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poetofbridges · an hour ago
for those playing genshin impact, my UID is 719746412 if anyone wants to add me cuz i need friends lol
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Aether: You'll never take me alive!   Tartaglia: I wasn't planning to!   Aether: That's so dark!  
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rheichos · 2 hours ago
Mostly Blind Genshin React
Day 10-19
Diluc #1 Husbando
My sister is up to something shady.
Never tell Venti a secret.
Day Ten
Diluc is a glass canon. He packs a punch but dies in a few hits. Got those commissions and some more teleport points.
Learned alchemy which Sucrose is helping out with. Got to lv 15 adventurer so ascended Aether, and learned some Alchemy. Maxed out Diluc's level but I don't have his ascent items. That'll be the goal for tomorrow I guess.
Then I said I was done playing, after an hour, like a liar.
Played for two more hours because I got side tracked unlocking the sword cemetery and all the wisps and blessing wisps along the way. I wasn't even originally going for that quest I was just going to unlock the teleport in that area. 
We are at 8 blessings two more and I'm level 7 or 8 on the statue. Getting close to maxing it out.
3 hours total.
Goal: Do a quest not part of the dailies. I mean technically the sword grave yard was technically a quest.
Day Eleven
Anyone else think that it's creepy that Catherine every once in awhile just say error? Just me okay. 
Tried to get to that other statue but there's a wind wall in my way. Picked up enough blessings that I'm now up to level eight two more to go. 
Did my daily quests and finally met the chef. Xianling. She's a lot. Very cute. I can see why'd she'd be a waifu for some, but having interacted with her she just has too much energy for me.
2 hours of work boiled down to a few sentences.
Also level 16 adventurer.
Day Twelve
Daily quests to buy those rainbow wishes to try for Zhongli again. 6/10 aquired.
Finished that cook quest. I don't really like her play style. She's very passionate though. 
I normally would do all the side quests first but it looks like I'm going to stall on the book quests for level four if I don't unlock that statue. So Kaeya and Lisa will have to wait. I'll probably ascend Lisa has my third because I've already ascended Aether and Diluc. I would ascend Chongyun but I don't have access to his materials yet.
Day Thirteen
Dailies done!
Random Lynn encounter.
Another rainbow wish. 7/10.
Level 18 adventurer.
Day 14
Dailies done.
Day 15
Doing the dailies to try and get enough primos to try for another pull. Crunch time currently so not able to work on the main story.
Day 16
I know the bard, now known as Venti, is a crowd favorite, but he already annoys me personality wise. Is he one of those ones that grows on you???
Also Aether over here purifying crystals. Putting down my bet that he has some kind of light element. Well once I got through that cutscene they pretty much confirmed it. My sister has the darkness element, and the main character is the light. 
Is the male presenting character not the character you are supposed to pick? In spoken lines they’ll say she a lot.
Ah, I knew that obvious hidden tunnel in the cathedral would come up eventually. 
“What a blessing from the god of Anemo.” She says to the bard who is most likely the god of Anemo.
2 Seconds later reveals himself. But he also acts like a smug five year old so I’m sure they’ll believe him.
Oh, okay we’re going to straight up lie, and steal a holy artifact. 
I’m two seconds away from punching Venti in the face. God or no god. Flattery will get you no wear, and especially not onto the husbando list. Venti is definitely being sent into the annoying cousin spot.
Stealth missions. UGH
Finally got through it and someone else steals it in dark purple and black robes. 
Stealth mission followed up by a glider trial. Ouch
Oh good. We’ve met the red haired man with the giant sword! Bless this child for going along with our request as we run away from the law. But also Aether you have bright yellow hair. Dilus no! Immediately goes and snitches on us.
Day 17
Diluc is very chill.
For some reason the way he talks makes me think HE stole the lyre just to get information on what's happening.
Diluc totally is suspicious of Venti, but is like I don't want to know.
Jean calls Diluc sir? Well I'm not touching that drama when Diluc has made it CLEAR he has beef with the knights.
Ah the evil diplomats stole it of course.
Diluc sir why do you just HAVE masks????
I know the boss probably said you can't escape from death but it sounded like debt. Just imagining someone running away, "YOU CANT ESCAPE DEBT!!!!"
Diluc is person no grata which is so funny because the Fatui were like that guy? F*CK that guy in particular.
Diluc is so dramatic. We love a dramatic b*tch. 
Also him buying all the fake Barabatos breath just so the Fatui can't is hilarious and petty.
Dramatic, has tons of money, AND petty? Currently number one husbando.
