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#Me in precalc rn
swampcrystal · a month ago
Tumblr media
by Kim Stanley Robinson, 'The Blind Geometer'
(cover by Peter Gudynas; c. 1987)
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ivanshatov · 7 months ago
roight so right now i’m reading a gentleman in moscow by amor towles and?? it took me so long to actually get into this book i kept complaining and complaining and couldn’t get into it at all whatsoever and it kept decomposing in my bag but by god it has really won me over and i really need someone to talk to about it
spoilers below cut
like.... okay spoiler warning for anyone who wants to read the book below but it’s been on my mind since yesterday. it kills me that both nina and mishka who were shown to be central to alexander’s life and development in the first half die so disgracefully. they aren’t even spared the confirmation of death. we know that the narrator is humorous and unreliable but these characters who carried so much of sasha’s development are suddenly vanished in respectively eerie ways. nina disappears in search of her husband into the vastness of the east, and mishka is sent to siberia for his words, and we presumably never hear from these two important characters ever again. i actually had to put the book down before 1943 in those last few pages because it just hit me like a train. to me depriving them the actuality and absolution of a death scene is way more heartwrenching than any death scene the author could have written.
its also something about the introduction of sofia and the bigger roles that anna, andrey, emile, marina and osip seem to have filled. with nina and mishka being whisked off into the void of likely death i have a sinking feeling that some of those characters may be next. to be honest i struggle to fully understand and like alexander as a character but i also think that’s the point and i’m starting to see that subtle development that we all know and love.
anna as a character.......... one day she’ll get her own post because whew god this is the only hot female love interest character written with actual interesting aspects beyond huge tits hot face ive seen by a male author and she is so compelling and the fact that she gets her own fleshed out role in the story is gorgeous
i think?? i’ll probably understand a lot more of the aspects of the book later on in my life. i feel like right now i’m too young to truly appreciate it, because i see the nuance in the writing and the quirks and beauties in alexander’s character but there’s something about him i just find so unlikeable, and that’s what’s made me so resistant to finishing the book. it’s probably one of the better ‘ussr bad’ novels written mostly because it also discusses the corruption and dismissive attitudes of western europeans and americans towards the ussr. 
anyways please read this book and discuss it with me and god oh god i gotta say i cried during the bees on the roof scene iykyk i still have ~250 pages to go but i’m too invested to quit
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randomoutsiders · 2 months ago
okk don't feel pressure tho :)
and yeah i really like it rn but it's only like 500 words. i have to outline more but i spent the free time after my exam daydreaming about it. idk if i wanna write that or do my pre cal rn
tell me what i should pls
precalc baby you’ll feel better once it’s done
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whipped-cream-writings · 2 months ago
i've been ok today omg!!! turned in a little essay which i panicked an unreasonable amount over, and i may or may not have a tutoring gig teaching some dude precalc AND i have a preliminary zoom meeting w an environmental activist group sometime next week :w!!! (that is me yelling sideways i feel the w really captures my state of being rn) - 🥝
ah omg that sounds so stressful :(( i hope you can get some rest tonight rei!! you’ve been working v hard and i’m v proud of you <3 i’m sure your essay was amazing and i hope tutoring/meeting goes well! 🥺💕
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h-grangerstudies · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
okay okay OKAY!
hi! i hope you're doing well today, and if not, i’m proud of you for getting this far.
up above is a picture of the precalc notes i'm working on rn. my hanging plant looks really bright, but dont be fooled because it's a really gloomy day.
last time i spent a day lazing around on account of the gloomy outside, i told myself that next time it was gloomy but also rained (i love the rain) i would finally watch the "Flavors of Youth" movie on Netflix. because I read somewhere that it’s especially good to watch when it rains
and guess what?? it started to rain!! so!! this is partly me trying to share happy and excited vibes and partly an accountability post (@ox-blr for the accountability post idea... thanks!) for things i should work on before movie time so i feel fulfilled at the end of the day. below is my accountability stuffs, but thanks for hearing out my excitement thus far!
don’t forget to stay hydrated!!
UPDATED Accountability Post!!
