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rosieposies-world · 56 minutes ago
oddly specific scenarios and thoughts and modern au ideas!
• venti
him as the dorm mate that wakes you up in the middle of the night during the weekend to coax you to the rarely used bathtub in your bathroom to talk over cheap wine and a box of cereal, even if there's perfectly good and healthy food you could warm up in the kitchen and stuff yourselves with.
• childe
he tries scaring/surprising you often by creeping up on you while you do the mundane tasks of everyday. it doesnt work though, and it frustrates him to no end.
once, he sneakily walked up behind you and grabbed your hips, whispering hello and you just grinned brightly at him and pressed a greeting kiss against his jawline.
• albedo
he is totally fine with hanging out with you in silence while you nake your research proposal. he asks you questions about it even, very much interested in what it's about.
after a while though, he quiets down and you think that he's getting bored, until you receive a message from him filled with references and studies related to your own that you could read and when you turn to face him, he has a little smile on his face, satisfied that he could help you.
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ianxx03 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I drew Venti riding a giant Bulbasaur
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xiaophobic · an hour ago
my team is diluc, diona, venti and jean so i like to think diona always rants about the wine industry n stuff to diluc and venti and why its stupid to drink and hold up a literal wine industry while jean is just standing there like what am i supposed to do here 🧍
Tumblr media
this is your team AHAHSHAHA
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liiru · an hour ago
late night thirst... for @ellitx <3 (thanks for always feeding me venti brainrot-)
haha yes nsfw stuff ahead<3
imagine you can't sleep in the middle of the night and ask you sleeping boyfriend for help, venti gladly help you like the sweet boyfriend he is. he'll play with your breast from behind, massaging it while kissing your neck and whisper sweet nothing to your ear. he trail his hand downward into your clothed core, and he will softly rub your pussy through your panties. he press his thumb against your clit earning a gasp as you grip the blanket under you. venti move your panties to side and start to pleasuring your cunt as his other hand massage your breast. you were a mess already but venti just started. he chuckled seeing you close your eyes, starting to lose into the pleasure. venti kiss your cheeks as he start to insert two fingers into your aching cunt making you moan in surprise. his fingers was massaging your inside perfectly that you couldn't help but to just burry your face into the pillow. you were curled up in venti's as venti burry his face into your neck inhaling your sweet scent. you let out a loud whimper as you could feel yourself getting close to your sweet orgasm. tighten up your grip on the sheets you whisper to venti that you were so close, but venti only smile against your neck them places soft kiss on it, "then cum my love.. " venti fasten the movement of his finger as you could feel the knot in your stomach unraveling. you cum on his fingers as venti kiss your cheek while slowing down the movement of his finger to let you ride out of your recent orgasm. venti remove his finger before removing his short. you could feel his member against your ass, so you know where this going and of course you know you will enjoy it.
"good job my love, now let me give you another pleasure that you'll even forgot that you can't sleep."
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stargazer-balladeer · 2 hours ago
What I need for today!
Protective Hinata
Flirting Venti
And positive Nagito because he's needs to be happy.
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the-teyvat-wanderer · 2 hours ago
Genshin idea dump.
Tumblr media
Reader is Isekaied into the world of Genshin Impact blah blah blah. But the Reader and the Traveler are separate entities. And the world progresses as normal. But the reader has nothing to do, they aren’t supposed to be here, so what do they do? How will they go home? Does that matter? The Traveler has strength and magical powers. And you have nothing. Jealousy and spite tend to build up fast, and patience runs for only so long..
Tumblr media
( Venti x reader )
Venti and reader have been a couple for awhile, but Venti had always been off and on. For some time he’ll be away without a trace no note, and no goodbye. You didn’t mind the first few times “everyone needs their space right?” You explained to your friends, but it wasn’t healthy. So after some convincing and build up, you confronted Venti about this. And he didn’t understand why your “acting like this,” he is the god of freedom he shouldn’t feel shackled down. At the time Venti didn’t see any problem with his words. For the next weeks you prepared with a friend, Zhongli to let you stay there for some time to clear your head and get an outsiders perspective. When the day came you considered leaving a note; you didn’t. During your stay with the consultant you often asked Zhongli if this was right, for you to leave with another man in another city away from your lover without leaving a note. He responded with the same answer “I don’t believe it was ‘right’ but it isn’t wrong, we’re not lovers only friends and that bard is getting a taste of his own medicine. Herbal?” You met many people in Liyue: Xinyan a bright soul, Keqing the skeptical Yuheng who only looked out for the future of Liyue, Qiqi a small little zombie girl you often hung out with. Xiangling a celebrity chef with eccentric tastes, and Childe a Fatui harbinger who attempted to drown all of Liyue Harbour? (You’ll ask Zhongli about that later) While you were off in Liyue getting comfortable the bard himself came looking for you. Proclaiming that he was sorry and wanted to talk it out with you. You agreed and went somewhere a little more private but not before getting a look from Keqing that said “it’s that him?” Your wrist in his hand was the answer she wanted. When you got far enough from prying ears, Venti explained that he talked about it with Diluc and other couples in Monstadt and realized his mistake in his actions and words and that he wants to start again, to try and be better for you and himself, boy poor was distraught by himself he looked liked a kicked puppy. (I planned for two endings but tumblr spacing is weird)
