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studyingoverload · an hour ago
21/100 11042021
Hello everyone!
Thank you for staying during this break. I had small school break during this time and last wednesday I started lessons again. Next week is pretty busy, teachers wanted me to have calmer time before Easter.
I started new embroidery project on a cap, maybe I'll post some photos of my progress next time. Also i totally wait for warmer weather so I can study and embroider outside.
I'm getting tired of online school, I hope everything will lead to school finally opening for students and actual lessons instead of what's happening. Anyways, I wish everyone good morning/day/afternoon/night and to the next post!
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ishana-g · an hour ago
Tumblr media
11.04.21 Sunday
90/100 DOP
Maths maths maths
I m so not confident abt tomorrow's paper.
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beyondthewoodlands · 2 hours ago
DOP | 26/100 (12:06am)
I was about to sleep until the thought of missing a day of logging this down nagged me to the point where I’m just quickly typing it down now.
Woke up 8:36am (I feel like I say specific times for waking up hehhe, but I really do see a difference in 5 minutes) so was late for coding class which started at 8:30am. Today we just learnt about .grid which I kinda missed the explanation for, but it was easy to pick up and I also watched a codemy vid on it just now. (And took notes!)
Then had a late breakfast (10:30) and just chilled downstairs and did some chores. Then had lunch at around 1pm, cleaned up because was home alone.
2pm boredom hits so I picked up A Room of One’s Own again and teared through it in 2 hours. Also, finallyyy finished that humanities worksheet. (Around 5-6pm)
That’s it for the day. I wonder what I should do tmr hmmm. Maybe tackle that blog writing assignment thing. We can either write abt a product/service or about a moment in our life but I don’t like both so I might end up rambling about how room decor like sunset lamps, starry light projectors, and the window swapping thingy ties into us needing some form of escapism during now.
Or maybe just the lamps.
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astralflora-studies · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
100 days of productivity!!
DAY 4.
It was my birthday a few days ago and I got the black butler manga..!! Cannot wait to read it.. when I get my essays done.. one day...
(Yes I am STILL doing the Tom Jones essay.... I also watched the way of the househusband and now I want to be like Tatsu..!! Anyway come on Sebastian let’s get this essay done today)
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cmowe-studies · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
9+10 IV 2021 (16+17/100)
Yesterday I had two tests in the morning
Worked for good 2 hours, then I cleaned the bathroom and worked for another 2
I went skating in the evening
Today I spent half of my day out, we had to drive 2 hours to an appointment in another city (and back)
Listened to Bobo and Flex podcast while working
Got home, tidied up my room
Worked for 3 hours
Arms and back workout!!
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adhyayana-v · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 5&6/100 // 09&10/04/21
Finsihed reading macbeth with a few friends..and did some research because the seminar I was hoping won't happening:-|
Also..went to my uncle's cattle farm and helped store away 14 freaking tons of cattle feed..uhh..I was dying by the end of it..obv
🎵 remember me as a time of day - Explosions in the sky
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alilbabysprout · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
76/100 days of productivity / 4.10.21
today i did a little bit of commission work and ran some errands. on one of my errands i found a pink bear i had been searching for the past few weeks. i don't know what to name them yet but i thought it would be nice to get ben (the brown lad on the left that i've had for a few months now) a friend ! any name ideas ?
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tisstudying · 23 hours ago
83/100 Days of Productivity | April 10th 2021
finished my mom's birthday cake just in time
cleaned around the house
went grocery shopping which was terrible
played Animal Crossing with my cousin
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ishana-g · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
10.4.21 Saturday
89/100 DOP
This week went painfully boring. It was like wake up, eat, class, eat, sleep, study, eat, study, sleep.
Oh and I found out how to do that split screen thanks to pinterest.
Xo ಥ‿ಥ
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warmstudies · a day ago
friday, april 9th, 2021
Tumblr media
psych: did a worksheet on the bystander effect
chinese: did an activity on grading as an ap reader - storytelling. also wrote and recorded myself reading my answers to some questions about sports.
pe: took my final cumulative test for this grading period
japanese: did one duolingo lesson
portuguese: did two duolingo lessons
depop: dropped off an order. also, i used some of the money i earned this week to buy stationary for my thank you notes and cute stickers to include for free in each package! i also bought some earring charms since i already have earring backings but don’t have anything to put on them. i’m hoping to experiment with that and perhaps expand to selling earrings too later on :))
scioly: tried to meet up for code but one of my partners was super late so i ended up just talking strategy with my other partner and doing 15 aristocrats on cryptograms.
embroidery: embroidered for 3 hours while watching the final to survivor: kaoh rong with my family
🌻 grateful for being able to watch two more episodes of death note with my boyfriend for being able to listen to a lot of charley ann’s youtube videos while i worked. she’s just such a sweet person and a general ray of sunshine, i’d totally recommend you check her out if you are interested in bettering your relationship with food, childcare/teaching, creative projects such as writing, etsy, and depop or if you just like cottagecore!
