghwa for the ending.
After the performance, the groups couldn’t help but compliment the group as they showed off and proven that the title monster performers wasn’t a title without reason.
“They’re awesome” Junhoe stated while Bobby who was still excited with the Kraken and the high note agreed nodding endlessly.
(Comments after the performance)
SF9 Inseong: I was really impressed with Jongho-ssi and Minyoungie. They both hit four high notes. SF9 Jaeyoon: Right. I knew Minyoung-ssi could sing well but I never knew she could do it this well. SF9 Chani: *proud smile* Minyoung pulled a huge surprise attack. 
THE BOYZ Juhaknyeon: I was really surprised when they sang the high notes. Really. 
THE BOYZ Hyunjae: Me too. I thought it was over, but they hit another high pitch. It’s a lot more difficult since there are two of them who did it. *laughs*
iKON Jinhwan: When their performance airs on TV, this will be a legendary performance for them.
Stray Kids Felix: The moment the Kraken came out.. *sound of awe* Stray Kids Changbin: I’ll go see it in person. *stands up* Stray Kids Chan: Yah.
THE BOYZ Sunwoo: They chose the performance they could do well and show who they are the best and executed to perfection. 
BTOB Eunkwang: There were no flaws. Even as another singer, I thought it was really cool. 
Stray Kids I.N: When they got off the pirate ship, everyone danced as a  group. That was very impressive for me.  Stray Kids Han: I loved the Kraken. How did they come up with the idea?  Stray Kids Chan: Wahh. Kraken. Really. That’s all I can think about. Stray Kids Han: No wonder Minyoung wouldn’t give me any hints on what they prepared. Seriously.
iKON Bobby: I was so nervous when Kraken showed up. They defeated it. He shot his gun at the end. iKON Jinhwan: You were so happy iKON Bobby: I was so overwhelmed with the grandeur. It was incredible.
ATEEZ finally done with the performance thanked everyone as they made their way backstage. Minyoung hugging Jongho with tears in her eyes saying “We did it. We really did it.”
“You did well.” Jongho returned the hug, patting the girl’s back lightly. He knows how hard Minyoung had to prepare and how high the pressure she felt for this performance. He was really proud of her and glad that they can finally show off her talents through the show.
“This is why people love Kingdom.” Hongjoong grinned at the camera when it focused on him, Seonghwa adding in “It feels liberating.”
“We all had this feeling. After the performance, we had such a good feeling. I was satisfied with that.” Hongjoong explained when asked what he thought of their performance
As soon as the group is back in their waiting room, everyone commented how it felt liberating after they finished the performance.
“When we finished our performance, I felt so proud of ourselves.” Hongjoong confessed as the other members let out a laugh
“Didn’t you choke up?” Seonghwa asked chuckling
“Do you know who cried after the performance?” Wooyoung grinned teasingly and moving his hands to point towards Minyoung who was still a bit teary-eyed.
“Yah. Let her be. She did extremely well.” Yeosang reached out towards his friend patting his arm
“Who says she didn’t? We all did well but you have to admit, Minyoung had a higher hurdle than any of us.” Wooyoung stated defending himself. “I’m proud of everyone but right now, I’m most proud of Minyoung.”
Tumblr media
(Phonecall with Chani and Minyoung)
Minyoung: Hello? Chani: Youngie-ah! What’re you doing? Minyoung: I’m at the broadcast station for our album promotions. Why? Chani: Is ATEEZ preparing well for round one? Minyoung: Are you trying to spy on us right now? *laughs* We’re still not done since we have to promote our album well too. Then what about SF9, are you preparing well? Chani: *laughs* yah. We haven’t even started anything. Minyoung: Ahh. That means you’re almost half way done right? What song are you going to do? <Fanfare>? <RPM>? <Now or Never>? Chani: *surprised* Why are you asking- Minyoung: Oh! So It’s one of the songs I said *laughs* so which one is it? Chani: Why did I even bother to call you? *sighs, chuckling* Minyoung: *laughs* Alright alright. Let’s just see each other’s stages during the filming.
[As expected, these two friends know each other so well]
(During SF9′s Stage)
“I talked to Chani last week and he said they didn’t get to practice as much but every time he says that, it always ends up something incredible. I don’t really believe him anymore.” Minyoung told her members as she focused on the monitor.
“That’s also what you told Jisung when he asked, no?” Jongho laughed as the girl shrugged
“It must be <Now or Never> given how they’re describing the song” San concluded
As SF9 started their stage, everyone wondered about what concept they’re going to show for this performance. 
“Omo. That was a mirror? Are they going for Snow White?” Minyoung asked outloud making Hongjoong look at her laughing “Why Snow White?” 
 “I don’t know. They’re wearing red outfits and Snow White has the Witch with the mirror. Don't mind me." Minyoung shook her head realizing how far fetched the theory sounded.
“Oh, I got goosebumps!” Jongho confessed as the song’s overall atmosphere was changed into a darker tone than usual, highlighting SF9’s vocal and acting abilities.
"What is Chanhee doing? Did he suck blood or something? Omo. Are they vampires? Is that what's happening?" Minyoung fired continuously, Wooyoung who was getting distracted by her comments reached out to place a hand over her mouth. "Shh. Let me watch in peace."
"I know I shouldn't say this when their concept is far from it but Dawon-sunbaenim looks adorable." Minyoung commented, trying to stifle her giggle, as Dawon's part came with a mirror on his back. "'s like he is pouting"
San still focused on the performance pointed to the monitors and said "I have no idea what is happening but this performance screams SF9. It shows off their mature characteristics. It’s all sexy."
“Oh he took his heart.” Hongjoong noted as the music cut off for a second transitioning to a group dance sequence.
“Omo. SF9-sunbaenim. This is really sexy.” Minyoung mumbled with Wooyoung glancing at her, as the opportunity to tease her presented itself again, saying “Are you falling in-love right now?” Minyoung became flustered shaking her head, lightly hitting his arm. “I didn’t mean it like that!”
“SF9-sunbaenim really showed off their acting skills. Their expressions were really on point.” Minyoung exclaimed clapping when the performance ended.
“I really got goosebumps throughout their stage. Wow.” Jongho agreed still in awe of how the performance went.
“But really..they know what the fans want. The fans love concepts that exude these charms and well, they have every capability and the confidence to pull off this concept. They’re all so cool.” Minyoung explained her thoughts from before as the other members nodded in agreement that SF9 does fit well with the concept.
“So are mature concepts are your style? Sexy?” Wooyoung continued to tease her while Minyoung blushed but kept quiet knowing that answering him would only fuel his teasing. 
While this was happening the members of the Minyoung protection squad, as fans would call Hongjoong, Seonghwa, and Jongho, looked at each other with a silent agreement: make sure Minyoung doesn’t get too close with the rest of SF9 if they’re her type. If she’s going to be dating anyone then they have to get through at least the three of them before anything else.
Tumblr media
All of the participants gathered inside the studio while waiting for the production staff to tally the results of Round 1 for both the expert’s evaluation and group evaluation. ATEEZ were seated beside iKON, a wish granted for the group as they all wanted to interact and get closer to their senior.
“Later..What time are you going?” Chanwoo asked Seonghwa who was seating beside him. 
“We’re probably going to go straight right after this finishes.” Seonghwa answered truthfully, Minyoung who also heard the question looked over, piping in “We still have a schedule around 8 today.”
Jinhwan nodded before asking “How many weeks has it been since the start of your comeback promotions?” at this the whole of ATEEZ had their full focus on iKON, a bit giddy for being able to talk with their idols.
Wooyoung immediately answering “The first week has ended so it’s the second week now.” to which Hongjoong adding in “We came back around the same time as sunbaenims.
“Ah but the choreography for Fireworks is really intense, how did you have the time and energy to do two performances together?” Jinhwan praised them, in awe and curious how they could manage to prepare for the round 1 stage while having to promote with such an intense song. ATEEZ laughed understanding what he meant but offering no comment.
“Were you the one who did the high notes?” Bobby asked Jongho beside him the latter nodding “Ah yes. I did it with Minyoung” motioning to the girl who bowed to the rapper. Bobby was smiling looking over the two vocalists when Jinhwan explained “Bobby said he became a fan.” 
“Ah. Thank you.” Minyoung surprised to hear the revelation bowed in thanks.
“Yeah really. Those high notes were just out of this world, more than the Kraken. For’ll be first this time.” Bobby smiled as ATEEZ thanked them for the compliment.
Yunho taking in the opportunity to talk with iKON confessed that during their trainee period, everyone watched iKON’s performances and practiced their stages a lot. “That’s true. When we were trainees, during our monthly evaluations, everyone here did at least one iKON song for the test. We all did <Apology> and <Rhythm Ta> together.”
“That must have been tough.” Junhoe chuckled, thanking ATEEZ for liking their songs.
“How long has it been since your debut?” Bobby asked curiously
“We debuted in 2018.” Wooyoung answered
“Ah it has been a while. But it’s tough, isn’t it?” Bobby recalled his own experiences when they first debuted while ATEEZ just laughs awkwardly as they cannot deny that it does get tough. “When do you rest then?”
“When the promotion ends..” Jongho started trailing off, Hongjoong finishing the sentence for the maknae “When promotion ends, we get our breaks then.”
The continued to talk regarding promotions when Bobby suddenly asked them where their dorms are with Wooyoung readily describing the place making Bobby in particular excited as it is also near his residence. San invited him to visit the company sometime while Bobby agreed that he’ll drop by when he can.
“If there’s some time, it would be great to get a meal together.” DK suggested as all of ATEEZ agreed, excited at the idea.
“I’ll get your number sunbaenim.” Wooyoung shyly said making the rest of iKON chuckle and agree saying they should get each other’s contact number before they leave the studio today.
“I already have Minyoung’s number though?” Chanwoo confessed making his group members look at him in disbelief. “Yah. You didn’t tell us that though?” while ATEEZ looked at Minyoung who suddenly felt shy with all the attention she’s getting from both her members and iKON.
“We met through SF9′s Chani.” Chanwoo added in as the girl nodded.
“Ah but..we haven’t really talked after exchanging numbers.” Minyoung confessed shyly, wanting to hide herself or use Seonghwa as a shield. This information made both groups laugh, iKON acknowledging Chanwoo as a true insider for having celebrity friends outside of their company.
“That’s true. Sorry, let’s grab a meal together with Chani.” Chanwoo chuckled an apology. 
Tumblr media
“Now we’re going to announce the results of Round 1 that you’re so curious about.” the MCs started while all the groups waited with bated breath. The atmosphere in the studio suddenly becoming tense as no one knew what criteria the experts used for their scores or who the experts were. They also didn’t know how the other groups voted. There were a lot of unknown factor in the show made it harder for the groups to anticipate the ranking for the round, particularly so since this is only 50% of their overall score.
Minyoung suddenly feeling nervous, held unto Wooyoung’s and Seonghwa’s hands, trying to get some comfort. She felt as if she’ll faint the longer it takes to announce the results. 
“Today’s first-place team will be given the authority to select the bracket for round two.” MC Changmin announced as all the groups gasp and commented that points aside, it’s a huge advantage to be able to do decide the bracket.
“I’m curious who the experts are.” Seonghwa wondered
As the MCs announced that all of the expert evaluation scores will be announce all at the same time, Minyoung closed her eyes tight mumbling “I cannot take this. Can you just tell me what the results are? I cannot watch. I’m too scared.”
“I’ll look for you.” Wooyoung patted the girls’ hand, giving it a light squeeze.
[What’s the result of the expert evaluation scores?]
As all of the members gasp, Minyoung who had her eyes closed asked scared “What is it?”
“Minyoung-ah, you can look.” Wooyoung let out a relieved sigh as ATEEZ placed first for the expert’s evaluation scores. At this, Minyoung peeked and immediately hugged the male in her joy. “I’m..reading it correctly right? We’re currently in first?” she asked as if in disbelief
“I’m actually relieved and glad that the things we wanted to do were actually conveyed properly.” Yunho confessed during the group interview.
As the results for the group evaluation were announced, Minyoung immediately hid behind Wooyoung scared that the rankings would change drastically.
[What will be the results of the teams’ evaluation?]
“ATEEZ you’re currently in first place. You wouldn’t want to step down. Do you think the others rooted for you?” the MC asked the group everyone nudged Jongho to answer for the team
“The eight of us finished our performance today without any regrets. Well...I’m not sure.” Jongho let out a laugh nervously as there really was no way to know how the other teams voted. Kingdom is still, after all, a competition. Everyone could have voted strategically to secure the points.
The MCs continued on with the show and as soon as the results were all announced, ATEEZ finally felt like they were able to breathe. They kept the number 1 spot even as the group evaluations were added in. Minyoung bit her lip trying not to cry as she felt the pressure lift off a bit. Seonghwa noticing it, rubbed circles on her back smiling at her. Minyoung turned to him and placed her head against his arm as she took deep breathes to calm herself down.
When asked how she felt during their interview “It just..It feels like our efforts were seen not only by the experts but also by the senior groups. We felt disappointed during the Introduction Stages so we steeled ourselves to do better and rise up the ranks but to actually be rewarded with the top spot just made me feel overwhelmed. It’s like hearing everyone say ‘good job today’ after a long day of hard work.”
“The past two weeks were really hard on us. All of the members has many moments when we were exhausted both physically and emotionally. One thing I can say confidently now that the results came out is that it was really hard, but we did our best. I think I can say that now.” Hongjoong concluded nodding
“We did well. ATEEZ is so lovely.” San adding in making the rest of the members smile, even Minyoung who was trying to fan her eyes with Jongho patting her back in comfort.
“Since we won first place, let’s take this energy and work hard to prepare for a great and fun performance.” Hongjoong declared before they did their team cheer “9 makes 1 team. Let’s do it!”
────────── ♔ ──────────
ATEEZ Minyoung Masterlist
Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction. Any portrayal of real people is a combination based on what we could see on cameras and imagination of the author. This is purely fan fiction written for entertainment. Thank you for understanding.
━━━━━━ʕ ˵• ₒ •˵ ʔ━━━━━━
Writing Beary Corner
I seriously wanted to cry when I had to rewrite this because the site ate my drafted one. I don’t think I was able to capture the initial feeling anymore and it definitely got a whole lot shorter after rewriting but I tried to at least..make it a bit decent.  Again, I have already drafted posts up to the Reborn stage but Kingdom “episodes” would be slowly posted to avoid spoilers for the people who haven’t watched it yet. 
Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading this!
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triple-hbk · a day ago
FanFic: This Isn’t Everything You Are
Title: This Isn't Everything You Are Summary: Snapshots from a darker time. Notes: Title is from Snow Patrol's 'This Isn't Everything You Are' and all the bolded text are lyrics from the song. Extra Note: This fanfiction is based on the characters and not real people, although it mixes in some real events from the time, this is still purely a work of fiction.  This is also a WIP. 
You can't find the phone so you can call it off, but it might be for the best.
“You okay, man?”
Kevin turned where he was leaning against the wall in the hotel lobby, next to the phone. “Just left a message at home. Might talk to Vince tomorrow about staying.”
Hunter raised his eyebrows but didn't say anything.
“Say it?”
“Say what?” Hunter asked.
“Whatever it is you're thinking.”
“Man, it's your life, you gotta live with whatever you decide.”
Kevin put a hand to his head and rubbed at his eyes tiredly. It was the early hours of the morning and they should both be sleeping by now. “Why didn't he say any of that shit earlier?”
“Wasn't drunk enough?” Hunter said, darkly.
“I feel like a piece of shit. I wouldn't even be getting offered that deal if Shawn hadn't got me in the door,” Kevin said.
Hunter sighed. “Look, that might be true, but you still put the work in, you know what I'm saying? So Shawn's a little sour about it. He'll get over it. He's still talking to you, he's just mad, that's all. Once he starts defending the belt and he gets a chance to show he's the top guy, he'll be fine.”
“I don't know. It's the first time I really thought about it from his point of view and you know what? I'd hate my guts too if I were him.”
“He doesn't hate you,” Hunter assured.
Kev smirked. “Give it time.”