Reader Isekai
Venti Angst
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meldelmew · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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cutiepielaia · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
i miss the festival and when mondstadt was full of flowers
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ellitx · 5 hours ago
heyy this is 100% not a request
an idea for a future post: genshin character as hentai images
Welp, i dont know any good hentai mangas since most of them are ugly b*stards or weird monster fucking >.> but i kinda want to do this, that is if i do find a good hentai doujins or manga to use as a reference for genshin characters
honestly idk if you mean like their kinks or smth but if not then imma back out
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ellitx · 5 hours ago
this has been on my mind for some time now but consider venti’s darling being rly into the hustle life while also being a huge power bottom for him 😳😳😳 like she’s on the same level of grind as ganyu or jean and is a total boss at whatever it is she does, and whenever people see them and venti together they lowkey assume the dynamic is the same: his s/o doing hot girl shit and venti being her supportive boyfriend. but what they don’t know is when they find some time alone together after s/o’s long day, she becomes venti’s whiny little princess that begs for him to take care of her. she doesnt let anyone else have their way with her, venti is the sole exception and he absolutely loves it HVNGNFNGNGN MY HEART
tugging his sleeve shyly, rubbing her legs together, and moving closer to him and pressing her chest against his arm. Venti obviously knows you want your reward for your hardwork.
He turned to face you and gently holds your chin between his fingers to make you look at him straight in the eyes.
“Eager, are we? Well, you do deserve it after all. Now tell me, what is that you want? I’ll give it all to you, princess.”
Okay but before i end it here, venti wants to make you feel good first before you ride him. He wants you to be relaxed and get rid of those stresses. Venti’s really a sweet and caring boyfriend <33 but you’ll be really whiny about which makes him laugh at how cute and adorable you are begging for his cock.
“Just relax, okay? We’ll get to it soon, don’t worry.” He kisses your temple then your lips before he proceeds to insert a finger in your pussy. Once he makes you cum twice then that’s the time you get to have fun with him~
Blowjob, boobjob, and maybe your favorite, riding him~ venti loves seeing your breast bounce on top of him and he’s really tempted to latch his mouth onto it and suck on your cute perked nipples. Maybe even pinching or fiddling them to excite you more ;>
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occasionalgarbage · 5 hours ago
Everyone in Monstadt wants to marry you (Men & Women)
Excuse me, madam/sir? Everyone in Liyue wants to marry you , but so do some Monstadt individuals. Should I let them in? Yes?
a/n blog on hiatus just means i have MORE inspiration???!?!!!
warnings ; marriage, slightly stalkery jean???, food mention
Venti has heard of Y/N L/N from whispers on the wind, the most eligible person in Liyue, whose personality and appearance has captured the eye of illuminated adepti, the vigilant yaksha and Morax himself, as well as many mortals high up in Liyue society. It wouldn’t hurt to have a lover, after many years spent alone by himself with only drunkenness and music to keep him company. When he saw you for himself, his heart was yours, as his lyre fell to the ground and a true, genuine smile crept across his face. You would be his, as he would be yours.
Acting Grand Master Jean certainly had no time for such trivial things such as marriage. She is simply doing her job when you come to the Knights of Favonius, asking for a place to stay, and she is simply doing her job when she assigns you a house opposite to hers so she can see your silhouette through the window whenever she feels lonely and doesn’t feel like visiting Barbara at the cathedral. Sometimes she tries to guess what you’re doing - reading maybe? Drawing, or... entertaining other men and women? Oh? There is a competition? Well, surely there is no harm at entering, right?
Diluc of Monstadt is certainly intrigued by the prospect of a competition for the hand of someone. According to the rumours he hears at the bar, all those considered eligible will have a letter delivered to them and as he rereads the formal invitation stating that several “qualities that Y/N is looking for in a partner, such as empathy and compassion will be key in being considered”, Diluc doubts his abilities to empathise are good enough, and he feels the creeping feeling of insecurity growing in the back of his mind.
Albedo, chief alchemist of the Knights of Favonius, would laugh if someone asked if he was participating in your marriage competition. “Marriage is not on the criteria for the rest of my life,” he would say in a monotone voice, before turning his attention back to his drawing, or latest alchemy experiment. However, his cold exterior hides a secret — he is researching you. Your interests, hobbies, clothing style, favourite food and favourite places in Monstadt, as well as his top competitors, so when he arrives at your house for a private dinner, he can hold any conversation with you.
Cavalry Captain Kaeya is perhaps one of the more smooth-talking contestants, effortlessly carrying conversations and sliding into the seat beside you on the banquet, which perhaps was reserved for richer competitors and takes a bite of the food off your plate. He winks and swallows the spicy chicken piece, before saying, “I am Kaeya, from the Knights of Favonius,” and his hand slides across yours, the fur coat tickling your neck. Even when the competition is closed for the day, you will find him throwing stones through your window in order to get your attention and climbing in to tell stories about his day, about how he effortlessly stayed hilichurls and slimes. Perhaps he loves you back, although he hides it under a façade of grandeurs.