○ finish PreCalc notes and start homework assignment
○ finish Ophthalmologist career journal 
○ turn in ‘Quote to Inspire’ 
○ finish Lewis Structure worksheet
○ complete Latin forms and practice assignments
○ review AP World essay questions
○ declutter my room
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jaemericano · 8 months ago
I had summer school and am at my last semester before I transfer to university! Mostly I just got too lazy to log into tumblr😖 I also have been hooked on watching Love Island and random videos on YouTube, pretty much anything recommended to me lol. Good luck in calculus! You got this!!! I really struggled in precalc so I can’t even imagine taking the actual calculus class😳 -🦋
Oooooh !!! That's so exciting !! Rip same i get onto tumblr mobile but then get to tired to post anything :,) omg literally everyone is watching love island it was the thing of the summer but i have no netflix rip. If i do bad on the upcoming quizzes then im just gonna drop ap, move to honors, and do it in college im gonna do engineering so i have to do it, and i do not have the patience rn trying to learn on zoom lol
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elysianseraph · 9 months ago
Calculus is causing me to have a meltdown everyday how are you
i literally put off taking precalc this semester pls 💀 praying for ur health
im good im just sitting in my room doing nothing rn it feels good
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see · 9 months ago
tagged by: @trishunaz thank you!!!
rules: tag 10 people you want to get to know better
relationship status: single
3 favorite foods: ugghghhhhh umm probably ummm fettuccine alfredo, strawberry cheesecake, crab rangoons :shrug:
song stuck in my head: valerie by amy winehouse actually it was side to side but my mind was like nah <3 we’re done with that now 
last song i listened to: ok that’s. yeah that’s still side to side x captain hook i haven’t put my best foot forward and fixed that yet
last thing i googled: ninjago on amazon because i wanted to find a new shirt to sport at school and there was nothing on any other site i could think of but i only found a kai themed bathrobe which like... maybe
time: 6:57 pm my god
dream trip: while there are a few places i would really like to go before i die i don’t think any of them would be as much as fun as like. theoretically (because idk if i can see myself having a lot of money in the future and, being real, can’t see my irl friends making a lot either) renting a like. super fancy dockside airbnb on the puget sound and dicking around in that area for a few days
anything i want: idk if this means i can tell you any fact about me that i want to tell you or if i tell you what i currently desire but i tell you both. my random fun fact is that i never finished algebra 2 last year because once quarantine hit the teacher just stopped teaching us and like tbh i also forgot how to factor today so let’s just say precalc is looking good this year. and what i want rn is some form of divine intervention because honestly something needs fixing
while i didn’t tag anyone last time i’ll tag umm.... @konyushy @pearltea and that’s it actually i can’t think rn. that’s 2/10 people i’m supposed to tag and would be a solid f in any grading system i know i’m going to take it in stride, as always if you want to do it just say i tagged you
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spudmcloughlin · a year ago
Favourite song? (Yes I know this depends on a lot. The answer can be as long and rambling as you like I wanna know)
good question! i don’t know
i don’t know if i have a favorite rn, i’ve been listening to a couple songs by steam powered giraffe lately and i still adore “automatonic electronic harmonics” but i’ve been listening to it way too much and my brain is getting burnt out lmao
i’ve also been listening to “honeybee” by them that’s a goodie but not a favorite
ok yknow what i’m just gonna link the playlists i’ve been listening to lately so you get an idea of what i’m talking about ok the first one is music i think jamie would listen to and it’s v short and the other one is songs that sound like how my mood feels and that one is also v short
so in jamie’s playlist my top couple are “automatonic electronic harmonics”, “the doctor’s wife” bc i love the story and i love the wife’s voice and the doctor’s slow descent into madness it reminds me of henrik a lot, and “why me” by big bad voodoo daddy just bc it’s a rly fun song and my precalc teacher played it a lot in class last year n it reminds me of that
then in my mood playlist my favorite is still “everything i wanted” by billie eilish, i’ve listened to that song for hours on loop and i will never get tired of it, then “i love you” by billie bc that song is probably the closest one to sounding like my constant mood, then maybe “honeymoon” or “pretty when you cry” by lana del rey i honestly can’t pick between them. honeymoon is my absolute aesthetic but pretty when you cry is more a Mood.
so i think my top ones rn would be “everything i wanted”, “automatonic electronic harmonics”, and “i love you” in that order
oh my god WAIT how could i forget “i will” by radiohead that one is my third fav rn fuck “i love you”
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wakustim-loop · a year ago
i’m still up to post this one request but i do want to apologize for being less active and being slow on requests ^^;
quarantine life isn’t the Best for me rn and i’ve been kinda sleeping later and staying up later (normally my schedule is 7 am - 11 pm but now it’s like 12 pm - 3 am) so i end up not being awake for maybe half of the day :-P
also i’ve been playing animal crossing + doing a course for precalc, so there’s that too wwww
tl;dr my sleeping schedule got messed up and i’ve been preoccupied with stuff orz
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communistandtrans · a year ago
im struggling in all my classes rn and today i had no time to even try to do hw or figure draw... this is stressing me out to no end because i rely on figure drawing as a "hey im still doing things checkpoint"
im really bad at precalc trig and i just failed a test... my mom is really angry at me... im genuinely sorry and i have no idea how to make it up to anyone
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