You can't walk away, anyway 'cause you've nowhere else to go. ~
Shawn was quiet.
In Hunter's experience, it was never a good sign. He was stewing over things and Shawn being in his head too much never ended well.
Hunter was grateful that he'd convinced Shawn not to go out drinking that night, which just meant he was getting wasted in his hotel room instead. At least he wouldn't need to get him to bed tonight.
Shawn was biting at his non-existent fingernails a nervous habit he had which he denied was anything to do with nerves and just that he liked to keep his nails short.
Kevin and Scott had been gone a few months now. Shawn wasn't far removed from his SummerSlam title defence against Vader and it hadn't gone very well. And it hadn't gone very well in a way that made it very obvious to everyone watching.
There'd been a shitstorm about it backstage. Hunter had heard the word unprofessional being used and someone else had said Shawn as the face of the company was a joke.
Hunter knew Shawn heard enough of what people thought. Heard the defensiveness as he dared anyone to put on a better match than him. But for the first time, he wasn't sure that Shawn actually believed what he was saying. His matches so far had been good, maybe great, but not as good as he wanted. He wanted it to be the best. The very best. But Shawn, crammed into an image that he hated, smiling, shaking fans hands- he knew part of him loved the cheers, but those jeers always sounded louder when they weren't supposed to be happening.
He couldn't really imagine a much worse situation for getting your big push with the title that you'd wanted for so long. Half your friends leave, most of the boys despise you, business is failing and everyone expects you to fix it.
It wouldn't be so bad if he couldn't see that it was eating up at Shawn and there wasn't anything he could do about it.
Truthfully, Hunter knew he and Shawn were on thin ice with Vince. Hunter was facing punishment and he could deal with that, but Vince had also stopped them riding together. It had been one of the great things about coming to the company was being in the car with the others, talking about business. Going over matches they'd just had and critiquing them. And now they couldn't. Hunter wondered if Vince knew what he'd taken from Shawn when he'd done that to him. He knew it wasn't a malicious thing, but it isolated his champion. The champion who was incredibly isolated at the best of times.
And now, Shawn didn't want to talk, at all.
“You want anything, Shawn?” Hunter asked. “I'm gonna get some food.”
“Bring me back another bottle,” he said, blankly.
He wanted to say no. But of course he didn't. “Of what?”
Hunter took a moment to see what Shawn was already downing and made a mental note. He decided he'd grab a pizza as well that could at least soak up some of the booze and he knew Shawn liked pizza enough to find it hard to resist it if it were put in front of him. “I won't be long, okay?”
“'kay,” Shawn said absently.
He made his way down to the elevator and stepped inside. Once the door closed he let out a deep sigh. Being with Shawn, as much as he liked the guy, it was draining at times.
Sometimes, he wished Kevin had stayed behind. He wouldn't have to deal with all this by himself if he'd stayed. Shawn wouldn't feel so abandoned. He told Kevin that Shawn didn't hate him and Scott for leaving, and maybe not Scott so much, Shawn and he just weren't as close, but Kevin going hit him differently and it was obvious.
And just for a moment, he wished he had a way out, an escape for all this.
Just drop his responsibilities, ditch Shawn and just take care of himself. Walk from the job and get that contract with better money. Damn that, he wouldn't go back to the hole if he did get offered a better job, but he could stay here. Just, sit on the otherside of the locker room with the rest of the guys, against Shawn.
God, he felt bad even thinking about it. He could picture exactly how hurt Shawn would look if he did it. He'd screw a defiant look back on his face and tell Hunter to fuck himself, but he'd be hurt first. Plain and obvious for everyone to see.
Shawn was a pain in the ass, but he didn't deserve to be abandoned by his friends.
He didn't deserve to have the weight of the company on his shoulders while far too many others in the same company that paid their wages enjoyed and relished his failures.
What he did deserve though was someone beside him when he needed him. Even if he didn't want to talk. Even if it was getting him a bottle of Jack to drown his sorrows and making sure he didn't choke on his own puke.
Hunter couldn't be Kevin.  
He needed to be what Shawn deserved to have though; the friend by his side.
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oveliagirlhaditright · 2 days ago
To Fight Again: a NeShiki Fanfiction. Post-A New Day. Some Neo stuff, with the very little we know. Future fic. Shoka is Shiki theory. Angsty (or maybe bleak is the better way to put it), but still with some hope/romance/fluff.
After Neku's been in the UG for three years, he and Shiki finally reunite.
Under brown columns that faded up into part of a cherry red ceiling, Neku Sakuraba kissed Shiki Misaki’s neck at this very moment, not because he wanted to sleep with her at the moment—or anything like that—but because in some ways, he thought there was no better way to say, "I love you."
Some certain words were spoken by Neku—almost whispered, for how nervous he was before he got a handle on himself—and then this, "I'm back, Shiki... and I’ll always be with you now. And I'm so sorry I ever had to leave you."
Shiki’s dark brown eyes, almost black, scrunched up then, as she fought back tears and said her own words. And for a moment, Neku thought that she would really be upset by his plight here. But though she was certainly that, it was something else that was making her eyes mist here. "And, Neku… I'm sorry I had to somewhat become a jerk to find you again, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. And maybe it's destiny that I ended up like that.” Shiki put her hands behind her back and looked off to the side guiltily, and it was somehow so much worse than when she had been in the Game but also better.
Neku knew that Shiki was referring to how she had become a Reaper in order to find him, and had apparently become bored at the proceedings while she waited. And while Neku understood why Shiki would selflessly despise herself for getting close to disliking other people like he once had, he could never blame her for it.
Really, he wanted to thank her for putting herself on the line for him once more. And hopefully, if things did pan out, he’d have forever to make her feel cherished.
"Chic, it's fine. Really. I probably would have done the same thing to get you ba-"
But Shiki was already cutting Neku off, as she strode away from the altar and went down some stairs, with him hot on her heels. "Neku, I didn't like the Players who didn't have a clue. And really, I think that was because my past self wouldn’t have had a clue without you. But even if it was me being all self-conscious again, it was still awful, Neku. I feel awful.”
"...No more awful than I did after I tried to strangle you, I'm sure," Neku unearthed his greatest regret yet again. And how he loathed talking about this, and reliving it again in such a way. The Neku of now would have never wanted one of his first memories with the love of his life to be something so despicable, since he'd been the worst person in Shibuya back then. But if it made Shiki feel any better now... he'd gladly deal with all of that.
"Neku..." Shiki sang his name, seeming to be as in awe of him as Neku was of her. And it was with that, that she finally seemed secure enough to lean forward and give Neku his wedding kiss. Because, yes. This was exactly that: a wedding.
After they’d finally found together again, Neku and Shiki had decided to get married as soon as they could, in the remnants of Shibuya. And that was why they were the only ones here right now. Everything was such a mess right now, that Neku’s friends could have easily already been erased or hiding out somewhere else. But it was probably best to not think about any of that right now…
Nearly all the pillars that had once held up the church were torn down and laying amidst the couple’s feet... there was a hole in the ceiling, and even the pews were somehow torn up.
It really was a hideous place to have a “wedding” in, even if they had been pressed for time. But Neku and Shiki ended up laying on the filthy ground together, anyway, as they held hands and looked up at the sky. Neku imagined that they’d had their wedding at Wildkat with all of their friends, but had just embarrassingly slipped on some coffee and fallen down. Maybe Shiki was pretending that they were laying in some lovely flowerbed together, in the kind of Honeymoon they deserved.
But people didn’t always get what they deserved—the two had learned that long ago—so they would happily settle with this… even if it was Neku’s turn to be doubtful now, it would seem.
“Shiki… do you think it’s a good idea that we just got married during the end of the world? Isn’t it pretty much asking for us to die? I don’t think I exactly thought of that when I popped the question, but I still wouldn’t change this for anything,” Neku spoke solemnly. He then took Shiki’s right hands to his lips and placed kiss after kiss there, being so glad that he could finally touch her again after so long.
And Shiki, despite everything that had happened, and held her hand with her Mr. Mew inscribed wedding band to her heart. “But we’ve always been good about beating the odds, haven’t we Neku? So, believe that we can now!”
And this was why Neku Sakuraba had fallen in love with Shiki Misaki, wasn’t it? Because even in the direst situations, she could see the heart of things.
Surely, she was right—like she had been about most things—Neku allowed. He bonked her nose once—to which his girl laughed—and called her “Stalker” for the last time ever, before adopting a more serious attitude again.
Neku held Shiki’s hand tighter, helped her to her feet, and prepared to fight with her by his side once more.
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Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku
School Festival
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s a nice fall day and the school decided to do another school festival cause why not? So deku asked bakugou to be his date which he said yes cause their dating. So here we are
It was a nice coldish Thursday and everyone was getting ready for the festival. Luckily class 1-A didn’t have to do anything cause they didn’t participate but Iida still felt a grudge for not participating so he helped all the other students with their deeds.(I have no idea why I said deeds but just go with it) It was around 12 in the afternoon and the class didn’t have school so they were all chilling in the dorms. “So Uraraka who are you going with?” Izuku asked with a nice warm smile. “O-oh I’m uhm going with tsu...” she said as her face immediately turned red and faced down. “It’s true*ribbit*” Tsuyu said. “Well I hope you guys have the best day ever!” Izuku said with another warm smile except this time his eyes were closed.
“Hey round face and her little frog girlfriend back off!” Katsuki said with his normal grumpy tone. Uraraka gave him a nervous smile and quickly grab tsu and ran for her life. (Translation)They went to her dorm. “Kacchan stop scaring my friends!” Izuku said as he pouted. “Well they happen to get on my goddamn nerves” Katsuki said kissing izuku’s cheek. “Cmon let’s go to my dorm and watch a movie.” Katsuki said and he grabbed izukus wrist and and started walking to his dorm taking izuku with him. “B-but kacchan the festival!” Izuku said hoping that would make Katsuki let go...he didn’t though. “We have time, the festival starts at 3pm anyway!” He said letting go of izuku and opening his dorm door. “Hmph! Fiiiiine” Izuku said as ran to Katsuki’s bed and laid on it.
*sigh* “So what do you want to watch?” No response. But Katsuki didn’t say anything cause he could clearly see izuku thinking. “Hmmm... what about *****?” Izuku said smiling a bit. “That’s a kids movie dumba**” Katsuki said sitting down next to izuku and placing his laptop infront of him. “But you love that movie!” Izuku said sitting up. “Well yeah when I was five!” Katsuki said with an annoyed face. “Fine put whatever but don’t put your stupid action movies!” Izuku said with unamused face. “HEY! Those movies aren’t stupid you’re just too stupid to understand them!!!” Katsuki said with a hurt face. “Which one is it kacchan? Am I a nerd or Am I stupid?” Izuku said. “...Your both goddamnit!!” Katsuki said as he faced his laptop and pressed an animal document. “Now watch this goddamn document while I got us some popcorn!!” Katsuki yelled as he faced the laptop to izuku and left the dorm.
Katsuki came back with a bowl filled with popcorn. He was already eating it! Izuku didn’t say anything and went back to watching the documentary. They both ended up falling asleep. Then they heard loud knocking on the door. So katsuki waking up angrily practically jumped off the bed waking up izuku and opened the door. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU F*CKHEADS WANT!!!”He yelled.”Bakugou the festival started two hours ago we thought you guys died!” Iida said doing the hand movement he does. “Well we’re fine! Now leave so we can change. “Ngh! I wanna sleep more..” Izuku said sitting up and rubbing his eyes. “Well we have to get f*cking ready so get up” He said calmly to izuku so he can wake up but for some reason it made him want to go to sleep again. Eventually izuku got up and went to his room and changed
It was around 5:30pm when they were ready. Katsuki was wearing a grey turtle neck and some blacked ripped jeans and a leather jacket. Izuku was just wearing some jeans and a hoodie crop top.(if that makes sense) They both headed outside to the festival which was beautiful! The sunset was pinkish purple and the clouds looked like soft white cotton candy in the sky. They spender the first twenty minutes at a tossing game( I don’t know if that’s what they are called, but the ones that you toss balls the little figure so it falls down) after that they went to the Ferris wheel with Tenya and Shoto. Katsuki acted that he hated being stuck in a little box with them but secretly he loved it. Izuku and katsuki payed almost all the games and brought most of the food because their hungry boys!
The festival ended at 9:30pm with fireworks. It was so incredible and Izuku at that moment felt like he was blessed. The dark night sky was filled with thousands of stars and the color of the fireworks danced around in the night sky... it was beautiful and both katsuki and Izuku wanted to treasure this moment forever.
Hoped you guys like it! And sorry for not writing for I think a week? Any way just wasn’t feeling like writing but this one might be my favorite so far! I truly did love writing this! Also don’t repost!!!
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sckyie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
word count: 1.9k
genre + warnings: bittersweet fluff + some angst?; timeskip!sakusa, drunk sakusa, kabedon, alcohol mentions
pronouns used: they/them
a/n: im sleepy omfg anyways hi im writing stuff on my other account after this
You were always the more affectionate type in the relationship between you and Sakusa. Well, that's what you would call it. Nothing was ever official the two of you but, he never minded when you held his hand in private, cuddled beside him, or even called him cutesy names. He was comfortable around you, it was almost as if he were a different person altogether.
Though he didn't mind the unofficial title, it did sting in your chest that you didn't technically matter enough for anything to be set and stone. It was hard to bring it up but also keep a cool head when talking about it. You wanted to be known as Sakusa's significant other, not just his best friend.
An upcoming MSBY dinner before the big game was approaching and Sakusa had asked you to accompany him as his date. You doodled on your notes as you looked at your calendar on your desk. Your mind wandered thinking about Sakusa. Why hasn't he asked you to be his yet? What would his teammates say when he introduces you as his best friend?
A few days before the dinner, you invited Sakusa out to a small lunch. You dragged him along to the grocery store to buy the food and drinks. You had your arm looped around him up until you arrived at the steps of the doors of the store. He shrugs you off him and looks away from you, something he always does. You sighed as you tugged his sleeve to drag him to the proper aisles.
He was distracted, to say the least, as you were picking out the different ingredients for your lunch date. Sakusa didn't even take notice when you disappeared into a different area. It wasn't like him to do such a thing but once he realized you were gone, he was sent into a panic. He quickly drifts into other sections, searching for you.
That's when he found you speaking to someone else. Speaking to another man in particular. You weren't flirting with him or anything, you were talking to him about which brand of spice would taste better for your dish. Turns out, the guy you were talking with worked as a head chef at a local restaurant. You say your goodbyes as you place your goods in your basket before turning to find Sakusa staring at the stranger. "Oh, sorry Omi, I lost you back there. I thought you were following me," You say.
"It's...fine- who was that?" He whips his head to look at you.
"Oh, no one, I asked him to help me find some spices for lunch, come on, I have to get a couple more things then we can leave okay? I know you don't like going out as much," You say.
Was he jealous? He was lost in thought as his eyes followed where the stranger left off. He denies that he ever felt that way yet he didn't notice you tugging on his sleeve."Omi?" You ask.
"Hm," He hums through his mask. He looks down at you, his chest pressed against your back.
"You seem like a puppy clinging onto its mom, you're never this close to me in public. Is something wrong?" You chuckle looking up at him. He takes a step back and tries to look away. You smile up at him before picking your final ingredients.
"Sorry Y/n, just..." You pat his side lightly before heading over to the cashier. He sighs before trailing behind you.
The entire lunch date it seemed like he was quieter than normal, uncomfortable to talk to you even. While you two shifted into watching a movie, he held your hand tighter than usual as you snuggled beside him. It was foreign to be this close to Sakusa, but you didn't mind the comfort being held in his arms. So much so, that soon after you found yourself slowly drifting off to sleep engulfed in his warmth.
Sakusa looked down at your now sleeping figure, his cheeks burning red, as he lowered the volume of the movie. How did he end up in this situation? Though he did like you having you beside him, he was thinking to himself. Why was he so clingy to you? Was it jealousy? It couldn't be, you technically weren't his significant other.
