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godspriestess · 4 hours ago
U tagged something about the antisemitic origin story of Lilith and if u have time, could u explain what u meant? I don’t know anything about her (or most anything jewish tbh) and didn’t know her origin was antisemitic?
Ah! Lilith! She isnt specifically Jewish, at least not in origin, and her actual origin is not specifically antisemitic, however the work her mainstream theology us based off has been called anti semetic even within the jewish community ( just wanted to clarify it's not my personal opinion).
she's a babylonian demon which Judaism has expanded on as they did with a lot of babylonian and assyrian demons. Within it, there are two contradictory legends sorrounding Lilith;
The mainstream one, which says lilith is Adams first wife, the first human woman so flawed that she turned into a demon destined to eat human babies because she did not want to let God let Adam rape her, this tradition comes from the  "the Alphabet of Ben-Sira", a highly problematic work, i don't know how people read it as sound theology and not the satire/parody it was clearly made to be against religion.
The second legend around her has her born a demon/queen of demons stemming from the first legit mention of her, found Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, along with other ancient sumerian, akkadian and babylonian writings of monsters with her associations,
The other traditions mesh much better with her original demonic origins and make much more sense theologically to what she's supposed to represent.
Imo there is no going around the fact that the legend of lilith in which female equality is demonic, or that a human turns into a legit demon for no apparent reason, is not cohesive with the earlier myths around her, and is incompatible the faiths it was basing itself on, it's unfortunate it was accepted and further internalized onto society.
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thatvelvetcowboy · 7 hours ago
Fuck it, my gender is Jewish, i’m Jewishgender. Deal with it.
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yodamordecai · 7 hours ago
Any other Jewish aros out there?
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apenitentialprayer · 8 hours ago
The experience of medieval Muslims, Christians, and Jews is largely one of cross-fertilization of similar yet unique devotional practices enriched by a shared belief in the efficacy of holy places and persons.  Muslims, like the Christian communities of the Islamic world, venerated objects, as did, to a lesser extent, Jews. In Egypt, Historic Syria, and Iraq holy men and ascetics renowned for their extraordinary abilities and attributes roamed the land from late antiquity. Irruptions of the sacred manifested themselves in the landscape of Historic Syria and the Mediterranean, in persons and in objects. In Eliaden terms, each of these elements represents a hierophany recognizable to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, sometimes in two or all three faiths.
Josef Waleed Meri (“Relics of Piety and Power in Medieval Islam”)
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greenbeandagger · 10 hours ago
this shavuot remember that protesting injustice is a jewish value and if you’re planning on going out friday night to any kind of BLM march you are fulfilling the mitzvah
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filmopen · 10 hours ago
roxie is talking about jewish issues on tumblr dot com because nobody else will episode three
back in 2017, a 65 year old orthodox woman named sarah halimi was murdered in her home by one of her neighbors and was acquitted for his crime. the verdict was appealed shortly after and finally allowed by the french high court in 2019 and the case was presented to the french high court on march 4 with discussions ending yesterday.
the french high court upheld the acquittal, stating that her murderer cannot be held responsible for his crimes because he was a chronic marijuana user and was under the influence at the time of her murder.
"the judge cited psychiatric evaluations saying [the murderer's] consumption of marijuana before the incident led to a “delirious episode” that made him not legally responsible for his actions" while also stating that he "killed halimi because he is an antisemite"
basically the tl;dr is that france has set a precedent that if a hate crime is committed while under the influence of drugs that the person that committed the crime is not liable for their actions.
this decision closes the case permanently (in france), and is not allowed to be taken to the appeals court for further deliberation.
i really shouldn't have to explain how dangerous of a precedent this is but i will anyway. france has the largest jewish population (~500,000) of any eu country and is saying that murdering us is legal as long as the murderer takes drugs first.
the family and their lawyers are currently referring the case to the european court of human rights. this woman deserves justice. may her memory be a blessing.
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please include jewish people in your activism. antisemitism is at an all time high all around the world and we are being sent a clear message that our lives do not have value. please include us in your activism. we are in danger.
i know i will get asks about this so i'm going to say it now. if you only support jewish people that condemn israel you are part of the problem. jewish people deserve to be safe regardless of their politics regarding a country that most of us do not even live in. the conflict is far more nuanced than goyim can ever understand. other marginalized groups are not held to the same standards that jewish people are held to in order to receive support.
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Episode 895: Who is a Jew?
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dukeofriven · 15 hours ago
But per the previous post: I can’t be the only Jew who doesn’t like saying dayenu for the death of the first born, right?
