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claytonjones · 57 minutes ago
GRRRRRRRRReat Peace Negotiator
Do you remember the TV show “Finding Bigfoot?” In case you never saw it, it was about four morons traipsing through the forests of America looking for a creature that doesn’t exist. I didn’t see every episode, but of the few I did see, I never saw them tell a witness that their experience probably wasn’t a bigfoot encounter. Anytime a “witness” told them they heard some rustling in the woods,…
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begin again - part one
Jax Teller x female!Reader
Summary: This part one of a maybe five-part series. Y/N’s keeping a secret she’s hiding from Jax…
Word count: 1,3k words
Warnings: bad language, it's angsty
You stare blankly at the kitchen cabinets, contemplating your next move. You’ve left Abel with Gemma, all your belongings are packed and loaded into the trunk of your car, and in the bedroom is a handwritten letter for Jax to find when he comes home later tonight. You’re breaking up with him via a letter, a cowardice move, but you don’t feel confident enough to do it face to face.
You can’t bear to look him in the eyes as you break his heart. It was so difficult the last time, and you swore you’d never put yourself through that pain again. You know what you have to do, you’ve gone over the plan every day for the past two weeks, and yet here you are, feet cemented to the floor as you struggle to come to grips with your decision. You know it’s what’s best for you but that doesn’t mean you’re okay with it all.
Tears pool in your eyes, blurring your vision, and as your heart hammers against your chest, you can’t help but think of all that you’re walking away from as you leave Charming. You’ve told no one of your plans to escape, too afraid they’d talk you out of it, or worse, tell Jax who’d surely come after you. Maybe he should come after me, and maybe, just maybe, I can talk sense into him and convince him to leave Charming and the M/C.
You shake your head, expelling the thought. As tempting and ideal as the thought is, you’ve known Jax long enough to know that he would never walk away from the club. No, for your plan to work, for you to rehabilitate yourself from Jax and the chaos that is SAMCRO, you’ve got to run and never look back. Above all, Jax can never find out where you’ve run to because trouble is sure to follow.
As much as you love him, you now realize that your association with Jax and the club poses a threat to your life and that of your unborn baby. The baby. You place both hands over your belly and a faint smile tugs at your lips. This baby is the main reason for your escape. You’re only nine weeks along and already there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to protect this baby — including keeping its existence from its father.
It’s awful, and you wish you didn’t have to do this, you don’t want to do this. Jax’s an amazing father, you’ve witnessed it time and time again with Abel. You also know that there are no lengths he wouldn’t go to for his offspring, you witnessed it a few months ago when Abel was kidnapped. You know the same would apply to your unborn child. Jackson Nathaniel Teller would want to be a part of the child’s life, regardless of your feelings towards his chosen lifestyle.
Initially, you had planned on sharing the exciting news with your baby father. Starting a family together with Jax had always been in the cards for you, and despite his troubling past and your mother’s vehement disapproval, you entertained the idea of setting your roots in the small town. Not only do you have your mother close by, but you also have a decent job that pays the bills, and of course, there’s Jax.
But when Calvin the prospect was brutally murdered it forced you to reconsider your entire future. That night, you accepted the fact that you could never raise a child in Charming, not with Jax’s line of work and his affiliation with the club. The very next morning, you began plotting your great escape which has led you to this moment.
“Right” — you swipe your tears with the back of your hand — “it’s time to go.”
With a final glance around the kitchen, you grab your handbag off of the breakfast table and start towards the front door. You’re overcome with a sadness you know will take days to shake off, but the arrangements have been made, and a new life awaits you in Charlotte. As you lock the front door, you can’t help but relive the moment you first visited this house you now call home. So much has happened since then, so much has changed.
You scurry towards your waiting car. This is it, there’s no turning back from here. You clamber into the vehicle, the tears making it difficult to see, and with a shaking hand, stick the key into the ignition. You’re starting the engine when you catch the sound of an approaching motorcycle. Shit, shit, shit! Jax shouldn’t be home for at least another hour. Fuck. It’s your worst nightmare come true. Shit!
You’re filled with dread as you watch him park his bike in front of the house and walk towards your car. You do your best to fix your appearance, to hide the evidence of your crying, but it’s impossible to hide your red-rimmed eyes. He lightly taps on your car’s window and you hesitantly turn to face him and watch his face fall at the sight of you.
“What’s going on?”
