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petitdragon21 · 2 minutes ago
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Dog Gone Trouble - Dog vs Squirrel : please, NO! Ouch!
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eliooliver83 · 7 minutes ago
What did you end up naming your new puppy?
Haha, sweet optimistic anon: bold of you to assume I have the executive functioning skills required to assign a name to a creature that licks his own butthole.
In short, the dog remains nameless. 😔
And he’s lovely & hilarious & we adore him and the level of anxiety I have over our inability to name him is ridiculous. So let me share a few of our top contenders (for this week anyway) and ya’ll can feel free to comment with your fave. Please. Or suggest one of your own …
George (Georgie)
Frank (Frankie)
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petitdragon21 · 11 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Dog Gone Trouble - Humping dog problem The man - “Will you get off?” 
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faaeish · 14 minutes ago
I’m very broke like 0 savings and under $100 in my bank but I ordered KFC bc self care
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biblade · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
MAKSYM BALAKIN —  twin verse info dump.
aka durast!maks brainrot thanks to @maleyn​​ and the twin au we’ve decided on. 
born alongside mal in ravka,  up until the death of their parents,  where they were separated due to unforeseen circumstances.  unlike mal,  the other boy was not taken to the orphanage.  he was instead found by refugees who intended to cross the fold to escape the border wars,  and the strangers took pity on him,  knowing that it was likely his family was dead or he’d been abandoned to fend for himself.
miraculously,  he and the others survived the crossing of the fold.  he ended up in novokribirsk with the others,  until a handful of them decided they wanted to travel further out of ravka and choose to seek voyage towards novyi zem.   going with them,  the boy found himself becoming quick friends with anyone who so much as spoke to him,  the crew of the merchant vessel they’d found passage on included.
when it came time for the refugees to disembark and go seek their new lives in the foreign land,  the boy was give an offer by the ship’s own captain to remain onboard and become a part of the crew.  finding this a more exciting prospect than possibly ending up in an orphanage or adopted by strangers who would keep him tied down,  he immediately jumped at the offer and choose to say goodbye to the refugees who had granted him a second chance.
it was the crew who would give him the name he’d come to keep for the rest of his life: balakin,   for his inability to keep his mouth shut.  then,  later,  maksym,  to mark him as the biggest blabbermouth they’d ever have the pleasure of meeting.   maks took to the title with good humor,  as it was not given in malice,  and over time adopted it as his official moniker.
he remained with that crew for years,  even after his powers developed a few months in.  though he was not fully aware of what it meant to be a fabrikator,  he understood that being a grisha could be a dangerous thing thanks to conversations overheard onboard the ship.  not fully trusting any of the crewmates not to sell him out to slavers or others who would otherwise do him harm,  he chose to hide his abilities and use them sparingly.
maks grew to view these people as family,  regardless of the secret that he hid.  when he was sixteen,  as the ship was docked in the harbor of ketterdam,  his abilities were accidentally discovered during a skirmish.  maks was easily able to disarm those that sought trouble,  but it wasn’t without outing himself as grisha in front of some of the crew.
word spread quickly among the men.  though some of them were content to keep his secret,  others were not so easily swayed and thought it might be worth considering to find someone willing to pay good money for a grisha indenture.   there was no easy decision to be made,  and in the end the captain of the ship did the only thing that would end with as little pain as possible:  maks was given enough money to find a ride off of kerch on another boat,  but he could no longer be safely welcome onboard the ship he’d come to know as home.
there wasn’t any choice but to take the offer and take off running.   he knew things could become complicated now that someone knew about what he was,  and the safest place he could be was where grisha weren’t prosecuted for what they were.   maks never looked back as he payed for passage on the first ship heading towards novyi zem,  knowing things could have gone a lot worse for someone in his position.
again,  maks quickly made friends,  and before he was even off of the ship,  he’d secured himself a job in the jurda fields of cofton with a steady pay and a place where he might be able to remain for the near future.  this was where he remained until the day approached where he’d meet his brother again,  and definitely get into some unforeseen trouble.