The next day, the two of you didn't talk about you falling asleep beside him. It was the first time he had let you gotten so close to him. Besides the point, tonight was the MSBY dinner at a night bar and restaurant rented out to the entire team. You joined the team and their respective invites to the tables as everyone greeted one another at the tables.
You sat beside Sakusa and across from Atsumu with his brother beside him. You smiled at the twins before turning to look down at the menu. "So how do you know Sakusa?" Atsumu asks.
"Oh, we're childhood friends, we were neighbors as up until we graduated. We reconnected recently when I moved back for college," You explained.
"So yer" Atsumu raised his eyebrow. Osamu nudged his leg against his brother's but you paused to respond.
"No, we're not," Sakusa says, seeing you hesitate. You looked away from him, and awkwardly smiled back at Atsumu. "They're just my best friend."
Just a best friend. You couldn't wrap your head around those words. It was true, you were his best friend, but the feelings you had for him stung in your chest. You pinched your thigh to ignore the unsettling feeling in your stomach. You tried to make conversation with the boys, more so with Atsumu. Sakusa raised his eyebrow at this, but never saying a word to you.
When the dinner at the table ended, the team moved to the entertainment bar upstairs. You quietly followed behind Sakusa to where Atsumu and Osamu had gone to play pool. "Do you play?" Osamu asked, you shook your head as you watched Sakusa walk away to go get a drink.
"What's on yer mind? You seem down all of dinner," Osamu says. Atsumu seats himself beside you as his brother takes his turn at the pool table.
"Sakusa...He's..." You trailed. "To me, he's more than just my best friend. But I guess, that's all I'll ever be to him." You sighed.
"Oh he doesn't want to make it official, huh?" Atsumu nudges. You nod.
"He cuddles me, holds my hand- hell, he got jealous yesterday over a dude helping me buy spices, I don't get it. Now, look at him," You gesture. Sakusa sat himself beside Meian and the other players at the bar to drink almost as if he had forgotten about you. "It doesn't make sense. Now I just...Just wanna forget about my dumb feeling and move on."
You let out a sigh as Atsumu pats you on the back. The rest of the night, the twins spent playing while trying to cheer you up. It worked as you found yourself as well as two more players joining in, joyously playing pool and casually drinking.
Sakusa on the other hand, had decided to drink as he never wanted to admit he was jealous. He wanted you. He did, but he didn't want to tell you to stop talking to his teammate. Why didn't he tell Atsumu that you were his significant other? He takes another sip of his dark liquor before glancing behind him to see you and Atsumu leaning against a wall.
You two were smiling, laughing, being the happiest in the room. Why were you smiling so big? Only Sakusa was supposed to make you smile like that. No one else. His eyes watch as you playfully nudged Atsumu and that's what upset him. You weren't falling for him, were you?
Sakusa found himself walking towards the two of you. His cheeks were bright red, his steps were slightly off for his drunk stature. You turn to see the wobbly figure but before you could stop him or say anything to him, Sakusa had his mind set on one thing.
He had stood in front of Atsumu, nearly a step away from him. You feared for your life that Sakusa would hit him but you were frozen. Sakusa takes his hands and slams it against the walls behind Atsumu, encasing the setter in between his arms. You take a moment to pause.
"Who the fuck do you think you are talking to Y/n?" Sakusa mutters. Atsumu could smell the alcohol in his breath.
"Omi-kun it's not what ya think I- I-" Atsumu stuttered.
You couldn't make out what the two were saying but you were concerned. You heard the muttered arguments and you turned to Osamu who was talking to Bokuto. You tugged at his sleeve before showing him what was happening.
"Did- did my brother just get kabedoned by Sakusa-san?" Osamu tilted his head. You nodded and asked what to do. "Break it up. I'm not helping ya."
You approached the two conversing to overhear what they were saying to one another.
"I swear to fucking God- I'll break- I'll break-" Sakusa threatened. "If you were flirting with Y/n."
"I wasn't! I wasn't!" Atsumu pleaded.
"Hey hey! Omi!" You called out, trying to get Sakusa's attention. He glances at you but he turns back to Atsumu. This time his right hand moves closer to Atsumu's body to grab it. You approach the two. "Omi!"
"Omi-kun, we were just talking not flirting I swear! Just ask them!" Atsumu was sweating bullets. He had never been this close to Sakusa nor has ever seen him this infuriated. Sakusa had enough and grabbed Atsumu's shirt.
"Omi! Look at me, not him!" You called out, ran over grabbing Sakusa's wrist off Atsumu. He pulls off the fabric, allowing the setter to stumble away from the wall. "Omi, we weren't flirting. He was just cheering me up."
"Cheering you up? Why?" Sakusa scratches the back of his neck.
"Why? Because of you dumb dumb," You huffed.
"Because of me? Why because of me?" He asked.
"Oh my god," You groaned. You placed your hands on Sakusa's cheeks before pulling him down and placing a sloppy kiss on his lips. His mouth was soft despite what you'd expected. After waiting months, finally pressing your lips against his was a wave of relief. You could taste the bitter liquor leftover on his lips as you pulled away. "Because failed to realized that I'm in love with you and you just abandoned me to hang out with your teammates and their guests. Now..will you hang out with me or are you gonna keep denying your jealousy like yesterday?"
Sakusa looks at you for a second before snaking his hand around your waist. He pulls you in for another kiss, prompting the team to give him a round of applause. His slips his tongue this time, letting you taste more of the alcohol in his system. You pull away, smiling and notice how much he was smiling too. "Sorry for being jealous," He says. He looks up to Atsumu who was now standing beside Osamu. "I may be drunk, but if you- if you flirt with Y/n for real, I'm break your nose Miya."
You giggle as you dragged Sakusa to an empty table by the bar where you'd sober him up. "Do you really mean that?" You say as you bring a glass of water to Sakusa. He leans against you, resting his head on your shoulder as he sips the water. "You'll beat up Atsumu if he flirts with me?"
"I'll beat up anyone. Do you really mean it when you say you love me?" He asks.
"Shhh, you're drunk," You laughed.
"Hey, I'm not that type of drunk, tell me," He persists. You take a beat of silence to answer.
"Indefinitely," You say. Your hand laces with his, thumb rubbing the back of his hand. "I can't see myself falling for anyone else."
"Me neither," He says.
taglist: @amillionfandoms-onlyoneme @just-a-siiimp @d0llpie @elianetsantana @snowsmuse
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khanyienongogo · 2 days ago
Chapter 1 - “The Stranger”
It is now 10 pm and my shift at the restaurant just ended, so I'm walking home. The way I'm so tired you guys have no idea. I swear my feet are even breathing. My mother and I live in a two bedroom apartment, which is more or less a 20 minute walk distance from the restaurant. It is not far but if you're as tired as I am at the moment it seems very far. My friends always tell me how risky it is to walk by myself at night...they say I should get a taxi which is ridiculous because the restaurant is not that far from where I live for me to get a taxi and anyway taxis are scarce at this time of night. A cab is expensive especially at this time and unfortunately I don't have money to waste so walking will have to do. Yes, sometimes it does get a little scary to walk all by myself at night, especially when I see strange looking men wearing hoodies standing at the street corners, but on most nights the streets are vacant. My friends always tease me saying that with all the walking I do every night, I should've at least lost some weight. I also don't know why I haven't lost any weight. Back in high school I used to try everything that would make me lose weight so that I wouldn't get picked on. I would take diet pills and I would also do bingeing, but that is a story for another time. See? I told you I had issues. Anyway what I was trying to say is that all of those methods didn't help me lose all.
I picked up my pace, it was getting cold. I was already picturing myself taking a hot bath and going to sleep. I had a long day ahead of me tomorrow. The school work that needed to be done was just too much and having to waitress every single day after my classes didn't help either. The joy that is my life! I'm about to cross the street when I hear someone moaning. At first I don't mind it because at night you hear a lot of things. The moaning is more prominent now. I stop walking, firstly because I'm a little scared since you can never be too safe, and secondly because the person moaning is in pain. I look around trying to put a face to the moaning but I see no one...the streets are completely empty. The person moans louder and I edge closer to where I think the sound is coming from. When I get closer to the sound I see a body on the floor next to the big garbage bins. I pause and look around unsure. I'm contemplating if I should just turn around and pretend as if I didn't see anything or if I should find out what is wrong with the person who is obviously hurt on near the garbage bins. After what seems like a decade I edge closer to where the body is...I can't let someone die on my watch. I know some of you are probably calling me stupid for not turning around and walking home like I was doing before I heard the moans. But I couldn't do it people. I couldn't disregard this person who needed help.
Me: "Hey...are you fine?" I called out as I edged a little closer to the body. Even though I wanted to help the person, it didn't mean that I wasn't wary about the whole situation. I mean this person could be trouble. But nonetheless I was going to help. From what I could see, this was a man. The body was too big to be a woman. The man answered me with more moans and groans. I couldn't see properly because the lighting on this part was bad..."should I call the ambulance for you?" I got more moans and groans. I sighed. I walked closer until I reached him and I gasped loudly when I saw blood next to him on the concrete. It wasn't a lot of blood but it was still blood. Oh my gosh...oh my gosh...oh my gosh. I was freaking out! He is hurt! I mean I knew he was hurt when I heard the moaning but I didn't think blood was involved. Blood meant this was serious. I knelt down next to him not knowing what to do. The man had both his hands pressed against his stomach where he was hurt. His whole face, which I could see clearer since I was close to him, was contorted in pain..."I'm calling the ambulance" I announced with a panicked voice. The man shook his head. He was crazy if he thought I wasn't going to call the ambulance. I took out my phone out of my handbag with shaky hands.
Him: "Don't." He grunted forcefully in pain. I paused.
Me: "But you're hurt, the ambu-."
Him: "Don't." He said more forcefully than before. He tried to get up. Oh my gosh! This is a crazy person! I quickly pocketed my phone and tried to help him up. When I said tried, I meant every sense of the word, because the the man was so heavy and huge. He was a freaking giant! He finally got to his feet with his own might, because to tell you the truth getting him up was like pulling on concrete. He still had his hands pressing on his stomach...and blood was coating his hands. I wonder who did this to him? I mean the guy was a giant. I'm sure he had been ganged up or something because it would surely take a group of men to take on this guy.
Me: "I really think you should let me call an ambula-."
Him: "Shut up!" He barked harshly..."no hospitals." Oh my gosh! He's so rude! Did he just tell me to shut up when I'm trying to help him?! I should have left his ass and carried on home. He swayed on his feet and I tried to balance him out which led to us almost falling but he regained the balance for the both of us. Such a giant!
Me: "Um okay. At least tell me where you stay so I can help you get home." He grunted..."or I could just call an ambu-." He grunted out his address unhappily to me. You would think that he would be happy that someone was trying to help him. Jerk! Luckily I knew the place where he stayed, but it was way off from the way leading me home. Sigh! I led him towards the direction that went to his place...actually it was more like he was leading me. Who was hurt here? Me or him? This guy! We walked slowly towards his place. Every now and then, he would stop...grit his teeth and grunt in pain...then we would continue walking. I was starting to second guess myself ,because firstly, I should've called the ambulance despite his refusal. Secondly, I was walking a total stranger to his place. Yes, he was injured so it was unlikely that he would do something to me but there was a fact that he was a giant so he could overpower me if he wanted to even in his injured state. Thirdly, how was I going to get home? I mean by the time we reached his place, it would be too late, which meant that I had to spend my savings on getting a cab ride home. Damn! I huffed out loudly. He grunted. Jerk! Please remind me why I was helping him again?
We got to his place. He lived in more or less the same neighborhood as me. We got into the building. When I saw the lift, I nearly sagged in relief because I wouldn't have been able to hold him up the stairs, because during the walk to his place he had been getting weaker and he was leaning his weight more and more on me now. And as I've said before the guy was a giant so you could imagine that state I was in. I was huffing and puffing everywhere in like a pig. Argh! I asked him his floor number and he grunted out the answer. I was also getting really irritated by his grunting. We got to his floor and he grunted out his room number. I huffed frustrated. I led him to his door. If you guys could've seen us we would've been a sight I'm telling you. I was literally struggling and Mr "don't call the ambulance" was not helping at all. After so many tries, I finally was was able to open his door. He stumbled in and went straight for the bathroom and locked himself in. Um...okay! I heard coming from the bathroom a lot of banging and of him grunting. This was for me to leave right? But guess what? My conscience wouldn't allow me to leave. I groaned. I went towards the bathroom and knocked. He grunted. Seriously?! What's up with this man? .... "um...look it's late so I need to go so..." I trailed off.
Him: "No." He responded roughly. What? Did he just say no? What does he mean no?
Me: "What?" I asked confused.
Him: "Stay. Don't. Leave." He commanded. I was so confused and a little scared. Why would he want me to stay?
Me: "Do you need help with know..." I cleared my throat.
Him: "No. I'm fine. Just stay." Right after he grunted and groaned in pain. I frowned.
Me: "Open the door." I demanded annoyed with this whole situation. Silence greeted me..."if you don't open this door, I'm going to leave." I threatened weakly. I heard a huff then a grunt. He was annoyed with me..."okay then I guess I'm lea-." I was cut off by the opening of the bathroom door. My mouth was hanging open. Firstly, because he was half naked, I could see a whole lot of chest...abs...yes abs people! Believe it or not but this was my first time seeing a half naked man. The second reason why my mouth was hanging open was because I could see the wound across his middle where I guess he had been stabbed but that is not the reason for my mouth hanging open. What had my mouth hanging open was because the wound had stitches and he was holding a big ass needle in his hand. So all this time he had been stitching himself up. Oh my gosh! What had I gotten myself into? Who was this man........
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Dancing w/ Our Hands Tied (part thirteen)
Summary: Everybody knows the morning after is awkward. DT: @stressedbutblessedihope (masterlist)
Warnings: implied smut/sexual themes, sexual tension i-, ST reference, awkwardnes, fluff but some angst in a way i dont know??
Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader/Stark!Reader
Characters: Peter Parker, May Parker
Word count: 3.8k
Tumblr media
You were the first to wake up. 
Your eyelids slowly opened as you shuffled on the ridiculously comfortable mattress, sheets covering what seemed to feel like your mostly naked body. You felt a hard arm slacked under your back and a hand curling your waist, holding you close to him.
You looked up to find Peter sound asleep, your head rested on his bare chest, your hands under your chin as you looked around your surroundings. You felt sore in more ways than one. Your head throbbed. Did this happen? This couldn't be real.
You let out a shaky breath, trying to process what on Earth had just happened. You glanced to his alarm clock, the numbers bright and clear.
6:53 AM
His window allowed sunbeams to cast across the room, displaying the calm after the storm. The aftermath, so to speak. The rain had died down and it was replaced with a warm glow from the daybreak.
You gulped and moved away from him. You gently and deliberately took his hand away from your body, placing it onto the mattress. You scanned over him, seeing how he stirred a little. Your eyes landed on the sheet that loosely covered his bottom half, threatening to go further as he continued to shift.
You quickly looked away and drove your legs over the edge of his bed, your fingers gripping the mattress. You slept with him. Oh, god, you slept with him and you liked it. Peter paid attention to biology, you could admit that much.
You inhaled deeply and looked down at yourself. You stood up and grabbed your bra from the floor, putting it on with whatever stillness you could. You now stood in your bra and underwear searching for the clothes you'd so rudely allowed him to strip you of them.
Freakin' Peter Parker. Why couldn't he just be.... not him. You spotted the sweater you'd worn, his sweater, and bent over to pick it up.
"Oh- Crap," You heard Peter say behind you.
You held the material in your hands as you turned to face him falteringly. He'd just seen your ass on display and was now hiding his eyes by covering it with his hands, acting as if he didn't do sinful things to you only a few hours ago.
"Hi," You mumbled stiffly.
He cleared his throat, still covering his eyes with his hand like a child playing hide and seek. "Morning,"
"Relax, you can look," You assured him, pulling the sweater over your torso. It was big enough that it covered a few inches of your thighs. "You've seen a  hell of a lot more now, anyway,"
He dropped his hand down and sighed, sitting himself up but his elbows as his eyes trailed over you. They reached your gaze and there it was. Uncomfortable silence. 