The librarian, Lisa, knows that despite being scouted for this competition, she doesn’t have much to go on and her competitors are immortal gods who must have attracted thousands of mortals during their lives. Therefore she must go on intelligence and good looks, both of which she has in surplus and charm her way to your heart. She offers to help you study any subject and let’s you lose books from the library with nothing more than a sigh and a smirk as a punishment. Obvious favouritism is apparent, however when questioned, Lisa will poetically answer that “love makes people do crazy things”.
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cchaiart · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
it is merely a lovely dream
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mephistolullaby · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kinpact · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➵ Anonymous: Hi hi! Could I request a stimboard for Venti with the color green? And no knives please, thank you in advance! :D
🌼 🌼 🌼 | 🌼 🌼 | 🌼 🌼 🌼
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merakiui · 7 hours ago
Hi Meraki! Orchid here. Last night I was in a fantasy mood and had this reader idea with Albedo. Imagine reader finding an abandoned castle and going to explore it. After getting inside and walking around, she finds the ballroom and starts dancing to a melody in her head. For a while she was alone until a gloved hand gently takes hers and she turns to see Albedo joining in. As they danced, she's thinking "who is he? A human? A phantom? I was sure I was alone." not yan, purely fairytale setting.
Omg I love this idea!! What if he was trapped in that castle somehow? Or maybe he lives there and the castle only looks shiny and new when night falls! To outsiders it appears like an old, eroded structure that has crumbled under the wear of time and the weather. But as soon as the sun sets, the castle becomes beautiful and its residents are free to dance in the sparkling ballroom and enjoy the glorious night. You just happen to have a penchant for stumbling upon unique sites and Albedo is in need of some company (and a dance partner, of course)!
I would also like to share a fantasy idea that randomly came to me one day. Imagine you’re royalty and are engaged to the Wind Prince (Venti). The two of you are always getting into trouble and finding new ways to have fun inside the palace walls. You’re not too worried about what will happen after Venti is crowned king and you’ll have to focus on the boring and political aspects that come with being a ruler. You choose to live in the present and everything seems to be going swell. You’re happy with Venti!
But then the Wind Prince vanishes without a trace one evening and it throws the palace into utter chaos. No one knows where he disappeared to. Is he safe? Did he run away? Was he kidnapped? Are you going to receive a letter demanding ransom for the safe return of your prince? It’s very stressful. The knights are sent to scour the kingdom for the missing prince and are told to keep the search under wraps as to not alarm the citizens.
Yet there’s no sign of Venti. You might be engaged to him, but you’re also his closest friend. So it’s only normal that you’d be distraught with worry. As the days pass and Venti has yet to be found, it becomes harder to hide the fact that he’s missing. The last thing the royals need is widespread panic among the common folk. So in order to keep face and snuff any rumors that might’ve formed, a stand-in prince is selected. And who might that be?
Xiao, the diligent knight who has been loyal to the royal family ever since he was freed from his rough life on the streets. He bears some resemblance to Venti, mainly his height and hair color. Other than that, he’s a completely different person. And unlike Venti, who is well-versed in royalty, Xiao is not. He’s solely accustomed to the tough life of a knight who has fought in battles and has garnered countless wounds and scars. Xiao does not know how to act like a prince. He can be dressed in the finest of clothes and his hair can be styled to mimic Venti’s, but that doesn’t make him a true prince.
Of course he’s irritated when he’s forced to halt his duties as a knight and learn the ways of a prince. He’s never known what it’s like to be at the top of the social pyramid, where he isn’t looked down upon by aristocrats and is instead treated like an equal. Xiao makes for an awkward prince. He’s skilled in combat, but he has no clue how to be social at extravagant events or put on a convincing princely act.
But you’re there to help him! When he fails to adhere to royal customs and is always on edge, ready to defend you should danger arise, you easily come to his aid. He’s not to be seen by the public eye and is only meant to stand at your side while you take care of the rest. His appearance is hidden so that no one will get suspicious. Xiao won’t verbalize it, but he’s relieved that you’re so understanding and kind. Despite his standoffish and serious nature, which often comes off as intimidating, you aren’t bothered by it and are more than happy to assist him.
He claims he doesn’t need any help, but it’s painfully obvious that he’s struggling to understand the effort that goes into being a prince.
And the more time he spends with you as the fake Wind Prince the more he gets to know the true you—not the royal who forces a smile just to please the others. He’s not sure what he’s feeling when you open up to him about your fears for the future and whether or not Venti will ever come back. Maybe it’s just his instincts as a knight, which compel him to keep you safe even as he acts as Prince Venti. Nevertheless, he softens up when he’s around you and it allows you to see a new side of the usually cold and distant Knight Xiao.
Somehow you’ve found a new friend despite this undesirable situation and it makes things a little less scary. But the fact still remains that Venti is missing and you and Xiao have no idea where he could be.
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