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orbitcd · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
                 ‘ all my friends think i’m annoying and hate me, have a nice day !! ’
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petitdragon21 · 30 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Dog Gone Trouble - What is Thurman Sanchez? A monkey? A snake? A caterpillar? A dog? LOL like a big dog would do with a stranger’s butt, Thurman is bothering Chef Ludo while he is installing a “No dog allowed” sign on the door
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stellophia · 35 minutes ago
It's nearly 2 am meaning I'll elaborate in the morning, but Loki really had his masks crumble in episode one, realized there was no point in putting the "Evil Conqueror" mask back on because he couldn't posture or intimidate his way out of this, figured that the TVA knows at least enough about him that playing the "Upstanding Law Obeying Trustworthy Citizen" would fail horribly, noticed that playing the "Chaotic Trickster Who's Ultimately too Arrogant to Really be too Much of a Threat" worked perfectly, and ran with it didn't he
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xcherry-popx · 39 minutes ago
rational brain: its already halfway through the month. you should finish oskari’s reference. lets work on th-
irrational brain: we should map out the entire fictional world ^^
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spacesuitsforemergency · 39 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I don’t normally post WIP’s but........he’s just so pretty💛💛💛💛
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petitdragon21 · 42 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dog Gone Trouble - Trouble needs Rousey, but Rousey don’t want him Rousey - “I don’t snuggle”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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saviorofunicornsinneed · 46 minutes ago
I want someone to make a gif set of Thor being annoyed with Loki’s tricks and then having the bonus be the scene where Lokes says “No wonder Thor found this so annoying”
That’d be ~A m a z i n g~
And I’d love it so much 🥺
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petitdragon21 · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dog Gone Trouble - Princess Norbert Claire and Norbert are twins. Claire is the main villain, because she can make everybody at her service. Norbert is not a real villain, he is only Claire’s (twin) helper, because he is a bit stupid. 
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theultimateultimateweapon · 51 minutes ago
Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in a Big Pinch!? (Chapter 4)
Tumblr media
"So, where are the other Three Mage Sisters?" Burning Leo asked, just as they left Blizzno's atmosphere.
Jammerjab replied with thought. "Maybe Flamberge is on a hot star, I've heard she likes to rest in a hot place after a fight to recover her strength."
"Oh, now that I can get behind! At least one of these Mage Sisters makes sense." Burning Leo said happily.
Waddle Dee replied with excitement. "Don't let your guard down. Flamberge is a strong enemy."
"I know. So, where is the hottest star? Are there any around?"
"Maybe it's Sizzlai Moon. It's the hottest star around here, it could be Flamberge's favorite."
"Then why don't we go visit!"
The Warp Star adjusted course and sped up as everyone agreed.
Tumblr media
Seen from the sky, Sizzlai Moon was a harsh star covered with sharp mountains. Plus, the ground was cracked all over with melting magma pouring out.
Kirby and Waddle Dee were smoldering.
"Could Flamberge really be on such a star~!?"
Jammerjab nodded. "This must be her favorite spot. Her enthusiasm for magma is unmatchable."
"Mine too!" Burning Leo was shining and cheerful.
"Let's land as soon as possible!"
"I would but…"
There was almost no flat land anywhere and magma was blowing out from every crevice, it was difficult to find a place where the Warp Star could safely land.
They managed to find a place at the foot of a rugged mountain to land.
Kirby and his friends were intimidated by the rising heat on their feet and the blowing hot air after their last planet.
"Ah, ah, it's so hooot… it's like being in an oven…!" Kirby was tired and tried to sit down but was startled by the heat of the ground. "Ho-tah-tah! I'm getting burned!"
"Wahoo! Isn't it the best!?" Of course, Burning Leo was the only one enjoying this.
He was the only one who agreed with this star. As his companions sulked, the flame of his mane burned brighter and his fighting spirit was renewed.
"Let's go, let's do it! I'll burn down the Three Mage Sisters!" He took the lead and ran out the mountain road, giving his best.
"Burning Leo sure is fired up…"
"On Blizzno Moon he was shivering."
Kirby and his friends following Burning Leo.
Tumblr media
In just a short amount of time, everyone except Burning Leo was sick. Especially Waddle Dee, who was already weak.
"Haa… haa…" He was out of breath and his legs began to sway.
Kirby was worried and held his hand. "I'll pull you up, do your best, Waddle Dee."
"I'm sorry Kirby, I feel like my feet are stuck…"
"We can't have that!"
"That's right."
Jammerjab nodded and extended his hand. "Grab it, Waddle Dee, Kirby and I will pull you up."
"Thank you, Jammerjab." Waddle Dee took Kirby in his right hand and Jammerjab in his left, and his expression changed.
Suddenly, their feet shook and small and large stones rolled down the slope.
Kirby and his friends danced around the ground.
Burning Leo, who was climbing well, was startled and fell.
Jammerjab said. "The ground is unstable here. It's always been like this. Be careful, there might be avalanches."