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dukeofriven · 15 hours ago
So during the Passover Seder there is, in many traditions, the dayenu, a song that repeatedly praises G-D for the steps they took in delivering the Jews from their enslavement in each. “Dayenu” roughly translated means ‘it would have been enough’ or ‘it would have been sufficient’. The song breaks G-D’s actions into 15 steps and says that even if he had only done the one thing of any of them, it would have been enough to make G-D worthy of praise and gratitude until the end of time. Most of the thanks are fairly benign - if he had only parted the Sea of Reeds so the Jews could escape, it would have been enough, if he had only drowned the army that was chasing the Jews and so on but the fourth one... Woof. The fourth one is “If he had only slain the first-born, it would have been enough.” And let me tell you it never sounds right. It sits heavy on the tongue - it makes you feel a little queasy. “If G-D had only slaughtered every first-born Egyptian child, we would have been thankful for this contribution to our emancipation.” And I don’t like saying (or singing) it. Because I don’t agree with the statement.  Exodus is already a tricky book. Speaking as a historian I know that the history of the Jews prior to the age of the Prophets is... murky-at-best. Exodus is a story composed during the Exilic period as a tale of triumph and freedom during a period of oppression and subservience, just like the book of Judith of Esther. Though the Egyptians had slaves there is outside of those few chapters in Exodus no record of them maintaining any kind of client-ethnicity as a service class, as the Ottomans would later do with the Janissaries. And further the archaeological record provides no proof of Joshua’s invasion of the lands of the Caanities and creating the spaces that would become Judea and Israel - we know it was, if anything, a long period of fairly placid assimilation and intermingling. But none of that is particularly important to what Exodus means theologically: that Exodus isn’t ‘true’ in a literal sense is fairly irrelevant. As a book its concerned with establishing that narrative of hope and freedom (and exhaustively codifying tabernacle construction codes), and moderns - be we Jews, Christians, or secularists with an interest in the foundational texts of the last two millennia of human civilization -  it behooves us to interrogate its meaning and its content, whether its the death of the first born or Moses ordering the sons of Levi to slaughter their friends, family, and neighbours for idolatry. Exodus is a weird book, y’all, and when we performs the rituals of our faith and culture I think it matters in what we thank G-D for in doing in our name. I don’t like saying dayenu for the deaths of the first born. I don’t think you should - it’s uncomfortably and horrifying, and though I can contextualize the statement both from its original situating in the bitterness of the Babylonian exile or its later repurposing in song-form during the bitterness of the Caliphate period, I don’t have to agree with it to consider myself still a part of my culture or faith. If your response to the death of the first born is to consider it disturbing - good. That’s a good instinct to have. 
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tzipporahssong · 15 hours ago
Do you know of anything that can help with learning hebrew? Any classes or books etc.
I honestly do not know Hebrew, so I’m going to open this one up to replies/reblogs.
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tzipporahssong · 16 hours ago
hello! sorry to vent in your asks, but i am planning to convert to judaism and i feel very anxious about it. while i am certain that i want to convert, because i want to have a better relationship with myself and how i see g-d, i feel like i won't be able to learn as much as people who followed the religion since birth or other people who converted, since i have learning disabilities :( i really want to get to know the culture and beliefs, but it's very hard for me to find good resources for someone who doesn't know a lot and has difficulty understanding stuff, and i'm scared that if i reach out to a rabbi they won't let me convert for not knowing enough (i know that doesn't really make sense, i'm just really paranoid)
I’ve talked to people before who worry about being “too stupid” to convert, or who worry that they don’t know enough and won’t be taken seriously. It’s a genuine fear when joining a people so characterized by their learning and studying. But here’s the thing: nobody is ever going to know all there is to know about Judaism. The most educated rabbi in the world will never know everything. We can read and study and debate all we want but there’s always going to be more that hasn’t been found yet.
And not to compare random Jews to one another, but here’s a little perspective: Nobody questions whether the non-practicing matrilineal knows enough to deserve being Jewish. Nobody questions if the yeshiva student who got amnesia and forgot everything knows enough to deserve being Jewish. Nobody questions if the toddler converting alongside their mother knows enough to be Jewish.
Nobody said to Rabbi Akiva “I don’t know you’re in your forties, you’ll never have time to catch up to everyone else if you just start learning about Judaism now.”
My dear you are fine. Just knowing that you’re serious about this and that you want to learn will be more than enough. The process of converting may take a little longer but that’s never a bad thing. If you reach out to a rabbi and talk to them and show them that you’re serious about wanting to be a Jew, that will be more than enough.  Please feel free to reach out to me any time. 💙
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tzipporahssong · 18 hours ago
i’ve seen it many times and wanted to know, why do jews write “xhristian”? is it a similar reason like with “g-d”
Great question! It’s not quite the same, but along those lines. @didyoumeanxianity gave a great explanation on it, which I would reblog only its part of a much longer and topic-varied post, so I’m just going to put a screenshot of the answer here:
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chesedwitch · a day ago
Woooo I’ll be able to go to shul with my Nana before I move back to Florida!!! She’ll come to my house to pick me up and we’ll go to shul one Saturday morning!!! I’ll wear one of my nice dresses (all of which have modest necklines) and maybe my pantyhose and my black and tweed heels and probably one of my pashmina shawls!
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gildedmouths · a day ago
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Living Judaism: The Complete Guide to Jewish Belief, Tradition, and Practice by Wayne D. Dosick
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cottage-bythesea · a day ago
i just think the ways judaism has survived throughout generations of my family despite attempts at assimilation is beautiful. i can't and don't blame my grandparents for trying to assimilate to american white bread gentile culture, they were just trying to make life easier for my mom, my aunt, and my uncles. but despite this! we still make kugel all the time. my mom and i still observe jewish holidays, albeit not very traditionally. we use yiddish slang i couldn't tell you the original meaning of. my mom and i even share christian trauma! lmao. anyway. i just think it's neat
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mikyou · a day ago
Here is your reminder when a Jewish person dies you don’t say rip you say may their memory be in blessing
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thefrumlesbian · a day ago
What's this about Scrabble banning "goy" as an official word? Which goy did this?
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rainbow-femme · a day ago
Tumblr media
This is a cool idea but who in their mid to late 20s has 40 days they can just take off work
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