The morning after was universally awkward.
You scratched the back of your neck and went over to Peter's desk to check your phone which had (thankfully) been charging. There were missed calls and messages. At least sixty percent were from your father. You could feel Peter still looking at you as you responded, typing fast.
You heard him yawn behind you, still acclimating to the early morning. You bit your lip and finished sending a few messages.
"Uh, how'd you sleep?" You asked, placing your phone back down.
"F-Fine," Peter answered ineptly. "I mean, I didn't get a lot but um, yeah, I- Great,"
You forced down a smile at Peter's bashfulness, facing him as you leaned against his desk. You paused for a few moments, taking a moment to appreciate Peter and his unkempt form. 
His hair was a mess, faint ringlets falling across his forehead. His eyes were still adjusting to the light, squinting as his iris' turned a honey-like colour under the sun. Jesus, you could get lost in those for hours, you thought. His jaw in a straight line while he tried to study your muddled expression.
"You look cute in the morning, anyone ever told you that before?" You stated with whatever confidence you could, a small smile on your face.
Peter flushed a little at that and ran a hand through his hair and your stomach fluttered at the sight. You were jealous of that hand. You wanted to do that. 
After a few moments of the two of you staring at each other, Peter spoke up. "So, when are we gonna talk about the elephant in the room?" Peter finally asked, tilting his head at you.
You furrowed your brows, feigning confusion as you pursed your lips. "Elephant? What elephant?" You made your way over to him.
"Oh, I see," Peter sighed as if he'd expected this. "You're going to avoid it,"
"Avoid what?" You mused sarcastically. 
He rolled his eyes at that. "Seriously, Y/N," He went on, his tone annoyed.
You shook your head and got back onto the bed, Peter slightly taken aback. "You want to talk?" 
He nodded, puzzled as he attempted to analyse your face but he was interrupted when you swung your leg over him and sat in his lap, mounting him. His breath hitched in his throat, blinking a few times as to see if this was really happening or not. He certainly didn't picture himself 24 hours ago with you sitting on him in your underwear and his sweater.
"You really want to talk, Parker?" You ask again, your hands lazily hanging around his neck, looking him in the eye.
"Yes, mhm, I definitely... talking is a good idea," He told you, eyes flagrantly going to your lips and then to his sweater. 
You adjusted yourself, straddling him as you tugged on his hair when his hands moved to your waist and moved up, lightly brushing the sides of your breasts as he came to cup your face, testing the waters. You nodded as he cupped your jaw, the two of you at eye-level for once. Your heart was beating so loud you swear he hears it.
You knew he wanted to talk, you knew it was a good idea - the more mature, responsible route. But you knew if you talked, it would make it real. For now, you wanted the bubble the two of you had just barely created in what you were afraid was just a fleeting moment.
"In science, to make sure a theory's accurate, they do it three times for reliability," You muttered.
"Sounds sensible," He replied. "We should still talk though,"
"Now?" You challenged.
He hesitated. "Well- I-I mean, we can talk... later,"
You smirked at that as he angled your head before pressing his lips against yours. Slow and lazy as you moved in sync, deepening it as he groaned into your mouth. You tried to fix your position, feeling you might’ve been doing something wrong as you wiggled against him.
“God,” He mumbled against your mouth, his hands moved to grip your waist at the feeling.
“Do you want me to stop?” You asked.
“No, no, no,” He answered quickly, bringing you back to him.
You felt like your body was on fire, whether it was from the burning sensation you felt in the pit of your stomach spending your Sunday morning tangled with Peter or it was simply... Peter, it was almost as intoxicating as his taste. This was better than talking.
You were more than eager and the way you were squirming against him was making him ache more than you thought, the thin blanket not doing much to disguise it. Peter kissed his way down your neck, wanting to taste your skin and you mewled in response, tilting your head to give him better access. 
“Peter,” You breathed. 
Your eyes fluttered as his mouth trailed over your jaw. He moved back to your mouth and kissed you again, slowly and thoroughly, his tongue stroking against yours until you were trembling and straining against him. When he pulled back you looked dazed.
"You're um... Wow. Why haven't you been doing this the whole time?" You pondered with a giggle against his lips.
Peter chuckled, holding you a little tighter against him. "Probably because you get on my nerves so much," He leaned in and nuzzled against your ear.
"Oh, please," You scoffed. "You love it. Besides, seeing you get wound up and angry is actually pretty hot," You admitted.
“I can’t believe you just said that,” He muttered against your ear, his soft laugh making your skin tickle. 
“I’m completely serious,” You said in a sultry whisper as your hand moved down his firm torso.
He groaned quietly at that, littering kisses against your throat as you arch your back towards him. You felt his hand spread over your lower back, pushing up the sweater as you felt the warmth dance along your skin.
At that moment, you only knew three things.
You definitely had morning breath.
Your dad was going to kill you for sleeping with his intern.
You absolutely, without a doubt, did not hate Peter Parker.
Picture it. One hour, thirty minutes, and forty-eight seconds later and you were in a completely different situation. 
It turns out, May had come into the apartment sometime during the night - very out of it and exhausted at that after working a long shift. Neither of you knew of this until Peter was trying to go the bathroom when he ran into May.
"Hey, Pete," May greeted as she came out with a toothbrush in her mouth.
Peter froze in the hall, brows furrowed at his aunt as he looked back behind him confused and then to her again. "May... I... I didn't know you were home,"
"Oh, yeah, I tried to be extra quiet when I came in," She admitted, her voice muffled by the toothpaste. "Just went straight to bed, didn't even bother with the lights which might explain a broken lamp I was too tired to clean,"
Peter nodded. "Oh. Good to know,"
"Since when do you sleep in your underwear?" May chuckled, taking out the toothbrush as she pointed at him.
Peter looked down at the boxers and cleared his throat. "Sorry. I forgot I wasn't alone,"
"Is Y/N up?"
"I don't know. We slept separately, of course. I mean, not that we would do it any other way- Not the point, um, I can check. I just need to-" He began.
"-Oh, sure," May nodded, stepping to the side for Peter to go in.
He gave her an awkward smile, trying his best to hide his painfully obvious situation (which she thankfully didn't mention) with his hands as he went into the bathroom.
You were now sitting at a small round table eating breakfast with Peter and his aunt like the two of you weren't busy perfecting that theory only an hour and a half ago. 
May placed the plates of freshly scrambled eggs on the table, in front of you and Peter with a skeptical look. 
"Thanks, May," Peter murmured, tired from the morning and other apparent activities.
"Smells great," You noted softly.
She smiled at both of you before taking the seat directly between you two, the chair loudly scraping against the floor as she tucked it in and sighed. 
Her eyes continued to dart to you and then Peter as he sipped from his glass, his eyes unable to meet anybody's as his hand fiddled with the edge of the glass platter.
"So, Peter," May began. "How was the pull-out?"
Peter choked on his orange juice. You halted at May's words as you moved the eggs on your plate, eyes widening at the choice of words.
"What?" He croaked, looking at his aunt.
May furrowed her brows, a mix of knowingness and confusion on her face. "The sofa," She specified.
He cleared his throat and nodded. "Oh, yeah. It was-It was good," He answered, glancing up at you and then back down his food.
"I bet," She remarked, taking a bite from her food. Once she swallowed, she spoke up again "What about you, Y/N? Did you finish?"
You coughed abruptly on your eggs, keeping your mouth shut as you finished eating them. "I'm- Sorry?"
"Finish sleeping, of course," May explained like it was obvious, eyeing you with glints of mischief and uncertainty. "You know, a full 8 hours. Didn't stay up too late, did you?"
"She finished alright," Peter muttered under his breath, May apparently missing it as you glowered at him.
You inhaled deeply. "Uh, nope, no," You shook your head. "Um, Peter and I just watched 'The Usual Suspects' and uh, just... you know, went to bed. 8 hours of sleep. Very well-rested, just like any other morning. It's fine. I'm fine," You rambled.
Peter stared at his plate. It's like all of your confidence had left the window, and so long to your lying skills. Not that he was any better.
"Oh, that's a great movie," May remarked calmly. 
"Mhm," You gave her a tight-lipped smile as you moved your eyes to focus on your food, trying to keep your mouth full so you wouldn't have to speak - it seemed like Peter had the same plan as you.
She exhaled deeply, looking out the window in the kitchen as sunshine came through. "I think it's going to be a great day, don't you agree?"
You both stayed quiet, the only sound was the faint noise of cars and traffic and forks scraping against the plates. 
Not long after, after collecting your things, May was hugging you goodbye, grimace on her face as she wrapped her arms around you. You hesitantly returned it, surprised by her enthusiasm.
"God, you know, I just- I have a feeling about you, Y/N," May told you in the crook of your neck.
You smiled a little at that, glancing over her shoulder at Peter who was looking at you with a faint crooked grin, his arms folded over his chest as he wore that stupid black tee you loved despised. 
"Thank you for letting me stay," You said, pulling back as you patted her shoulder.
"No, no, don't worry about it," She reassured, adjusting her glasses. "You are welcome to stay anytime. Stay the night, even. I don't mind, we have thin walls but I’ve got really good headphones."
You opened your mouth, slightly puzzled at the implication. You shut it and nodded.
"Alright, Pete, walk her down," May ordered. "And I totally won't be watching from the balcony,"
Peter raised a brow at her and went over to the door, opening it for you. 
"I'm kidding, relax," May faked a laugh, her eyes absolutely serious as she tried to not be obvious.
"Okay then," Peter cleared his throat. "Princess?"
"Aw," May put a hand to heart.
"Don't, May," Peter sighed, hanging his head.
You give her a wave and step out of the apartment, Peter following you as you settled your coat over your shoulders. May had been kind enough to wash your clothes from the previous night. 
The two of you walked down the hall in silence, side by side as your hands casually brushed against each other, twitching and threatening to interlock but you didn't dare. You pressed the elevator button and Peter stood there, fingers lightly touching the tip of yours and then moving back.
"Do you hate me?" Peter asked quietly, breaking the silence with a hammer.
Neither of you looked at each other. Without hesitation, you answered. "No,"
He nodded, eyes focused on the metal doors. They slid open and you both went in. You snuck a glance at him, checking out how stupidly good he looked in such a basic outfit.
He seemed to be fighting a smile, his lips consistently tugging to go up before being pushed back down. You broke out into a grin, powerless to hide it as you pushed the button for the lobby. 
"Weather's nice," Peter noted.
"It is," You hummed.
A few moments of quiet passed, low whirring as the elevator went down. 
He glances over to you, eyes dropping to your lips as some fresh, very real, memories flashed. You felt him looking at you, a familiar glimpse in his eyes as he looked at you up and down, licking his bottom lip in thought.
"What are you thinking? Your expression is filthy," You stated.
"I'm thinking of where your mouth was two hours ago," He answered honestly, barely able to get the words out, his voice huskier than a phone-sex operator after a double shift.
Your eyes met and you let out a shaky breath, clearing your throat. "Good to know,"
He smirked at your flustered disposition and looked forward. The silence was torture. Finally, after an eternity, the doors opened and you both walked out, still close as you graze your finger over his palm before moving it back.
You weren't sure what you were expecting. You hadn't thought it completely through, the aftermath of it all. This was Peter Parker. The most frustrating and blood-boiling person you'd ever met. 
And yet you were so desperate for him to take your hand down the street and kiss you goodbye at your car because you knew he was just that kind of guy. 
He joined you on the path, there were only a few people on the street. A homeless guy singing a song on the corner, a mailman arguing with a tenant across the street, a hungover girl hiccuping as she hopped past you and Peter with one heel.
"My car's about a block away," You told Peter. "I can just walk the rest of the way. May's waiting for you," 
Peter gulped and looked up the brick building, spotting May unsubtly observing from the balcony before retreating when she noticed Peter had seen her. 
"Well, what if you get mugged? I should walk you. For-For safety," Peter said, looking back down to you.
"We both know I can handle myself," You said. 
"Oh. Right. Yeah, I'll- Um-" He stammered.
"-But you can still walk me," You interrupted apprehensively.
He nodded and you bit your lip and turned around, proceeding to stroll down the street with Peter stepping to your side. You passed a bodega, an older man waved hello to Peter and then pointed to you curiously, not caring how you saw. 
"So, is now the right time to... talk? Actually, talk, I mean," Peter wondered, fidgeting with his hands in front of him.
"Do we have to?" You sighed. 
"Well I don't know what to do, Y/N," Peter confessed. "I don't do this. I've never done anything like this because I've never... I just... This is unknown territory for me."
You felt a tinge of guilt and brushed a lock of hair away from your face. 
"Last night you said you know what you want," He went on. "Tell me what you want," 
You stopped him, taking him by both of his hands to stop them from fiddling. You looked up at him with the little confidence you could gather. Your eyes leaped from his lips to his eyes.
"I want this," You stated. "I want you. In any way I can have you,"
He looked down to the small space between you two and the way you clasped his hand, your thumb traveling across his knuckles. 
"What is this, though?" He inclined. "I’m just- I- I’m trying to be as honest as I can with you because that’s what we’ve always been, right? Honest? So, was last night just a-a mistake?"
"Do you think it was a mistake?" You asked, feeling a punch in the gut.
"No," He answered. "But if... whatever this is is going to be so complicated I don't- I'm confused, alright?"
"Well, we've always been complicated Parker," You told him. "If you're telling me that you don't want this, whatever it is, then we can stop. We can cut off any and all contact, we won't talk unless we have to, we won't disturb each other."
He hesitated and continued to walk, keeping your hand in his as he held it as if his life depended on it. "I don't want that. I just want to know what the hell we're doing and where it's going to go because a week ago you threw an apple at me,"
You shrugged, your hand engulfed by his warmness. "I have absolutely no clue what we're doing, but I really like it," You admitted with a chuckle. "I'm not good with... this whole.... feelings and understanding and communicating thing, Pete. You know that."
"You're not good at a lot of things. Maybe it's a Jersian thing," He teased.
You shot him a glare for that. "Alright, really? Just when we're making progress,"
"I can't help myself," He defended. "You're a major pain but you're my major pain,"
You were both insulted and flattered. "Major pain," You both saluted in unison.
He smiled at that, looking to the pavement as you refused to show yours. You walked in silence, a pleasant one, fingers getting used to the unusual act of holding each other. 
"I don't think either of us answered what's going to happen now," Peter said as you leaned against your car, your hands still connected as he kept his distance. 
You inhaled deeply and looked around the street. 
"Do you... I don't know, do you like me?" Peter questioned.
You shrugged.
"Yeah, same," He mumbled sincerely.
Your fingers dawdled together for a while longer. You hesitated. "Kiss me," You said, your eyes meeting with his.
He glanced down to your lips and stepped to you, your back straightening as he put his spare hand to your hip. The people who passed by paid no attention to what could only be described as a love-sick couple.
He had been determined not to kiss you again. Not until he knew who you were to him now considering how much had changed. But your mouth was like a magnet and he leaned in and pressed his lips against yours with the same desire from the night before.
You melted against him as his arm came around your waist and pulled you closer, his mouth moving slowly over yours. It didn’t make sense how much this worked.
You kissed him back eagerly, hand sliding up his chest and clutching his t-shirt, your hands remaining intertwined as they hung between you. You felt his tongue flick against your lips and you whimpered, your hand moving behind his head and sliding into his hair.
After a few moments, he pulled back and you were both breathing harshly, trying to gain some false sense of control. You opened your eyes and looked at him, his mouth hovering just above you, his eyes burning into yours.
"Again," You whispered, tugging on his locks.
"Bossy," He muttered.
"Just kiss me, idiot," You demanded.
You met in the middle this time, and any confusion, any unknown answers, any frustration just... vanished. For now. And so you did get that goodbye kiss of yours. 
"Mr. Stark's gonna kill me, isn't he?" Peter stated, only pulling back briefly as he littered your lips with kisses again.