The shaking subsided and they immediately stood up.
"Huh. That wasn't too bad."
"Also, this place may shake suddenly, so don't let your guard down."
The four continued to climb the mountain carefully. 
Gradually, Waddle Dee's legs moved forward.
His struggle to breathe was getting more and more intense. The heat and ruggedness of the mountain roads had completely deprived him of his physical strength.
"Waddle Dee…" Kirby was worried and called out. "Everyone, let's take a break here. I'm tired too."
Burning Leo turned around and said. "If we're lazy, the sun will set before we get there. It's too dangerous to rest in a place like this."
"Yeah but…"
"Burning, Leo, you're, right." Waddle Dee said, gasping for air as he spoke. "Let's go. I'm, okay, so…"
However, at that moment, a strong tremor struck again. It was more intense than before. One of the mountains suddenly collapsed and the ground was ripping so much they didn't know if they could stand straight.
"Be careful!"
Kirby and his friends stumbled upon the ground avoiding the landslides.
However, Waddle Dee lost his physical strength. "WAAAAAA!"
He screamed and rolled down to the bottom of the cliff.
"Waddle Deeeee!" Kirby shouted, chasing after Waddle Dee and trying to jump towards him.
Burning Leo hurriedly jumped and grabbed Kirby's leg. "Stop, Kirby! Careful!"
"Hold on! Waddle Dee!"
"If you jump down, you'll get caught up in the landslide!"
"It's okay, can't I just hover to him…?"
"Hovering won't do anything!"
It's as Burning Leo said. The mountain collapse was getting worse and worse. Large rocks were rolling down and raising dirt and smoke. From their vantage point, no one could see what happened to Waddle Dee under all the rubble.
"But, I have to go after him! I have to help Waddle Dee…!"
"No, Kirby!" Jammerjab shouted as he grabbed Kirby. "At least wait until all this shaking subsides! When the earth is settled, then we'll go find Waddle Dee!"
"But, but-!" Kirby kept struggling to shake off Burning Leo and Jammerjab.
A high pitched laughter shook the air. "Ahahaha!"
Kirby and the others were startled and turned around. Because of the tremors, part of the mountain collapsed to reveal a flat square. In the center was a figure with ruffled hair fluttering.
Kirby shouted. "Flamberge!"
"Looks like you're alive after all, you stubby pink thing!"
Flamberge glared at Kirby with flaming eyes.
"I can't believe I'm seeing you again! I guess this is my reward for daily worship to the dark lord.”
"Flamberge, ma'am…!"
As Jammerjab screamed, Flamberge turned his gaze, as if he had finally noticed his existence.
"Hmm? You're the one who ditched us and turned over to the enemy. Why are you here? Franny should have captured you…"
"Flamberge, we're here to defeat you!” It was Burning Leo who shouted.
Jammerjab hurriedly tried to stop him, but Burning Leo was energized and couldn't stop.
"She was a piece of cake to defeat! Heheheh! I roasted her hair off with the 'ol Burning Leo flame!"
"N-no, stop, Burning Leo…!"
Jammerjab tried to close Burning Leo's mouth. But it was too late. Flamberge's face changed.
"…Jamblasted…" A powerful voice different from the one before emerged as she raised one hand.
A wavy sword covered in crimson flames appeared.
Tumblr media
"Jamblasted… Jamblasted! I'll never forgive you for what you did to Francisca! This time, I'll destroy you!"
Flamberge gripped her fiery sword and thrust towards them.
Kirby and his friends screamed and rolled away.
Kirby said with his arms outstretched. "He's just messing around. Burning Leo didn't mean that. Francisca's hair is fine…!"
Kirby's ears were filled with Flamberge's angry screams.
Jammerjab shouted. "We have no choice but to fight! Kirby, inhale me!"
"Okay…!" Kirby opened his mouth wide, but Flamberge moved faster.
"Jamblasted! Get out of here!" She swung her fiery sword and flicked Jammerjab away.
Jammerjab hit a large rock and fainted.
"Jammerjab…!" Flamberge stood in front of Kirby as he cried out.
There was nothing he could do, not without a copy ability.
Flamberge screeched and swung up her burning sword!
Tumblr media
"Uh… uhh…uhn…" Waddle Dee had fallen under a cliff and fainted, but he opened his eyes as pebbles poured down on him.
"Wh…where am I? Kirby? Burning Leo… Jammerjab…?" He called the names of his allies but nobody came.
Suddenly, Waddle Dee remembered.