Shit! You kill the car’s engine, your mind racing with thoughts and possible ways to handle the situation before you. You could always go with the lie, to protect you both, but then again, he deserves to know the truth and maybe he’ll see it from your perspective. You scoff at the thought, you’ve been here with him before, there’s no way in hell he’ll see this from your perspective. One thing is certain though — tonight, you’re leaving Charming.
You step out of the car, flinching away when Jax tries to reach for you. You can never think straight when he’s touching you. You fight to keep your voice sturdy as you tell him, “I’ve got to go.”
His brows come together in confusion. “What?”
“I’m leaving you.”
A sick feeling settles in your stomach as soon as the words are out of your mouth and when you see Jax’s confused expression, you wish you would’ve gone with the lie. He turns his head away from you, for only a brief moment, and when he turns back, his confusion is replaced by a pained expression.
“I can’t… I can’t do this” — fresh tears spring to your eyes — “I thought I could but I was only kidding myself… we both were kidding ourselves. I don’t fit into your life, I never did, and I hate that I constantly have to live in fear. Always looking over my shoulder. When does it end?”
Jax stands before you at a loss for words as an array of emotions flash through his eyes. You think he might yell at you, and maybe you want him to yell at you. Maybe you want him to be harsh, for him to hurl insults at you because then it would validate you. But nothing.
“I’m sorry that I wasted your time.”
“Babe, listen–”
“Don’t try to convince me to stay.” You sniffle, swiping your nose with the back of your hand, “And you’ve got to promise me that you won’t come looking for me after I’ve left.”
“Promise me, Jax!”
He says nothing and you suspect he never will.
“Goodbye, Jackson.”
You climb back into your car and start the car engine without giving it a second thought. Jax stands frozen on the driveway, watching you slip through his fingers for a second time, and as you drive down the familiar street, a heaviness settles on your heart.
“I love you, Jackson Teller.” You couldn’t bring yourself to say those words to his face, afraid you might succumb to the feeling and find yourself staying in Charming. “I’ll love you forever.”
You look up at the rearview mirror, a small part of you hoping to find Jax’s motorcycle trailing after you. It’s the same part that wants him to fight for you and your relationship. The same part that wants him to give up the club and his life in Charming to be with you. A life away from Gemma and her endless bullshit but that’s just wishful thinking.
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manspace · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Clay Honeycutt
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professional-aceassin · 2 hours ago
Just randomly read up on the ethics of shearing wool and the sheep industry, and now I can't stop thinking of the mighty nein as a little flock of sheep with Essek as their handler trying to keep Wolfcien out of the fields.
Yussa: where's the flock?
Essek: what?
The Sheep Nein already in the forest: BAAAAAAAAA!!!!
(Veth was adopted as an odd looking goat and turned into a sheep later)
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deathbled · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
POV: i'm realizing that talon has to live with the burden of his mark and bond with the harbinger and that he can't remember much of his past and that the only reminder of his humanity is a ring he had to literally retrieve from his mother's corpse, which is incidentally also his only childhood memory before the harbinger other than the death of his parents
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wonderland007la · 2 hours ago
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wylan-van-sunshines · 3 hours ago
the time thorne punched and then hugged jacin for taking care of cress lives in my mind rent free
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The Mighty Nein Hit Points (going into episode 138):
Yasha: 21/161  Beau: 47/128 Fjord: 132/183 Jester: 109/146 Caleb: 22/95 Caduceus: 80/128 Veth: 66/102 Essek: Down 67 damage from whatever his max hit point level is
Long story short, these hit points are concerning and we may be seeing a lot of unconsciousness during this Cree battle. Yasha might also be raging beyond death. Hopefully Beau is still conscious to see it because she will LIKE. 