You savoured his sweet taste for a minute before responding. "Oh definitely,"
You felt him smile against you. "Worth it,"
A/N: Alright, feedback bitches. Be honest. I genuinely don’t know how I feel about this part. My goal was to do more of the readers POV, keep their original dynamic and traits without compromising their recent idiotic feelings coming out and also them still being in denial about their idiotic feelings because even though they’ve admitted they don’t hate each other, it’ll take more than one night to make ‘em admit they love each other. However, I just really felt like writing some kissy scenes because I’m trying to get more comfortable with it and it’s good practice for me even if it’s ridiculously unrealistic, who cares? It’s fanfic, it’s not supposed to be realistic lol. Now, I’m sorry this took so long to post! School and work has just been so so busy, I’ve been taking ridiculously long shifts and I’ve got exams which is such a pain. I’m gonna try and get a hard start with part fourteen. Please request anything you’d like to see, any feedback, it helps! x
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sumsebien · 2 days ago
you bring me home // nikolai lantsov
summary: nikolai is overworked and you are worried.
word count: 1.1k
warning: none
a/n: got inspired by sweet creature by harry styles y’all. i abandoned my emo, angsty facade for soft, disgustingly sweet fluff. i have no regrets😌
That week had not been easy for him. Between all of his war meetings, he had to deal with the wedge driven between the Second Army and his brother’s sudden interest in his every move. When Nikolai retired to your chambers, he’d give you a kiss goodnight and crouch over his desk all night until his body gave out.
You told him that he needed a break. He didn’t listen to you. He always shook his head, flashed you his dazzling smile and said, “Don’t you know us Princes never sleep?” You could never get it past his thick head that plastering on a smile was not a valid solution to exhaustion. You just had to stand by and watch him burn out.
And just as you dreaded, he did.
It was around midnight. You were dozing off on the lounge chair with a book in your lap. You wanted to wait for Nikolai when he returned from his meetings to make sure he would go to sleep right away. Then, you heard it-the click of the door lock and the heavy footsteps that followed.
You wiped a hand over your eyes, pretending as though you had been awake the entire time. But he had seen you anyways. “You’re back,” you said, putting the book away to stand up.
“You’re not asleep.” His hazel eyes scanned you up and down. You knew your messy hair gave it away, the random strands of hair sticking out from its braid.
Still, you lied, a small grin on your face. “I had too long a nap. Couldn’t sleep.”
His sigh took you by surprise. He didn’t smile either when he took a few steps closer into the room, closer to you. That was when you caught the smell of brandy on his breath. “You’re lying, Y/N. It’s on your face.”
You had been waiting all night just for him to go out drinking? The smile wiped off of your face, you sighed and crossed your arms. “Where were you, Nikolai?”
“You weren’t supposed to be awake,” he said quietly.
“Do you mean I was not supposed to catch you drinking?”
He opened his mouth, about to say something. But then, he thought of something and just sighed instead. “Y/N. I have an early meeting tomorrow and I’d really rather not be arguing right now.”
That cut like a knife. Not the fact that he went out drinking but that he seriously thought he could keep doing it all again. There was a fine line between hardworking and overworked and Nikolai was dancing on it.
You reached out your hand to take a hold of his wrist. “Nikolai,” you tugged at his arm, pulling him back. Your voice was soft but full of hurt when you asked, “Why do you keep doing this to yourself?”
His eyes met yours slowly, almost shyly. In the moonlight, you finally noticed the glossy tears pooling in his eyes. It pained him too. “I-I don’t know,” he whispered, squeezing his eyes shut. “I don’t want to fight. I can’t have you hate me too.”
“Nikolai,” you called again until his eyes opened again, tears rolling down his cheek. Your hand slid lower, closing your fingers around his. “I don’t hate you. I can never hate you. Do you understand me?”
He gave a weak nod and you pulled him into your arms. His skin was cool to the touch, melting into your warmth. He leaned against you like ice on a balmy summer’s day, his hands shaking gently as they fell around your waist.
“I’m so tired,” he confessed, his face buried in the crook of your neck.
“I know, I know.”
Your arms were wrapped around his chest tightly like he would slip away. You stroke his back gently-something your mother used to do when you were restless. It seemed to calm him down, his ragged breathing slowing down along with your touch.
When you felt that he was stable enough, you asked him if he wanted to lay down. He did. So you held his hand, never breaking contact once as the both of you walked to the bed. You had your back against the headboard while Nikolai had his head on your lap.
He had his eyes shut again, his blond hair falling on your shoulders as he rested his cheek against your hand. You brushed his hair back, running your fingers through them until the rise and fall of his chest slowed to match your movements.
When you were certain that he was asleep, you finally heaved a quiet sigh. It scared you so much. The thought that you might not be able to put him back together one day. At this rate, you weren’t sure how much longer you had before that day came.
For now, you could only watch him breath and pray that that day would never come. Looking at him, you suddenly found yourself missing his eyes. The ones that brought you salvation and comfort on your worst days, held you in the safety of their warmth when you felt uneasy. You could only hope Nikolai felt the same when he was with you.
You gently pressed your lips to his temple. “Please don’t drift away from me,” you whispered into the night. You had said it for your sake, thinking that maybe, just maybe it might grant you some relief.
You didn’t intend for him to hear it. But he heard it.
Nikolai opened his eyes and pressed his cheek against the palm of your hand. You hadn’t expected it at all, your heart racing in your chest, a blush spreading across your cheeks. He had heard everything. All of it. Your tired sigh, your words. None of which were meant for his ears.
“Nikolai, I-“
He shook his head, reaching up to caress your cheek with his fingertips. “My sweet, sweet Y/N,” he said. Your cheeks grew hotter, even more so than the first time he had confessed his love to you. Somehow, he always managed to have that effect on you.
And then, he took both of your hands in his, placed them over his heart, his thumb brushing over the back of your hand. You smiled, feeling the rhythm of his heart under your touch. Steady and strong.
Nikolai smiled too. “Do you feel it?”
You nodded. “I do.”
“Then you’ll know that it beats just for you.”
Your lips parted in surprise, the words lost on your tongue.
“How could you ever think I would drift away from you when you, my love-” he grinned, giving your hand a squeeze. “You bring me home.”
🏷: @milkbaer @5hundreddaysofsummer @thefifthweasley @jjficz @kaqua @shadowhuntyi @evyiione
taglist guidelines have a read and tell me what you’d want to be tagged in or removed from 🥰
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Tumblr media
Summary: Getting denied by Bucky turns you into a brat and punishment occurs.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 13.8K (idk what happened)
Warnings: angst, light fluff, dom!bucky (he is pretty soft tbh), oral sex (f/m recieving), spanking w/ paddle, daddy kink, little bit of degradation, use of sex toys, edging, f being tied up, petnames, needysub!reader, orgasm control, unprotected sex, little bit of cock warming, use of 'yellow' safe word, mild subspace (i hope thats everything!)
18+ ONLY - NO MINORS !!!!
Notes: uh hey, this is like my first fic that i have written since i was like 14. This has been in my head for like weeks now and yes i am aware that it is mostly pure smut, don't judge me and my horny brain. anyways, i felt the need to write it and its far too long but oh well. Enjoy!
“Little girl, I do not give you permission to get yourself off, that pleasure is mine, not yours.”
“I can happily fuck your face if you don’t do your job correctly, but I was letting you off a little by letting you go at your own pace”
A/N: since it's long, may as well.
Being denied is an interesting and frustrating thing, you can never understand what it does to your brain, it’s like all of a sudden, a switch in your brain turns on and your entire personality changes to being a horny brat. The first two times of being denied weren’t Bucky’s fault, they were justified, but by the third time, you were so frustrated that you took it out on him, which he didn’t like at all. Three Days Ago, It’s been two weeks since you have seen Bucky. With him being a part of the Avengers, you had become used to being away from him while he was on a mission, but it still doesn’t make it any easier when he is gone. He makes me stay at the Tower in case something happens, and you are more protected there than at your apartment. You love staying at the tower, it truly is your second home, you just much prefer it when everyone is home.
The team is expected back at the Tower any minute now. You cannot wait to be in his arms and just have him close to me for the first time in 14 days, everything seems to be at an equilibrium when you’re with him and you miss that feeling. Like it appears out of nowhere, you hear the sound of the Quinjet landing and immediately, your body gets a sense of excitement and nerves for seeing Bucky, without even realising what your body is doing, you make my way up to the landing strip and wait for the team to walk out of the jet.
You haven’t heard about how the mission went, but if something goes wrong, you are typically informed in-advanced, so like you do every time you’re waiting for them to come back, you are just silently hoping for the best outcome. Firstly, you see Natasha walking out of the jet, she is walking perfectly fine with that fierce strut that she always has but by the look in her eyes, she is ready to sleep in her own bed. “Hey girl, it’s so lovely to see your face” Nat walks to you giving me a big and comforting hug. You had missed the team so much and you were so excited to catch up with them all, but you had more important things to do first.
Sam and Steve walk out of the jet and towards you, they both give you a hug and kiss on the cheek. Your heart is suddenly racing with worry and questioning why he is the last one out of the jet. Seeing your worried face, Steve says “He’s fine, just a bit tired” “But god, he is so excited to see you, if I have to hear about him talk about missing you any longer, I’m going to shoot him and then myself” Sam groans, making your chuckle but feel so much better. You’re so glad that they all came home safely. “Piss off Sam, I’m allowed to miss my girl. You are just jealous that I have someone to come home too and you don’t” The sound of his voice makes you soften, even when it sounds grumpy, it’s still your favourite voice in the world. At your first look at him, he looks perfectly fine with no injuries but when staring at him for a little while, you can see his tired eyes and the little sluggish walk he has, showing that his body is tired and sore, it looks like he can feel the weight of his metal arm more than usual. But the moment he looks at you, his beautiful Brooklyn smile is at full beam. “Hey Darling” Bucky smiles and wraps his arms around your body, you feel him melt into your hold and sigh out loud like he does every time he has home from a mission. “Hey Buck, how was the mission?”
“It went good, so happy to be home though” Bucky pulls back to look at you face better and to fit his slightly chapped lips onto yours. “I missed you”
“I missed you too” Later on, after everyone had settled to their own rooms for the night and Bucky had taken a long and needed shower, you are both lying in bed and completely melted into each other’s arms. You and Bucky slept in many different positions, the two most common is you laying on his chest or being spooned by him. But every single time after a mission, you both lay on your sides with your foreheads lightly touching and legs all tangled together so you can steal kisses every now and then. You think you two lay in this position so you can look and admire each other’s faces after not seeing each other for a while. You like to gently caress his face; the feeling comforts the both of you. You can see that he needs to rest but after staring at his face and feeling his body, your need for him become strong. You begin to shift your hips and start to place sweet kisses on his cheeks and lips trying to make it clear as possible that you want him. His metal hand comes to your hips to halt your actions “Baby, I truly want you, but I am so tired, can we just get some sleep, and this can continue in the morning?”
“Of course” “I’m sorry” “Don’t be” you whisper, giving him a peck on his lips and then settling into the crook of his neck. “I love you sweet girl” “I love you too Buck, I’m so happy you’re home” That was the first time you were denied, and Bucky wasn’t able to complete his promise of continuing in the morning as your sleep was disrupted far too early by Steve. “You have to go don’t you” you sleepily groan, trying to grip on to him so he stays in your bed. “I’m sorry Darling, I have reports to do and other shit with Steve” Bucky weakly smiles at you. “I’ll make it up to you I promise” With a kiss on your forehead, he was gone. Two Days Ago, You have not seen Bucky all day today, you know he said that he would make it up to you, but you couldn’t see it happening today. You just got him back from a mission and it’s like he is still gone. Of course, you understand that he has a job to do but its 7pm and you still haven’t seen him since this morning. You don’t understand what Steve still needs from him. Even if you weren’t here, Bucky deserves to have the day off to recover. You have texted him asking if he is having dinner with you, which you got a short response of just ‘Yes’ so begun to cook dinner hoping that he will come home before you finished. You hear the small sound of the elevator, announcing that someone had arrived on your floor, you watch your boyfriend stroll in looking at a folder with an intense look on his face. You can tell that he is stressed about something. Finally, he looks up at you, “Hey honey”
“Hey, is everything okay?” “Yeah, of course” Bucky just shrugs and puts the folder on the bench “Come and give me a kiss”
After double checking that everything your cooking is okay, you walk over to Bucky and slip into his arms to give him a kiss. Bucky places his hands into your hair to deepen the kiss which makes you feel dizzy in the best way. “You still owe me a continuation of last night” You mention after a few heart clenching kisses Bucky chuckles “Yes you needy girl, I am aware of that and I will give you what you need after dinner” You grab his hips pushing him into yours, slipping your hands down to his firm butt “It’s been 15 days, excuse me for being needy” “Did you follow my rules baby?” “Yes” You whisper into his lips.
“Yes what?”
“Yes daddy, I followed your rules” “Good girl” Bucky smirked very pleased with your words.
One of the things that you learnt very quickly about Bucky is that is a greedy and controlling lover but in the best and loving way. He is also very kinky which matches you perfectly. Bucky has one main rule, which is that he has to give you the permission for every orgasm you have, he loves knowing that he has control over such an intimate act. This rule can be very challenging since he goes away on missions for somethings weeks or one time a month but over the time that you have known each other, you both found ways to ease the struggles of his rule, you have had many Facetime, phone calls or even texts to make sure that you both get what we want – you an orgasm and him to have control. “I really hated that we had zero communication on that mission.” You signed, “14 days has been far too long” “or you are just a greedy girl” “or most people don’t have someone else controlling when they are allowed to come or not”
“That is true, but you do so you’ll just have to wait until I’m nice enough to give you permission” He smirks at you, this makes you pull out of his grip to check on the food. The faster we have dinner, the faster you can get the release you need. “I better get that permission tonight” “Or what, little girl?” His words make your body heat up and you get a great need to clench your thighs together. God, you had missed him. Bucky looks at you with a straight face, but you can see by his eyes that there is a hint of tensing at his words. Bucky is typically a very giving lover and he loves making you come as often as you can but sometimes, he really enjoys making you work for his permission. “Or nothing Daddy” you smile sweetly at him; not want anything coming between you and hitting that sweet spot tonight. After dinner is finished, you both clean the kitchen and get ready for bed. Your body is waiting in anticipation for tonight, but you try your hardest to not look so desperate for him. “Join me for a shower?” Bucky asks putting his hand out for you to take. Showering together is something that you had been doing since the early days of your relationship. Most of the time, it’s nothing but innocent comfort and just having time to yourselves. You are hoping that tonight won’t be so innocent. You let Bucky guide you to the bathroom and you begin to undress yourself, while he turns on the shower and then does the same. You are are only looking at each other with a strong gaze, he tilts his head at you with a smirk on his face when he realises that your chest is raising a little higher than normal. “Are you expecting something during this shower sweet girl?” Bucky chuckles at me when you just shrug, obviously you are expecting something but not wanting to jinx anything.
You both get in the shower and allow the water to fall over your bodies, your gaze is still on him making your heart race. Both stood under the water looking at each other for a total of 30 seconds before you were roughly pushed up against the wall and getting the air sucked out of you by the firmness of his lips. Your hands go straight to his hip for support as your mouths open up for each other to deepen the kiss. You hear him groan at the feeling of your bodies flushing together. “15 days is definitely far too long” Bucky grips the back of your thighs to lift you into his arms, the strength of his metal arm is enough to hold you up while his flesh hand makes its way around your body to sweet but firmly caress it. Things quickly get more intense and you begin to kiss down his neck, kissing and sucking at all of his sweet spots making him lightly gasp and moan. You both begin to consciously rock your hips to create friction, this causes you to get more aroused and needy. “Bucky, I need you please” You beg panting into his neck. You don’t think you have felt so turned on so fast in your life. “Already baby? I was going to take my sweet time with you tonight” Bucky’s hand wonders down to your breast, he gives it a little bit of attention before continuing down your body to where you needed him most.
“Can you just take the edge off please” you needly beg. You’re sounding so greedy at this point, but you really don’t care.