Finally built enough rainbow wishes to pull for 10. Only one character & it's Noelle. Third time getting her. I know she's a common pull but at least she's a healer which is helpful for me. I don't think I'll be able to build enough primo to pull for Zhongli again so dragon man will have to wait.
Also Amber may not be waifu material but she is obviously best friend material I found the posters for my sister that she's put up for me and that is absolutely adorable and exactly what you want from a best friend.
Day 18
Record timing for daily completion.
Level 22 Adventurer
Summoned the dragon and then the abyss mage whispered posion in Dvalin's ear.
Finally saw our sister, a bit concerned by the whole let's summon our homeworld and emerge it with this one. Luo Binghe is that you???
Day 19
Went through the tiring process of downloading everything to play on PC instead of phone.
Going to have to get used to the new buttons.
The graphics are much better and the combat is smoother on my computer. Load times are about the same.
Only did the dailies because it took so long trying to set up the PC.
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chiyoko-cherry · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
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potatofever · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the way my style changes every time i draw them,,,,
inspired by @gaybrainrot 's fic !
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ellarem · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
the twins, but with 80s inspired outfits!
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poetictinkerer · 7 hours ago
A few people on tiktok said that Lumine has higher Attack than Aether and Aether has higher Defense than Lumine bc when they fight back to back, Lumine goes on the offense and Aether goes on the defense so there’s no openings for enemies which pretty much symbolizes that the Traveler loses their other half when the Sibling gets taken away
miHoYo give these two a proper reunion WITH NO ANGST
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pandorasdreambox · 8 hours ago
Genshin voiclines can hurt. Especially death ones.
In the future I would like to go over them like the travlers "Maybe I wasn't meant for this world" but also mostly the fatui death lines. It just seems like they've suffered so much throughout their lives that the idea of death almost relieved them?
Also I plan to do a lot of short explanations of the books in the game for those interested! But I might also show the descriptions from items that tend to be ignored, so basically lots of lore stuff to look forward too!
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awkwardgh-0-st · 9 hours ago
Katheryne is done with my bullshit XD
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fortressofmuses · 10 hours ago
@miisfxrtunate​: He's drooling, he wants some..
Tumblr media
Aether’ll just offer the other half of his jelly mound.
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ceciliablossoms · 10 hours ago
✨ 500+ Followers Event ✨
Normal Request Rules
Event Rules:
You can send an ask for up to 3 characters at a time
Unlike the last event I would prefer that all characters be kept to one prompt
But feel free to send more than one ask in! Send as many as you want!
Every response will be a small drabble so don’t feel like you have to specify the post type
Preferably no Character/Character this event
After the ask period is up I'll begin responding, though the asks in my drafts have priority right now
Feel free to use these on your own blog as well!
I’m going to edit these a bit depending on the character so it won’t sound as OOC
I'm going to bed because my covid shot is kicking my ass so I won't respond to any asks until tomorrow
Sweets Prompts:
Cheesecake: "I'll never get tired of this."
Opera Cake: "I missed this."
Cassata: "You have a very kissable face."
Panna Cotta: "It looks better on you."
Cinnamon Bun: "Do you wanna get married one day?"
Marzipan: "I'll take good care of you."
Dacquoise: "May I have this dance?"
Tiramisu: "Deep breaths... You'll be okay."
Sachertorte: "Why are you here?"
Gingerbread: "Why.... why do you love me...?"
Banana Pudding: "Don't act like you care!"
Liquorice: "Don't you DARE die on me!"
Chikki: "I trusted you."
Zuccotto: "You promised me you wouldn't forget...."
Mix: (Can go either way, please specify)
Macaron: "I would die for you."
Baklava: "Please don't go."
Gelato: "Can we go now-?"
Swiss Roll: "I'm sorry."
Crème Brûlée: "Get out!"
Éclair: "Why did you lie to me?"
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fortressofmuses · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Aether is just going to calmly eat his mint jelly. Everywhere was chaos but here. 
That’s fine with him.
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ten-shika · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Zhongli loving club is growing
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rpgworldcomic · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to Teyvat Journal Entry #1 Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Well hello! What’s this? It’s a preview of some of the things Atari and I are working on! Just a little experiment. Will we keep going? Eh, who knows.
But let’s be real about those camera angles tho
Want more of something like this? Let us know! And hit up that Patreon 😎
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bowansparrow · 11 hours ago
remember the other day how i said between aether and my last dnd character that was the quickest new dnd character i’ve gotten?
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