"That's right, I fell under the cliff and got separated from everyone else. This is bad, I need to get back to them…" He thought, but all he saw was a steep cliff in front of him.
There was no way he could climb this.
"What do I do? I guess I have to find a way to get over this…"
Waddle Dee started walking along the cliff. However, the terrain was getting worse. He couldn't see any way to the top of the mountain. The intolerable heat was unlikely to subside. He was feeling weaker and weaker.
Waddle Dee shook and thought. "…N…no… I can't move my legs anymore…"
With Kirby, no matter how tired he was, he knew he could continue. But alone, his mind and body only felt heavier and heavier.
Waddle Dee shed tears. He was about to sit down until noticed something.
"…Hm? What is that?"
He thought he could see a big building behind the smoke. Maybe it was a ghost. Maybe it was a mirage. But Waddle Dee had no choice but to seek refuge there.
"If I can just get over there… maybe I can rest a little…"
Waddle Dee targeted the building, dragging his heavy legs as if he was shackled.
Tumblr media
This place wasn't on any map. It was a large stone building. It was faded after years of wear, but was well-built enough to be stable.
"I wonder, this building. It's like a temple…"
Waddle Dee was surprised and stepped into the building. The moment he stepped in he was engulfed in soft air.
Waddle Dee, who was sick from the burning heat, felt revived and took a deep breath. "Ahh… it's great! Thank goodness, if I take a break here, I'll be fine."
If he could reunite with Kirby again, he could tell them about the building. Then, they'd be able to rest together and regain their energy. With that in mind, he sat on the stone steps.
There was a rattling noise behind him. Waddle Dee was surprised and looked back.
A creature in black, gripping a spear, stood there. It was a rogue nesting in the building. When it saw Waddle Dee, it screamed with hostility.
"Eh? Oh, er…" Waddle Dee stood up in a rush. "Is this your territory here? I'm sorry, I'm all alone… I just wanted to take a break here…"
The rogue in black attacked him with a spear.
Waddle Dee screamed and ran away. "Woaah! I'm sorry, I'm leaving! Don't stab me!"
But the rogue didn't listen. It quickly stuck out its long spear and aimed at Waddle Dee.
"Wah! Waah, stop!" Waddle Dee tried to leave, but was caught by the enemy and cornered to the back of the building.
There was nowhere to hide. A ferocious growl approached behind him.
"No, stop! Help me-!" Tears came to Waddle Dee's eyes, but his eyes blurred his view and his foot tripped on the stone steps.
The rogue in black laughed as if it had won and shook its spear. It was no good, in his desperation, Waddle Dee closed his eyes and shouted the most reliable name he knew.
"My kiiiiing! King Dededeeee, please help meee!"
Then, suddenly, someone appeared before him. Indeed, King Dedede, the ultimate savior Waddle Dee envisioned was there in front of him.
The king gripped a hammer in his right hand and bandana in his left hand for some reason, looking around with a puzzled face.
"Oh? What? What happened, where am I?"
Waddle Dee blinked his eyes. He wondered if he was looking at a desperate illusion from his fear.
However, when King Dedede noticed Waddle Dee, he screamed in a voice too loud to come from a ghost. "Well well, if it isn’t Waddle Dee!? What are you doing in a place like this!? Where are we in the first place? Why am I here…"
"Your majesty, I don't know!" Waddle Dee shouted.
The sudden appearance of the king caused the rogue in black, who was taken aback, to snap back to the situation and attack. The enemy shouted and thrust his spear at the king.
The king's reaction was quick. "Hmm? Who are you, buddy?"
The king's face changed when he saw the hostile opponent. "Aiming your weapon at the ruler of Dreamland!!”
He swung his hammer. With that alone, the game was over. The rogue was blown away and struck against a stone wall, shutting his eyes.
The king gave a sigh of relief. "Stupid. He wouldn't beat me in a million years."
"Your majesty… my king…"
Waddle Dee was so relieved and happy his tears couldn't stop. As soon as he fell to the feet of King Dedede, crying, he was picked up.
"So you're my real Bandana Waddle Dee? The monster who lied to me and ran off to play!"
Tumblr media
"I'm so sorry, great king…"
"You can give me your excuse later. First of all, where are we? How did you get me here?"
"This is Sizzlai Moon…"
"This is… a moon…?"
King Dedede opened his mouth immediately. "Liar. I've been in Castle Dedede this whole time. You can't just move to a different star in an instant!"
"Bu-but, it's true. I was with Kirby…"
The moment he heard that name, King Dedede dropped Waddle Dee in fury.