Bucky chuckles “You greedy girl, thinking that Daddy will get you off more than once tonight” His fingers slip lightly into your folds to feel how wet you are, he begins to stroke you, not giving you any pressure on your clit or pressing into your opening. You groan at his teasing “Please Daddy, I’ve been so good for you” “I know sweetheart, but you need to be patient” He kisses your lips while continuing to tease you which just makes you become more brattier than before. “No, Daddy” you whine, rocking your hips “I need it now” “Little girl, don’t be- “Bucky is cut off by JARVIS over the speaker.
“Sorry the inconvenience Sergeant Barnes and Miss Y//L/N but Captain Rogers is requesting Sergeant Barnes on the roof as soon as possible for an emergency situation” JARVIS speaks, making your heart sink and get down from Bucky’s grip. “Captain Rogers wants to inform you that hopefully this will only take tonight, and you will be back by the morning” That was being denied a second time and they weren’t back by the morning, no they didn’t get back till the next night.
“I’m so sorry baby” “It’s fine, you have to go” Yesterday
“Hey, I’m really sorry that Buck had it be called away to a mission, it wasn’t meant to take that long” Steve apologises, it was clear that he felt bad about taking Bucky away from you. “If it makes you feel any better, Bucky was angry at me the whole time for disturbing your time together.” “It’s fine Steve, stuff like this is out of everyone’s control” You smile politely at him, even though you are seriously frustrated at how long it took for them to get back, which is stupid because you can never put a time limit on missions. We are all sitting at in the communal area of the tower, they had been back from the mission for 40 minutes. Most of the adrenaline had worn off by now and they all looked so tired. None of them look like they haven’t rested their eyes since leaving. “Babe let’s get go to bed” You pull at Bucky’s hand; he looks so tired and you’re ready to cuddle with him in bed and most likely watch him fall asleep. “Goodnight everyone” Bucky calls out, they all respond with weak replies. You can’t see them staying up any longer.
“Sweet girl, I’m sorry for barely spending anytime with you in so long.” Bucky says bring your intertwined hands up to his lips so he can kiss them. “I’ll make it up- “ “Bucky, my love, it’s not your fault. Let’s just get some sleep and we can talk tomorrow.” you reply as we reach the elevator, you pull him to your body so you can give him a sweet kiss on the lips as a promise that everything is okay. Present Day Waking up in Bucky’s arms this morning became your definition of heaven. His body felt so warm and nice curled up around yours, getting to touch his skin and watch his chest rise and fall while sleeping. It all felt truly magical. Until his phone rang. Of course, it was the morning after a mission. He had reports to do. You hear him groan at the sound of his phone ringing. “No” you firmly say, moving to grab his phone to turn it off.
“What are you doing?”
“Declining the call, you aren’t going into work because then I won’t see you until later on tonight” “You can’t do that” Bucky takes the phone out of your hands to answer the call. “Hey Steve, yeah I’ll be there in 15” “Bucky” you whine “Don’t leave, I have had barely any time with you” This is when your brattiness started. “I know Darling and I’m sorry, but I have to go, I won’t be long” Bucky softly speaks to you, hoping to make it easier for you to accept. “No” you firmly say “You’re not leaving
Bucky raises an eyebrow at your tone and looks at you sternly “I have to leave, so please be a good girl and don’t make a fuss about this.” “No”
“Y/N please, don’t be a brat.”
“Fine, just go” you lay back down and turn your body away from him. You hear Bucky sigh and move to lean over your body. “Baby, I am sorry that I have to leave but I don’t have a choice” “You never do” You bite out, really frustrated as you just wanted one morning with your boyfriend, to reconnect and just enjoy his presence. “Don’t be bitter. I love you baby. I’ll see you soon” He kisses your shoulder while he waits for your reply. Another Bucky rule, since you said I love you for the first time, he had a rule that you always have to say it back, no matter what. Bucky pulled you on your front to grab your chin lightly “Say it back” You looked at him sternly “Kiss me first” Bucky’s face softens and bends down to kiss your forehead, both of your cheeks, nose and then lastly places the softest kiss on your lips. He then looks at you with a tilt of his head, waiting for you to say it back. You sigh with a small smile “I love you too” “Good, I’ll be back before lunch time. I promise”
“You better keep that promise” Did you wait on the couch waiting for him to get back at lunchtime, you bet you did. Did he get back before lunch time? Of course not. All you get is phone call at 1:30pm from Bucky. “You aren’t coming home, are you?” He immediately signs over the phone at your tone. “Baby, I’m sorry I have a meeting with Steve and some other officials that I can’t get out of. But we will both join everyone at dinner tonight. I have asked for tomorrow off so I’m all yours then, you’ll just have to wait a little longer.” Bucky near pleads for you to be okay with is answer. Obviously, you’re not.
You are seriously horny and in need for Bucky’s dick inside you now. All of your brattiness is coming to play right now. “Give me permission to get myself off, since you won’t do it yourself” Bucky growls over the phone, you can hear him move to a more private place to say “Little girl, I do not give you permission to get yourself off, that pleasure is mine, not yours.” “You haven’t given me an ounce of pleasure for too long. You don’t deserve to have my pleasure.” you argue back, knowing that you have pissed him off completely. You have never said anything like that to him before. “You better think very carefully about what you are saying right now. You don’t get to speak to me that way. I can happily deny you for longer brat.” Bucky voice sounds so cold, you have only heard him speak like that a few times, but never to you. “I am apologising to you for not keeping my promise, I am very sorry. But since you don’t have my permission, you can’t come, and you better not break that rule. You also need to fix your attitude by dinner time. Do you understand me Y/N?”
“No, I don’t. I won’t break the rule so if you want me to fix my attitude, come and fix it yourself” You hang up on Bucky and quickly widen your eyes as you realise what you have done. Fuck you were so screwed. You feel a buzz in your hand, It’s a call from Bucky. You hesitate but answer the call “I’m so sorry Bucky I don’t-“ You are cut off with words that send a chill down your entire body “Your punishment begins now” Bucky spits out “You do not get to speak to me like that, nor do you get to hang up on me” “I’m sorry”
“Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking to you” Bucky near yells over the phone. Shit, you have really made him angry. “Starting now, you do not touch me until I say so, you do not speak to me unless I ask you a question” You panic at his words “We have a team dinner tonight though?” You whisper.
“I understand Y/N, but this is punishment, so you can figure that out. I doubt you want the team to know that you are being punished for being a brat” His tone is still cold, but he knows that you really don’t enjoy embarrassment, especially in front of his team. “Lastly, except for dinner, you will only call me Daddy” “Do you understand your punishment?” “Yes” “Y/N’ He warns “Yes daddy” You are quick to respond, whispering a small sorry afterwards. “Good” “I have to go but I will see you at dinner, you better remember the rules” “I will, um Daddy?” you question, your voice feeling so small, you know you’re not meant to speak but feeling a little overwhelmed you needed to hear it “What?” “Um, I love you” Bucky sighs over the phone, even when he’s angry, he has it say it back. “I love you too, I always will baby” He responses with a very soft tone, he pauses for a few seconds then hangs up. I sit down on the couch to take a breather about what just happened and what is going to happen tonight. Shit. I haven’t even thought about the actual punishment, those rules are nothing compared to what could happen during. You have been punished by Bucky before, it’s not a weekly thing or even monthly. But it has happened. You are typically really good, the only time you have been punished is when you are too needy and become a brat like today or when you have done something reckless or stupid, but it has never been this bad before.
-- The anticipation of waiting to see him at dinner is making you frustrated but when it finally arrives, you are all of a sudden dreading it. What if something goes terribly wrong and he is seriously angry at you, like more than the punishment. What if someone can tell what’s going on and brings it up? Oh god.
“Hey Y/N” When you walk into the communal floor, you see Vision and Wanda beginning to start dinner. You always loved team dinner, you feel so apart of their little family and the food is so good.
“Hey guys” You begin to make small talk with them and slowly everyone walks onto the floor until we are waiting for Steve and Bucky. “Where are dumb and dumber?” Sam asks you after realising that they are taking their time to get here. You bite your lip nervously, but you answer, “They had a meeting this afternoon with some officials, I don’t really know” “So you haven’t spent any proper time with Bucky for what 17 days?” Nat asks looking upset for you. If only she knew how you felt. “Not really, but what can I do about it” You laugh sadly, you get pity looks from all of them which you try to ignore, until you hear the elevator ding and all of a sudden, the air gets thinner around you. You can’t even look behind to see them walk in. “Here they are” Sam exclaims “Yo Bucky, you need to spend some time with your girl here, it’s been too long, she looks sad” Your eyes widen at Sam’s words, he has no idea how much worse he just made this situation for you. “Oh, is that right” Bucky tensely says “Y/N, is Sam correct?” You have to answer because he asked you a question and it’s a rule of the punishment. You turn to look at your partner, seeing his jaw more tense that ever before and hidden fury in his eyes. “Uh, kind of, I understand that you are busy” You are trying so hard to make this better for yourself, but you can’t see it working out well. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to do better then. I don’t want to upset my girl” The way he says it sounds sweet, but you can still hear the anger in his words. You have already told him today that he wasn’t doing enough and now hearing it from Sam, it can’t be nice for him to hear. He sits down across from you and while you want him to sit right next to you so you can be close to him, but it’s probably better that he doesn’t. This way you can fully see all of his expressions and body language. Bucky looks so tense and like he is vibrating with anger, you can see Steve looking at him trying to understand what is going on. You wonder if he has been this way since your phone call, you really hope not. It’s taking everything in you not to comfort him, but you know that you’re not allowed to touch or talk to him unless he says you can. You thought that the actual punishment was going to be worse than the rules but now you’re not so sure. Everyone is making small conversation while we wait for dinner to be ready, but you can’t find any words to spark a conversation. Bucky is talking to Natasha; he hasn’t even glanced in your direction once. After 40 minutes of this, your brattiness that you hoped had gone away, it’s slowly making a strong comeback. Vision and Wanda start placing the food on the table and as per usual Steve does a toast before we start eating, you don’t even pay attention to him, just looking firmly at Bucky who is aware that you are looking at him but won’t give you the time of day. And just like that, hands are going in every direction to grab the food that they want so you start doing the same thing. We all have a routine of asking and passing the food around to whoever wants it or if its closer to you so when Bucky asks for something, it was uncommon for your response.
“Y/N, can you pass me the bread” You look down at the bread that is close to you but within his reach if he wanted it. You could just tell he was asking you to do something to toy with you and he didn’t even say please. But he hadn’t realised that your brattiness had come back when you said: “No, you got hands, you can get it yourself” The entire table stopped and looked at you with shock, they have never heard you say no to Bucky before. You would never say no to something as small as that but because of your frustration, you couldn’t help myself. “Y/N” Bucky warned, looking really angry and disappointed that you didn’t lose your attitude. Which isn’t true, you did. It just came back in that 40 minutes of him ignoring you. You shrug and began to eat. Wanda who was sitting next to you, gives him the bowl of bread.
The table felt a little awkward, so you decided to break the ice, while ignoring Bucky. “Vis, this food is amazing, where is the recipe from?”
Just like that, the table chatter started to pick up again minus Bucky, who just looked at you with a very strong stare. You really tried to make your situation better, but it didn’t work so you’ll just deal with more punishment instead, at this point you didn’t care. “Y/N” Bucky starts to speak, everyone was in their own bubble of conversation and food “Look at me”
“Yes” “Don’t” That was it. Just ‘don’t’. It’s honestly like he is asking you to be a brat. “I have no idea what you are talking about James” You never call him James, like ever. Bucky sucks a deep breath in, trying his hardest not to lose his shit. You can see Steve staring at you with shock and confusion, he knows that you don’t call Bucky by his birth name. Now he has to know that something is going on.
“Y/N, you are making this harder for yourself” Bucky is trying his hardest to speak without saying too much. Even when he is angry at you, he still respects you enough not to embarrass you. You look at Bucky with a smirk, a true bratty smirk and just continue to eat your food. You’re sure he had a plan in his head for how tonight was going to go and it’s like you can see inside his head making this punishment worst for you as his anger increases. The more he becomes angry, the more you become a brat. It’s truly a fun game.
Bucky eats his dinner and when it is clear that everyone has finished eating, normally we move to the communal area to talk more or watch a movie but it’s clear that for Bucky and me, we won’t be joining them tonight. “Well, since everyone knows that I haven’t spent enough time with Y/N recently, sorry to leave you so quickly but we have places to be” You wince at his words, looking at him standing at the table. He nods his head at you, silently telling you to get up. You obey him and start to say goodnight to everyone, giving Sam, Vision and Steve a kiss on a cheek and the girls a quick hug. Steve gives you a silent good luck which you just smile softly at him. You are am fairly certain he knows that you’re being punished, even though it’s awkward for him to know, it doesn’t bother you too much. You look up to find Bucky who is waiting for you at the elevator. Either this is going to be one of the most awkward moments of your life or the most intense. It’s not until the elevator doors close, Bucky speaks. “You are going to go straight to our room, strip and kneel by the bed waiting for me. Y/N, I swear if you disobey me there will be no chance of you getting what you want tonight.” Bucky speaks coldly “I normally am more generous to you and your neediness, but you have pushed all of my buttons tonight, this really is a punishment.” You want to say that you understand and apologise even though you’re are far past that, but you just nod because you know that you’re not allowed to speak. Once the doors open, you make your way to the room and follow his rules. A small part of you wants to be a brat but you decide against it, your need to have an orgasm is bigger. You kneel on the carpet, fully naked and waiting for Bucky. This is normally how your punishments start but it has been a while since you have been in this position. Bucky walks into the room but you don’t look up at them even though your subconscious is telling me that you want to look at him, you really want to look at the man you love but you know that you’re not allowed. “Y/N look at me” Bucky is standing over you fully clothed, making your naked body kneeling on the floor blush all over. He looks so tense but oddly calm, you know that he enjoys your punishments because it allows him to have control and to push your body in ways that you never imagined it could. He just hates being angry at you. “Tell me what you are being punished for” You stutter but answered the question “I am being punished because I was disrespectful to you, I disobeyed your orders, I hung up the phone after saying mean things that I didn’t mean, I was rude to you at dinner, I was being a brat.” Wow, that was a long list, you didn’t realise everything that had happened today until now. You really were being a brat today. “Do you think there was anything else?” “um, I also hurt your feelings”. You whispered, you hated upsetting Bucky. Making him angry was one thing but upsetting him is something that you never wanted to do. “Hm.” Bucky nodded at everything that you said “Before we start the punishment, I will repeat the rules, so you understand”
“You are not allowed to speak to me unless spoken to, I will allow noises but no words except for 4 fours, what are they, Y/N?”
“Green, Yellow, Red and our safe word Brooklyn” you say them without hesitation. This part of the punishment you have heard many times but every time, it settles your nerves a little bit. “Good, you need to use those words whenever you need too. This is a punishment and I do have control, but you always have the highest control during this, do you understand? “Yes Daddy” That was a point that was always made very clear to you during the punishment, Bucky loved to have control and you loved giving it to him, but you always had the overall control, you could stop him doing anything by just one word.
“You aren’t allowed to touch me at any time until I tell you that you can. You must obey my orders when presented them, unless you used those four words and lastly, you must only call me Daddy at during this” Bucky finishes his rules with a steady breath, the room is feeling very intense now. “Do you understand all of these rules?”