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purplelovegarden · 3 hours ago
Hair Clay Market Insights Business Opportunities, Current Trends And Restraints Forecast 2027
Tumblr media
Hair Clay Market Industry Analysis 2021 The "Global Hair Clay Market" report enlightens its readers about its products, applications, and specifications. The research enlists key companies operating in the market and also highlights the roadmap adopted by the companies to consolidate their position in the market. By extensive usage of SWOT analysis and Porter's five force analysis tools, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and combination of key companies are comprehensively deduced and referenced in the report. Every single leading player in this global market is profiled with their related details such as product types, business overview, sales, manufacturing base, applications, and other specifications. Major Market Players Covered In This Report: Mandom Corporation, Henkel, Loreal, Coty, Shiseido, Watsons, YOUNGRACE, Estee Lauder, K+S, Layrite, Baxter International, American Crew, ,. Click Here To Access The Sample Report: Hair Clay Market has exhibited continuous growth in the recent past and is projected to grow even more throughout the forecast. The analysis presents an exhaustive assessment of the market and comprises Future trends, Current Growth Factors, attentive opinions, facts, historical information, in addition to statistically supported and trade validated market information. The Global Hair Clay Market Can Be Segmented As The key product type of Hair Clay market are: Medium Hold, Strong Hold, ,. Hair Clay Market Outlook by Applications: Hair Texturizing, Hair Holding, ,. To Get This Report At Beneficial Rates: The Hair Clay market comprising of well-established international vendors is giving heavy competition to new players in the market as they struggle with technological development, reliability and quality problems the analysis report examines the expansion, market size, key segments, trade share, application, and key drivers. Key players within the Hair Clay market are identified through secondary analysis, and their market shares are determined through primary and secondary analysis. The report encloses a basic summary of the trade lifecycle, definitions, classifications, applications, and trade chain structure. Each of these factors can facilitate leading players to perceive the scope of the Market, what unique characteristics it offers and the manner in which it will fulfill a customer's need. By Company Profile, Product Image and Specification, Product Application Analysis, Production Capability, Price Cost, Production Value, Contact Data are included in this research report. What Hair Clay Market report offers: * Hair Clay Market share assessments for the regional and country-level segments * Market share analysis of the highest trade players * Hair Clay Market Trends (Drivers, Constraints, Opportunities, Threats, Challenges, Investment Opportunities, and Recommendations) * Strategic recommendations on key business segments The Report Answers Following Questions: * Over successive few years, which Hair Clay application segment can perform well? * Within which market, the businesses ought to establish a presence? * Which product segments are exhibiting growth? * What are the market restraints which are likely to impede the growth rate? * However, market share changes their values by completely different producing brands? You can Buy This Report from Here: The report entails detailed profiling of each company, and information on capacity, production, price, revenue, cost, gross, gross margin, sales volume, sales revenue, consumption, growth rate, import, export, supply, future strategies, and the technological developments, are also included within the scope of the report. In the end, the Hair Clay Market Report delivers a conclusion which includes Breakdown and Data Triangulation, Consumer Needs/Customer Preference Change, Research Findings, Market Size
Estimation, Data Source. These factors are expected to augment the overall business growth. Thanks for reading this article; you can also get individual chapter wise section or region wise report version like Asia, United States, Europe. About Us Research Allied is a global market research and consulting service provider specialized in offering wide range of business solutions to their clients including market research reports, primary and secondary research, demand forecasting services, focus group analysis and other services. We understand that how data is important in today's competitive environment and thus, we have collaborated with industry's leading research providers who works continuously to meet the ever-growing demand for market research reports throughout the year. Contact: Research Allied Mangalam Chamber, Office No - 16, Paud Road Sankalp Society, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038 Phone: +1 646-979-1976 Email: Web: Follow Us on: LinkedIN� global Hair Clay market by Application, global Hair Clay Market by rising trends, Hair Clay Market Development, Hair Clay market Future, Hair Clay Market Growth, Hair Clay market in Key Countries,Hair Clay Market Latest Report, Hair Clay market SWOT analysis,Hair Clay market Top Players,Hair Clay Sales market, Hair Clay Market, Hair Clay Market COVID � 19 Impact Analysis Report, Hair Clay Market Demand Outlook, Hair Clay Market Primary and Secondary Research, Hair Clay Market Size and Growth, Hair Clay Market Trends, Hair Clay Market, Hair Clay Market Size, Hair Clay Market Share, Hair Clay Market Research Analysis, Hair Clay Market Growth, Hair Clay Market Trends and Outlook, Hair Clay Industry Analysis
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rjuncommon · 3 hours ago
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luv-not-hate · 6 hours ago
*most* ghosts need punching | critical role animatic  coniferouskiddo
Okay, THIS is my new most favoritest artist for the M9! 
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anliomosupp1987 · 6 hours ago
11 Hair Raising Polymer Clay Jewelry Earrings How To Make Stunning Ideas
Diy Jewelry Organizer Easy
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andazzi · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
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7of-hearts · 7 hours ago
cad’s description of destiny is still one of my favorite fucking things to come out of critical role
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