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hitsfromthelung · 3 hours ago
Can You Smoke Marijuana Leaves?
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Would You Smoke Marijuana Leaves? is a topic that many smokers have varying answers to. Growers usually plant marijuana in order to produce high-quality buds for smoking. Some sections of the plants, on the other hand, can also be used for a variety of purposes. Marijuana leaves, for example, can be used to smoke a joint.
First and foremost, for those concerned smokers/users who want to know if they should smoke cannabis plants, the answer is yes! It can be smoked, and it has been done before. However, since it did not have a heavy concentration of THC, it did not satisfy the consumer.
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chaotic-naturexx · 5 hours ago
Wow I am fucking lonely, would somebody like too talk?
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uh-hann · 10 hours ago
hey stoney baloneys can anyone hmu with some recommendations for some seriously fuck-me-up edibles? i’ve never had an edible that’s done anything for me and i wanna plan for a night when my sons not home to get literally baked into my couch
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arandomthot · a day ago
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Second rule would be to introduce yourself politely if you didn’t have a plug yet
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