“Yes, I understand Daddy”
“Good girl, can you please get up onto the bed but be in the same position” You follow through with his demand, this is one of your favourite parts of the punishment. You don’t know why but it seems to make everything feel a little sweeter. Bucky stands before you, placing his hands around your face, getting fairly close. “I know that I am about to punish you and speak and act a little mean but there is never a time during this that I don’t love you with my entire being and that I don’t cherish you and respect you, do you understand?” “Yes daddy, I love you too” Bucky smiles and continues “While I am still angry and upset at you for how we got here in the first place, I want to apologise for not giving you the attention that I know you need and deserve. This wouldn’t have happened if I just spent a couple of hours attending to all of your needs, mentally and physically so I am very sorry. We will talk more about this later, but can you accept my apology?” “I accept your apology Daddy” You sincerely say, wanting to apologize for your actions as well but you know that now is not the right time for that. “Thank you, I love you” “I love you too” You smile at him, trying very hard to not pounce on him to show your love and need that you have for him. and to top off the sweet moment, Bucky leans forward to place a soft and loving kiss, giving you your first kiss since seeing him this evening. But very quickly sweet and loving Bucky quickly turns into the same Bucky from earlier, angry and strong. The change gives you whiplash. “Y/N, I want you to get on all fours for me, facing the head of the bed.” His voice gives me goosebumps, you follow his demand. You know that being in this position means that you’re getting spanked with anything that isn’t his hand, which means that a part of your punishment is that he won’t touch you with his hands. This is truly one of your least favourite parts of being punished, you thrive on his touch and he knows that. Bucky places things next to you on the bed you didn’t even realise he had grabbed, it could be a number of things, you have a box that filled of toys that you have played with. You want to turn and look to see what he picked but you keep looking toward the head of the bed trying to please him as much as possible. “Y/N listen carefully, I am going to spank you with a paddle twelve times, I want you to count every time and if you need to use those four words please don’t hesitate. I know that twelve can be a lot with a paddle, but I believe that you can do it.” Bucky explains “Do you understand?” “Yes, I understand Daddy” You breathe out your nerves, you love being spanked but mostly when you’re over his lap and he is using his hand. This is different, you don’t have the comfort of being close to his body and having his touch. “Remember to count” Bucky says before landing the first hit on your left cheek. You gasp at the feeling, forgetting how much it stings “One” He switches to the right cheek “Two” Bucky pauses “Colour?” “Green daddy” as soon as the words leave your mouth, he lays the third one back on your left cheek, hitting right over the last spot. “Three” “Four” This is hurting more than his hand and you are missing the feeling of his hand rubbing the area when he’s done. He normally does it with is metal one which always soothes the area perfectly. “Five”
“Six” We are halfway there but each one is getting a little bit harder to tolerate, you are now wincing at each hit and your legs are starting to tremble. “Seven” you gasp out with tears pooling in your eyes but don’t fall down your face just yet. “Eight”
“Nine” You slightly sob at the pain; the hits are getting hard each time.
“Ten” The tears have fallen by now and you are starting to notice your brain becoming slightly foggy, this typically happens when you get spanked.
“Two more Y/N, you are doing so good” Bucky is noticing your body becoming unstable. He understands your body more than you do, so you have full trust in his ability to keep you safe while feeling a little more vulnerable than before. Bucky hits your butt cheek with the same force but on a different angle, so it wasn’t hitting the same spot as previous the hits. “Count Y/N” “Eleven” With the last hit on your ass, your legs give out and your body lands firmly on the bed while you mutter out “Twelve”
“Good girl, I’m so proud of you” Bucky gives you a moment to breathe and settle. All he can give you are his comforting words because you know that he won’t touch you. You turn over onto your back with a grim look on your face from the pain, but you want to see his face. All you can see is his face tense but with soft eyes and his fists clenched like it is killing him not touching you.
Without giving it a second thought, he reaches to you face only to wipe away the tears falling from your eyes and pulling back. “Colour?” “Green daddy” you smile ready for more. Your butt is throbbing, but your head still feels a little cloudy so the pain is less present than it should be. “Good, can you stand up next to me please.” Bucky spoke and began to unbutton his t-shirt, making you feel giddy at the chance of seeing him shirtless, even those you have seen every inch of his body more times than you can count.
Once his t-shirt is off and you are standing next to him, he begins to take off his pants but leaving his boxers on. He sits on the edge of the bed “Kneel between my legs” “Daddy” Your eyes widen when you realise that he is requesting, you quickly kneel between his legs and gently rest your ass on your calves without causing too much pain.
“I didn’t say that you can talk, you also cannot touch to me so put your hands behind your back.” Bucky instructs you; he shifts to make himself more comfortable which allows you to see his hard length in his boxers. You feel your body shake with excitement; You haven’t had Bucky in your mouth for 17 days which is longer than you are used too. Whenever this intimate act happens, you normally can take your time touching him and praising him, just completely worshipping his body but this is a punishment, so you know that you won’t be able to do that.
“Now because you are a dirty girl who loves having my cock in her mouth” you gasp at his sudden dirty words “I understand that this might not be a punishment for you, but because I am greedy and all this is because you wanted to get your release, I have decided that I get to come first while you still wait until you are given permission. You have been a brat all day thinking that your pleasure is more important than mine, but it’s not. So, you are going to suck my cock until I finish in your mouth and you are to swallow everything, I give you.” “Understand?” ‘Yes daddy” You grin at him which just makes him shake his head at you. Even though you are grinning, you are frustrated and so aroused. Sucking Bucky off makes you so much needier because it turns you on a lot. You love the feel of him in your mouth and giving him as much pleasure as you can.
Bucky reaches into his boxers to pull his cock out; he pumps it a few times with his metal hand to tease you knowing that you’re not allowed to touch him with anything other than your mouth. You stare intensely watching bits of precum trail down his tip, you look up at Bucky waiting for permission to get your lips around him. “Go ahead brat”
Leaning forward and trying to keep your balance, you stick out your tongue to lick everything that had been released from his tip, the familiar taste of his precum urges you on. “Don’t be a brat and tease Y/N, this is a punishment and it’s about me, not you” Bucky growls, lifting his hips a little to get you to take him fully in his mouth. Without even thinking, you take as much as you can into your mouth without releasing your hands from behind your back. “Fuck” Bucky groans throwing his head back. You guess it has been a while since he has had your mouth as well, but at least he was allowed to get off without anyone’s permission.
You pull up lightly giving the tip of his cock a tight suck, moaning a little so he can feel the vibrations on the most sensitive part of him. You look up at him to watch his facial expressions as you sink back down on his cock, allowing your mouth to take as much as you can until you can feel him hitting the top of throat. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of you deep-throating him just yet, you pull back up and continuing that motion for a bit, just appreciating the feel and the heat of him in your mouth “You can do better than that Y/N, don’t be lazy and get me off” Bucky grunts, thrusting his hips a little making your gag around him and your eyes water. You pull off him to take a breath and lick at his tip again, running your tongue across his slit making his breathing grow heavier, before swallowing your mouth around him to take him as far as it allows you. You can feel his cock twitch in your mouth a little making your mouth salivate and make this whole process a little wetter, but it’s makes it easier for his cock to slide up and down your throat. You slow down and try to take your time deep throating him, hoping to make this as pleasurable as you can for him, but he seems to have other ideas. “I can happily fuck your face if you don’t do your job correctly, but I was letting you off a little by letting you go at your own pace” You moan around his shaft, you haven’t had your face fucked since your last punishment. Bucky loves letting you take your time getting him off, for his own pleasure and yours. He loves the pleasure building up over time allowing him to have a stronger release and he loves watching you be a slut for his cock.
“Oh, is that something you want?” Bucky chuckles at your response “Little slut wants her face fucked, huh” Your entire body clenches at his words and you begin to feel your arousal slip down to your thighs. You nod lightly with him still your mouth, your body is craving a release but all you can think about is you gagging around his dick. Bucky is still not touching you with his hands, but he skilfully thrusts up, making you take his entire length at a strong pace. He continues this movement with little grunting noises until you feel your lungs burn, fighting to get air in. Bucky pulls back for a little bit, allowing you to get air into your lungs and suck at his crown tasting the salt that had released. “I am close brat, finish me off” It doesn’t take long but after skilfully using your mouth in the way you know he loves; he grunts out profanities and warm seed is filling your mouth making you swallow around him giving him extra pleasure on his now sensitive head. “Fuck Y/N, your dirty mouth is so useful, getting me off so well” You release him from your mouth, licking everything that was left remaining on his length, his cock twitching at the sensation. Bucky pushes you back softly to give you your next order, not wasting anytime. “Get up on the bed, on your back with your arms up” You finally take a quick glance at the items on the bed and see silk rope and your favorite dildo and vibrator. You realize what the rest of your punishment is going to be, after trying your hardest to get permission to come, you are now going to be edged and denied for as many times as Bucky sees fit. You hate being edged. You are too needy to be edged and you become the biggest brat. You would much rather be overstimulated and be allowed as many orgasms as your allowed. Now you are being edged, without being allowed to talk or touch Bucky nor are you being touched by him. This might be a little less frustrating if you were being edged by his fingers, mouth or cock but no, only your vibrator and dildo. Bucky reaches over you to tie your hands to the headboard, he is clearly doing everything in his power not to touch your body in the process. “Not too tight?” He asks yanking at the rope a little to make sure its secure. “No daddy, green” You give it a little pull yourself, to test how much movement you have in your arms, which isn’t as much as you hoped but you still felt comfortable. “Repeat the 4 four words to me” “Green, Yellow, Red and Brooklyn” Bucky nods standing up to look at you tied to your bed. “Look at you, so needy all day wanting to get off. I had all night and tomorrow planned to worship your body and give you permission to come as many times as you wanted because I knew that you needed my fingers, my mouth and my cock to satisfy you. But no, you had to be a spoilt brat and ruin my plans, you wouldn’t listen to me and be patient.” Bucky shakes his head while all I want is to sink into the bed feeling embarrassed by my actions today, but I have no choice but to be present and listen to everything he is saying. “You know I still haven’t decided if I’m going to give your permission to come tonight, you were so disrespectful to me today so I could be mean. I could edge you until I’m ready to bury myself into you and just use your holes for my pleasure, because my pleasure is more important, isn’t it Y/N?”
“Yes” you whisper with watery eyes from both feeling so frustrated and embarrassed.
“Yes daddy, your pleasure is more important than mine” You lightly sob, pulling at the ropes before responding “Yes daddy, your pleasure is more important than mine” “Spread your legs” You whimper at your request knowing that he is going to see how wet you are, see how desperate your body is for him. “You desperate brat, you are dripping onto the bed” Bucky laughs with a mocking tone “You must really be needing a release if you are this worked up, too bad you don’t have permission” Wanting to beg with everything you have to get him to touch you, you just nod and shift your hips as that is all that you can do. These rules are really affecting you; you hate not being able to talk to him. Bucky kneels on the floor, getting really close to your dripping cunt but not touching it, instead he does the cruelest thing and lightly blows straight at your clit while looking directly into your eyes. You groan at the sensation while he watches you with smirk. Your core is clenching at just that small act, feeling no relief at all. You just want to beg and plead for something. “Reminder than you are not allowed to come without my permission” Bucky states “I am giving you a heads up now that I am not going to be generous so don’t get your hopes up for a release anytime soon” You groan with frustration needing to get off right now. Since you have only ever been allowed to come until he tells you, your body has become fairly trained at holding off until you hear those words, but with the punishment happening and how long it has been since you came last, you aren’t too sure if you will be able to help yourself. “Remember the rules and I might be nice eventually” Bucky picks up the vibrator making my stomach twist in anticipation, you were hoping that he would start with the dildo first. While you can get off from just penetration, it takes longer unlike getting vibrators on your sensitive bud. All of a sudden forgetting all the times in the past that you have used this toy, you get a big shock when he turns it on and places it just above your clit moaning at the intense feeling. The vibrator is on a lower setting and isn’t directly where you need it, but it doesn’t stop you from moaning loudly and bending your knees finally getting an inch of release. “I’m sure that feels good brat but it just going to build and build, you aren’t going to get that release that you need” Bucky begins to tease you with his words and movement, the toy is now running up and down your soaked folds. “Stop moving, otherwise I will tie your legs down too” He orders after you began to shift your hips towards the vibrations. You can’t help yourself; he just isn’t hitting any of the spots that you need him too. Soft whimpers fall out of your mouth, hoping that he understands that you are begging for more, which of course he does when he turns it to another, more intense setting and placing it just directly under your clit. Your body spasms involuntarily and your mouth falls open with a silent moan.
Your pleasure is building a lot quicker that you thought that it would. It had only been minutes and you were so close to coming. If he put the vibrations directly on your clit, you were in serious danger of coming without permission. “You are so wet Y/N, it’s almost gushing out of you, are you that desperate that you need to come already?’ Bucky turns it up to another setting but keeps it in the same place, constant noises were falling out on your mouth at this point, you are wanting so badly to use your words to voice how you are feeling but you just nod quickly, you really need to come. “You need to hold it Y/N, you aren’t allowed that pleasure of letting go” Bucky sternly says watching you lose your mind trying to hold it. You are gasping for breaths with your chest rising and fall quickly, it feels like there is a band in your cunt that is wearing thin and wanting to snap any minute so you can orgasm, but you don’t let it. Bucky begins to circle the vibrator around your clit, hitting every nerve that you have. You back are now arched and if your hands weren’t tied up, they would be straight into Bucky’s hair griping tightly. But all you can do is just shake your head and clench your fist around the rope. You are so close to the edge that when Bucky takes it off your cunt, you groan loudly at both the frustration and there is always just burst of pleasure when you get a ruined orgasm, it’s not as good as the real thing but it feels so intense.
“Well done Y/N” Bucky praises watching you shake in response to how your body is feeling right now. “I know you need that release, but you didn’t let go” “Colour?”
While panting you say “Green, Daddy”
Your body is settling down a little, but you know that this time is going to be so intense for you and only going to get worse. Mentally preparing for the frustration, you look at Bucky for comfort. His body is standing tall at the foot of the bed and he is looking at you in awe and making sure that everything is green in your mind and body. While this is still a punishment, you can now see his anger diminishing and he is just enjoying watching your body being pushed to the edge and your frustration about the situation. You are aching for his touch; it has been too long since you felt his hands on your body, missing the feeling the coolness of the metal hand contrasting with the warmth of his right hand. How softly he caresses your body, giving you kisses and bites all over your body. Especially seeing him between your legs, all you want is to feel him place kisses in your inner thighs and grip them firmly. Paying attention to his movements, you watch him put down the vibrator that is glistening in your arousal and pick up the dildo. You suck in deeply looking at the toy, you and Bucky had used this often, your most favourite memory is him fucking you with it sitting on the floor with your legs spread in front of a mirror, remembering that moment and how amazing it felt, you grew excited at having it fill your cunt again. “Don’t get too excited needy brat” Bucky laughs at your excitement “You still can’t come yet, just have to take it in that throbbing cunt of yours” You groan at him saying the word cunt but spread your legs wider, giving him the green light at continuing, trying to communicate with him without using words. Bucky gets close to your pussy again, gently rubbing the toy up and down your folds, spreading your juices everywhere over your core and the toy. The sensation of the firm toy gliding over your cunt is nothing compared to the deep feeling of him pushing the toy into your entrance. It is taking everything in you not to shout out his name, all you can do is groan deeply at the feeling of being filled for the first time in over two weeks. Even though it’s a fake cock and you want the real one, you still welcome the feeling. Bucky just teases the toy in and out of your entrance, not pushing it in far just yet. This allows your walls to loosen and give way for the toy to fully slide in your cunt when Bucky allows it too. The toy isn’t as long or as wide as Bucky, it doesn’t have the same curve or feel as Bucky’s does, but it is still big enough to stretch your walls and it can fuck you well. “I know that you want the real thing because you are a greedy slut but you’ll just have to take this fake cock for now” Bucky says while thrusting the toy in and out of your cunt at a quick pace “Well you seem to be enjoying it as you are coating the fuck out of it with your juices, damn” You can feel yourself dripping down to your ass as all of your arousal is now getting played around with by the dildo. You feel the pressure build again at the dildo stroking your inner walls, hitting all the needed spots. Coming from only penetration can take a while but when you have been horny for 17 days and edged it seems to happen quicker. Your hips begin to rock with the movement of the dildo entering your body and moans leave your mouth each time the thrust hits deeper that others. Bucky angles the dildo in the perfect direction hitting that sweet spot inside you, a spot that his cock perfectly hits because of the curve of his length. “You getting close brat? I can feel you clenching the cock like you always do when mine is buried in you” Bucky keeps up with his motions, his words assisting your pleasure. “That’s how I know when you are ready to come, by how tight your pussy becomes when you clench around me” You moan out with a small sob because of the overwhelming feelings your body is going through, all you want to do is let go but you know that you’re not allowed to so you just relish in the pleasure trying not to let that band snap.
