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queersoundspod · 7 hours ago
Couple Reads from Diary and Laughs about it
When a band consists of a couple, people usually expect things to go south, but Hey, King! is here to prove them wrong. They just released a wonderfully queer album which covers deeply personal subjects. This includes the meta subject of a couple being in a band together.
The band consists of Natalie and Taylor who, as far as I got to know them, show that having a healthy relationship comes with being open and honest with each other. However, they’re not here to give relationship advice. Instead, they’ll sit us down and have us listen to pages from their diary. This brand of honesty does not just apply to their relationship, but more often than not it also forms the base for their lyrics. Throw in a tongue-in-cheek approach to these serious matters and a love for the French horn and you’ll get Hey, King!
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Flashback Track: Tori Amos – Take to the Sky Queer Artist Spotlight: Tegan & Sara – Walking with a Ghost Best Live Experience: The Front Bottoms – Twin Size Mattress Episode Special: Hey, King! – Sorry
Hey, King! Official site, Including the Sorry Video:
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raguna-blade · a day ago
“Doctor, I’m so glad that we’re back together. And we’ll walk this path together! I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine.”
Hey chapter 7?
In Light of the Sarkaz somehow pulling some Originum Mind Melding.
In Light of Theresa passing on her title and...Something to Amiya.
In Light of the Sarkaz people’s cultural traditions of carrying on the lives and duties of the people who are, in a sense, kin,
In light of, repeatedly in the story telling, the burning desire to overturn fate and things that are set in stone and cannot be overcome by a mere person and all that shit.
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tdrawsstuff · a day ago
The fact im 1/2 inch taller than Harry Houdini brings me joy this evening and I think it should to everyone else if they are also taller than him
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ichiwashername-o · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cultist: Just gonna abduct this unsuspecting peasant, no big deal
Selene: *fucking cracks him upside the head*
Cultist: No wait that’s illegal.
Bonus Snarky Comment Courtesy of SeekerPsycho: Pupils unlocked: +4 to perception
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A Boo who doesn’t feel male or female is called Non-Boonary, I don’t make the rules it’s just fact.
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invictarre · 2 days ago
Leon’s Animal Crossing island is pretty natural and modest with its decorating. He doesn’t really terraform or expand beyond the paths the game gives you, since he’s more in it for the social aspect of befriending his neighbours. He tries to get a nice balance of personality types, doesn’t necessarily have an island theme so much as he uses whatever’s seasonal at the time, and rarely goes villager hunting. For the most part, he takes whoever he runs into first. There is no such thing as an ugly or unwelcome villager on his island, as all are lovely people just waiting to be befriended, and all are missed should they move away.
His favourite personality type is jock! Their endless energy and ‘get up and go’ attitude is something he finds super endearing, and his all-time favourite villagers are Sterling and Knox.
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corpsey12333 · 2 days ago
someday i'll have the motivation to write this full-form and then it'd be over for y'all
sapnap pov bec why not! context: contract concubine au where assassin Nightmare poses as the Concubine Dream who is overly clingy with King George (so he could protect him from harm!) both sapnap and bbh knows about the ruse so this isn't even... the pretend part...
"He's the king," Sapnap said, frowning down at the throne room from where he was doing surveillance in the rafters. Dream surely knew he was here, but King George never noticed when his knights were hiding. It made sense why George was acting free enough to do this without any of his usual pretense. He never seemed to put a front when alone with Dream.
"Sshhh," Bad said with a quiet, amused laugh. "He'll hear you."
"Why would he need to be given gifts?" Sapnap continued, undeterred. "He's the richest person in our kingdom."
"I think you're missing the point." Bad gave him that indulgent smile that usually meant he was remembering how Sapnap acted when he was younger.
"No, I am not!" Sapnap hissed.
"He gave you a new enchanted sword, didn't he?" Bad asked. "Dream likes giving gifts."
"Yeah, but he's showering George with gems. What if I want gems? Maybe I want gems!"
"Do you want gems?"
"No," Sapnap said. "But it would have been nice to be offered some."
Bad laughed at his answer but quieted down when Dream spoke once again.
"This is an enchanted jade," he explained, "for your bow."
"Oh?" George picked it up and grinned up at Dream. "Are you saying I need enchantments to help my bow skills? That's so mean, Dream."
Amused for no reason Sapnap could decipher, Dream laughed out loud. His face lit up in that way that rarely happened anymore since he'd become an assassin.
"Maybe I just think it'd look pretty," Dream said.
"So you're saying I'm ugly. I get it, I get it," George teased some more, nodding his head as if this was a wise comment and not some weird flirting ritual.
"Shut up, you idiot," Dream chortled and snatched the gem to put back into the bag of gifts he'd brought in. "You know I think you're very pretty." He tried making it sound like a joke but there was something genuine in his tone.
George rolled his eyes. "Whatever," he said. "What are these for, anyway? Are you bribing me for something?"
"They're gifts!" Dream exclaimed, acting offended. "It's from the kindness of my heart. That is so hurtful, my King. Why won't you accept my love?"
"Sure, sure," George sarcastically said. "You can't take them back. They're mine now."
Dream's whole expression softened as he nodded. "Of course," he said. He picked up a necklace from the pile and stepped up to put it around George's neck. He did it so slowly and meaningfully that Sapnap had to look away. It felt like it was more intimate than what it really was.
"I'm personally going to assassinate the king," Sapnap groaned under his breath, "just so I don't have to see this anymore."
"That's treason," Bad said offhandedly as if he didn't care either way. He continued watching the proceedings with a twinkle in his eyes.
Dream glanced at them and raised an eyebrow, challenging. 'Would you like to try?' his expression said.
Sapnap shuddered. He'd never go against Dream, especially now that they were essentially on the same side. Those few months when the old King wanted to hunt Nightmare down was the worst and Sapnap never wanted to do that again.
That didn't mean he wouldn't badger Dream for more enchanted armor, though. He deserved more armor after being forced to watch this.
"What's this for?" George asked, touching the amulet on the necklace with a delicate finger.
"Protection," Dream said.
George scoffed. "Why would I need this when I have you?"
From where Sapnap was watching, he could see the red hue spreading from Dream's neck to his ears.
"Idiot," Dream muttered.
Ugh. They're so gross. Sapnap would force Ant to guard them next time they're alone. He was happy for whatever they had going on, but he definitely did not want to watch another one of this.
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towniies · 2 days ago
who's gonna tell my dad that not only am i one of the transgenders he keeps hearing about in the media, i ALSO chose my name without thinking about what it means so it has no cultural significance at all >:)
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cozensbyram · 2 days ago
not me just focusing on byfield whenever he’s on the ice
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“I’m talking about happy endings for all of us, with all possible entendres intended” - Crowley, right before the camera pans to Cas and then Dean bent over in the background
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helifotios · 3 days ago
Another mutual request: That Scene™️ from Into the Spiderverse (except it's these two)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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casinoarc · 3 days ago
c!karl canonically now has like bright gold colored eyes i think and i love that for him
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