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420technoblazeit · 2 minutes ago
bbh being horny on main for lady dimitrescu was so funny though. the way he didn't even deny it when he got called out by sapnap and dream and just went silent. "whoa- that lady is so tall :oooo" felt . "holy muffin she's huge" Felt x2 . I could Hear the heart-eyes. mf is still liking art of himself being carried by her on twt. the mere fact that it's bbh of all people, like yeah we all know he's a grown man and stuff but it's just so funny seeing him this openly Simping. He Called Her Big Mama Multiple Times. Hysterical ❤️
alskdhglahsdgla he is Horny and you know what maybe he deserves it for once bro. if u were going to b horny for anyone it would b lady dimitrescu let’s be honest
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420technoblazeit · 3 minutes ago
k let me know if jack kills tommy or smth, it's puffy simp hours rn and i want to watch her
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420technoblazeit · 5 minutes ago
i got banned from the discord after 30 minutes because an old friend is admin
life is soup, i am fork
- Eeby Deeby
did u actually??? aslkdghladsg i’d unban u but that’s really funny actually so im going to give it an hour
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420technoblazeit · 7 minutes ago
I come back from tiktok and i see technoblaze2021... well, im a bit lost but ay you got my whole ass support lets fuckin go
~ Chillnon
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420technoblazeit · 7 minutes ago
Im panicking because im running against you, man. like oml. im quaking in my cat ears. -🍷
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420technoblazeit · 10 minutes ago
is the election just a discord thing?
nope! it’s a mcytblr thing @/wisp-exe is hosting it 
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strawberrypony · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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420technoblazeit · 10 minutes ago
im dual watching streams rn, puffy is reacting to bad possibly being horny for madame dimitrescu and tommy is stealing from techno to harness a wither to mine stone. god.
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420technoblazeit · 14 minutes ago
Yeah let’s gooooo Blaze2021!!!! I‘ll support this till the day I die.
also, I am joe fully investing my time into constructing a Good place au for the dsmp. It’s looking good so far.
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420technoblazeit · 18 minutes ago
we are opposing parties but i'd be fine if you won
poggers u also have a v good platform sammy
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420technoblazeit · 21 minutes ago
You've got my vote
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420technoblazeit · 21 minutes ago
blaze2021 has my support -monsterfucker anon
yesssssss thank you bro i can always count on u
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420technoblazeit · 36 minutes ago
of course the sandwich chain I have found a loop hole his limbo is subway and he’s just chilling with all the sandwiches in the world but he wishes they were blue :(
oh shit you’re right. big brain big brain
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420technoblazeit · 38 minutes ago
ghostbur’s limbo is Subway
the sandwich chain???????
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420technoblazeit · 38 minutes ago
i am fully supportive of blaze2021, it is very pog
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420technoblazeit · 40 minutes ago
my name is 420technoblazeit and im fuckign running with @mcyt-milfs-official!!!!!! our values are weed and also communism yes in that specific order and we're going to tear thsi shit up. vote for us in @wisp-exe's election
campaign promises:
weekly shrek screenings
covering the country in silly string
giving everybody a worm on a string
all party supporters get a nintendo switch to play animal crossing provided that u send me ur vesta if she happens to be one of ur villagers :]
we will make bigboobyhalo and dilfza canon (dont ask how)
milf superiority
ABSOLUTE girlbossing supremacy
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420technoblazeit · 47 minutes ago
I pulled a george and havent set foot in your discord in awhile and at this point I'm scared to find out what happened while I was gone lmaooo
uhhhhh mcytblr elections pt 3 lmao wisp is in the discord if u want to ask him what’s going on
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