You look into Bucky’s eyes pleading for him to give in and let you come or to stop, the toy is hitting every spot so deep inside you. With your eyes and body being your only form of communication, you buck your hips and close your eyes tightly trying so hard to obey his rules. Bucky very quickly pulls the dildo out of your cunt, only to smack it down hard onto your clit for a spank making your legs pull together and your body arch at the sudden pain. “Fuck” you can’t help whining out and then widen your eyes because you broke a rule. Bucky looks at your sternly, angry that you spoke because you were doing so well. “Y/N, I didn’t give you permission to speak. But I’m going to let it go, just this once because you have been so good at obeying my rules. But don’t do it again” Bucky tone became very tense again, you didn’t mean for it to come out, you were just so caught up in the pleasure and then the sudden pain made your brain stutter. “Apologize” “Sorry for breaking a rule daddy” I croak out, my voice sound harsh from the lack of talking.
Bucky just nods and then in a sudden movement the dildo was thrusted deeply into my cunt again making me pull down on the restraints. You did not expect that, but your wet cunt welcomed the toy quickly, the pressuring began building once again as Bucky fucked you with it. Bucky continues to fuck you for a little while, until you tipped your head back to close your eyes as the pleasure felt so good, without any warning there was a strong vibration on your bundle of nerves. You immediately shout out and thrust your hips up at the sensation.
The need to release just became ten times more present and it’s all your brain was thinking about. Bucky didn’t let up on the thrust of the dildo or the pressure on your clit, you began to sob, tears falling out of your eyes having no control over your emotions anymore.
“Hold it. Do not come” Bucky orders watching you thrash over the bed in need for that band to snap but it doesn’t. You know that you don’t have his permission and you can’t break the biggest rule Bucky has. You whine and sob really loudly, everything is overwhelming and the need for his touch and the need to come is just too much. “Colour” Bucky asks, his thrusts have slowed down a little, but the vibrator is still firmly on my clit. You want to say green, because you hate saying anything else otherwise but knowing how important communication is to Bucky you say “Yellow” Bucky takes the vibrator away from your core but is still lightly thrusting the dildo in and down, letting the pleasure dial down slowly before stopping and removing the toy from your opening. “Good girl, I know how difficult that was for you. I am so proud that you said yellow.” Bucky praises me with the softest voice you have heard all night “I know that you need to come but there is still a little while longer, can you handle that?”
You take a few deep breaths and try to ground yourself so you can understand how your body is feeling. While doing this you realise how clouded your brain felt, everything was so intense that your brain wasn’t able to keep up. “Yes, green daddy” You say not knowing how much longer you had to endure this punishment. “Is there anything you need to say to me?” You pause wondering if you show how needy you are feeling right now but you don’t care at this point “I need your touch Daddy, I miss you.”
Bucky just softly smiles at you “Why am I not surprised that is your answer, you will get it soon okay?”
You just nod, you truly have no idea how much longer he is going to edge you for, it has been three times so far and each one is getting harder to control. You are so ready to come, you are so surprised at how well your body is taking his punishment. “You ready, Y/N?” Bucky ask, picking up only the vibrator. You just nod, not find any words do speak. You can feel how sensitive your clit is right now, having the toy pressed against it again makes you feel so nervous, but you trust that Bucky knows how much your body can handle. You take a deep breath when you feel the toy back at your folds, not turned on yet. Bucky guides it up and down your pussy, building up the suspension of him turning on. Bucky is looking at your face, watching all of your expressions and body movements. Your eyes are glazed over which is telling him that you’re feeling a little floaty and emotional, but your body is ready for more, he can tell by your thighs trying to clench themselves and your hips lightly lifting when the toy glides over your clit. Without any warning as per usual, he turns on the toy at a low setting. You tightly close your eyes at the sensation and rock your hips at him still running all over your core. You feel your walls clenching with need, every time it reaches your clit your body pulses at the sensitivity. You whine when Bucky starts to focus on your clit, circling the toy around the small area. He increases the setting by one, allowing you to get use to the change before pressing it down firmly. Bucky starts showering you with praise, muttering how proud he is of you, for obeying his rules, for enduring the punishment. He is saying all of this only using your name. The whole night you have been aware that he wasn’t calling you by any sweet names like he normally does but the need to get a release or even to get him to touch you was more important. You don’t know if it’s because your head is all floaty and your emotions are all over the place or if you just miss those words, you begin to cry strongly. You begin to hate the sound of your name coming out of his mouth.
The feeling of the vibrator was overwhelming you and the pressure that is wanting to burst is only building every second, but you just shake your head at his words and choke on your cries. Bucky is a little confused on your cries but knows how emotional you get when you are at this point, so he just talks you through it
“You’re doing so well Y/N, I know that you want to let go but just a little bit longer” Annoyed by his words, you kick out one of your legs trying to communicate with him the only way that you can. This makes Bucky take the vibrator off you, understanding your limits. “Hey, It’s okay. Take a deep breath, just a little more” Bucky soothes, but you don’t care about the pleasure anymore, you just want him, you want his touch and his sweet words. Witnessing you cry and shake your head, “hey, talk to me. You can speak now Y/N”
“No” you cry, your brain only allowing one word to come out.
“No?” “If you want us to stop, you need to say the safe word” Taking a deep breath trying to slow down your tears so you can get your words out, but it doesn’t work. “Daddy” you sob, shaking your head. Your brain is just not focusing the way, you need it to. You begin to get frustrated, all you want is for him to call you baby, darling or anything other than your name. “I’m right here baby, just talk to me” Bucky coos, and just like that, your body begins to calm. Your emotions are so out of touch that one simple word makes everything better. Watching you calm down and lightly smile at him, Bucky is really confused on what is going on, he is looking at you, still crying but more relaxed. “Y/N talk to me” You frown shaking your head “No, not Y/N. Baby” You can only speak in simple words, that’s all your head can muster out. Bucky looks at you clearly not clicking on your words before it all seems to make sense. During your punishment he hasn’t said a single pet name and he knows how much you love hearing him call you pet names, with baby, darling and sweet girl being your favourites. “All this crying is because I wasn’t calling you a sweet name?” Bucky chuckles but find it so endearing, not realising how much you needed sweet talk during intimate moments until now. “Uh huh” you nod “Please daddy” “You are being punishing you know” Bucky teases smirking, his anger from today is completely gone at this point. He is still punishing you because you needed to be taught a lesson but the anger he felt before is gone. Seeing you behave so well during this punishment and getting an orgasm for himself helped a lot. “I know but I need it” you whisper, feeling a little shy and soft. “okay sweet girl” you smile at his words, your heart suddenly feeling a lot better.
“How are your arms feeling?” Bucky asks, the restraints aren’t that tight, and your arms are rested on the pillows above you, but he still felt the need to check in with you, especially since you are feeling extra sweet. “Good daddy” you said waving both of your hands for him to see. “I wanna touch you though” Bucky looks at your pout but knows that soon enough you will both get to touch each other so he denies you for now. “I know darling, a little longer. I wanna do something that I have be craving for 17 days first” “What daddy?” Your voice is sounding so soft and sweet, it makes Bucky’s brain feel like its melting, but you still need to be taught a lesson, so he isn’t letting you sweet talk him. “You’ll see, now back to where we were.” Bucky moves to between your legs “rules are back my love. No talking, only noises, understood?” “Yes daddy” “Close your eyes sweetheart” Bucky whispers and you obey, curious to find what he has been craving from 17 days. You feel sudden heat close to your core, it takes you too long to understand what that heat is until you feel his tongue deep into your folds, lapping all of the arousal still there.
Wanting to call out his name at the feeling of his mouth where you needed it most, but not being able to speak, all you can do is whine out and move your hips making all your arousal spread over his face. His tongue is targeting your clit to quickly build the pressure that has been wanting to be released for hours now, sucking at your clit making it throb but he soothes the area with small licks making your legs shake with pleasure. “okay darling, you have been such a good girl for me tonight. You haven’t been much of a brat since this punishment started and I know that you are sorry for how you behaved today so I’m going to give you permission to come on Daddy’s tongue” Bucky speaks softly, placing soft kisses surrounding your cunt. His words sound like magic, getting the permission you so desperately needed, you raise your hips in hopes that he will continue. He chuckles at your neediness to come now that you have permission. “Needy little girl” Whining at his words, loving that he is speaking to you with pet names again, you have always loved hearing little girl during times where Bucky is more dominate that usual and you are feeling subby and all floaty. Bucky continues to tease you with his tongue, not giving you enough pressure for it to get you off, you rock your hips into his mouth wanting him to give you more. He knows exactly how you like your pussy to be eaten so he is purely just toying with you to create more frustration, like he hasn’t done that enough already. You sob at his small movements craving more “I’m just teasing you baby, be patient” You have been patient all night, so you glare at him making him laugh into your needy cunt. Before he gives you exactly what you need, he flattens his tongue onto your clit putting the right amount of pressure and goes down lower to your entrance, he begins fuck you with his tongue lightly collecting all the juice that is seeping out before diving right into your core to fuck you properly.
You shout out at the feeling of his warm muscle inside you, all you are receiving is his tongue, no fingers or touch anywhere else. It’s frustrating you but not being able to complain, you just relish in the feeling of his mouth and tongue that is making its way back to your clit giving it attention.
Your eyes start to see stars and legs begin to shake as the band is getting thinner than ever. Bucky is assaulting your cunt exactly how you need him too. Not having the luxury of your pussy clenching around anything, you begin to lightly fuck his face instead feeling the tip of his tongue at the most sensitive part of your bud. Not holding back from your noises, Bucky can tell how close you are to coming. “Come for me sweet girl” He speaks, continuing to give you everything that you need to make that release and with the support of his words, that band finally breaks. Your body completely trembling as you reach your peak and instead of having it be denied, it finally washes over you more intensely that you have ever felt. Bucky watches you in awe getting your release, your legs shaking around his ears and you back fully arched perfectly. He slows down his acts but doesn’t let up, just collects all the wetness that was released during your orgasm. He moans at the sight and the taste on his tongue, he was finally getting the thing that he was craving as well. “So perfect baby” He coos, placing kisses on your thigh while you come back from your high. “So beautiful” Bucky crawls up to place his body over yours but not putting any weight onto you. He can immediately see how floaty you were by the pure and innocent look in your eyes. Also, by how it took for him to touch your face for you to realise his position. You gasp and your eyes tear up very quickly seeing his face so close to yours, after all this time, he was finally going to touch you. Bucky brushes hair away from your face with his flesh hand and leans down to give you a soft kiss, you moan at the feeling of his lips on yours, he pulls back as you chase him for more, not ready for the kissing to stop. “Hi, my love” Bucky smiles at you “you are so beautiful when you come” You smile softly at his words, lifting your hips to press your body to his. Now that you have had your release all you want is his touch and his body on yours. You may be really needy before an orgasm, but you are next level clingy after one, especially when being punished. Bucky’s touch radiates so much love that you just crave when feeling so relaxed and soft like you are now. “You can speak now sweetheart, but I’m not done with you yet” Your eyes widen at his words, being excited to communicate with him but also knowing that you weren’t finished yet. Even when still recovering from an earth-shattering orgasm, you still wanting more- you wanted him. “Daddy” you breath out “Touch” “I know darling, you need my touch, and you will have it. But you’ll have to wait a bit to touch me, okay?” Bucky reaches up to release your arms from the restraints, while he knows that you love being tied up, when you are any kind of subspace, whether it is only light or really deep, he doesn’t feel comfortable having you restrained. “Your arms need to stay by your side until I say otherwise, okay?” With your arms moving down to your sides, a little stiff by being up above you for long, you shake the feeling out a little “Yes daddy” “Colour baby?”
“So green” you whisper feeling sensitive but ready for him, always ready for him. “Good girl” Bucky kisses you sweetly, he gently grabs your thighs and slots himself between them, somewhere during your foggy brain he had removed his boxers and is now finally naked with you. The feeling of him between your legs is calming nerves you never realised you had, your body and mind finally found its equilibrium you had been waiting for.
“I missed you so much” you whispered to Bucky while gripping the bed sheets to stop you from touching him.
Bucky strokes your right cheek softy and places a kiss on your lips “I missed you too darling, I’m not going anywhere right now, I promise” “Good” you lightly tease “because I really need you in me” This comment gets you a full body laugh from Bucky and a pure smile “Okay, okay you little brat” Bucky immediately kisses you, moving his hands up and down the outsides of your thighs, this causes your bodies to mould together and both of you to moan into your kiss. After deepening the kiss and making out for a few minutes leaving you both breathless, his hands find his hard cock to tease it up and down your folds. Since your core is feeling so sensitive you shiver at the motion but whine because so quickly, you need more. “Please daddy” you whine into his ear rocking your hips into his “I need more, I need you” “Shh sweetheart, you got me” Bucky whisper, making sure that he is fully grounded and comfortable, he looks right into your eyes while sinking into your warm heat. The feeling was intense for the both of you as he bottoms out inside of you. You begin to pant out softy and he curses under his breath. After 17 days of being apart, you finally get to have that connection you need, your bodies finally become one and you both get to find so much pleasure from each other.
“Daddy, please move” He has stilled inside you to feel the stretch of your cunt around him and just the warm surrounding his cock and while you love the idea of his cock just resting inside of you, now it’s not the time for that. “You feel so fucking good baby” Bucky groans thrusting slowly into you getting as deep as you let him. His hands make their way to your lightly bruised ass to get grip on your body in preparation to move faster, you moan at the feeling of his hands on your tender cheeks and wait for him to start fucking you hard.
You both moan out at the change of pace when he thrusts into you hard and fast like you both needed. Sex with Bucky always feels so good, it was amazing when you first started dating and now years later, in love and so comfortable with each other, the feeling is more than you ever thought was possible. Raising your hips to meet his intense thrust, your walls being to tighten, and your body begins to feel so hot and the need to touch him, to have your hands in his hair or scratching down his back becomes so overwhelming that you beg for it.
“Can I touch you please” you beg “please daddy, you feel so good” “Go ahead sweet girl” Bucky grunts out, anticipating the feeling of your hands on his body after all this time. He always craves your touch, just as much as you do for his and even though you were being the one punished tonight, he did feel punished at times for not getting to feel your small soft hands caressing his body. Your hands reach around his core to bring you to his toned warm body with your legs wrapping softy around his waist. The change of your body makes him so much deeper into you and hits the spot you need so perfectly. “Fuck” Bucky groans rolling his hips while grasping one of your thighs “Darling, I’m going to need you to come soon” You can tell just how close he is as his body is trembling a little above you and his breathing is becoming harsh. You both move together so perfectly, hitting every spot over and over again. The pleasure building inside of you is making your moans very easily escape your mouth. Getting onto his level of high, your legs tighten around his waist at the same time as your cunt clenches around him. “Daddy, I’m close” “Let go baby, let me feel you” Bucky waits for your pleasure to wash over you, your eyes rolling back and chest pressing firmly into his, the feel of your release around his cock is everything that he needs to spill inside of you. Holding on your body so tightly as both of you recover from your high, Bucky’s head is nuzzling into the crook of your neck and his full body weight is now on top of you.
He sighs out, feeling happy and content, placing kisses into your neck while his member is still buried in you keeping him warm. Your arms curl around his back to lightly stroke his back the way you know he loves. Feeling so comfortable and still a little floaty you lay there with him in your arms, you realise that this is everything that you wanted for the pass 17 days. Both relaxed after reaching your high together, just lying in each other’s warmth, talking whenever you feel it’s necessary and soft kisses.
“I’m sorry for today, I did mean to be such a brat” I whisper tightening your grip on him “I think I just really missed you and miss not being able to be like this for so long, it sounds so stupid, but being like this with you, being vulnerable and just safe with you in your arms helps me so much” “Baby, how you feel is never stupid. I accept your apology because I understand and feel the same way. I’m just less of a brat about it” Bucky teases, making you huff and glare at his words. “But I love you so much and I love being intimate with you, it helps me too, in more ways than I even realise” “I love you” “I love you too sweetheart” he says before kissing you with all the love he has.
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