📖 you are here by thich nhat hanh, page 16
🎵 golf ~ 坂口恭平
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geographyjournal · a day ago
07.04.2021 || 38/100 days of productivity
10.04.2021 || 41/100 days of productivity
Productive things I have done for the past three days:
Read a few pages of Good Wives (sequel to Little Women) every day.
Did my yoga and exercise routine every day even when it was really hard to feel motivated.
Went to an induction for work, I was quite anxious about going to my workplace after having been furloughed for so long. I got through it though!
Walked from my workplace to my house (although it was more of a lack of choice due to heavy traffic than me actually wanting to do this!)
Also, I got a 72% for the report I was working on (please see my previous #100dop posts from the last two weeks of March for context). I was incredibly surprised I actually got that because I was expecting to just barely pass since I really struggled and had several breakdowns over this. As a reference, it’s difficult to get more than 80% for my degree. I am so relieved. 
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lordrawrxe · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
age quad agis (latin)
roughly translated, do what you are doing. I think we always forget that consistency has the potential to do wonders. So, despite everything, age quad agis
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alilbabysprout · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
75/100 days of productivity / 4.9.21
today i worked from noon to 6:45 and when i got home i responded to a discussion.
@humble-boness I found a new energy drink brand today 👀👀 the cans are all simplistic like this and i really liked the berry blue flavor !
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study-with-wastel · a day ago
Tumblr media
09.04.21 // my desk//
29/100 Days of Productivity(april 09)
W/@amareteur , @teaandbiscuitstudies & @chenxi-cultivates
April Studyblr Challenge
9. recommend something you’ve been reading recently
"The neverending story" by Michel Ende
2021 reading challenge -March
Week 5
What are your top 3 favorite novels?
"The Seven Husband of Evelyn Hugo" by Taylor Jenkins( exited for the serie adaptation lol)
"Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secret of The Universe" by Bejamin (so exited for the secuel🤩)
"El Valle Oscuro" by Andrea Tomé
Do you read biographies? Do you have a favorite?
YASSS one of my favorite kind of books. My favorite is "Educated" by Tara Westover
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study-with-wastel · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
09.04.21 // spanish notes+chapters resumes //
26-27-28/100 Days of Productivity(april06-07-08)
W/@amareteur , @teaandbiscuitstudies @immortallycelestial & @chenxi-cultivates
Zoomester Studyblr Challenge
Day 30- What’s the best advice someone has given you? 
I'm not sure but " don't leave todays dues to tomorrow"
Day 31-  Send three people some uplifting messages!
@kaoskuantico you got IT! You are such a hardworking and inspiring person — and a estudioblr icon by then—keep going!
@amareteur your blog is SO aesthetic. I think that if some of the pics of your blogs comes to Pinterest IT would be instantly loved by everyone .You re also really hardworking like studying a lot of languages like wow . Thank you for keeping up with me the 100dop ^^
@studyblrwithpanbi good luck with your reading challenge !!! You are really dicyplined I know you can🎆
April Studyblr Challenge
6. how do you plan your time? bullet journal, phone memos etc.
I plan all in my bullet Journal but lately I'm also using "Focus to do". Also I can't wait to have a computer and plan in notion ✨
7. what’s your main motivation for your studies at the moment?
My partners, you all and studytok community ✨
8. recommend a new study habit or hack you’ve been using recently
Cornell notes!!! My language teacher have been giving us a lot of study techniques and one of the beast are cornell notes. Seriously you can make notes , flashcards and summaries in the same page like wow.
Tumblr media
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lumistudies · a day ago
It’s Day 5/100 of 100 days of productivity!
Ayyyyy another day late once again but that's okay bc I was super productive yesterday! I:
Had a violin class
Practiced piano
Completed an application for a course
Did some more French catch-up
Today I have my Model UN conference so wish me luck! I'm being the Russian Federation, which is gonna be absolutely super entertaining >:)
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tisstudying · a day ago
82/100 Days of Productivity | April 9th 2021
went grocery shopping which resulted in an anxiety and in a sensory overload so 10/10
started backing my mom's birthday cake
did the laundry
backed strawberry cup cakes
played uno with my mom's boyfriend
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ishana-g · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
9.4.21 Friday
88/100 DOP
So today I completed 2 assignments and practiced for my math paper which is on Monday. I was desperately waiting for this weekend so I could get more practice done without classes occupying my mornings.
Xo ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
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beyondthewoodlands · 2 days ago
DOP | 24/100 (11:25pm)
i woke at up 7:27am (3 minutes before class) idk how that happened but boy that was not fun
and classes got cancelled at around 3pm so that was interesting. also started learning dalla dalla choreography because i now have a spiked interest in kpop dances i think theyre very neat and impressive.
our break starts now! a whole week off wew ill plan what to do tmr i guess i will continue watching choreography before i go to sleep gn <3
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