"Kirby, huh! You really did go out on a hot spring trip with Kirby!?"
"Th-that's not it. I had a good reason."
Waddle Dee explained the situation in person. He traveled with Kirby and the others in pursuit of the kidnapped Jammerjab and they were on Sizzlai Moon to defeat Flamberge, one of the Three Mage Sisters. As soon as he got lost from the others, he went into this temple and called out the king's name in desperation and so on…
As he listened to the story, King Dedede's eyes began to shine. "I see. If I got this right, those are the guys who scattered all those weird colored hearts?"
"Y-yes, probably."
"Aaalllriiiight!"King Dedede shouted happily. For the king, who had been twiddling his thumbs in the castle, this was the perfect opportunity.
"Finally, it's King Dedede's turn to fight! Leave it to me, from here on out, I'm the main character!" The king screamed in a fighting voice and gripped his hammer.
Waddle Dee's face brightened up when the king was reliable. "Let's join Kirby as soon as possible. This is it!" Waddle Dee tried to run towards the exit of the building.
However, King Dedede stopped. "Wait. What do you think you're doing?"
"How are you going to fight without a weapon?"
"…Eh? No, I'm weak, I can't fight…"
"Don't get lazy!" King Dedede picked up the spear from the fainted rogue in black. "This guy roams these buildings and attacks travelers to steal from them. He doesn't need this, here."
"You want me to use the spear?"
"It's a light weapon, you can swing it around."
"But, I've never used a spear before…"
"And yet you want me to fight all on my own! I'm busy fighting evil. If you're attacked, I can't help you. Bring this along to protect yourself!"
"Ah, yes!"
Waddle Dee was surprised and gripped the spear.
King Dedede took the bandana in his hand and wrapped it around Waddle Dee's head.
"My bandana… You majesty, why do you have this?"
"I don't know. I didn't have any tissues to blow my nose on so I grabbed this in the moment to use it."
"Ew! Gross…"
"I’m just messing with you."
King Dedede lifted his hammer and started walking. Bandana Waddle Dee, spear in hand, followed after him.
When they left, Waddle Dee pointed towards the mountain with the spear. "Kirby and the others are on that mountain. We need to find a way to climb up there…"
"Hm. You want to see something cool?"
King Dedede picked up Waddle Dee with one hand and hovered softly into the air.
"We'll fly to the top of the mountain! Wait up, Kirby!"
Sounding like he was going to fight Kirby, King Dedede went up steadily.
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rockshortage · an hour ago
I've been thinking a lot about Darryl finally finding out what happens to her son, and while getting over the great war stuff sucked, finding that out would basically be opening a bunch of old wounds and be at least 10X worse. I figure she'd have Derrick and/or Danse with her when she finds out, but is still shook up enough by the time she gets home that she kinda just... lashes out a little, maybe even tries to push away anyone who isn't extremely careful until she can calm down
That led to me imagining that Hector doesn't know what's happened until someone tells him, which means he doesn't really understand why she's not just randomly cold and angry towards him, but also very clearly having a pretty severe emotional breakdown
Yeah I can't imagine that'd be any good for her, no matter how much she's learned to deal with the trauma pre-war. This adds another layer, it's new, it's fresh, and she was not prepared for it. I imagine being so sure that she can handle it and it then turning out that she can't adds another layer of something like indignation? Disbelief, disappointment, anger at herself that she's not able to keep her cool this time? Blaming herself for being in this line of work and endangering her family through it? Of course mostly as a side note to all the shock, anger and grief that the situation itself conjures up, but still. Just a whole lot of really messy emotions.
Hector would probably guess at first that she's "relapsing" into the great war trauma, but it's also kind of clear that this is a whole different beast. He just doesn't know what, until maybe he sheepishly asks Derrick, or maybe just Darryl directly if she's willing/able to share that information. And then again, he just does his best. Can maybe man up a little better this time after he's learned some things from her previous troubles, as well as his own.
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petitdragon21 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dog Gone Trouble - Thurman hunts like a dog He uses his nose like a dog and walk like a dog to try to find a dog
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hiimronsgreatesthits · an hour ago
Today my mom asked me "You want some sparkle?" and the proceeded to put a vial of unknown liquid in my mouth, which tasted like what diamonds look like. If you live with witches you will know this sitch is a common occurrence
Anyway that's MOGcore
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caracello · an hour ago
my f/o type that i never talk abt thats just gay couples from old childrens stories that i want to insert myself right in the middle of
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